Emerging Trends in Testing – conclusions from the 2013-2014 World Quality Report

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Makarand Teje, CapGemini Michael Cooper, HP Software
How does your company stack up to the industry in software quality and testing? For instance, did you know that, despite the rapid rise in mobile testing (from 31% in 2012 to 55% in 2013), close to half of respondents this year report that they still lack mobile testing experts?

Mark your calendar for a dynamic discussion with CapGemini and HP where we’ll share results from the World Quality Report. This report is the industry’s most comprehensive annual research study focused on insights about the latest trends and best practices in application quality assurance, testing methodologies, tools, and QA processes. The report is based on more than 1,500 telephone interviews with CIOs, CFOs, IT directors and managers and QA directors across 25 countries.

During this event you’ll hear actionable highlights of the findings on topics including:
•Testing in the cloud
•Mobility & security testing
•Managing Agile distributed testing organizations and testing CoEs
•Test automation
•Quality metrics

This insightful interview joins co-author of the World Quality Report, Makarand Teje, Senior Vice President, Applications Capgemini and Michael Cooper QA and Testing Evangelist, HP Software with host Kelly Emo, Director, applications product marketing and for HP Software.
Oct 2 2013
37 mins
Emerging Trends in Testing – conclusions from the 2013-2014 World Quality Report
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  • HP Software’s Journey to Enterprise Agile Recorded: Jul 15 2015 42 mins
    Peter Vollmer and Tye Davis, HP Software
    Agile is becoming a mainstream development methodology in the industry. The Agile Manifesto is broadly accepted, but implementations vary quite often. Despite the sometimes fervent discussions about the real truth, there is a concrete need for organizations to transform to agile and find a working model for agile at scale. Peter Vollmer describes HP Software's journey to Enterprise Agile as a development organization but also as a vendor for agile software development tools. In this webinar you will learn about:

    ● Business drivers for Enterprise Agile
    ● How to start an enterprise agile transformation
    ● Challenges
    ● Major success factors
    ● Innovation as a managed process
    ● The role of Continuous Integration and Deployment

    Join us to hear about HP Software’s journey to Enterprise Agile and discover how HP Agile Manager provides a valuable piece to an Agile infrastructure.
  • How HP Business Value Dashboards help IT Execs score with the Board Recorded: Jul 14 2015 31 mins
    Ian Dodd, Kaiser Permanente and Ian Bromehead, HP Software
    It’s tough these days to make the Board excited about IT. Providing a real time editorial that strongly illustrates how IT is impacting the situation was difficult until now. Join us to learn how Kaiser Permanente is now exploring ways to do this with the all new HP Business Value Dashboard. Discover what this tool is and how it stitches IT, business and virtually any information together so that you miss nothing. Learn from Kaiser Permanente why it can be such a strategic way to align business and IT.
  • Disaster Recovery - Be Ready For Anything Recorded: Jul 14 2015 46 mins
    Jeanette Jacobs, HP, Pedro Mendes, Datasmart
    More threats face IT organizations today than ever before whether that be physical, virtual or technological. Having effective, accurate and tested disaster recovery, business continuity and risk management processes are paramount to operationally align with regulation and corporate governance standards. However, to create a balance of investment, cost reduction as well as self-sufficiency becomes more and more difficult.

    Join this webinar to find out how to:

    Improve and streamline IT disaster recovery processes that can be managed from a single source in real-time
    Save time and cost through effective recovery processes
    Increase self-sufficiency, reduce single point of knowledge and reduce external consultancy costs
  • Driving business innovation by leveraging Agile Quality Lifecycle strategies Recorded: Jun 18 2015 36 mins
    Melinda Ballou, IDC and Tye Davis, HP Software
    Software drives business optimization, and agile software development approaches help drive innovation. Yet managing disparate applications deployed across a range of platforms without consistent agile quality strategies is costly, inefficient, and inherently risky. Effective approaches to agile quality are becoming increasingly vital to success.

    Agile development provides tremendous opportunities for efficient, adaptive code creation, yet organizational strategies to manage code quality and agile testing as part of an agile lifecycle remain woefully inadequate. In addition, as mobile, cloud, and social platforms themselves are evolving at an agile pace, complexity increases, adding further quality challenges.

    Join IDC analyst Melinda Ballou as she discusses business and development strategies to leverage an agile quality community culture, agile techniques, and automation as the complex sourcing of software creation evolves.

    Melinda will:
    • discuss the benefits and challenges of agile quality adoption
    • explain how agile quality and related lifecycle approaches enable speedier and collaborative code creation
    • provide visibility into software assets that improve software development and business adaptability
  • Storms are Coming: Can your Web and Mobile Apps Handle Black Friday? Recorded: May 26 2015 60 mins
    Mukulika Kapas, Silvia Siqueria, HP
    We are only seven months away from one of the most popular shopping seasons, kicking off with Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These events have become popular worldwide and online sales continue to grow aggressively year after year. Having both an eCommerce and mobile strategy are key to a business’ success now and in years to come. But this is not enough.

    Users today require high quality mobile and web apps. Testing for user experience, functionality, security and performance are mandatory for success. With a storm of user transactionslooming forBlack Friday and the holiday season, you need to be proactive and performance test your sites and apps before they crumble under massive user demand.

    As a developer, how can you tune your web and mobile applications to support the holiday season?

    In this webinar, we will be introducing HP StormRunner Load version 1.4, the simplest, smartest, and most scalable solution to your performance testing needs, now integrated with HP Network Virtualization.

    In this webinar, we will show step by step how to:

    Quickly create bursting tests and find performance issues
    Generate test from different regions leveraging load generators in the cloud
    Understand the impact the network can have on performance and how to solve for it
    You will have the opportunity to execute your own test as we go through the demo.
  • Master the mobile mindshift: Engineer your business to win the mobile moment Recorded: May 6 2015 46 mins
    Ted Schadler, Forrester Research, Christoph Pfister, HP Software, Yan Auerbach, SpeechTrans
    Mobility has produced a mind shift with your customers. They have become the consumers of now. They demand an exceptional mobile user experience anytime and anywhere. Forrester Research calls this the mobile moment, a point in time when someone pulls out a mobile device to get what they want – when they want it. These mobile users have become impatient and intolerant of problematic mobile apps. And they are very likely to abandon or delete slow performing, crashing or battery-hogging mobile apps. So what should a mobility team do?

    Watch this Webinar with Forrester analyst Ted Schadler and Hewlett Packard’s Christoph Pfister as they share how analyzing mobile applications with mobile APM tools can protect your company’s brand and future revenues. Learn how SpeechTrans used big data analytics to guide their development roadmap and achieve a 5-star mobile app rating in the app stores.

    Learn how to:
    • Measure what matters most from the user’s perspective
    • Focus on the problematic issues that are impacting the most users
    • Continuously monitor and improve – prioritize fixes to achieve a 5-star rating
  • Journey to DevOps with HP Recorded: Apr 23 2015 50 mins
    Ajay Nair, HP Software
    Are you challenged by delays in releasing new application code within your enterprise? If your answer is “yes,” you can accelerate the release process through automation across the various stages of the software development and release lifecycle. Bridge gaps and learn the practice of collaboration between business, development, and operations teams with Agile development, continuous integration (CI), continuous testing (CT), continuous delivery, and continuous deployment.

    Join us and learn about HP’s approach to the DevOps Lifecycle by examining DevOps problems and potential solutions from three points of view: people, process, and tools—from planning to operation. Find out how the integration of HP and third-party development and deployment toolsets provides a seamless, end-to-end implementation of the DevOps lifecycle to increase your release velocity. You will learn about CODAR, Agile Manager, ALM, Unified Functional Testing, Performance Center and Change Impact Testing during this session.
  • Scaling Agile to the Enterprise with HP Agile Manager Recorded: Apr 7 2015 61 mins
    Tye Davis, HP, John Falk, HP
    Agile, at its best, leads to efficient scaling and dynamic responsiveness to software delivery release cycles—improving business value and cutting execution times. However, many teams have difficulties meeting these lofty goals.

    With large and complex projects, it’s difficult to get everyone working and thinking together on strategic business objectives and project targets. It takes a combination of people, processes, and technology to make this work.

    Join Tye Davis and John Falk for this web seminar as they teach you how to:

    Build in quality support and project visibility
    Get all agile stakeholders on the same page
    Provide insight into the entire project landscape, workflow, and potential issues or bottlenecks
    Bolster agile practices, foster continuous improvement, and remove project delays
    Check the quality of the code before each build
    Learn more about HP’s agile quality solution through a demo of Agile Manager.
  • What is New: HP LoadRunner 12.02, HP Performance Center 12.20, StormRunner 1.30 Recorded: Mar 26 2015 58 mins
    Shane Evans, HP, Mukulika Kapas HP
    Businesses are under constant pressure to deliver apps faster and faster, without sacrificing quality. Application performance is a huge part of quality and mandatory for a great user experience. How do you achieve it? HP Performance Testing solutions bring new capabilities to accelerate application delivery while maintaining the required performance.

    In this webinar, the HP Product Management team and RnD will present the new features of version 12.20 and a demo of the new, innovative controller (Tech Preview). Join us to learn about:

    The new Performance Center user interface
    Noise generator feature
    New controller (tech preview)
    How StormRunner integrates with NewRelic
    StormRunner version for Developers – Integration with JMeter and webtest speed tools
  • Shift Left Testing Recorded: Mar 12 2015 40 mins
    Clint Sprauve, HP Software
    In the past, most traditional test automation focused on the UI and not the back-end. This was a leftover mindset from the days of "just throw it over the wall”. With the current shift in how teams are organized, the skillset for testing is evolving. Dev/Ops, continuous delivery, mobile, cloud and the Internet of Things is forcing a rapid pace of development. Now, QA professionals and business analysts are more ingrained in the overall development process from start to finish. Now that software development for different platforms are using a “shift-left” approach (which involves moving testing to earlier in the software development lifecycle), it is requiring test automation engineers to enhance their technical skills.

    Join Clint Sprauve, Senior Product Marketing Manager for HP Functional Testing, and learn about:

    • API and web services testing early in the development lifecycle
    • How to shift-left with non-technical testers
    • Best practices for proper test automation in Agile and continuous testing processes
  • Turn 100% of your data into action Recorded: Mar 3 2015 49 mins
    Paul Muller, HP Software
    Companies are increasingly driving revenue and customer satisfaction through digital business initiatives, and IT leadership is more essential to the success of the business than it ever was. You’ll learn how HP’s unique technology - Connected Intelligence - blends big data with automation, enables exceptional user experience, agility with compliance and cost efficiencies across the board.
  • What’s New in ALM and Quality Center 12.2 Recorded: Feb 19 2015 68 mins
    Brian McQuillan, Melinda Clover, HP
    What’s new in ALM and Quality Center 12.2—Enhancing your teams efforts to delivering amazing Apps with confidence

    In March of 2014, HP Software released Apps 12, bringing a new standard of efficiency, ease of use and insight for application teams working to deliver high quality applications fast with confidence. Now, we are doubling-down on this experience and launching HP ALM and HP Quality Center 12.2, continuing to break new ground in ease of use, expanding the web client experience and driving simplified reporting and business rules support to meet your unique organizational needs.

    Join the HP ALM team as we walk through the key newly released capabilities of ALM and Quality Center 12.2 and visually demonstrate the enhanced user experience and web feature set.
  • Agile Planning with HP Project Portfolio Management and Agile Manager Recorded: Jan 30 2015 62 mins
    Brian McQuillan, Alan Wendt, Tye Davis, Russ King
    What is the real challenge in aligning your agile development with the strategic objectives of the business?

    Brian McQuillan, Alan Wendt and Russ King discuss the challenge organizations face that move to Agile Development and then have difficulty aligning with the strategic objectives of the business. Often this challenge impedes the IT organization in their ability to deliver business objectives from the IT perspective. When your organization shifts to Agile you want to allow development organizations to be flexible in how they move to Agile delivery, and yet you still need to see the big picture of how you’re doing aligning goals with the business.

    HP’s comprehensive approach to managing multiple types of projects within an organization, whether traditional, agile or other project management methodologies, is brought to fruition with the combination of HP Agile Manager and Project Portfolio Manager (PPM). On the PPM side, you can bring the capabilities to drive business objectives by building through proposals and funded projects, tying that together with the progress of your agile teams within Agile Manager. HP’s Agile Manager and PPM allow your organization to understand project costs and project health, helping you determine where and how you spend your money on resources and budget allocations.
  • Performance Testing Web and Mobile Apps in the Cloud Recorded: Jan 27 2015 59 mins
    Oded Keret & Matt Brayley-Berger, HP Software
    To ensure peak load performance during traffic spikes and unexpected surges, you must load test new and updated websites and mobile apps early and often—before they go live. After all, your company’s reputation and revenue are on the line.

    Cloud-based tools you can use to quickly provision and scale load tests of up to a hundred thousand geographically dispersed users are available right now.

    Join Matt Brayley-Berger and Oded Keret as they explore different approaches for cloud-based load testing, from GUI level tests to API tests, using technologies such as JavaScript, JMeter, and even HTTP (through HP VUGen). In a live demo, they will provision and run a hundred-thousand-user load test.

    Attend this event and learn:
    • Four ways to script website and mobile app performance tests in the cloud
    • How cloud tools can simulate almost any number of users from geographic regions worldwide
    • Ways to easily and quickly provision performance test environments
    • How to get performance analytics in real time
  • Test More, Test Faster, Test Continuously with HP Unified Functional Testing v 1 Recorded: Jan 26 2015 48 mins
    Clinton Sprauve, Amir Banet, HP
    Test More, Test Faster, Test Continuously: Release high quality amazing apps with confidence with HP Unified Functional Testing v 12.02

    In March of 2014, HP Software released HP Unified Functional Testing version 12, a key part of the overall Apps 12 portfolio, delivering a new standard of test automation and efficiency for application teams working to deliver high quality applications fast with confidence. Now we are building on this capability by delivering HP Unified Functional Testing (UFT) 12.02 designed to greatly enhance the tester’s capacity to automate testing across the industry’s widest arrays of technology and platforms, and engage in continuous testing to ensure quality at Agile speed.

    Join the HP Software Quality and Functional testing team as we walk through the key newly released capabilities of HP Unified Functional testing and visually demonstrate the enhanced test automation capabilities ready for today’s rapidly evolving mobile, web and composite application landscape.
  • Three Keys to Unlock Your Potential Recorded: Jan 26 2015 61 mins
    Joe Cannata, HP
    Join us to hear how you can differentiate yourself from the competition:
    • Learn what the right training can do for your career and your business
    • Hear what the analysts, HP Business Partners and customers are saying about certification
    • Understand how training and certification will help differentiate you from your colleagues, advance your career and grow your business
  • ABCs of Performance Testing Series III – TruClient Advanced Recorded: Jan 16 2015 97 mins
    Silvia Siqueria, HP Shlomi Nissim, Eyal Jakov, HP
    With limited time to execute performance testing, performance engineers need to find new ways to be Agile and be ready to continuously execute application tests. How do you deliver applications faster with quality when applications are more complex?

    The answer is to leverage HP TruClient technology. HP has developed a tool-kit agnostic solution that will support all modern applications, as well as make scripting a faster and easier process. It provides interactive recording and scripting, making scripting faster and significantly reducing script maintenance.

    As a follow-up to our previous and successful webinar about TruClient, we are presenting this TruClient Advanced webinar.

    In this webinar, delivered by HP RnD and product teams, you will see a demo and we will cover:

    Use cases to leverage TruClient
    Script optimization and correlation
    How to convert TruClent scripts to HTML
  • Deliver Amazing Apps with Performance Lifecycle Virtualization Recorded: Dec 16 2014 64 mins
    Mike Facemire, Principal Analyst of Forrester Research and Todd DeCapua, HP Software
    Composite applications and the complexity of Mobile, Cloud, and Agile have had significant impact on developers, testers, and operations team members over the last decade and consequently on the quality of software applications. Now there’s a new way to approach these challenges.

    Performance Lifecycle Virtualization enables you to develop a complete environment for Development, Test and Operations by using Virtual Users, Virtual Services, Virtual Networks and Virtual Data. It provides an effective answer for how to get to market faster, increase the value of your brand, increase customer attraction and retention, and reduce costs.

    Join this webinar to hear from our guest speaker, Michael Facemire, Principal Analyst of Forrester Research, how Virtualized Users, Networks, Service, and Data should be used to create production environments in pre-production. He will also discuss the many benefits of doing this including less production defects, eliminated dependencies, and competitive advantage among others.

    Don’t miss this informative event!
  • SAFe and Sound - Implementing Agile at Scale with HP Recorded: Dec 7 2014 61 mins
    Ronen Aseo, HP, Tye Davis, HP
    Dean Leffingwell’s Scaled Agile Framework® (also known as SAFe™) is an interactive knowledge base for implementing agile practices at enterprise scale. When combined with the use of HP Agile Manager, organizations can achieve improved time to market, reduced development costs and higher quality software. This webinar will show how the value of Agile can occur at scale and where and how it delivers these benefits more broadly across your organization.

    Attendees will get an in-depth look at HP’s Agile Manager and learn how best practices like Agile, when complemented with a solution like Agile Manager, allows you to focus on what matters most for the greatest impact – helping them gain a 360 degree view into tasks, code, build, unit tests and more. This means in real-time, teams can precisely analyze risk and rapidly understand the full impact of changes.

    This webinar will cover:

    What Agile Manager is and how it works
    How Agile Manager relates to SAFe methodology
    The benefits of scaling Agile with Agile Manager at the Enterprise level
  • ABCs of Performance Testing Series II – Simplify Testing Recorded: Nov 11 2014 90 mins
    Shlomi Nissim , Silvia Siqueira, HP
    The emergence of new web and mobile technologies has transformed the world of testing. As applications have become more complex, so has the scripting – requiring advanced application expertise. HP has developed a toolkit-agnostic solution that will support all modern applications, as well as make scripting a faster and easier process. The result is a completely revolutionary, patented solution that works with the events from the end user’s interactions with the Web and mobile applications.

    HP TruClient, which works with the newest HP StormRunner Load, HP LoadRunner and HP Performance Center, is an innovative, browser-based virtual user generator (VUGen) that supports simple Web, mobile, and modern JavaScript-based applications. It provides interactive recording and scripting, making scripting faster and significantly reducing script maintenance.

    In this webinar, delivered by HP RnD and product teams, we’ll demo TruClient, and you will learn:

    How TruClient technology works
    Tips on how to create scripts more efficiently
    How to make testing of Web and mobile applications faster, easier, and more comprehensive
Master the modern application lifecycle
Join this channel to get insights into ways to address the current challenges applications teams are experiencing today around application performance, application functionality, mobility, agile, cloud, etc. You will hear from product experts, industry analysts, and customers as they discuss their experiences as well as their best practices.
For more information on HP applications solutions at www.hp.com/go/alm

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