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Test JavaScript easier, faster

This Web Event examines how performance test cycles can be shortened up to 75% by minimizing the amount of JavaScript programming needed to define client emulation scripts. In this event, we’ll trace how all values for each virtual user’s browser can be automatically maintained so JavaScript activity is automatically executed rather than being manually scripted. Topics include:
• Coding JavaScript so web developers can better participate in the testing process.
• Variations in data for more thorough test coverage
• Steps to shortcut object recognition to eliminate the need for troubleshooting
Recorded Nov 6 2013 45 mins
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Presented by
Wilson Mar, HP Software
Presentation preview: Test JavaScript easier, faster

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  • Workshop: Mobile Performance Testing Series I Recorded: May 10 2016 63 mins
    Silvia Siqueira, Marino Gaspare, HPE
    Mobile is omnipresent in our world today. This puts a constant demand on performance engineers to deliver apps that are faster and better – a challenge when you also have to deliver apps quickly with quality. Users have no patience for low performing apps.

    In this web event, the first in our mobile performance testing series, we’ll review the technical nuances of doing mobile performance testing more efficiently. HPE’s guru in performance engineering, Gaspare Marino, will present the mobile solutions for HPE LoadRunner:
    Mobile applications HTTP/HTML
    TruClient – Mobile Web
    TruClient – Native Mobile
    Join us for this and all future events in the Mobile performance testing webinars series.
  • Migrating to LeanFT – Know your Costs, Challenges and Options Recorded: Apr 27 2016 30 mins
    Rajesh Sarangapani, Gallop Solutions and Clint Sprauve, HPE
    With Agile and DevOps practices in the forefront, the approach to the software development lifecycle demands a constant shift-left/right. It’s no secret that release cycles are accelerating. But how do you keep pace with the demands for faster, better, more complete testing?

    Agile and DevOps testing teams need to:
    • Collaborate to accelerate test design and maintenance
    • Share the same IDEs, tools and templates
    • Integrate with other testing processes and open technologies for continuous delivery

    To achieve this you need a solution specifically built for continuous testing and continuous integration.

    HPE Lean Functional Testing (LeanFT) is a powerful and lightweight tool that is perfect for developers, testers and automation engineers who practice Agile and DevOps. This web event will deep dive on the drivers for migrating to LeanFT, and challenges that you would encounter when implementing this transformation from a people, process and technology standpoint in the context of your current organization. It will also decipher the secret sauce to take a systematic approach to drive transformation (re-engineer process, people and technology) on your current automation initiative.
  • Enterprise DevOps: Steps to Consider on the Dev Side for Faster App Releases Recorded: Apr 21 2016 61 mins
    Ashish Kuthiala, Matthew Brayley-Berger, HPE
    As business demands faster delivery of quality applications, the design, development, testing, and production teams need to work collaboratively, smarter, and faster to remove bottlenecks in the software delivery cycle. In the world of DevOps, it is important for each team to work beyond their comfort zones to adopt new processes, new cultures, and new tools to drive the transformation across the enterprise and make an impact on the business.
    In this web event, we will examine what challenges traditional “dev/test” teams face in moving faster and how they can start to remove these challenges.
  • Great User Experience Starts with Continuous Testing Recorded: Apr 19 2016 50 mins
    Antoine Aymer, Robert Gutierrez, HPE
    Good quality software may not be enough to provide a brilliant user experience, but it’s clear that mobile apps with sluggish load times and cluttered interfaces will only push users away. To deliver a great user experience, mobile app developers and testers must continuously improve the quality and velocity of testing practices.

    Join this web event to learn how to better test and deliver on mobile apps through the latest HPE Mobile Center innovations—from placing mobile analytics at the core of your testing practices to supporting the latest OS versions and devices.

    You’ll also learn how to:

    Improve the quality of your testing practices by using HPE AppPulse Mobile real-time analytics and sentiment analysis
    Implement continuous testing into your mobile app development
    Get an accurate picture of your end-to-end mobile performance by blending virtual users and real devices
    Seamlessly report back on defects and provide feedback to your team on the design
  • SAFe DevOps: Organizing For Value Delivery Recorded: Apr 12 2016 56 mins
    Alex Yakyma, Scaled Agile and Matt Brayley-Berger, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
    Is IT able to deliver at the speed of business? Probably not. Many organizations are exploring how DevOps can enable them to accelerate delivery and improve quality, but they struggle with the transformation. In this web event, SAFe evangelist Alex Yakyma will share key insight about the impact organizational factors can have on establishing a continuous delivery pipeline. You will learn specific techniques for organizing Agile Release Trains and teams to enable DevOps capability, in order to improve software delivery. You will also understand the importance of two critical concerns: building a DevOps capability vs. actually using it. Lastly, you will understand the key aspects of economic framework that governs decision-making for DevOps at scale.

    If you are trying to accelerate software delivery, improve quality and adopt agile at scale, then this web event will help you get started on your transformation.
  • Five things to know when choosing a SaaS platform Recorded: Apr 6 2016 19 mins
    Mustali Barma, HPE
    More and more enterprises are making bold moves, betting on the cloud to be the catalyst that could gain them a competitive advantage. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is a proven approach delivering IT and business solutions that help organizations innovate while providing outstanding user experiences. Whether for the private or public cloud, examine what enables a successful SaaS provider to deliver rapid returns and optimize resources, offering reliable services when you need them. In this session, learn how you can benefit from a SaaS relationship – and how to choose your SaaS provider well.
  • A Smarter App Monitoring Solution to Deliver One Fantastic User Experience Recorded: Apr 5 2016 76 mins
    Monica Benjamin, HPE Udi Shagal HPE
    In today's digital enterprise, an application is the face of the business. The ability to proactively monitor and manage user behavior is a must. Application teams need tools to provide a comprehensive look into what is happening within the applications in real time, and at the right level.

    HPE AppPulse Suite offers synthetic monitoring, and real user behavior metrics to track user experience, as well as transaction tracing to the code level. It empowers application owners, developers, and IT to work collaboratively to detect and resolve issues, to lower app abandonment, and increase adoption rates.

    Join us for this Webinar to learn from user experience professionals about a smarter UX monitoring solution that:
    Emulates user actions and upholds SLAs
    Measures everything impacting the user experience in real time
    Traces user actions down to the line of code, exception and log files
    Find and resolve app issues before your users do… Deliver one fantastic user experience!
  • Introducing the Next Generation of ALM Recorded: Mar 22 2016 76 mins
    Matthew Brayley-Berger, HP, Vandan Nayak
    Software continues to change our world, and gaining or maintaining a competitive advantage demands that applications are delivered at a blistering pace, and with the highest quality.

    In a world driven by continuous delivery, Agile and higher levels of automation, HPE would like to introduce you to the next generation platform to support how modern ALM is evolving.

    HPE’s fully web-based platform will help your teams collaborate more easily, manage the software delivery pipeline, fully understand the impact of change, and help the team make the most informed project-decisions as they support the business.
  • 6 Ways to Optimize Mobile App Testing Recorded: Mar 17 2016 57 mins
    Julian Harty, Consultant/Author and Antoine Aymer, HP Enterprise
    Active apps demand constant care. The environment is perpetually in flux, and changes can adversely affect how an app works on end-users’ devices. To meet or exceed user expectations, developers and testers must continuously enhance their testing practices.

    In this web event, the authors of The Mobile Analytics Playbook will share insights on how mobile analytics can help testers, developers, and designers improve their mobile application testing.

    You’ll learn six techniques to:
    • Improve release velocity without compromising quality
    • Bridge the gap between analytics, feedback, and testing
    • Overcome the “long-tail” problem of mobile OS and device fragmentation
    • Become proactive in creating a better user experience
  • Explore Network Impact on your App’s Performance Recorded: Mar 15 2016 59 mins
    Guy Rosenthal, Kristina Avrionova HPE
    In an age where we have billions of things connected, streaming media and on-demand business platforms, network traffic is growing at an unprecedented and exponential rate. Do you know how the network affects your app and website performance? Will your customers “hang in there” while your page is loading, so they can complete their purchase? And do you know what part of the code is really causing the "hang up”?
    HPE Network Virtualization emulates real network behavior so you can validate and test applications to ensure that there are no failures in production and user experience will be above par after deployment. It also provides optimization recommendations on a code level for immediate remediation of issues and bottlenecks.
    Join us on this web event to learn more about Network Virtualization and how it can ensure stellar app performance, satisfied customers, and a growing business.
  • Integrate User Experience into Your IT Operations Dashboards with Operations Bri Recorded: Mar 8 2016 63 mins
    Eric Odell, Darren Pozzi, Dan Iuster
    Today’s IT environment is one of complexity – applications need to change rapidly to keep up with rising user expectations. There’s a multitude of devices, operating systems and app versions for IT to keep up with. And when something goes wrong?

    The worst way to monitor performance and stability is to wait for users to complain – by then they will abandon your app.

    Recent surveys find that 61% of App & Ops teams lack APM solutions featuring user experience dashboards – they lack the end-to-end visibility from the user action, to the network, to the line of code.

    IT operations require a central view into their applications and infrastructure to be able to react fast to app performance and stability issues. HPE Operations Bridge brings everything together in a single-pane-of-glass to consolidate events and data from multiple disparate sources. But do the events feeds of your Operations Dashboard give you a good sense for how users are experiencing your apps and services?

    During this Webinar, you’ll learn from user experience and performance monitoring experts how IT Ops can maintain a single-pane-of-glass for all applications within the organization whether Web, Mobile, desktop or SaaS apps. By integrating HPE AppPulse with HPE Operations Bridge, IT Ops can collaborate with apps teams to act quickly to resolve business critical events, and improve user experience.
  • Performance Engineering Is a Must in Our Mobile-, Cloud- and DevOps-Driven World Recorded: Feb 25 2016 64 mins
    Silvia Siqueira and Todd DeCapua, HP Enterprise
    Users expect your applications and systems to deliver an exceptional experience every time—on any device and in any location. However, meeting these expectations in the face of network and performance issues can seem like an impossible task.

    Join this Hewlett Packard Enterprise-sponsored web event to learn what load testing trends will define 2016, and how performance engineering specifically can help you scale your testing, release exceptional products, and delight your customers.

    You’ll learn four essential performance engineering practices, including how to:

    • Engineer and design applications up front before starting development
    • Integrate DevOps and continuous integration for fast delivery
    • Increase velocity with continuous deployment
    • Use continuous feedback to gather metrics
  • What’s New in UFT 12.52 Recorded: Feb 24 2016 72 mins
    Roee Weisbert, Tsachi Ben Zur
    Hewlett Packard Enterprise recently announced the release of the latest Service Pack for the Functional Test Automation Solution.

    In this latest release, HPE continues to invest in supporting a wide variety of technologies, expand the API testing and mobile testing capabilities and introduce some new integrations including HPE Network Virtualization.
    In this webinar, we will cover what’s new in UFT 12.52 and BPT 12.52 and look at:

    UFT’s new UI and API Testing capabilities
    BPT features, including LeanFT for BPT
    Enhanced and flexible reporting via the new HTML report
  • Unveiling HPE Mobile Center's Latest Innovations Recorded: Feb 10 2016 64 mins
    Mittal Parekh, Genymobile, Dylan Thomas,Antoine Aymer, Evgeny Karasik HPE
    In the latest 2016 report from Gartner, HPE was recognized as the highest ranked leader in the Magic Quadrant for Software Test Automation. A key component of the ranking was HPE’s strength in mobile and UX testing.

    In this session, the team behind HPE Mobile Center will expose you to the latest innovations and integrations. Discover a smart and easy way to enhance your mobile testing practices – from continuous testing with LeanFT to applying analytics for better testing with AppPulse Mobile. Complement your real device testing framework with state-of-the-art Android emulators. HPE Mobile Center now gives you free security scans right out of the box via a unique integration with Fortify on Demand.

    In this webinar, you will learn the key new features in HPE Mobile Center and:

    How to improve the quality of your testing practices by using HPE AppPulse Mobile real-time analytics
    How Genymobile's industry leading Genymotion emulator together with HPE's Mobile Center offers an unmatched device coverage
    How HPE Mobile Center eases team collaboration
  • The new SAFe 4.0 with Dean Leffingwell Recorded: Jan 28 2016 58 mins
    Dean Leffingwell, Scaled Agile Inc.
    The new release of Scaled Agile Framework Version 4 features extensive refinements to many elements of the framework, as well as new content and guidance that helps enterprises better organize around value delivery, develop systems that include hardware and software, and improve development, coordination, and delivery of value streams.

    In this webinar, Dean Leffingwell will highlight what’s new in SAFe 4.0:
    • SAFe now supports both software and systems development
    • a new Value Stream Level – including new roles, activities and artifacts – is provided for those building the world’s largest systems
    • Enterprise Kanban systems manage the flow of work across all systems
    • the SAFe Requirements Model has been updated to reflect additional backlog items and to clarify the expression for each
    • built-In Quality practices now support software and systems development
    • and much, much more!

    Register now to hear Dean speak about SAFe 4.0 in this exciting webinar!
  • Service Virtualization: Missing Piece to Agile Recorded: Jan 27 2016 60 mins
    Larry Henderson, Satyapal Chhabra, Kimm Yeo, David Shimberg
    Why go left, not right... Service Virtualization helps reduce the cost of defects, decreases project risk, encourages agility, and improves quality of delivered solutions.
  • JavaScript and Other New Features in LeanFT 12.52 Recorded: Jan 27 2016 70 mins
    Amir Banet, Clint Sprauve HPE
    This month Hewlett Packard Enterprise released a new service pack for LeanFT.

    Join Amir Banet, Product Manager for UFT and LeanFT, and Clint Sprauve, Product Marketing Manager, Functional Testing and learn about the new features added to our newest functional test offering.

    This presentation will showcase the increasing power and flexibility of LeanFT. This is one webinar you don’t want to miss.
  • New! Predictive Defect Convergence with HPE ALM Recorded: Jan 20 2016 60 mins
    Megan Sheehan, Ph.D. Matthew Brayley-Berger, HPE
    Your organization’s existing projects including: requirements, tests, test runs, defects, state updates, code check-ins, etc. are some of your most valuable and unused resources. Until now, we haven’t heard much about applying advanced analytic techniques to application lifecycle management, quality assurance, and operations management. That is about to change.

    During this webinar we will introduce some key data science concepts, explain how they relate to application lifecycle management, offer recommendations for steps you can take now to prepare your data for analysis in the near future and talk more about the recently released Predictive Defect Convergence functionality already available for use with the HPE ALM product today.
  • Testing NodeJS, REST APIs and MongoDB with UFT Recorded: Jan 19 2016 61 mins
    Ori Bendet, Yossi Neeman, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
    Today’s applications are becoming more complex. From multi-layer applications, to micro-services to containers, QA & automation engineers are required to test more with less and without compromising the quality of the app.

    In this session we’ll explain the pros & cons of testing at each of the different layers of the application and also share some best practices around Agile Testing. Everything will be demonstrated on a demo application built with the latest technology stack including NodeJS, REST APIs and MongoDB and tested using UFT 12.52.
  • Are you ready for a software security breach Recorded: Jan 12 2016 47 mins
    Gabi Bar-Joseph and Yaniv Toledano, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
    Security threats facing businesses today are pervasive, sophisticated and mainstream. With today's cyber challenges, can you afford not knowing, what you do not know?

    In this session, see firsthand a security program that implements comprehensive and secure development controls efficiently within your application delivery management workflows. Build proven and reliable information security coverage, embedded as part of the overall software development process. Examine the facts-based approach of trustworthy evidence and certifications that meet stringent industry standards today.

    Be ready for your software security breach. Learn how to keep your business out of the spotlight, and in a good way.
Master the modern application lifecycle
Join this channel to get insights into ways to address the current challenges applications teams are experiencing today around application performance, application functionality, mobility, agile, cloud, etc. You will hear from product experts, industry analysts, and customers as they discuss their experiences as well as their best practices.
Hear more information on Hewlett Packard Enterprise applications solutions at www.hpe.com/go/alm

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