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Update on U.S. Money Market Reform Proposals

Northern Trust experts discuss the outcome of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) vote on a Final Rule for reform of 2a-7 Funds in the SEC’s July 23, 2014 meeting. The presenters provide an overview of the Final Rule and discuss potential implications for the markets once the Final Rule is implemented.
Recorded Jul 24 2014 18 mins
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Presented by
Peter Yi, CFA, Dir. of Short Duration Fixed Income & Hollis Otero, Regulatory Reform Specialist
Presentation preview: Update on U.S. Money Market Reform Proposals
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    In this webinar you'll hear from:
    Carl Tannenbaum - Chief Economist
    Daniel Phillips, CFA - Senior Investment Strategist

    Chris Doell, CFA - Managing Director, Client Solutions Group will host this webinar and lead the Q&A using viewer submitted questions.
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    Investors are questioning whether the current monetary policy regime is set to change. What is the outlook for interest rates from here, and what does it mean for investors?
  • Katie Nixon: Are Hedge Funds Worth It Anymore? Recorded: Sep 12 2016 4 mins
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  • Bob Browne: Is Double Trouble in Our Future? Recorded: Aug 29 2016 4 mins
    Bob Browne, CFA, Chief Investment Officer
    Some investors are worried about rising rates and falling equities. Is this double trouble really in our future?
  • Factor-Based Investing – a Quant Expert Cuts Through the Noise (APAC) Recorded: Aug 25 2016 54 mins
    Matthew Peron, Michael Hunstad
    Join us for our inaugural webcast as we start our series on factor-based investing for the Asia-Pacific region. Our first session will cover:

    1.How investors can build and manage equity factor-based strategies that deliver the investment outcomes they want.
    2.The obvious pitfalls that you can, and need to avoid.

    Our featured speakers are Matthew Peron, MD, global equity, and Michael Hunstad, SVP and Director, Quantitative Research, Northern Trust Asset Management. With two decades of experience managing these strategies, our experts have seen what works and what doesn’t.
  • Colin Robertson: 10-Year Treasury Yields: Be Prepared Recorded: Aug 22 2016 4 mins
    Special Guest Colin Robertson - Managing Director of Fixed Income
    10-Year U.S. Treasury yields are currently near the 1.50% level and the majority of investors believe these rates are highly unlikely to move much lower, especially to a record low of 1%. But that's where we think they are headed. Learn more about where we go from here.
  • Katie Nixon: Go USA? Recorded: Aug 15 2016 4 mins
    Katie Nixon, CFA, CIMA, CPWA - Chief Investment Officer, Wealth Management
    The United States is ahead in the medal count, and it feels to investors like a variation on a longer theme: The U.S. stock market has been leading developed and emerging market indices, causing some to say "Go USA" to their portfolios. Learn why we think this is a mistake.
  • 2Q Factor Research Quarterly Webinar Recorded: Aug 9 2016 31 mins
    Mark C. Sodergren, CFA - Sr. Portfolio Manager, Quantitative Equity; Michael Hunstad, Ph.D. - Director, Quantitative Research
    The Factor Research Quarterly webinar series is designed to share our most recent insights into the current state of equity factors. Whether it’s referred to as smart beta, factor premiums, systematic alpha, or Northern Trust’s own Engineered Equity; factor-based investing is the new paradigm in equity investing and an essential topic for sophisticated investors.

    In this webinar you'll hear from:

    Mark C. Sodergren, CFA, Senior Portfolio Manager, Quantitative Equity;
    Michael Hunstad, Ph.D., Director, Quantitative Research
  • Matt Peron: Will Earnings Slow Growth? Recorded: Aug 8 2016 3 mins
    Matthew Peron, Managing Director of Global Equity
    While the global economy is experiencing low -- albeit positive -- growth, earnings remain in a global recession. What's behind the lackluster performance -- and what does this mean for investors?
  • Jim McDonald: Our New Five-Year Outlook Recorded: Aug 2 2016 5 mins
    Jim McDonald - Chief Investment Strategist
    Our annual update of our five-year Capital Market Assumptions outlook is complete. Key themes include Slow Growth Angst, Market Cycles in a Cycle-Less Economy, and Populist Roulette.
  • Wayne Bowers: The Asian Tiger is Still Roaring Recorded: Jul 25 2016 4 mins
    Wayne Bowers - Chief Executive Officer & Chief Investment Officer, Asset Management, EMEA & APAC
    While the West plays a game of populist roulette, Wayne Bowers reminds us the world is a big place. Here's what you need to know about key developments in Asia.
  • Katie Nixon: How Low Can They Go? Recorded: Jul 22 2016 4 mins
    Katie Nixon, CFA, CIMA, CPWA - Chief Investment Officer, Wealth Management
    Global yields took a big step down last week as investors adjusted their perspective on global central bank policy. We’ll explore why this is happening and how it might impact the Fed’s monetary policy going forward.
  • Jim McDonald: Where Things Stand Recorded: Jul 18 2016 4 mins
    Jim McDonald - Chief Investment Strategist
    Stock markets sank after the Brexit vote, but global equities have subsequently regained those losses. What's our outlook from here?
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  • Title: Update on U.S. Money Market Reform Proposals
  • Live at: Jul 24 2014 7:00 pm
  • Presented by: Peter Yi, CFA, Dir. of Short Duration Fixed Income & Hollis Otero, Regulatory Reform Specialist
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