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The Importance of Analytics in Storage Management

While cloud is all the rage, without effectively managed storage, most applications will experience capacity shortfall and/or performance issues. A recent survey* of IT administrators revealed that seventy percent of storage goes unused, creating an extra financial burden on users.
In this webinar you will learn about:

The state of the storage market
Storage analytics
Finding and reclaiming lost storage
The additional complexity of virtualized environments
We will also give a demonstration of Storage Analytics.

* Dimensional Research Dec 2015
Recorded Feb 16 2016 73 mins
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Presented by
Kara McMillan, Vijay Ram S HPE
Presentation preview: The Importance of Analytics in Storage Management

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  • Solving the Complexity of Hybrid Cloud Monitoring Mar 22 2018 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Dana Gardner, Principal Analyst, Interarbor Solutions; Harald Burose, Gary Brandt, Ian Bromehead, Micro Focus
    Public cloud usage is growing rapidly, but it also poses new challenges in monitoring.

    Join us on this webcast for a panel discussion hosted by Dana Gardner, Principal Analyst at Interarbor Solutions, on the challenges and solutions around multi-cloud monitoring.

    We’ll discuss the results from the latest Dimensional Research survey of more than 500 enterprise cloud professionals who shared their concerns, requirements, and demands for improving the monitoring, management and cost control over hybrid and multi-cloud deployments. We will also discuss new technologies to solve these challenges.
  • What’s New in IT Service Management Automation Suite Recorded: Feb 27 2018 64 mins
    Vesna Soraic, SMA, Micro Focus, David Baron, SMA, Micro Focus and Bill Dyck, CMS, Micro Focus
    Join us for an exciting and informative look at the latest releases of Service Management Automation (SMA) and Configuration Management System (CMS).

    Learn how you can use analytics and machine learning to improve service management efficiency and deliver a more engaging end-user experience. See a live demo of the new SMA capabilities.

    You will also learn how you can easily monitor and control your Hybrid IT environment in real-time with multi-cloud discovery.

    New Features:
    • Multi-tenant console in SMA
    • Reporting capabilities in SMA
    • Multi-cloud discovery capabilities to support Hybrid IT
    • New CMS UI for simplified configuration management
  • 5 Key Trends That Could Challenge Your Data Protection Plan in 2018 Recorded: Feb 15 2018 60 mins
    George Crump, Chief Steward, Storage Switzerland and Gagan Bhatia, Product Marketing Lead, Micro Focus
    Organizations are facing increasing business continuity and resiliency challenges in 2018. Much of these pressures—such as security threats, an increase in the number of mission critical applications, and data shifting to the cloud—are amplified due to the increasingly complex and diverse environments that IT must protect.

    The problem is, in the world of Hybrid IT, data protection applications have not kept pace, and business continuity plans are now at the highest risk ever of not working.

    Join us on this webcast and learn about the key disruptors in the market that could impact your data protection plan and what you need to consider to avoid them.
  • What’s New in Data Protector 10 Recorded: Jan 30 2018 61 mins
    Julita Kussmaul, Senior Product Marketing Manager and Uli Wallscheid, Product Manager, Micro Focus
    Join us for an exciting and informative look at the latest release of Data Protector.

    Data Protector 10 delivers a new web user interface, a redesigned security model, a new consolidated scheduler and support for additional storage, platforms and applications to facilitate an easier integration into heterogeneous environments.

    Learn how you can better protect your applications across legacy and modern platforms, use analytics to track and manage your SLAs and improve the security of your backup to mitigate the risk of cyberattacks when you upgrade to Data Protector 10.

    You will also see a live demo of these new features.
  • Orchestration Everything: Featuring Micro Focus Operations Orchestration Recorded: Dec 7 2017 48 mins
    Guillaume Dubuc, Senior Product Manager, Micro Focus
    Orchestration Everything. From incident remediation to service requests, IaaS to cloud automation. Extensible, open-API platform—invoke from any place, integrate with anything. More than 8000 out-of-the-box operation workflows. Intuitive, flexible flow authoring. Integration with ChatOps.

    Join Guillaume Dubuc, Senior Product Manager, as he discusses the latest features of Micro Focus Operations Orchestration (OO), showcases OO in action, and answers your questions.

    • Discover how customers orchestrate—top use cases
    • Learn what makes OO unique, and why customers chose it
    • Hear how customers transformed process automation with OO and saved many man-hours
    • See a demo: graphical/textual authoring with OO Designer
    • See a demo and meet Maestro, the OO chatbot: bringing tools in the middle of conversations for collaborative problem-solving
  • Discover the New: Business Continuity Recorded: Oct 5 2017 36 mins
    Roy Ritthaler, VP Product Marketing IT Operations, Micro Focus
    Thousands of customers worldwide trust Micro Focus Business Continuity solutions to protect their critical systems, services and data from the core to the edge, across physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from Roy Ritthaler, VP Product Marketing IT Operations, on this webinar as he unveils Micro Focus’ new Business Continuity portfolio which helps companies to be always protected, always available – without complexity and cost.

    In this webinar we will discuss:
    • What Business Continuity means for organizations today and why it’s a top priority
    • The new Business Continuity portfolio which brings together best-in-class high-availability, disaster recovery and backup solutions from HPE Software and Micro Focus
    • New innovations that help customers achieve sustained resiliency and availability of IT services with lower cost and complexity

    Join us and Discover the New Business Continuity!
  • Discover the New: IT Operations Management Recorded: Oct 3 2017 53 mins
    Tom Goguen, Sr VP & GM IT Ops, Roy Ritthaler, VP of Product Marketing IT Ops, Joe Fox, Director of Product Marketing, IT Ops
    With the close of the spin-merge of HPE Software with Micro Focus, the two organizations have joined forces to become the seventh-largest pure-play software company in the world.

    During this webinar, you will learn how we have taken our 40+ years of experience in the software industry to form an IT Operations Management portfolio that bridges the gap between traditional IT, the new digital enterprise and fast paced new business initiatives.

    Tune in to hear Tom Goguen, Sr VP & GM IT Operations, Roy Ritthaler, VP of Product Marketing IT Operations, and Joe Fox, Director of Product Marketing IT Operations, discuss how the new ITOM portfolio is accelerating IT at the speed of DevOps faster than ever before.

    Join us and Discover the New IT Operations Management!
  • Introducing the Network Operations Management Suite from Micro Focus Recorded: Sep 19 2017 57 mins
    Jon Kies, Product Marketing and Joe Reves, Product Management, Micro Focus
    Network engineering and operations teams face a complex, moving target. But unfortunately, they’re typically armed with only a disparate collection of management tools - with little or no integration. Network teams deal with equipment outages, slowdowns, security breaches, inability to reach resources, access denials, and other issues that can be caused by anything from a bad connection to devious hackers.

    To address these challenges, we are now offering the 5th suite in the ITOM portfolio – Network Operations Management (NOM). Combining the functionality of Network Node Manager i (NNMi) and Network Automation (NA) and additional suite functionality such as reporting, NOM represents our path forward to managing web-scale networks with their evolving mix of physical, virtual, and software-defined networks.

    Join this webinar to get an in-depth understanding about Network Operations Management including:

    • Enhanced workflows designed to drive productivity and reduce MTTR
    • Ongoing capability and content enhancements for both the suite and standalone products
    • New licensing models to enable upgrades at an average of half the cost of a la carte purchases
  • Using Machine Learning in Software License Discovery for Greater SAM Maturity Recorded: Sep 13 2017 56 mins
    Bill Dyck and Nick Rendall, Micro Focus
    Accurate software asset management (SAM) is critical to a company’s IT operations in order to optimize usage and cost, and ensure that license compliance is achieved to avoid true-ups and penalties. Keeping a company’s software application library up-to-date for SAM has been a continuous struggle for asset managers given the time it takes for manual entry of new titles, the changing information in software titles, and the sheer number of titles across an enterprise organization. Every software title not recognized in their library causes potential license compliance breaches (leading to true-ups and potential fines) and reduces an organization’s ability to optimize their software license usage for cost optimization.

    Micro Focus has added the industry leading IDOL unstructured search engine to add machine learning to Universal Discovery, drastically improving in the process of software license recognition and teaching for quicker software license recognition and a consistently up-to-date SAI over time. Join us for an introduction to this exciting new capability and to understand the business value it can bring to your SAM program.

    • Introduction to machine learning and the IDOL engine
    • Machine learning in Universal Discovery
    • Current SAM with Machine Learning Success Stories
    • Live Q&A about this new technology
  • Meet the Experts and Authors of the Hybrid Cloud Design book Recorded: Aug 15 2017 61 mins
    Moreno Nolo, Solution Architect, HPE, Raymond Freppel, Enterprise Architect, HPE, Neil Miles, Sr Product Marketing Mgr, HPE
    As more organizations adopt the cloud paradigm, operations teams need the ability to manage any cloud, any environment and any new technology for any app.

    Moreno Nolo and Raymond Freppel literally wrote the book on hybrid cloud design and transformation. In this webcast, these authors will go beyond the pages of their new book “The Journey to Hybrid Cloud: a design and transformation guide” to share insights on how to place your cloud workloads where they fit best.

    You will learn from the authors’ experiences implementing private and hybrid cloud technologies at many large enterprise companies. This session will help you successfully achieve a digital transformation. Join us and get the chance to have your cloud questions answered, too.
  • Automation strategies for the IT Service Management in digital business Recorded: Jul 6 2017 61 mins
    Vesna Soraic, Senior Product Marketing Manager, HPE and David Baron, Chief architect for HPE ITSMA, HPE
    As businesses are under increased competitive pressure to transform into digital enterprises, they are relying on technology as never before. IT Service Management, deployed across the enterprise and focused equally on IT and non-IT services, becomes the enabler of digital growth. IT Service Management is required to manage the increased velocity of changes and releases initiating from DevOps and Agile, and all existing processes - such as incident, change and request management - must support Agile. The support methods must fit the evolution of the digital workplace and the changing nature of work. To be able to address new requirements from digital business, ITSM needs holistic automation to become easier, faster and transformative.

    In this webinar we will explore how much and what kind of Automation is needed in ITSM. You will learn how the HPE IT Service Management Automation solution is easier to manage and use, faster to install and manage with services that digital workforce needs. We will discuss what freedom and benefits you can enjoy with ITSM solutions based on container technology. We will show you a demonstration of a request-to-fulfillment process that can enable your IT to evolve into a strong digital business partner.
  • Improve efficiency and savings through HPE orchestration for SAP Recorded: Jun 28 2017 54 mins
    Michael Jilg, SAP
    Learn how HPE Orchestration together with SAP Landscape Management 3.0 helps to simplify, automate, and centralize the management and operations of your SAP systems.

    •Get an overview of predefined SAP services within HPE Orchestration
    •Get an overview of the new features in SAP Landscape Management 3.0
    •Discover how HPE Orchestration together with SAP Landscape Management 3.0 can help you to manage and operate your SAP HANA and SAP S/4HANA® systems more efficiently.
  • HPE Data Center Automation suite release: containers, compliance, ChatOps Recorded: Jun 27 2017 58 mins
    Sibel Satiroglu, Sr Product Marketing Manager, HPE and Nisarg Shah, Director of Product Management, HPE
    The latest version of Data Center Automation (DCA) Suite version is now available. DCA is an end-to-end lifecycle management solution for servers, databases and middleware. Now, DCA comes with new features—container-based deployment, unified compliance, and ChatOps collaboration.

    Join Nisarg Shah, Director Product Management, as he discusses the latest release, answers your questions, and shares the new DCA UI.
    • See the DCA Suite—provisioning, patching, compliance, open API orchestration
    • Learn how container-based deployment delivers quick time-to-value
    • Discover why automated compliance and remediation matters
    • Hear about unified compliance—not just for servers, but across applications
    • Understand how ChatOps helps collaboration in the enterprise
    • See a demo: DCA compliance in action—PCI compliance scan, auto-remediation, visual compliance dashboard
  • Hybrid Cloud Management and the Container Deployment Foundation Recorded: Jun 20 2017 54 mins
    Neil Miles, Sr Product Mktg, ITOM Solutions Marketing, HPE and Keri Sprinkle, Sr Product Mktg, ITOM Solutions Marketing, HPE
    Hybrid IT is the new normal. It is more than just AWS and Azure. There is the pressure to innovate in the cloud and with new platforms. IT Operations needs to overcome the mismatch between the Development team’s ability to deliver and IT Ops ability to manage application services. Ops needs to achieve continuous delivery and faster response times. We can help.

    Join us to learn about the Hybrid Cloud Management solution from HPE to manage your hybrid resources while accelerating your application delivery to DevOps speed. Learn about our new container based software delivery approach that changes the lifecycle for enterprise management software.
  • Measure your IT to have visibility Recorded: Jun 20 2017 43 mins
    Erhan Ertul, Turkish Economy Bank
    We know we need to measure our IT systems and have visibility - but what level of monitoring is right for our environment?

    Join this webinar to discover how TEB uses monitoring to achieve their goals and help improve their development services - resulting in the highest level of customer satisfaction on their banking applications.
  • Transforming large enterprise IT with end-to-end automation Recorded: Jun 15 2017 40 mins
    Jean-Marc Defaut, VP Cloud, Capgemini, Danny Cavion, HPE Software
    Capgemini will present their unique Service Offering to build a Cloud Management Platform (CMP) and how the CMP is designed to support Datacenter Modernization, Application Release Automation and Mass Migration for Application to Cloud.

    Capgemini will explain key value propositions enabling policy based multi-cloud management, with orchestration and automation across public and private cloud services in a uniform way.
  • University of Pretoria: Where people and systems collaborate to solve IT Issues Recorded: Jun 14 2017 38 mins
    Charl Joubert, University of Pretoria
    In response to a massive understaffing problem, University of Pretoria implemented HPE Service Manager with Smart Analytics. They have seen a 60% reduction of interaction capturing time resulting in 970 service desk man hours saved per year.
  • How Autonomous Operations makes IT Operations a more strategic business partner Recorded: Jun 13 2017 61 mins
    Tom Goguen, Sr VP & GM IT Operations Management, HPE, and Ian Bromehead, Sr Product Marketing Manager OpsBridge, HPE
    Transforming IT to support digital business initiatives is a major theme, requiring IT to free up time and resources to serve agile business initiatives.

    Those transformations can be accelerated with solutions that allow teams to gain autonomous operations, put the “O” in DevOps, and raise IT to a stronger business partner.

    In this webinar, learn how HPE OpsBridge provides such a solution with its new and unique container-based architecture. See how automated monitoring, service modelling, multimode correlation and Big Data analytics are providing customers with amazing value such as 90% event reduction, 80% process automation, 60% MTTR reduction, $M cost reduction. This is the first webinar in a series of four on our ITOM Suites. Tune in to hear Tom Goguen, Sr VP & GM of HPE IT Operations Management, kick off this series with a look at all four suites and HPE’s strategy to help organizations accelerate at the speed of DevOps.
  • Migrating HPE Service Manager – do it like the road runner Recorded: Jun 13 2017 36 mins
    Frank Eck, Head of Fault 2 Restoration, T-Systems International GmbH
    Hear why T-Systems GmbH decided to upgrade to HPE Service Manager 9.50. Frank Eck, Head of Fault 2 Restoration, shares his approach, learnings and success of upgrading a huge ITSM environment with minimum production downtime.
  • Hybrid cloud and DevOps: What problems do Ops teams need to solve? Recorded: May 31 2017 51 mins
    Sandeep Parmar, Dir of Consulting Services, J9 Technologies, Inc and Neil Miles, Product Marketing Manager, HPE
    Every operations team is on a journey. But is the goal becoming a ‘Digital Enterprise’, or is it ‘Hybrid IT’ or ‘DevOps’? What if it is all three?

    IT operations can no longer afford to solve only one problem at a time.

    This webinar will examine the challenges Ops teams face in meeting interrelated business requirements. We will speak to the automation requirements that are needed to satisfy these challenges. Then we’ll dive into the benefits of using hybrid cloud management together with application delivery automation in moving Ops closer to all these end goals. Ops teams need more powerful tool sets to deliver complex cloud services faster and to be successful in DevOps oriented organizations.

    J9 will share their experiences in working on cloud management projects and HPE will provide an overview of the HPE Hybrid Cloud Management solution suite for unifying hybrid IT management and accelerating application delivery.
Helping IT Organizations Perform Better
Join this channel to get insights into ways to simplify the complex needs of your IT business, reduce complexity and risk in your IT environment, gain understanding of how to successfully transition to the cloud and becoming more agile while reducing cost. You will hear from product experts, industry analysts, and customers as they discuss their experiences as well as their best practices. More Micro Focus Operations Management solutions information at www.hpe.com/software/itom

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  • Title: The Importance of Analytics in Storage Management
  • Live at: Feb 16 2016 4:00 pm
  • Presented by: Kara McMillan, Vijay Ram S HPE
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