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Accelerate the Delivery of Compliant and Secure IT Infrastructure

Simplify regulatory IT compliance and mitigate vulnerability risk with automation

See how you can easily automate regulatory and patching compliance across OS, database, and middleware to help meet benchmarks like FISMA, HIPPA, SOX, PCI, and CIS using policies, out-of-the-box content and remediation actions. At the end of this session you will take-away actions you can adopt to reduce cost of your IT operations and accelerate the speed of managing compliance and risk.
Recorded Apr 24 2018 34 mins
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Presented by
Derek Kruger, Technical Marketing and Megan Glick, Product Marketing, Micro Focus
Presentation preview: Accelerate the Delivery of Compliant and Secure IT Infrastructure

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  • Empower Your Digital Transformation with Modernized Service Delivery Jan 31 2019 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Nathalie Khalil, Service Management Practice Manager Micro Focus
    With digital transformation in full swing at almost every enterprise, many IT organizations are discovering the need for an effective platform and architecture to manage service delivery with increased speed and quality.

    Join us on this webcast as we discuss how IT4IT, a standard reference architecture, can help enable a smoother digital transformation. Learn how an automated request-to-fulfill value stream can help you deliver seamless IT service consumption and usage monitoring.

    See how efficient IT that runs on IT4IT principles can create new revenue streams for your business and improve the user experience.
  • Stop Random Acts of Cloud (and Overspending) At Your Organization Jan 29 2019 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Neil Miles, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Micro Focus
    Is public cloud spending exploding at your organization?

    Enterprise IT teams find public cloud spending hard to control—as business teams often use public cloud services directly. When accounts are not linked or visible, there is little chance to negotiate better vendor pricing or assist teams in staying within their budgets. This typically results in cloud overspending.

    Join us on this webcast and learn how Micro Focus Hybrid Cloud Management (HCM) can help central IT select and aggregate public cloud offerings, placing them in a central user catalog for on-demand access along with available on premise resources.

    See how this provides central IT with policy governance and show-back reporting to optimize resource utilization and guide department spending.
  • What’s New in Network Operations Management Recorded: Dec 11 2018 62 mins
    Jon Kies, Product Marketing Manager and Nisarg Shah, Product Management Director, Micro Focus
    Join us for an exciting and informative look at the latest release of Micro Focus Network Operations Management.

    Network Operations Management (NOM)—the leading management tool for enterprise networks—is built on the core capabilities of Network Node Manager I and Network Automation. It integrates fault, performance, configuration, and compliance of physical, virtual, wireless, and software-defined network infrastructures.

    Learn about NOM’s latest enhancements for diagnostic analytics, the scheduled out-of-service feature, integration with Micro Focus Operations Bridge, and more.

    You will also get a sneak preview of the new NOMX User Interface—our next-generation customizable and persona-based experience that unifies network data from monitoring, automation, compliance, and orchestration into actionable insights.
  • How Garanti Bank Delivers an Excellent End User Experience Recorded: Dec 6 2018 61 mins
    Çağdaş Başaran, Service Performance Management & Reporting, Garanti Bank & Ian Bromehead, Dir Product Marketing, Micro Focus
    With the rise of hybrid IT, it’s harder than ever to ensure that your business services are performing optimally and keeping users satisfied.

    How do you isolate issues across multi-cloud boundaries? How can you manage the volume of data coming at you from logs, metrics, and events? How can you prioritize issues to match business priorities, and become more proactive?

    Join us on this webcast to learn how Garanti Bank improved operational efficiency to support key business targets. We’ll also discuss the new features of Operations Bridge including automated AIOps and APM.
  • Say “No” to Ransomware Demands with End-to-End Data Protection Recorded: Nov 14 2018 27 mins
    Joe Leung, Ken Lamb and Ed Gavin, Micro Focus
    Hardly a day goes by without some news of ransomware attacks. Ransomware is a lucrative business. According to a recent report by security firm Sophos, one ransomware attack called SamSam, which attacks mainly healthcare organizations, has generated the attacker $6 million so far. With the wave of this epidemic continuing unabated, organizations face a tremendous risk of financial loss and business disruptions. Data, regardless of where it resides within your organization, must be protected to counter such a threat.

    Join us for this webinar to learn about how a holistic data protection approach, enabled by Micro Focus Data Protector and Micro Focus Connected MX, can be applied to:

    • Holistically protect your organization from ransomware
    • Securely back up data from servers and end-user devices
    • Enable simple data recovery in the event of a ransomware attack
  • Simplify Discovery and Change Management for Cloud and Container Environments Recorded: Oct 23 2018 59 mins
    Doron Orbach and Pulin Brahmbhatt, Micro Focus
    Join us for an exciting and informative look at the latest releases of Universal Discovery and UCMDB.

    The new releases offer advanced capabilities to discover and map services and infrastructure that are deployed on private and public clouds or in containers leveraging technologies such as Kubernetes and OpenShift.

    See how you can leverage your data in ITSM or cloud management processes either using Micro Focus suites or other tools that you already use.
  • What’s New in Operations Bridge Suite Recorded: Oct 4 2018 62 mins
    Ian Bromehead, Director Product Marketing, Micro Focus
    Join us for an exciting and informative look at the latest release of Operations Bridge.

    Industry experts advise the adoption of automation, AIOps, containers and machine learning to modernize IT operations. Operations Bridge delivers the industry’s only containerized, solution with all 26 capabilities recommended by Gartner and Forrester.

    Learn about all of the latest features and see how you can drive more value from IT automation, machine learning analytics, hybrid IT monitoring and edge computing capabilities.
  • What’s New in Data Protector: Introducing Data Protector 10.10 Recorded: Sep 27 2018 60 mins
    Julita Kussmaul, Senior Product Marketing Manager and Uli Wallscheid, Product Manager, Micro Focus
    Join us for an exciting and informative look at the latest release of Data Protector.

    Data Protector 10.10 introduces two new editions: Data Protector Express for virtual environments and Data Protector Premium for physical, virtual, and multi-cloud workloads. With these editions we are simplifying pricing and packaging for Data Protector.

    Data Protector now offers integrated reporting capabilities making it a complete solution which includes built-in monitoring and reporting that can be managed within its web-based user interface. We’ll discuss the benefits of migrating your current Data Protector installation to these new editions.

    Data Protector 10.10 also includes installation and upgrade improvements including new prerequisite checks and automation. See a live demo of all the new features.
  • Deliver a More Engaging IT Service Management User Experience with SMAX Recorded: Sep 18 2018 36 mins
    Michael Pott, Sr Prod Marketing Mgr, Neville Ward, Sr Solution Consultant & Vesna Soraic, Sr Prod Marketing Mgr, Micro Focus
    Today’s workforce expects an engaging and automated experience when submitting IT help desk requests, yet most companies are still using outdated manual service desks.

    Join us for this entertaining live demo of Service Management Automation X (SMAX) and see how machine learning, analytics, and codeless configuration come together to deliver a true digital IT service management experience for business users and IT.
  • Getting Hybrid IT and Cloud Right Recorded: Sep 11 2018 60 mins
    Roy Illsley, Principle Analyst, Ovum and Renee Bradshaw, Marketing Strategist, Micro Focus
    Is your IT team buried by demands for new digital services? Hybrid IT is the answer. Blending traditional IT models with newer ones, such as cloud, can give you the agility you need to compete in today’s digital world.

    But how can you successfully balance the cost of IT with the need to provide IT value and diminish cloud complexity?

    Join us on this webcast, featuring Roy Illsley, Ovum Principle Analyst, where you’ll learn:
    • What’s driving the move to cloud
    • How your IT team can benefit from a new approach to cloud management
    • What to look for in a multi-cloud and hybrid cloud management solution

    The demand for digital services often requires an accelerated move to the cloud. Don’t act without doing your research. Start with this webcast.
  • 6 Ways to Simplify the Management of Your Multi-Cloud Environment Recorded: Aug 21 2018 31 mins
    David Linthicum, Cloud Computing Thought Leader, Linthicum Research and Michael Procopio, Product Marketing, Micro Focus
    With 92% of enterprises now using multiple cloud vendors, the complexity of managing a heterogeneous multi-cloud infrastructure continues to increase dramatically.

    But managing a multi-cloud environment doesn’t have to be a complicated affair.

    Emerging IT Operations processes and tools can solve your complexity problems—and eliminate them going forward—but only if you make the right choices.

    Join us on this webcast as we discuss six recommendations that will help you simplify the management of your multi-cloud environment.
  • Backup vs. Ransomware - 5 Requirements for Backup Success Recorded: Aug 2 2018 62 mins
    Gagan Bhatia and Gautam Bhasin, Micro Focus and George Crump, Storage Switzerland
    Ransomware is the universal threat. No matter an organization's data center location, or its size, it can be devastated by a ransomware attack. While most organizations focus on the periphery, they also need to be prepared for a breach, something that ransomware is particularly adept at. In case of a breach, an advanced backup and disaster recovery solution can ensure safe and timely recovery of data without paying ransom.

    In this live webinar join experts from Storage Switzerland and Micro Focus as they discuss the impact of ransomware and the core features of a backup solution that can mitigate the associated risks.
  • The CMDB/CMS in the Digital Age: A Bedrock for IT Transformation Recorded: Aug 2 2018 57 mins
    Dennis Drogseth Vice President of Research, EMA and Bill Dyck Product Manager, Configuration Management Systems, Micro Focus
    Leading IT analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) indicates that effective deployments of configuration management databases (CMDBs) or federated configuration management systems (CMSs) strongly correlate with success in digital and IT transformation. This fact may come as a surprise given the current industry hype to the contrary, but the reasons for having effective, dynamic and relevant service modeling systems could never be greater.

    Join Dennis Drogseth, vice president of research at EMA, and Bill Dyck, product manager of configuration management system at Micro Focus, for an informative webinar that will draw on extensive EMA research and consulting to show exactly why and how this is true.

    Join us to learn more about:

    • The critical value of CMDBs and discovery and dependency mapping (DDM) in support of optimizing private and public cloud resources, including cloud migration

    • How a CMS and DDM can pair in supporting transformational initiatives such as agile/DevOps, SecOps, IT financial optimization, and broader investments in advanced IT analytics

    • Insights from consulting and industry dialogs on current deployment experience

    • Recommendations for optimizing the CMDB/CMS and DDM more effectively—what to look for, and what to avoid

    • CMS and Micro Focus – how UCMDB and Universal Discovery can fulfill the enterprise need for CMS
  • Does your Network Have 3-D Compliance? Recorded: Jul 24 2018 42 mins
    Brian Kaplan, NOM Product Manager and Compliance Specialist and Frank Bonifazi, NOM Product Marketing Manager, Micro Focus
    In this webinar we’ll be discussing the critical topic of network compliance, vectors of attack, and how to secure networks.

    We’ll introduce a new comprehensive model called 3-D Compliance to help you think about multiple aspects of being fully compliant.

    A recent specific Common Vulnerability and Exposures (CVE) will be analyzed and discussed as an example vulnerability.

    Learn more about 3-D Compliance in this series of Micro Focus blogs: https://community.softwaregrp.com/t5/IT-Operations-Management-ITOM/Defend-Against-Network-Attack-Vectors-Introducing-Three/ba-p/1656856#.W0j4k7nrseF
  • What’s New in Data Protection Suite: Introducing Data Protector 10.04 Recorded: Jul 19 2018 62 mins
    Julita Kussmaul, Senior Product Marketing Manager and Uli Wallscheid, Product Manager, Micro Focus
    Join us for an exciting and informative look at the latest release of Data Protector.

    Data Protector 10.04 brings improvements in the Scheduler and adds other enhancements to the user experience. It also introduces new platform integrations and virtualization improvements.

    Data Protector 10.04 offers our first integration with Micro Focus Operations Orchestration which allows automation of backup operations using workflows.

    See a live demo of the new features.
  • What’s New in Data Protector v 10 Recorded: Jul 17 2018 45 mins
    Paul Carapetis, Presales, Micro Focus
    In this age of extreme data growth and variety, ever more stringent regulations, complicated hybrid environments including physical, virtual and cloud, and reducing IT budgets, Micro Focus has released version 10 of its Data Protector platform, part of the Micro Focus Data Protection Suite.  In this webcast attendees will learn how they can better protect their applications across legacy and modern platforms, use analytics to track and manage SLAs and improve the security of their backup to mitigate the risk of cyberattacks when they upgrade to Data Protector 10.  A live demo of the new features will be shown should time permit.
  • Optimize Your IT Infrastructure with Micro Focus Cloud Transformation Recorded: Jun 19 2018 53 mins
    Jo De Baer, Arul Murugan Alwar and Renee Bradshaw, Micro Focus
    Enterprises today are looking to optimize their IT infrastructure to take advantage of new digital technologies and services.

    One of the most popular ways to achieve this is by moving server workloads and applications to the cloud. Since this often happens in large numbers, a cloud transformation project can be a complex effort.

    Join us on this webcast and learn how to easily execute even the largest and most complex cloud and data center migration projects, on time and within budget.
  • What’s New in Service Management Automation 2018.05 Recorded: Jun 6 2018 56 mins
    Dr. Kai-Uwe Winter, Manager, Micro Focus Competence Center, Materna; David Baron and Vesna Soraic, Micro Focus
    Join us for an exciting and informative look at the latest release of Service Management Automation.

    SMA 2018.05 brings new Studio capabilities for instant creation of new service management applications in a totally codeless fashion. New procurement modules enable the creation and management of vendor catalogs, purchase orders and relationships.

    See a live demo of all the key new features. Dr. Kai-Uwe Winter from Germany-based Materna will also demonstrate the first apps for budgeting that they created using Studio.
  • Overcoming The 4 Data Protection Challenges of Hybrid IT Recorded: May 23 2018 62 mins
    Gagan Bhatia, Micro Focus and George Crump, Storage Switzerland
    Data protection is critical to data-driven organizations that are fully dependent on data for operations. The hybrid nature of the environment though makes protecting that much more challenging. Join us as we discuss exactly what Hybrid IT is, what it looks like and why data driven organizations are embracing it. Then we will discuss the data protection challenges that IT must overcome as they create a hybrid infrastructure.
  • Hybrid IT is the New Normal Recorded: May 22 2018 39 mins
    David Gehringer, Principal, Dimensional Research and Ian Bromehead, Dir of Product Marketing, Operations Bridge, Micro Focus
    How to Effectively Manage and Monitor a Hybrid IT Environment

    Are you having challenges in dealing with cloud based application issues across multiple cloud providers? If so, you’re not alone. 80% of companies are dealing with 2-10 cloud providers and some even more.

    Join us on this webcast as we discuss the findings from the recent Dimensional Research survey of over 500 enterprise cloud professionals who shared their challenges and needs for Hybrid IT monitoring. We’ll review the survey results including the data and analysis.

    You will also receive a complimentary copy of the Dimensional Research report to help you understand where you are in comparison to companies included in the study.
Helping IT Organizations Perform Better
Join this channel to get insights into ways to simplify the complex needs of your IT business, reduce complexity and risk in your IT environment, gain understanding of how to successfully transition to the cloud and becoming more agile while reducing cost. You will hear from product experts, industry analysts, and customers as they discuss their experiences as well as their best practices. More Micro Focus Operations Management solutions information at www.hpe.com/software/itom

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  • Title: Accelerate the Delivery of Compliant and Secure IT Infrastructure
  • Live at: Apr 24 2018 3:00 pm
  • Presented by: Derek Kruger, Technical Marketing and Megan Glick, Product Marketing, Micro Focus
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