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Rethink Network Management

In recent years IT environments and, therefore, networks have become considerably more complex. We’ll review a recent survey from Shamus McGillicuddy, Vice President of Research Network Management at EMA, showing these concerning trends, which he says requires a rethinking of network management.

We’ll also cover recent innovations in our Network Operations Management solution that address these issues.

Join Brian Kaplan, Director of Network Management, to learn what you can do and the improvements our customers have seen.

Rethink Agenda
• Shamus McGillicuddy, EMA Analyst
• End-to-end observability
• Security/Compliance
• Automation
• Troubleshooting
Recorded Sep 2 2021 58 mins
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Presented by
Brian Kaplan and Michael Procopio, Micro Focus
Presentation preview: Rethink Network Management

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  • Is Undiscovered Software Putting Your Organization at Risk? Recorded: Oct 21 2021 58 mins
    Bill Dyck, Product Manager, Configuration Management System, Micro Focus
    Software represents major risks for most organizations—from security vulnerabilities to license compliance violations. For that reason, wouldn’t it be great to know—with certainty—exactly what software was deployed, where, and how it was being used?

    Of course it would! That’s why you need better software discovery across your hybrid environment—from containers, desktops, and data centers to the cloud.

    Micro Focus Universal Discovery & UCMDB and Micro Focus Asset Management X reduce the risks associated with deployed software. Learn how in this short but informative webinar.
  • Automate Patching and Remediation—In Cloud and On Premises Recorded: Oct 7 2021 41 mins
    JJ Garcia, Senior Automation Solution Architect & Camilo Cuervo, Senior Product Manager, Micro Focus
    Are you catching weak spots in your cloud and on-premises servers as quickly as you could?

    If your current patching solution doesn’t continuously and automatically fix vulnerabilities and misconfigurations—at scale, across your hybrid estate—then your answer is “no.”

    Gain the peace of mind that comes with automated protection—24/7. At this webinar, you’ll hear how Micro Focus Data Center Automation gives you that assurance. You’ll also learn how mobile communications company Vodacom saves more than $2 million each year with Data Center Automation. Imagine what it can do for you.
  • The Latest in Automation—Trends and Use Cases You Should Know Recorded: Sep 16 2021 60 mins
    Alex Rwankuba, Daniel Crisan and Alex Dominic Savio, Micro Focus
    Automation everywhere. That’s what’s required to meet today’s IT operational goals. To that end, join our product experts to discuss what’s trending now in the world of automation. Low-code/no-code automation, but also infrastructure as code. Orchestration—why we need more of it. RPA robots go mainstream. And, what if you could CI/CD everything, including your process orchestration?

    We’ll discuss:
    • Top trends and hot topics in automation.
    • New use cases for connecting teams, tools, and technologies.
    • Customer stories we can learn from.
  • Rethink Network Management Recorded: Sep 2 2021 58 mins
    Brian Kaplan and Michael Procopio, Micro Focus
    In recent years IT environments and, therefore, networks have become considerably more complex. We’ll review a recent survey from Shamus McGillicuddy, Vice President of Research Network Management at EMA, showing these concerning trends, which he says requires a rethinking of network management.

    We’ll also cover recent innovations in our Network Operations Management solution that address these issues.

    Join Brian Kaplan, Director of Network Management, to learn what you can do and the improvements our customers have seen.

    Rethink Agenda
    • Shamus McGillicuddy, EMA Analyst
    • End-to-end observability
    • Security/Compliance
    • Automation
    • Troubleshooting
  • Why Full-Stack AIOps? And, Why Now? Recorded: Aug 19 2021 64 mins
    Jon Kies, Product Marketing Manager, IT Operations Management & Gary Brandt, Product Manager, Operations Bridge, Micro Focus
    Full-Stack AIOps from Micro Focus. What is it and how can it take your IT monitoring to the next level? Join us for an in-depth look at the tech muscle behind Full-Stack AIOps—including our powerful OPTIC platform, broad Data Lake integrations, and the new Operations Bridge capabilities that inspired Research in Action to name Operations Bridge as the AIOps winner over 15 competing solutions.

    Hear from experts, learn from customer stories, and see demonstrations that will help you set your AIOps roadmap.
  • Moving Forward with Enterprise Service Management: Leaping towards Strategic ESM Recorded: Jul 15 2021 55 mins
    Eveline Oehrlich, VP and Research Director, Research In Action and Vesna Soraic, Head of Product Marketing, Micro Focus
    According to 2021 State of the CIO 2021 report (http://view.ceros.com/idg/spring-issue/p/22), driving business innovation is for 38% of CIOs one of the top activities they plan to spend more time on in the coming years. Other initiatives such as redesigning business processes, aligning IT initiatives with business goals and improving IT operations and systems are atop the list as well. Is this news? Not really but the future of work and the way of working is going to be different and one thing many organizations are realizing is that it will bring additional challenges for IT and the business. How to keep an increasingly remote workforce productive, engaged and enabled to deliver excellent products and services to customers is causing strategy discussions across the business and technology teams. For many leaders, the vision to empower their workforce through the integration of technology and the ability to work from anywhere will accelerate the adoption of Enterprise Service Management. Making the leap from automating IT services towards enterprise services is not difficult – if you possess the right characteristics to transform.

    Join us for an hour session where we share with you how such a transformation is possible. Eveline Oehrlich, VP and Research Director at Research In Action and Vesna Soraic, Head of Product Marketing at Micro Focus will share their insights on why you should transform towards ESM to thrive in these changing times. Key topics of key skills and culture, top areas of focus, and ideas for how to make the leap towards Enterprise Service Management will be discussed.

    Key insights into:
    • The future of work has accelerated the need for service thinking and leading change efforts
    • Optimization, automation, and standardization will need to be balanced with driving business innovation
    • How Enterprise Service Management can support a happy and healthy workforce by transforming existing enterprise services
  • Adopting Cloud Quicker with Micro Focus Universal Discovery & CMDB Recorded: Jun 17 2021 60 mins
    Doron Orbach, Sr. Product Manager, Universal Discovery and Bill Dyck, Sr. Product Manager, Universal Discovery, Micro Focus
    You can’t effectively manage what you don’t know about. That’s why gaining full visibility of all your resources—including cloud resources—is so important.

    But that’s easier said than done when you’re looking at different configuration views offered by different cloud platforms. When you need to capture critical info that multiple teams are adding into cloud tags. And when you’re simultaneously tracking on-premises and remote assets.

    Join our webinar to learn how Micro Focus Universal Discovery and CMDB deliver complete visibility across multicloud, on-premises, containerized, and work-from-home environments. The result—faster cloud migration and stronger management of your IT assets.
  • What’s New in Network Operations Management Recorded: Jun 10 2021 61 mins
    Brian Kaplan, Akash Deep and Michael Procopio, Network Operations Management, Micro Focus
    Join Micro Focus Network Operations Management (NOM) product leaders for an enlightening overview of new capabilities in the 2021.05 release. We’ll cover our new OPTIC Platform, REST-based monitoring, and updates to NOM Express. We’ll also demonstrate some of the recent innovations in NOM.
  • What’s New in Micro Focus ESM Recorded: May 20 2021 62 mins
    Vesna Soraic, Head of ESM Product Marketing and Michael Pott, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Micro Focus
    There is a direct connection between customer experience, employee experience and revenue. Various studies have shown that companies that prioritize employee experience achieve multiple times faster revenue growth. It is difficult for IT to satisfy business and employee demands with too much work and too little time and resources. The best approach is workflow automation across the enterprise. Micro Focus Enterprise Service Management (ESM) solutions help improve the employee experience through smart, AI-based automation.

    In this webinar, you will hear about key enhancements and new innovations from the last 12 months for the following products:
    • Service Management Automation X (SMAX)
    • Asset Management X (AMX)
    • RPA and Operations Orchestration (OO)
    • Hybrid Cloud Management X (HCMX)
    • Universal Discovery (UD) and UCMDB

    Micro Focus can help you resolve the challenge of serving your remote workforce and improving their experience. We prepared this webinar for you to discuss the most important new capabilities that will help you multiply your staff performance and be more proactive in supporting your employees.
  • Reduce the Drama of IT Operations – Introducing Micro Focus OPTIC Recorded: May 6 2021 48 mins
    Travis Greene, Sr. Director of ITOM Product Marketing and Neil Miles, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Micro Focus
    We all want IT to work like a car—just push a button and let it take you where you need to go. By simplifying the complexity of IT transformation, IT automation platforms get you closer to that reality. But not all platforms are created equal. Many are blank slates that compound IT drama—with their custom coding requirements, unpredictable costs, and inflexible deployment options.

    Micro Focus OPTIC (the Operations Platform for Transformation, Intelligence and Cloud) is different.

    Join our info-packed session to hear what sets it apart. You’ll learn how it helps you deliver the self-driving IT your business craves. And how it empowers you to transform without drama by building on what already works.
  • Introducing Micro Focus Asset Management X (AMX) Recorded: Apr 22 2021 64 mins
    Pramila Devineni and Wes Heaps, Micro Focus
    You might be familiar with Micro Focus Asset Manager, but have you seen Micro Focus Asset Management X (AMX) yet? This next-generation, stand-alone IT Asset Management (ITAM) and Software Asset Management (SAM) solution is building on the extensive best practices and knowledge gathered from the Asset Manager experience, and is delivered in a new modern platform that can be deployed on-premises, in the cloud, or even consumed via a SaaS model—depending on your needs.

    The new solution enables you to optimize your hardware and software assets, stay compliant, and be prepared for software audits. It also enables you to manage the financial side of your assets and subscriptions. Micro Focus Asset Management X (AMX) is built on an expandable back-end platform that allows you to integrate your software and asset management data into other Micro Focus solutions for service management and hybrid cloud management. Come check out the future of IT Asset Management (ITAM) and software asset management (SAM) from Micro Focus.
  • Improve Cloud Observability beyond Native Cloud Provider Tools Recorded: Apr 8 2021 67 mins
    David Linthicum, Analyst, GigaOM; Gary Brandt, Manoj Mohanan and Michael Procopio, Micro Focus
    Join us to hear why public cloud monitoring tools don’t give you everything you need for effective end-to-end cloud and on-premises observability. You’ll hear David Linthicum, a recognized cloud expert, discuss his recent paper on cloud monitoring. We’ll also cover our latest innovations, OPTIC, event reduction techniques and discuss our latest integrations with third-party domains and tools.
  • Agility, Ease of Use and Cost Reduction strategies for unifying a global company Recorded: Feb 18 2021 35 mins
    Kate Seamans, Director of ESM, Whitlock IS and Mindi Crozier, Director, Service Management, Global Payments
    Whitlock has been a long time partner with Global Payments. Recently, this large, global corporation merged with TSYS, and the task of combining technologies commenced. These companies have multiple ITSM products, and the decision was made to move off the disparate products into a unified SMAX platform.

    Join us for an interview with GP’s Mindi Crozier as we delve into why SMAX was a good fit to bring these two companies together for Enterprise Service Management.
    • Strategies to take advantage of SMAX’s agility of deployment
    • Utilizing SMAX Studio to support a company’s processes and keep current with updates
    • Flexible licensing of SMAX supports a customer’s need to reduce costs
  • Get DCA’s High Value Features for No Cost With Our Customer Appreciation Program Recorded: Feb 4 2021 52 mins
    Justin Vanderwerff, DCA Product Marketing Manager and Camilo Cuervo, DCA Product Manager, Micro Focus
    Are you an existing Server Automation (SA) customer that has been wondering how Data Center Automation could help bring additional value to your organization? Join us in this webinar to learn how you can leverage DCA to help automate your service governance processes through smarter patching, continuous compliance management, and enhanced extensibility and reporting. With our current customer appreciation program, existing SA customers are eligible for a free, 1 to 1 license exchange from any version of Server Automation to our Data Center Automation Premium edition! There’s never been a better time to explore the additional value that DCA can bring to your organization – join us to learn more!
  • Don’t Let the Cloud Ruin Your IT Service Management Recorded: Jan 21 2021 59 mins
    Roger Williams, VP Analyst, Gartner, Rolf Frydenberg, CEO, Manag-E Nordic AS, Travis Greene, ITOM Prod Marketing, Micro Focus
    IT Service Management doesn’t go away in cloud-centric environments. Yet, traditional incident, change and CMDB management approaches don't work for fast-moving cloud services. This session provides guidance on how I&O leaders must shift the focus of dependency analysis and the role of the CMDB to make it fit for purpose in a cloud world.

    Guest Speaker: Roger Williams, VP Analyst at Gartner
    Roger Williams covers CMDB process and tools, IT asset management (ITAM) tools, IT operations discovery tools, and hybrid digital infrastructure management (HDIM), and is actively researching infrastructure architecture strategies, infrastructure technical debt assessment approaches and I&O capabilities to inform I&O strategy. Mr. Williams' focus is on helping clients maximize the value they obtain from their technology investments. He joined Gartner after an extensive IT career spanning more than 20 years in Fortune 50 retail companies. He is also a published author and holds numerous certifications across the spectrum of IT disciplines.
  • Real-World RPA—Use Cases, Best Practices and What to Expect in 2021 Recorded: Jan 20 2021 61 mins
    International panel of technology experts
    Jump-start your automation efforts for the new year with real-world RPA insights. Our international panel of technology experts will discuss how they’re helping companies in diverse industries successfully adopt and scale RPA. Join us to hear their valuable lessons-learned about RPA—and where they think it’s going next.

    Here is a preview of our discussion:
    • Why companies turn to RPA
    • RPA’s role in digital transformation
    • What companies are automating with RPA
    • Overcoming typical RPA implementation challenges
    • How to measure RPA success
    • Best practices and advice for starting RPA
    • What to expect from RPA in 2021

    Our distinguished panel of experts will include:
    • Shay Wissotzky Cohen, Market Development Manager, Micro Focus
    • Max Börjesson, Solution Architect, Lemontree Enterprise Solutions AB
    • Rolf Frydenberg, CEO, Manag-E Nordic AS
    • George Cheimonidis, Business Development & Innovation Manager, Performance Technologies
    • Joe Madden, President, Greenlight Group
    • Jeffrey M. Jamieson, President, Whitlock Infrastructure Solutions
  • Robotic Processing Can Automate Your Business Processes Recorded: Jan 14 2021 60 mins
    Michael Pott, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Micro Focus and Cassandra Mooshian, Senior Analyst, Omdia
    Robotic process automation (RPA) is no longer confined to the domain of scientific research and advanced robotics – it’s swiftly becoming a valuable enterprise technology platform for advancing business process automation. Processes such as inventory management, financial reporting, service desk management, and more can be elevated and simplified with zero-touch automation. RPA transforms such as previously manual tasks as self-service catalog ordering, updating HR information in multiple applications, and initiating requests on external service provider websites.

    In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:
    • Save time by automating processes, workflows and tasks
    • Reduce manual errors with robots that do the work for you
    • Easily extend the solution with codeless configuration
  • Better Software Discovery Makes For Easier Software Asset Management Recorded: Dec 17 2020 50 mins
    Bill Dyck, Pramila Devineni and Wes Heaps, Micro Focus
    Let’s face it, no one likes software audits. Getting an accurate picture of your installed software is hard enough—but containerized micro-services, cloud use, and endpoints outside the firewall complicate matters further. Luckily, Micro Focus Universal Discovery and Universal CMDB can help.

    At this webinar, you’ll learn how built-in discovery and CMDB enable you to:
    • Deliver more accurate license counts for your organization.
    • Use software utilization data to better rationalize licenses.
    • Engage in more cost-effective IT and software asset management (ITAM/SAM)

    With a clear picture of all your software assets, you can make smarter decisions about them. You can also stop worrying about your next software audit.
  • What’s New for Network Operations Management? Recorded: Dec 3 2020 58 mins
    Brian Kaplan, Product Management Leader and Jon Kies, Product Marketing Leader, Micro Focus
    Ready to take Micro Focus Network Operations Management (NOM) to the next level?

    Join Micro Focus NOM product leaders for an enlightening overview of new features for Collect Once Store Once Data Lake (COSO), our new Performance Troubleshooter, and a powerful new reporting engine. We’ll also walk you through upgrade paths for NOM, Network Node Manager, or Network Automation—to help you decide how and when to move to our latest versions.
  • ESM: Accelerate IT and Business Service Autonomy Recorded: Nov 19 2020 59 mins
    Vesna Soraic, Product Marketing Lead, Micro Focus & Travis Greene, Sr. Director of ITOM Product Marketing, Micro Focus
    The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed all businesses towards delivering new digital services. Analysts predict accelerated digitization by three to four years. As we recover, returning to the old normal is insufficient – we must use this disruption to give business and IT users alike the autonomy they crave to get work done.

    In recent years, leading companies have been adopting Enterprise Service Management (ESM), starting with an enterprise service desk and progressing to automated service delivery and support for non-IT services. But ESM is not just implementing ITSM concepts into HR, facilities and other corporate functions. It is about giving users the freedom to work the way they work best.

    For that to work, your ESM approach is going to need a level of automation and AI that exceeds the pre-pandemic old normal. Join our webinar to learn how to:

    • Create a single, enterprise service catalog with automated fulfilment, including public cloud services
    • Act on every enterprise service request without building technical debt with entirely codeless workflows
    • Automate your processes with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) across teams, tools and environments
    • Leverage embedded AI to deliver more resilient services, everywhere
    • Create the business case for ESM

    Register now and find out how enterprise service management can help your business adapt to the new normal with resiliency for the future.
Helping IT Organizations Perform Better
Join this channel to get insights into ways to simplify the complex needs of your IT business, reduce complexity and risk in your IT environment, gain understanding of how to successfully transition to the cloud and becoming more agile while reducing cost. You will hear from product experts, industry analysts, and customers as they discuss their experiences as well as their best practices. For more Micro Focus Operations Management solutions information please visit https://www.microfocus.com/en-us/solutions/it-operations-management.

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