IT Service Management in a hybrid, multi-sourced world

Chuck Darst, HP Software
The number of suppliers to IT is increasing reflecting trends in BYOD, BYOA, and services available on-demand via the cloud. How does IT ensure service to their internal and external customers? How does IT make sure money is spent wisely and the potential explosion of contracts is administered consistently?

During this Web Event, you will find out:
• The dimensions to providing IT service management in a challenging and increasingly multi-sourced hybrid world
• How applying a consistent framework to Service Integration and Management (SIAM) can save money and provide a foundation for better service delivery
• How specific processes and capabilities can be leveraged today that will also work well into the future
Dec 5 2013
49 mins
IT Service Management in a hybrid, multi-sourced world
Join us for this summit:
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  • What’s new in HP ITSM Apr 9 2015 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    IT Service Management systems are great collectors of stuff – requests, changes, survey results, etc. What they’re not so great at is sorting out what is most important and helping us to act on it! That is until HP Service Anywhere.

    Join us in this session to see how HP Service Anywhere helps end users act on their needs, their assets; agents act on requests, incidents, changes, and releases.

    Find out how Service Anywhere helps transform the way IT service desk agents work – boosting service quality and increasing productivity – all powered by a big data platform, provide high scalability and rapid processing of unstructured and structured data to deliver current and relevant information.

    Join us to learn how the industry’s first Big Data service desk delivers service insights once thought impossible.
  • Reduce time-to-market by following a DevOps approach Apr 1 2015 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    With more than 100 applications in production, a leading bank needed to reduce the time required to deploy and update its apps. By implementing an automation solution from HP, the bank reduced the application time-to-deploy by nearly 8X. Now the bank follows a seamless and standardized approach for deployment.
  • Schlumberger’s IT transformation and how HP Ops Bridge smooths their journey Mar 24 2015 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Digital business is all around us, and its challenges to IT are exasperated by the agility that business strives to achieve and the plethora of devices users exploit to gain access to corporate services. Clearly under these condition, no classical monitoring solution can stand still. Join our webinar to learn more about the IT transformation that Schlumberger defined, the journey they are taking and the benefits they have identified. We’ll complete this exciting session with a description and rapid demo of the HP Operations Bridge that Schlumberger has included in its IT management architecture.
  • Innovation in monitoring: What’s new in business service management Mar 11 2015 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Modern applications are game changers. Nearly every aspect of today’s application is changing – the front end, back end, and underlying dynamic infrastructure.

    Join us for this event and you'll learn about the latest innovations and announcements for HP Software’s monitoring solutions. You’ll hear how these HP innovations address today’s market trends. You will also find out about the key updates released during the past year—new features, use cases, and customer value—across application performance management, operations analytics, system management, network management, and storage management.
  • Three tips to boost your service quality with a Configuration Management system Mar 3 2015 6:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Improving service quality relies on a solid configuration data foundation. A Configuration Management System (CMS)-based on a CMDB and automated, intelligent discovery- provides the data everyone can trust and build on. It delivers the accurate, up-to-date information to the right users. But the data alone does not cut it; an accurate and up-to-date service model is also needed.

    Join this webinar to learn how to boost your services' quality and develop a more successful service desk with a CMS, automated discovery, and automated service modeling partnered with increased process maturity.
  • Is There Really an ‘I’ in a DevOps Team? Recorded: Feb 24 2015 60 mins
    The answer is YES! The ‘I’ in team doesn’t represent one single person in the apps development plan, rather it highlights the transformation of the once silo’d teams who support specific functions within the app lifecycle. The straight line of the ‘I’ symbolizes the one team approach that is making DevOps successful. Operations people are showing up in the testing phase of the application and the apps people are doing some measures and monitoring in operations. Recently, TechTarget named DevOps as one of six major data center trends for 2015. DevOps is no longer a new way to think about transformation; it is the ONLY way to bring together the silos that weigh down your business’ bottom line.

    Join our lively panel discussion with DevOps industry experts Paul Muller and Damon Edwards as they discuss:

    Common problems in traditional DevOps teams
    How these teams have changed to truly transform and become innovators
    How you can apply these ideas to your business to boost your bottom line
  • Never miss a change again: How Configuration Management can make you a hero Recorded: Feb 11 2015 45 mins
    Changes continue to be among the top reasons for service degradations and failures. In order to be successful, changes need to be planned, well understood and checked after execution. This requires a solid foundation in terms of configuration data. Industry best practices provide guidance on what you need to be successful, including the right processes and the related data to support them.

    Attend this webinar to learn:
    • The right strategies to obtain, maintain and leverage configuration data to avoid service disruptions
    • How to use this data to automate the process or parts of it
    • Examples of how to detect unplanned changes, how to keep your configuration data up-to-date, and how to create service models to understand change impact

    Armed with these best practices, you’ll never miss a change again.
  • New Release: Solve Your IT Performance Issues with Big Data Analytics Recorded: Feb 6 2015 60 mins
    Learn the new and exciting features that have been added to HP's flagship application on the Haven platform, HP Operations Analytics. Our webinar will provide you an overview of Operations Analytics and how you can use it to:

    Understand and detect IT performance problems that have eluded you
    Prevent problems from ever happening with machine-learning predictive analytics
    Our newest 2.2 features include:

    Analytics based alerting
    Adding value to Splunk data with our patented Log Analytics
    Out-of-the-box analysis of converged infrastructure data from OneView, and much more.
    You will also see a demo of how HP Operations Analytics can help you make use of data, structured and unstructured, across IT operational silos, and solve complex cross domain performance problems with the power of machine learning.
  • Darwinian Evolution of Operations Manager Recorded: Jan 30 2015 68 mins
    In today’s fast changing digital businesses, evolution is practically constant. For years you have trusted and used HP Operations Manager, the Operations Agent and SPis, as well as associated products to manage your data centre. Business expects more and more of IT, and that pace of change, the internet of things, means those solutions need to evolve too. Changing to the HP Operations Bridge will help you meet today’s challenges with improved ways to sense the health of IT resources, analyze and predict IT impact on business and adapt to the ever changing IT environment.

    Learn how Fidelity has started their evolution, adopting the HP Operations Bridge and see what benefits they have gained. Join us and discover a new program that helps you plan your evolution at your speed.
  • Sopra-Steria’s prototype for the IT service broker Recorded: Jan 27 2015 45 mins
    ITSM teams are moving towards offering IT as a service and shifting to an IT service broker role as a business enabler, trends that will grow in 2015. Organizations looking to transition to an IT-as-a-service model must make sure they are adopting the correct processes and technologies to set up IT to run like a business and increase customer/end user satisfaction.

    In this webinar, Sopra-Steria, a global IT services company, will discuss the new single point of contact in IT – an IT Portal, and how to integrate multiple service providers through a single portal, catalog, knowledge and support. Attend this webinar to learn Sopra-Steria’s experience with HP Propel and watch a live demo of their integrations between a portal and multiple fulfillment systems.
  • See the Latest HP Service Anywhere. Let Us WOW You! Recorded: Jan 22 2015 64 mins
    HP Service Anywhere offers a broad range of capabilities. In this webinar we will focus on our top 3 "Wow” points of the service (and it was hard to pick only 3). You will see how HP Service Anywhere can drive staff efficiency, service quality and most importantly, customer satisfaction.
  • What’s New with HP Service Manager and Universal CMDB Recorded: Dec 18 2014 71 mins
    Join us for this webinar to discuss advantages of a Big Data service desk, the latest HP Service Manager Smart Analytics enhancements, and the latest HP Service Manager innovations. You will also learn what is coming with the next HP Service Manager and HP Universal CMDB releases.
  • Making Business Buzz at Vancity with OMi 10 Recorded: Dec 17 2014 73 mins
    Did Christmas come early this year? Vancity thinks so and they can’t wait to tell you about it. What’s got them so excited? At Discover in Barcelona, HP announced a new set of capabilities for IT Operations to address digital business requirements that are changing at warp speed. 300% stronger capabilities for IT Operations with new simplified and automated modeling, bundled in industry leading workflow, run book automation with 5000+ templates, as well as Log Intelligence. There’s much more under the Christmas wrapping paper we’ll tear off with you.

    With Vancity’s own business taking off like a rocket, their enthusiasm was obvious when they discovered the significant benefits these capabilities will bring to their IT operations. Share their excitement as you hear their own evaluation after exploring hands on our new product versions. Get the news, toast the holiday, and join us on December 17th to learn what’s got Vancity and many other customers so excited.
  • Network automation: Security unplugged Recorded: Dec 11 2014 37 mins
    Are you getting requests from network or security engineers to validate configurations? Getting questions regarding the configuration of Network Automation itself? Not sure where to start or what may be possible? Join us as we talk about how to plan and build policies that will dazzle, leverage reports that will amaze and ensure that your Network Automation installation will impress everyone.
  • ABCs of the Ideal Service Experience: Aggregate, bundle and create new services Recorded: Dec 10 2014 37 mins
    User experience is one of the top concerns for enterprise IT, but users’ expectations seem to always be three steps ahead of what IT can provide. Can IT ever become agile enough to catch up with specialized service providers and compete on cost and service levels?

    In this webinar you will learn how IT can greatly improve the service experience, easily provide new services and rapidly develop web applications. We will show you how to quickly bundle services from multiple suppliers as well as introduce HP Propel Jumpstart which allows you to generate simple web applications – including both the user interface and server-side app – and rapidly publish them in the HP Propel portal.
  • SAFe and Sound - Implementing Agile at Scale with HP Recorded: Dec 7 2014 61 mins
    Dean Leffingwell’s Scaled Agile Framework® (also known as SAFe™) is an interactive knowledge base for implementing agile practices at enterprise scale. When combined with the use of HP Agile Manager, organizations can achieve improved time to market, reduced development costs and higher quality software. This webinar will show how the value of Agile can occur at scale and where and how it delivers these benefits more broadly across your organization.

    Attendees will get an in-depth look at HP’s Agile Manager and learn how best practices like Agile, when complemented with a solution like Agile Manager, allows you to focus on what matters most for the greatest impact – helping them gain a 360 degree view into tasks, code, build, unit tests and more. This means in real-time, teams can precisely analyze risk and rapidly understand the full impact of changes.

    This webinar will cover:

    What Agile Manager is and how it works
    How Agile Manager relates to SAFe methodology
    The benefits of scaling Agile with Agile Manager at the Enterprise level
  • Look No Hands – How Automation Benefits IT Operations Recorded: Nov 17 2014 65 mins
    Learn how IT Operations teams are achieving 75% less MTTR (Mean time to repair), gaining 99.999% in SLA performance, as well as 300% ROI in their 1st year. Listen to real use cases where predictive analytics integrated with the Operations Bridge saved the day.
  • HP AppPulse Mobile – Delivering an exceptional mobile user experience Recorded: Nov 12 2014 59 mins
    The use of mobile applications on a variety of devices (phones, pads, tablets, etc.) is exploding. The mobility ecosystem brings increased complexity, resulting in additional potential points of failure.

    App performance, stability and usability matter. A lot. Failure in any one of these results in lost revenue, lost customers, poor app ratings and user churn.

    HP AppPulse Mobile, a new self-service SaaS solution, empowers mobile application owners, product managers, app developers and app support – measuring real mobile user experience, focusing on problems that affect the most users, improving customer experience, and delivering 5-star apps.

    • HP AppPulse Mobile is extremely simple to implement, requires no code changes and is tag-less to keep application release cycles responsive and on track

    • HP AppPulse Mobile lets you know how your users REALLY experience your mobile app — from the moment they tap/swipe until their UI has finished loading

    • HP AppPulse Mobile connects user actions to detailed data and crash analytics to provide the specific information needed to improve application stability and avoid future crashes

    • HP AppPulse Mobile introduces “FunDex,” a mobile user experience benchmark index that combines key user experience data points into an easy to understand score showing how satisfied users are and where application experience can be improved

    Join us to be introduced to HP AppPulse Mobile. David and Alon will present HP AppPulse Mobile and demonstrate live how HP AppPulse Mobile delivers what you need to ensure exceptional user experience.
  • Change management: using Big Data analytics for continual process enhancement Recorded: Nov 4 2014 26 mins
    Even in well run IT organizations, change is hard. The fact is, IT organizations everywhere struggle to keep pace with change. Trends such as virtualization, hybrid, and cloud computing, and capacity-on-demand only exacerbate the problem—offering little hope to overtaxed IT organizations seeking relief.

    Big Data analytics are now being used on modern Service Desks to continually enhance the change management process. Join this webinar to learn:
    • Why integrating organizational goals and KPIs are critical to improving your change process
    • How big data analytics help the service desk change manager make smart automation choices
    • The value of big data in the overall change process
  • Embrace deep dive tools for end-to-end visibility across IT Recorded: Oct 30 2014 40 mins
    Domain-specific (or point tools) are great at solving very hard problems within a specific domain (app servers, databases, etc). However, to achieve a complete view across the enterprise, IT organizations need to embrace these point tools and build a single view of the health of systems – aka a “single pane of glass”.

    Join us to hear HP Software, premier partner J9 Technologies, and customer DirecTV discuss how DirecTV's IT Operations team now enjoys deep and broad management and how they have progressed to healthy IT Operations.
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Join this channel to get insights into ways to simplify the complex needs of your IT business, reduce complexity and risk in your IT environment, gain understanding of how to successfully transition to the cloud and becoming more agile while reducing cost. You will hear from product experts, industry analysts, and customers as they discuss their experiences as well as their best practices. More HP Operations Management solutions information at

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