Three ways service management can connect the business with IT

Mary Rasmussen, Sr Product Marketing Manager, Tina Sturgis, Sr Product Marketing Manager, HP ART and Education, HP Software
Today’s IT landscape is disconnected from today’s business landscape, where IT is managing tickets and users are demanding a more consumerized experience . More than ever, IT struggles to manage constantly changing technology and increased expectations of the business and the end-users. The new HP Service Anywhere connects the IT Service Management landscape with today’s user interactions by driving collective insight across the business with a new system of engagement that promotes IT agility, better service delivery and a renewed IT focus on strategic business priorities.

Join us to hear how these three key capabilities can better connect your IT organization to the business:
• Embedded Big Data
• Crowdsourcing social collaboration
• Proactive knowledge delivery

Also discover the importance of training in today’s rapidly changing IT environment as a way to ensure and sustain high user adoption rates of solutions for fast time to value.
Jan 22 2014
36 mins
Three ways service management can connect the business with IT
Join us for this summit:
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  • Protiviti's IT Priorities Survey results reveal 2/3 companies are going through a major IT transformation in 2014. Join Protiviti's IT Consulting managing directors to discuss why.
  • In this session, we’ll introduce our cloud desktop offering and discuss how businesses are using this technology to drive down support costs, improve security, and create business agility. Additionally, we will discuss some best practices around planning and implementing a cloud desktop strategy.
  • 85% of enterprises permit BYOD, but only 25-30% of them actually have policies and technology to manage these devices. What is your business doing to ensure that the content on that device stays secure, regardless of what device your employees are using? If you are considering moving to a BYOD strategy or are in the midst of doing so, join this webinar to learn how to develop and execute a BYOD plan in your company. We'll talk about major challenges from creating a BYOD strategy and best practices from ensuring that the content on your device stays secure with Box.
  • Extend the reach of your Service Desk to your Mobile Support Teams.

    Join us for the fifth in our six part FrontRange UK Webcast Series "Change is in your Hands" hosted by UK Solutions Consultant Peter Coote.

    We know that service desk technicians can’t always be tied to a desk.
    As needs arise, they may be travelling, working remotely or moving around your building completing assignments and solving problems for customers, often with reduced access to the service desk.
    With FrontRange™ HEAT Mobile Field Service there’s no reason for your technicians to go off the grid when they’re on a service call.
    HEAT Mobile Field Service turns a handheld smart-phone into a mobile service desk client, allowing technicians to take the office with them wherever they go.

    Register today to hear how HEAT Mobile Field Service can:
    •Empower your technicians
    •Lower service costs
    •Improve response times

    Missed our LIVE webcast?
    Catch up with the rest of the series and more on the FrontRange BrightTALK Channel.
  • Best practice frameworks are in many ways comparable to the images and advice found in the columns of fashion magazines. IT Service Management, Program Management, and Software Development best practice frameworks portray flawless environments where projects and teams work in harmony; whereas fashion magazines portray flawless individuals dressed in perfectly tailored, top quality clothing that is impeccably put together. This is purposeful - Meant to inspire through providing suggestions and guidance on how we can improve our own situations.

    Join Amy and Drew through an interactive session that shows how mixing and matching frameworks for your organization is much like selecting a wardrobe. In this session, we will use ITIL, PMI, and Scrum as our best practice frameworks and demonstrate how organizations can mix, match, and tailor to create a style that is uniquely theirs.

    More about our Presenters:
    Amy Dykstra and Drew Walden of Cask, LLC bring more than 20 years of experience in the development, implementation, and application of systematic management frameworks supporting whole organizations, portfolios, programs, and individual projects and services. Within this context, they have developed and re-engineered business processes to align operations with business objectives and enabled organizations to acquire and employ the necessary resources and skills within agreed parameters of cost, time, and quality. Their combined portfolios of clients and experiences provide a unique take on the selection and implementation of various best practice frameworks.
  • Malware today is very different from just a few years ago. Traditional AV technology is no longer able to consistently and fully remediate or defend against today’s most advanced threats. New and emerging threats such as ransomware, social engineering driven attacks and micro variant financial threats are just some examples of difficult to remediate infections. This presentation will take a look at the malware landscape and explain why these tactics are so effective against traditional AV technology. We will examine three specific families of infections and highlight their tactics to evade detection and what issues occur with remediation. Lastly, we will talk about Webroot’s innovation and how our SecureAnywhere AV solution is capable of defending against, and remediating today’s most advanced threats.
  • We may not have flying cars yet but the self-driving car is actually beginning its infancy. With all the technology swirling around us and in our pockets and purses surely the paradigm of the Service Desk has changed as well. Yes and No. Today’s users are bright and more tech-savvy in terms of using technology than ever before. As long as it works. But when something doesn't quite work, they want to solve it themselves using the easiest means at their disposal, Google, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. This might work well from their perspective but not from ours.

    Join George Spalding, Executive Vice President, Pink Elephant, as he focuses on the evolution of the Service Desk and what’s in store for the next 5 years.
  • Forty-four states, DC and four territories have adopted the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). This means that school districts across the country are planning for 100% online assessments during the 2014-2015 school year. One of the most important conditions needed for being able to administer online assessments is network infrastructure readiness.
    Attend this 30-minute webinar and join Gavin Lee, Senior K-12 Business Development Manager at Juniper Networks, to discuss the critical network must-haves that all school districts should consider when looking to deploy a robust and supportable network. You will also receive practical guidance on how to get the most out of your network infrastructure and how to best prepare for the CCCSS assessments:
    • Consortia network infrastructure
    • Wired and wireless network capabilities
    • Robust network security
    • Network support readiness
    • Juniper Networks network infrastructure readiness resources
  • This webinar will provide you with two complementary perspectives on Business Relationship Management that will help you achieve true romance rather than ending up in unrequited love!
    Based on recent and ongoing interest in Business Relationship Management, there can be no doubt that BRM is a hot topic. Organizations realize that a better relationship between business and IT will result in more business value from the IT provider’s products and services.
    But how do you achieve this from a provider’s perspective? What kind of knowledge, skills, behaviors and processes do you need? And because the relationship is by definition with the business, what do you expect from your partners on ‘the other side of the fence’? How can you help them to fulfil their side of the bargain?
    After listening to Aleksandr and Mark share their two perspectives, there’ll be ample opportunity for you to join in and contribute to the dialogue - you are most welcome!
  • Join us for a 30-minute live session every Friday, where we’ll tour the RingCentral interface, discuss the latest innovations and features available on the RingCentral platform, and share best practices on leveraging cloud communications for your business. This session features a live demo of RingCentral Office and an open Q&A session led by a Sales Engineer. This week tune in and learn how your employees can hold multi-point HD video meetings around the world, anytime and anywhere with RingCentral Meetings.
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  • Cloud Analytics: Why it matters in a Hybrid Cloud Management solution Jun 18 2014 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    In today’s IT environment, speed, reliability, and quality are essential. IT professionals must be able to address enterprise needs consistently and at a moment’s notice. That means being able to deploy applications, servers, and system performance at the speed of business, while also supporting and optimizing critical business processes. Our customers address these needs with a mix of on-premises and cloud services – a hybrid cloud.

    Understanding the entire lifecycle of services including server and middleware provisioning, patch management and software deployment while ensuring compliance with consistency and flexibility is a major challenge for IT managers. At the same time they are being pressured to demonstrate value and alignment to the business.

    Register for this webinar and gain insight into an innovative approach to Cloud Analytics and reporting. We’ll cover topics such as costing and pricing of services, evaluation of vendor performance, cloud implementation ROI, how to gain better insight for deciding which resources to use to deliver a service and how businesses are consuming your services.
  • Fix failing projects and get a handle on portfolio chaos May 8 2014 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Despite advances in project management a surprising number of projects still fail by missing budget and timing goals, not delivering real business value or in other ways. Managers also still struggle with visibility into the entire portfolio and with communicating program status and success with stakeholders. Implementing a Project and Portfolio management toolset in the enterprise has proven to be one of the fastest IT payback investments and highest first-year Returns on Investment (ROI) available. In this session you will learn how others have implemented a toolset and improved their business results right away. You’ll also hear about a proven approach that focuses on performance, adoption, and simplification and how that will accelerate the benefits of a holistic approach to project and portfolio management.

    Join Jay Krackeler, an HP Product Manager with extensive experience in this space and Russ King, from HP Partner ResultsPositive, for an informative session packed with real-world examples from companies across a variety of industries.
  • Five drivers for making the move to advanced analytics in IT Operations May 6 2014 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Join us to learn how investments in advanced analytics for IT Operations can lead to faster problem resolution, more effective use of IT toolsets, increased operational efficiencies, more effective optimization of the IT infrastructure in support of service delivery, and more automated insights into business alignment.

    Dennis Drogseth of Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) will discuss the underlying foundations for Advanced Operational Analytics (AOA) as EMA defines it, with an eye to HP’s current, leading-edge solution set. The web event will wrap up with process and skill set considerations relevant to helping IT move to the more effective, service-centric model that advanced analytics can enable—including EMA’s maturity model for moving your IT organization forward with analytics as a catalyst.
  • What's your LogIQ? Recorded: Apr 23 2014 31 mins
    How many logs files do you have?
    • Ever use them?
    • Wonder what they might contain?
    • Are they lying around unexploited, cropped or deleted to save space?
    • Do you ever try to exploit all the log data your systems produce?
    • Do you have home grown tools to manage them, only to find it’s a nightmare to keep these tools up-to-date?

    HP OLi (Operations Log Intelligence) is here to help. Based on industry leading log file management technology from ArcSight, now operations data in log files can be collected, centralized, archived and searched. The intuitive, visually-compelling dashboards provide easy, fast and powerful access to ALL your log files.

    In this webinar we'll discuss the advantages of centralizing log file management like this, and show you a quick demonstration of this new and exciting product from HP Software.
  • Extend the benefits of automation across the enterprise Recorded: Apr 17 2014 32 mins
    Automation is a powerful tool. It strips time and cost out of processes, minimizes errors, and frees up skilled staff to focus on higher value activities. Most IT teams have already capitalized in some part on automation, and most IT professionals can see the potential in extending automation across the enterprise. But how do you embed automation in the company IT DNA? Where do you start in the journey from script automation towards enterprise-wide process automation?

    In this session you will learn how you can scale automation to an enterprise-level through the adoption of a Center of Excellence. Our proven approach creates a cohesive framework for automation and breaks through silos, so your organization benefits from economies of scale and the advantages that automation brings.
  • Alphabet Soup : Getting the most from your IT Operations tools Recorded: Apr 16 2014 24 mins
    The Operations Bridge is “the” solution for IT Operations to effectively address the challenges they face when it comes to managing the new style of IT: complex composite applications, virtualized environments, cloud-based services, big data, and a variety of management solutions from different vendors. In this session, you will learn how the HP Operations Bridge solution allows you to take up those challenges and consolidate all your existing IT monitoring solutions, providing a unique solution to maximize efficiency and improve runtime and performance of your IT services.
  • How Big Data analytics can protect your brand and revenues Recorded: Apr 9 2014 49 mins
    You know “in theory” that Big Data can give you new insights into a wide range of business operations and help you make changes that will drive better business performance. But let’s get specific: do you know exactly how Big Data can complement your business intelligence to drive positive business outcomes and improve your brand?

    Here’s an opportunity to gain some insight. In this webinar, we’ll examine two real-world customer cases to illustrate how applying HP Big Data Analytics, including Predictive Analysis, can help companies identify opportunities to boost revenue, service quality, brand image, and even job creation.

    Join us for this illuminating session. Learn how to mine your data and business intelligence for the golden nuggets that help you protect your brand, serve your users and customers, and grow your business.
  • Better Service and Tighter Control: Innovations in Service Catalog Recorded: Apr 9 2014 47 mins
    We’ve all witnessed the astonishing evolution of service catalog capabilities over the past few years. Self-service portals for ticketing are increasingly common, and new advancements in automated request management are now emerging, bringing a host of new capabilities and new ways to improve service delivery. In parallel, private and public cloud offerings are becoming mainstream, often bringing specialized catalog portals with them.

    All of these developments create new choices for IT consumers—and new ways for IT to assert relevance, value, and alignment with business priorities. However, IT is still struggling to maintain control. An orchestrated approach to service portfolio management and the service catalog can help IT grab the reins and provide better support to their customers, including demanding lines of business (LoBs).

    Join us for this engaging session where you’ll learn more about the opportunities and the challenges of fast-evolving service catalog capabilities. You’ll also see some practical, real-world examples of how IT can turn service catalog innovations into business advantages.
  • Lessons from the trenches: Hear how HP IT adopted cloud computing Recorded: Apr 2 2014 41 mins
    Join this session to hear how HP IT is transforming itself using cloud technology. HP IT has deployed several private clouds to internal development teams, dramatically improving their productivity. In this session, you will learn about HP IT’s experiences and best practices for deploying Internet-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).
  • Mastering software license compliance to reduce costs Recorded: Mar 25 2014 35 mins
    How many times have you been told that for successful Software Asset Management (SAM) it takes more than just implementing a tool? But what exactly does this mean? In this session you will have the opportunity to join two experts who will discuss what it takes to implement SAM successfully. They will discuss the most common issues they have come across and how to solve them. And because license compliance is more than just comparing numbers, in this webinar you will hear about a 3-dimensional approach to adopting and sustaining SAM.

    You will hear about:
    • License contracts and entitlements and their importance to successful audits and license optimization
    • License consumption for different license types from multiple sources, and how to optimize it
    • License grants and assignments

    Join us to learn some tips and tricks from the experts.
  • Become an automated, agile enterprise and avoid waste and management obstacles Recorded: Mar 19 2014 30 mins
    Pressure on enterprise IT to become more agile continues to grow. IT is responding by increasing use of cloud and automation. Yet, the payoff and promise of seamless, end-to-end service delivery remains elusive. The current approach automates IT in silos, creating sprawl, waste, and management challenges. Meanwhile, business teams are taking a do-it-yourself approach to cloud and automation without considering the up-stream/down-stream implications. Attend this session to learn how the world of manufacturing uses IT value streams and a “think big, start small” approach to chart a way out of automation oblivion and into the light of true agility.
  • Effective Resource Management for improved business decisions Recorded: Mar 14 2014 34 mins
    Today’s competitive business environment means IT must juggle more projects and create more value for the business. But the more projects you take on, the more your resources are stretched. It becomes difficult to get a comprehensive view across your portfolio of projects, and it’s hard to predict the future. In this webinar, you’ll learn how Univita, one of HP PPM’s enterprise customers, leverages HP Project Portfolio Management (PPM) software to effectively plan resource supply and demand. You'll also hear from HP Software Professional Services' Jason Waugh on recommended best practices for implementing resource management in your organization.
  • Transform Service Delivery with HP Cloud Management Recorded: Mar 13 2014 48 mins
    HP services for Cloud Service Automation are designed to help customers start and manage their private or hybrid cloud implementations. This session offers an overview of this comprehensive management solution, including HP Cloud Service Automation for heterogeneous clouds. This tool delivers the management and governance capabilities you need for building and operating a successful private cloud.
  • Get cost visibility and chargeback for your Cloud services Recorded: Mar 11 2014 36 mins
    In this Web Event we will share three business use cases for a chargeback solution for situations like:

    • The end user which uses private or hybrid service and needs to know their Cloud costs as well as the consumption
    • A budget/department manager who needs to closely monitor their staff Cloud services and costs
    • An IT Cloud service architect who needs to monitor demand and costs in order to suggest price changes or introduce new services

    We will show how chargeback and show back help recover costs for IT resources, how role-based control drives cost transparency and how this simple solution is key to chargeback success and buy-in from business users and IT administrators.
  • Forrester Research: Top Trends for Private Cloud Computing Recorded: Feb 27 2014 66 mins
    Over half of North American and European enterprises are prioritizing building a private cloud in 2014. The private cloud market is rapidly evolving, making it challenging to understand key trends, market adoption, areas where private cloud solutions will develop, and which criteria you should consider when evaluating vendors. Forrester Research recently published a report, The Forrester Wave™: Private Cloud Solutions, Q4 2013, which highlights their investigation in the private cloud landscape.

    Register for this webinar featuring our guest, Forrester analyst Lauren Nelson, and learn some of the key findings of the report which include:
    • Key development trends in the private cloud market
    • Market data on private cloud adoption
    • Forrester’s methodology for evaluating private cloud solution providers
  • Don’t acquire and abandon – ensure you are using those licenses! Recorded: Feb 25 2014 43 mins
    You’ve spent a lot of money and time purchasing and implementing software that’s expected to solve critical business problems and make your business more competitive. Make sure you do not lose all that value by being out of compliance or overspent. And no, it’s not easier said than done…

    Join this web event to hear how SAP optimizes Software Asset Management with best practices, tools and powerful employee responsibility initiatives. You will learn how SAP rationalized the use of software assets and licenses, reduced expenses and demonstrated to the auditors that their compliance methods are serious and trustworthy. We will also demonstrate the HP Software Asset Management solution.
  • Move beyond the fire-fighting with predictive service operations Recorded: Feb 20 2014 41 mins
    Many IT Operations teams are trying to cope with the increasing complexity of their environment but are struggling to move beyond the perpetual “fire-fighting” mode of operation. Transforming IT Operations from reactive to predictive is a challenging journey. But staying on track is much easier when you can follow a well-travelled path.

    HP Software Professional Services has been at the epicenter of the IT Operations environment and learned the best ways to transform service management across the organization. We’ll share our Business Service Management (BSM) maturity model and how it can help you evolve your IT operations from reactive to predictive management. In this session you will find out:

    • What the BSM maturity model is
    • How to tell where you are and w hat new capabilities you need in order to increase your maturity
    • How you can use a maturity-based approach to manage business services
  • Orchestrate your IT Processes with HP Operations Orchestration Recorded: Feb 12 2014 39 mins
    This session is about automated Service Request Fulfillment and the story of seamless user onboarding. The experts will share how you can move to the next level of automation maturity by using HP Operations Orchestration software. This solution will allow you to automate IT processes such as self-service IT support, and incident and event management, as well as the integration of help desk and monitoring services.
  • Solving the complexity of managing availability in diverse environments Recorded: Feb 11 2014 37 mins
    Today’s application environments are heterogeneous and complex in nature. Business Services often stretch across a tangled web of application software and infrastructure that spans physical and virtual systems in traditional data center and cloud environments. Managing the availability of these highly distributed environments can be complex, but HP Software can help! Come and hear how HP SiteScope and HP vPV can be used together to quickly and easily gain visibility into your heterogeneous application environments.
  • Managing vendor sprawl: How SIAM can help you gain control Recorded: Feb 5 2014 42 mins
    Multi-sourcing is vital to delivering the right services at the right time for the right price. But cloud has enabled lines of business to bypass the IT department and aggressively source their own services. For IT organizations, this shift results in diminishing supply chain control and higher overall IT service costs. Then there are questions over governance and compliance.

    Attend this web event as market researchers Frost & Sullivan show you how your company can apply a Service Integration and Management (SIAM) approach to help IT regain control over supplier sprawl without losing flexibility.

    Topics covered will include:
    • How the cloud is accelerating the multi-vendor environment
    • Challenges to delivering services in a hybrid delivery world
    • Applying a SIAM model to transform IT into a service brokerage
    • How to get started
Helping IT Organizations Perform Better
Join this channel to get insights into ways to simplify the complex needs of your IT business, reduce complexity and risk in your IT environment, gain understanding of how to successfully transition to the cloud and becoming more agile while reducing cost. You will hear from product experts, industry analysts, and customers as they discuss their experiences as well as their best practices. More HP Operations Management solutions information at
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  • Title: Three ways service management can connect the business with IT
  • Live at: Jan 22 2014 6:00 pm
  • Presented by: Mary Rasmussen, Sr Product Marketing Manager, Tina Sturgis, Sr Product Marketing Manager, HP ART and Education, HP Software
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