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Operations Agility Achieved Through Automation in Financial Services

Join Scott Caudell, CTO of IDC 7ticks and Andrew Bach, Juniper’s Chief Architect for Financial Services to learn how automation within the network boosts competitive advantage.

Discover how IDC 7ticks is utilizing automation to scale their business and speed deployment of new services and applications. We will also cover:

- Automating service management at IDC
- SDN as a key component of automation as servers and networks merge
- How automation at IDC has reduced costs and minimized human intervention

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Recorded Sep 25 2014 24 mins
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Presented by
Scott Caudell, CTO of IDC 7ticks & Andrew Bach, Chief Architect for Financial Services, Juniper Networks
Presentation preview: Operations Agility Achieved Through Automation in Financial Services

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  • Working with Data Centers Recorded: Jun 3 2015 2 mins
    David Anteliz, Juniper Program Manager, Netrix LLC
    David Anteliz, Juniper Program Manager discusses the various aspects of data centers in this first of three tech minute videos. Topics covered will be SaaS, IaaS, software-defined networking (SDN) and automation. Subscribe now to watch all three!
  • Protecting School Districts from DDoS Attacks Recorded: Oct 1 2014 46 mins
    Gavin Lee, Director Business Development & Rajoo Nagar, Senior Manager, Security Product Marketing, Juniper Networks
    Many school districts are preparing to make shifts to some type of digital learning model and many are adopting the use of online assessments. The growing frequency and sophistication of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks pose a major threat and school districts that are increasingly being targeted. This can and does cause major disruption in conducting day-to-day digital learning and to the availability of online assessment tools.
    School districts can prepare for potential DDoS attacks. In this webinar, attendees will learn:

    • about the fast-evolving DDoS threats impacting school districts
    • why school districts should consider a hybrid DDoS protection solution approach to effectively combat the growing diversity of DDoS attacks
    • how the solution’s multilayered approach to DDoS mitigation can help protect networks and applications from attacks that exceed the district’s network capacity
  • Operations Agility Achieved Through Automation in Financial Services Recorded: Sep 25 2014 24 mins
    Scott Caudell, CTO of IDC 7ticks & Andrew Bach, Chief Architect for Financial Services, Juniper Networks
    Join Scott Caudell, CTO of IDC 7ticks and Andrew Bach, Juniper’s Chief Architect for Financial Services to learn how automation within the network boosts competitive advantage.

    Discover how IDC 7ticks is utilizing automation to scale their business and speed deployment of new services and applications. We will also cover:

    - Automating service management at IDC
    - SDN as a key component of automation as servers and networks merge
    - How automation at IDC has reduced costs and minimized human intervention

    Register today
  • Protecting Schools with Next Generation Firewall Recorded: Sep 24 2014 49 mins
    Gavin Lee, Director Business Development & Brad Woodberg, Security Evangelist, Juniper Networks
    Digital learning is poised to transform K-12 Education. Enhancing student on-line engagement will drive significant data traffic growth from digital content, education applications, online assessments, virtual and blended learning. To support these transformations, school districts need more control over the applications and traffic on their networks to simultaneously protect their assets against attacks and manage bandwidth usage. Digital learning is pushing school districts to seek out efficient security solutions that offer better protection and more control over their environment. This is where Next Generation Firewalls (NGFWs) can help.

    In this webinar, attendees will learn how NGFWs can:
    • Control what applications are allowed on school networks, and how to restrict those that are not.
    • Make sure network traffic is prioritizing school district-critical operations.
    • Provide content and web filtering to support CIPA compliance.
    • Provide stronger security without compromising the school district’s operational efficiency.
  • Evolving Trends in High Performance Financial Services Infrastructure Recorded: Aug 20 2014 33 mins
    Andrew Bach, Chief Architect, Financial Services, Juniper Networks
    Join us to discover the high performance network infrastructure that is delivering competitive advantage to financial services organizations.
    In this first webinar of our series covering the key areas of virtualization, automation and security, Juniper’s Financial Services Chief Architect, Andrew Bach, will discuss:

    • IT challenges in the industry
    • The benefits of a high performance network infrastructure
    • New technologies to reduce latency and cost

    To find out how a simple, automated network can facilitate the virtualization and security required to boost competitive advantage, be sure to join the webinar.
  • Building the Right Switching Architecture for New Business-critical Applications Recorded: May 21 2014 36 mins
    Michael Leonard, Senior Technical Marketing Manager, Juniper Networks
    In business today, it’s all about the applications. Cloud, mobility, big data, and social media have changed applications in the business world, and they are ever more critical to delivering business outcomes. Are you confident that you have the right data center network to support your new business applications? This webinar will examine the network from the point of view of the application:

    • Does it deliver the right performance?
    • Is it reliable to ensure the uptime you need?
    • Is it easy to scale as your needs grow?
    • Is it easy to manage when you need to make changes?

    In this webinar, we will discuss switching architectures, including Juniper’s Virtual Chassis Fabric, to meet these requirements and support your business outcomes.
  • Meet Escalating Business Demands with an Always ON Enterprise Recorded: Mar 18 2014 45 mins
    Rohit Mehra, Vice President of Network Infrastructure, IDC & Tina Herrera, Director of Marketing, Juniper Networks
    Your business never stops. Neither should your network. Learn how an always-on, always-available enterprise provides users with complete access to business-critical applications such as unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) anytime, anywhere, from any device.

    In fact, UC&C is a key driver of business transformation. As your organization grows, evolves and competes, seamless global communications are a must. In this session, industry experts will reveal what is driving network change and share what’s needed to enable a quality UC&C experience. Learn how Juniper Networks ON Enterprise solutions can keep your business connected and reduce operational complexity while achieving the best ROI for your UC&C investments.
  • Optimize Microsoft Lync Performance with Juniper Networks & Netrix LLC Recorded: Feb 4 2014 43 mins
    Tim McCarthy, Juniper Networks & Samir Patel, Netrix LLC
    You’ve decided to implement unified communications in your business and are mandated to deliver a flawless user experience. Phone services and chat collaboration technologies are critical to supporting your customers and conducting day-to-day business—dropped calls and missed messages can mean lost business. Have you architected your network to meet the rigid performance demands to deliver uninterrupted services? Join this session to learn about top technical considerations for your network when deploying unified communications.
    Register now to attend!
  • Key Success Factors for Delivering Unified Communications in Your Enterprise Recorded: Dec 10 2013 49 mins
    Gary Clark - Juniper Networks, David Grider - Microsoft, Tina Herrera - Juniper Networks
    Unified Communications and Collaborations (UCC) tools are revolutionizing the Enterprise. These tools enable greater connectivity among employees, customers and partners, while increasing efficiency and productivity and lowering costs. As a leading provider of unified communications Microsoft’s David Grider, Lync Technology Specialist, will share some of the trends he sees in UCC, discuss why enterprises are moving to unified communications technologies and the benefits for deploying these game-changing enterprise tools.

    Additionally, as organizations plan for UCC as a means for increasing productivity and collaboration there are numerous networking requirements to consider as well. Gary Clark, IT CTO and VP of Technology Services at Juniper Networks will share details of Juniper’s recent worldwide deployment of Microsoft Lync. He will discuss considerations for deploying cloud-based collaboration tools across a global enterprise—and how a well-designed wired and wireless infrastructure provides the critical foundation that ensures an exceptional user experience.
  • A Day In The Life Of A Mobile Clinician Recorded: Dec 3 2013 59 mins
    Jen Pulsifer, Healthcare Industry Principal and Director of Business Development, Juniper Networks
    Today’s Health IT leaders face a difficult task in handling mobile device security and policy compliance, particularly given the mobile transformation happening in healthcare today. Driven in part by the adoption of new care models like remote patient monitoring and telemedicine, and the Bring Your Own Device, or BYOD trend, the consumerization of IT is driving end-user demand for ubiquitous access – to networks, to clouds, to applications, to everything – from any device, anywhere at any time.

    In this webinar, we will highlight the challenges of mobile device security, management and policy today. We will consider the issues faced by Health IT teams when managing different operating systems across a myriad of devices, some of which are user-owned. Finally we’ll look at how Juniper Networks solutions address a broad spectrum of security and end-user experience issues, as we walk through a day in the life of a mobile clinician. Register now to attend!
  • Next-Generation Application Security for Today’s Modern Data Center Recorded: Nov 20 2013 60 mins
    Christian A. Christiansen, IDC and David Koretz, Juniper Networks
    Cyber attacks are on the rise. Particularly those aimed at Web applications and servers, which deal in high-value traffic and typically reside in data centers.

    Application-level DDoS attacks are exhausting data center infrastructure and hacking is exploiting vulnerabilities in the Web layer. Data centers are the victims of the outside-in threat and it’s only going to get worse. While signature-based solutions prevent from known attacks, detecting and mitigating unknown attacks requires a different approach.

    In this live webinar featuring speakers from IDC and Juniper Networks, you’ll learn:

    • New techniques for detecting and mitigating the outside-in threat
    • Why it’s vital to globally share data about attackers
    • How deception can be used to detect and block unknown and zero-day attacks
    • The difference between protecting the data center and campus edge—and the different security tools for each

    Register now! Post event, attendees will receive a copy of the just-published IDC white paper, Unique Security Challenges in the Data Center Demand Innovative Solutions.
  • Smarter Security in Healthcare: Beating Back Bad Actors and Data Breach Mishaps Recorded: Nov 5 2013 63 mins
    Health Security Solutions & Juniper Networks
    Meaningful Use incentive programs. New HIPAA regulatory measures. Medical data explosion. Mobile health demands.

    Numerous factors are driving healthcare organizations to control who’s allowed to access the healthcare network and what resources –applications, data, patient records - they’re entitled to view or edit.

    But consider this: A doctor, who inadvertently picked up malicious code during a telemedicine event, can infect your entire network. A disgruntled employee can exfiltrate patient records. And cyber criminals are always looking for ways to steal and sell your valuable data.

    Is your network designed to identify the suspicious traffic and/or anomalous behavior to a specific user or device? Can your organization afford the painful penalties under the final HIPAA/HITECH omnibus rule due to a security breach?

    What happens next depends on the policies and controls you have in place to restrict and protect your assets and data from the vulnerabilities that openness and user mobility bring. Not to mention, the controls you need simply to comply with industry and government regulations.

    Take some time to join us for this free webinar. You’ll hear from Steve Spearman, HIPAA regulation specialist who will guide you through the in’s and out’s of the newly-announced Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. We’ll also provide an overview of Juniper’s network security portfolio, designed to help ensure secure, consistent access to data while reducing your risk associated with HIPAA and Meaningful Use mandates.
  • Securing the Digital Education Asset Recorded: Sep 24 2013 32 mins
    Oliver Schuermann, Juniper Networks Government, Education and Emerging Solutions
    Whether you’re securing your “campus and branch” configuration from outside –in traffic or your data center environment where critical applications reside, Education institutions are challenged now more than ever to update traditional security deployments to keep pace with the evolving demands on the network.

    Join Juniper Networks for a webinar on Securing the Digital Education Asset where we’ll discuss how to ensure your assets are protected and your users are getting the quality experience you intend to deliver.

    Register now to attend!
  • Technology Trends in Higher Education Recorded: Sep 19 2013 39 mins
    Oliver Schuermann, Juniper Networks Government, Education and Emerging Solutions
    Technology has become a major game changer in the higher education space; from general connectivity to the overall digital learning experience. This is giving some universities the edge, and leaving some behind.

    Join Juniper Networks for a discussion on Technology Trends in Higher Education to learn how Juniper can help you find your edge.

    Register to attend today!
  • Converged Access for a More Agile Enterprise Recorded: Sep 17 2013 58 mins
    Rohit Mehra, IDC and Tina Herrera, Juniper Networks, Inc.
    A new trend is making its way through the enterprise: converged user access across wired and wireless networks. Converged access is seen as a way to improve network performance, simplify network management and reduce maintenance costs. It promises to bring order to chaotic BYOD programs, benefiting both enterprises and the workforce.

    Join IDC’s Rohit Mehra and Juniper Network’s Tina Herrera by tuning into Converged Access for a More Agile Enterprise. You’ll learn about wired and wireless access convergence, its implications and benefits and, most important, the best ways to get there.

    Register now to attend this important webinar!
  • Simplify Health IT: Maximizing a Lean IT Staff Recorded: Sep 5 2013 54 mins
    Griff Law, Northeast Georgia Health System & Ryan Witt, Juniper Networks
    Healthcare organizations today recognize that IT plays a critical role in enabling better overall patient care. The recent focus on key application investments to meet meaningful use mandates (EMR, PACs, CPOE, etc) is putting added pressure on hospital networks. Legacy networks and quick band-aid fixes are incapable of satisfying new demands from users and data centers.

    Join Juniper Networks and special guest, Griff Law, Chief Technology Officer from Northeast Georgia Health System for a discussion on why a successful network refresh can be a quick win for healthcare IT organizations and lay the groundwork for better business, clinical, and IT alignment.

    We’ll hear firsthand how their previous infrastructure design and their current strategy for a simplified network translated to a more easily managed architecture and enhanced performance to help better support clinical decisions.
  • Defend By Deception: Junos Web App Secure and Spotlight Overview & LIVE Demo Recorded: Jun 27 2013 70 mins
    Pete McMullen & Keir Asher
    Did you know that the majority of all web attacks occur at the website or web application layer? Can you see attackers threatening your public web applications right now?
    Join Juniper security experts, Pete McMullen & Keir Asher for a 60 minute Junos WebApp Secure (JWAS) overview and live demo to learn how Juniper can protect your web assets from the largest Internet security threats known!
  • Mission-Critical WLAN in Higher Education: Designing It Right Recorded: Jun 25 2013 63 mins
    Sean Stanton
    Please join Juniper Networks for a 60 minute webcast to hear from one of our top Wireless LAN experts. We’ll walk through everything you need to know about designing or updating your campus network to scale and support the emerging trends specific to Higher-Education.

    We’ll discuss the impact of exponential growth & device proliferation on the campus network, solving the issues around “high density”, how to optimize your network for 5Ghz and more!
  • Mission-Critical WLAN in K-12: Designing It Right Recorded: Jun 20 2013 61 mins
    Sean Stanton
    In this webinar we will discuss everything you need to know about designing new or upgrading your campus network to scale and support the emerging trends specific to K-12 including BYOD, rapid growth and device proliferation and how to optimize your network for 5Ghz. No matter whether you have a BYOD or 1:1 initiative, this webinar is for you!
  • Building the Underlying Infrastructure of a State-of-the-Art Children’s Hospital Recorded: Jun 13 2013 54 mins
    Ron Isbell, Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago I David Anteliz, MST I Jen Pulsifer, Juniper Networks
    Why does networking matter in healthcare? Not missing a beat on a mission critical network of a Children’s hospital is why. Delivering 100% uptime to support life-critical medical systems is why.

    A hospital’s network is the backbone of its infrastructure. The new network enables caregiver mobility, connects the care ecosystem comprised of people and machines, and provides a platform for new care models, all while robustly safeguarding sensitive patient and medical data. Hospitals can run existing and future clinical applications to provide outstanding patient care and to optimize the clinician experience. This is exactly what a new state-of-the art 23-story Children’s hospital considered while building their new infrastructure. Join us as we discuss how a top Children’s hospital is leveraging this state-of-the-art network to improve patient outcomes, improved access to care, and reduce costs.

    During this webinar, you’ll learn:

    - How a top Children’s hospital is leveraging a state-of-the-art network to improve patient outcomes, improve access to care and reduce costs

    - Drivers behind infrastructure choices during the build of a new state-of-the-art 23-story hospital

    - Why networking matters in Healthcare

    Featured Speakers:

    Ron Isbell
    Assistant Director Network Infrastructure, Data Security & User Access
    Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago

    David Anteliz
    Director of Network Architecture
    Maron Structure Technologies

    Jen Pulsifer
    Director, Healthcare Industry Principal
    Juniper Networks

    Mike Miliard
    Managing Editor
    Healthcare IT News, published in partnership with HIMSS
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  • Title: Operations Agility Achieved Through Automation in Financial Services
  • Live at: Sep 25 2014 4:00 pm
  • Presented by: Scott Caudell, CTO of IDC 7ticks & Andrew Bach, Chief Architect for Financial Services, Juniper Networks
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