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BYOD Challenges, Recommendations & Best Practices from Box

85% of enterprises permit BYOD, but only 25-30% of them actually have policies and technology to manage these devices. What is your business doing to ensure that the content on that device stays secure, regardless of what device your employees are using? If you are considering moving to a BYOD strategy or are in the midst of doing so, join this webinar to learn how to develop and execute a BYOD plan in your company. We'll talk about major challenges from creating a BYOD strategy and best practices from ensuring that the content on your device stays secure with Box.
Recorded Apr 24 2014 40 mins
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Presented by
Karishma Kothari, Box; Vish Mittapalli, Box
Presentation preview: BYOD Challenges, Recommendations & Best Practices from Box

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  • The Simple, Smart Way to Move to the Cloud with Box Recorded: Mar 24 2017 51 mins
    Aaron Kramer, Head of Consulting, Box; Greg Cannan, Divisional Informational Officer, Toyota USA​
    Considering the move to cloud but facing challenges getting there?

    Companies of all sizes and in all industries have recognized the productivity gains and cost benefits of moving to the cloud, but many often end up inadvertently using migration methods that are inefficient and insecure. After all, moving massive amounts of sensitive data to the cloud isn't a simple undertaking!

    At Box, we believe businesses across the globe should be able to make a smooth and seamless transition to the cloud so they can start reaping its benefits faster. That's why we're excited to announce a new service called Box Shuttle: the simple, smart way to migrate large amounts of content to Box.

    Watch now to learn about how our content migration services can help you move to Box.

    - Justify the investment – and return on investment – of content management in the cloud
    - Learn how Box can help you do the heavy lifting with customizable migration service offerings
    - Hear how Toyota moved hundreds of millions of files to Box and got up and running in a week

    It's your move. Register now for the webinar to learn how Box can help you accelerate your shift to the cloud.
  • The Next Wave of Content Management Recorded: Mar 24 2017 49 mins
    Cheryl McKinnon, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research; Rand Wacker, VP of Enterprise Product Management, Box
    You're now thinking about moving your content management to the cloud, and the tools you need are finally here. Jumpstart the transition by joining this conversation with Forrester's Principal Analyst, Cheryl McKinnon and Box's VP of Enterprise Product Management, Rand Wacker where they'll cover the changing ECM landscape and reveal exclusive trends in the space.

    Plus, you'll hear from Box on how it offers a simple, modern approach to content management, bringing you the key capabilities from your legacy ECM system without compromising user experience or security.

    Join this webinar to hear about:
    - The recent evolution of the ECM landscape
    - The future of ECM and how to implement successful change management
    - Box's modern approach to content management and what it means for the enterprise
  • Secure client data. Own your encryption in the cloud. Recorded: Mar 7 2017 37 mins
    Joel de la Garza, Chief Security Officer, Box; Raja Balakrishnan, Sr. Product Manager, Enterprise Security, Box
    To stay ahead of the competition, wealth managers and investors need to present clients with the most up-to-date investment strategies and quickly review research and prospectuses among colleagues, all while working from anywhere on any device.

    Learn how financial firms have successfully balanced the need for frictionless collaboration with their security, governance, and compliance needs - and, as a result, been able to be more productive and win more business.

    In this webinar, you'll hear from our Chief Security Officer, Joel de la Garza and our Sr. Product Manager, Raja Balakrishnan on:
    - How financial firms leverage collaboration tools to share content internally and externally
    - How to meet the strictest security requirements of the financial services industry
    - How encryption, retention, and legal holds options ensure additional security and compliance of cloud content
  • How to Build Content Applications with Box Platform Recorded: Feb 15 2017 54 mins
    Mike Schwartz, Product Marketing, Box Platform , Box
    Box Platform helps businesses of all sizes build applications centered around content. From sharing financial documents with clients to collaborating on construction plans with dozens of stakeholders, digital has enabled new ways of doing business.

    In this webinar, Mike Schwartz, Product Marketing Manager, will provide a brief overview of the features and capabilities of Box Platform, dive into usage patterns and use cases for our APIs, and walk through a sample application powered by Box Platform APIs. We'll also showcase some of the tools available for learning and developing with our APIs.

    Discover how easy it is to build the next wave of content applications in the cloud with Box Platform. Register Now!
  • Box Platform Pioneers - How Early Adopters Are Using Box Platform Recorded: Jan 18 2017 41 mins
    Dominic Grillo, Platform Solutions Engineer, Box Platform; Mike Schwartz, Product Marketing, Box Platform
    Businesses of all sizes use Box Platform to extend Box's secure sharing and collaboration capabilities to their customers, building entirely new digital experiences with content. From AEC to legal to financial services, Box Platform's APIs are used to build modern content applications in all sorts of industries.

    In this webinar, Dom Grillo, Platform Solution Engineering Lead, sits down with Mike Schwartz, Product Marketing Manager, to discuss some of the incredible examples of how customers are using Box Platform in their apps. You'll hear real customer examples, demoed live on stage at BoxWorks, and some best practices for integrating Box Platform into your apps.

    What you'll learn:
    - Real stories of how customers building new digital experiences with content
    - Why development teams are choosing Box Platform to deliver secure sharing, content management and collaboration within their app experiences vs. building from scratch
    - Best practices for integrating Box Platform's APIs to build modern content applications
  • BYOD Challenges, Recommendations & Best Practices from Box Recorded: Apr 24 2014 40 mins
    Karishma Kothari, Box; Vish Mittapalli, Box
    85% of enterprises permit BYOD, but only 25-30% of them actually have policies and technology to manage these devices. What is your business doing to ensure that the content on that device stays secure, regardless of what device your employees are using? If you are considering moving to a BYOD strategy or are in the midst of doing so, join this webinar to learn how to develop and execute a BYOD plan in your company. We'll talk about major challenges from creating a BYOD strategy and best practices from ensuring that the content on your device stays secure with Box.
  • Box Live: Learn the Basics (EMEA region) Recorded: Apr 24 2014 47 mins
    John Barber, EMEA Sr. Sales Engineer, Box; Tim Stone, EMEA Sr. Sales Engineer, Box
    Join this interactive session to get to know Box and how it could benefit your organisation.
  • The New IT - How the World of Work is Changing and What IT Needs to Do to Adapt Recorded: Apr 23 2014 60 mins
    Jacob Morgan, Co-Founder Chess Media Group; Ben Haines, VP/CIO, Box; David Baker, CSO, Okta
    The future of work sees changes to how employees work, how managers lead, and how organizations are structured. However, technology still remains the central nervous system of organizations and things like enables flexible work, collaboration, communication, and BYOD. In short, IT helps organizations be competitive. But how is IT changing in the context of new work behaviors and expectations, a multi-generational workforce, the cloud, globalization, and many of the other trends that are shaping the world of work? Join us in this session as a panel of experts debates and explores how IT is changing and what the future of IT looks like.
  • Work Together Even When You're Not Together! Collaborate in the Cloud Recorded: Apr 23 2014 48 mins
    Tracy Strauss, Cornerstone OnDemand; Neda Navab, Box; Rick Siegfried, Marketo
    Collaboration is crucial when it comes to your marketing team. No matter if you're based locally or globally, the concept of work and the way we interact is completely changing. With smartphones and tablets taking over our lives, efficient collaboration, coordination, and consistency around marketing campaigns and messaging can be challenging when running a marketing organization.

    Join this webinar to discover:

    - The latest and greatest in marketing automation and file sharing platforms
    - Content collaboration tools that save time and keep branding consistent between teams
    - How centralizing assets can ease global content translation and localization
    - Real-time content and campaign sharing that can spark new ideas and educate your organization
  • Launching a Marketing Campaign from Start to Finish in Box Recorded: Apr 22 2014 55 mins
    Amanda Brophy (Box), Joseph Moran (CRM Technology Manager, Fathom), Jenni Ramminger (Director of Marketing, Fathom)
    Collaboration, coordination, and consistency around marketing campaigns and messaging can be challenging when running a global marketing organization. Without the ability to store, share, and monitor your campaigns and content on a common platform, marketers struggle with communicating across the silos of their company. The potential result of this disconnect can range from wasted content to inconsistent messaging.

    Join this webinar with Fathom, a top digital marketing agency, to learn how their marketing team works together with Box to save time, keep branding consistent, and increase efficiency.
  • Box Live: Learn the Basics (EMEA region) Recorded: Apr 10 2014 36 mins
    John Barber, EMEA Sr. Sales Engineer, Box; Tim Stone, EMEA Sr. Sales Engineer, Box
    Join this interactive session to get to know Box and how it could benefit your organisation.
  • Box & Okta: Solving Mobility and Security Challenges in a Cloud World (EMEA) Recorded: Apr 9 2014 52 mins
    Chris England, EMEA Marketing & Business Development Director, Okta - Pedro Pinto, EMEA Sr. Sales Engineer, Box
    Many companies heavily depend on the ability for their employees to conduct business on both personal and corporate mobile devices - using tools that are as simple and flexible as the consumer products they use in their everyday lives. With over 35% of SaaS applications being purchased without CIO/CEO knowledge there is a measurable concern over the potential of significant security breaches.

    Join Box & Okta, leaders in cloud mobility & security, who will discuss, and demonstrate live, how your organization can not only protect itself from security risks when adopting cloud solutions, but also reduce the complexity over typical solutions like AD FS that have many hidden costs and complexities.
  • Intro to Box Recorded: Apr 9 2014 29 mins
    Join us for our Intro to Box series, a monthly discussion of the latest in the world of enterprise IT, content collaboration, cloud technology, and Box. We'll cover an overview of Box, how businesses like yours are changing the way they work with Box and other cloud technologies, and walk through a demo of the latest and greatest in the product. The sessions will be led by Box product experts, and you might even get a guest appearance from one of our fearless leaders.
  • 5 Steps to Moving to Cloud Nine Recorded: Mar 26 2014 59 mins
    Dan O'Leary, Solutions Architect, Box and Grant Shirk, Enterprise Product Marketing
    Still using a file server to share documents? What about that FTP? Emailing large attachments which get stuck in your inbox? The move to cloud computing allows businesses to access information , applications and content from anywhere, anytime on any device. As individuals have demanded the need to have the same ease of use in their enterprise grade applications as in consumer applications, the move to cloud has accelerated product adoption, lowered costs and increased productivity. Learn about various companies who moved to the cloud with Box, best practices and how to easily share without on-premise technology.
  • E-Discovery For The New Enterprise Cloud World Recorded: Mar 26 2014 32 mins
    Weisen Li, Sr. Business Development Manager, Box; Roger Angarita, Sr. Product Management, Guidance Software
    Corporations around the globe are adopting cloud solutions as a secure way to store and share information. At the same time, their legal and IT departments are challenged to develop a comprehensive e-discovery strategy for ongoing litigation, arbitration, and internal regulatory investigations.

    In this one-hour webinar, Guidance Software and Box® team up to present the integration that enables streamlined, defensible discovery of ESI stored on Box with EnCase® eDiscovery. The webinar will cover:

    -Goals and requirements for secure cloud storage
    -Complexities associated with e-discovery collection from the cloud
    -How to deploy an EnCase eDiscovery/Box integrated solution
    -A case study on an organizations currently using this integrated solution
  • Time for a New Security Model Recorded: Mar 20 2014 53 mins
    Justin Somaini, Chief Trust Officer, Box
    Justin Somaini, Chief Trust Officer for Box runs through tried and true best practices for building out a security strategy that keeps your sensitive data safe in a cloud environment.

    Justin will discuss the challenges organizations face with distributive computing along with the benefits of centralization and how your organization can implement security practices that keep information secure without compromising efficiency or productivity. He will also run through how Box secures it's content and what you can do today to make sure your organization is staying safe and compliant in the cloud.
  • Box & Okta: Identity Management in a Cloud & Mobile World Feat. Loudhouse (EMEA) Recorded: Mar 12 2014 57 mins
    Chris England, Okta - Gavin Simpson, Box - Billy Hamilton-Stent: Managing Director, Loudhouse Consultancy
    Cloud proliferation is getting IT decision makers to think about identity management in different ways. A new, independent research from Loudhouse - commissioned by Okta - identifies some of the key challenges and opportunities faced by businesses that wish to quickly overcome cloud growing pains. The business benefits of cloud services are widely understood, but the realities of securing the cloud without compromise are only now surfacing as IT structures and organisational behaviours change.

    Join this session to hear about the report, our speakers' views of cloud adoption and challenges as well as answer all of your questions.
  • The Next Frontier for the Mobile Enterprise Recorded: Feb 26 2014 47 mins
    John Barber, EMEA Senior Sales Engineer, Box
    Did you know that more than 1.5Bn mobile devices will be shipped in 2016? These devices are more powerful than ever, empowering users to access, share, and collaborate on information in new ways that we never thought possible.

    Join us as we explore current trends in enterprise mobility and how to get ahead of the explosion in devices that will soon hit your company.
  • Jive + Box: Better Together at Nuance Communications Recorded: Feb 11 2014 43 mins
    Jive, Box, Kim Nelson (Nuance Communications)
    Learn how to drive collaboration, employee alignment, and innovation at your company. In this webcast, you will hear from Nuance Communications, who designs intelligent systems for people and businesses around the globe, on how their Jive powered social intranet called “The Voice” is not only mission critical for the business to meet those same organizational challenges, but also vital for their business to support and encourage collaboration and innovation.

    In this session you will learn:
    - How Nuance is using the Jive cloud features like external groups to work in shared spaces with outside collaborators…
    - How you can leverage Box for Jive to provide an even richer level of interaction, by seamlessly integrating Box content into Jive and connecting all the people, information and tools you need…
    - Key learnings that you can take back to your organization to further the discussion of how your business can gain from social business collaboration with the integration of Jive and Box...

    ...All of which to get work done faster and better to drive measurable results. Let's go ahead and get started.
  • Innovative Use Cases: Box Healthcare and Partner Companies - Storing PHI in Box Recorded: Feb 4 2014 64 mins
    Missy Krasner (Box), Daniel Bishop (Qualaris), Mayank Thanawala (HealthLoop), Matt Williamson (Accesa Labs)
    Come hear how Box is partnering with disruptive companies to streamline workflow in patient safety, care coordination and the delivery of patient lab results. Hear from three different Box customers/partners who have innovative use cases around storing protected health information (PHI) and other patient-related data in the cloud.

    Featured Speakers:
    Missy Krasner, Managing Director, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Box - Moderator
    Box currently supports over 200 thousand businesses and is a leading provider of HIPAA-compliant cloud storage and content collaboration. Box serves hospitals, integrated delivery networks (IDNs), health insurance plans, and pharmaceutical and medical device companies. An open platform, Box has integrated with over 800 apps on its One Cloud Platform and has started integrating with various healthcare software applications.

    Matt Williamson, CEO and Co-Founder, Accesa Labs
    Accesa Labs provides better and more affordable access to medical lab testing through an e-commerce platform that offers lab testing through six laboratory companies. Patients can research, order and pay for medical lab tests directly online. All e-requisitions and lab results are delivered directly to the patient in a secure manner using Box.

    Mayank Thanawala, VP of Engineering, HealthLoop
    HealthLoop, a cloud-based patient engagement platform, offers automated follow up care for patients between doctor visits. Healthloop is working with Box to share patient data with their health plan partners for better analysis around patient outcomes.

    Daniel Bishop, Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Officer, Qualaris
    Qualaris Healthcare Solutions, a leader in patient safety software and mobility, is working with Box to streamline hospital patient safety audits and reporting, allowing teams to securely share reports and implementation tasks across their organization.
Enterprise Cloud Content Collaboration
Learn best practices for enterprise cloud content collaboration, IT security, and more.

Box was founded on a simple, powerful idea: people should be able to access and share their content from anywhere. Since 2005, Box has helped more than 14 million individuals, small businesses and Fortune 500 companies do just that. We want to reinvent what businesses can do with their content through Box's content sharing platform, made for a new kind of worker, a new kind of workplace and a new kind of IT. Learn more at www.box.com.

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  • Title: BYOD Challenges, Recommendations & Best Practices from Box
  • Live at: Apr 24 2014 3:00 pm
  • Presented by: Karishma Kothari, Box; Vish Mittapalli, Box
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