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Using Box and Microsoft Office 365 Together

Tens of thousands of businesses running Office 365 choose Box over OneDrive and SharePoint so they can improve user and IT productivity, improve content security and protection, and reduce infrastructure costs. See a demo and learn why Box and Office 365 make such a winning combination.
Recorded Feb 12 2019 13 mins
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Presented by
Rafael Perez, Senior Sales Engineer, Box
Presentation preview: Using Box and Microsoft Office 365 Together

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  • Tips and tricks for getting the most out of Box Recorded: Jan 6 2020 63 mins
    Murl Smith, Customer Education Specialist, Box
    In one quick session you'll learn how to:

    -Easily work together with your team or external agencies using the online workspaces and co-editing capabilities in Box
    -Get work done anytime, anywhere — whether from your desktop, on a flight, or with your phone or tablet
    -Take mundane, repetitive tasks and easily automate them using comments and tasks
  • Find your power in the cloud: Exploring content-centric business processes Recorded: Jan 3 2020 52 mins
    Rand Wacker, Head of Industry Solutions, Box
    More than 80% of business processes are still not digitized — but that's changing fast.

    Organizations are embracing new ways of working in a cloud environment, where content flows effortlessly between teams, partners, and customers.

    Watch this AIIM panel to see Lane Severson of Doculabs and Rand Wacker of Box talk best practices and tangible action items for:

    - Understanding your organizational process-related pain points
    - Pinpointing opportunities for new processes, procedures, and technology
    - Making your valuable information more accessible, automated, and intelligent

    We'll use real-world use cases to illustrate how businesses across industries are driving real business value with the cloud.
  • Simplifying eDiscovery for the extended enterprise Recorded: Jan 3 2020 31 mins
    Josh Rosenburg, Head of Governance Product Marketing, Box Brett Eckert, Solutions Consultant, Exterro
    eDiscovery has become exponentially more complex. Documents that were once stacked in boxes and filing cabinets or stored in on-premises servers are now scattered everywhere — across the cloud with partners, clients, contractors, and vendors. And that's making the discovery process a growing burden for organizations of every size. We want to change that.

    Box and Exterro have teamed up to bring you this webinar where you'll learn how to reduce the costs, risks, and headaches of eDiscovery by simplifying the process across the extended enterprise

    We'll cover:

    - Standardizing your process for preservation, collection, and legal review
    - Tying your eDiscovery strategy as closely as possible to the EDRM
    - Leveraging Box and Exterro to build a best-of-breed eDiscovery solution
  • Power external business processes with Box Platform Recorded: Jan 3 2020 439 mins
    Nikhil Gangaraju, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Box | Prasanna Selvaraj, Lead Sales Engineer, Box
    Today, teams collaborate across offices and borders with an entire ecosystem of vendors, partners, and contractors located around the globe.

    To keep this extended enterprise humming, you need tools that accelerate business processes by unleashing the flow of information across teams — without sacrificing security.

    Watch now to learn:

    - Learn how Box Platform simplifies development with modern content services and tools
    - View a demo of a supplier management application for vendors and partners, powered by Salesforce communities and Box Platform
    - See examples for customers that have successfully deployed custom solutions on Box

    We will also demo a custom solution: a portal for external partners built with Box Platform and Salesforce Communities.
  • Introduction to Box APIs Recorded: Jan 3 2020 54 mins
    Jonathan LeBlanc, Developer Advocacy, Box
    Watch this hands-on online workshop to get working knowledge of Box APIs and how you can use them to leverage Box's content management platform.

    In this online workshop, you'll come away with:

    - An overview of Box APIs with application use cases
    - Understanding application scopes, authorization and permission models
    - Setting up your application and making your first API call

    Whether you're new to Box or already use Box but are interested in learning how to build more with the Box platform, this session will give you the foundation.

    *To get the most out of this session please make sure to sign up for a free personal developer account by visiting developer.box.com
  • 5 Things you didn't know you could do with Box Recorded: Jan 3 2020 31 mins
    Murl Smith, Education Specialist, Box
    Going digital is no small task. You need tools that accelerate your business processes and make your teams happy, all while securing the flow of information across your organization.

    With Cloud Content Management from Box, you get a single, secure platform that enables you to streamline processes, deliver custom experiences to employees and customers, and properly govern your content in the cloud. Not only will you transform the way work gets done — you’ll gain insights about your content and provide a frictionless user experience for all.

    Watch this webinar to see not only how you can transform the way work gets done — you’ll gain insights about your content and provide a frictionless user experience for all.

    - Build workflows that streamline your critical, often time-consuming tasks
    - Bring all your cloud files together on your desktop — without taking up much hard drive space
    - Power seamless collaboration with real-time note taking for teams
    - Bring the power of AI to all your content to extract insights from your data at scale
    - Centralize all your content to have a single source of truth
  • Simplifying workflow: Announcing the all-new Box Relay Recorded: Jan 3 2020 27 mins
    Jeetu Patel, Chief Product Officer, Box
    Business Processes Management (BPM) and workflow tools have existed for decades, but the shift to digital business has created a pivotal moment for companies to simplify workflow automation for end users.

    Watch as Chief Product Officer Jeetu Patel unveils the new Box Relay with features that will simplify the process of automating content-centric business processes:

    - Find out how no-code automation can fast-forward your digital strategies
    - Learn about Box's new workflow enhancements and features
    - See first-hand how Box is democratizing workflow to streamline processes across your business

    Over 70% of the Fortune 500 companies rely on Box for Cloud Content Management. Now Box is bringing the same secure, simple approach to content-driven processes so you can simplify workflows, address a wide range of processes, and track your progress.
  • Fast tracking digital transformation for sales Recorded: Jan 3 2020 32 mins
    Hillary Do, Product Marketing Manager, Box
    Why did over half of all sales reps miss their quota last year?

    Turns out sales has become more complex and more competitive. Sales reps are selling to a whole buyer team (not an individual) and that requires greater collaboration across even more internal account teams to present tailored solutions to each customer. But instead of collaborating, reps are spending over 60% of their time on non-revenue generating activities.

    Watch this webinar to learn how Cloud Content Management from Box can accelerate sales cycles by 25%. You'll discover how CCM lets you:

    - Centralize all your customer presentations, contracts and more by leveraging best-of-breed integrations like Salesforce, DocuSign, and Adobe Sign so everyone is on the same page
    - Automate repeatable workflows across sales and marketing to create, review and publish new sales collateral
    - Deliver pitches on the fly by accessing the latest and greatest collateral on any device, anywhere
  • Moving ECM to the Cloud Recorded: Jan 3 2020 63 mins
    Andrew Marsh, Systems Engineering Manager, Box
    Legacy ECM is complex, inflexible, and expensive. So why are we still stuck with on-premise software?

    Find out how innovative businesses are moving beyond ECM. You'll learn how ATB Financial is leveraging Box's Cloud Content Management platform for both conventional and creative ECM use cases: consolidating workloads, improving governance, and streamlining processes for both end users and customers.

    Here's what we'll cover:

    - Best practices on how to migrate from on-premise to cloud content management
    - How ATB aligned the strategic initiatives of the company to their content management objectives
    - Tips and tricks to help make the move to Box a success
  • Ask the Experts: Box Governance Recorded: Jan 3 2020 60 mins
    Josh Rosenburg, Head of Governance Product Marketing, Box Terry Ellis, Information Governance Specialist, Box
    If you have Box Governance, jump start your implementation with this panel of Box governance experts in an Ask Me Anything format.

    You'll get a quick product update and news about what's next in our product roadmap. You'll also hear best practices from customers already using Box Governance. But most of the hour will be devoted to answering your questions and giving you the expert help to move your implementation forward.

    We'll help you with issues like:

    - Removing common implementation roadblocks
    - Engaging lines of business to get everyone on the same page
    - Setting up policies for data retention and access
    - When to bring in which stakeholders
  • Why governance needs an upgrade for the digital age Recorded: Jan 3 2020 48 mins
    Crispen Maung, Chief Compliance Officer, Box
    As organizations drive furiously toward digital transformation, governance strategies aren't keeping up.

    That's why 73% of organizations say they face “medium” or “high” degree of risk because of manual retention processes or content they don’t even know exists.*

    Watch this panel to learn how to modernize your governance strategy — before you hear from regulators. Here's what we'll cover:

    - How to upgrade your governance policies to align with the way work gets done today
    - The biggest governance risks to your business
    - How governance technology and strategy will change over the next 5 years

    This is your chance to watch a lively, unfiltered conversation where you can expect to hear strong opinions, surprising predictions, and step-by-step prescriptions to upgrade governance for the digital age.

  • Tackling the 3 C's: Customers, Costs and Compliance Recorded: Jan 2 2020 62 mins
    Bijon Mehta, Managing Director, Financial Services, Box
    Financial services organizations are always balancing 3 competing priorities: costs, compliance and above all, the customer. Turns out you can cover all three with the Box platform.

    Watch this webinar to learn how you can lower costs and deliver more compelling customer experiences — while simplifying your compliance — when you consolidate all your enterprise content with Cloud Content Management.

    Here's what we'll cover:

    - How you can create better customer engagement by deriving actionable insights from unstructured content
    - How you can automate processes for greater efficiencies and lower costs
    - How Box was built from the ground up to meet or exceed the security needs of Financial Services — and compliance is easily configured
  • Box for G Suite: Your Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides in Box Recorded: Nov 21 2019 44 mins
    Tracy Gao, Box | Robert Dunnette, Google | Casey Sears, Urban Teachers
    Organizations are using more and more apps — including popular productivity suites like G Suite — to create content, collaborate and get work done across teams. Managing and securing content across different solutions, while ensuring employees can work in their preferred tools, can be challenging for IT.

    Box simplifies this complexity by integrating with hundreds of popular applications — including G Suite.

    Watch this webinar to learn how the new Box for G Suite integration brings Google's rich content creation and editing experience for Google Docs, Sheets and Slides directly into Box's secure Cloud Content Management platform.

    Here's what we'll cover:

    - A live demo of how to create, edit and manage Google Docs, Sheets and Slides from within Box
    - Best practices from Urban Teachers, a customer that has seen success using the integration
    - How G Suite fits in with over 1,400 integrations on the Box platform, including Office 365, Salesforce and Slack
  • Think big, start small: The smart way to plan for AI Recorded: Nov 20 2019 59 mins
    Mike Schwartz, AI Product Marketing Lead, Box
    AI is top of mind for every business executive — but that doesn't mean it's ready for prime time.

    Before you rush into unleashing AI on your enterprise, get the building blocks for building a solid, long-term AI and machine learning strategy.

    At this webinar, you'll learn why it's important to:

    1) Think big, start small — Don't try to split the atom right away — identify use cases where a little AI could go a long way
    2) Don't just add AI for AI's sake — Define business outcomes so you can measure how AI makes a difference
    3) Collect and organize your data — For AI to work, you need as much data as possible, formatted for AI processing
    4) Choose the right AI — With Machine Learning as a Service (MLaaS) you apply the best AI for the job

    At Box, we believe there is a tremendous opportunity to apply AI to unstructured data — which makes up 80% of all data in the enterprise today. Watch this webinar to start building your long-term AI strategy now.
  • Using Box and Microsoft Office 365 Together Recorded: Feb 12 2019 13 mins
    Rafael Perez, Senior Sales Engineer, Box
    Tens of thousands of businesses running Office 365 choose Box over OneDrive and SharePoint so they can improve user and IT productivity, improve content security and protection, and reduce infrastructure costs. See a demo and learn why Box and Office 365 make such a winning combination.
  • Box Demo: Share files and collaborate securely with anyone, from any device Recorded: Feb 11 2019 26 mins
    Murl Smith, Box Education, Box
    Watch this 25 minute demo and discover how easy it is to share files and collaborate securely with anyone, from any device.

    Watch the demo and learn how Box can help you:

    - Easily share any file from any device with a simple link, with anyone you want.
    - Control access with permissions you set (Hint: One way is with Box's 7 User Permission settings)
    - Always have the latest file version on hand (Hint: @mentioning is not just for Twitter)
    - Preview full documents without needing to download the file first.

    Ready to discover what's possible with Box?
  • ROI of cloud content management solutions Recorded: Feb 8 2019 56 mins
    Pete Smerald, Director, Value Engineering, Box | Shweta Kapoor, Strategy & Ops Director, Sales Engineering, Box
    Let’s face it: Cloud Content Management (CCM) is an investment in the future. While the payoff starts immediately, it’s not always easy to quantify by traditional metrics. How do you measure the bottom-line impact of a platform that helps you build a digital workplace? And how can you use those measurements to optimize your digital workplace investment.

    Watch this webinar to:
    -Discover how to implement a successful digital workplace and CCM strategy
    -Learn how to analyze the impact of CCM with a data-driven approach
    -See a live demo of our Interactive Value Calculator and gain free access to the ROI tool
  • 5 steps to make your Box account GDPR Ready Recorded: Feb 7 2019 46 mins
    Vaishnav Gorur, Box | Morgan Littell, Box | Ling Wu, Box 
    When the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect in May 2018, there was a lot of confusion about its impact. Today, the picture is more clear: multi-million dollar fines have been levied and companies have learned just how costly non-compliance with GDPR can be.

    The good news is that Box is GDPR-ready so that all customers can use Box as the Cloud Content Management platform to facilitate their GDPR compliance program. Watch our webinar as we look at how to meet GDPR standards and protect yourself. You'll learn:
    -How to set up your Box account for GDPR, step by step
    -How to support key GDPR requirements like the Right to be Forgotten
    -How to formalize your usage of Box for GDPR with the Box Data Processing Addendum (DPA)
  • Virtual Workshop: Hands-on with the Box Skills Kit Recorded: Feb 6 2019 60 mins
    Mike Schwartz, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Box | Jonathan LeBlanc, Director of Developer Advocacy, Box
    During this workshop, we'll focus on technical content aimed at developers:
    -How Box Skills uses machine learning services to add structure and extract insights from documents, images, videos and other files stored in Box
    -How to bring best-of-breed AI and machine learning to your Box content with just a few lines of code
    -Introduction to the Box Skills Kit APIs, tools, documentation and sample code to help you build
  • How to move beyond network file shares Recorded: Feb 6 2019 34 mins
    Priya Gill, Product Marketing, Box | Rena Mashintchian, Product Management, Box
    Organizations still rely on network file shares and complicated VPN setups to safeguard corporate content.

    But your teams need what network file shares can't deliver: greater mobility, easier collaboration and better security.

    Watch this webinar to learn:
    -Why businesses like yours are replacing their legacy technology with Cloud Content Management
    -How Box helps teams be more productive while reducing costs and simplifying IT management
    -How Box Drive, our new desktop app, smooths the transition when migrating your users to the cloud
Cloud Content Management
Box (NYSE:BOX) is a leading Cloud Content Management platform that enables organizations to accelerate business processes, power workplace collaboration, and protect their most valuable information, all while working with a best-of-breed enterprise IT stack. Founded in 2005, Box simplifies work for 70% of the Fortune 500, including AstraZeneca, General Electric, JLL, and Nationwide. Box is headquartered in Redwood City, CA, with offices across the United States, Europe, and Asia. To learn more about Box, visithttp://www.box.com.

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  • Presented by: Rafael Perez, Senior Sales Engineer, Box
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