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Rubber, Meet Road: Service Desk and Service Management

With the rise of ITIL and other IT service management frameworks, a lot of talk has come about as to how to think about service management as a thing unto itself. Recently, however, there has been a great deal of discussion—online and off—about how the customer fits into the scheme. The point where service management meets customers—where the rubber meets the road—is at the service desk.

This webinar will discuss ways in which the service desk can become a conduit for the voice of the customer in the delivery of services, as well as presenting “the face of IT” to the larger organization. The service desk can be a mechanism for both feedback and input, helping organizations shape service management strategies even as consumerization, virtualization, and cloud move IT forward.

Roy Atkinson is HDI’s senior writer/analyst, focusing primarily on white papers and SupportWorld articles, and key in-house subject matter expert, holding both ITIL and HDI certifications. Roy has an extensive background as a practitioner in IT support and customer service. He is a frequent speaker and writer on customer service excellence, social support, and mobile device support.
Recorded Aug 7 2012 44 mins
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Presented by
Roy Atkinson, Senior Writer/Analyst, HDI
Presentation preview: Rubber, Meet Road: Service Desk and Service Management

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  • Employ Interactive Virtual Training to Address Skill Gaps and Engage Teams Recorded: Mar 23 2021 39 mins
    Todd Piccuillo, Services Sales Director, HDI; Randy Celaya, HDI Trainer and Consultant; Jeff Anderson, GM Financial
    Keeping remote teams engaged was a challenge before the pandemic. Here we are, one year later – with limited to no in-person team interaction – and finding ways to support impactful team interactions and understand skill and knowledge gaps can be challenging and frustrating. This session will give you ideas and options for how to address this very pressing management challenge.

    We will cover:
    - Why service and support organizations shouldn’t overlook development opportunities just because they’re virtual
    - How training can be used to boost morale, reconnect your team and advance your center’s competencies and performance
    - Examples of how dynamic and interactive live virtual training can be
    - A roadmap for investing in team development

    Don’t use remote working as an excuse to avoid investing in high impact, personalized training. Gain confidence in your team’s ability to perform, execute and connect. HDI can help you get there.
  • AI Means Business: A Panel Discussion on Modernizing Knowledge Management Recorded: Feb 23 2021 60 mins
    Doug Tedder, Tedder Consulting; Chris Payne, Indiana University; Mary Frances Coryell, Ivy.ai; Megan Selva, HDI
    While it’s still early days for artificial intelligence (AI), it’s clear that AI means business. In a June 2020 study conducted by Omdia, researchers found that more than 50% of respondents had deployed or were planning to deploy AI in five of seven business categories, including IT and customer service, over the next 12 months. Predictive analytics, robotic process automation, voice speech recognition, workflow automation, intelligent CRM, deep learning, chatbots – these are all AI-enabled technologies that may well be in your future, if they aren’t already realities in your present. It’s clear, confidence in AI is growing, and there are tangible benefits to be gained: cost savings, operational efficiency, revenue growth, better customer experience, and more. But how can you take advantage of these opportunities? What will it take to gain leadership buy-in?

    In this panel discussion, HDI’s Doug Tedder, Indiana Universty’s Chris Payne, and Ivy.ai’s Mary Frances Coryell will focus in on one of the most common applications of AI in service and support – chatbots – and the implications for both knowledge management and self-service. Chris will share some of the research Indiana University has conducted on their knowledge management journey, highlighting successful deployment of AI-enabled processes and solutions. Together, we’ll explore the landscape of AI in 2021, as it relates to technical support and service management, and we’ll answer your questions, too. We’ll cover:
    • The role of knowledge management and self-service in today’s service and support organizations
    • The importance of having a “knowledge culture”
    • How to train your chatbot (or how to enable it to train itself)
    • The challenges to AI (data security, accountability, ownership, etc.)
    • The benefits of AI for customers and support staff
    • And much more!
  • Move Forward by Shifting Left: Enabling Self-Service and First-Level Resolution Recorded: Jan 19 2021 61 mins
    Richard Sykora, Blackbaud; Bruce Macdonald, Hitachi; Megan Selva, HDI
    We could all use a little more time in our schedule, but something new pops up every time we catch our breath. We cannot always anticipate the unexpected, but we can take steps to handle the work we know about more efficiently. For example, password reset requests persistently outpace other types of requests, yet 48% of organizations haven't enabled self-service password resets, according to HDI research. Imagine what your team could accomplish if you recovered some of that time!

    This webinar explores how support organizations can identify and act on opportunities to enable self-service and first-level resolution, drive customer adoption, and serve customers more quickly and accurately. Freeing your team from mundane, repetitive work improves job satisfaction, reduces service costs, and allows time for more strategic initiatives. Join our industry experts as they discuss how to:
    • Identify opportunities to shift-left toward self-service and first-level resolution.
    • Explain and measure the value of shift-left initiatives.
    • Build and promote self-service tools that customers actually use.
    • Get customers back to work more quickly and reduce time resetting passwords.
    • Improve first-level resolution for group membership and access requests.
  • Fueling Innovation: Augmenting A New Era of IT Service Management Recorded: Oct 20 2020 61 mins
    Chris Chagnon, WPI; Kevin J Smith, IT Transformation Institute; Andrew Gilliam, HDI (moderator)
    Our customers changed where and how they work. Their needs and expectations have transformed along with their environment, and our service strategy must keep pace as the modern workplace evolves. Say goodbye to your music on hold, business hours, and carefully limited scope of support. Customers are demanding instant answers, accessible self-service, expert support, and help with BYO-everything! Tightening budgets, strained resources, and socially distanced service aren't doing us any favors. This webinar examines what's new and what's next for IT service and support, and you'll learn how to:

    • Prepare for the expanding scope and evolving landscape of enterprise service management.
    • Meet customers on the contact channels of their choice and accommodate constantly changing preferences.
    • Design fulfilling service catalog experiences that eliminate uncertainty and follow-up contacts.
    • Manage your internal customers' complete employee journey.
  • Unlocking Your Workforce Potential: IT Support from Anywhere to Anywhere Recorded: Sep 15 2020 62 mins
    Rae Ann Bruno, Business Solutons Training, Inc; Marie Ruzzo, LogMeIn; Andrew Gilliam, HDI (moderator)
    While much has changed this year for support centers—which consist of service desks, help desks, and desktop support—we must also remember that a lot has changed for the customers we serve, as well. They may lack the proximity of colleagues to answer simple questions, and distractions may be an issue if they are working from home. To meet and exceed customer expectations, support centers must be increasingly flexible in meeting demand as IT customers and end users work from home or return to the office—or some mix of both.
    In this webinar, you will learn:
    •How changing customer environments impact channel mix, working hours, and expectations.
    •Increasing use of third-party cloud services and personally-owned devices requires a broader knowledge of interoperability.
    •External stressors drive customers' psychological needs for fast, secure, personalized service.
  • ITSM and the Value of Knowledge-Centered Service for the Enterprise Recorded: Jul 21 2020 61 mins
    Paula Cottrell & Katharina Wymar, University of South Dakota; Kaliegh Averdick, TeamDynamix; Andrew Gilliam, HDI (moderator)
    Disruption has become the norm. As businesses try to keep pace with rapid change, IT support centers along with other core enterprise service groups are struggling to keep up with demand. How can they communicate effectively and maintain high standards of internal and external customer service?

    The value of a robust knowledge management strategy cannot be understated. HDI’s Andrew Gilliam brings together KCS-certified practitioners and implementation experts to discuss:

    • Why most knowledge management initiatives prove less than completely satisfactory.
    • How the KCS methodology addresses challenges throughout the knowledge lifecycle
    • The return on investment provided by improved first contact resolution (FCR) and shortened time to proficiency for new hires
    • The benefits to adopting KCS across the enterprise
    • Writing FAQs that actually answer common questions and divert human-assisted contacts
    • How KCS lays the groundwork for self-service, automation, and shifting left to reduce costs

    This exciting panel discussion will be packed with invaluable takeaways for every phase of your knowledge management journey.
  • The Service Level Management Practice in ITIL 4: Keeping It Green Recorded: Jun 16 2020 61 mins
    Donna Knapp, The ITSM Academy; Liz Beavers, SolarWinds; Roy Atkinson, HDI (moderator)
    Customer expectations are continually rising, and that’s not likely to change anytime soon. At the same time, IT leaders are feeling the pressure to do more with fewer resources and smaller teams. Finding the right balance between cost, quality, and speed has never been more challenging, yet it’s one of the most important decisions we must make.

    The newly revised practice of service level management in ITIL 4 helps support centers and customers alike. Yet, according to HDI research, while three-quarters of organizations plan to or have adopted ITIL, only 41% have implemented service level management. This is an enormous missed opportunity to deliver quantifiable value to the businesses we serve!

    This webinar examines how effective service level management can help your team to set customer expectations, measure what matters, and quantify the value your support center brings to the business. You will learn about:

    * The improvements made to the service level management practice in ITIL 4
    * Collaborating effectively with customers and sponsors to establish business-based service targets
    * Avoiding the "watermelon effect" by managing service from the inside-out, ensuring that service level agreements reinforce desired business outcomes
    * Determining which metrics matter for your support center, and monitoring and improving service delivery continuously
  • Ask the Experts: What's Next for Service and Support Recorded: May 19 2020 60 mins
    Chris Chagnon, Worcester Polytechnic Institute; Ben Brennan, QSTAC; Evan Carlson, EasyVista; Andrew Gilliam, HDI
    Since the industry's inception, over 40 years ago, the future of IT service and support has been debated continuously. In all of those years, the futurists never predicted the events of 2020, and they couldn't have fathomed their far-reaching consequences. Only two things are for sure right now: more change is coming, and we don't know what the lasting effects will be. This panel discussion, featuring some of the industry's leading and emerging experts, will be an open forum where attendees can get answers to all of their burning service and support questions.

    • What role should IT support play in disaster preparedness and emergency management?
    • How will changing economic conditions affect IT support careers, and how can professionals stay ahead?
    • How will artificial intelligence, machine learning, and conversational technologies impact IT support, and will humans go extinct?
    • Will we recognize IT service and support by this time next year?
    • What lessons have we learned from the present crisis, and how can IT support be better prepared in the future?

    Led by HDI’s Andrew Gilliam and packed with valuable insights, this panel discussion will break down the near-term and lasting implications of the current crisis, and illuminate the important business benefits that service and support have now and will continue to have in the years to come.
  • Brave New World: The Future of Service and Support Recorded: May 19 2020 31 mins
    Jeff Rumburg, MetricNet; Roy Atkinson, HDI (moderator)
    Service and support organizations worldwide are moving aggressively towards new business models. ITIL 4, AI, and hiring practices that place a premium on business skills are radically altering the landscape of the industry. A bright future awaits those who are prescient enough to embrace these industry megatrends, while those who are slow to adapt will operate at a significant disadvantage for many years to come. In this presentation, Jeff Rumburg will present a vision of the service organization of the future, looking ahead to the tipping point that will radically reshape the support industry of the future.
  • Ask the Experts: The State of Customer and Employee Experience in Recovery Recorded: May 19 2020 59 mins
    Gina Montague, Infinite Campus; Doug Tedder, Tedder Consulting LLC; Brian Harris, Zendesk; Andrew Gilliam, HDI
    We had customer experience and employee engagement all planned out. Then, life happened, and plans were abruptly turned upside down. If you're left wondering what's next, you're not alone! This panel discussion, featuring some of the industry's leading experience experts, will be an open forum where attendees are encouraged to ask their pressing questions about customer and employee experience.

    • Will the basic principles of CX and EX apply in a modern world?
    • Are there unique challenges to keeping employees engaged right now?
    • How do you manage the employee experience of an increasingly distributed workforce?
    • How should leaders approach the impact of changing priorities on employees' professional aspirations and career development?
    • Has the focus of customer experience initiatives changed; what's on the horizon?
    • What impact do world events have on customers' psychological needs and expectations?
    • How do you set new customer expectations during times of uncertainty?

    Led by HDI's Andrew Gilliam and packed with invaluable takeaways, this panel discussion will undoubtedly help leaders to serve their employees well and adapt to ever-changing customer demands. Bring us your questions; we've got the answers!
  • ESM: Moving Past the Hype to Gain Real Traction Recorded: May 19 2020 31 mins
    David Cannon, Nfiniti3; Roy Atkinson, HDI (moderator)
    Enterprise service management: Some say it’s the “next big thing,” But getting there takes a bit more than a few good people and a great tool. What exactly does it take? In this session, David Cannon strips away the vague promises and wishful thinking, explaining what ESM is and how it can be used to grow your organization’s capabilities and competitive advantage. Learn why you must change the way you think about ITSM, how IT can facilitate business growth, and how to leverage three things you may not have thought were essential to ESM...but they are.
  • CX Principles Every Service Desk Should Leverage Recorded: May 19 2020 31 mins
    Becky Roemen, Avtex; Andrew Gilliam, HDI (moderator)
    Customer experience (CX) can be an intimidating subject! There are many aspects to consider, and sometimes it's challenging even to get started. In this session, Becky Roemen will demystify the fundamentals of CX and examine the impact of experiences on internal and external customers. We'll explore how to measure the value of CX initiatives and communicate their importance to senior leadership. You'll walk away with an action plan to transform the customer's journey through your support organization.
  • Ask the Experts: The Future of Service Management Recorded: May 19 2020 61 mins
    Julie Mohr, JulieLMohr.com; Valence Howden, Infotech Research Group; Liz Beavers, SolarWinds; Roy Atkinson, HDI
    Everyone has questions about service management, but they don't always know where to go to get answers. This panel discussion, featuring some of the industry's leading experts on service management, will be an open forum where attendees can get answers to all of their burning service management questions.

    • What is the forecast for service management over the next decade?
    • What new frameworks/methodologies are on the horizon?
    • How can service management affect the customer experience? Employee experience?
    • Why is service management important?

    Led by HDI’s Roy Atkinson and packed with valuable insights, this panel discussion will undoubtedly demonstrate the important business benefits that strategic service management can bring to any organization.
  • Future Forward: Executive Strategy in a New Complex World Recorded: Apr 21 2020 58 mins
    Patti Blackstaffe, Roy Atkinson (moderator)
    If your organization’s goal is to reduce friction so your customers can experience your products and services in new and exciting ways, you’re going to need to rethink how and why you’re doing what you’ve always done. More and more people are gaining access to new ways of connecting, taking matters into their own hands, and solving problems with a single click. They want responsive, immediate, and empathetic solutions to their problems.

    “How we have always done things” may be the biggest catalyst for industry extinction. Join us to learn more about how you can start thinking “Future Forward” – setting your approach, building your resiliency system, and identifying processes to stop or improve – as you get ready for a complex, unpredictable future.

    Attendees will learn:
    •A strategic approach for transformation
    •A systematic approach to your lessons learned
    •Evaluating what needs to change
  • IT Excellence in the Age of Digital Transformation Recorded: Mar 17 2020 58 mins
    Mike Spires (Hackett Group); Roy Atkinson (HDI); Andrew Gilliam (moderator)
    In a recent poll of senior IT leaders by HDI, 60% of respondents said their top priority is business transformation, and 64% said they are investing in solutions to support business transformation. Digital Transformation touches every aspect of business and depends upon technology that is stable and secure. IT excellence is critical to transformation.

    Based on research from HDI and Hackett, this webinar will consist of a panel discussion moderated by HDI Associate Analyst Andrew Gilliam, and featuring the insights of Mike Spires from The Hackett Group and Roy Atkinson, Group Principal Analyst, HDI. The discussion will include:
    • What do we mean by Digital Transformation?
    • What are the priorities the enterprise is focusing on in 2020?
    • What are some elements of IT excellence, and how can they be achieved?
    • What are key technology investments and implementations that fuel transformation?
    • What are key priorities for IT development?

    Attend this important look at the linkage of IT and business transformation to learn how you organization can benefit from focused priorities and sound investment.
  • 5 Reasons Why Remote Support and Access Management Are Critical Recorded: Feb 11 2020 57 mins
    Josh Streets (Scoreboard Group); Bryan Hood (BeyondTrust); Roy Atkinson (moderator)
    The modern organization needs to provide a reliable, secure way for customers, vendors, and remote employees to both access the resources they need to do their work, and to receive support where they are, when they need it. HDI’s annual research shows that Remote Control is the number 3 “must-have” for the support center. The research also shows that 39% of support tickets come from external customers and end-users.

    In this webinar, you will learn why it is important to:
    • Provide a mobile workforce with access and support
    • Grant external third parties such as vendors and auditors access to the specific resources they need—and only those resources
    • Provide full support to end users on multiple types of devices
    • Ensure the security of your organization’s data
    • Minimize risk from unnecessary privileged accounts
  • Foresight Is 2020: Trends in Technical Support and Service Management Recorded: Jan 21 2020 61 mins
    Roy Atkinson (HDI)
    The 2010s were a decade of rapid-fire evolution in IT, technical support, and service management: from mobile devices to remote support, knowledge management to enterprise service management and ITIL4, countless technologies, processes, frameworks, and methodologies emerged to change the way IT gets done. It was an exciting, sometimes exhausting, decade…but what do the 2020s have in store for technical support and service management?

    Based on HDI’s industry-leading research and insights gained from our community, this webinar will highlight the trends we see on the horizon for technical support and service management as we roar into the 2020s:
    • What’s happening with staffing and training?
    • Which technologies are on the rise? Why?
    • What shifts are taking place with regard to frameworks and methodologies (ITIL4, Agile, etc.)?
    • What big initiatives should you be paying attention to?
  • Knowledge Management, Enterprise Service Management, and the Customer Journey Recorded: Dec 10 2019 61 mins
    Roy Atkinson (HDI), Hannah Price (TOPdesk)
    In 2019 research, HDI found that many lines of business are both creators and consumers of knowledge. Outside of IT and support, high percentages of HR, Facilities, Customer Service, Sales, Marketing, and Training units are all working with—and contributing to—the organization’s knowledge. In 2018, HDI found that 32% of organizations were planning to adopt the principles and practices of service management in lines of business other than IT, in addition to the 27% who said they have already done so.

    Why are so many organizations adopting enterprise service management (ESM)? HDI research found that 77% of organizations identified improving the customer experience as an influence for adopting this approach.

    This webinar will explore:
    - Why knowledge management should be at the heart of ESM
    - How service management principles and practices affect the customer experience
    - How the ESM journey and the customer journey are related

    By registering for this webcast event, you acknowledge that your contact details may be shared with sponsor of this webinar, TOPdesk and HDI for marketing and research purposes. To update your marketing preferences at any time, please see our privacy policy (https://informa.com/privacy-policy/)
  • 4 Building Blocks for Modernizing the Service Desk Recorded: Nov 19 2019 61 mins
    Roy Atkinson (HDI), John Prestridge (EasyVista)
    For years, service desks and support centers have been optimizing the way they work. By doing so, they’ve been able to keep up with increasing demand for services, but not able to leap ahead. Now there is the promise of emerging, enhanced technologies to assist users and augment the efforts of the service desk to drive a significant ROI for the organization. With the right tools in place, the service desk can provide customers and employees with the rapid and personalized service they have come to expect as consumers, elevate the user experience, and reduce the time people spend trying to get answers or resolve issues.

    This webinar will explain and explore the 4 pillars required to build the modern service desk:

    1. Knowledge Management – Provide better user-facing, logic-based knowledge to make it easier for employees and customers to find the answers they need through effective self-help

    2. Omnichannel Self-Service – Deliver users the knowledge they need, when and where they need it

    3. Intelligent Automation – Leverage automation that works for you and drives process efficiencies

    4. AI Augmentation – Leverage AI to enhance the digital experience for IT staff, employees, and customers to increase productivity.
  • Enterprise Service Management, AI, and Emerging Technologies Recorded: Oct 22 2019 60 mins
    Roy Atkinson (HDI); Michael Pott (Micro Focus)
    Is enterprise service management (ESM) merely a hype term, or are organizations actually doing it? What are the business drivers for expanding service management out of IT and across the organization? Which lines of business are adopting service management? What advantages does artificial intelligence (AI) bring to the table?

    In this webinar, we’ll discuss:

    - The current state of ESM – is it expanding?
    - What are the influences on the adoption of ESM?
    - What is the role of AI in the adoption and expansion of ESM?

    This webinar will help you understand the advantages of ESM and the increasing role of emerging technologies to enable it.
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