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Carrot or stick: developing an ethical workforce - behaviour change in action

The secret to encouraging appropriate behaviour when claiming expenses lies in finding the right balance between people, policy and compliance.

So what should businesses do to get this right?

Join engaging speaker, David Vine - Managing Director, Concur as he explains why it’s important to:
1) Understand the existing corporate culture and promote the right kind of behaviour;
2) Use technology to make it easier for people to submit appropriate expenses, that match with both company culture and policy.

This webinar will help you to learn:
-How compliance, people and policy can co-exist harmoniously,
-Ways of encouraging expense policy compliance,
-How technology can help
Recorded Mar 19 2013 49 mins
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Presented by
David Vine
Presentation preview: Carrot or stick: developing an ethical workforce - behaviour change in action

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  • How AP automation helped Leadership for Educational Equity maximize resources. Recorded: May 13 2015 20 mins
    Justin Barnes, Concur Regional Sales Director
    Most non-profits seek to maximize the amount they can spend on program work and minimize their administrative spend. One way for non-profits to reduce the cost and the amount of time spent on administrative tasks in the back office is to leverage technology that automates their accounts payable process.

    Join Justin Barnes, Regional Sales Director at Concur and our special guest, Wendy T. Dove, Manager of Accounting at the non-profit organization Leadership for Educational Equity, for this short 30 minute client success story webinar. By attending on May 13 at 10:00 a.m. PT / 1:00 p.m. ET, you’ll learn how Leadership for Educational Equity automated its AP process and leveraged technology to make the most of its resources.

    By joining you will learn:
    • More about the latest AP automation from Concur
    • How AP automation can save your organization time and money
    • How Leadership for Educational Equity leverages AP automation to focus on what matters most

    You won’t want to miss the opportunity to hear firsthand the benefits AP automation can bring to non-profits and businesses alike. Register today!
  • Reinventing Accounts Payable Recorded: Feb 12 2015 21 mins
    Concur Invoice Expert
    Did you know that most AP functions waste hours chasing down invoices? By getting a better handle on invoice management, your organization can increase insight into spend, enhance productivity and save money. We'll show you how.
    Register for this exclusive webinar to learn how Concur Invoice can help your company:

    •Achieve full visibility into all liabilities
    •Maximize productivity across your business
    •Reduce errors and fraud
    •Maintain profit margins via accurate cost measurements and controls
  • 3 Great Reasons to Implement a Corporate Card Program Recorded: Dec 9 2014 20 mins
    Robyn R. Shulman, Business Development, American Express & Russ Reininger, Regional Sales Executive, Concur
    Join this short 20 minute webinar to learn about some of the incredible benefits you can gain by implementing a Corporate Card Program in your business.

    These include how you can:
    • Help positively impact your bottom line
    • Streamline expense payment and offer benefit to your travelers
    • Help simplify and improve your expense reporting process

    Who should attend: Finance leaders (best suited to companies with annual revenue >$4 million)
  • 7 Tips for simplifying your project time and expense tracking Recorded: Sep 17 2014 24 mins
    Armando Ortega, Director of Product Marketing, Replicon
    Like most professional services organizations today, your workforce burns through too much time and effort trying to accurately track and manage their project time, travel, and expenses. Consultants get distracted from their core mission of delivering client excellence. Your admin group incurs high overhead costs and produces more billing errors than you’d like.

    It’s time to put an end to the heartache. Join this webinar to learn the 7 best practices to simplify and streamline your travel, time, and expense tracking for smoother operations and higher margins. You’ll learn:

    •How to ensure consultants enter billable time accurately and on time
    •Important tips for optimizing your time and expense tracking processes
    •Why a unified time and expense management system can make all the difference
  • Productivity Tips: Get Back to What Really Matters Recorded: Sep 16 2014 25 mins
    Rieva Lesonsk, CEO: GrowBiz Media & SmallBizDaily.com
    The Pareto Principle stats that only 20% of what you do drives 80% of your outcomes. Just think of the revenue-generating possibilities if you knew how to really do more with less — turning that 20% up a notch.

    Please join Concur and small business advocate, Rieva Lesonsky, for a short 30 minute webinar to discuss top productivity tips to help you learn how to eliminate tasks from your to-do list to focus on that magical 20%.

    Date: September 16, 2014
    Time: 11:00AM PT
    Duration: 30 minutes

    During our webinar, Productivity Tips: Get Back to What Really Matters, you will learn how to:

    •Do more with less
    •Eliminate tasks to focus on those that matter
    •Use creative procrastination
    •Effectively use unscheduled time
  • Organize the chaos - Minimize your non-revenue activities Recorded: Sep 10 2014 38 mins
    Todd Rohs, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Concur
    Our businesses are impacted by the amount of time our salespeople spend on non-revenue generating activities. Research from Salesforce.com shows that the average sales professional spends only 32% of their time selling and the rest of the time on administrative tasks. Let’s take a look at the chaotic world of selling and discuss ways to focus more on what matters most.

    Join Todd Rohs, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Concur for this short 30 minute webinar to learn how to increase sales efficiency and minimize non-revenue activities!

    Learn how your sales team can:

    •Enhance productivity by giving sales reps more time to focus on their job
    •Improve employee satisfaction by equipping them with easy to use automated tools
    •Simplify processes by allowing salespeople to manage their expense reports on the go
  • Gain the insight you need to grow your business Recorded: Sep 9 2014 23 mins
    Kellie Zimmerman, Senior Director, Sales for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses, and Dean Haverstraw, IT Director of Samson Rope
    Want to learn how you can leverage technology to generate the business insights you need to make better business decisions? It’s not too late to join our webinar to hear from a Concur customer who did just that.

    Concur’s Kellie Zimmerman, Senior Director, Sales for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses, will speak with Dean Haverstraw, IT Director of Samson Rope Technologies, Inc., about how his company:

    •Increases visibility into data for managers and executives
    •Integrates Concur Expense with other systems for transparency and easy access
    •Uses mobile expense app to ease time burden on employees
  • Are you optimizing company spend? Recorded: Aug 21 2014 26 mins
    Cassandra Gholston
    Many organizations know they are losing money due to inefficiency or inadequate decision making. But they have no idea how much or how to address it.

    Does your company have complete visibility into all spending? Can you answer how your cash flow needs fluctuate throughout the year?

    Join our free webinar to see a new vision for managing cash flow and company spend:

    • An investment in integration
    • A dedication to real-time data
    • Full visibility into all liabilities
    • Maximized productivity across your business
  • Increase Selling Time for Your Sales Reps Recorded: Aug 20 2014 20 mins
    Adam Harris, Director, Business Development
    Your sales team spends a lot of time tracking down receipts and filling out spreadsheet expense reports. But do you know just how much time your sales people spend doing everything except selling?

    Join our webinar Increase Selling Time for Your Sales Reps as we show you how the time sales people spend on administrative tasks impacts:

    •Sales team productivity
    •Revenue generation
    •Visibility into sales data

    Learn how you can reduce the time you and your sales team spend on administrative tasks and increase sales productivity for the entire company.
  • Building the business justification for expense automation: tips and tricks Recorded: Jul 29 2014 32 mins
    Anita Marsh, Director, UK SMB Marketing
    When it comes to investing in technology, it’s always best practice to write down the business justification – this enables you to gain internal buy-in for the project, and to track success against your key business goals and expectations once it’s complete.

    This webinar will provide some handy, real-life tips and tricks to help you build out a business justification for automating your expenses – including:

    - The key elements of a business case
    - What this could look like for expenses automation
    - How you can gain internal buy-in
    - Some real-life examples
    - And handy tools and resources you can use to build your own scenario.
  • Improve your bottom line via your AP function Recorded: Jul 24 2014 20 mins
    Cassandra Gholston
    Your AP function pays the bills, but how else does it impact your business? For example, is AP saving your business money each month? Is it positively impacting your profit margins? Is it optimizing cash flow? Is your AP function as efficient as it can be?

    Join us to learn the top reasons why AP impacts your company’s success and how to maximize it:
    •Realize all available discounts and reduce late fees
    •Maintain profit margins via accurate cost measurement and controls
    •Achieve full visibility into all liabilities
    •Improve internal controls
    •Reduce errors and fraud
    •Maximize productivity across your business
  • Are you leaving VAT money on the table? Recorded: Jul 16 2014 16 mins
    Sam Shah, Chief Operating Officer at Universal VAT Services
    Did you know that annually, billions of dollars are left on the table as unclaimed Value Added Tax (VAT) refund on foreign VAT charges? Is your company fully recovering the VAT that it is entitled on foreign Travel & Entertainment expenses?

    If not, or if you’re unsure – this short webinar will help you learn top three things you need to know about VAT recovery to improve your company’s bottom line.

    •Which countries refund VAT to US entities
    •What type of expenses qualify for refund
    •How to maximize VAT refunds through an automated expense reporting system
  • Expenses: When ‘good enough’ might be costing you more than you think… Recorded: May 28 2014 48 mins
    David Vine, Managing Director, UK SMB
    Expenses – a process almost all businesses of any size have to do – and one that has been done for so long using paper-based processes or spreadsheets.

    And it’s been ‘good enough’ for a long time too. But times change, and management of the expenses process is the next big finance process under review for many.

    Ask yourself this:
    - Would you go back to running your GL on a spreadsheet?
    - Would you consider running your payroll on a spreadsheet?

    Those that have automated their expenses tell us they would never go back either!

    Join this webinar where we’ll use client examples to highlight:
    - Where costs and inefficiency might be hiding in your current process
    -Common questions about managing business process change and ensuring success
    -Why now is the right time to automate
    -Other unexpected benefits clients have seen
    -How to get started
  • Celebrate National Small Business Week! Now let’s celebrate expense reports! Recorded: May 15 2014 29 mins
    Kellie Zimmerman, Small Business Director, Concur
    Congrats on building an amazing company! We hope you take some time this week to celebrate your success.

    You probably never thought that one day you would be celebrating how easy expense reporting could be at your company. But wouldn’t it be great if you had easy, scalable, and efficient expense reporting, with built-in guidelines and great insight into how employees are spending money? Just imagine how that insight could help you grow your business even more.

    Join our webinar to learn how you can streamline expense reporting, so you and your employees can focus on activities that really matter to your business. And that is worth celebrating!
  • Give Your Sales Team More Selling Time Recorded: May 14 2014 38 mins
    Barbra Fraker, Senior Director, Concur and Chris Newbold, EVP, ALPS
    Research from Salesforce.com shows that the average sales professional spends only 32% of their time selling and the rest of the time on administrative tasks. Learn how to increase sales productivity and say goodbye to paper receipts and spreadsheets for expense reporting
  • 3 Great Reasons to Implement a Corporate Card Program Recorded: Apr 8 2014 17 mins
    Robyn R. Shulman, Business Development, American Express & Justine Jobe, Regional Sales Executive, Concur
    Join this short 20 minute webinar to learn about some of the incredible benefits you can gain by implementing a Corporate Card Program in your business.

    These include how you can:
    • Help positively impact your bottom line
    • Streamline expense payment and offer benefit to your travelers
    • Help simplify and improve your expense reporting process

    Who should attend: Finance leaders (best suited to companies with annual revenue >$4 million)
  • Tackling Global Physician Spend Regulations Recorded: Mar 27 2014 60 mins
    Kathy Nolfo,Concur, Michael Bell,R-Squared & Collene Hoaglin,Trivascular
    By law, all pharmaceutical, medical device, biotech and drug wholesale companies, regardless of size, are facing the first annual reporting deadline under the “Open Payments” (aka Sunshine Act) program. With complex Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) reporting requirements, many companies are finding they are challenged by manual reporting and data validation. Finance and Compliance teams have the overwhelming task to compile their data accurately, completely, and timely, or face significant fines or penalties. If your company is confronted with the time consuming task of preparing for the Open Payments reporting, be assured there’s an easier solution to help you gain transparency, streamline reporting, meet the requirements and maintain compliance.

    Join Concur, R-Squared, and Trivascular Inc. to learn best practices, tips and solutions to help you process and map your data to meet State, Federal and International disclosure reporting requirements. You will learn about cost-effective solutions designed to validate spend across multiple systems, provide the right level of internal controls, and align with Government report formatting requirements. Hear how Trivascular, an innovative company focused on advancing endovascular aortic repair (EVAR), has streamlined their data capture and integration for Open Payment reporting.
  • Getting to grips with VAT Recorded: Nov 28 2013 53 mins
    David Vine, Managing Director of UK SMB at Concur
    While HMRC says ‘Tax doesn’t have to be taxing’ - when it comes to expenses, VAT, and HMRC guidelines it's not always clear what best practice is, or even what the rules truly mean.

    Join this webinar for helpful advice and guidance about VAT in the real world. It includes real examples, best-practice recommendations and advice on auditing.

    David Vine, managing director, UK SMB, will discuss the following topics:
    - best practice to ensure HMRC compliance
    - real-life VAT situations, including:
    - 5 frequently asked questions about VAT
    - 4 ways to reclaim VAT on fuel
    - 3 ways to avoid VAT fraud
    - why you should audit your expenses
    - how technology can help.
  • 5 Reasons why businesses don’t automate their expenses...and why they should Recorded: Oct 3 2013 49 mins
    David Vine, Managing Director, UK SMB
    These days, a greater range of software tools are available to help businesses do more with less than ever before. But, when it comes to expenses only 26% of businesses use any type of automation. In fact, 41% are still relying on paper-based processes!

    Setting aside the benefits such as increased visibility, efficiency, and compliance with internal and HMRC policy, what are the main reasons that people are not automating?

    Join David Vine, Managing Director, UK SMB on a live webinar as he discusses the reasons why businesses don’t automate their expenses and addresses common concerns like:
    1)If it’s not broken, don’t fix it
    2)It’s too expensive
    3)Implementation is time-consuming and resource-intensive
    4)It’s not a priority for the business
    5)It won’t help us control our expenses

    For more information please visit www.concur.co.uk or read our blog. And if you need any assistance please contact us on 00800 4551 6697.
  • Claiming or processing expenses - how people’s perceptions differ Recorded: Jun 18 2013 45 mins
    Clive Longbottom, Quocirca
    Getting to grips with expenses

    Every business incurs expenses. So how do the opinions differ between those making business expense claims and those that have to deal with the processes behind the scenes?

    Join Clive Longbottom of QuoCirca research, as he discusses the research findings of 400 individuals interviewed across a range of organisations in the UK with Concur

    On the webinar, Clive will talk about:
    •The pain points for both claimants and claims processors
    •Where technology helps and hinders
    •Where technology is not being used where it could be

    All attendees will receive a free copy of the QuoCirca Research Report.

    For more information about Concur visit www.concur.co.uk, read our Blog or call 00800 4551 6697.
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