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Advantages of FT-Near Infrared Analysis in the monitoring of food

Near-IR (NIR) analysis has already been utilized with great success in the food and feed industries. This webinar will discuss how recent advances in hardware through the use of Fourier-transform spectroscopy now enables the NIR user to realize the benefits of improved spectral resolution, sensitivity, and calibration transfer, ultimately leading to better control limits than previously possible. New software tools for data management across NIR networks will also be discussed.
Recorded Oct 20 2010 30 mins
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Presented by
Dr. Ron Rubinovitz
Presentation preview: Advantages of FT-Near Infrared Analysis in the monitoring of food

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  • Best Practices in Laboratory Rotary Evaporation Recorded: Jul 27 2017 39 mins
    Donald Maybell III
    During this webinar you will receive tips and tricks on:
    •Understanding the principles of rotary evaporation
    •Learning how to maximize output
    •Finding out how to minimize contamination
    •Handling different sample sizes and types

    Presenters Email: Maybell.d@buchi.com
  • Managing pet food production and quality with FT-NIR Recorded: Nov 12 2015 36 mins
    Jacqueline Russell & Ryanne Palermo
    NIR has proven to be a fast, flexible, and reliable method along the pet food value chain; from incoming raw material inspection to in-process and final product testing, see how BUCHI NIRSolutions® can be used to increase plant efficiency, product quality, and profit margins.
    During this webinar, you will:
    • Gain an understanding of basic NIR theory and the reasons this technology has been implemented by pet food manufacturers
    • See how fast, qualitative NIR methods can ensure consistent quality of in-coming raw materials
    • Learn how to utilize quantitative NIR measurements, from raw material analysis to finished pet food product
    • Get introduced to our portfolio of NIRSolutions and learn how to integrate these technologies for ultimate process and quality control
  • Rotavapors®: The next generation in waste solvent management and recycling Recorded: Jun 17 2015 33 mins
    Jason Wagner
    The cost of solvent disposal can be just as high or higher than the cost of purchasing solvent. Less expensive technical grade solvent can be purified by distillation to achieve the purity necessary for academic and industrial applications. Solvent reclamation, recycling and purification with a BUCHI Industrial Rotavapor® is not only efficient but it pays for itself after one year. Join us to discover ways to better manage or develop your own in-house solvent disposal/ recycling program and the benefits of this type of program.
    During this webinar we will discuss:
    •Solutions to improve the purity of technical grade solvents
    •Solvent reclamation and reselling
    •Solvent recycling
  • Microencapsulation - an overview of the technology Recorded: Jun 10 2015 47 mins
    Debra Repko
    Learn why encapsulation is important and how it can be accomplished with BUCHI products. A complete overview of encapsulation will be presented, from matrix to core and shell capsules. The different types of materials used in spray drying verses those used in prilling by vibration will be reviewed. Application areas to be presented include cells, probiotic foods, and pharmaceutical. Release mechanisms and profiles of the encapsulated materials will be shared.
  • Profit on recovered solvent from concentrating environmental samples Recorded: Apr 15 2015 27 mins
    Jeff Reid
    Your environmental testing laboratory is facing harsher EPA emission regulations and competitive sample prices, making is essential to keep up on new technology. The BUCHI Syncore® Parallel Concentrator not only recovers > 95% of solvent but it also provides a crucial competitive advantage. Join this webinar to learn how today’s top environmental testing laboratories are staying ahead of their competition with the implementation of the Syncore® Analyst.
  • Implementation of NIR technology in flour milling Recorded: Nov 13 2014 33 mins
    Jacqueline Russell
    NIR is a proven method for quantitative protein, ash, and moisture evaluations important to the flour milling industry. The NIRMaster offers industry-leading robustness, critical to maintain measurement accuracy in harsh environments.

    During this webinar you will:
    - Review the fundamentals of FT-NIR and the reasons why this technology is well-suited for the flour milling industry
    - Learn how to easily implement and customize your NIRSolution
    - Be introduced to NIROnline and learn how to integrate these two technologies for the ultimate in process control
  • Enhanced efficiency in the pharma and nutra environment using FT-NIR Recorded: Sep 18 2014 32 mins
    Ryanne Palermo
    NIR has proven to be a fast, flexible and reliable method for raw material acceptance and quality control, leading to immense cost and time savings despite regulations requiring 100% ingredient identity under current Good Manfucturing Practices. Learn how to streamline identity testing, and discover opportunities for gaining product understanding using FT-NIR technology.

    During this webinar you will:
    - Review the fundamentals of FT-NIR
    - Learn how to use FT-NIR for raw material identification with a focus on efficiency and regulatory compliance
    - See how FT-NIR can be used to evaluate the quality and uniformity of pharmaceutical blends
  • Tips and tricks for vortex evaporators Recorded: Sep 2 2014 30 mins
    Jeff Reid
    Discover ways to produce fast, reproducible results when using the BUCHI Syncore® or Multivapor™ products. If you currently use a vortex evaporator or will be in the near future this webinar provides good insight on how to maximize the efficiency of your evaporation process.

    During this webinar you will:
    - Discover different ways to enhance analyte recovery
    - Learn methods for developing application parameters
    - Gain insights into technologies that will allow you to collect >95% of evaporated solvents(s)
  • Kjeldahl advanced tips and tricks Recorded: Aug 13 2014 24 mins
    William Ickes
    During this webinar you will learn how to create and optimize your Kjeldahl method with tools such as the KjelCalc App. You will also learn tips and tricks for troubleshooting your Kjeldahl analysis.

    During this webinar you will:
    Learn how to create and optimize Kjeldahl methods
    Preview the new KjelCalc smartphone app
    Discover advanced tips and tricks for troubleshooting Kjeldahl
  • Lab scale production of encapsulated beads and core- shell capsules Recorded: May 12 2014 38 mins
    Debra Repko
    Introduction to “prilling by vibration” will be discussed. Learn how the new BUCHI Encapsulator can immobilize and protect your products, whether you are encapsulating flavored oil or live cells.

    During this webinar you will:
    - Gain an understanding of this technology
    - Learn the benefits of the Encapsulators B-390/B-395 Pro
    - Review the full range of applications
  • More than just melting point with the BUCHI M-565 Recorded: May 7 2014 33 mins
    Jason Wagner
    The BUCHI M-565 is not just an automated melting point and boiling point product. Several other applications such as slip melting point and melting point ranges can be applied. A guided calibration and verification procedure ensures your results are always accurate.

    During this webinar you will:
    - Learn how automated melting and boiling point determinations are made
    - Discover slip melting point determination of fats and waxes
    - Review melting range determination of semi-crystalline polymers
  • Matching the best evaporation solution to your application Recorded: Mar 27 2014 33 mins
    Jeff Reid
    With all the different evaporation technologies today it is important to choose the platform that best suits your application. Whether you are considering a bench or industrial scale rotary evaporator, or a parallel evaporator there are several factors to take into consideration.

    During this webinar you will:
    - Gain an understanding of the capabilities of different evaporation technologies
    - Review a vairety of evaporation applications
    - Learn techniques that will enhance your distillation capacity
  • Save up to $2,400/day and concentrate samples 10% faster Recorded: Nov 28 2012 27 mins
    Jeff Reid, Product Specialist
    A single Syncore parallel evaporation system is capable of multiple sample preparation techniques such as concentration, complete solvent removal, and solid phase extraction (SPE). Save time and increase productivity with Syncore’s closed pressure system and unique vortex movement. The use of pressure eliminates the expensive upkeep cost of Nitrogen.
  • NIR instruments: Operation, Maintenance and Diagnostics Recorded: Oct 24 2012 30 mins
    Sean Xoing
    Buchi FT-NIR spectrometers provide an elegant and easy method to support your daily laboratory business and can be operated even by non-professional staff after a basic introduction. Despite the speed and simplicity of routine operation, the advanced system administration requires a deeper understanding of the underlying principles. This webinar will discuss the NIRFlex N-500 & NIRMaster including standard software and provide the information required for safe operation and maintenance.
  • NEW Encapsulator - An overview Recorded: Oct 10 2012 28 mins
    Debra Repko
    Produce encapsulated beads from 150 microns to 2mm with very narrow particle size distribution and productivity up to 6,000 beads/second. Encapsulation of pharmaceutical, food, and microorganisms to cells can be immobilized. The functional principle of the new instrument will be presented and the features and benefits will be discussed.
  • Sepacore® Flash Chromatography Solutions Recorded: Aug 15 2012 32 mins
    Jason Wagner
    This webinar will focus on the purification of difficult samples using varied loading techniques. Difficult separations made easier with multiple column choices, medium pressure capability, and a UV-Vis diode array detector. Easy customization of fraction collection, external detectors, and system solutions tailored to your needs.
  • NIRSolutions for the Dairy Industry Recorded: Jul 20 2012 29 mins
    Sean Xiong
    This webinar will discuss how Buchi NIRSolutions can help you get more analysis information, higher productivity, higher quality, and better understanding in dairy production. Specifically, the NIRMaster™ is the first dedicated FT-NIR standalone spectrometer with easy-clean design and high ingress protection (IP) to meet the specific needs for at-line analysis in dairy production. Various parameters of dairy products such as fat, protein, dry matter, saturated fatty acids, unsaturated fatty acids, total sugar, lactose, salt and many more can be qualified and quantified.
  • Optimized extraction methods for pollutants found in soil Recorded: Sep 14 2011 31 mins
    William Ickes
    Optimization of your Pressurized Solvent Extraction method is critical in the analysis of environmental pollutants, since analytes such as PAH/Dioxins/PCB/TPH are so diverse. This presentation will cover specific techniques on how to optimize methods for environmental samples such as contaminated soil.
  • Choosing the right solution for industrial scale evaporation Recorded: Jun 15 2011 34 mins
    Christine Anderson
    Understanding the complete range of industrial scale rotary evaporators and accessories will likely improve your overall process efficiency. Knowing the best glassware option, counteracting a foaming product or how to maximize your throughput will allow you to use industrial scale instrumentation as easily and efficiently as possible. The webinar will build upon the idea of a complete evaporation solution but more importantly how to accommodate many typical environments and issues within industrial scale evaporation.
  • Dietary supplement ID testing implementation Recorded: Mar 9 2011 31 mins
    Dr. Ron Rubinovitz
    Many dietary supplement companies are turning to near-IR (NIR) as a means of performing rapid and unambiguous ID testing to be in compliance with current regulations. Although NIR is established in the pharmaceutical industry for this purpose, its application in the dietary supplement industry has special challenges. In particular, usually hundreds of raw materials need to be identified and individual materials may possess significant lot to lot variation and yet be similar in composition to other materials. This presentation will cover proven successful strategies that have enabled optimal efficiency in the implementation of NIR, dealing with specific steps such as installation, method development, validation, and routine analysis.
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  • Title: Advantages of FT-Near Infrared Analysis in the monitoring of food
  • Live at: Oct 20 2010 5:00 pm
  • Presented by: Dr. Ron Rubinovitz
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