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Top 10 Awesome Features in Vertica

Anyone that uses Vertica knows that it’s fast – really fast. But, beyond its signature high performance, which other powerful features can help you stand out from the pack with your data-driven initiatives?

Join us for this Webcast to learn all about 10 awesome features that will help you derive even more value from Vertica and increase the productivity of your data engineering team.

From data management to database design to an end-to-end Machine Learning workflow and more, the list of powerful Vertica features is endless. But, we’ll cover our top 10, collected from hundreds of engagements with top analytical leaders. Bring your list of top Vertica features and join the discussion!
Recorded Aug 28 2019 57 mins
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Presented by
Pavel Savyuk and Jeff Healey, Vertica
Presentation preview: Top 10 Awesome Features in Vertica

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  • Building Vertica-Powered Applications with Python and Golang Recorded: Mar 3 2020 38 mins
    Siting Ren and Jeff Healey, Vertica
    Vertica operates and integrates with a range of open source technologies to offer you more freedom to choose the broadest technologies for your data pipeline. Vertica has two active open source development projects on GitHub – the Vertica-Python and the Vertica-Sql-Go database clients.

    These projects serve as a reference implementation of the Vertica wire protocol and make it easier than ever to build Vertica-powered applications in python and golang. Using these projects partners have built Vertica integrations with new monitoring tools like DataDog and Grafana, and that is just the beginning.

    Join this Under the Hood Webcast to learn more about these clients, how you can use them and how you can help us on our journey towards making integration with Vertica easier from any environment.
  • Delivering Continuous Cyber Risk Assessment Analytics Recorded: Feb 18 2020 43 mins
    Ken Pfeil, Chief Architect, TechDemocracy and Paige Roberts, Open Source Relations Manager, Vertica
    TechDemocracy’s vision was to deliver a cybersecurity, compliance, risk and governance solution that would also work for senior, non-technical business decision makers. It had to aggregate and analyze every facet of an enterprise’s unique cyber ecosystem, and incorporate a spectrum of regulatory requirements (NIST,ISO, HIPAA, SOX, IRA, …) to pinpoint gaps and inefficiencies, prioritize risk investments and continually track progress.

    Join us for the latest Data Disruptors webinar to understand how TechDemocracy incorporates Vertica predictive analytics to power Intellicta, the cloud solution for understanding, evaluating and measuring a company’s cybersecurity, governance, risk and compliance levels.

    • How technical and cyber risk relates to business risk
    • How analytics applies to gauging financial cyber risk
    • What obstacles need to be overcome
  • Managing Variable Workloads with Vertica in Eon Mode Recorded: Jan 29 2020 61 mins
    Yuanzhe Bei, Pratibha Rana and Jeff Healey, Vertica
    The separation of compute and storage architecture of Vertica in Eon Mode delivers a range of benefits to data-driven organizations seeking to manage their variable workloads – on AWS and now on-premises with Pure Storage. There are many core features that enable those benefits, particularly the Depot and subclusters.

    Join us for this Webcast to get a deep dive of how the Depot can help you improve query performance and derive maximum benefit by monitoring usage and more. You’ll also learn how subclusters can enable you to isolate your variable workloads – from reporting to ad-hoc to Machine Learning -- to accommodate all your departments and data consumers and simplify database operations.
  • Pharma Marketing Analytics Team Simplifies Operational Data Science Recorded: Jan 14 2020 61 mins
    David Nicholson-Jones, Analytics Architect, REDPHARMA and Paige Roberts, Open Source Relations Manager, Vertica
    REDPHARMA needed to optimise team resources and deliver top tier business analytics at speed. A core business requirement was simplifying data warehouse processes to gather and enrich data from across 4000+ pharmacies in Belgium.

    Join the latest Data Disruptors webcast, to learn how REDPHARMA took the tough task of pharmaceutical marketing analytics to the Cloud with Vertica, while keeping costs and complexities under control.
  • Applying Best Practices with the Vertica Advisor Tool Recorded: Dec 11 2019 57 mins
    Amy Miller, Shrirang Kamat and Jeff Healey, Vertica
    Following best practices will significantly increase the value and benefits that you receive from Vertica. Join this Webcast to learn how the new Vertica Advisor tool puts in-database analytics to work to help you understand and apply helpful best practices. See how intuitive reports (from our Scrutinize data collector) provide you with recommendations based on diagnostic information gleaned from your Vertica environment. Learn how you can receive your own report, how to interpret it, and how to compare your configuration with industry best practices.
  • Top betting provider builds extensible data platform for self-service analytics Recorded: Nov 21 2019 40 mins
    Abel Martinez, Data Architect & Data Management Lead and Carlos Baldellou, Data Engineer, Sportium
    Founded in 2008, Sportium has become the multi-channel company of choice in Spain’s betting industry with more than 3,000 points of sale and an expansive online presence. 15,000 casino games are played each hour with 350,000 betting transactions daily, making it the number one betting provider in Spain.

    Sportium uses data as a core asset to improve user experience across the company’s retail and digital channels. However, with legacy technology and siloed BI systems, it struggled to create the visibility needed for comprehensive data analytics.

    Join our latest Data Disruptors webcast to see how Sportium overcame this challenge by building an extensible Vertica data warehouse to consolidate and analyze data from all different sales channels in near real-time and extract key insights. The webcast will cover how Sportium:

    • Developed a web-based application to support partners with operations analytics and give them guidance for creating a more positive customer experience
    • Created a data platform that supports customizable, self-service analytics for internal users with Vertica, Pentaho, and Tableau
    • Established an infrastructure capable of analyzing 48.5 billion data rows, housed in 630 tables with 11,630 columns – and is ready to scale further
    • Selected Vertica over BigQuery, Redshift, Teradata Aster, and SAP HANA for its horizontal scaling, controlled costs, ease of operations, and excellent performance
  • Data Preparation for Machine Learning at Scale Recorded: Oct 29 2019 49 mins
    Waqas Dhillon and Jeff Healey, Vertica
    Machine learning and data science can deliver valuable insights from massive amounts of data. However, before the complex machine learning algorithms can be trained for prediction, you need to address the data exploration and preparation steps.

    Distributed analytical databases like Vertica can be help you address each step of the machine learning process with a combination of analytical capabilities and computational power.

    Join this Webcast and see how Vertica’s in-database advanced analytics and machine learning functions help you tackle data preparation and overcome the growing challenge of applying machine learning at scale.
  • Vertica – Past, Present, and Future Recorded: Oct 3 2019 59 mins
    Dr. Michael Stonebraker, MIT CSAIL; Colin Mahony and Joy King, Vertica
    Vertica was engineered from the very first line of code to handle the growing volume of data, and increased complexity of workloads required to power your data-driven world. As data continues to disrupt the way you do business and grow, Vertica continues to meet the technological requirements of your most demanding data-driven use cases and initiatives. Today, we power everything from predictive maintenance and customer behavior analytics, to smart agriculture, network analysis, fraud detection, and more, with advanced analytics and in-database machine learning.

    Join this webcast to discover the past, present, and future of the industry’s fastest and most scalable enterprise data warehouse on all public clouds, and on-premise data centers.

    • Dr. Michael Stonebraker, Vertica founder and 2014 Turing Award Winner, will discuss the origins of Vertica and the transformative C-Store paper, which ushered in a new era of read-optimized database technologies
    • Joy King, VP of Product Management and Product Marketing, Vertica, will discuss the countless industry-leading innovations that have brought Vertica to where it is today
    • Colin Mahony, SVP and GM, Vertica, will provide a glimpse into Vertica’s promising future – including our product roadmap and organizational priorities

    Vertica was built for the scale and complexity of your data-driven world. Find out why we’re uniquely positioned to help you manage the scale and complexity of tomorrow’s as well.
  • A Deep Dive of Vertica and Pure Storage for Fast Object Storage and Analytics Recorded: Sep 26 2019 60 mins
    Amit Saha, Senior Product Manager, Pure Storage & Jeff Healey, Prod Marketing and David Sprogis, Prod Management, Vertica
    Join us to learn all about the combined benefits of object storage with the performance of business-critical analytics.

    Vertica and Pure Storage have partnered to deliver a separation of compute and storage architecture to your on-premises environments. Previously only available on public clouds, this flexible architecture enables you to address all of your dynamic analytical workload requirements at the highest levels of performance at extreme scale.

    Get a deep technical overview of Vertica in Eon Mode, understand the most popular use cases, and even prepare your organization for success with hybrid deployments.
  • Top 10 Awesome Features in Vertica Recorded: Aug 28 2019 57 mins
    Pavel Savyuk and Jeff Healey, Vertica
    Anyone that uses Vertica knows that it’s fast – really fast. But, beyond its signature high performance, which other powerful features can help you stand out from the pack with your data-driven initiatives?

    Join us for this Webcast to learn all about 10 awesome features that will help you derive even more value from Vertica and increase the productivity of your data engineering team.

    From data management to database design to an end-to-end Machine Learning workflow and more, the list of powerful Vertica features is endless. But, we’ll cover our top 10, collected from hundreds of engagements with top analytical leaders. Bring your list of top Vertica features and join the discussion!
  • Delivering personalized retail promotions using AI and predictive analytics Recorded: Aug 1 2019 60 mins
    Stephan Visarius and Patryk Koryzna, Segment of One and Carlo Arioli, Micro Focus
    In the highly competitive retail market, customers have become immune to the bombardment of mass-produced offers, causing 59% of promotions globally to not break even. Customers have grown to expect more relevant, personalized experiences over “one size fits all” campaigns, and this evolution is forcing both brick and mortar and online retailers to rethink how they connect with individuals using highly personalized promotions delivered through their preferred channels.

    What if you could get ahead of this trend and deliver more effective, relevant promotions by predicting if, what, when and for how much an individual is likely to purchase?

    Join our latest Data Disruptors webcast to see how SO1.ai helps retailers leverage customer basket and loyalty data to deliver smart, automated promotional decisions at scale across millions of customers. The solution is fully automated and designed to fit a retailer’s specific business goals (i.e. revenues, profit optimization, customer satisfaction or brand sales). The webcast will cover:

    • How SO1 can track shoppers’ purchasing habits and preferences in real time
    • How the solution builds an AI generated Promotion Feed which takes individual preferences and retailer goals into consideration
    • Key aspects of SO1’s cloud-based predictive platform and data architecture components
    • How Vertica’s performance has accelerated data understanding and preparation to increase productivity for sophisticated AI modeling
  • It’s Time for Time Series – Built-in Analytics in Vertica Recorded: Jul 24 2019 49 mins
    Maurizio Felici and Jeff Healey, Vertica
    Time series databases have become one of the fastest growing speciality database platforms in our industry. Why? Well, time series data consists of sequences of measures over time and those measurements are becoming ubiquitous, particularly with the Internet of Things. Just think about daily daily stock prices, sensors measuring temperature or air quality, electrocardiograms -- all of them are time series examples. Analyzing time series requires unique preparation steps and specific functions.

    Join us for this webcast and you will learn how to use advanced Vertica Time Series Analytics to quickly analyze large volumes of data – all without investing in yet another database. You will also see how easily to extend Vertica’s Time Series built-in functionality to forecast and correlate time series.
  • Shining a Light on the Opioid Epidemic with the Power of Analytics Recorded: Jul 10 2019 58 mins
    Jason Helmandollar, Healthcare Solutions Lead, Pulselight
    The opioid epidemic is one of the critical public health issues facing the United States today. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the number of overdose deaths involving opioids in 2017 was 6 times higher than in 1999, and on Saverage, 130 Americans die every day from an opioid overdose. Pulselight, a healthcare analytics provider, is using the power of data analytics and visualization to shine a light on the opioid epidemic and help government agencies at all levels better understand and combat this grave challenge.

    Join our latest Data Disruptors webcast to hear Jason Helmandollar, Healthcare Solutions Lead at Pulselight, describe how they are helping governmental organizations leverage existing data to explore all aspects of opioid use, addiction, and treatment as part of a broader effort to control the epidemic. This webcast will cover:
    • The challenges local and state governments face when trying to uncover opioid metrics, trends, and predictors from a program-wide lens
    • How the Pulselight Opioid Utilization solution provides intelligence regarding opioid program impact, at-risk populations, and prescriber analysis
    • A case study of how Pulselight is being used in multiple states to focus on the most vulnerable populations for immediate impact, and
    • The role Vertica plays as an embedded analytics engine within the Pulselight suite of healthcare analytics solutions
  • Revolutionize your Analytics using Machine Learning – Data Science using SQL Recorded: Jul 10 2019 58 mins
    Raghunath Pawar, Vertica
    In today’s data-driven world, creating a competitive advantage depends on your ability to transform massive volumes of data into meaningful insights. Companies that use advanced analytics and machine learning are twice as likely to be top quartile financial performers, and three times more likely to execute effective decisions.

    Built into Vertica’s core — with no need to download and install separate packages — in-database machine learning transforms the way data scientists and analysts across industries interact with data; removing barriers and accelerating time to value on predictive analytics projects.

    The webinar takes you through the journey around the usual data science process, pitfalls attached, how Vertica addresses the same, what is included, short examples and most importantly some successful real-life use-cases with customers from different domains. If time permits, we will also try include a quick demonstration.

    • Understanding the data science process and aligning with Vertica features
    • Step-up from descriptive to predictive analytics
    • Data science, do it now, do it fast with existing SQL skill-sets
    • How a DBA transform into an enthusiast data-scientist
    • In short, finding the art of the possible using Vertica ML
  • Nimble Storage Achieves 99.9999% Availability, 287% ROI with Vertica Analytics Recorded: Jun 11 2019 48 mins
    Medha Bhadkamkar, Senior Manager of Data Science and Services for InfoSight, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
    Join the latest webcast in our Data Disruptors Series to hear how Nimble Storage leverages flash storage and predictive analytics to deliver advanced customer insights and 99.9999% availability. The company’s InfoSight customer platform eliminates headaches and wasted time by transforming how storage is managed and supported, analyzing millions of sensors every second to prevent problems.

    On this webcast you’ll hear from Medha Bhadkamkar, Senior Manager of Data Science and Services for InfoSight, on how Nimble Storage leverages Vertica to:
    • Improve customer experience and business efficiency
    • Make storage autonomous through the use of advanced analytics
    • Predict and solve 86% of issues automatically
    • Achieve 287% ROI and annual benefit of $13.6 million
  • Geospatial Analytics at Scale with Vertica Recorded: Jun 5 2019 46 mins
    Badr Ouali, Vertica Lead Data Scientist, Vertica
    Millions of mobile users across our planet generate increasing data volumes every day. Analyzing geospatial data of that size and scale to understand human behavior can no longer be addressed with in-memory tools.

    Join us for this webcast to learn how Vertica enables you to store, manage, and analyze increasing volumes of geospatial data without moving the data. Hear Badr Ouali, Vertica Lead Data Scientist, introduce the Vertica Geospatial Library and showcase how you can tap its advanced analytical functions to address your most complex geospatial analytical use cases – everything from improving risk analysis to enhancing transportation and logistics planning.

    During this webcast, Badr will also show you the potential of Vertica for Geospatial analytics by solving two interesting problems – finding the most interesting art work and identifying two areas where people like to play golf.
  • The Vertica Management Console: Four Use Cases for Optimal Resource Management Recorded: May 23 2019 53 mins
    Joe Walsh and Jeff Healey, Vertica
    Did you know that you can provision, manage, and monitor multiple Vertica clusters, all from a single, unified console? DBAs rely on the Vertica Management Console to optimally manage Vertica resources, ensuring data engineers and data analysts experience the performance they require as they derive insight from growing data volumes.

    Join us to learn the top four use cases for the Vertica Management Console. Specifically, you will learn how the Vertica Management Console can enable your organization to effectively manage system resources across all your users to deliver optimal query performance, understand query optimization paths and resource usage, plan and triage queries by looking at historical system data, and receive timely alerts to keep Vertica running optimally.
  • Simpli.fi delivers advertising insights on billions of streaming bid messages Recorded: May 1 2019 59 mins
    Jeff Swanner, Data Engineer, Simpli.fi and Ben Smith, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Vertica
    Simpli.fi is a leading programmatic advertiser trusted by the largest ad buyers to localize ad targeting and content, deliver performance on high volumes of localized campaigns, and provide deep insights on their dynamic audiences. To deliver these insights, Simpli.fi developed a data analytics platform capable of handling hundreds of millions, to billions of bid messages streaming in each hour and transforming that data into timely, dynamic information available through their customer application.

    Join our latest Data Disruptors webcast to hear Jeff Swanner, Data Engineer at Simpli.fi, describe how his organization is using Vertica alongside Kafka, Spark, Looker and other tools to effectively manage the flow of real-time data needed to target ad impressions across numerous audience dimensions and advertising exchanges. The webcast will cover:
    • The role data plays in delivering data-driven advertising insights to Simpli.fi’s customers
    • The platforms and tools contributing to Simpli.fi’s data stack and data warehouse implementation
    • How Kafka, Spark, Vertica and Looker are integrated to manage the flow of data from initial data streaming, to transformation, analysis and dashboard visualization
    • The advantages of using Vertica for highly scalable data loading, tuning and querying
  • Under the Hood of Vertica: Machine Learning and Streaming Data Analytics Recorded: Apr 17 2019 40 mins
    Vincent Xu, Engineering Manager, Vertica
    Join us for this next session of “Under the Hood of Vertica” as we take a deep dive into Vertica’s integration with Apache Spark, an in-memory data processing engine.

    Our technical experts will discuss Vertica’s latest support for Apache Spark version 2.1, review common use cases for each, and demonstrate how to leverage Vertica and Spark together to enable continuous, real-time processing and transformation of data streams.
  • 4 Steps to Drive Customer Lifetime Value & Gain Real-Time Behavior Intelligence Recorded: Apr 16 2019 58 mins
    Yaacov Ben-Yaacov, CEO, Catch Media
    In today’s competitive content services space (including music, OTT, eBooks and other licensed content), traditional telcos, content owners and content distributors must compete with the likes of Netflix, Amazon, Facebook and other new economy companies to attract and retain customers. Join our latest Data Disruptors webcast to hear how Catch Media is helping traditional players drive revenue and gain deep customer insights so they can compete in the new world of cord-cutting and over the top and digital content technologies.

    Yaacov Ben-Yaacov, CEO of Catch Media, will show how his company enables content owners and distributors to achieve 50%+ increase in engagement through the segmentation of end consumers into distinct audiences that can be targeted in near real-time with messaging and recommendations personalized to their content consumption behavior.

    On this webcast you’ll learn:
    • Key market trends and challenges facing traditional telcos, pay TV operators, digital content service providers and content owners
    • 4 steps needed to engage consumers, drive lifetime value and increase revenue
    • Why Catch Media chose Vertica for scale, performance, and flexibility
    • How businesses that embed Vertica can deliver higher value to customers
Data Analytics without Limits
The Vertica Analytics Platform is built to handle the most demanding analytic use cases and is trusted by thousands of leading data-driven enterprises around the world, including Etsy, Bank of America, Intuit, Uber and more. Vertica delivers speed, scale and reliability on mission-critical analytics at a lower total cost of ownership than legacy systems. All based on the same powerful, unified architecture, the Vertica Analytics Platform provides you with the broadest range of deployment models, so that you have complete choice as your analytical needs evolve. Deploy Vertica on-premise, in the clouds (AWS, Azure and GCP), on Apache Hadoop, or as a hybrid model. Find more information on Vertica at www.vertica.com.

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