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What’s New in Vertica 10

Announced at the Vertica Big Data Conference 2020, Vertica 10 includes many features for deriving greater insight by unifying data siloes across cloud and hybrid environments. Join us for this Webcast to learn how Vertica 10 now supports PMML format to import models built in other platforms and languages like Spark, Python, and SPSS and export models built in Vertica for scoring in other systems as well as integration with TensorFlow for deep learning at scale. You’ll also learn about Vertica in Eon Mode’s expanded public cloud support for Google Cloud Platform and Apache Hadoop as communal storage, providing you with even more deployment options to dynamically manage your variable workloads. The Webcast will also highlight the next-generation Database Designer, complex data types, and much more, so register today.
Recorded Jun 2 2020 61 mins
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Presented by
Mark Lyons, Vertica Product Management and Jeff Healey, Vertica Product Marketing
Presentation preview: What’s New in Vertica 10

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  • Data Disruptors: GoodData Oct 7 2020 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Jan Soubusta, GoodData and Paige Roberts, Vertica
    Data Disruptors: GoodData
    Check back later for more details.
  • How natural language processing approach can improve supply chain responsiveness Sep 24 2020 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Giuseppe Pagannone, Tesisquare & Jeff Healey, Vertica
    A data-driven approach and advanced analytics are key to supporting supply chain manager decisions. The natural language processing approach improves their capacity to easily access information wherever they are and at any time.
    This webinar focuses on the benefits of applying a natural language approach to accessing data and information provided by a control tower software solution.
    • Enhance agility and data-driven decisions with access to smart dashboards integrated with live operational data.
    • Receive automated proactive notifications when events trigger them.
    • Reduce negative impacts by putting actions in place promptly.
    A data-driven approach can improve your forecast capabilities, improve your knowledge and mitigate the impact of negative events.
    Don’t miss this webinar to discover how Tesisquare uses Vertica to accomplish this.
  • From Seven Days to 30 Seconds – Microsoft SQL Server Reports Fly Fast on Vertica Aug 25 2020 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Joy King, VP Vertica and CB Bohn, Principal Data Engineer Vertica
    In our next Under the Hood Webcast, hear Chris “CB” Bohn, database engineer expert who recently joined Micro Focus to build out its corporate data warehouse on Vertica. Learn how has CB migrated legacy queries from Microsoft SQL Server to Vertica, specifically one report that took seven days to complete. CB rewrote 2,500 lines of T-SQL code using Vertica’s analytical window partitioning, shrinking the code down to 150 lines as a one-pass query. The report now runs in 30 seconds! If you are looking to modernize your data warehouse in record time with faster analytical performance and learn important tips and tricks from a Vertica database expert, then you won’t want to miss this Webcast.
  • Top reasons why becoming a Vertica partner Aug 25 2020 8:00 am UTC 75 mins
    Erik Stalpers, Vertica Senior PreSales Consultant & Bartlomiej Niewiadomski, Vertica Partner Business Manager
    The global Big Data and Business Analytics Market size was valued at $171.39 Billion in 2018 and is projected to reach $512.04 Billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 14.80 percent between 2019 and 2026 according to a recent study published by Valuates Reports. Are you ready to partner with us to get your fair share of this revenue opportunity?
    At Vertica, we had the vision to build the big data analytics platform meeting unprecedent speed and scale for the huge amount of data we saw coming. We deliver performance at Exabyte scale. We built in-database analytics functions meeting customer’s expectations. We integrate with open source technologies and we continue to expand our portfolio through an adaptive, ecosystem-friendly architecture.
    We put our customers first and we treat our partners as family. Together, we help companies to significantly improve their big data and analytics performances to achieve their goals.
    During this session, we will share our key competitive advantages as well as our plans to meet our customers’ expectations. We will also outline our channel partner advantages and support.
    Why Vertica: The Race for Unified Analytics Warehouse
    Erik Stalpers, Vertica Senior PreSales Consultant
    • Vertica empowers companies to become data driven and disrupt their industries
    • Why Big Data is not enough and can’t be dissociated from the right analytics platform
    • Discover successful Big Data Analytics use cases – how our customers are unifying and acting on all their data to achieve great results
    • Vertica customer’s ROI: 4.07$ for every $ invested
    • Competitive positioning
    A 5-Star program recognized by Computer Reseller News (CNR)
    Bartlomiej Niewiadomski, Vertica Partner Business Manager
    • Discover our channel partner program benefits: your success is ours
    • Marketing development funds: Our investment to make you successful
    • Transparency & end to end lead generation processes
    • Team up for new partners: how to accelerate our presence
  • How MassMutual is evolving a data culture w/ Vertica & home-grown ingest engine Aug 20 2020 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Joe Gonzalez and Mark Burke, MassMutual
    MassMutual selected Vertica as their corporate Enterprise Data Warehouse in 2019. It was part of a three-year project to create a company-wide data platform for various internal customers. This presentation will describe MassMutual’s new and evolving end-to-end process for feeding batch and streaming data into Vertica, and providing fast analytics and reporting. With an Amazon S3 data lake, the solution provides data standardization and enrichment, enforces column level encryption using Voltage and separates platform and application level concerns to realize self-serve. Learn how the IT organization has delivered this platform and what how it is looking to extend it further.
  • Best Practices for Real-Time Data Loading with Kafka into Vertica Recorded: Jul 28 2020 61 mins
    Serge Bonte, Vertica Best Practices and Paige Roberts, Vertica Product Marketing
    If you load data into Vertica in real-time using Kafka, then this session is for you. Learn best practices for configuring the Vertica Kafka scheduler to load various kinds of data streams into Vertica, as well as how to properly size data frames to achieve efficient and fast loading of streaming data. You will also learn how to stream data from Vertica into Kafka and receive tips and tricks for how to monitor and manage data stream loading.
  • Succeed with Smart Data-Driven Decision Making Recorded: Jul 23 2020 61 mins
    Lokesh Sharma, Sales Director - Vertica, India & SAARC & Gauarv Shinh, Founder and CEO Daas Labs
    Now you can define a data strategy and implement a data platform that serves as a single version of the truth to acquire, analyse, transform, and report data – a one-stop shop for all data needs across the enterprise.

    We invite you to join our upcoming Partner Virtual Meeting and listen to our experts talk about building an authoritative data analytics/ visualization platform that acts as single source of truth for all data related queries. During the meeting we will also update you on data ingestion and integration, data discovery, data quality and governance, data warehouse and data lake development, data consumption, and data as a service design patterns.

    Key highlights:
    •Solution to data migration problem using a no-code interface
    •Design patterns and approaches to discover and curate the ingested dataset
    •Leverage self-serve and no-code platform to generate actionable insights and consume Data-as-a-Service

    Please join us to discuss ways to leverage a modern data ecosystem that brings agility, transparency, smartness, and confidence to the enterprise decision-making process.
  • Introducing the Vertica 10 Unified Analytics Warehouse Recorded: Jul 21 2020 60 mins
    Fouad Teban, Head of Field Engineering - Jeff Healey, Head of Product Marketing - Mark Lyons, Head of Product Management
    Derive greater and faster analytical insights by unifying data siloes across cloud and hybrid environments.

    As the industry’s highest performing Unified Analytics Warehouse, Vertica 10 offers a range of new advancements to empower you to unify, analyse, and act on all your data. This major release includes more deployment options for Vertica in Eon Mode, an elastic separation of compute and storage architecture for handling variable workloads in the clouds (with Google Cloud Platform support added) as well as on-premises (with MinIO and HDFS support added) or hybrid environments. This flexible implementation delivers greater operational simplicity and more control by scaling compute resources independently of shared S3 (Simple Storage Service).

    Join us for this webcast to learn how to:
    •Unify data siloes across cloud/hybrid environments and derive greater value from your HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System) data lake
    •Operationalize Machine Learning by importing and exporting PMML (Predictive Model Markup Language) models, including putting TensorFlow models to work
    •Analyze complex data types (Maps, Structs, and Arrays) in Parquet on S3 or HDFS
    •Achieve a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) by provisioning just the right amount of compute and storage resources for both routine queries and data science projects
    •Seamlessly migrate from Vertica Enterprise to Vertica in Eon Mode with a new migration tool
  • AI / ML enabled Demand Forecasting, Demand Sensing & Supply Network Planning Recorded: Jul 21 2020 61 mins
    Ravi Gupta & Boon Chin Koh, Vertica; Srinidhi Acharya & Pramit Kumar Patra, Aptus Data Labs
    Please join us for a virtual partner meeting and listen to our experts as they describe AI / ML based supply chain planning. During the meeting we will also update you on latest developments in the area of demand & supply planning, including the latest cutting-edge demand sensing capability using advanced AI / MI algorithms.

    Key concepts for this meeting:
    •AI / ML based Demand Forecasting
    •Demand sensing using advanced AI / ML models
    •Supply network planning & optimization
  • BI leverage at Cloud Scale in Record Time with Smart Database Management Recorded: Jul 14 2020 41 mins
    Ben White, Domo Sr. Database Engineer and Paige Roberts, Vertica Product Marketing
    The complexities of cloud-based data at scale led Domo to use Vertica both to help power their flagship product and to glean metadata to tune and optimize their ecosystem. Their internal system, called “Domo4Domo,” uses a rules-based AI engine, with elements of machine learning, to identify and eliminate conditions that cause poor performance. By achieving close to 100% uptime with this system, the team can confidently deliver on query performance SLAs, as well as adjust capacity, when needed, without increasing management costs. Join Domo Senior Database Engineer Ben White, who will discuss how analytics enables organizations to go bold, go big and go fast and how that, against the backdrop of Covid-19, is more important now, than ever before.
  • How Modern Infrastructure Accelerates Time to Insights with Vertica Recorded: Jun 23 2020 44 mins
    Miroslav Klivansky, Field Solutions Architect, Pure Storage and David Sprogis - Principle Product Manager, Vertica
    Vertica is the high-performance SQL analytics data warehouse trusted by the most data-driven organizations to transform customer engagement, fraud detection, network analysis, and more analytical initiatives. Eon Mode is Vertica’s cloud-optimized architecture designed for rapid scaling, workload isolation, and improved operations which, when paired with Pure Storage FlashBlade, is first in category to bring these benefits to the modern enterprise data center on-premises. Pure Storage's FlashBlade is the only on-premises all-flash storage validated with Eon Mode, and combines fast object storage with fast SQL analytics for a proven platform that delivers unparalleled timely insights. Join us to learn why more and more data-driven organizations rely on the Vertica+Pure platform to accelerate time to insights with a modern infrastructure.
  • Building Analytics Platform for Operationalising Machine Learning Recorded: Jun 17 2020 62 mins
    Speakers from Philips, Micro Focus & Tech Mahindra
    Data science is shaping modern businesses into data-driven organisations, with data at the epicenter of boosted profits, saved costs, and industry disruption. Handling and managing Big Data has emerged as a key modern competitive advantage. Hence, having and maintaining a proper analytics platform is crucial for the development and growth of an organisation. But managing and analyzing all that data comes at a cost. Advanced analytics and machine learning projects only show benefits when put into production operation.

    Modern Organisations are looking to build a platform that can facilitate operationalising advanced analytics, including machine learning, and build deeper predictive analytics into their products & services.

    Join us for a discussion where industry speakers from Philips, Micro Focus & Tech Mahindra will present the intricacies of establishing an analytics platform that can build a culture of advanced big data analytics that help successfully operationalise machine learning:

    •How to identify the right fit analytics platforms to support ML
    •How to systematically productize machine learning & deploy analytical insights
    •The skills and resources needed for successfully setting up an analytics platform
    •The maintainability and scalability challenges
    •Recommendations for data and analytics leaders
  • What’s New in Vertica 10 Recorded: Jun 2 2020 61 mins
    Mark Lyons, Vertica Product Management and Jeff Healey, Vertica Product Marketing
    Announced at the Vertica Big Data Conference 2020, Vertica 10 includes many features for deriving greater insight by unifying data siloes across cloud and hybrid environments. Join us for this Webcast to learn how Vertica 10 now supports PMML format to import models built in other platforms and languages like Spark, Python, and SPSS and export models built in Vertica for scoring in other systems as well as integration with TensorFlow for deep learning at scale. You’ll also learn about Vertica in Eon Mode’s expanded public cloud support for Google Cloud Platform and Apache Hadoop as communal storage, providing you with even more deployment options to dynamically manage your variable workloads. The Webcast will also highlight the next-generation Database Designer, complex data types, and much more, so register today.
  • A Clear Path to Vertica in Eon Mode Recorded: May 19 2020 56 mins
    Isaac Lee, Stephen Walkauskas and Jeff Healey, Vertica
    Data volumes are growing every minute of every day. Meanwhile, data-driven organizations are finding more sophisticated ways to derive insight from that data. With Vertica in Eon Mode, you can capitalize on both of these trends. Vertica in Eon Mode’s separation of compute and storage architecture allows massive data volumes to be stored without a significant increase in compute. And with its elastic throughput scaling and workload isolation, Vertica in Eon Mode enables more of your concurrent users to query the database without impacting one another.

    Join us for this Webcast to get a deeper understanding of the benefits of Vertica in Eon Mode. You’ll learn about the meaningful differences between this mode and Vertica in Enterprise Mode. You'll also understand the significance of a hybrid cloud analytical database, including the most flexible deployment options. Finally, you’ll learn all about our new tool in Vertica 10 that makes migrating to Vertica in Eon Mode easy.
  • Expand your analytics portfolio - meet Vertica Recorded: May 13 2020 82 mins
    Erik Stalpers, Vertica Pre Sales; Golan Nahum, CEO and founder of Twingo;
    Join this webinar dedicated to introduce Vertica and how you as a partner can gain advantage of working with Vertica. Don´t miss Platinum partner Twingo´s presentation about how and why they became a Vertica partner, and what the partnership has meant for their business success. The webinar is hosted by Vertica.
  • Managing Rapid Growth at a European Telco Recorded: May 5 2020 58 mins
    Andrija Derezic, Chief Information Officer, United Group & Drazen Orescanin, CEO of Bus. Intelligence, Poslovna Inteligencija
    United Group is a fast growing telco and media provider operating in south Eastern Europe, with recent acquisitions in Croatia, Bulgaria, and other countries in the region. Big data practices are critical for understanding its expanding customer base; scalability, performance, and fast rollouts of solutions are imperatives for their operations.

    After five years on the Netezza platform, United Group decided in 2019 to migrate to Vertica for its scalability, powerful features, and value compared to alternative platforms.

    Join the latest Data Disruptor webcast to hear United Group CIO Andrija Derežić as he describes his company’s reasons for moving to Vertica, along with the challenges faced within the burgeoning and competitive telco industry.
  • Building Vertica-Powered Applications with Python and Golang Recorded: Mar 3 2020 38 mins
    Siting Ren and Jeff Healey, Vertica
    Vertica operates and integrates with a range of open source technologies to offer you more freedom to choose the broadest technologies for your data pipeline. Vertica has two active open source development projects on GitHub – the Vertica-Python and the Vertica-Sql-Go database clients.

    These projects serve as a reference implementation of the Vertica wire protocol and make it easier than ever to build Vertica-powered applications in python and golang. Using these projects partners have built Vertica integrations with new monitoring tools like DataDog and Grafana, and that is just the beginning.

    Join this Under the Hood Webcast to learn more about these clients, how you can use them and how you can help us on our journey towards making integration with Vertica easier from any environment.
  • Delivering Continuous Cyber Risk Assessment Analytics Recorded: Feb 18 2020 43 mins
    Ken Pfeil, Chief Architect, TechDemocracy and Paige Roberts, Open Source Relations Manager, Vertica
    TechDemocracy’s vision was to deliver a cybersecurity, compliance, risk and governance solution that would also work for senior, non-technical business decision makers. It had to aggregate and analyze every facet of an enterprise’s unique cyber ecosystem, and incorporate a spectrum of regulatory requirements (NIST,ISO, HIPAA, SOX, IRA, …) to pinpoint gaps and inefficiencies, prioritize risk investments and continually track progress.

    Join us for the latest Data Disruptors webinar to understand how TechDemocracy incorporates Vertica predictive analytics to power Intellicta, the cloud solution for understanding, evaluating and measuring a company’s cybersecurity, governance, risk and compliance levels.

    • How technical and cyber risk relates to business risk
    • How analytics applies to gauging financial cyber risk
    • What obstacles need to be overcome
  • Managing Variable Workloads with Vertica in Eon Mode Recorded: Jan 29 2020 61 mins
    Yuanzhe Bei, Pratibha Rana and Jeff Healey, Vertica
    The separation of compute and storage architecture of Vertica in Eon Mode delivers a range of benefits to data-driven organizations seeking to manage their variable workloads – on AWS and now on-premises with Pure Storage. There are many core features that enable those benefits, particularly the Depot and subclusters.

    Join us for this Webcast to get a deep dive of how the Depot can help you improve query performance and derive maximum benefit by monitoring usage and more. You’ll also learn how subclusters can enable you to isolate your variable workloads – from reporting to ad-hoc to Machine Learning -- to accommodate all your departments and data consumers and simplify database operations.
  • Pharma Marketing Analytics Team Simplifies Operational Data Science Recorded: Jan 14 2020 61 mins
    David Nicholson-Jones, Analytics Architect, REDPHARMA and Paige Roberts, Open Source Relations Manager, Vertica
    REDPHARMA needed to optimise team resources and deliver top tier business analytics at speed. A core business requirement was simplifying data warehouse processes to gather and enrich data from across 4000+ pharmacies in Belgium.

    Join the latest Data Disruptors webcast, to learn how REDPHARMA took the tough task of pharmaceutical marketing analytics to the Cloud with Vertica, while keeping costs and complexities under control.
Data Analytics without Limits
The Vertica Analytics Platform is built to handle the most demanding analytic use cases and is trusted by thousands of leading data-driven enterprises around the world, including Etsy, Bank of America, Intuit, Uber and more. Vertica delivers speed, scale and reliability on mission-critical analytics at a lower total cost of ownership than legacy systems. All based on the same powerful, unified architecture, the Vertica Analytics Platform provides you with the broadest range of deployment models, so that you have complete choice as your analytical needs evolve. Deploy Vertica on-premise, in the clouds (AWS, Azure and GCP), on Apache Hadoop, or as a hybrid model. Find more information on Vertica at www.vertica.com.

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  • Title: What’s New in Vertica 10
  • Live at: Jun 2 2020 5:00 pm
  • Presented by: Mark Lyons, Vertica Product Management and Jeff Healey, Vertica Product Marketing
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