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Big Data Analytics without Big Data Complexity

The HP AppSystem for Vertica is a pre-integrated technology stack that includes a specifically optimized hardware configuration, factory pre-loaded OS, the HP Vertica Analytics Platform environment, and tailored HP Solution Support and Consulting Services.
Recorded May 23 2013 57 mins
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Presented by
Jeff Healey, Kevin Lyons
Presentation preview: Big Data Analytics without Big Data Complexity

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  • Discover the Spin-Merge Benefits to our Big Data Software Portfolio Nov 15 2016 4:30 pm UTC 60 mins
    Colin Mahony, SVP & GM, HPE Big Data Platform and Joy King, VP, Product Marketing & Field Engagement, HPE Big Data Platform
    Get your questions answered and hear how the Spin-Merge benefits our abilities to deliver advanced analytics and machine learning for your Big Data needs.

    Join two of our HPE Software Big Data leaders to hear firsthand about the recently announced spin-merge. Gain direct insight into what it means for you. This is a big opportunity for us to deliver even more of the advanced analytics at Exabyte scale that all data driven organizations depend on in our fast moving world. Hear about our Big Data portfolio strategy including upcoming innovations addressing performance at scale for tomorrow’s workloads, infrastructure independent deployments and a growing set of in database machine learning algorithms. Bring your questions and join us on this accelerated journey to success.
  • Introducing ChartMaxx, a Quest Diagnostics Healthcare Solution Nov 15 2016 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Dana Gardner, President and Principal Analyst Interarbor Solutions and Kevin Decker, ChartMaxx Technical Product Manager
    Join us for a lively webcast on Tuesday, November 15th at 7 AM PDT (1pm ET) as Dana Gardner, President and Principal Analyst Interarbor Solutions interviews Kevin Decker, ChartMaxx Technical Product Manager, on how ChartMaxx Enterprise Content Management (ECM) has employed the HPE IDOL solution to empower their customers to maximize their enterprise investment in ChartMaxx. Named ChartMaxx Deep Search, this solution integrates data silos to unlock structured and unstructured content to accelerate insight discovery and increase effectiveness. Attend this webcast to hear about industry trends and challenges and how HPE partners with products like ChartMaxx to bring solutions together to benefit your organization.
  • Discover how HPE’s Spin-Merge will enhance your software investment Nov 2 2016 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Chris Hsu, EVP, David Jones, SVP, and Joe Garber, VP Marketing, Information Management and Governance, HPE
    Hear directly from Hewlett Packard Enterprise senior executives about the recently announced Spin-Merge and how this news will positively impact HPE’s Information Management & Governance products and services.

    On September 7, Hewlett Packard Enterprise announced plans for a spin-off and merger of our Software business unit with Micro Focus, a global software company dedicated to delivering and supporting enterprise software solutions. The combination of HPE’s software assets with Micro Focus will create one of the world’s largest pure-play enterprise software companies.

    Join senior executives from HPE Software, and the Information Management and Governance business unit, to learn how this spin-merge will positively impact HPE’s technology portfolio and the ability to address your (or your customers’) needs. Hear firsthand about investments that are being made in HPE’s Adaptive Backup & Recovery, Secure Content Management, Verity, and Digital Safe suites. And have your questions answered by top executives. We look forward to you joining us.
  • How secure content management helps align information governance and security Oct 27 2016 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Rich Lauwers, Information Governance, HPE
    This interactive session will look at how you can leverage the concept of secure content management to support privacy and information security transparently within your information governance program. How can the need for security, business continuity and data protection be balanced with collaboration and productivity expectations to successfully deliver the desired business outcomes for your stakeholders and customers. There will be opportunity throughout the session to share your thoughts and experiences.
  • Accelerating Big Data Success with the Center of Excellence (COE) Model Oct 26 2016 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Justin Coffey, Senior Staff Dev Lead, Criteo and Ben Smith, Product Marketing Manager, HPE
    Could you benefit from a Big Data COE? Whether you formally call it a CoE or not, your big-data analytics initiatives should be led by a team that promotes collaboration with and between users and technologists throughout your organization. Join this webinar to hear from Justin Coffey, a senior staff development lead at the performance marketing company Criteo, to hear how they used a Center of Excellence model to drive business- and customer-value results with big data analytics.
  • Leveraging Next-Gen Security Analytics against Advanced Threats Recorded: Oct 20 2016 48 mins
    Mike Hamilton, Sr Vice President of Products, Ziften Technologies & Dana Gardner, Principal Analyst, Interarbor Solutions
    Join this interview between Mike Hamilton, Sr VP of Products at Ziften Technologies & Dana Gardner, Principal Analyst at Interarbor Solutions to discover the latest security trends driving the need for predictive protection. Learn how leveraging next generation security analytics enables protection against advanced threats, such as human directed attacks, ransomware, cryptoware and unknown malware. The interview will provide insights into how businesses can meet their security goals with enterprise-wide visibility and instant analytics.
  • How Machine Learning Powers Effective Enterprise Search Recorded: Oct 19 2016 35 mins
    Raj Dhillon, Chief Field Technologist for Big Data, HPE
    In a hypercompetitive world, faster and better decisions and actions are critical. So, can your individual staff members working in different functions find the right information at the right time to make that happen? Enterprise search systems can save as much as 30%* of the time spent by employees searching for information. The cumulative impact across the organization could be far-reaching. Come and find out how machine learning can accelerate intelligent search and knowledge discovery.

    *Transparency Market Research
  • Using big data to escape the growing public sector paper avalanche! Recorded: Oct 6 2016 38 mins
    Cheryl McKinnon is a principal analyst at Forrester Research
    Our guest speaker, Forrester Analyst Cheryl McKinnon, author of the
    recent report entitled "The State Of Records Management In The Public Sector:
    Top Challenges And Priorities For 2016" will present her latest findings and recomendations.
    - Find out how public sector professionals can leverage big data initiatives to automate records capture and shift to a digital-first way of working.
    - Learn about today’s public sector landscape for records management and how it demonstrably lags behind advances in the private sector.
    - Explore ways to leverage big data initiatives to drive more successful and sustainable public sector records management programs.
    Join Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Forrester Research for an informative webinar "Using big data to escape the growing public sector paper avalanche!"
  • Under the Hood: Kerberos, LDAP and other security features in Vertica Recorded: Oct 5 2016 46 mins
    Ignacio Hwang, Sr. Product Manager, HPE
    There are many potential threats to the security of your HPE Vertica data. Learn the most common threats and how to harden data access, authentication, authorization and encryption of your Vertica data. In this webcast we'll cover:

    • Authentication options an best practices
    • Granular Column/Row Masking
    • Dynamic Data Protection via HPE SecureData
  • Ransomware: it’s not if, but when. Are you prepared? Recorded: Sep 29 2016 47 mins
    Stephen Spellicy, Nathan Turajski, Edward Gavin & Gagan Bhatia, HPE Software
    Today, cyber-criminals are leveraging more than 120 different variants of ransomware to attack all types of businesses with. According to a BBC article, there has been a 3,500% increase in the criminal use of net infrastructure to run ransomware attacks. These threats are especially grave for highly regulated industries that have strict data privacy and security laws including PCI, PHI, and PII compliance.

    How safe is your IT infrastructure from ransomware? How well is your data protected from these cyber-criminals who are constantly inventing new ways to break into your systems? Are there effective ways to mitigate ransomware and other malware risks – from the datacenter to the edge?

    Join our live panel discussion where these questions will be addressed and more, related to ransomware, backup, security, and compliance.
  • The Presidential Directive on Managing Electronic Records- will you be ready? Recorded: Sep 21 2016 60 mins
    Jason R. Baron, and Donna Read
    According to the Presidential Directive on Managing Electronic
    Records “all federal agencies must manage both permanent and temporary
    e-mail records in an accessible electronic format” by December 31,
    Are you prepared to meet this deadline? Will you be prepared for the
    next one of December 31, 2019 indicating, “Federal agencies must
    manage all permanent electronic records in an electronic format”?
    Meeting these deadlines will require in-depth planning and resources
    and, yet, many agencies still do not have adequate control of their
    email or electronic records.
    Join Hewlett Packard Enterprise and MER for an informative webinar
    "The Presidential Directive on Managing Electronic Records- will you
    be ready?"
  • Techniques for identifying business value and aligning stakeholders Recorded: Sep 21 2016 53 mins
    Larry Lancaster, Zebrium
    You’ve identified a real business need for a big data project -- now what? How do you articulate and justify this need, in order to fund the initiative?

    When pitching a big data strategy to company stakeholders, you need to know your audience -- understanding each role, and its accompanying needs and concerns, is critical. For instance, business analysts might want a SQL-based solution that integrates with current BI and reporting tools; business owners may want to uncover new revenue streams or increased operational efficiency; and data scientists may look for tools to creatively explore large volumes of data, quickly.

    Having a successful big data strategy can deliver massive benefits to the business – new products and services, reduced customer churn, and cost reductions, to name a few – but first you must know your audience’s interests, and connect those interests to business imperatives. Thinking in terms of revenues, costs, and competitiveness can help you communicate your vision to technologists and business stakeholders alike, and explain what’s required to make the project succeed.

    Join Larry Lancaster, Founder of Zebrium, for a blueprint on how to get buy-in for your big data project. In this webcast, you'll learn how to successfully:
    • Envision the business value of your big data project
    • Select the right use-case to relay your message
    • Identify how the business can monetize new analytics capabilities
    • Communicate the benefits of your data strategy, to different audiences
  • Accelerate Your Information Management & Governance Initiatives Recorded: Sep 20 2016 52 mins
    Alan Dayley, Research Director, Gartner & Joe Garber, VP, Marketing for Information Management & Governance, HPE
    With enterprise information increasing at an exponential rate, organizations are facing more challenges every day to effectively manage and govern their information. Data is flowing from a variety of sources and is being accessed and stored in numerous ways and locations, with new methods of generating it being created every day. Given these challenges, how can organizations access and understand their enterprise information? How can they organize and control it, and more importantly, how can they leverage and take action on that information? In this program, we answer those questions and more with two of the industry’s leading experts – Gartner Research Director Alan Dayley and Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Vice President of Marketing for Information Management & Governance, Joe Garber.
  • VM Backup Best Practices: Tips from the Trenches, featuring the ZaneRay Group Recorded: Aug 25 2016 60 mins
    Brennan Sandusky and Dean Hamilton, ZaneRay Group & Stephen Aldous and Gagan Bhatia, HPE Software, VM Explorer
    All organizations, no matter how large or small, are leveraging virtualization and the cloud to meet the speed and agility needs of today’s businesses. But it comes with challenges. Is the worry of protecting your organization’s critical data keeping you up at night? Wondering how to secure the data in your virtual environments?

    Join this live panel discussion to find out how ZaneRay, a Montana-based web design and e-commerce consultancy, protects their high-value websites, internal systems and client data. Learn best practices for VM backup from practitioners just like you!
  • Structured Data Insights: The Vertica Architecture Advantage Recorded: Aug 24 2016 49 mins
    Chuck Bear, Engineer at HPE Vertica
    It’s widely known that the HPE Vertica Analytics Platform provides blazing-fast performance for thousands of organizations. But how does Vertica actually make that happen? Join us to look "Under the Hood" of Vertica and learn about the core technologies, approaches, and to get a glimpse of HPE “Excavator,” the current version of HPE Vertica.
  • HPE VM Explorer: Simple, Reliable and Affordable Backup for VMware and Hyper-V Recorded: Jul 21 2016 22 mins
    Stephen Aldous, Product Manager at HPE
    Did you hear? Hewlett Packard Enterprise now offers a low-cost, easy-to-use and reliable backup solution for both VMware and Hyper-V.

    Introducing HPE VM Explorer, a product so easy to use you can be up and running in minutes – no product training required! With an intuitive web interface, VM Explorer provides fast access to backup, replication, restore, instant virtual machine recovery, and file-level restore.

    Join Stephen Aldous, HPE technical guru and VP of Product Management, for a live overview of VM Explorer. Discover how its simplicity makes it easy to install and easy to use - freeing up your time for other projects. Don’t miss your opportunity to find out more.
  • Ransomware strikes again! Is your data safe? Recorded: Jul 18 2016 64 mins
    Roshan Kumar, Product Marketing Manager, HPE
    Did you know, cyber-criminals collected $209 million through ransomware attacks during the first three months of 2016? The FBI warns that there will be more attacks focused on organizations than on individuals in the coming days.

    As new variants of ransomware evolve every other day, having an endpoint backup solution is the true protection against the ransomware. Does your endpoint backup strategy ensure your data is safe? How effective is your endpoint backup in assuring business continuity? What security and protection features should you consider while selecting an endpoint backup solution? What should you do if your organization is hit by ransomware? Join this event to learn the answers to these questions and much more.
  • Building, training & operationalizing predictive analytic models with Vertica Recorded: Jul 13 2016 35 mins
    Vincent Xu, Software Development Manager & Ben Smith, Product Marketing Manager
    Predictive Analytics is complex—especially with the volume of Big Data available today. Data Scientists are often required to build and tune models using a sample subset of data (which may not adequately represent the larger dataset) before deployment, extending the time needed to operationalize and get value out of the predictive analysis. HPE Vertica can streamline this process.

    With HPE Vertica’s Machine Learning for Predictive Analytics (v7.2.2), users can natively create and deploy machine learning models directly in Vertica (leveraging SQL) on large sets of data, accelerating the process and overall time to value.

    Join this webcast to learn how HPE Vertica can help accelerate your Big Data program.
  • Close intelligence gaps with unified data analytics Recorded: Jun 28 2016 36 mins
    Fernando Lucini, HPE Big Data
    Government agencies all over the world are faced with increasing pressure to make better decisions faster to address rapidly changing operational environments and emerging risks of various nature. While there is an abundance of data for completing the information puzzle, it is a significant challenge to address massive volumes of disparate data from diverse sources such as surveillance cameras, broadcast media, sensors, social media, transactions, etc., and to effectively automate analytics processes to accelerate the delivery of comprehensive and relevant insights that matter.

    Join our webinar to see how HPE IDOL, a unified analytics platform for text and rich media data, can help you break down data silos, monitor real-time data feeds, uncover coveted trends/patterns/relationships, and streamlines workflows. Discover how IDOL powers real-life applications in defense, transportation security and law enforcement.
  • Use Big Data to analyze and optimize network performance for on demand video Recorded: Jun 28 2016 32 mins
    Dana Gardner, Interarbor Solutions; Jacques Le Mancq, CEO and President at Broadpeak
    Join us for a live Big Data Analytics customer case study webcast featuring Dana Gardner, a leading IT industry analyst at Interarbor Solutions, as he interviews Jacques Le Mancq the CEO and President of Broadpeak on how they use Big Data to analyze and optimize network performance for on demand video service.
Analyze 100% of your data
Understand and analyze 100% of your data from any source, any format and any location, with extreme speed, security and scale. The HPE Big Data Platform is an enterprise-class offering that affords you more options and choices to store, manage, and analyze 100% of your data and to build and deliver next-generation applications and services.

Backup and governance solutions from Hewlett Packard Enterprise provide a comprehensive approach to protect the digital enterprise from risk, and empower data-driven businesses to harness value from 100% of their information.

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