Big Data Analytics: How to Generate Return on Information

Girish Mundada, CTO HAVEn; Brian Weiss, VP, Big Data Technology
Is your organization prepared for the growing volume, velocity, and variety of Big Data from sensors, customers, machines, social media channels, and more? More importantly, how can you achieve business value from managing and analyzing all of this data?

Learn how you can harness the power of Big Data with an intelligent end-to-end approach that focuses equally on information infrastructure, information management, and information insight.

Register for this webinar to get real world examples of how companies have used Big Data to generate a Return on Information (ROI) and measurable business value.
Sep 12 2013
47 mins
Big Data Analytics: How to Generate Return on Information
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  • Tras crear un prototipo inicial de su aplicación para una vista previa limitada ya es hora de que el equipo pase a consolidar la arquitectura haciéndola más robusta y tolerante a los fallos antes de lanzarla oficialmente al público final.

    En este capítulo se tratan conceptos de la infraestructura de AWS tales como regiones y zonas de disponibilidad; además, se explica cómo utilizar tales características para incrementar la tolerancia de la aplicación a los fallos.

    Servicios y características tratados
    •Conceptos clave sobre infraestructura (regiones y zonas de disponibilidad)
    •Equilibro de carga elástico (Elastic Load Balancing)
    •Amazon RDS

    •Creación de una AMI basada en una instancia en ejecución
    •Creación y configuración de un equilibrador de carga elástico
    •Zonas de disponibilidad múltiples con Amazon RDS
    •Alarmas con Amazon CloudWatch
  • Una vez expandida con éxito la capacidad del centro de datos a Amazon Web Services para los entornos de desarrollo y prueba, el equipo de IT se enfrenta a un nuevo reto en cuanto a la capacidad, es decir, cómo almacenar la cada vez mayor cantidad de datos generados por las aplicaciones empresariales y mantener los costes a la baja. Además, también se enfrentan al reto de mantener copias de seguridad de esos datos de manera adecuada.

    Este capítulo aborda ambas cuestiones con servicios como Amazon S3 y Amazon Glacier.


    •AWS Storage Gateway
    •Datos de Amazon S3 a Amazon Glacier

    Servicios y características tratados:
    •Amazon S3
    •Amazon Glacier
    •AWS Storage Gateway
    •AWS Import / Export
  • Join backup and recovery experts to find out how to build your backup and recovery requirements checklist. By the end of this session, you’ll learn how you can:

    -Cut storage requirements by up to 80%
    -Save on storage costs and performance hits to your network.
    -Leverage near-instant recovery technology for protected virtual machines or servers.
    -Automate application-aware backups and testing for data corruption.
  • Questo è il primo episodio di una serie di webinar che illustreranno le diverse modalità in cui AWS viene utilizzato dai team di sviluppo agili. Tutti gli episodi faranno riferimento a una startup impegnata nell'apertura di una nuova area di business, illustrando i vantaggi offerti dall'utilizzo di AWS. La startup puo' essere una nuova realtà o un centro di innovazione all'interno di una azienda esistente, ad esempio per seguire il lancio di un nuovo prodotto.

    In questo episodio vengono descritti i principali vantaggi di AWS per le startup e i team IT agili, soffermandosi su come il team abbia sviluppato rapidamente un prototipo funzionante utilizzando i diversi servizi offerti dalla piattaforma.
  • Savvy marketers spend a lot of their time analyzing big data, on the lookout for exciting new insights which can translate into action items and strategic advantage. Unfortunately, “giraffes” in their data – portions of data which dominate the rest of it – often hide important insights and lead to erroneous strategic decision making. In this webinar, we will discuss how to spot giraffes in your data and how to make sure they’re not misleading you.
  • A modern Hadoop-based data platform is a combination of multiple source projects brought together, tested, and integrated to create an enterprise-grade platform. In this session, we will review the Hadoop projects required in a Windows Hadoop platform and drill down into Hadoop integration and implementation with Windows, Microsoft Azure, and SQL Server.
  • Join AWS for this Building Scalable Web Applications webinar where we will explain the key architectural patterns used to build applications in the AWS cloud, and how to leverage cloud fundamentals to build highly available, cost effective web-scale applications.

    You will also learn how to design for elasticity and availability within AWS using a common web architecture as a reference point and discuss strategies for scaling, security, application management and global reach. If you want to know how to make your applications truly scale then join this webinar to learn more.

    Reasons to attend:

    • Understand the architectural properties of powerful, scalable and highly available applications in the Amazon cloud
    • Learn about Amazon regions and services that operate within them that enable you to leverage cloud scaling
    • Discover how to manage data with services like Amazon S3, Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon Elastic MapReduce to remove constraints from your applications as your achieve web-scale data volumes
    • Hear about customer case studies and real-world examples of scaling from a handful of resources to many thousands in response to customer demand

    Who should attend?

    • Developers, operations, engineers and IT architects who want to learn how to get the best from their applications in AWS
  • Impala raises the bar for SQL query performance on Apache Hadoop. With Impala, you can query Hadoop data – including SELECT, JOIN, and aggregate functions – in real time to do BI-style analysis. As a result, Impala makes a Hadoop-based enterprise data hub function like an enterprise data warehouse for native Big Data.
    In this webinar featuring Impala architect Marcel Kornacker, you will explore:

    * How Impala's architecture supports query speed over Hadoop data that not only convincingly exceeds that of Hive, but also that of a proprietary analytic DBMS over its own native columnar format.
    * The current state of, and roadmap for, Impala's analytic SQL functionality.
    * An example configuration and benchmark suite that demonstrate how Impala offers a high level of performance, functionality, and ability to handle a multi-user workload, while retaining Hadoop’s traditional strengths of flexibility and ease of scaling.
  • Dr. Ralph Kimball describes how Apache Hadoop complements and integrates effectively with the existing enterprise data warehouse. The Hadoop environment's revolutionary architectural advantages open the door to more data and more kinds of data than are possible to analyze with conventional RDBMSs, and additionally offer a whole series of new forms of integrated analysis.

    Dr. Kimball explains how Hadoop can be both:

    A destination data warehouse, and also
    An efficient staging and ETL source for an existing data warehouse
    You will also learn how enterprise conformed dimensions can be used as the basis for integrating Hadoop and conventional data warehouses.
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  • See the Big Picture in Big Data with HP HAVEn May 1 2014 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    See the big picture in Big Data. A customer service call can transform an internal process. Understanding Tweets and Likes can lead to improved product design. Previously unconnected data can reveal patterns and relationships so you can jump on more opportunities. The moment to tap the full potential of Big Data is now.

    HP HAVEn is a Big Data platform that analyzes 100% of the data relevant to your organization. HAVEn delivers the analytics services & engines to exploit data from any source, and the services and solutions to reshape your IT infrastructure to realize the value of your data.

    Attend this webinar to learn about HP’s Big Data platform and hear how HAVEn users are now able to know their customers better, to design better products, and to run their operations more efficiently.

    When you have 100% of your data informing every decision, anything else is just an educated guess.
  • CIOs and CMOs: Who’s biggest on Big Data? Recorded: Oct 30 2013 58 mins
    Big Data is big business, but increasingly the customer is the CMO and individual lines of business. Where does this leave the CIO and central IT? Join us for the third in our webcast series, and hear a CIO and CMO debate on the battle for budget and relevance in today’s enterprise. When it comes to Big Data in the enterprise, who controls the purse strings, and who’s holding the bag? Tune in to hear debate on such topics as:
    • Who should set the Big Data strategy in the enterprise?
    • How can CIOs maintain security and governance?
    • How can you best leverage data if it’s not all under IT’s control?
    • Strategies and best practices you can take away for your own organization

    Register now, and be sure to bring your questions for our panelist Q&A.
  • Big Customer Data Analytics with a 360-Degree View Recorded: Oct 17 2013 64 mins
    With HP Vertica, Snapfish creates an expansive 360-degree view of their customers – their behaviors, motivations, and intentions – and in turn:
    - Gains long-term loyalty and competitive advantage from their growing online customer base
    - Provides rich insights that drive decisions around products, promotions, and price
    - Target specific individuals for upselling and cross-selling based on actual usage patterns, not guess work
  • Big Data Analytics: How to Generate Return on Information Recorded: Sep 12 2013 47 mins
    Is your organization prepared for the growing volume, velocity, and variety of Big Data from sensors, customers, machines, social media channels, and more? More importantly, how can you achieve business value from managing and analyzing all of this data?

    Learn how you can harness the power of Big Data with an intelligent end-to-end approach that focuses equally on information infrastructure, information management, and information insight.

    Register for this webinar to get real world examples of how companies have used Big Data to generate a Return on Information (ROI) and measurable business value.
  • Deriving Maximum Value from your Enterprise Data Warehouse Recorded: Sep 5 2013 65 mins
    If you’re like most organizations, you have made a major investment in your enterprise data warehouse. However, squeezing out marginal performance gains can require you to constantly invest in more hardware and services. There has to be a better, more cost-effective solution.

    Join HP and CMA Consulting Services as they share why supplementing or replacing your enterprise data warehouse with the HP Vertica Analytics Platform can:

    -Save you millions of dollars in hardware and license costs
    -Improve performance by orders of magnitude
    -Skip the costly and cumbersome “refrigerator” upgrades
    -Increase team productivity and organizational value
    -Get your organization prepared for massive scalability
    -Minimize implementation administration costs
  • Total Economic Impact of HP Return on Information Recorded: Jun 25 2013 38 mins
    Learn how leading organizations are achieving an overall lower TCO and faster ROI with HP for their Big Data initiatives. Also how leading high-volume analytics firm Kansys, an HP customer, relies on the HP Vertica Analytics Platform.
  • Big Data Analytics without Big Data Complexity Recorded: May 23 2013 57 mins
    The HP AppSystem for Vertica is a pre-integrated technology stack that includes a specifically optimized hardware configuration, factory pre-loaded OS, the HP Vertica Analytics Platform environment, and tailored HP Solution Support and Consulting Services.
  • The Future of Big Data in Sports Recorded: Apr 18 2013 60 mins
    Join Jason Bailey of HP Vertica, Brian Kopp of STATS, and Neil Paine of in an interactive virtual roundtable discussion on the future of big data in sports.

    Watch this webinar to learn how professional sports franchises:

    - Rely on big data analytics to manage and analyze growing volumes of data to gain a competitive edge
    - Evolve from the tedious, manual data collection to collecting real-time motion and positioning (X,Y,Z) data for every player in the arena as well as the ball
    - Access and consume critical research data to formulate their game plans
  • Five Signs You May Be Outgrowing Your MySQL Data Warehouse Recorded: Mar 28 2013 58 mins
    Just like your old favorite shirt that you wore as a child and no longer fits as an adult, you may soon realize that you have outgrown your MySQL data warehouse, and it no longer meets your analytic needs.

    As data volumes increase and new data sources are added to the system, performance degrades to the point where your users are reporting that queries are taking too long, or, even worse, never return at all.

    Join Alison Reynolds, Systems Engineer, HP Vertica, Jason Kirk, VP of Product Development, CCBill and Roger Nessler, VP of Client Management, Estuate for this upcoming webcast to identify these five important signs that you may be outgrowing your MySQL data warehouse, and how you can prepare for an easy transition to the HP Vertica Analytics Platform in meeting your most demanding Big Data analytics challenges:

    1. You are considering implementing sharding or partitioning.
    2. Your file sizes are too large.
    3. The number and size of the indexes are getting cumbersome.
    4. Your tables are getting wider.
    5. You keep maxing out your servers.
  • Unlocking the Massive Potential of Sensor Data and the Internet of Things Recorded: Feb 19 2013 60 mins
    Learn how you can intelligently manage and analyze volumes of sensor data to drive your business cases

    Within a few short years, the Internet of Things, or Machine to Machine (M2M), is projected to include millions, if not billions, of connected devices, generating an unfathomable amount of sensor data.

    With emerging, real-world use cases, such as Smart Metering, Telemedicine, and Usage-Based Insurance, product manufacturers and their customers are reducing costs, improving customer satisfaction, and creating new business models based on the inherent value of sensor data.

    However, without the appropriate data analytics platform, companies can get overwhelmed by this volume of data, or, worse yet, never even collect and analyze this data to drive bottom-line business benefits.

    Join HP Vertica, HP Labs, CBIG Consulting, and:

    Understand the most prevalent industry use cases
    Hear real-world case study examples
    Learn about the key considerations from a technology perspective in preparing to manage and analyze terabytes to petabytes of data
  • The Disruptive Power of Big Data Recorded: Jan 24 2013 60 mins
    Looking back years from now, the 2012 presidential election may go down in history as the first in which Big Data analytics entered the popular (or at least pundit) discourse.
    President Obama's campaign manager, Jim Messina, committed from the very beginning to "measure everything," and "use analytics across the campaign spectrum."
    Watch HP Vertica and the Democratic National Committee for this can't-miss Webcast and learn how Big Data analytics powered by the HP Vertica Analytics Platform empowered the Obama campaign to reinvent how presidential campaigns are conducted.
  • What's New with HP Vertica 6.1 Recorded: Dec 18 2012 60 mins
    Announcing the general availability of HP Vertica Analytics Platform 6.1 "Bulldozer", a new version of our next-generation analytics platform purpose-built to simplify Big Data. This release includes features and enhancements focused on delivering high-performance analytics, tighter integration with Hadoop, expanded data management, simplified cloud deployments, and enhanced platform usability and administration.

    With HP Vertica Analytics Platform 6.1, you can now get even faster answers from your Big Data with improved support for Hadoop and R, a deployment model that fits your business need, and complete scalability and an overall lower total cost of ownership as your data grows.

    Register now to watch the webcast and learn how you can leverage highlights of our new release, including:

    Tighter integration with Hadoop
    Expanded data management
    High-performance analytics
    Simplified cloud deployments
    Enhanced platform usability and administration

    And much, much more...
  • ClickStream Analysis with HP Vertica Recorded: Oct 25 2012 60 mins
    Analyzing web traffic logs, or clickstream analysis, is an important tool for organizations looking to discover trends and customer behavior on a their website and e-commerce portals. But even websites with modest traffic generate massive amounts of information.

    As web traffic and interactions have increased exponentially on over the past few years, HP realized they needed a new solution for analysis at a much larger scale, while providing a platform to meet the needs of future analytics requirements.
    The best of both worlds

    Looking in-house for a solution, the team decided to try HP Vertica, coupled with Hadoop. The combination has provided a world-class solution for analyzing the data at a much larger scale.
Make all your information matter.
HP Vertica and Autonomy

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  • Title: Big Data Analytics: How to Generate Return on Information
  • Live at: Sep 12 2013 5:00 pm
  • Presented by: Girish Mundada, CTO HAVEn; Brian Weiss, VP, Big Data Technology
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