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SAP HANA One – Start an Instance of SAP HANA in the Cloud Today

Joe Binkley, from SAP, will personally assist you in starting your SAP HANA One instance on AWS. Get started today.
Recorded Mar 12 2013 60 mins
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Presented by
Joe Binkley, SAP HANA and Nicole O’Malley, SAP HANA One
Presentation preview: SAP HANA One – Start an Instance of SAP HANA in the Cloud Today

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  • Simplify Integration with SAP HANA Cloud Platform Recorded: Nov 7 2014 56 mins
    Michael Hill, Director of Product Marketing, SAP America
    Whether you’re building or extending applications on SAP HANA Cloud Platform, learn how to quickly connect cloud and on-premise enterprise systems with SAP HANA Cloud Integration. SAP HCI, along with SAP Process Orchestration, gets you connected quickly, so you can focus on innovation. This interactive webinar includes prepackaged integrations to help jump-start your projects, customer and partner use cases, answers to your questions and more.
  • Extending Your Applications with SAP HANA Cloud Platform Recorded: Sep 23 2014 63 mins
    Filip Misovski, Chief Product Expert of Platform Extensions at SAP AG
    Now you can extend your on-premise and cloud applications like never before with SAP HANA Cloud Platform, the Platform as a Service powered by SAP HANA. Join us for this overview of Platform extensions, including new examples of application extensibility in action, and a discussion of the powerful and engaging business solutions that are enabled by SAP HANA Cloud Platform.
  • Simple Cloud Technologies Paving a Clear Roadmap to the SAP HANA Enterprise Clou Recorded: Sep 17 2014 45 mins
    Marcus Hicke, SAP HANA Cloud Infrastructure, Nicole O'Malley, SAP Product Marketing
    The HEC Solution Portfolio offers packages which consists of software and IT managed services which help companies to execute on their roadmap. These Solutions help companies to drive innovation faster with low TCI and provide a “worry free” path towards driving business in the cloud with a short time to value including rapid productive access of SAP Solutions complementing customers’ existing IT infrastructure.
  • Selecting Cloud Platforms for Customer Engagement Recorded: Aug 21 2014 63 mins
    John Rymer, VP Analyst, Forrester Research Inc., Suresh Ramakrishnan, VP, SAP Cloud Technology
    Next generation applications enable companies to engage with their customers on a real-time basis. And many of these applications are now being developed in the cloud. Are you looking for an easier way to engage with your customers? Or, how about achieving faster time to market with real-time processes? Discover why more companies like yours are taking these requirements and developing next-generation applications in the cloud. Hear what platform features and services you should consider in a cloud platform. In addition, hear about how SAP addresses this need with SAP HANA Cloud Platform.
  • Architected for the Cloud - SAP HANA Cloud Platform Recorded: Jul 23 2014 9 mins
    John Rymer, VP & Principal Analyst of Application Development & Delivery Professionals, Forrester Research Inc.
    Learn from industry expert John Rymer of Forrester Research, Inc. what organizations look for in a well-architected cloud platform. In this educational interview, hear why companies are investing in the cloud, use cases driving them to the cloud and the platform services to look for when developing modern day applications in the cloud. Explore why SAP HANA Cloud Platform is the right choice for application development in the cloud and how it is architected with the services and platform features John Rymer discusses.
  • SAP HANA in the Cloud: A Primer and Update Recorded: Jul 22 2014 51 mins
    James Gold and Nicole O'Malley - SAP Cloud Technology Marketing
    SAP HANA Cloud Platform and SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud have generated significant attention in recent months. Please join us for an an introduction to both solutions, and an overview of the SAP cloud portfolio overall. We'll update you on 2014 announcements, discuss distinctions between the two solutions, answer your questions and more.
  • Create Elegant Stories with SAP Lumira Personal Edition Running on HANA One Recorded: Oct 29 2013 45 mins
    Nicole O'Malley, Sr. Product Markeing Manager, SAP, Sougata Dutta, SAP
    HANA One just got better with the newly designed SAP Lumira SP12 Personal Edition. The user interface is elegant and easy to use with intuitive design tools to help you visualize your data right from your HANA One instance. We'll will walk through how to use Lumira SP12 Personal Edition exploring new features, and discovering and visualizing big data with packaged public datasets. We'll share a live demo and tutorial videos that are meant to help you not only tell stories with you data but also build vibrant applications. Join us and learn how you can achieve all of this. Plus, the best part of Lumira SP12 Personal Edition is that it's free with your HANA One instance.
  • Movie Sentiment Rating App Powered by Text Analysis on HANA One Recorded: Sep 25 2013 60 mins
    Nicole O'Malley, Senior Product Marketing Manager, SAP HANA, Wenjun Zhou, SAP TIP CE&SP China
    Have you ever wanted to see a movie but you don't know what to see? Sentiment analysis of movies is a smart application built on SAP HANA One. It can predict ratings on new released movies based on social sentiment and recommend movies to users.

    HANA One analyzes social media data from tweets after a film is watched, like “The Wolverine is amazing!” or “The Wolverine is not worth watching…”

    Learn how this application gathers real-time sentiment rating based on real-time tweets, e.g., for The Wolverine, 78% positive, 20% neutral and 2% negative. Through a live demo, see how it provides potential watchers with quantifiable data on whether the movie is good or not. In addition, the application can recommend movies based on user’s Twitter data. It semantically detects user’s movie taste from Twitter and matches it with other users preferences. The smart app uses social profiling to accurately recommend movies.
  • Combine Hadoop & SAP HANA One to Perform Data Analysis using Lumira Recorded: Sep 24 2013 60 mins
    Nicole O'Malley, Senior Product Marketing Manager, SAP, Bill Ramos, Associate VP of Consulting Practices, Advaiya
    Bill Ramos, Associate Vice Presidentof Consulting Practices from Advaiya Inc, has created a demo based on analyzing Wikipedia page hit data that could be used to correlate the effectiveness marketing campaigns. Join us on this webinar to see how Bill created this demo using Amazon Web Services Elastic Map Reduce (Hadoop and Hive) and HANA One. The live demo will cover:
    •Loading Hive query results into SAP HANA One
    •Creating an Analytic Model on top of the HANA tables
    •Performing analysis of the data using SAP Lumira

    You can follow along with the blog series at http://scn.sap.com/community/developer-center/hana/blog/2013/06/28/using-sap-hana-to-analyze-wikipedia-data-preparing-the-data
  • Customer Story: What's the SCOOP? Seeking Cash Opps in Operational Processes Recorded: Sep 10 2013 60 mins
    Nicole O’Malley, Senior Product Manager, SAP HANA, Guenther Tolkmit, CDO, VMS
    Finding extra cash resources in businesses these days is unheard of. How many times have you needed money to implement an innovative idea but there’s no budget available? Guenther Tolkmit, Chief Delivery Officer of VMS, will talk about how VMS’s signature solution, SCOOP, enables its customers to simulate how to free up cash in operational processes and give answers to “unsolvable” questions.

    Guenther will present a live demo which runs on SAP HANA One and describe his experience with working with HANA One. He will present actual uses cases where VMS successfully identified resources for customers and talk about how HANA One is instrumental in SCOOP’s performance.
  • Customer Story: Fast Track Your Procurement Process with SAP HANA One Recorded: Jul 30 2013 60 mins
    Nicole O'Malley, Senior Product Marketing Manager, SAP. QUADOX
    Procurement is all about negotiating the price of and acquiring materials from the best suppliers. Procurement processes and professionals are constantly chasing the best deal. What is the best deal?

    Listen to Quadox talk about how they created a solution to make quick procurement decisions saving money and assuring the best deal. On this webinar you'll learn how to:
    1. Merge different procurement systems into one place for greater analysis
    2. Increase transparency of your global spend down to the supplier and material level
    3. Use fuzzy logic to merge data from different sources to identify potential discounts, where your goods/services are purchased best and hidden reserves where you once thought there weren't any resources left
  • SAP HANA New Product Offering: HANA One Premium Recorded: Jul 23 2013 45 mins
    Nicole O'Malley, Senior Product Manager, SAP HANA, Narayan Sundar, Strategic Projects for Vishal Sikka
    Narayan Sundar, Customer Engagement & Special Projects for Vishal Sikka, SAP, explains this new SAP HANA in the Public Cloud deployment option and how it could be a perfect fit for you. Aligning with our other SAP HANA cloud options, SAP HANA One Premium is flexible, agile and powerful. Join us to hear about how you can use:
    - SAP Source Data
    - Full SAP Connectivity
    - Complete Cloud Integration
    - Comprehensive SAP Enterprise Support
  • Customer Story: Real-time Situational Awareness of Critical & Complex Operations Recorded: Jul 9 2013 41 mins
    Nicole O'Malley, Senior Product Manager, SAP HANA, Yaron Eppel, CEO and Co-Founder, Mobideo
    Yaron Eppel, CEO and co-founder of Mobideo, will talk about his experience working with SAP HANA One. Yaron will present customer success stories where the Mobideo platform, powered by SAP HANA One, enables customers to increase productivity by gaining deep and detailed insight and visibility into their critical processes and by managing the smallest and most granular elements of their activities.
  • Build Your Mobile Solutions with HANA in the Cloud Recorded: Jun 21 2013 60 mins
    Nicole O’Malley, SAP HANA One, Jan Teichmann, SAP HANA
    Jan Teichmann, our SAP HANA Mobility expert, will present how you can develop mobile applications in the cloud with SAP HANA One in only 20 minutes. Learn from our expert and be ready to build your own mobile SAP HANA apps by the end of this session.

    Teichman's blog on mobile development with the Android SDK and SAP HANA received 55k hits in the first week it was published. Join our session and see:
    - How to deploy the Android SDK on SAP HANA One
    - Actual code samples and step by step instructions for building mobile SAP HANA apps
    - How HANA One will simplify your environment creating one place where you can easily build and run your mobile app in the cloud
  • Get into the HANA Academy and Learn What You can Do with HANA One Recorded: Jun 4 2013 45 mins
    Nicole O’Malley, SAP HANA One, Joe King, SAP HANA
    Join us for this exciting webinar about the HANA Academy and learn how to access over 200 tutorials that show you the power of HANA and HANA One. You can become a HANA expert in no time with this essential tool. Enrich your solutions with SAP HANA and HANA One.
  • SAP HANA One Success Story: Performing Text Analytics with SAP HANA One Recorded: May 22 2013 33 mins
    Nicole O'Malley, Senior Marketing Manager, SAP HANA and Doug Turner, CEO, Mantis Technology Group
    Doug Turner, CEO of Mantis Technology Group, talks about how his team built Pulse Analytics, a sentiment analysis solution using text analytics tool running on SAP HANA One. Hear how his team strengthened the capabilities of this solution while simplifying their data architecture by replacing 20 servers with only 1 SAP HANA One instance.
  • Take a Deep Dive into HANA Technology in the Cloud and Get Your $120 AWS Credit Recorded: May 8 2013 35 mins
    Nicole O'Malley, SAP HANA One, Swapan Saha, SAP HANA Infrastructure
    Our HANA One technical guru, Swapan Saha, guides us through the breakthrough analytics capabilities of Vizi (data visualization) and more new offerings with HANA One including a $120 AWS infrastructure credit to help you get started today.
  • HANA Enterprise Cloud: The Power of SAP HANA with the Simplicity of the Cloud Recorded: May 6 2013 24 mins
    Floyd Strimling, SAP HANA Cloud Evangelist and Nicole O'Malley, SAP HANA Marketing
    By enabling analysis on live transactional data in real time, the SAP HANA platform has the power to transform the way you run your business. But the question remains: what’s the best way to deploy this breakthrough in-memory technology for your company?

    Hear from our SAP HANA Cloud Evangelist, Floyd Strimling, about SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud and how it simplifies the path to becoming a real time enterprise. Learn about:

    - Overcoming the challenges in adopting the new, real time computing paradigm with SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud
    - The availability of enterprise class, secure and elastic cloud resources for mission critical, 24 x 7 operations
    - The wide variety of deployment environments and scenarios, as well as managed cloud services
    - High level pricing, licensing and availability of this exciting new offering

    Please join us for a short and informative webinar now.
  • SAP HANA One: Start Your HANA Instance in the Cloud with Our $120 Promotion Recorded: Apr 23 2013 60 mins
    Joe Binkley, SAP HANA and Nicole O’Malley, SAP HANA One
    Joe Binkley, from SAP, will personally assist you in starting your SAP HANA One instance on AWS.
  • SAP HANA: Talk to the Technical Expert Behind SAP HANA One Recorded: Apr 9 2013 39 mins
    Nicole O'Malley, SAP HANA One, Sapan Panigrahi, SAP HANA Infrastructure
    Hear about the technology behind SAP HANA One and learn about the new features and enhanced capabilities of HANA in the cloud. Get answers from our technical expert on your most pressing questions.
Innovate your business with uniquely powerful self-service analytics
Join this channel for bi-weekly 30 minute presentations on latest product information, use cases and customer success stories for SAP HANA One. - Let us know if you'd be interested in telling your story.

What is SAP HANA?
SAP HANA is a totally re-imagined platform for real-time business covering both analytics and applications.
SAP HANA One is a certified HANA cloud appliance supporting productive deployments. It is sized to support breakthrough departmental analytic and application use cases.
The production HANA license follows the same hourly subscription model as the cloud resources and provides the ultimate in capabilities and flexibility.

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  • Title: SAP HANA One – Start an Instance of SAP HANA in the Cloud Today
  • Live at: Mar 12 2013 6:00 pm
  • Presented by: Joe Binkley, SAP HANA and Nicole O’Malley, SAP HANA One
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