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Authoring in Neutral English

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Scott Abel & Val Swisher - Guest Presenter: Shawn Prenzlow
How would you approach content development if your product was never going to be released in the writers’ native language? What might you start with? Colloquial English? Simplified English? Some other type of controlled language structure? We’ll interview Shawn Prenzlow, the Reluctant Strategist, about her experience doing just that: her experience creating a strategy for and successfully releasing a multi-product, multi-market, multi-channel content set at Microsoft – all of which was authored in Neutral English, a rarity for that company.

Shawn’s Bio:

Shawn Prenzlow is The Reluctant Strategist.

Shawn has more than 20 years of experience as a team manager and content strategist in technical content and executive communications.

Shawn’s first professional role was as a Director of Communications at a small non-profit organization. After two years of going it alone with only unpaid volunteer resources, she made a death-defying leap to Microsoft. For twelve years she grew there, clawing her way up from editor to Principal Content Manager. She is now the Senior Content Strategist at Steyer Associates, Inc., a premier staffing agency for the U.S. Tech Comms industry.

Shawn has led projects for a spectrum of audiences, including those as massive as Microsoft and its PC-manufacturing hardware and software partners, down to niche audiences of high-tech aerospace and non-profit organizations. Shawn is passionate about crafting the perfect strategy for each new project and client, creating deeply detailed project plans and budgets, and building creatively-sourced content teams that turn concepts into reality.


Feb 20 2014
60 mins
Authoring in Neutral English

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  • Title: Authoring in Neutral English
  • Live at: Feb 20 2014 6:00 pm
  • Presented by: Scott Abel & Val Swisher - Guest Presenter: Shawn Prenzlow
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