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Innovaciones en Conectividad para Data Center (Español / LATAM)

- "Actualización en estatus de Cat 8"
- Topologías "Fabric/Mesh"
- Tips para cableado de soluciones 40/100 Gbs
Recorded Oct 6 2014 59 mins
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Presented by
Nelson Farfán, Siemon
Presentation preview: Innovaciones en Conectividad para Data Center (Español / LATAM)

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  • Siemon -- The Same Name in Quality, Service, lnnovation & Value Since 1903 Recorded: Dec 21 2015 4 mins
    Tired of your cabling system changing names? One name has stood for quality, service, innovation and value since 1903--Siemon. As a longtime industry leader in the manufacturing and innovation of high-quality, high performance low voltage infrastructure solutions for Data Centers, LANs and Intelligent Buildings, Siemon has a well-earned reputation for industry leadership, innovation, world-class quality, expert service and support, and environmental stewardship.
  • Profitable Intelligent Buildings: Changing the Way We Build for a Better Future Recorded: Dec 16 2015 62 mins
    Greg Walker, CABA; Casey Talon, Navigant Research; Bob Allan, Siemon
    While the intelligent building concept has been around for well over a decade, new advancements in sensor and networking technologies have paved the way for the Internet of Things (IoT) to become a reality. More low-voltage devices than ever are now converging on a single unified physical infrastructure, providing the means to collect and exchange information between integrated building systems and combine power and control for significant capital and operational savings, improved sustainability and an overall better experience for all building users. This webinar will take a look at the evolution and benefits of intelligent buildings, the impact of IoT, and how a building’s cabling infrastructure can be leveraged to ensure maximum profitability.
  • Getting Smart, Getting Rugged: Extending LANs into Harsh Environments Recorded: Oct 22 2015 38 mins
    Dave Valentukonis
    Virtually everything we do now on a daily basis touches the network—whether it’s buying a snack, sending an email or taking a ride at an amusement park. The proliferation of digital information, wireless handheld devices and Ethernet into every facet of our lives means that LANs are extending into more places than ever before – and some of these places are considered harsh environments that require ruggedized network cabling and connectivity capable of withstanding more severe conditions.

    This webinar takes a look at some key standards and considerations for deploying network cabling and connectivity in harsher outside environments and highlights Siemon's Ruggedized network solutions and some real-life application scenarios to help designers and installers identify environments that may require ruggedized network components.
  • Reducing Data Center Costs by 46% While Cutting Deployment Time in Half Recorded: Oct 6 2015 33 mins
    Carrie Higbie
    Learn how a combination of innovative data center cabinets and unique deployment methods significantly reduces CapEX and OpEX without sacrificing performance and scalability. You'll discover how a cabinet's shared Zero-U space supports vertical growth, offers an overall cost savings for cabinets, PDUs and patching of at least 46% and reduces stranded power outlets by 75%. You'll also learn how preconfigured data center cabinet solutions can reduce the labor and time required to go live by as much as 50% while easing scalability and optimizing performance.
  • Innovaciones en Conectividad para Data Center (Español / LATAM) Recorded: Oct 6 2014 59 mins
    Nelson Farfán, Siemon
    - "Actualización en estatus de Cat 8"
    - Topologías "Fabric/Mesh"
    - Tips para cableado de soluciones 40/100 Gbs
  • Data Center Storage Evolution: SAN, DAS, NAS, iSCSI and Fibre Channel FCoE Recorded: Oct 2 2014 40 mins
    Carrie Higbie RCDD/NTS, CDCP, CDCS - Global Director Data Center Solutions and Services
    It’s important for data center managers and IT Pros to understand the variety of storage architectures available, allowing them to make an informed choice depending on their specific needs.

    Data Center Storage Evolution covers trends, technologies and standards surrounding today’s storage area networks (SANs).

    Data is growing at explosive rates in today’s business and has become the most valuable corporate asset, challenging today’s data center managers to effectively store and protect data while enabling fast, secure access.

    Big data and ever increasing data stores are increasing demands, giving way to new technologies and SAN designs using switched IP networks that provide increasing levels of manageability, interoperability and cost effectiveness.

    As 10 Gigabit Ethernet becomes increasingly popular for providing an open, standards-based data center infrastructure to support multiple technologies, leveraging IP and Ethernet for storage is a potential progression that is driving evolving storage technologies.
  • IEEE 802.11ac 5 GHz Wireless Update and Structured Cabling Implications Recorded: Sep 16 2014 41 mins
    Valerie Maguire BSEE, Director of Standards & Technology at Siemon
    Killer app alert! The newly published IEEE 802.11ac Very High Throughput 5 GHz Wireless Standard has far reaching implications with respect to cabling infrastructure design. Users can reasonably expect their current wireless speeds to more than double by switching to 802.11ac gear that is available today. 256 QAM modulation, 160 MHz channel bandwidth, and a maximum of eight spatial streams could theoretically deliver 6.93 Gb/s wireless data rates in the future! For the first time, the specification of high performance cabling supporting access layer switches and uplink connections is critical to achieving multi-Gigabit throughout and fully supporting the capacity of next generation wireless access points.

    This engaging 30-minute webinar will answer all of your questions concerning emerging 802.11ac technology trends, products, and capabilities. Applicable standards terminology and updates will be clearly presented using non-technical language.
  • 40GBASE-T and Category 8 Network Cabling Update (APAC/EMEA) Recorded: Sep 3 2014 50 mins
    Valerie Maguire, Global Sales Engineer, The Siemon Company
    This latest educational webinar will summarize the progress being made by IEEE, TIA and ISO/IEC standards organizations in defining the key objectives and requirements for 40GBASE-T and category 8 cabling. It will also summarize related bandwidth trends important to IT professionals, deliver guidance on interpreting 40 Gb/s claims and dispel common myths about cabling media and application capability.

    This is an updated version of our December webinar for North America of the same topic.

    If you are unable to attend the live webinar in your time zone, please register to be notified when the recording is available.
  • Optimizing Design for Modern Data Centers Recorded: Aug 4 2014 50 mins
    Carrie Higbie RCDD/NTS, CDCP, CDCS - Global Director Data Center Solutions and Services
    This webinar covers the latest data center design configurations and their impact on manageability, cooling, scalability and total cost of ownership. The webinar is titled, "Optimizing Design for Modern Data Centers: Considerations for Choosing Top-of-Rack in Today’s Fat-Tree Switch Fabrics" and will be presented by Carrie Higbie, Siemon’s Global Director of Data Center Solutions and Services.

    Fat-tree switch fabrics, also referred to as leaf and spine, are one of the most common switch fabrics being deployed in modern data centers. In a fat-tree switch fabric, data center managers are faced with multiple configuration options regarding application, cabling and whether to place switches in traditional centralized distribution areas, middle of row (MoR) positions or end of row (EoR) positions that use structured cabling to connect to servers, or in a top of rack (ToR) position using point-to-point cabling within the cabinet for connecting to the servers. This warrants taking a closer look at each configuration and its overall impact on the data center.
  • The Need for Low-Loss Multifiber Connectivity In Today's Data Center Recorded: May 15 2014 53 mins
    Carrie Higbie RCDD/NTS, CDCP, CDCS - Global Director Data Center Solutions and Services
    Optical insertion loss budgets are now one of the top concerns among data center managers, especially in today’s large virtualized server environments with new switch fabric architectures and higher speeds that result in longer-distance 40 and 100 gigabit backbone channels using MPO connectivity for networking and storage area networks (SANs).

    With more stringent insertion loss requirements, standard loss MPO connectors significantly limit the number of mated connections in a fiber channel, eliminating the ability to deploy cross connects that allow for shorter fiber runs, better security and easier moves, adds and changes.

    In this webinar, you’ll find out how Siemon Low Loss Fiber Connectivity can support multiple mated connections for flexibility over a wide range of distances and configurations while remaining within the loss budget.

    Guidance on length and number of connections for a variety of Ethernet and Fibre Channel applications will be presented, as well as several different configurations to illustrate how Siemon Low Loss Fiber Connectivity components can be mixed and matched to stay within loss budget and support equipment interface requirements while enabling the use of cross connects for flexibility and manageability.
  • IEEE 802.11ac 5 GHz Wireless Update and Structured Cabling Implications Recorded: Mar 6 2014 29 mins
    Valerie Maguire, Global Sales Engineer, The Siemon Company
    Siemon, a leading global network infrastructure specialist, is pleased to announce a new webinar with an educational update on the newly published IEEE 802.11ac Very High Throughput 5 GHz Wireless Standard.

    Offering users the potential to double their current wireless speeds, the new 802.11ac standard has far reaching implications with respect to cabling infrastructure design.

    With the introduction of 256 quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM), which allows more bits to be encoded in a single symbol, an eventual 160 MHz channel bandwidth and a maximum of eight spatial streams, 802.11ac will immediately support gigabit Wi-Fi with the potential to theoretically deliver 6.93 Gb/s wireless data rates in the future.

    For the first time, the specification of high performance copper cabling supporting access layer switches and uplink connections will be critical to achieving multi-gigabit throughput and fully supporting the power and capacity of these next generation wireless access points.

    Time: 1PM E.S.T., 10AM P.S.T.
  • 40GBASE-T and Category 8 Copper Cabling Developments Recorded: Dec 18 2013 45 mins
    Valerie Maguire, Global Sales Engineer, The Siemon Company
    With 10GBASE-T expected to become the primary choice for cloud and data center upgrades within 2 years (and port shipments forecasted to exceed 30 million by 2016!), everyone wants to know what comes next. The IEEE Ethernet Bandwidth Assessment Ad Hoc’s observed that current data traffic trending predicts that 1 Tb/s of core networking bandwidth will be needed by 2015. This helped clinch IEEE 802.3’s decision to begin development of a 40GBASE-T application for deployment over balanced twisted-pair cabling to support access networks in the near future.

    This educational webinar will summarize the progress that IEEE 802.3, TIA, and ISO/IEC have made towards defining objectives for 40GBASE-T and developing requirements for next generation cabling. In addition, it will summarize bandwidth trends, deliver guidance on interpreting 40 Gb/s claims, and dispel common myths and misunderstandings about media and application capability.

    ***If you are unable to attend the live event, a link to the recording will be emailed.***
  • Pre-fabricated and Modular Data Centers. What are the Benefits? Recorded: Dec 4 2013 64 mins
    Alberto Zucchinali RCDD, Siemon and Sergio Verano, AST Modular
    Join AST Modular and Siemon to discover the benefits of pre-fabricated and modular data centers.

    Through a detailed TCO analysis of pre-fabricated data centers versus bricks & mortar construction, we will detail the advantages of pre-fabrication and the reasons why a growing number of organizations are embracing modularity.

    * TCO analysis of a modular/prefabricated datacenter.
    * Enhanced ROI through lower Capex & Opex. Fast time to market and less project risks.
    * State of the art cabling solutions embedded.
    * Focus on the enterprise modular DC: Airbus UK goes modular.
    * Focus on modular DCs in remote locations : Chevron Angola goes modular
  • Cat 8 e 40G (Brasil - português) Recorded: Nov 28 2013 41 mins
    Carlos Falci - Gerente Técnico e de Treinamentos Siemon do Brasil
    - Status atual da Categoria 8 proposta pela TIA
    -Diferenças entre suporte de 40Gb/s e 40 GBASE-T
    -Vantagens do conector TERA e da atual Classe FA/Categoria 7A
    -Novas Classes e categorias de cabeamento ISO/IEC: Classe I/Cat 8.1 e Classe II/Cat 8.2
    -Recentes avanços em IEEE para 40GBASE-T
  • Design of the Physical Layer Recorded: Nov 7 2013 55 mins
    Alberto Zucchinali RCDD, EMEA Data Centre Solutions and Services Manager, Siemon
    Choosing the right cabling infrastructure design can have a significant impact upon the total cost of ownership of your data centre.

    In this 1 hour webinar, Alberto Zucchinali of infrastructure specialist Siemon will demonstrate how savings in power consumption and cooling can be achieved and space can be optimised by making the right choices about your cabling design.

    He will also discuss the arguments for and against the use of any-to-all versus top-of-rack and end-of-row patching and will give guidance on the medium and long-term implications of these choices (and other architecture variants), plus guidance on the implications for modularity and flexibility.

    This highly informative session will also explain the ongoing effect Layer 1 architecture choices can have on future moves, adds and changes (MACS) and equipment upgrades.
  • Cat 8 y 40G al Día Recorded: Sep 12 2013 79 mins
    Miguel Aldama
    En preparación para las necesidades urgentes de mayor velocidad, más eficiencia y mayor capacidad que los centros de datos demandan en forma creciente, las organizaciones relevantes en la materia se encuentran en pleno desarrollo de la nueva generación de redes de alto desempeño y de sus sistemas de cableado asociados. Los participantes de este webinar conocerán los avances más recientes realizados por los comités normativos en busca de la mejor opción de cableado para 40GBASE-T. Seabordarán temas importantes tales como:

    - Estado actual de la Categoría 8 propuesta por la TIA

    - Diferencias entre soporte de 40Gb/s y 40GBASE-T

    - Ventajas del conector TERA y la Clase FA/Categoría 7A actuales

    - Nuevas clases y categorías de cableado de ISO/IEC: Clase I/Cat 8.1 y Clase II/Cat 8.2.

    - Avances recientes en IEEE para 40GBASE-T.
  • The Advantages of Using Siemon Shielded Cabling to Power Remote Network Devices Recorded: May 22 2013 28 mins
    Valerie Maguire, Global Sales Engineer, The Siemon Company
    The Advantages of Using Siemon Shielded Cabling to Power Remote Network Devices: With more than 100 million PoE-enabled ports purchased annually, a new 4-pair IEEE 802.3 PoE application on the horizon, and advanced standards-based technology ready to deliver up to 100 watts of power—enough to power a television—delivering dc power over twisted-pair cabling has revolutionized the look and feel of the IT world.

    Based on an upcoming Siemon white paper, this educational webinar will take a look at the effects of the rising number and variety of devices supported by PoE and the need for proper selection of network cabling to eliminate the risk of damaging connectors and generating heat within cable bundles that can contribute to failures and downtime.

    It will include discussion of the advantages that qualified shielded category 6A and category 7A cabling systems provide when deploying remote power technology, as well as an overview of relevant standards requirements, demonstration of power arcing effects and an update on the emerging IEEE PoE application.

    Approx. 30 minutes plus 15 minutes for Q&A.
Cabling, Cabinets, Cooling and Power Solutions
Siemon presents educational topics, from copper and fiber structured cabling and optimized data center design, to converged networks, intelligent infrastructure management and everything in between

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  • Title: Innovaciones en Conectividad para Data Center (Español / LATAM)
  • Live at: Oct 6 2014 3:00 pm
  • Presented by: Nelson Farfán, Siemon
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