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Creating Effective Data-Driven B2B Ads

Creating B2B display ads that increase brand awareness, drive engagement, and produce business results take careful planning. Learn how to make your display ads impactful and effective by attending this webinar. Two B2B advertising pros from a leading advertising platforms will walk us through great examples of B2B creative and provide tips on how to get started.

This webinar will cover:
· Great examples of personalized ads
· Optimization, funneling, frequency, native and large format ads
· Creative, formats, component design, and personalization
· Metrics, key learnings, and best practices
Recorded Mar 21 2013 29 mins
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Presented by
Steve Klopf, SVP of Business Operations, Flite
Presentation preview: Creating Effective Data-Driven B2B Ads

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  • Generation Z and the workforce: A Collaborative and Productive Work Environment Recorded: Jan 13 2016 37 mins
    John Asher, Paul Russell, Gareth Parker, Ricoh UK
    The emergence of Generation Z – those aged 19 and under – means that there are four distinct demographic groups that make up today’s workforce. In addition to Generation Z, there are Baby Boomers, Generation X and Generation Y.

    The challenge facing all senior management is how best to create innovative working environments that cater for each group’s needs and thereby create a culture that promotes collaboration, information sharing and productivity.

    Innovation and productivity are crucial to business growth. To achieve this, organisations must navigate a new world of work by touching on all aspects of information mobility – from the technologies that are revolutionising the way that people collaborate and connect, to the way information is harnessed to power big ideas.

    The traditional analogue way of doing things is no longer a sustainable strategy. Forward-thinking organisations have recognised that a strategy to support digital business transformation is essential for success.

    In this webinar we identify the key components of a workstyle innovation strategy that can help all organisations to create working environments that enhance collaboration and productivity.
  • In professional services...your brand and culture are two sides of the same coin Recorded: Dec 10 2015 40 mins
    Monica Ralli, CMO of Hay Group and Archana Singh, CHRO of Hay Group
    Discover why brand and culture are two sides of the same coin in professional services, and how to align them to achieve your strategic goals. In this webinar, Monica Ralli CMO and Arch Singh CHRO share how they initiated a transformation effort to renew the organization’s brand and culture, increase employee engagement and accelerate commercial success. By developing a Client Value Proposition and Employee Value Proposition in tandem, Hay Group has created a compelling story on releasing the full people potential of both clients and colleagues that resonates in both the marketplace and the organization. Learn why HR and marketing should work so closely together and how to achieve this in your organization.
  • Your HR Transformation Journey Recorded: Sep 10 2015 30 mins
    Tahir Ditta, Regional Business Manager, Equiniti ICS
    Whether you are yet to start your HR transformation journey, are part of the way through, or are reaching your conclusion there are pitfalls to watch out for and best practice to be followed. This showcase will help you present a business case to the board, manage an HR department through change and future proof your HR transformation.
  • The Rise of the Contingent Worker Recorded: Sep 10 2015 44 mins
    Manfred Vogels, Vice President, Business Development Continental Europe, IQNavigator
    The workforce landscape is rapidly changing – the rise of the contingent worker dramatically enforces this. In Western Europe, up to a third of workers are not full-time or part-time employees.

    Instead, they are contractors, freelancers, temps, agency workers, outside vendors working on projects, or other types of contingent workers.

    In this session, learn about the seismic shift away from permanent staff; what is driving individuals to take up non-permanent positions, what this means to HR, and how best to manage and integrate in to a total workforce strategy.
  • Workplace Learning Recorded: Sep 9 2015 58 mins
    James Marsh, Symposium; Laurie Burruss, Lynda.com; Gavin Walsh, Arvato; Bertie Tonks Collinson Group
    Learning cannot be separated from work. Informal education frameworks put development at the centre of an organisation. This creates a culture of learning that will result in more productivity, less churn, retention of existing talent, attracting top talent, and most importantly ROI.

    This webinar will examine ‘best practice’ for in house learning, the key areas of developing a truly effective learning solution and looking at case studies, the lessons learned and the pitfalls to avoid.

    Click the attend button below to register for this webinar. You will receive a reminder email shortly before the webinar is broadcast
  • How Many Times; a Download is Not a Lead Recorded: Oct 3 2013 46 mins
    Peter Gold, Hire Strategies and a panel of industry experts
    The second webinar in a new marketing series, aimed specifically at HR technology marketers.

    Having filled the top of your funnel, this webinar will share how to create content that converts beyond the download.
  • How to Recruit and Retain Top Talent as a Small Business Owner Recorded: Sep 26 2013 40 mins
    Tom Becker, Vice President of Recruiting, ManpowerGroup
    With the undersupply of qualified talent and more competition to find and recruit them, it is vital to your businesses’ success to play to the strength of your business against other small, medium and even enterprise businesses. Learn new approaches to recruiting the most talented employees in this competitive market, and once you've recruited them, how to maximize their potential.

    About Tom:
    Tom Becker is vice president of recruiting for ManpowerGroup North America. In his role, Tom is responsible for developing the recruiting strategy and overall operational framework, with a focus on creating a world-class recruiting organization across all of ManpowerGroup’s lines of business. Most recently, Tom served as vice president of recruiting for North American operations for the ManpowerGroup brand, Experis. Tom joined Experis when Manpower acquired COMSYS in April 2010. At COMSYS, he served as senior vice president of recruiting, leading the company’s recruiting, employment branding and the consultant experience organizations. Tom has extensive experience leading large recruiting and change management organizations. He is considered an industry recruiting expert, providing public commentary on recruiting best practices and innovations.
  • Blurred Lines: Where does marketing end and sales begin? Recorded: Sep 26 2013 49 mins
    Atri Chatterjee, Chief Marketing Officer, Act-On Software
    We’ve come a long way from the Wild Wild West of sales and marketing efforts, where we were shooting blind and straight from the hip. It used to be that customer intelligence and behavior insights were slim pickings. Sales and marketing teams worked largely independently of each other – marketing established the brand messaging, while sales focused on prospecting and closing deals.

    The Wild Wild West has now become the Online Globe – disruptive technology advancements have revolutionized the way buyers make purchasing decisions and have drastically shifted how companies engage with buyers. A disjointed approach to sales and marketing doesn't cut it anymore.

    Discover how you can integrate your marketing and sales systems for better engagement with your buyers and improve lead conversion. Act-On’s Chief Marketing Officer, Atri Chatterjee, will discuss how you can leverage customer intelligence and insights to build a consistent and compelling marketing program that closely ties into your sales objectives to not only turn more prospects into customers, but also help you better engage with customers to increase their loyalty and commitment to your products or services.
  • How to Use Content to Influence the Top of the Funnel Recorded: Sep 4 2013 45 mins
    Peter Gold, Hire Strategies; Richard Brenkley, Centigrade; Bryony Thomas, Watertight Marketing
    The first webinar in a new marketing series, aimed specifically at HR technology marketers.

    This webinar focuses right at the top of the funnel and will share the content you need to be creating to influence HR professionals and stand out from the competition.
  • Multichannel Marketing in an Era of Hyper-Accommodation Recorded: Aug 15 2013 40 mins
    John Hambrick, Senior Partner, Brand.Powered
    Customers have become increasingly empowered and discerning through technology. They no longer let brand owners, retailers, or mass media dictate their agenda. So accommodating customers today is more challenging for marketers than ever before.

    This webinar focuses on the strategic dimensions and success factors for engaging customers across discreet yet interconnected marketing channels. The emphasis includes: (1) perspectives on effective multichannel strategy, (2) frameworks for building omni-channel architecture, and (3) tools for equipping organizations to deliver brand designed experiences across channels . . . seamlessly.

    The takeaway will be a better understanding of how to develop & deploy multichannel strategies in a fiscally responsible way that fits your business model, brand positioning, and organizational culture.
  • The Business of Social Business Recorded: Apr 25 2013 44 mins
    Christopher Moore & Hans Petter Dalen from IBM
    Social business represents a new transformational opportunity for organizations. After initial forays into external social media, many companies are now discovering the value of applying social approaches, internally as well as externally. Social business can create valued customer experiences, increase workforce productivity and effectiveness and accelerate innovation. But many companies still wrestle with the organisational and cultural challenges posed by these new ways of work.

    Join this webinar to hear the proven results from easily integrating social into your everyday tools to improve your business.

    About the speaker:
    Chris Moore is a Social Business Specialist for IBM Collaboration Solutions. He has 7 years experience and knowledge of Collaboration and Exceptional Web Experience technologies; including IBM Notes, Domino, Sametime, Connections, Docs and Web Experience Suites.
  • Creating Effective Data-Driven B2B Ads Recorded: Mar 21 2013 29 mins
    Steve Klopf, SVP of Business Operations, Flite
    Creating B2B display ads that increase brand awareness, drive engagement, and produce business results take careful planning. Learn how to make your display ads impactful and effective by attending this webinar. Two B2B advertising pros from a leading advertising platforms will walk us through great examples of B2B creative and provide tips on how to get started.

    This webinar will cover:
    · Great examples of personalized ads
    · Optimization, funneling, frequency, native and large format ads
    · Creative, formats, component design, and personalization
    · Metrics, key learnings, and best practices
  • 4 Lessons From The Front Lines of Data-Driven Design Recorded: Mar 14 2013 44 mins
    Simon Mathews, Chief Strategy Officer; Scott Briskman, Chief Creative Officer; Mark Ryan, VP of Analytics & Insights
    Data is out there. Do you know what to do with it?  

    Simon Mathews, Chief Strategy Officer, Scott Briskman, Chief Creative Officer and Mark Ryan, VP of Analytics & Insights from leading data-driven design agency EXTRACTABLE, will demonstrate how data insights have revolutionized the way brands are developing digital solutions to achieve breakthrough results.

    Through case studies and a 4-step process, see how data can drive business goals, inspire creativity and help reach targeted audiences through dynamically personalized, responsive, successful digital communications. 
  • Talent Marketing Strategies Round Table Recorded: Feb 28 2013 62 mins
    Moderated by Best of Staffing
    Talent acquisition is no longer just-in-time. The hiring cycle is shifting from filling jobs to developing relationships and expanding networks. Therefore, talent solution experts are challenged to find scalable solutions for maintaining relationships with colleagues, candidates and clients through marketing channels.

    Join talent solution experts as they discuss:
    - Effective marketing channels for connecting with and engaging colleagues, candidates and clients
    - How working platforms such as the human cloud are changing the way recruiters are marketing to talent
    - The roll of video as a talent marketing and management tool
    - How recruiters and their marketing teams use content to nurture relationships


    Eric Gregg, Founder and CEO of Inavero.
    As CEO of Inavero, Eric brings his expertise in marketing and quantitative analysis to some of the nation’s top professional service organizations. The Inavero research team has experience in a variety of professional service industries, including the insurance, accounting, and staffing fields.

    Ted Elliott, CEO of Jobscience
    Regarded as a pioneer in the adoption of CRM for recruitment, Ted has broad experience SaaS and Human Capital Management managed via the internet and direct experience building applications for the Salesforce AppExchange and launching new products.

    Rich Pearson, CMO, Elance
    Rich leads Elance's global marketing team, including customer acquisition, product marketing, public relations, brand development and inside sales. Prior to Elance, Rich led marketing and business development at Posterous through its acquisition by Twitter.

    Charlie Peterson, Independent Sales, Marketing & Talent Consultant
    Former Professional Ballroom Dancer and All-American soccer player, Charlie knows how to spot work-ethic and discipline. In the Marketing arena, he leverages un-conventional and technology-driven methods to attract top talent and find the right candidate, for the right position.
  • A Conversation with Kelly LeVoyer of SAS, Jill Hunley of AVG and Tendo Recorded: Feb 14 2013 54 mins
    Kelly LeVoyer, SAS; Jill Hunley, AVG; Charlotte Ziems, Vice President of Client Engagement, Tendo
    Social media continues to evolve and play an increasingly vital role in B2B marketing. Tendo Communications will host a conversation between two leading B2B SoMe practitioners. They will share insights and learnings in four critical areas:

    - Organizing your SoMe team for content marketing success
    - Strategic blogging across the enterprise
    - Building influence across communities and the social ecosystem
    - Identifying KPIs and metrics and how they define success

    We will take live questions from audience members as part of the presentation.
    This is a great opportunity to ask two thought leaders specific questions about
    organizational structure, blogging, influence, and metrics.


    Charlotte Ziems, Tendo’s Vice President, Client Engagement, delivers successful outcomes and marketing results for Tendo’s clients. As a long-time tech journalist, Charlotte is passionate about helping large enterprises shift from interruption marketing to engagement, and leveraging social platforms with a more transparent
    and authentic voice.
  • Building the Social B-to-B Organization Recorded: Feb 14 2013 47 mins
    Laz Gonzalez, Service Director, Sirius Decisions
    A permanent change in the way humans communicate, a huge waste of corporate time or somewhere in between? No matter how you may personally view social media, when used appropriately it can have a transformative effect on the way a b-to-b organization does business. In this presentation, Laz will answer the following questions:

    - How should a b-to-b organization optimize its organizational structure and processes in order to better utilize social media?

    - How can an organization move social media out of centralized control so it can be leveraged by a broader range of functions?

    - Why are social monitoring and building an internal community the foundation of building a social organization?

    - Why should social media be used as an additive – rather than a replacement – component in sales and marketing efforts as well as indirect channels?
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  • Live at: Mar 21 2013 7:00 pm
  • Presented by: Steve Klopf, SVP of Business Operations, Flite
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