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Industry Insights about Service Catalog from Barclay Rae

Barclay Rae elaborates on professional examples of ManageEngine for ITSM. Main emphasis was on Service Catalog and documented workflow.Hit Play to see what he shares.
Recorded Feb 13 2014 37 mins
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Presented by
Barclay Rae - ITSM Consultant
Presentation preview: Industry Insights about Service Catalog from Barclay Rae

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    But there is a fundamental flaw in this model. We have entered the “experience age” where customers want much more than a simple order form. They now measure their satisfaction based not solely on simplicity, but on the totality of their experience. In this session, we will explore how customer attitudes and expectations are shifting, the “Four Moments of Truth” in a customer experience and the three ways that you must change your approach to a Service Catalogue to adapt to this future.
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  • Industry Insights about Service Catalog from Barclay Rae Recorded: Feb 13 2014 37 mins
    Barclay Rae - ITSM Consultant
    Barclay Rae elaborates on professional examples of ManageEngine for ITSM. Main emphasis was on Service Catalog and documented workflow.Hit Play to see what he shares.
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  • The Importance of Service Catalogue for the Service Desk Recorded: Aug 15 2013 41 mins
    Colin Rudd, Chairman, itSMF UK; Andrew Navin, ServiceDesk Consultant, ManageEngine
    Join Colin Rudd as he explains why the service catalogue is so important to the establishment of a mature service desk operation and why it is so important for the service desk to be involved in the design, scoping and implementation of a service catalogue within an organisation.

    About the presenter:

    Colin has been working in the IT industry for over 40 years and is internationally recognised as a leading authority, coach and mentor on all aspects of IT service management. He has been heavily involved in the development of ITIL® as an architect and lead author.

    Colin now works for his own company using his extensive service management experience and knowledge to assist many client organisations with improvement of their processes and solutions. He has also delivered service management training and consultancy all over the world including presentations at many keynotes at International conferences.

    He also assisted with the development of the ISO/IEC 20000 service management standard and is currently the chairman of itSMF UK. His enormous contributions to the service management industry were recognised in 2002, with the presentation of the itSMF’s “Paul Rappaport” lifetime achievement award.
  • Project Management and IT – Workflow or Traffic Wreck? Recorded: Mar 20 2013 36 mins
    Dennis Drogseth, Vice President, Enterprise Management Associates; Andrew Navin, Product Consultant, ManageEngine
    This Webinar will look at key trends impacting the demands on IT from both inside and outside IT and how these are already requiring new approaches to Project Management, Portfolio Management, and ITSM-driven governance. More specifically, this Webinar will address:

    · How IT is expected to perform in 2013 and the foreseeable future, and how this represents a rupture with the past.

    · How IT project management must change in response.

    · How PPM solutions will eventually evolve into uniquely optimized workflows coupled with automation and analytics

    · The present/future role of social networking and stakeholder management

    · The Service Desk as “Fort Apache, the Bronx”

    · How to begin to unravel the mess.

    · Where to go from there.
  • IT Service Management - Redefined Recorded: Feb 7 2013 45 mins
    Dennis Drogseth, Vice President of Research, EMA
    With the advent of mobile, cloud and agile, and the growing interdependencies between IT service performance and business outcomes, the very core of IT Service Management is in a state of substantial transformation. Never before has the need been greater for the Service Desk to work more effectively and in an integrated manner with Operations, IT business executives, non-IT consumers and even in some cases application development. This trend heralds a shift from “back-office” to “front-office” governance with greater consumer awareness and more dynamic processes. This Webinar draws on EMA research and consulting to provide guidance on how to better understand, address, and optimize these transitions by focusing on:

    • How and why is the role of IT changing in response to its consumer population?
    • How are IT Service Management strategies and processes changing in response?
    • What are the organizational implications of these changes?
    • What are some of the key management technologies optimized to help see IT professionals and organizations through?
    • How do you start to plan a program for transformation that begins to work in months versus years?

    Dennis joined EMA in 1998 and currently manages the New Hampshire office. He has been a driving force in establishing EMA’s New England presence. Dennis brings over thirty years of experience in various aspects of marketing and business planning for service management solutions. He supports EMA through leadership in Business Service Management (BSM), CMDB Systems, automation systems and service-centric financial optimization. Dennis also works across practice areas to promote dialogs across critical areas of technology and market interdependencies. Prior to this, Dennis helped to build the network management practice area at EMA.
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  • Title: Industry Insights about Service Catalog from Barclay Rae
  • Live at: Feb 13 2014 4:00 pm
  • Presented by: Barclay Rae - ITSM Consultant
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