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Your Team Can Hunt APTs Now, Really

​Stoping stealthy attackers already inside your perimeter means proactively analyzing lots of clues and hunting them down. However unless you have scarce Incident Response experts on your team you can't execute this strategy - right? Not true. Join Arbor's Paul Bowen to learn how security analysts of all levels - from senior to novice, can use the high confidence clues that only network traffic reveals to uncover and disrupt APTs in minutes, not hours.
Recorded May 17 2016 37 mins
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Presented by
Paul Bowen, Principal Security Technologist, Arbor Networks
Presentation preview: Your Team Can Hunt APTs Now, Really

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  • Optimizing Traffic Capacity in an Age of Terabit DDoS Attacks Recorded: Feb 12 2019 48 mins
    JP Blaho, Senior Manager, Product Management, NETSCOUT Arbor
    Consumer reliance on the Internet as well as business dependencies continue to expand through Cloud-based applications and services. This demand places an increased burden on Service Provider networks. Additionally, the growth in volumetric-based DDoS attacks is making it difficult for Service Providers to discern what is good traffic versus bad.

    In this session, NETSCOUT Arbor will walk you through a series of use cases to show how Service Providers are optimizing their current DDoS protection capacity while incorporating predictability in their growth strategy.
  • NETSCOUT Threat Intelligence Report: Findings Summary 1st half of 2018 Recorded: Aug 23 2018 59 mins
    Hardik Modi, Sr Director – Threat Intelligence and Richard Hummel, Threat Intelligence Manager, NETSCOUT
    The symbiotic nature of the digitally transformed world also adds vulnerability, as malicious actors, nation states, criminal organizations, or even individuals can capitalize on the interdependencies that wind through our pervasively connected world.

    The availability of innovative DDoS attack tools and techniques has lowered the barrier of entry, which means an increase in the number of attackers launching DDoS attacks. Attack targets have also diversified. It used to be that finance, gaming, and e-commerce verticals were likely targets. Today, any organization, for any real or perceived offense or affiliation, can become a target of a DDoS attack. This while APT group and crimeware activity continues to grow, as actors in this space develop and unleash increasingly sophisticated attacks worldwide.

    Attend this webcast to learn:

    •Understand what is happening on the DDoS Landscape – the largest attacks and what is driving them
    •How Nation-State activity is going ‘internet-scale’
    •Botnets, crimeware, intrusions – how these facets of the threat landscape tie in together
  • Testimonial: Nic.br works with NETSCOUT Arbor to protect availability Recorded: Apr 25 2018 5 mins
    NIC.br needed to improve the protection of its infrastructure by keeping its systems always available for use by its own teams and customers. The decision to strengthen their defenses against denial of service attacks was a strategic decision in response to the fact that these attacks have been increasing in both frequency and complexity.

    A particularly worrying reality for Brazil among the most targeted countries in the world for these attacks, ranking fifth in the ranking of those who suffer most from DDoS attacks, according to data from the 13th Annual Report on Global Network Infrastructure Security (WISR - Worldwide Infrastructure Security Report) from NETSCOUT Arbor.
  • The Growing Risk of DDoS Attacks Recorded: Feb 21 2018 54 mins
    Robert Ayoub Research Director- Security IDC and Tom Bienkowski Director of DDoS Product Marketing Arbor Networks
    If asked, “What’s our risk of a DDoS attack?”… Would you be able to answer with confidence? With all the attention given to ransomware, it’s easy to forget about availability protection. But the data is clear. DDoS attacks are increasing in frequency and complexity. And if not adequately prepared, the impact of a DDoS attack can be quite significant. To help you more accurately assess your risk of DDoS attacks, join Rob Ayoub, IDC Research Director and Tom Bienkowski, Arbor Networks Director of Product Marketing to learn about the latest trends in DDoS attacks and more importantly best practices in protection.
  • 13th Annual Worldwide Infrastructure Security Update Recorded: Jan 25 2018 48 mins
    Gary Sockrider, Principal Security Technologist, Arbor Networks
    Hear about the mounting challenges ahead for those involved in day-to-day security operations.
    Arbor Networks' 13th Annual Worldwide Infrastructure Security Report (WISR) offers a rare view into the most critical security challenges facing today’s network operators.This session will review the highlights from the report to help network operators understand the breadth of the threats that they face, gain insight into what their peers are doing to address these threats, and comprehend both new and continuing trends.
  • Case Study: Transform Threat Investigation With a Stretched Security Team Recorded: Oct 12 2017 43 mins
    Arabella Hallawell, Sr. Director Advanced Threat Product Marketing + Deb Briggs, CSO, NETSCOUT
    Chief Information Security Officer Reveals How With Arbor Spectrum.

    Attackers continuously have new tools, tactics and practices in their weapons arsenal. Human defenders must shift their strategies to more proactively uncover meaningful threats, and find ways that dramatically accelerate threat investigation.

    Join us to hear:
    - NETSCOUT’s Chief Security Officer discuss how the Arbor Spectrum threat analytics platform was used to help her team take detection and investigation to a new level.
    - In depth examples of how security teams can begin or enhance their detection and investigation of attack campaigns.
  • Are You Sure Your DDoS Attack Protection Will Work? Recorded: Oct 5 2017 27 mins
    Tom Bienkowski, Director DDoS Product Marketing, Arbor Networks + Ondrej Krehel, CEO and Founder, LIFARS, LLC
    So, you’ve justified, purchased and deployed your new DDoS attack protection solution. But can you assure executive management / the board that your organization is protected from the modern-day DDoS attack? Waiting to see if your protection works while under attack is not the right approach. Testing the products, people and process before an attack occurs is the industry best practice. Join Arbor Networks, the industry leader in DDoS attack protection solutions and LIFARS, an elite cybersecurity, digital forensics, and incident response firm to learn:

    - The latest trends in DDoS attacks.
    - Best practices in DDoS attack defense.
    - How to properly test your DDoS attack protection products, people and process using LIFARS’ DDoS Attack Assessment Service.
  • Quantifying DDoS Cyber Risk with the FAIR Methodology Recorded: Oct 5 2017 61 mins
    Tom Bienkowski Dir. DDoS Product Marketing Arbor Networks + Jim Hietala VP Business Development and Security The Open Group
    Here’s a question for you…Is the DDoS attack protection you (may) have put in place years ago, still adequate to protect you from the modern-day DDoS attack? If not (or you’re not sure), then you are at risk. More importantly, how do you explain the risk and build the business case for protection to Executive Management / Board? Join Arbor Networks, the world leader in DDoS attack protection and Jim Hietala from The Open Group to learn:

    - The latest trends in DDoS attacks and best practices in defense.
    - How to use FAIR (Factor Analysis of Information Risk), to take a quantitative, financial approach to analyze the risk of DDoS attacks.
    - How, using different Arbor Networks DDoS attack protection solutions, you can reduce your risk and loss exposure.
    - Tips on how to present your risk analysis and business case for DDoS attack protection - in terms your Executive Management/Board will understand.
  • The Increasing Risk of DDoS Attacks – Are You Adequately Prepared? Recorded: Sep 28 2017 45 mins
    Tom Bienkowski Director of DDoS Product Marketing Arbor Networks + John Pearson Founder and Chief Strategist IP Networks Inc.
    The data is crystal clear. DDoS attacks are dramatically increasing in size, frequency and complexity. Unfortunately, many organizations have been severely impacted by DDoS attacks simply because they either assumed they would never be the target or they thought they had adequate protection in place. Join IP Networks and Arbor Networks - the industry leader in DDoS attack protection products and services to learn:

    -The latest trends in DDoS attacks
    -The importance of proper network visibility for anomaly & DDoS attack detection.
    -Best practices in DDoS attack defense; including an intelligent combination of in-cloud and on-premises attack protection solutions - which offers the most comprehensive form of protection.
  • Intelligent Automation is Your Greatest Weapon Against DDoS Attacks Recorded: Aug 30 2017 40 mins
    Tom Bienkowski, Director of DDoS Product Marketing and Nimin Patel, Corporate Systems Engineer, Arbor Networks
    According to data from Arbor Networks’ Active Threat Level Analysis System (ATLAS), a DDoS attack occurs every 6 seconds in the world. When you’re under attack; time is of the essence. The organization that you protect doesn’t care about attacks details such as size, vectors etc. All they care about is how fast you can stop the attack to minimize impact. Your best defense against the modern-day DDoS attack is an automated, intelligently layered approach to DDoS attack detection and mitigation. Join Arbor Networks, the industry leader in DDoS attack protection solutions, to learn about the latest trends in DDoS attacks and best practices in defense – including a demonstration of Arbor’s fully automated, intelligently integrated, combination of on premise and in-cloud DDoS attack protection solution.
  • Time for Banks to Reassess Their Risk of DDoS Attacks Recorded: Jul 27 2017 33 mins
    Tom Bienkowski, Director of DDoS Product Marketing, Arbor Networks
    A study by McKinsey suggests the increased operational risk of digital innovation threatens 6% of the net profit for a retail bank. Renowned hactivist group Anonymous’ OpIcarus; a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack siege on the world’s banking infrastructure and other well publicized successful attacks have exposed just how vulnerable banks are to such threats. The reality is modern day DDoS attacks are getting more frequent, more sophisticated, and are commonly used as a distraction during the data exfiltration stage of advanced threat campaigns. The unfortunately reality is that in many cases, these attacks succeed because the targets were simply inadequately prepared to stop them.

    Join this webcast to learn:
    •The latest trends in DDoS attacks.
    •Commonly overlooked costs due to DDoS attacks.
    •And best practices in DDoS attack defense.
  • The Need for Cloud DDoS Mitigation Recorded: Jun 14 2017 55 mins
    Rik Turner Principal Analyst OVUM & Tom Bienkowski, Directror Product Mkt, Arbor Networks
    You've read the headlines. DDoS attacks as large as 800Gbps impacting major banking, entertainment and communications companies. But the stories that don't get media coverage are the much more frequent, smaller DDoS attacks under 1 Gbps that are large enough to overwhelm the internet access capacity of most organizations.

    So what can your network team do to ensure uninterrupted availability? The answer is to rely upon a cloud-based, managed DDoS attack protection service.

    Attend this webcast to learn:
    • That the vast majority of DDoS attacks, which are less than 2 Gbps in size, are large enough to overwhelm most organizations’ internet bandwidth.
    • How enterprises and service providers can augment their on-premise DDoS attack protection solutions with in-cloud mitigation.
    • What to expect from a cloud-based DDoS Mitigation Service Provider and why an always on, in-cloud solution may not be the best option for protection.
    • How Arbor’s fully integrated cloud-based and on-premise DDoS attack protection solution offers the industry’s most comprehensive form of protection.
  • Don't just check the box - real DDoS protection Recorded: Apr 14 2017 2 mins
    Arbor Networks
    While some enterprises may think that have secured their key services against DDoS attacks simply by deploying intrusion prevention systems (IPS) or firewalls in front of their servers, they are actually exposing their organizations to service outages.

    Do you have the right protection tools for your network?
  • Tech Industry Doppelgangers: Campaign Innovation in the World of Cybercrime Recorded: Apr 11 2017 56 mins
    Scott Crawford Research Director, Information Security 451 Research+ Arabella Hallawell Sr. Director Advanced Threat Product
    451 Research went underground to talk to black and white hats in the industry to get the details on the latest attack tools and approaches.

    Register for this webinar to learn:

    • We now have an adversary more likely to solve a problem like an IT administrator, than Hollywood’s depiction of a hacker.

    • What do you need against an adversary with a high degree of technical skills and familiarity with the tools IT administrators use?

    • The cloak of payment systems such as Bitcoin now simplify the attacker’s payroll while reducing risk of exposure considerably. New style of Denial-of-Service attacks and fully automated attack platforms now capitalize on trends such as ransomware for today’s get-quick-rich schemes.

    • What do you need to protect your organization with attacks built to deliver the fastest Mean Time To Pay?
  • IoT Risk Becomes Real Recorded: Feb 23 2017 64 mins
    Chris Rodriguez, Senior Industry Analyst Network Security + Tom Bienkowski, Directror Product Mkt, Arbor Networks
    Vulnerable IoT devices are plentiful and ripe for abuse by threat actors.
    But what exactly is the value of these devices to DDoS attackers?
  • 12th Annual WISR Review: Era of Escalated Risk Recorded: Jan 26 2017 47 mins
    Gary Sockrider, Principal Security Technologist, Arbor Networks + John Paul Blaho, Sr. Manager, Arbor Networks
    Arbor Networks' 12th Annual Worldwide Infrastructure Security Report (WISR) offers a rare view into the most critical security challenges facing today’s network operators.This session will review the highlights from the report to help network operators understand the breadth of the threats that they face, gain insight into what their peers are doing to address these threats, and comprehend both new and continuing trends.
  • How To Use Your Network To Fend Off The Latest Cyber Threats Recorded: Jan 12 2017 57 mins
    John Pescatore,director of emerging security trends,SANS+Paul Bowen,security practitioner, Arbor Networks, Arabella Hallawell
    A discussion on the latest cyber-attack methods and approaches, including ransomware, facing security teams. Quickly identifying malicious or suspicious network traffic communications can be the key to faster detection and effective response. We demonstrate how to quickly identify the signs and shut down malicious activity in the network and access data where and where you need it from your security infrastructure.
  • The Role of Internal Network Traffic Analysis in Cybersecurity Recorded: Dec 8 2016 61 mins
    Rob Westervelt, Research Manager, IDC Security + Arabella Hallawell, Sr. Director ADVT Product Marketing, Arbor Networks
    This joint webinar between IDC and Arbor Networks will discuss how the threat landscape is rapidly evolving with financially motivated attackers, nation-states, and hacktivists out to disrupt business operations, steal data, or conduct corporate or cyberespionage.

    IDC analyst Rob Westervelt will examine an emerging category of solutions called Internal Network Traffic Analysis, which provide innovative approaches to attack detection and prevention. A comprehensive approach for data protection has network monitoring and traffic inspection at its core. Network traffic analysis is an essential element of most threat prevention and data protection strategies. He will explore why these solutions are a requirement and describes the most critical components necessary to identify and contain attacker movement before critical network resources and servers containing sensitive data are exposed.

    Arbor’s Arabella Hallawell, herself a former industry analyst with Gartner, will discuss the role of Arbor Networks solutions in addressing the challenges described above.
  • DDoS Attacks: The Stakes Have Changed, Have You? Recorded: Nov 17 2016 58 mins
    Sean Pike – Program Vice President, Security Products, IDC & Tom Bienkowski – Director DDoS Product Marketing, Arbor Networks
    Despite years of headlines, many businesses today are under-invested and ill-prepared to handle modern DDoS attacks. Many wrongly believe they are not being targeted by DDoS attacks, and are in fact experiencing outages due to DDoS attacks that are being attributed to equipment failures or operational error because the companies lack DDoS visibility and defense. Still more rely on existing, more traditional, security devices such as firewalls and intrusion prevention systems (IPS), or a single layer of protection from their ISP or content delivery network (CDN). In each case, these businesses are exposed and only partially protected. Firewalls and IPS are stateful devices that are often targets of DDoS attacks, while cloud-only or CDN protection does not provide adequate protection for critical business applications.

    Join this webinar with Arbor Networks and IDC to understand exactly how the stakes have changed, and what it means for the assumptions organizations have been making with regard to protecting the availability of their business-critical websites, services and applications. In light of the recent attacks, we will expose the multiple attack vectors of the Mirai IoT botnet and provide best practices for mitigation.


    • About the evolution of DDoS attacks
    • The implications for DDoS defense
    • Current best practices in DDoS defense
  • DDoS Fossils to Future: A Brief History and What to Expect Recorded: Sep 13 2016 48 mins
    Gary Sockrider, Chief Security Technologist, Arbor Networks
    The history of DDoS provides a clear, unambiguous guide as to where things are going - attacks are becoming more expansive, impacting a wider variety of targets, and the durations are longer and more destructive. Response strategies however, have kept pace and can handle the scale. Available in variety of deployment options and informed by vast quantities of intelligence, the right technology can empower you to stay abreast the threats and prevent or mitigate the inevitable attacks. The key is in discovering the optimal match between your architecture and the available solutions.

    Join this session to find out:
    -Learnings from past DDoS threat and attack trends
    -How today’s DDoS poses threat to any organization’s availability
    -What prevention and mitigation approaches are proving most effective
Arbor Networks
Arbor Networks

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  • Title: Your Team Can Hunt APTs Now, Really
  • Live at: May 17 2016 5:00 pm
  • Presented by: Paul Bowen, Principal Security Technologist, Arbor Networks
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