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Self-supervised machine learning, the next frontier in AI

Current deep learning approaches require large amounts of labeled data. The creation of labeled data is expensive, error-prone, and time-consuming. Despite these challenges, in the last decades, tremendous successes in machine learning have been achieved in the area of supervised learning that requires the compilation of large datasets with labels (for example, grouping pictures based on the person in the image). In contrast, unsupervised learning algorithms do not require labels and require minimal human participation. However, due to significant technical difficulties, they haven’t been as successful as supervised learning algorithms.

Self-supervision overcomes these technical difficulties to extract value from very large unlabeled datasets using machine learning with minimal human intervention in cybersecurity, precision medicine, and predictive maintenance applications. The new method circumvents these difficulties and clears the way to scaling unsupervised learning algorithms to large and complex datasets. We will show applications of these methods in cybersecurity and drug discovery problems.
Recorded Dec 17 2020 54 mins
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Presented by
Vinay Rao, Co-founder & CEO and Santi Adavani, Co-founder of RocketML
Presentation preview: Self-supervised machine learning, the next frontier in AI

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  • Data Storytelling: Visualizing Business Insights May 19 2021 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Eric Topham | Panelists TBA
    Analytics trends that defined 2020 will continue to make their mark in 2021. By the end of 2024, 75% of enterprises will shift from piloting to operationalizing AI according to Gartner. As data science becomes more readily adopted as part of an enterprise insight strategy, join this panel of industry experts to learn more about where the big data & analytics industry is heading.

    This month's episode of The Business Intelligence Report with Eric Topham will look at the defining trends in data and analytics and the long-term impact of digital transformation.
    - The analytics trends that defined 2020 and will continue to make their mark in 2021
    - Where is the big data & analytics industry headed in terms of the "next big thing?"
    - Will we see more commercialized AI?
    - Will data science become more readily adopted as a part of enterprise insight strategy?
    - Will predictive analytics become more sophisticated?
    - Will the cloud remain the go-to space for conducting more cost-effective analytics initiatives?
    - Expert recommendations, best practices, and predictions for the BI&A industry space.

    This episode is part of The Business Intelligence Report original series with Eric Topham, Co-Founder & Data Science Director at The Data Analysis Bureau. We welcome viewer participation and questions during this interactive panel session.
  • AI in Fintech: How Payments Are Changing in 2021 May 13 2021 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Elena Kozhemyakina, Fintech4Funds
    Innovations in Artificial Intelligence (AI) have been powering financial services for years, by helping analyze vast amounts of data, reducing costs, and driving efficiencies at every level.

    Discover how innovations in AI are powering the new trends in fintech and payments, especially B2B payments. Learn how AI can be used to digitize direct payments and fee revenue, as well as to enable risk mitigation, and a variety of other use cases.

    This month's episode of "Driving Fintech Forward" will explore the latest AI trends in fintech with a special focus on payments. Viewers will hear more about:
    - The shift to digital and real-time payments and electronic invoices
    - The push for more automation due to the pandemic 
    - Why fintech's future lies in AI
    - AI and smarter payments
    - Digitizing direct payments (ACH) and fee revenue
    - The next step beyond mobile wallets
    - How AI helps mitigate risk and fight fraud

    This episode is part of the "Driving Fintech Forward" series with Elena Kozhemyakina, Founder and CEO of Fintech4Funds. We welcome viewer questions and participation.
  • Decoding Decision Intelligence: Frameworks and Technologies Apr 20 2021 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Eric Topham | Panelists TBA
    In the quest to modernize the way they think about making decisions, organizations are turning to AI and automation wherever possible. AI models can help with creating predictions and labels, but to get deeper insights on the meaning behind the data, organizations are starting to embrace decision intelligence.

    Discover how businesses can use decision intelligence to create strong decision models for their processes and how to map actions to outcomes.

    Learn about the decision intelligence framework and hear from the experts on what DI can mean for your business. Viewers will hear more about:
    - The impact of the pandemic on the quality of decisions made, especially in the context of business
    - The emergence of decision intelligence
    - How DI differs from AI 
    - Eliminating errors and biases when making a decision
    - Decision intelligence for critical business moments
    - How data and analytics leaders can leverage DI to design, model, align, execute, monitor, and tune decision models and processes in the context of business outcomes and behavior

    This episode is part of The Business Intelligence Report original series with Eric Topham, Co-Founder & Data Science Director at The Data Analysis Bureau. We welcome viewer participation and questions during this interactive panel session.
  • AI in Fintech: The New Digital Customer Experience Apr 14 2021 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Elena Kozhemyakina, Fintech4Funds | Dr. Valery Tsourikov, Generative Inventions Project
    Legacy financial services institutions consistently see big Tech as a competitive threat. The highly-scaled, AI-driven method of creating and nurturing client relationships seems to be the antithesis of what high-touch, relationship-driven investors pride themselves on.

    However, the industry is already moving in this direction; with Charles Schwab’s purchase of TD Ameritrade and Morgan Stanley’s purchase of E*TRADE, we see action towards improving today’s digital experience. This is what consumers expect, and where the profits lie - research found by the World Economic Forum highlights that the industry is moving towards an era of self-driving finance, where returns are not owned by those who invest client money, but by those who own the customer’s experience.

    So how can FS companies across the board view the digital client experience as a strategic advantage? Join this discussion as we explore:

    - What the digital customer experience encompasses
    - How ai and automation can help you focus on deepening your relationships.
    - How AI can help streamline back-end operations

    - Elena Kozhemyakina, Founder and CEO, Fintech4Funds
    - Dr. Valery Tsourikov, Founder, Generative Inventions Project

    This episode is part of the "Driving Fintech Forward" series with Elena Kozhemyakina, Founder and CEO of Fintech4Funds. We welcome viewer questions and participation.
  • Exploring Supply Chain Analytics for the 2021 Business Mar 23 2021 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Eric Topham | Panelists TBA
    Now, more than ever, a business's ability to react to the rapid shifts in the market is dependent on its supply chain and having visibility and insight across the entire ecosystem.

    Discover how supply chain analytics can help businesses anticipate shifts in demand, proactively manage their resources, improve efficiencies and address potential risks throughout their supply chain ecosystem.

    Join this month's episode of the Business Intelligence Report with Eric Topham to learn the latest developments in supply chain analytics and notable use cases.

    Viewers will hear about:
    - How tech is transforming the supply chain
    - Dealing with demand volatility with predictive and prescriptive analytics
    - The future of supply chain and modern supply chain analytics

    This episode is part of The Business Intelligence Report original series with Eric Topham, Co-Founder & Data Science Director at The Data Analysis Bureau. We welcome viewer participation and questions during this interactive panel session.
  • Tableau Hack: Use Tableau to Improve Your Workflow Mar 18 2021 9:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Amber Smart, Certified Tableau Professional; Owner, Smart Metrix
    Explore how to leverage Tableau's strengths in unconventional ways to improve workflows in your organization. Amber will demonstrate how an enterprise risk management firm used Tableau to reduce its reporting workflow from 4 hours to only 2 minutes.
  • How AI is Solving the Unsolvable Mar 18 2021 1:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Christine Wzorek, US Market Advisor at Vize Labs
    Human connection is directly linked to the bottom line. The Future of Work accelerated trust of our working relationships which are now primarily virtual, intermixed with hybrid work-arrangements. New AI tools and technologies are rapidly shaping the Enterprise Data Landscape. Here's how and why human connection is more important than ever.
  • GET, KEEP, GROW, Listen to your data and catch more leads with AI Mar 18 2021 11:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Ester Liquori, CEO at Ghostwriter AI
    Today, companies stay competitive and need to understand their customers. The global situation has changed the consumers’ behaviour and brands have to reshape their marketing and sales approach.
    They can leverage data but they are uncertain on how to leverage and manage the information.
    Artificial Intelligence is no more hype but a real opportunity to do that.
    In the webinar we will go through:
    ● Data expectations
    ● Internal data
    ● External data
    ● Why leverage data form marketing and sales opportunities
    ● Why Artificial Intelligence is a tool that helps (with real case examples)

    Why join us?
    1. To understand your data and how to leverage them
    2. To know more about your competitors and look at them as an opportunity
    3. To say “WOW, I can do that!”
  • High performance tools for Advanced Machine Learning Mar 18 2021 9:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Kuldeep Jiwani, Distinguished Architect, Data Science, GUAVUS – A THALES COMPANY
    As more businesses are turning towards ML and as data is available in abundance, there is a high demand of adopting ML in the industry. This brings the focus to the right choice of ML tools for both development and operationalising ML in production. The ML tools ecosystem has responded well, with a wide plethora of tools to solve various problems associated with ML. This wide variety of choices for ML possess a new challenge to the ML users, on when to use which technology. The most significant challenge comes in productionising ML, as for real world use cases the challenges are manyfold like how to do ML over Big Data, do ML over high speed streaming data, light weight ML over edge devices, distributed ML over high speed clusters, fast ML supported with machine acceleration technologies, etc. We will try to address a high level overview of the landscape and walk through some of the popular industry cases where choosing the right tool in production becomes a challenge.
  • Persistent Analytics Challenges and their Solutions Mar 17 2021 9:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Bipin Chadha, PhD Chief Data Scientist, Ascential
    Does it seem like that the challenges facing enterprise analytics have a familiar ring to them? Do you also get the feeling that same challenges plague us year after year? Then, you are not alone. While words may have evolved, the challenges today are surprisingly similar to the ones faced decades ago. Systems thinkers will immediately recognize this as a situation where we are trying to solve for symptoms without addressing the root causes. Whenever this happens, the problems or the challenges have a tendency to keep coming back.
    In this talk I will go over some interesting case studies from the past to highlight the challenges and what lessons we can learn from them.
    Key Takeaways:
    • Why some challenges persist year after year?
    • What are the root causes?
    • What can we learn from past mistakes and successes?
  • Explainable AI is not Enough for Auto Insurance during Covid Mar 17 2021 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Prof. Zehra Cataltepe, Co-Founder & CEO TAZI.AI, Serdar Birlikci, CIO of Groupama Turkey
    Wider usage of AI models brought the need for them being unbiased. While explainable AI makes AI models more understandable, most Explainable AI approaches make AI understandable only for data scientists. On the other hand, insurance underwriters and claims experts also need to understand how AI behaves so that they can trust it and include it in their daily business actions. In addition to being understandable by business, AI models need to be updateable by business and easy to use and continuous learning.
    During this webinar, CEO & Co-Founder Prof. Zehra Cataltepe and Groupama CIO Serdar Birlikci go through how an easy, understandable, understanding and continuous learning AI could enable customer retention to be solved with an agile team of business experts in insurance.
  • Creating a Fintech Data Lake Mar 17 2021 11:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Daniel Broby, Director, Center for Financial Regulation and Innovation, Strathclyde University
    The case for a Financial Technology (Fintech) data lake.
    Fintech is impacting business models and its concepts require testing.
    Experimentation in a controlled way using a regulatory sandbox.
    Fintech concepts to be checked for reliability and robustness
    A data lake for back-testing, out of sample experiments and forward performance checks.
  • Creating Mizuho Securities Mar 17 2021 9:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Genady Chybranov, CTO Financial Services Industry, Hitachi Vantara
    It is hard to become a data-driven company. Despite spending millions in building data and AI capabilities only 29.2% of companies achieving transformational business outcomes, and just 30% have developed a well-articulated data strategy according to the recent survey of Fortune 1000 companies. In this webinar, I’ll share battle-tested methodologies to gain the maximum of your company’s data potential. We will cover the following areas:
    Defining measurable, achievable, and focused outcomes for data-driven transformation
    Aligning operational models to fit the company’s data strategy
    Architecting an efficient fit-for-purpose data platform that creates value
  • Knowledge Repositories for Faster Problem Solving & Reduced Time-to-Market Mar 16 2021 9:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Wayne Levin, President & CEO, Predictum Inc.
    Too many science-based companies lose their investment in knowledge soon after their staff generates it. Once the problem is solved, the improvement is realized or the R&D project is complete, the knowledge work including the data, analysis and resulting predictive models are lost, or at least inaccessible to others.

    Regenerating analytical knowledge carries higher risks, incurs unnecessary costs, and delays achieving business goals. The future success of technical problem solving and process innovation requires a modern knowledge management strategy. Companies that adopt a modern knowledge management strategy will dramatically reduce the amount of time and effort in the daily work of engineers and scientists, thereby not only preventing the needless duplication of experiments, but also extending the use of past experiments and improvement initiatives.

    Wayne will present a use case to demonstrate the power of managing analytical knowledge through CoBase, an enterprise-level knowledge management system that enables engineers and scientists share access to and collaborate mutually on past analyses and relevant supporting data.
  • Changing our thinking – reacting in real time at the speed of your customer Mar 16 2021 3:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Bob Trevelyan, Vice President, Digital Transformation and Analytics, KX
    Data itself has become a commodity, and the mere possession of abundant amounts of data is not enough. But the ability to monetize data effectively (and not merely hoard it) can undoubtedly be a source of competitive advantage in the digital economy. However, the world is changing as fast as the data is growing. No longer do we have the luxury of adding data to a data lake or warehouse , and then perform analytics. We now must enable analytics and response to what the data tells us in real time. You must interact with your clients at the speed of a tweet. Now we need to change our thinking into a microsecond mindset. How do we enable the thinking let alone the capability to initiate in real time?
  • Peak Paradox Mar 16 2021 11:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Tony Fish, CENG FIET FBSC FCIM FRSA, Managing Director, Digtial20
    Since data analysis and information does not naturally present one obvious conclusion, how can directors, senior leadership and management teams better frame complex decisions and judgment?

    Take Away:
    - If you cannot see the paradox, you are blind to consequences!
    - A model to explain quantum risk and why it is creating an issue for boards and senior management teams
    - A new framework and tool to help create simple linear narratives from complex data problems
  • Pitfalls in privacy data wrangling Mar 16 2021 11:00 am UTC 45 mins
    William Bello FIP CIPP/E CIPM CIPT, Senior Privacy Business Consultant, Bello Consulting
    Fairy tales most often start with sentence: “Once upon a time there was a …” - Facebook?! Does any of you remember mobile app named “Foursquare”? It was very popular until a Russian-based developer used it to display “girls around me”. Data is a resource. Big data is a big resource. But - a big responsibility as well. It brings opportunity and it make threat. In world today we witness a steady rise of privacy concern and user awareness about what is right and what is wrong. Not only that, but regulations around the world guarantee certain rights to data subjects or consumers. Cambridge Analytica Ltd is very good example of Facebook data wrangling misuse or one could call this “data breach”.

    Careless use of meshed data or during company merge collecting data together from different anonymized sources into one data lake might be a potential serious risk for new organization. Can you imagine number of data collected over past decades on UK servers based on R&D under EU regulation? As we experience Brexit all the data wrangling using this meshed data raise legal ground question for further processing and secondary use. Privacy by design and by default is a key to proof accountability and key points we will discuss during talk are:

    • Data wrangling core ideas of discovering, structuring, cleaning, enriching, validating and publishing during data life cycle stages: collection, processing, disclosure, retention and destruction

    • How to secure enterprise data wrangling using GDPR and NIST as a privacy framework?
  • Data Assets - Fixed or Current? Mar 16 2021 9:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Pragyansmita Nayak, Ph.D., Chief Data Scientist @ Hitachi Vantara Federal
    International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) defines asset is a resource controlled by the entity as a result of past events and from which future economic benefits are expected to flow to the entity. In this context, "Data is an asset" is an understatement. This cliche note is as widely cited as the reference to analytics as the "new oil", "new electricity"; essentially to depict data as a basic utility without which one cannot sustain a good quality of life. Before the patterns and trends were proficiently leveraged for a myriad variety of challenging tasks from disparate domains, it was often treated as a residual of a software process and a liability to maintain for archival reasons ranging from regulatory compliance to operational transparency, and so on other trivial purposes. Ease of access to data, computing resources and advanced algorithms contributed in varying degrees to this drastic change of perperception from liability to asset. Data governance principles with effective DataOps for the data lifecycle and data curation and tagging for a shared language across the echelons of a data-driven initiative is the necessary backbone. This will aggressively move the data ownership from being a Fixed asset to a Current asset.
  • AI in Fintech: Lending, Insurance, and the Art of Streamlined Risk Management Mar 10 2021 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Elena Kozhemyakina, Fintech4Funds | Lisa Kimball, Finicity | Panos Skliamis, SPIN Analytics
    Managing risk is a necessity for lenders, insurers, and the customers they serve. When a lender wants to understand if someone is qualified for a loan, they need to understand debt & credit history, employment history, and past histories of default. Insurers have equally cumbersome criteria for gauging risk. Regulatory compliance adds in another layer of complexity. This process is long and inefficient, and in a modern marketplace, being quick and agile keeps you competitive. AI can help streamline the process, and knowing how to employ AI can be the difference between success and failure.

    Join this webinar to hear about:
    - The benefits of using AI in risk management
    - How regulatory compliance can improve with AI
    - Case studies of how AI is driving value for insurance companies and lenders

    - Lisa Kimball, SVP, Product & Strategic Programs, Finicity
    - Panos Skliamis, CEO & Founder, SPIN Analytics

    This episode is part of the "Driving Fintech Forward" series with Elena Kozhemyakina, Founder and CEO of Fintech4Funds. We welcome viewer questions and participation.
  • Data & Analytics 2021: Defining Trends and Trajectories Recorded: Feb 24 2021 59 mins
    Eric Topham | Mark Balkenende | Dedy Kredo | William McKnight
    Gartner predicts that “by 2023, more than 33% of large organizations will have analysts practicing decision intelligence, including decision modeling”. In 2020, data analytics has evolved together with AI to produce more accurate predictions and educated suggestions. Join Eric Topham and a panel of industry experts and thought leaders to find out how data and analytics will transform human-machine relationships.

    This month's episode of The Business Intelligence Report will look at the defining data and analytics trends to watch in 2021. Some of the topics to be covered during this session will include:
    - The growing importance of external data
    - Trends of how organizations are finding and using external data
    - How data visualization enriches analytics and helps reveal correlations
    - The evolution of dashboards. Where are we now and where are we headed?
    - Data visualization in real-time for timely, actionable insights
    - Visual analytics use cases. Building a data narrative to achieve business results.

    - Mark Balkenende, Senior Director, Product Marketing at Matillion
    - Dedy Kredo, VP of Customer-Facing Data Science at Explorium
    - William McKnight, President of McKnight Consulting Group

    This episode is part of The Business Intelligence Report original series with Eric Topham, Co-Founder & Data Science Director at The Data Analysis Bureau.

    We welcome viewer participation and questions during this interactive panel session.
Managing and analyzing data to inform business decisions
Data is the foundation of any organization and therefore, it is paramount that it is managed and maintained as a valuable resource.

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  • Title: Self-supervised machine learning, the next frontier in AI
  • Live at: Dec 17 2020 10:00 pm
  • Presented by: Vinay Rao, Co-founder & CEO and Santi Adavani, Co-founder of RocketML
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