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Orchestrate Cloud Storage

Limelight Orchestrate™ Cloud Storage is purpose-built for digital content origin. It offers lower latency by storing your assets at the edge of our massive global network. So your users get the same experience whether it’s a cache hit or cache miss.
Recorded Oct 10 2014 2 mins
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  • Overcoming eTail Challenges to Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences Recorded: Mar 23 2017 55 mins
    Michael Milligan, Sr. Director Product & Solution Marketing and Charlie Kraus, Sr. Product Marketing Manager
    Online retailing is no longer as simple as duplicating the in-store experience. It is about so much more. Online retailers are expected to deliver fast, personalized shopping experiences featuring rich media and video, to customers on any device, wherever and whenever they choose.

    These realities have introduced a host of challenges for retailers, but they also offer significant opportunities to improve customer conversion and retention.

    What does this mean for retailers trying to deliver exceptional online experiences that maximize revenue and build customer loyalty?

    Join us as we review the technical challenges that impact your ability to deliver exceptional e-tail customer experiences, and strategies for overcoming them.

    Some of the topics that will be covered, include:
    · What customers expect from their online shopping experience;
    · What it takes to deliver a compelling omnichannel experience to reach customers;
    · How to support traffic spikes and seasonal demand;
    · Why website performance is key to improving conversion rates;
    · How best to safeguard your website against malicious attacks.
  • The State of Online Video: The Consumer Is in Control Recorded: Jan 31 2017 55 mins
    Michael Milligan, Senior Director Product & Solution Marketing & Charlie Kraus, Senior Product Marketing Manager
    Since 2015, Limelight has surveyed thousands of consumers about their online video viewing habits and expectations, but findings from our latest report reveal some interesting changes. Bottom line – the consumer has taken control of the online video experience. They not only want, but also expect, to be able to choose what they watch and when they watch it.

    What does this mean for broadcasters and content distributors trying to satisfy consumer demand while also maximizing revenue?

    Join us for this free webinar on Tuesday, January 31st as our video delivery experts share recent findings from the latest State of Online Video report. We will discuss strategies organizations can implement in 2017 to deliver compelling online video experiences to their audiences that will keep them coming back for more.

    Some of the topics that will be covered, include:
    · Which aspects of the online video experience matters most to consumers;
    · Demographic differences in online video viewing behaviors and expectations;
    · Shifting consumer attitudes about online video advertising and paying for content; and
    · Tips for optimizing the online video viewing experience.

    All webinar attendees will receive the complete December 2016 State of Online Video report.
  • Key Strategies and Best Practices To Proactively Protect Digital Assets and Apps Recorded: Jan 18 2017 54 mins
    Charlie Kraus,Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Limelight Networks & Kerrion Burton-Evans,Solutions Engineer, Limelight Networks
    In the last few months we have seen cyber attacks on corporations as diverse as Deutsche Telekom and Tesco. From the boardroom to the backroom there is an increasing awareness of complex cyber-security attacks. Businesses need a proactive solution that not only protects digital content and properties but also keeps one step ahead of these evolving threats.

    Join us on 18th January for a live webinar with Limelight's digital security experts, who will share specific use cases to illustrate key strategies and best practices for a cloud-based security solution.
  • Results Revealed: The State of the User Experience 2016 Recorded: Dec 15 2016 27 mins
    Charlie Kraus, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Limelight Networks
    What makes a great digital experience? Limelight has been asking that question to consumers for the past 3 years and the findings may surprise you!

    Join us for this webinar as we uncover the inside scoop on what users expect when they engage with your digital experiences. Based on Limelight’s annual State of the User Experience Report, this webinar will provide you the latest insight into what makes (or breaks) a digital experience for US consumers as well as provide tips and techniques for how you can deliver a user experience consumers want and expect. In this webinar, we’ll cover:

    • Which aspects of the digital experience are most important to US consumers;
    • What activities are consumers engaging in most online and which devices are they using; and
    • How Millennials differ in their behaviors and expectations around digital experiences.

    The 2016 State of the User Experience Report is based upon the survey responses of more than 1,600 US consumers ranging in demographics, gender, education, and spend more than five hours a week online outside of work.

    All webinar attendees will receive a full report of our findings.
  • Key Strategies and Best Practices To Proactively Protect Digital Assets and Apps Recorded: Nov 10 2016 49 mins
    Charles Kraus, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Limelight Networks & Kyle Carpenter, Solutions Engineer, Limelight Networks
    Today’s businesses need a proactive cyber-security solution that not only protects digital content and properties but also keeps up with evolving cyber threats. With the complexity of responding to security breaches on the rise, you need a solution that doesn’t impact your audience’s quality of experience.

    In this interactive webinar, Limelight’s digital security experts provide an overview of the current threat landscape with use cases, and outline strategies for implementing a cloud-based security solution that scales to meet the unique needs of each use case.

    During this webinar, our experts will cover:

    •Cloud vs. On-premises security options
    •DDoS attack prevention and mitigation
    •Web Application Firewall
    •Securing content in transit
    •Controlled access by enforcing content licensing restrictions with Geo-fencing, URL tokenization, IP address whitelisting and blacklisting.

    When you register, enter a question you would like to see addressed during the webinar.
  • Gaining the Edge: Delivering Flawless Live-Streaming Experiences Recorded: Jun 28 2016 47 mins
    Charles Kraus, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Limelight Networks
    As organizations compete for the same consumers, many companies are turning to live-streaming video content to better engage their online audience. But to deliver the live streaming experience viewers expect, organizations need a technical plan that will support successful live-streaming to viewers around the globe on any device.

    Whether you are delivering live-streaming events now or are looking to add them to your existing VOD workflow, join us for this live webinar where our expert will outline key considerations for delivering live-streaming video to ensure the highest Quality of Experience for viewers.

    This webinar will cover:

    • Advanced planning you must do before live-streaming events
    • Execution pitfalls to avoid
    • Designing an efficient workflow
    • Delivering to a diversity of devices
    • Protecting your content from unauthorized access or theft
  • How to Secure Your Digital Content – Ask an Expert Recorded: Apr 6 2016 43 mins
    Jason Thibeault, Senior Director of Content Marketing, LLNW & Kyle Carpenter, Solutions Engineer, LLNW
    From the boardroom to the backroom, everyone is looking for ways to protect digital content from increasing cyber threats, DDoS attacks, unauthorized access or theft. But safeguarding your content isn’t a one-size-fits-all proposition - it requires a multi-layered defensive strategy to ensure a safe and superior quality of experience for your online audience.

    In this interactive webinar, Limelight’s Principal Technical Evangelist Jason Thibeault, will interview Digital Content Security Expert, Kyle Carpenter, about what businesses should be doing today to protect their digital content. Kyle will also address some of the most common questions about safeguarding content, including:

    • How to protect video content from unauthorized viewing
    • How to guard against content scraping and deep linking
    • When and why to employ geo-fencing to allow or deny access
    • Strategies for proactive DDoS attack mitigation

    And best of all, we will leave plenty of time for you to ask your own questions too.

    Everyone who registers will receive a copy of our new whitepaper “10 Ways to Secure Your Digital Content” as a special bonus.
  • Millennials and Online Video: What You REALLY Need to Know Recorded: Jan 28 2016 49 mins
    Jason Thibeault, Senior Director of Content Marketing, Limelight Networks
    When it comes to online video, Millennials are different. Not only do they consume more online video, but findings from our latest State of Online Video research report reveal definite differences in their behaviors and perceptions around online videos compared to other demographics. For organizations looking to engage Millennials with online video, understanding these behaviors and perceptions are critical.

    During this live webinar, Jason Thibeault, Senior Director of Content Marketing, will share key findings from this report and outline three things your business needs to know to get Millennials to watch your online videos.

    Some of the topics that will be covered on this webinar, include:

    • How much buffering are Millennials willing to tolerate?
    • What will make advertising in online video palatable to Millennials?
    • What devices are Millennials using to consume online video?

    As a bonus, all attendees will receive the full State of Online Video Report.
  • Webinaire CoachGuitar: le succès de son App. grâce aux solutions de Limelight Recorded: Nov 5 2015 43 mins
    Julien MEYER, CTO CoachGuitar, et Emmanuel SOULIE Solution Engineer Limelight Networks
    L’App. CoachGuitar et le CDN de Limelight Networks

    Retour d’expérience technique: CoachGuitar et Limelight Networks

    Et si le rêve de toute start-up dans le monde des nouvelles technologies devenait un jour réalité?

    C’est ce qui est arrivé à CoachGuitar, application de e-learning, qui a été élue Meilleure Application dans tous les Apple Stores, et qui, créée à Paris il y a seulement 3 ans, connue de San Francisco jusqu’en Chine, cumule aujourd’hui plus de 4 millions de téléchargement.
    Son Directeur du Développement déclarait récemment : « Heureusement ! nous avons les solutions CDN et Stockage de Limelight pour nous aider dans ce déploiement »

    Dans ce webinaire nous allons vous expliquer pourquoi nos 2 sociétés ont noué ce partenariat pour assurer aux élèves en ligne de CoachGuitar la meilleure expérience digitale.
  • Optimization Strategies for Exceptional Software Download Experiences Recorded: Oct 7 2015 60 mins
    Charles Kraus, Product & Solution Marketing, Limelight Networks
    Delivering software or device updates to a global user base is complex, with high expectations on the part of customers for a smooth trouble free experience on every device, every time. To meet those expectations, optimization cannot be an afterthought for software and device manufacturers. This webinar will use real customer examples to illustrate how leading companies have built optimization into every stage of the file distribution workflow. We’ll take a close look at how a global security solutions company successfully publishes security updates to tens of millions of customers every 4 hours.

    We’ll also explore: |

    • How regional versions of software can be distributed to the right users with Geo-fencing
    • Strategies for near real-time purging of software files from global cache, ensuring that purged content is never served to end users
    • How to deliver device updates without impacting customer’s data plan charges
    • The importance of optimizing the entire experience, from the download portal to instructional video delivery, for customers on a range of devices

    The latest trends in using downloads and updates as branding reinforcement opportunities, file protection, and access control will also be shared.
  • Four Ways to Succeed in the Future of Online Video Recorded: Jun 10 2015 45 mins
    Jason Thibeault, Sr. Director, Marketing Strategy, Limelight Networks
    Just as online video is changing the way that we watch television, it too is undergoing an evolution—the online video of today will not look the same even a few years from now. In fact, a new State of Online Video study zeros in on some of the changing behaviors and technologies that will impact your business, including:
    • The circumstances under which are people willing to “cut the cord”
    • How much buffering people are truly willing to tolerate
    • What will make advertising in online video palatable to viewers
    Will you be prepared to succeed in the face of these coming changes?

    Find out during this live webinar on June 10th when Principal Technical Evangelist, Jason Thibeault, shares the full results of Limelight Networks’ State of Online Video analysis, a 2015 global survey report examining the video consumption habits of over 1,200 consumers.

    This is an excellent opportunity to access the most up-to-date information on key trends shaping the future of online video. Then, using the results as our backdrop, we’ll take it one step further by examining what these trends really mean for video publishing and uncover the strategies that your organization must employ in order to be successful in the future of online video.
  • How to Build Your Own Game Distribution Network Recorded: May 20 2015 50 mins
    Jason Thibeault, Sr. Director, Marketing Strategy, Limelight Networks
    Delivering a great game experience has become harder than ever. Join this webinar to learn how to identify all of the major elements you’ll need to build your own game distribution network and how those components map to the gaming lifecycle.
    This webinar will cover:
    - What makes a game experience
    - How to build a network for delivering content
    - How to measure the effectiveness of your network
  • Game On! Strategies for Growth and Game Delivery in the PC and MMO Markets Recorded: May 14 2015 60 mins
    Peter Warman, CEO, Newzoo & Anne Blanchard, Solutions Marketing Manager, Limelight
    PC and Massive Multi-Player Online (MMO) games will account for over 30% of the world’s $100Bn+ game revenues by 2017. Globalization, cross-screen gaming, video streaming, esports and running games-as-a-service are changing the gaming landscape at an enormous pace and provide opportunities for those who can deliver their games and media content at scale. Will you be prepared?

    Find out on May 14 when experts from games market research and analytics firm, Newzoo International, and Limelight Networks discuss the state of the PC/MMO market and critical success factors for game developers and publishers. Newzoo will share a sneak preview of their annual top 10 trends shaping the future of the games industry that will be part of their global report published in June.

    Join us for this webinar and learn:

    • The trends, brands and gaming behaviors that are driving the PC/MMO market globally;
    • Which regions are expected to account for 95% of market growth in 2017;
    • Common global game delivery challenges
    • Solutions for improving your patch, UGC, video content, expansions, and DLC distribution strategies"

    Make sure you are ready to deliver in the ever-changing global games market.
  • DDoS Attacks: Lessons Learned and Mitigation Strategies Recorded: May 6 2015 63 mins
    Carl Herberger, VP of Security Solutions, Radware & Nigel Burmeister, VP of Product and Solutions Marketing, Limelight
    2014 was a watershed year for cybersecurity as DDoS attacks reached a tipping point in terms of complexity, pace and scale. Today, operations and online performance are often already impacted before an attack is even detected, leaving organizations struggling to contain the damage while fighting to get ahead of persistent malicious traffic.

    Join security experts from Radware and Limelight Networks on May 6 as we take a closer look at the latest research on the global threat landscape, share real world experiences from Radware’s Emergency Response Team and offer proven defensive strategies.

    As digital content and providing high quality online experiences globally become critical to business success, vulnerabilities are mounting. The pressure is on to find new ways to detect and mitigate attacks before they can cause outages and impact the bottom line. In this session we’ll discuss:

    • What you can expect from the latest generation of attacks
    • Why the Internet pipe is the number one point of failure
    • Why attacks are now split between the network and application layers
    • What new threats are being introduced by the Cloud, the Internet of Things and SDN
    • How situation-aware detection and mitigation in the cloud can protect against the largest and most complex DDoS attacks

    This is an excellent opportunity to learn what it takes to protect your organization against costly disruptions in the face of rapidly changing, increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks. A live Q&A session will follow the presentation.
  • Limelight Orchestrate V3.0: Powering Exceptional QoE for Global Audiences Recorded: Mar 11 2015 21 mins
    Nigel Burmeister, Vice President, Product & Solutions Marketing
    Online digital engagement has become increasingly important but it has also become increasingly complex (e.g. richer content, number and diversity of devices, geographical dispersion, cyber threats). The question organizations now face is how to deliver rich digital content rapidly, reliably, securely and with high quality of experience (QoE) to global audiences anywhere, on any device?

    That is precisely the challenge that the Limelight Orchestrate Platform for digital content delivery seeks to address. V3.0 includes wide-ranging enhancements in the areas of security, video, storage and management and control – all of which go a long way in enabling better QoE on the digital frontier in which we now live.
  • Secrets Revealed—The Inside Scoop on What Makes a Great Digital Experience Recorded: Jan 22 2015 47 mins
    Jason Thibeault, Sr. Director, Marketing Strategy, Limelight Networks
    What makes a great digital experience? We can’t tell you…or at least not yet! Join us for this webinar as we uncover the inside scoop on what users expect when they engage with your digital experiences. Based on Limelight’s annual State of the User Experience Report, this webinar will provide you inside information from real people on what makes (or breaks) your digital experience as well as provide tips and techniques for how you can deliver it better. In this webinar, you’ll learn such things as,
    • The height of consumer expectations around digital experience performance;
    • Why the personal computer is no longer the go-to device for accessing your digital experiences; and
    • Does personalization really matter?

    The State of the User Experience Report is based upon the survey responses of 1,115 US consumers ranging in demographics, gender, education, and spend more than five hours a week online outside of work.

    All webcast attendees will receive a full report of our findings.
  • 5 Ways to Deliver a Great Game Experience Recorded: Dec 4 2014 48 mins
    Jason Thibeault, Sr. Director, Marketing Strategy, Limelight Networks
    Lessons from the Consumer Gaming Trends Report

    As the recently released Consumer Gaming Trends report makes very clear, the game experience is changing. It’s no longer just about a good storyline or how easy the game is to play. Gamers are becoming hypersensitive to other elements as the game experience expands and incorporates new content (video), bleeds into other platforms (multi-device), and is continually updated (Downloaded Content).

    But as the game experience grows so do the challenges for studios and publishers because delivering anything less than an awesome game experience could spell disaster for a title. In this webinar, we’ll share:

    • Highlights from the Consumer Gaming Trends report about gamer experiences and expectations
    • The anatomy of a good game
    • 5 things you must do to deliver the game experience that will keep your users playing…and paying.

    Bring your questions for the live Q&A session following the presentation!
  • Doosan Customer Testimonial Recorded: Oct 24 2014 5 mins
    HongRyeol Kim, Head of DWI Team, Doosan I+C
    I+C Doosan Heavy Industries + Construction Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of Doosan Group, is one of the largest Korean heavy industrial companies.
  • Cesar's Way Customer Testimonial Recorded: Oct 22 2014 6 mins
    George Gomez, Director of Online Development, Cesar Milan Inc.
    "Dog Whisperer" Cesar Milan is America's most sought-after dog-behavior expert. Find out how George Gomez, Director of Online Development, took the Dog Whisperer's Digital Presence to a whole new level.
  • Goaaaaalllll! 5 Ways to Win Online with the Broadcast Quality Generation... Recorded: Oct 16 2014 50 mins
    Jason Thibeault - Senior Director, Marketing Strategy, Limelight Networks
    The Broadcast Quality Generation—they are out there, right now, trying to access your videos, expecting them to work flawlessly, on any device…just like the FIFA World Cup 2014. But this is no simple football match. Scoring a goal with this generation by providing broadcast quality digital experiences could very well mean the success of your business.

    More than any other, this generation is reshaping how organizations build and deliver digital content. In this webinar, you’ll learn about the Broadcast Quality Generation, how their expectations impact the way you need to deliver videos and websites, and some of the techniques that top broadcasters are employing to create instantaneous, instantly available digital experiences. We’ll explore:

    - The expectations that shape the Broadcast Quality Generation
    - How leading media companies have reshaped their publishing workflows to be more “real-time”
    - Critical components for providing digital experiences at broadcast quality
    - The top five techniques major broadcasters are using right now to improve digital content publishing efficiency
Delivering Digital Content Globally and Securely
Digital Presence Insights for Marketers

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