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2 Minutes on BrightTALK: Two Biggest Challenges in BCDR

What are the most pressing challenges that you face when implementing a successful BCDR program? Join David Friedlander of Neverfail as he shares some of the key gaps most forget when charting a successful disaster recovery program.
Recorded Jul 30 2013 2 mins
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Presented by
David Friedlander, VP, Neverfail
Presentation preview: 2 Minutes on BrightTALK: Two Biggest Challenges in BCDR

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  • How to Defend Your Datacenter Against Godzilla and Other Threats to Availability Recorded: Nov 21 2013 38 mins
    Josh Mazgelis, Chief Storyteller at Neverfail
    Is your datacenter prepared for anything? If Godzilla stormed through your datacenter, would you be able to recover critical applications quickly? Would your disaster recovery plan work as expected? IT Pros know it’s important to protect their datacenters against all kinds of outages, even aliens and monster attacks, but keeping track of all the applications, servers, and other infrastructure can be tough in the age of virtualization and cloud.

    So what can you do to make sure your datacenter is prepared for anything? Tune in to this webinar on November 21 at 12pm ET with our chief storyteller and availability expert Josh Mazgelis and learn what Neverfail is doing to help IT Pros defend their datacenters, and why our IT Continuity Architect product won a Best of VMworld award this year, beating out 160 competitors for best new technology. We’ll discuss best practices and give a short overview of the Architect solution, provided that aliens haven’t kidnapped our speaker. Register today and we’ll see you there!
  • Delivering Business Resiliency and IT Continuity in a Complex World Recorded: Sep 19 2013 47 mins
    Josh Mazgelis, Chief Storyteller at Neverfail; Rachel Dines, Senior Analyst at Forrester Research
    In today’s connected always-on world, IT Continuity is more important than ever. Technology is more integrated with daily life, whether it’s for work or for play, and people just expect business services to be there. Yet our ability to predict and resolve outages seems to be falling behind our ability to launch new dependencies and increase system complexity.

    Join us for this informative session presented by Neverfail  Group and our guest Forrester Research, along with a customer case study by First Acceptance Insurance, as we discuss best practices and recommendations for building resilient BCDR plans and meeting expectations for business service availability. Learn from the experts on how to protect yourself, your business, and your reputation from the effects of extended system downtime. Register now to save your seat!
  • IT Business Continuity - How to Build Better BC/DR Plans Recorded: Aug 15 2013 35 mins
    Josh Mazgelis, Chief Storyteller, Neverfail Group
    Whether you're watching it or not, virtualization has had a massive impact IT business continuity. Not only has it accelerated the pace of change in the datacenter, but has also changed the ways in which we conduct disaster recovery itself. Proper planning is critical when it comes to avoiding downtime and data loss in today’s highly virtualized and private cloud environments. Keeping on top of changes, and understanding recovery capabilities as well as their limitations, will help you to build and maintain recovery plans that will actually work when it comes time to call upon them.

    Josh Mazgelis, Chief Storyteller for the Neverfail Group, will discuss ways in which virtualization has changed the BCDR ecosystem, and share his steps for building and maintaining solid disaster recovery plans. Considering disasters both big and small, this session will look at ways to help save you from unexpected downtime and meet the expectations of business owners when system failures occur.
  • 2 Minutes on BrightTALK: Two Biggest Challenges in BCDR Recorded: Jul 30 2013 2 mins
    David Friedlander, VP, Neverfail
    What are the most pressing challenges that you face when implementing a successful BCDR program? Join David Friedlander of Neverfail as he shares some of the key gaps most forget when charting a successful disaster recovery program.
  • Recovery as a Service for MSPs and their Customers Recorded: Jun 25 2013 32 mins
    Greg Rust - Senior Director, Global Channel Sales
    As a mission-critical MSP, you need to protect customers’ Tier-1 applications. You also want to drive recurring monthly revenues along the way – fulfilling extremely tight SLA requirements for business-critical applications that generate high margins. Where should you start? Join us for this exclusive MSPmentor webchat with Neverfail, a Microsoft Gold partner that’s empowering MSPs with Recovery as a Service (RaaS) capabilities.

    During this webchat you’ll learn how to:
    •Protect Exchange Server, SQL Server, SharePoint and other Tier-1 applications with continuous application availability for customers that can’t afford downtime.
    •Drive monthly recurring revenues using subscription-based software.
    •Extend recovery as a service across physical and virtual systems.
    •Leverage the same foundation technologies that VMware uses to maximize uptime in its own data centers.
    •Strengthen your SLAs (service level agreements) – for which customers will pay a premium.
    •Leverage best practices from Neverfail, a 12-year veteran of the data protection market and a Microsoft Gold partner.
  • Five Things Virtualization Has Changed In Your Disaster Recovery Plan Recorded: May 15 2013 36 mins
    Josh Mazgelis, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Neverfail
    Are you still rolling with the changes? Virtualization has made a huge impact on the way we deploy our computer workloads, and with that it has also changed the ways in which we protect them. The business continuity plans in place for IT even just five years ago look very different than what many companies have in place today. Keeping on top of these changes will help you understand your recovery capabilities, and your limitations as well. Join this session to make sure you're keeping your IT business continuity plans spicy and fresh!

    About the Presenter:
    Josh Mazgelis has been working in the storage and disaster recovery industries for close to two decades and brings a wide array of knowledge and insight to any technology conversation. He is currently working as a senior product marketing manager for Neverfail Group. Prior to joining Neverfail, Josh worked as a product manager and senior support engineer at Computer Associates. Before working at CA, he was a senior systems engineer at technology companies such as XOsoft, Netflix, and Quantum Corporation. Josh graduated from Plymouth State University with a bachelor’s degree in applied computer science and enjoys working with virtualization and disaster recovery.
  • Physical Server Availability in a Virtual Server World Recorded: Apr 22 2013 36 mins
    Josh Mazgelis - Senior Product Marketing Manager
    Manage physical server application availability from inside your virtual server environment. Even with the rise of virtualization, there are still plenty of key applications running on physical servers. This can make it tough to implement a single disaster recovery plan that spans every business-critical server. The end result – your DR plan may not work as expected.
  • Avoiding Application Downtime in Datacenter and Cloud Migrations Recorded: Mar 7 2013 34 mins
    Joshua Mazgelis
    Lots of people have been talking about server migration, and not just migrating from physical servers to virtual servers. Conversations have turned to migrating from one flavor of hypervisor to another, or from datacenters to the servers in the cloud. What we don't hear many people talking about are the challenges faced when actually doing the migration. Many of these servers host business-critical applications, and risking unplanned downtime and data loss during a platform migration is simply not an option.

    Join us for this informational webinar where we will explore:
    • Different types of server migration scenarios
    • Challenges faced during platform migrations
    • Common causes of downtime caused by migrations
    • How Neverfail Migrate can help overcome some of these hurdles

    Sign up today and save your seat for this free session!
Business Continuity Made Simple
Neverfail makes business continuity simple. Thousands of Neverfail customers around the world benefit from enhanced infrastructure flexibility, decreased risk and cost, assured compliance and no user downtime. Our business continuity lifecycle management software monitors critical systems, creates and manages business continuity plans and automatically mitigates any potential threats.

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  • Title: 2 Minutes on BrightTALK: Two Biggest Challenges in BCDR
  • Live at: Jul 30 2013 4:00 pm
  • Presented by: David Friedlander, VP, Neverfail
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