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3 Minutes: Pro Prospecting Tips for Getting into Big Companies

In preparation for our Demand Generation Summit, Mike Damphousse talks about how he his reps prospect into big accounts.

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Recorded May 14 2013 4 mins
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Presented by
Mike Damphousse, Greenleads
Presentation preview: 3 Minutes: Pro Prospecting Tips for Getting into Big Companies

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  • 6 Secrets to a Successful Inside Sales Organization Recorded: Mar 24 2014 62 mins
    Craig Rosenberg, Co-Founder of TOPO & Amnon Mishor, Founder of Leadspace
    Do you have a team of inside sales reps responsible for the front end of the sales process? Are these reps contacting leads and qualifying them before passing them to sales? If the answer is yes, then you are doing the right thing. Best in class companies all have this dedicated function. The next step is to optimize the process and drive more qualified opportunities and ultimately, more revenue.

    In this webinar, inside sales expert Craig Rosenberg will discuss the best practices and tactics for the best inside sales organizations in the world. Learn the essential attributes of leading inside sales teams.
  • How to Eliminate Bottlenecks to Your Sales Team's Productivity Recorded: Jan 29 2014 49 mins
    Craig Rosenberg, TOPO (Moderator); Adam Becker, TinderBox; Lori Richardson, Score More Sales
    It is clear that productivity is crucial to the success of a sales team but how exactly do you improve it? With so many possible areas for improvement (lead quantity and quality, training, time management, tools, processes, etc.), it can be daunting to find the most effective and efficient solution for your team. Join this discussion to hear from thought leaders and practitioners on how they've identified and enhanced productivity for their sales teams.
  • Six Reasons Why Your ROI Calculator Sucks Recorded: Oct 9 2013 53 mins
    Matt Heinz (Heinz Marketing), Craig Rosenberg (TOPO), Mike Genstil (Visualize ROI)
    Most B2B organizations now use an ROI calculator (or three) to help their prospects quantify value and make a decision. Unfortunately, in too many cases, your ROI calculator isn't getting used by the sales team, and in some cases, it actually confuses the prospect more than it helps.

    In this important webinar, we'll dive into a series of specific, proven reasons why ROI calculators haven’t been working. More important, we’ll discuss pragmatic and actionable ways to leverage your existing ROI calculator investments to start driving improved prospect conversions.

    Done successfully, this can lead directly to shorter sales cycles, fewer deals lost to “No Decision,” bigger deals, and more consistent renewals.

    In this webinar, you will learn:

    -Why collaborating with clients around “value” is more important now than ever before

    -The key reasons prospects get turned off by traditional ROI calculators

    -The primary reasons your sales team ignores these tools today

    -Five components of best-in-class “value applications” that get used…and make a difference

    -Strategies to drive adoption, including seamless CRM integration

    -Specific next steps to improve your execution & results immediately
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  • The 4 Critical Skills for the Successful Modern Salesperson Recorded: Oct 2 2013 46 mins
    S. Anthony Iannarino, President & Chief Sales Officer at SOLUTIONS Staffing
    As we rapidly enter a new era of selling, our model of the perfect salesperson and how we find and coach them has changed. Join world renowned sales expert Anthony Iannarino as he presents the 4 absolutely critical sales skills required for today's successful sales people and how sales leaders can identify and cultivate these skills. This webinar is a must-view for any sales leader or sales person looking to succeed in the face of a new reality of how buyers make decisions today's hyper competitive landscape.

    Attendees will learn:

    - The 4 skills for a successful modern sales person

    - How to develop these skills

    -Tips for sales leaders to identify and coach the modern sales person
  • The Guide to Social Selling Strategy: How to Use Social to Crush Your Number Recorded: Oct 2 2013 44 mins
    Ryan Tognazzini, Sales Benchmark Index
    Social selling is not a flash in the pan. In 2014, the best sales teams in the world will leverage social selling to hit their number. Find out how from Sales Benchmark Index's Ryan Tognazzini as he provides you with a Social Selling strategy that you can execute. If you are a sales manager trying to figure out if social selling is right for your team or you are already social selling but want better results, then this is the webinar for you.

    During this session attendees will learn:

    - A proven blueprint for social selling
    - Real social selling success stories
    -Social selling tips and best practices you can implement immediately
  • 10 Ways Sales Can Deliver a Great Buying Experience Recorded: Oct 2 2013 45 mins
    Scott Albro, Founder and CEO of TOPO
    Did you know that companies that provide great buying experiences grow 2X as fast as companies that don't? That's because buyers care more about the experience they have with you than anything else. It's more important than your product, service, or price. But most sales people don't understand how to deliver great buying experiences. In this webinar, Scott will share ten tips on how sales people can become "buyer-responsive" and provide the buyer what they want when they want it.
  • The 5 Keys to the Successful Modern Sales Organization Recorded: Sep 12 2013 49 mins
    Matt Heinz, President, Heinz Marketing Inc.
    The successful modern sales organization is more efficient, predictable and scalable than ever before. And more importantly, they drive results, consistent results. Forward-thinking sales organizations have built revenue machines that combine the traditional strategies with training and coaching with technology, processes, and metrics. Join Matt Heinz, Michael Brondello, and Craig Rosenberg as they present innovative but proven best practices that drive today's quota-busting sales organizations.

    Viewers of this webinar will learn:

    - Best practices from the best sales organizations in the world
    - How understanding your buyer's process can transform sales effectiveness
    -Technology recommendations that improve productivity and faster sales processes
  • 3 Minutes: Pro Prospecting Tips for Getting into Big Companies Recorded: May 14 2013 4 mins
    Mike Damphousse, Greenleads
    In preparation for our Demand Generation Summit, Mike Damphousse talks about how he his reps prospect into big accounts.

    RSVP to join Greenleads at the Demand Generation Summit - May 15: https://www.brighttalk.com/r/DPZ
  • The Latest and Greatest Demand Generation Best Practices feat: Mike Damphousse Recorded: May 8 2013 18 mins
    Mike Damphousse
    For any outbound push, GreenLeads can take a raw list of contacts and turn them into meetings and opportunities for your sales team. Their targeting strategies will get you appointments to speak with new contacts rather than waiting and capturing prospects passively.
  • 2 Minutes on BrightTALK: Using Your Social Profile to Engage Buyers Recorded: Apr 16 2013 3 mins
    Craig Rosenberg, Founder, Funnelholic Media
    Join Craig Rosenberg, Founder of Funnelholic Media as he discusses strategies for using your social profiles to engage your buyers and earn their trust.
Dedicated to Making the Sales Profession a Better Place
The Funnelholic Project's mission is to provide education on sales and marketing. The education delivered in the Funnelholic Project comes in many forms such as video, written format in whitepapers and blog posts, and webinars. All content is intended to provide specific, actionable advice and is delivered in a fun, lively environment. I wouldn't have it any other way. We have developed two channels to support the Funnelholic Project -- one in marketing and one in sales.

Our plan is to eventually deliver a webinar each week -- a webinar in marketing one week followed by a webinar in sales the next week.
Video will be next....stay tuned.

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  • Title: 3 Minutes: Pro Prospecting Tips for Getting into Big Companies
  • Live at: May 14 2013 9:40 pm
  • Presented by: Mike Damphousse, Greenleads
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