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Where is the Love? The Importance of Brand in a Global Digital World

We live in a digitally driven world. And while the direct interactions consumers have with brands has become as easy as clicking a "like" button or pinning an image, what drives passionate advocacy continues to rest squarely on your brand’s shoulders. Understanding how people see your brand around the world is critical in driving real business value. These insights allow top brands to empower their audience and gain genuine, organic word-of-mouth, which directly translates into increased relevance and financial value. Knowing where you stand could make the difference between continued global expansion and closing up shop.

Join Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, Michele Westphall, Associate Producer of the Brand2Global Conference, and Alex Hunter, Former Head of Digital Marketing at Virgin Group for this free webinar. Our guests will talk about how some of today’s global brands are building passionate followings by leveraging the digital world in which we live and creating strong brand cultures.

You’ll hear about what matters most when building a global brand, why you need a global brand strategy that takes into account local needs, and how to empower your employees and customers as brand co-creators in this digital world. Don’t miss this exciting event, brought to you by your friends at the Brand2Global Conference.
Recorded Aug 17 2016 50 mins
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Presented by
Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, Michele Westphall and Alex Hunter
Presentation preview: Where is the Love? The Importance of Brand in a Global Digital World

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  • The Importance of Governance in Regulated Content Mar 9 2017 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Charles Cooper, VP of The Rockley Group
    Governance is not a ‘four-letter word,’ but in many organizations, it is often regarded as such. It’s viewed as restrictive, and therefore reducing the ability of the content creator be creative. It’s seen as slowing down the creative process and introducing unnecessary roadblocks to producing content. In reality, it provides clarity to everyone in the content creation cycle, improves content quality, and reduces risk.

    Join Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, and Charles Cooper, VP of The Rockley Group, for this free one-hour webinar. In this session, Charles will explain the need for governance when creating content for a regulated industry, explain how governance can streamline the process for content creators, and identify the benefits of introducing the “right amount” of governance.
  • Addressing the Challenges of Harmonization in Medical Device Content Mar 9 2017 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Ann Rockley, President of The Rockley Group
    Harmonization of medical device content involves reusing existing content within and across product families. The concept of reuse is fairly straightforward, but not in a regulated environment. Content is approved for a particular device so you can’t just change the content as desired.

    Join Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, and Ann Rockley, President of The Rockley Group, for this free one-hour webinar. In this session, Ann will discuss how to address the challenges of content harmonization including regulatory requirements and approvals, translation, and cultural change.
  • Measuring Content Value and Determining ROI Feb 23 2017 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    James Goldman, Sr. Manager of Content Strategy at Equinix
    Return on investment (ROI) is a mathematical equation. Determining the value of investments in content can be a tricky proposition. If you can't place a value on your content, you can't do the math.

    Determining ROI not only requires we understand the value of our content—and what it costs to create, manage, and deliver—but it also requires consistency. To make the calculation meaningful, you'll need to ensure you're comparing apples to apples and oranges to oranges.

    Join Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, and his special guest, James Goldman, Content Strategy Program Lead at Equinix, for this free one-hour webinar. James will examine the need for normalizing measurements, making sense of key performance indicators, and communicating the value of digital content production improvements in ways that are meaningful to management.
  • Creating A Content Framework to Deliver Omnichannel Customer Experiences Feb 16 2017 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Kevin Nichols, Joe Gelb and Ira Gluck
    Customer expectations have changed. Consumers demand a seamless and consistent digital experience with your brand throughout their customer journey, expecting the right information—whenever and wherever they need it—in the language they prefer, on the devices of their choosing. Period.

    B2B buyers also increasingly demand and expect an omnichannel experience, with easy, self-service access to the technical content they need to make a purchasing decision. Those interactions are valuable opportunities to increase engagement with your customers and prospects. They drive up lead conversions and increase overall customer satisfaction.

    Join Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, for a one-hour discussion with digital industry enthusiast, Kevin Nichols; content delivery guru Joe Gelb; and business content strategist Ira Gluck. We'll discuss the importance of an omnichannel customer journey, the essential role of product content delivery, and the unified content strategy which enables that consistent content and customer experience.

    You’ll learn why omnichannel customers are more valuable, more loyal, and better satisfied than their single-channel content-consuming counterparts. And, you’ll find out what technologies are required to provide exceptional digital customer experiences with content. The panelists will demystify omnichannel gobbledygook, discuss the pros and cons of omnichannel delivery, and take questions from the audience.
  • Holy Trifecta of Global Content Success: Terminology, Structure, and Translation Feb 14 2017 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Val Swisher, Founder and CEO of Content Rules, Inc.
    The Holy Trifecta of Content is the intersection of managed terminology, structured authoring, and translation memory. If you have these three components of content under control, your content will be easier to read in every language, easier to translation, easier to locate, and easier to create.

    Join Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, and Val Swisher, Global Content Strategist, and CEO of Content Rules, for this free one-hour webinar. Val will provide information on the Holy Trifecta, how the components work together, and talk about why these are critical factors for successful global content. Val will also cover the options for including services that address each aspect of the trifecta into your service offerings. This webinar is intended for LSPs, content developers, and customers who use their services.

    You’ll leave with an understanding of how terminology, structure, and TM work and how paying attention to all three factors will help your customers provide better content in any language.
  • Bridging Marketing and Operations: Avoiding the Dreaded Silo Feb 7 2017 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Erica Haims
    We have often heard Marketing and Operation teams (or supply vendors) are seeking ways to improve their communication with each other. There are business and personal advantages to bridging this gap. Marketing and Operations should see each other as partners and allies, not internal adversaries. Silos occur naturally when people work in a vacuum without understanding how their actions impact their other teams or their vendors. Silos are imposed by company structure or self-imposed by the employees themselves. Silos can also be caused by language barriers and cultural differences, or may be imposed for security reasons. 

    Join Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, and his special guest, Erica Haims, for this free, one-hour webinar. Erica will delve into positive, helpful solutions that benefit everyone by addressing the issues created with Marketing vs. Operations—aka Creatives vs. Resource Suppliers. Erica will share ideas about bridging silos including things like having a liaison who can communicate across teams; sharing best practices between teams, groups, and partners; and creating training materials for on boarding that highlights information regarding your team.
  • Fundamentals of Digital Asset Management Jan 31 2017 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Theresa Regli, Managing Partner with the Real Story Group
    Digital Asset Management (DAM) is the art and practice of managing digital media, and more specifically, non-textual assets such as images, brand logos, videos and all things visual. It’s important to understand both the practice & technicalities of DAM, and in particular, what DAM technology is and how it really works.

    Join Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, and his special guest, Theresa Regli, Principal Analyst and Managing Partner with the Real Story Group, for this free, one-hour webinar. Theresa will walk webinar attendees through the fundamentals of DAM functionality. This webinar is appropriate for those who are new to DAM or end-users of a DAM system who want to have a deeper understanding of the different things a DAM system can do. Theresa will explore DAM functions such as ingestion, storage management, media processing, transformation, transcoding, metadata management, monetization and rights management, workflow, and reporting. At the end of this webinar, you'll have a solid understanding of the core components of DAM success, how to make a business case for DAM, and how DAM fits into the bigger picture of marketing technology.
  • Successfully Marketing to LGBT Audiences Jan 26 2017 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Thomas Roth and David Paisley, Community Marketing Insights (CMI)
    While single and all-inclusive messages to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) people can be quite effective, in many ways there is no "LGBTQ community." In some cases, the most authentic and productive connections are made when segments within the community are recognized and addressed. Some companies and organizations may be able to be all things to all LGBTQ people, and for those companies, a singular message may suffice. But for most, that approach will not yield maximum results.

    Join Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, and his special guests from Community Marketing & Insights (CMI), for this free one-hour webinar. CMI President Tom Roth, and Research Director, David Paisley, will lead this discussion. Tom and David will inform participants about the differences within the LGBTQ communities from a research and outreach perspective, and how to successfully connect with the communities that present the best "match" for their products and services.

    Webinar participants will obtain a high-level understanding of “LGBTQ” as a market; gain insights into nuanced differences within LGBTQ market segments; and learn how to authentically approach appropriate LGBTQ segments, and successfully leverage these opportunities into results.
  • Content Strategy Lessons Learned from the Enterprise Trenches Jan 24 2017 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Eeshita Grover, Senior Manager, Technical Communications at Cisco
    Content strategists are critical to business success. In addition to helping organizations create relevant content, they often are called upon to help spot content production bottlenecks, improve authoring performance, detect existing content challenges, and develop plans for content overcoming content creation, management, and delivery challenges. They're the connective tissue between the organization, its content development teams, and the communication products provided to both prospects and customers alike.

    Join Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, and Eeshita Grover, Senior Manager, Technical Communications at Cisco, for this free, one-hour webinar about the evolving role of the enterprise content strategist. Attendees will learn what makes a successful content strategist, how the role fits into an organization, and how content strategists  can impact the customers they serve. Key takeaways include a discussion about the various skills required to become a content strategist, the tools necessary for planning a content strategy, and how to build buy-in for content strategy projects with upper-level management.
  • Reader-First Content with Author-First Workflows Recorded: Jan 17 2017 58 mins
    Mathias Maul, Chief Shrink at The Content Shrinks
    Your content, being a proxy for direct human interaction, needs to be authentic to reach its desired goals. But good luck trying to inject authenticity into the highly volatile team workflows that govern today's daily grind of sales, marketing, and public relations departments. Methods to make the recipient *believe* that content is authentic are like a crutch. Do not focus on creating authentic content. Instead, help your content creators become more authentic in what they do and who they are, and much of the rest will come naturally.

    Join Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, and his special guest, Mathias Maul, Chief Shrink at The Content Shrinks, for this free, one-hour webinar. You’ll gain valuable insights into your daily business operations that can help you devise and implement author-first workflows. You will learn how to coach your content teams to become the best at what they do and understand how to enhance communication between the various voices inside your content creators’ heads.
  • Unscheduled Downtime Costs More Than Predictive Maintenance Recorded: Jan 11 2017 48 mins
    Berry Braster, Sales Director of Technical Documentation Services at Etteplan
    For many manufacturers, the service (aftermarket) business is currently growing at twice the rate of other business units. However, the cost of service is very high, and maintenance issues are often also managed inefficiently. In a traditional model, the service engineer would first need to make a trip to the site, inspect the problem, order spare parts, and go back a second time to perform the maintenance. Such a call may cost several hundred dollars. Research has found that it takes a service engineer up to 50% more time to troubleshoot an issue, as maintenance information is often out of date, or difficult to find, use or understand because delivery is in the form of complex, ambiguous, or poorly translated information in lengthy PDF files.

    Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) enables manufacturers to collect, analyze, and capitalize on machine data, which changes the whole process of service—from early detection for predictive maintenance, to maintenance as a service and an entirely new revenue stream.

    Join Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, and his special guest, Berry Braster, Sales Director of Technical Documentation Services at Etteplan, for this free, one-hour webinar. During this program, the discussion will center around how companies are adopting IoT to improve their service, reduce costs and downtime, and turn the customer experience into a center of excellence.

    Attendees will learn what content creators need to know about IoT to help their business create new revenue streams; why content is a key element to predictive maintenance and service strategies; and how to make content more engaging to end users who are increasingly wanting an experience vs. the traditional model of content delivery.
  • Content in Motion: How to Make Movement Count Recorded: Jan 10 2017 60 mins
    Shelly Bowen, Chief Content Strategist for Pybop, LLC
    We all know that an important aspect of content strategy is context: Who will see your content? Why will they care? On which device? On which platform? In what color and size? Narrated or text? The meaning, and often the attraction and retention of a message, relies heavily on context.

    And now, with the gamut of simpler plugins, apps, and tools, we’re also managing motion. Or at least, we should be. Motion can come in many forms, from video to animation to responsive design. As content strategists, or people who manage content and effective communication, we can’t leave motion solely up to the designers and developers. With a little proactive planning and some collaboration, we can make motion support our content strategy.

    Join Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, and his special guest, Shelly Bowen, Chief Content Strategist for Pybop, LLC, for this free one-hour webinar. Shelly will discuss how to determine whether motion is supporting or distracting from your content strategy goals. She will give examples of how incorporating motion can improve experience and results, and help the audience to understand how motion can trigger an emotional response.
  • Managing Technical Writing Outsourcing in an Agile Environment Recorded: Dec 8 2016 58 mins
    Barry Saiff and Fred Williams
    Agile development offers advantages. Short cycles, cross-disciplinary teams, frequent short meetings, and input from users can lead to satisfied customers and faster product delivery. Technical writing outsourcing is often late to the game–with other teams already globally distributed. Even when technical writers are co-located with developers, process issues can pose obstacles. For example, without a mechanism for notifying writers of user interface changes, accuracy suffers.

    Can technical writing outsourcing work in an Agile environment, even if writers are off-shore and developers are not? Join Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, Barry Saiff, CEO of Saiff Solutions, and Fred Williams, CEO of Williams Technical, for this free one-hour webinar. Our presenters will discuss how innovative organizations are successfully merging technical writing outsourcing with Agile development.

    You’ll learn the key steps to success in technical writing outsourcing, how outsourced writers integrate into Agile teams, and how to manage these approaches to improve quality, save time, and reduce costs.
  • How the ISO Standard for CCMSs Impacts Your Information Architecture Recorded: Dec 8 2016 59 mins
    Casey Jordan, Co-Founder of Jorsek LLC
    Many people in the technical documentation and content management field may not be aware that there is an international ISO Standard for how a Component Content Management System is built and how its functionality conforms to best practices for content creation and management.

    Join Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler and his special guest, Casey Jordan, co-founder of Jorsek LLC, for this free one-hour webinar. As one of three co-authors of the standard (with Dr. JoAnn Hackos and Bob Boiko), Casey helped develop the standard that materially affects the way we utilize structured content in an enterprise or organization. The standard was developed to ensure interoperability between systems and file structures, and to ensure compliance with the open Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) that underlies most Component Content Management Systems.

    Casey will discuss the benefits of working with a standard and how it drives contemporary content management practices and will demonstrate how workflows, authoring, editing, review, publishing, reuse, and localization are all driven by the guidelines set in the ISO standard.
  • How to Start Small with Video and Get Big Improvements in Customer Support Recorded: Dec 8 2016 60 mins
    Martin Ceisel, Technical Writer for ESET North America
    You want to create videos for your customers, but it never seems like there's enough time to get started. Many people and organizations have faced the same demands, including the need to help customers succeed. The truth is, it's not your fault that you don't already have a video library full of content—the implementation is simply broken. What you need is a better way to get started.

    Join Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, and his special guest, Martin Ceisel, Technical Writer for ESET North America, for this free, one-hour webinar. In this webinar, Martin will share the lessons those in the ESET Knowledgebase have learned while implementing video over the last five years. Martin will share some tips on how you can get your stream of video content up and running in less time than you think, including how his company's initial plan to tackle the top issues with video has them on pace to surpass one million views by the end of 2016. Attendees will learn about some top video best practices; tips and techniques for enhancing “traditional documentation” with video; the case for doing (more) video; and how video can start a conversation with your customers.
  • Why Scorecards Are an Important Part of Your Content Quality Strategy Recorded: Dec 8 2016 60 mins
    Val Swisher, Founder and CEO of Content Rules, Inc.
    Ever since we were kids, we’ve gotten scorecards. Every year teachers give us an “A,” “B” or—heaven forbid—a “C” on the quality of our work. When we move on to college prep, we take tests such as the SAT or ACT. Again, the end result is a scorecard. In the content arena, scorecards provide a way for us to assess how our content stacks up against certain criteria. For example, how closely aligned is our content to the style guide? How well does content follow the rules of governance? And how precise are our translations?

    Join Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, and his special guest Val Swisher, CEO of Content Rules, as they talk about why content scorecards are necessary. Val will demonstrate how to use these scores to make crucial business decisions.
  • Content Potluck: Bringing Everyone to the Community Table Recorded: Dec 7 2016 60 mins
    Laurel Nicholes and Niki Vecsei Harrold
    Customers and employees are happiest when they have context as well as content. Context requires a broad set of voices having one conversation. Too often, companies have initiatives in silos that yield duplicate, contradictory content that doesn’t serve the business' primary goals.

    Join Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, and his two guest presenters, Laurel Nicholes, Director of Tech Comms Services at F5 Networks, and Niki Vecsei Harrold, Director, Community Strategy at Transamerica. In this real-world study, learn how one company built a Community Interlock across all areas of the business, including Marketing, Engineering, Product Management, and Customer Success. With a minimum time investment, the Interlock yields rich community content, programming, and a feedback mechanism to share customer sentiment cross-functionally. It also drives engagement in the community, where customers and employees collaborate.

    The results? Customers get the information they need in a holistic way in one place. Marketing white papers relate to technical articles, which yield "Ask Me Anything" sessions. We create a knowledge arc that supports customers through their ownership lifecycle.
  • What is Precision Content and Why Do We Need It? Recorded: Dec 7 2016 60 mins
    Rob Hanna, President of Precision Content
    Precision Content is a series of methods and principles for structured authoring developed by Rob Hanna in 2013. This methodology is based on a well-known body of research founded in cognitive and behavioral sciences that theorizes that all structured information can be classified into one of a discrete number of information types. Each of these information types defines how the information is best structured and written to suit the intended reader response.

    Join Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler and his special guest, Rob Hanna, President of Precision Content for this free, one-hour webinar. In this session, Rob will guide you through an interactive exploration into how our brains work with information; explain how the Precision Content information types work to capture information used in any piece of business or technical content; discuss how Precision Content can help authors working with DITA/XML, and demonstrate how Precision Content is used to provide better clarity and precision to information.
  • Work Smarter, Faster, and Better with Visuals Recorded: Dec 7 2016 61 mins
    Daniel Foster, Team Lead for TechSmith's SnagIt
    You’ve heard plenty of talks about why visuals should be part of your content strategy. But videos, images, and GIFs are also super useful behind the scenes—in the content creation process itself.

    Join Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, and his special guest, Daniel Foster, Team Lead for TechSmith's SnagIt, for this session on using and creating better visuals. Daniel will share real-life examples and workflows that will save your team time and avoid rework—from planning to production, to publishing and beyond, and how to use visuals that can pump up your team’s productivity.

    Attendees will learn how to speed up the content creation process, establish a shared vision during planning, reduce confusion and re-work by improving the review and the feedback loop, streamline publishing by documenting best practices, and how to connect stakeholders and internal audiences with your fabulous content.
  • Empathy, Customer Experience & Clear Content: Make It Simple; Make It Human Recorded: Dec 7 2016 61 mins
    Deborah Bosley, Principal of The Plain Language Group
    Marketers have long thought about the emotions of their customers in relationship to selling products or service. However, human beings respond to all written information with their emotions. In fact, we use our emotions to make decisions and then maybe use data to support those decisions. This fact is true whether a customer is reading a bank statement, a marketing brochure, or terms and conditions for a credit card. Those of us who create content need to understand the types of emotions that engender trust and loyalty and how to write content that reinforces those emotions.

    Join Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, and Deborah Bosley, Ph.D, Principal of The Plain Language Group, for this free one-hour webinar. Deborah will explain the connection between emotions and language and offer examples of content that empathize with customers to create true relationships and vital customer experience.
Content is a business asset worthy of being managed efficiently.
The Content Wrangler Channel covers the people, methods, tools and technologies designed to help you deliver the right information, to the right people, at the right time, on the right device, in the right format and language. Your content is your most valuable business asset. Let us show you how to manage it efficiently and effectively.

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  • Title: Where is the Love? The Importance of Brand in a Global Digital World
  • Live at: Aug 17 2016 5:00 pm
  • Presented by: Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, Michele Westphall and Alex Hunter
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