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Boxing and Unpacking Content For A Digital Migration

Website improvement projects are often undertaken because they come with the promise of dramatically increasing business results. The way in which we tackle these projects—and the approaches we choose to use—determine whether our efforts will yield improvements or not.

Migrating web content from one system to another can be challenging. To be successful—and to get the results we seek—it’s best to start with a plan.

Join me, Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, and my guest, David Hobbs, for a free, one-hour webinar designed to help you plan for a website content migration. Attend this session to discover why web content migration planning should start from the perspective of quality. Learn why boxing—and unpacking—content can help us achieve desired results. And, find out why, unlike a house move, we often need to unpack the content during a content migration project.


David Hobbs helps organizations that want higher-impact digital presences, especially those ready to take on silos and otherwise disconnected site visitor experiences. These types of complex, high-impact changes require early visioning and buy-in (a “build it and they will come” approach won’t work). David works with organizations on early strategy as well as how to achieve the content needed on the new site (including migration and rollout planning).

David has a Master’s in Computer Science and started his career as a C programmer. Before the web took off, David lived in a mud hut in Chad working with trash-collection and water-distribution system community groups.
Recorded Mar 7 2017 55 mins
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David Hobbs, David Hobbs Consulting
Presentation preview: Boxing and Unpacking Content For A Digital Migration

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  • Search Engine Optimization for Technical Documentation Recorded: Nov 24 2020 63 mins
    Mordy Oberstein and Justin Simon
    Join us for a free, one-hour topic-based presentation on the value of investing in optimizing technical documentation content for search. SEO experts Mordy Oberstein of Wix and Justin Simon of TechSmith will demystify search engine optimization and its relation to technical documentation. This event is brought to you by TechSmith and Precision Content.
  • How Structured Content Powers Health Education at Healthwise.org Recorded: Nov 24 2020 43 mins
    Sonja Deines
    Join us for an informative discussion with content strategist, Sonja Deines, about how non-profit patient education provider, Healthwise.org, uses structured content to power their innovative educational efforts. You’ll discover why the organization leverages structured information to deliver evidence-based, easy-to-understand content that helps people make better healthcare decisions.

    The Content Advantage is brought to you by Zoomin Software. Leading brands use Zoomin to help customers and employees find the answers they need, when and where they need them. Zoomin unifies all your product content and makes it available in full fidelity in your doc portal, Salesforce, ServiceNow, and even your product itself. And with actionable analytics into your content, you can continually optimize the knowledge experience.
  • Curate Your Components: The Personalization Paradox #4 Recorded: Nov 19 2020 60 mins
    Val Swisher
    Components are where all of the work you’ve done so far to manage your words, sentences, and paragraphs come together to create a customer experience. Only by creating small, reusable content components (and tagging them correctly), can you make sure that only the right pieces of content are delivered to the right person, at the right time.

    Join Val Swisher, CEO of Content Rules, to learn how curating your components can have a big impact on how personalizable your content is.

    In this webinar, you will learn:

    Why componentized content is a requirement for personalization
    The 3 biggest pitfalls of componentized content (and how to avoid them)
    What an enterprise component eco system really looks like
  • Content Strategy: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow Recorded: Nov 17 2020 46 mins
    Rahel Anne Bailie, Content Seriously
    Join us for The Content Advantage on when we chat with content operations maven Rahel Anne Bailie about the discipline of content strategy. We'll explore content strategy past, stopping to talk a bit about the foundations of the discipline, where we're at today, and where we're heading tomorrow. Come prepared to ask questions of one of the most knowledgeable content strategists on the planet.

    The Content Advantage is brought to you by Zoomin Software. Leading brands use Zoomin to help customers and employees find the answers they need, when and where they need them. Zoomin unifies all your product content and makes it available in full fidelity in your doc portal, Salesforce, ServiceNow, and even your product itself. And with actionable analytics into your content, you can continually optimize the knowledge experience.
  • When Do You Need a Content Consultant and How Do You Work With One? Recorded: Nov 12 2020 63 mins
    Stephani Clark and Gretyl Kinsey
    Embarking on a structured content project is exciting but it can also feel daunting. Consultants typically help with content strategy, training, conversion, implementation, and selecting new tools. A content consultant can aid you with your project, but at what point should you ask for help? 

    Join Stephani Clark, Director of Customer Success at Jorsek, and Gretyl Kinsey, Technical Consultant at Scriptorium for this free one-hour webinar. When hiring a consultant, how do you set expectations, and how do you work with multiple vendors (consultants and tools vendors) to have a successful outcome? Stephani and Gretyl will discuss key areas of a content management project to evaluate when you should hire a consultant or when you should move forward on your own.

    Three Takeaways:
    • Signs you need a consultant
    • Setting expectations
    • Tips 
  • Creating Voice and Tone Strategy that Wins with Customers Recorded: Nov 10 2020 36 mins
    John Caldwell, UX Design Leader
    Tapping into customer emotion and desire is at the heart of any winning design and content strategy. Join special guest, writer, author, content strategist, and UX design leader, John Caldwell, for this 35-minute webinar recorded in August 2020.

    Based on his book "Voice and Tone Strategy: Connecting with People through Content" (XML Press, 2020), John lays out the case for developing strategic content that connects with customers, gains their loyalty, and wins the game against your competitors. John demonstrates with a simple set of building blocks, guided by a clear and achievable goal, and then adapts it to you and your customers with a system for flexing how your character talks.

    Leveraging storytelling techniques, John works his way through some proven frameworks and ends with looking at how to roll out and deliver on a new strategy.

    During this webinar, you will hear about:

    • The value of meaningful and strategic relationships brought to life with character and principles that have the power to connect with people
    • How to develop a strategy that’s built on an easy-to-understand set of building blocks, driven by frameworks for flexing voice and tone
    • How to get buy-in from skeptical stakeholders and team leaders who have their own sets of priorities
  • Discussion: Technical Documentation Industry Survey: Coronavirus Edition Recorded: Nov 10 2020 50 mins
    Paul Perrotta, The Technical Communication Wrangler
    Join us for a chat with Paul Perrotta, the Technical Documentation Wrangler, about some of the preliminary findings from the 2020 Technical Documentation Industry Survey: Coronavirus Edition.

    We'll explore the data we collected from technical communication professionals working in the trenches during the coronavirus pandemic. Perrotta will give us a sense of how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed where and how technical documentation professionals work, how much they earn, and how they feel about the security of their job and the future of their careers. 

    The Content Advantage is brought to you by Zoomin Software. Leading brands use Zoomin to help customers and employees find the answers they need, when and where they need them. Zoomin unifies all your product content and makes it available in full fidelity in your doc portal, Salesforce, ServiceNow, and even your product itself. And with actionable analytics into your content, you can continually optimize the knowledge experience.
  • The Rise of Content Atomization to Support AI and Advanced Personalization Recorded: Nov 5 2020 42 mins
    Kathleen Pierce, Patrick Bosek, and Scott Abel
    Are you happy with the performance of your content engine? If not, you've got company. 77% B2B marketing organizations report a significant inability to drive content consumption with intended audiences. Top reasons for content waste: quality, relevance, and customizability issues. Content atomization, or the use of structured content, is one way organizations can address these challenges and create much more personalized, AI-driven customer experiences at scale.

    Join us for a chat with, Forrester SiriusDecisions Principal Analyst Kathleen Pierce, who will share trends and actionable insights on how to improve content performance today and make your content engine agile and adaptable for the future.

    Coffee & Content is brought to you by The Content Wrangler and Jorsek, the makers of easyDITA.
  • How Mastercard Transformed Documentation Into a Superior Customer Experience Recorded: Nov 4 2020 58 mins
    Jill Sheffield and Megan Gilhooly
    There comes a time when an organization must take the next step in their digital evolution. In Mastercard’s case, they recognized that large technical manuals made it too cumbersome for customers to find the answers they need – they often had to dig deeper and deeper just to find out if they were even looking in the right place.

    So Jill Sheffield and her global team of 68 technical communicators set out on a bold new mission: to ensure customers who visit their documentation site can always get closer to their information needs in 5 seconds or less.

    This required them to rethink – and rebuild – their approach to content strategy. And with that accomplished, MasterCard is now able to provide fast access to personalized, dynamic and easy-to-find content in multiple channels across business domains. 

    Join Jill Sheffield, VP of Content Strategy & Development at Mastercard, and Megan Gilhooly, VP of Customer Experience at Zoomin, to learn how Mastercard has transformed their new content strategy into day-to-day operations.

    Here’s what you’ll learn:
    • How Mastercard provides documentation that’s timely, accessible and relevant, to a global audience
    • 5 features they’ve implemented to deliver a better content experience
    • 4 metrics to define a successful content strategy
  • Soft Skills in the Virtual Workplace Recorded: Oct 22 2020 35 mins
    CJ Walker, Patrick Bosek, and Scott Abel
    Remote team working has gone mainstream following the Covid-19 outbreak and may be here to stay. Join us for a chat with CJ Walker, founder of Firehead, a digital communication recruitment and training agency based in France, as she outlines why soft skills are so important to make virtual teamwork a success.

    Through Firehead, Walker recruits and trains talent in technical communications, digital content management and strategy, and works to help content professionals develop the skills necessary to move into the age of AI. 

    A Cajun-Swede now settled in France, CJ’s academic background is in Linguistics. Her professional career spans technical communications, instructional design, information architecture, and digital communications. She is a member of the board of the Information 4.0 Consortium and the International Manager for the Institute of Scientific and Technical Communication. She is the past-president of TCEurope and of the TransAlpine chapter of the Society for Technical Communication.

    Coffee & Content is brought to you by The Content Wrangler and Jorsek, the makers of easyDITA.
  • [Quickinar] What is Conditional Processing? Recorded: Oct 19 2020 5 mins
    easyDITA & The Content Wrangler
    Conditional processing is a powerful way to hyper-personalize your reader’s content experience. With structured content in a CCMS, content strategists can create reusable components and tag them for multiple audiences.
  • Design 101 for Tech Writers Forced to Make Design Decisions Recorded: Oct 15 2020 60 mins
    Nate Pacelli
    Exporting your content while following simple design principles can have a huge impact on information retention and readability with users.

    Depending on the size of your team, you may not have graphic design support and be faced with making design decisions for published output. Here are some tips to ensure you are using good design principles.

    In this free, one-hour webinar with Nate Pacelli, you'll learn a bit about page layout, typography hierarchy, margins and columns, bleed settings, line length and height, mixed media layouts, accessibility, and more. All of these concepts will help transition you from content to print to content to the web.

    Attendees will learn about:

    * Page Layout
    * Typography Hierarchy
    * Design tips and tradeoffs
  • How Content Models Bring Value To Customer Engagement Recorded: Oct 13 2020 60 mins
    Michael Andrews
    Content models allow your content to become more flexible so that it can better serve the needs of prospects and customers. Michael Andrews explores what a content model is and shows you how you can use one to present information in more engaging and useful ways.
  • Supercharging Success: Science-Based Design for the Information Age Recorded: Oct 13 2020 49 mins
    Tina Kister
    Science-based design reframes the awkward and misleading “content vs. design” paradigm into a new and powerful paradigm of language, ideas, and design.

    Come hear from Tina M. Kister, founder of Nanatoo Communications, an organization that specializes in taking an interdisciplinary approach to developing high-value, complex content that inspires trust and delight. Kister will help us understand how our bodies and minds transform visual stimuli into real-world behaviors and beliefs, so we can take charge of how our content is created and consumed, and facilitate the success of both organizations and individuals, and of both content consumers and content creators.

    Attendees will learn:

    1) Translating visual stimuli into language and ideas that transform beliefs and behaviors.
    2) Anyone who crafts, creates, compiles, curates, or communicates information intended for use.
    3) Creating truly effective content, gaining the support and cooperation of colleagues and managers, advancing your career and increasing your pay, and raising the overall standing of information developers in the modern age.

    With certifications in technical communication (CPTC), project management (PMP), proposal management (APMP), and content strategy, as well as work experience in both technical and creative communications, Kister has a rare perspective that synthesizes best practices across traditionally siloed areas of business communications.

    The Content Advantage is brought to you by Zoomin Software. Leading brands use Zoomin to help customers and employees find the answers they need, when and where they need them. Zoomin unifies all your product content and makes it available in full fidelity in your doc portal, Salesforce, ServiceNow, and even your product itself. And with actionable analytics into your content, you can continually optimize the knowledge experience.
  • [Quickinar] What is Multi-channel Publishing? Recorded: Oct 12 2020 4 mins
    easyDITA and The Content Wrangler
    Learn what multichannel publishing is and how it can help you serve up content on the web, in print, and beyond.
  • Mother Tongue: The Art and Science of Transcreation Recorded: Oct 8 2020 37 mins
    Chris Hodgson, Patrick Bosek, and Scott Abel
    We chat with Chris Hodgson, managing director of Mother Tongue, about the art and science of transcreation — a term many information developers might not be familiar with — but should be. You will learn what transcreation is, when you might need it, and what skills are required to do it well. Hodgson will explain why transcreation requires skills beyond language and culture, such as the capacity to relate to the target audience, and to create content that establishes trust and motivates the audience to take action.

    Chris Hodgson is managing director of Mother Tongue, a global agency that specializes in the creative translation (transcreation) of advertising and marketing material – and beyond — covering all areas from TV and press, to digital, search, and social media.

    Coffee & Content is brought to you by The Content Wrangler and Jorsek, the makers of easyDITA.
  • [Quickinar] What is a Component Content Management System? Recorded: Oct 5 2020 5 mins
    easyDITA and The Content Wrangler
    We'll teach you what a component content management system is, why you might need one, who uses them, and for what purposes.
  • [Quickinar] What is Content Reuse? Recorded: Sep 30 2020 7 mins
    easyDITA & The Content Wrangler
    How should you reuse content? Copy and paste? Before doing that, consider the long-term health of your documentation. Structured content offers some incredible forms of content reuse that are fast, powerful, and sustainable.
  • Building Direct and Personal Customer Experiences Recorded: Sep 29 2020 43 mins
    Tim Hayden
    Creating personalized experiences requires us to know our customers deeply, and automation helps us know them at scale. How do we build direct and personal customer experiences while navigating these new regulations and corporate policies?

    Our guest, Tim Hayden, CEO of Brain+Trust, will walk us through the fine print of building personalized customer experiences. Join us as we discuss how customer data privacy and the death of the 3rd-party cookie will impact marketing, support, and product content delivery. Tim will be joined in this discussion by Megan Gilhooly, VP Customer Experience, Zoomin Software, and Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler.

    The Content Advantage is brought to you by Zoomin Software — helping customers find the product answers they need while empowering support agents to deliver fast, relevant and efficient support.
  • Treat Code Like Code; Treat Prose Like Prose Recorded: Sep 24 2020 42 mins
    Tom Johnson, Casey Jordan, and Scott Abel
    Join us for a Coffee and Content chat with Tom Johnson about what it means to "treat code like code and prose like prose." In the docs-as-code tools space, a popular method for reviewing docs is to review docs using the same code review tools that software engineers use to review code. Code review tools cater to engineering workflows and preferences, for sure. If you want an engineer to review a change in your docs, it makes sense to use the same review method the engineer is accustomed to using for reviewing code.

    However, good docs require input from people outside of engineering roles. Product managers, field engineers, quality assurance, support engineers, legal advisors, UX, and other stakeholders also need to review docs. A review process that excludes these non-engineering roles can be problematic, especially since these other roles often serve as a check and balance against the features engineering teams create. Sometimes it's better to treat docs more like prose instead of code.
Content is a business asset worthy of being managed efficiently.
The Content Wrangler Channel covers the people, methods, tools and technologies designed to help you deliver the right information, to the right people, at the right time, on the right device, in the right format and language. Your content is your most valuable business asset. Let us show you how to manage it efficiently and effectively.

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