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How the Salesforce1 Platform Accelerates App Dev with Huge ROI

How is PaaS transforming the way companies develop apps? Run the numbers with IDC and see how any size company can benefit from moving to a cloud platform.

Join us on April 24th to hear how IDC interviewed Salesforce customers and measured the speed of app development on the Salesforce1 Platform. What they found is that by allowing IT staff to focus on app innovation—instead of infrastructure maintenance—the Salesforce1 Platform delivers:

· 70% accelerated time to market
· 80% more applications launched per year
· 44% increase in app dev capacity while reducing IT costs
· 75% reduction in infrastructure costs
Recorded Apr 24 2014 50 mins
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Presented by
Al Hilwa, IDC & Elias Dayeh, Motorola, a Google company
Presentation preview: How the Salesforce1 Platform Accelerates App Dev with Huge ROI
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  • Free your Data Silos with Salesforce Connect Recorded: Dec 10 2015 41 mins
    Dylan Steele, Product MKTG, Salesforce | Jay Hurst, App Cloud Product MKTG | Sam Mittal, Solution Engineer, Salesforce
    Join product experts for quick look at how Salesforce Connect makes it easier than ever before to integrate data from any API-accessible data source and learn how you can access external data in real time without having to copy it to Salesforce.
  • Becoming an Apps Company Recorded: Oct 14 2015 27 mins
    Kayne Burk, Director, Product Marketing
    Today, every company needs to be an apps company. For start-ups and young digital natives, it’s in their DNA. These organizations reflect the agility, tools and expertise needed to respond to a fast evolving marketplace. The traditional enterprise may face a greater challenge to stay competitive, as they attempt to create modern apps using their existing development approach, which is optimized for a different business landscape.

    How can you steer your IT organization towards this new horizon, and deliver the digital experiences that will differentiate your enterprise?
  • How to Build an App in 20 Minutes Using Lightning Components with Salesforce Recorded: Aug 20 2015 32 mins
    Eric Jaconson, Senior Director of Product Management | Dylan Steele, Director, Platform Product Marketing
    Businesses want the connectivity, immediacy and ease of use that consumers experience using apps on their phones every day. But delivering compelling business apps has become a bottleneck for enterprises. Join this webinar to learn how Salesforce is unleashing innovation in IT departments by delivering component-based app development, a faster way to develop engaging apps. While traditional app development requires developers to write code and create features from scratch, component-based app development lets business users, not just developers, compose and build apps by dragging and dropping components, like snapping together LEGO blocks. Components democratize app development, allowing anyone to create enterprise apps faster.

    Come see how you and your IT teams can use Salesforce's new Lightning Components and Lightning App Builder to enable anyone in your business to build apps today.
  • How Eli Lilly Uses Salesforce1 Platform to Build Apps and “Power the Business” Recorded: Jul 28 2015 59 mins
    Richard Grogut, Director of IT, Eli Lilly | Steve Pratt, Principal, Deloitte Consulting | Bandar El-Eita, Salesforce.com
    The pace of innovation in Health and Life Sciences is accelerating, and overweight legacy systems slow down even the best organizations. Large Enterprises are at risk of disruption unless they can fuel their innovation engine. For Eli Lilly, making advances in global health means never slowing down and always innovating.

    In this webinar, hear from Richard Grogut, Director of IT, Emerging Technologies at Eli Lilly on how they utilize the Salesforce1 platform to build apps faster than they had ever imagined, align IT more closely with the business, and innovate to “power the business”. Steve Pratt, Principal, Deloitte Consulting, will also explain why the gap between IT and the rest of business continues to grow, and how visionary leadership can revolutionize the role of IT.
  • How Forever Living Transformed their Business with Insights from Salesforce Data Recorded: Jun 25 2015 62 mins
    Seth Winters, Forever Living | Pei Huang, Groundswell Cloud Solutions| Margaret Francis, Salesforce
    Do you need to gain deeper customer insights and better visibility from hundreds of millions of Salesforce records across instances, geos and business units? Come hear how Salesforce customer Forever Living gained real-time insights from over 100 million Salesforce records across 150+ countries using Communities, Service Cloud, Heroku Enterprise and Heroku Connect.
    What you will learn:
    - How Forever Living uses Heroku Enterprise to create a next gen iPad experience for their customers, business owners, and employees for deeper engagement
    - Why Heroku Connect was used to transform more than a hundred million records from Salesforce Service Cloud for near real time reporting into their Salesforce Communities for company-wide visibility from a single dashboard
    - How Forever Living connects legacy systems into new application investments to drive greater innovation, visibility, and customer engagement
    We’ll cover the Forever Living story along with app architectures and best practices. You’ll learn how our customers have streamlined their businesses and delighted their users with reporting and apps on Heroku Enterprise.
    Seth Winters, Director of Digital Technologies, Forever Living
    Pei Huang, Technical Architect, Groundswell Cloud Solutions
    Margaret Francis, Senior Director of Product Management, Heroku
  • How Credit Unions Put Members First with Salesforce and West Monroe Partners Recorded: Jun 2 2015 56 mins
    Corey Coscioni, West Monroe Partners | Susan Rohr, CIO, Elements Federal Credit Union| Brad Kelley, Assistant VP of Emerging
    Credit Unions today face a commoditized marketplace with similar product offerings, leaving Member Experience as the main differentiator. Multi-channel proliferation with online and mobile make personal relationship touch points fewer & farther between.

    So how do you create a personalized, differentiated and effortless member experience in today’s market?

    Join Salesforce, West Monroe Partners and Elements Credit Union on Tuesday, June 2nd at 10 AM PT/1 PM CT/1 PM ET and we'll explore some of these trends around Member experience and how Credit Unions that focus in these areas are growing revenue and improving loyalty.

    Patrick Reid, AVP, Financial Services, Salesforce
    Corey Coscioni, West Monroe Partners
    Susan Rohr, CIO, Elements Federal Credit Union
    Brad Kelley, Assistant VP of Emerging Technology, Elements Federal Credit Union
  • Best Practices for Customer Engagement Apps: How Macy’s does Mobile Recorded: May 20 2015 60 mins
    Shawn Morrissey, VP of Engineering, Macy’s | Margaret Francis, Senior Director of Product Management, Heroku Salesforce
    Join us to hear from Shawn Morrissey, VP of Engineering at Macy’s, and Margaret Francis, Senior Director of Product Management at Heroku, on how one of the world’s most iconic retailers has built their highly engaging mobile web properties using the Heroku service of the Salesforce1 Platform. Their solution has given them a highly effective way to engage customers digitally, sell cross-channel, and drive repeat purchases.

    -How Macy’s created a modern application architecture with Node.js and married it to existing business systems for managing inventory, transactions, and customer accounts.
    -Why Macy’s relies on Heroku’s massive scalability to ensure they deliver an amazing customer experience on days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, where they face incredible traffic spikes.
    -How Macy’s continues to innovate their core customer experience through mobile delivery.

    We’ll cover the Macy’s story along with basic architectures for Heroku apps and best practices for building more compelling web experiences. You’ll learn how our customers have streamlined their businesses and delighted their customers with apps on Heroku.
  • 5 Best Practices for Managing & Deploying Customizations on Salesforce Recorded: May 19 2015 46 mins
    Nicole Anderson, Salesforce | Dylan Steele, Salesforce
    Join us to learn how companies are using tools like Sandbox, developer environments and change sets to increase the value Salesforce can bring to your business.
  • Residential Home Health: Improving the Patient Referral & Acquisition Process Recorded: May 14 2015 61 mins
    David Curtis, President, Residential Home Health | Kim Arnold & Manoj Shivji, Salesforce
    Residential Home Health (RHH) is a home health and hospice provider serving over 3,700 patients in Michigan and Illinois. IDC recently released a white paper detailing their success with Salesforce which resulted in business benefits of $3.2 million, ROI of 460%, and a payback period of 4.2 months.

    Join us, along with David Curtis, President of Residential Home Health, in our upcoming webinar and product demo to learn how RHH built a mobile physician application, integrated with their EMR, and reduced cycle times to convert patient referrals.

    Utilizing the Salesforce Platform, Sales and Service Cloud, RHH achieved these results by improving several key areas, including:

    - Sales Efficiencies: automatic email notifications triggered by patient status updates through Salesforce workflows
    - Referral Acquisitions: referral sources can verbally dictate HIPAA-compliant orders
    - Referral Conversions: care coordinators monitor patients in Salesforce and can view all patients by status
  • The Unicorn:How a CFO used the Salesforce Platform to transform a $350M business Recorded: May 5 2015 43 mins
    Barry Sobel, CFO, Belnick Inc. Chris Trani, VP Sales, Salesforce
    The CFO of Belnick decided to run his entire business from one technology platform. Do you want to see how he did it?

    Join the webinar to learn how to move off of disparate systems of information (Excel, Access, databases) from multiple departments to keep your whole company on the same page and efficient. You will hear this from an actual customer who wants to share his story.
  • Morgan Stanley’s Top 3 Keys to Success for HR Apps on the Salesforce1 Platform Recorded: Apr 21 2015 47 mins
    Brian Kelly, Exec. Director, Human Resources IT, Morgan Stanley | Jim Sinai, Sr. Director, Platform Product Mktg, Salesforce
    Now anyone can build apps, fast, with just a few clicks. Morgan Stanley leverages Salesforce to rapidly build and deploy business applications that help them service and retain thousands of employees. Join us on this webinar to discover Salesforce’s lightning-fast app-building tools and services for both developers and business users.
  • How OC Tanner Connected SAP with Salesforce in an Afternoon w/Lightning Connect Recorded: Apr 16 2015 36 mins
    Chase Schults, Manager, Software Development at OC Tanner | Bobby Lancaster, Platform Marketing at Salesforce
    Want to turn data integration into a strategic opportunity? Join us to learn how Salesforce Lightning Connect can help you easily connect your back-end databases into your front-end Salesforce apps without writing any code.

    You’ll hear from Chase Schults at OC Tanner on how they:

    -Prototyped the integration in hours and deployed to production in days
    -Exposed data from back-end SAP system without copying the data to Salesforce
    -Let their Service Agents search and access SAP data without leaving Salesforce
  • A Quick Look Inside the Salesforce1 Platform Recorded: Mar 24 2015 31 mins
    Jenny Ailes, Platform Marketing Analyst, Salesforce | Bret Brizzee Platform Solutions Engineer, Salesforce
    At Salesforce we are redefining the way enterprise apps are built, run and managed. Join us for a quick look at the tools and services that make the Salesforce1 Platform the world's #1 Enterprise cloud platform.

    In under 30 minutes you’ll get:

    -An introduction on “what is platform”
    -Brief overview of our architecture
    -Explanation of our tools for building custom apps
    -Live demo of our custom app-building tools in action
    -Live Q&A open to all participants
  • St Joseph’s Transforms Employee Engagement with a Mobile Social Intranet Recorded: Mar 17 2015 56 mins
    David Baker, VP of IT, St Josephs | Lisa Kant, Director, S1 Platform, Salesforce
    Today’s employees expect the same level of engaging experience in their workplace as they get every day in their personal lives. Attend this webinar to learn what you need to connect your back-end HR systems with a system of engagement to help transform every step of the employee experience and give them a single platform to interact with your company, from hire to retire.

    You'll also hear from David Baker, VP of IT at St. Joseph's, to see how they:

    -Built and deployed their HIPPA compliant social intranet “Staffhub” in 9 weeks
    -Grew Staffhub to 4000 users in 3 months with internal adoption strategies
    -Improved employee satisfaction with a self service portal and IT Help Desk
    -Integrated legacy files system and cloud apps to create a single place for employees to do their work, boosting productivity and savings
  • mophie Extends Sales & Service with Force.com and Jitterbit Recorded: Feb 24 2015 54 mins
    Seema Kumar & Bobby Lancaster, Salesforce | Ilan Sehayak, Jitterbit | Charles Mercadal, mophie
    Join us to hear how mophie, the #1 selling battery case in North America, streamlined complex business processes like logistics, shipping, and customer management across disparate enterprise systems, all with Force.com. By connecting to external applications via Jitterbit, mophie was able to extend their use of Sales and Service Cloud, helping the company scale to deliver on an impressive international growth plan. With their battery packs, mophie empowers the world to do more. With Force.com and Jitterbit, mophie is empowered to do more.
  • A Quick Look Inside the Salesforce1 Platform Recorded: Feb 19 2015 33 mins
    Dylan Steele, Director Product Marketing, Salesforce | Vivek Mahapatra, Lead Solution Engineer, Salesforce
    At Salesforce we are redefining the way enterprise apps are built, run and managed. Join us for a quick look at the tools and services that make the Salesforce1 Platform the world's #1 Enterprise cloud platform.

    In under 30 minutes you’ll get:

    -An introduction on “what is platform”
    -Brief overview of our architecture
    -Explanation of our tools for building custom apps
    -Live demo of our custom app-building tools in action
    -Live Q&A open to all participants
  • Build eCommerce Apps on the Salesforce1 Platform Using Heroku Connect Recorded: Dec 16 2014 59 mins
    Margaret Francis, Heroku
    Join us to hear from Piyush Pandya, CTO of Comity Designs, and Margaret Francis, Senior Director Product Management of Heroku, about how companies like Innisbrook and more have used Heroku and Heroku Connect to build eCommerce systems that are seamlessly integrated with their Salesforce deployments.

    We’ll cover the basic architecture of Heroku and Salesforce apps, best practices for building commerce and storefront apps, and effective use of Heroku Connect. You’ll learn how our customers have streamlined their businesses and delighted their customers with apps on Heroku.
  • ITSM Unleashed: Learn How News UK Put IT Service in the Spotlight Recorded: Dec 11 2014 55 mins
    Paul O’Connell, Service Operations Manager, News UK. Keith Bendy, Salesforce. George Kucera, Salesforce
    News UK, a subsidiary of News Corp, is a fast-moving, global media leader. For years the IT operations group was held back by their ITSM platform, struggling to keep pace with the rest of the business. New ideas and processes were imagined, but couldn’t be implemented.

    Join us on Dec 11th to learn how News UK with the help of Remedyforce and the Salesforce platform were able to finally put their ideas into actions, streamline ITSM processes, and free up resources. Walk away with practical guidance, success stories, and examples of:

    - How to develop Real time dashboards that give a holistic view of the business
    - Ramping a Self-service Portal to handle the majority of your IT requests
    - Introduce fully-automated workflows that never require service desk personnel
  • An Insider’s Discussion with the Creators of Salesforce1 Lightning Recorded: Nov 11 2014 51 mins
    Jon Sigler & Andrew Waite, Salesforce
    This is a rare opportunity to engage with Jon Sigler, SVP of Platform Product and Andrew Waite, VP of Platform Product. Together, they will take you through the latest in Salesforce1 Platform Lightning products and discuss how you can integrate Lightning in your business to build innovative apps for every device shape and size.

    Learn how to transform your business and extend your role from technologist to business innovator and leader.
  • Build Engaging Customer Loyalty Apps: 5 Key Elements for Success Recorded: Aug 19 2014 38 mins
    Dylan Steele, salesforce.com | Margaret Francis, Heroku
    Join Salesforce experts to learn how businesses are building high fidelity apps that can help you improve customer loyalty, build your brand, and grow your business on the Salesforce1 Platform.

    Learn how Heroku makes it easy to build customer engagement apps in any language, and directly integrates customer data with your Salesforce org.

    Discover how you can use the power of Force.com to transform your customer relationship to track, manage, and drive your customer engagement and promotions.

    We'll share real-world stories of how companies are using Heroku Connect to take their loyalty efforts to every customer's mobile device and beyond.


    Dylan Steele, Senior Manager, Platform Product Marketing, salesforce.com

    Margaret Francis, Senior Director, Product Management, Heroku
Build Apps Fast. Build Business Faster.
Welcome to the world’s #1 enterprise cloud platform, with all the tools and services you need to build any kind of app, connect everything, and inspire everyone. Faster.

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  • Title: How the Salesforce1 Platform Accelerates App Dev with Huge ROI
  • Live at: Apr 24 2014 6:00 pm
  • Presented by: Al Hilwa, IDC & Elias Dayeh, Motorola, a Google company
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