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Discover how Nationwide prepares for GDPR rules with centralised data management

The EU General Data Protection Regulation is still a very big topic. Over 90% of organizations believe that the GDPR will impact the way they collect, use and process personal data. Will your organisation be ready on May 25, 2018?

Join us on November 7th, 2017 to hear how Nationwide focus its efforts on consumer data protection through the creation of a Testing Services Practice; a centralised group tasked with establishing best practice in testing and with implementing data management capabilities across the firm in a federated, “hub-and-spoke”, model in order to comply with their GDPR requirements.
Recorded Nov 7 2017 53 mins
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Presented by
Richard Jordan (Nationwide), Christoph Luykx (CA Technologies)
Presentation preview: Discover how Nationwide prepares for GDPR rules with centralised data management

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  • Adapting App Testing & Release to the Modern, Cloud-Based Software Factory Mar 7 2018 4:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Marta Benach, Principal Engineering Services Architect, CA Technologies
    Most enterprises today are adopting a cloud first strategy or undergoing some level of cloud transformation. And cloud adoption, whether public, private or hybrid, inevitably changes the game for software development and delivery, encompassing modern application architectures, agile development practices and new deployment models. The downside is that your apps can become too unwieldy to release and your testing can’t scale.

    Come see how CA Continuous Delivery Director SaaS can help you meet and manage these challenges. CA Continuous Delivery Director is an enterprise-class planning and pipeline management solution built to enable continuous testing and easy application release to any cloud or hybrid environment. You’ll learn how to exploit the advantages of shifting cloud with a fully orchestrated DevOps toolchain. And the payoff is clear. A recent study by Freeform Dynamics showed that when you combine cloud and DevOps, teams can experience an 81 percent improvement in overall software delivery performance.
  • Shift Happens! The power of Performance Testing Feb 28 2018 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Jeff Bradley, Pre-Sales Advisor, CA Technologies
    Performance testing is more relevant than ever. It’s even more prominent in the software development life cycle than in the past. What’s changed is that development and testing teams now can test component level performance earlier than ever with tools such as Service Virtualization.

    It’s now easier to identify and fix performance-related issues as they are being worked much earlier than before, when performance testing was done during a formal performance testing cycle in the stage environment after multiple code builds have hidden those issues deeper across several application layers.

    This session will cover the basics of how to shift performance testing left so that development and testing teams can test component level performance using CA Service Virtualization and CA BlazeMeter.
  • Sprint to the (Application) Finish with GDPR-Compliant Test Data Recorded: Feb 14 2018 45 mins
    Bonnie Yeomans, Assistant General Counsel, CA Technologies
    If you’re going Agile, you’re no doubt moving to faster sprints! Test data takes center stage as companies grapple with faster testing processes and new compliance initiatives such as GDPR. Two-week sprints require teams to test faster and testing faster means having test data delivered at any stage of development.

    Join us for this webcast to learn how your teams can deliver the GDPR compliant data at the right time to every team that needs it. We will review traditional testing techniques and their strengths and weaknesses and then explore the world of synthetic data creation and virtual test data delivery to gain a better understanding of these trends. We will wrap things up by giving a game plan for GDPR compliance in the testing space.

    One hour with us could save you days or weeks of frustration as you get ready for 2018.
  • Stop Writing Tests. Build Models Instead – Automatically at Speed! Recorded: Feb 12 2018 41 mins
    Alex Martins, Pre-Sales Advisor and Josh Taylor, Principal Product Owner, CA Technologies
    Why do you keep on writing requirements and tests, when you can automatically build models, way faster instead? No one wants to write requirements and create (and maintain) regression test cases by hand – especially for legacy apps … forever! It takes too long, too much effort and a whole lot of grief – yet, you still end up with unclear and incomplete requirements, causing 64% of costly defects and rework. There’s a better way.

    Join this webcast to learn how to automatically build your requirements models, helping you overcome the key barrier to model-based testing adoption. More specifically, learn ways and practices that can:
    •Help you put the brakes on manually creating and maintaining tests. Finally!
    •Allow you to run your ‘everyday’ regression tests, and build models representing your regression test cycle. Automatically!
    •Enable you to just maintain and enhance models that deliver better coverage with less tests. Simply!
  • Deliver Better Software Faster with Continuous Testing Recorded: Feb 5 2018 49 mins
    Steve Feloney, VP Product Management CA Technologies
    To compete successfully in today’s economy, companies from all industries require the ability to deliver software faster, with higher quality, and reduced risk and costs. This is only possible with a modern software factory that can deliver quality software continuously. Yet for most enterprises, testing has not kept pace with modern development methodologies. A new approach to software testing is required: Continuous Testing.

    In the first session in a series, join product management leadership to gain in-depth insights on how by shifting testing left, and automating all aspects of test case generation and execution, continuous testing, it enables you to deliver quality software faster than ever.
  • Intelligent Testing: Why Traditional Testing Practices Are No Longer Relevant Recorded: Feb 1 2018 62 mins
    Uri Scheiner and Yaron Avisror, CA Technologies
    As the number and frequency of application releases increase significantly, the number of test cycles becomes a glaring bottleneck to the release process. With more and more focus put on the customer experience and application quality, teams also must look at increasing code coverage, which only extends the test cycle time and can delay production releases.

    Test automation may speed up individual testing functions, but it’s still not enough to close the gap for agile teams. It’s time to apply a testing AI to your testing bottleneck.

    View this session to learn how you can shorten your testing cycle and engineer intelligence into your release process to discover issues as early as possible, fail fast, and release on time with better quality.

    You also will learn how to:
    - Move from old, traditional testing frameworks to new, modern technologies
    - Quickly identify risks in your changes to test those areas first
    - Find bugs earlier in the release process
    - Understand the overall health of your release
  • Is GDPR getting ready to give your company the left hook Recorded: Jan 11 2018 60 mins
    Jeff Hughes, Sr. Principal Product Marketing Manager
    The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) introduces new and broad changes for data privacy for any company that retains EU customer data. Because so many companies are global, this regulation will most likely involve your company. GDPR gives EU citizens far more control on how you use their personal data. They can limit your use, be forgotten, and even seek damages if their data is misused or breached.

    Join CA Technologies’ Jeff Hughes, Sr. Principal Product Marketing Manager and DevOps.com founder, Alan Shimel, as they discuss this upcoming legislation and how companies should go the distance by preparing for the May 2018 deadline! Jeff will provide concrete steps that you can take now to start or continue preparing for this new regulation. You’ll walk away with a knock-out action plan to start moving your testing and compliance teams in the right direction.
  • Celebrating 10 Years of Service Virtualization – A Look at What Lies Ahead Recorded: Dec 12 2017 64 mins
    Theresa Lanowitz, Founder of industry analyst firm voke, Nate Lee Director of Product Management for Service Virtualization
    Transformational. Impactful. Defining. All of these words have been used to describe service virtualization – a technology so powerful that software engineering teams across the globe rely upon it to help protect their brand and their business.

    At 10 years old, service virtualization is now an established technology that has proven its value by:

    •Giving software engineering teams unrestricted access to incomplete or unavailable services to complete their tasks in the software lifecycle
    •Reducing defect reproduction time
    •Reducing the number of defects and increasing test coverage.

    Join Theresa Lanowitz, founder of industry analyst firm voke and author of the leading research on service virtualization and its impact in the enterprise, and Nate Lee Director of Product Management for Service Virtualization at CA Technologies to learn about why service virtualization is an absolute must for any organization that wants to compete in the digital landscape and about what service virtualization can do for software engineering teams in the future.
  • Discover how Nationwide prepares for GDPR rules with centralised data management Recorded: Nov 7 2017 53 mins
    Richard Jordan (Nationwide), Christoph Luykx (CA Technologies)
    The EU General Data Protection Regulation is still a very big topic. Over 90% of organizations believe that the GDPR will impact the way they collect, use and process personal data. Will your organisation be ready on May 25, 2018?

    Join us on November 7th, 2017 to hear how Nationwide focus its efforts on consumer data protection through the creation of a Testing Services Practice; a centralised group tasked with establishing best practice in testing and with implementing data management capabilities across the firm in a federated, “hub-and-spoke”, model in order to comply with their GDPR requirements.
  • Automate your APIs for Real Testing Acceleration Recorded: Nov 2 2017 56 mins
    Ronda Kiser-Oakes, Perficient and Karl Miller, CA Technologies
    For organizations embarking on a digital transformation and pressured to deliver innovative applications, CA Service Virtualization eliminates common development and testing constraints to accelerate your SDLC while achieving up to 50% higher quality application releases. Only CA is positioned as a large scale global IT software player, with the nimbleness your organization requires in the Application Economy.

    If you are serious about changing the way applications are built and delivered, join CA and Perficient and learn how you can 'Automate your API’s and create real ROI with CA Service Virtualization’. CA Service Virtualization addresses the problems of delivering bug-free code that can scale, due to the virtualized testing capabilities.
  • Don't Get Tricked: Use Service Virtualization to Fill Your Testing Gaps Recorded: Oct 31 2017 66 mins
    Christopher Reites and Rick Bansal, CA Technologies
    Testing when systems or components are unavailable can be spooky. How do you execute quality tests when the component you need to test against has not yet materialized?

    Don’t let missing components or other dependencies scare you away from testing early and often. Use service virtualization to emulate the behavior of specific software components that your application needs to test against. Accelerate test efforts, improve application quality, and reduce costs and risks—so that testing is a treat, not a trick.

    Join this web seminar to learn:
    - What service virtualization is
    - What service virtualization can be used to simulate
    - How service virtualization can help with continuous testing and enable parallel development
  • Using EU GDPR Compliance to Build Better Apps Recorded: Oct 25 2017 45 mins
    Nathan Devoll, CA Technologies
    With less than a year before the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) goes into effect, many companies are scrambling to figure out how to be compliant with yet another regulation. A better way to approach this (or any) compliance initiative is to understand its basic requirements then search for solutions that will not only help you to meet compliance, but improve your business.

    Don’t just become compliant, become better! The EU GDPR is not only an opportunity to evaluate how your teams use personal data for testing, but how those teams can build better data from scratch with faster and better results.

    Join our expert, Nathan Devoll from CA Technologies, as he clearly explains the EU GDPR and builds the case for generating new data more quickly without the compliance headaches. You’ll come away with a clear understanding how you can become EU GDPR compliant and build better data, at the same time!
  • CA Agile Requirement Designer Demo Recorded: Sep 8 2017 47 mins
    Adam Bond, Vivek Santhana
    See CA Agile Requirement Designer in action.
  • Speed Up Your Testing with an Automated, End-to-End, Continuous Testing Workflow Recorded: Aug 31 2017 50 mins
    Keith Puzey, CA Technologies
    Testing is a critical but very time-consuming part of the release cycle—in fact, 63% of DevOps adopters still cite current QA processes as a bottleneck. Testing hand-offs, communications, validation and feedback are still very manual. How can you streamline your testing workflow to speed the process and enable better visibility into your testing regimen?

    View this session to learn how to eliminate the testing logjam and put ‘continuous’ in your testing strategy. We’ll demonstrate an integrated testing workflow in CA Continuous Delivery Director that triggers test cases, virtualizes services, manages test data, runs performance tests, checks for security vulnerabilities, validates against criteria, deploys to production and delivers feedback.

    See how you can stay informed at every stage of the application release cycle and speed the delivery of higher-quality apps.
  • 4 Ways Model-Based Testing Can Help You Test at the Speed of Agile Recorded: Aug 29 2017 63 mins
    Alex Martins, Continuous Testing CTO, CA Technologies
    In today’s agile environments, coding without testing in mind makes you unprepared for the velocity or the volume of changes required to attain continuous testing and delivery. Employing a model-based testing approach gets testing on the fast track and lets you test at the speed of agile.

    Unlike traditional testing approaches, model-based testing enables rigorous testing that fits into the same sprint, while allowing stakeholders—from testers and developers to business analysts—to stay in alignment and remain flexible.

    View this session and learn how to employ model-based testing techniques in four key areas of testing: requirements engineering, test design automation, agile testing, and test case optimization.

    You will also learn how to overcome the key challenges developers and testers face, including:

    - Ambiguous requirements
    - Limited test coverage
    - Test data bottlenecks
    - Unavailable system components
    - Lack of automation
  • The speed of test design and test data isn’t just for delivering pizza! Recorded: Aug 29 2017 53 mins
    Philip and Dan Howard, Bloor Research
    Shift-left requirements and test case design, along with finding and creating the right test data quickly are key to faster software development. With the right tools and processes, developers and testers can finally make testing a robust advantage within their SDLC.

    View session as Bloor Research reviews results of their recent market updates for Test Data Management and Test Design Automation, discussing how test design and test data management are pivotal to achieving your continuous testing initiatives. You'll learn about the key features needed in test design and test data management solutions to accelerate your testing."
  • How to Beat the Biggest Bottleneck to Continuous Cloud Deployments Recorded: Aug 23 2017 52 mins
    Keith Puzy, CA Technologies and Titus Fortner, Sauce Labs
    Silos. Lack of visibility. Some agile teams… some not. Manual handoffs. Bottlenecks. This summer, it’s time to get outside (your old processes) and take some time off (your application release cycle). Take back your weekends and spend more time by the pool. We’ll show you how to automate, orchestrate, and facilitate continuous everything – and that includes continuous testing – one of the biggest bottlenecks of all.

    Join CA DevOps and Sauce Labs to learn the tips and tricks for a better summer… and beyond.

    You’ll learn how to:

    Automatically shift quality left: Orchestrate and automate testing in every phase of the SDLC with automated promotion and feedback loops

    Accelerate testing in the cloud: Test web and mobile apps in parallel – achieve up to 10X improvement in testing time. Use tools of choice while optimizing every aspect of your complex, interdependent multi-application pipelines.

    Get started in less than 1 hour….and for free!

    Achieve truly automated, continuous delivery (including continuous testing!!!) in the cloud with CA and Sauce Labs
  • Test Before You Code Recorded: Aug 23 2017 33 mins
    Alex Martins, CTO Continuous Testing, CA Technologies
    Learn Four Ways Model-based Testing Can Help You Test at the Speed of Agile.

    Coding without testing in mind, is a classic mark of traditional testing. It slows you down in a big way, and therefore unfit for the speed, velocity or the volume of changes required to attain Continuous Testing and Delivery.

    There’s a better way. Employing a Model-based Testing approach, enabling true Agile Testing.

    In this webcast, you’ll learn how to employ Model-based Testing techniques in these four key areas of testing: Requirements Engineering, Test Design Automation, In-sprint Testing, and Test Case Optimization – advancing your knowledge on important testing concepts like requirements flowchart modeling, test case design, test coverage and test automation.

    View this session and be on your way to getting Testing on the fast-track – at the speed of Agile.
  • What’s behind the “1-2 punch” of continuous testing Recorded: Aug 16 2017 45 mins
    Rick Bansal, Principal Consultant, CA Technologies
    Learn the “1-2 punch” of continuous testing by simulating needed test environments and running multi-layer testing across 100’s of protocols even before the UI is complete.With organization’s DevOps efforts testing maturity becomes a key differentiator in organization’s ability to deliver innovation to market. The benefit Agile practices gave development teams to speed up their sprints also left QA and testing professionals having to play catch-up due to slow and inadequate testing practices at the time.

    This session covers how DevTest solutions from CA allows development and testing teams to virtualize critical components, environments and 3rd party systems that might have cost or access restrictions, and then automate functional, regression, API, Web UI and performance tests across all application layers by invoking and verifying the behavior of each component.
  • Do You Have Enough Test Data to Complete Your Two-Week Sprint? Recorded: Aug 9 2017 34 mins
    Wilfred Mathanaraj, Principal Product Owner, CA Technologies
    Agile development teams are working in two-week sprints. Accomplishing a two-week sprint means having access to the right test data quickly. This is where synthetic data generation comes to the rescue. With CA Test Data Manager companies can generate the right test data when they need it.

    View this session to learn how:
    - Test data can be built from scratch to meet your two-week sprints
    - Your test teams can save time using an automated data creation solution
Plan, Build, Develop, Test, Release—it’s all relative.
New approaches like DevOps or the adoption of a Digital Transformation strategy are meant to make life easier and simpler to creating quality applications faster with better quality and at lower costs, but do they? Maybe. They’ll help put structure in place for team collaboration or deliver an experience your customers won’t forget, but development teams still face the constraints of development through deployment. From development, testing and the management of releases, organizations and their customers have had to deal with ineffective service delivery, compounded by the silos of development, system administration, and operations. CA solutions for DevOps and Continuous Delivery can help you eliminate constraints across the software delivery lifecycle (SDLC), allow developers, testers and performance teams to work in parallel for faster delivery and more reliable outcomes, all the way through deployment and feedback from IT Operations. Get the information you need when you need it in these thought provoking sessions live or on-demand. Be a member of channel to receive updates, best practices and advice from industry thought leaders on how to eliminate constraints across your SDLC.

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  • Title: Discover how Nationwide prepares for GDPR rules with centralised data management
  • Live at: Nov 7 2017 3:00 pm
  • Presented by: Richard Jordan (Nationwide), Christoph Luykx (CA Technologies)
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