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Expert Hour: The Secret Sauce to Improving Agent Productivity by 40%

Have you figured out the secret sauce to great customer service? In this webinar, Michael Ramsey, Vice President of Salesforce Service Cloud, and Faisal Hafeez, Service Solution Engineer will share the insider’s guide to how companies around the world have differentiated their brand using Customer Service. This webinar will cover:

- How companies have improved both agent productivity and customer satisfaction by an average of 40%
- Case studies of successful companies using Service Cloud
What it means to deliver smarter, faster, and more personalized service with Service Cloud
- Live Q&A with Service Cloud executive leader and product expert
Recorded Feb 25 2015 38 mins
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Presented by
Michael Ramsey, Vice President of Product, Salesforce, Faisal Hafeez, Service Solution Engineer, Salesforce
Presentation preview: Expert Hour: The Secret Sauce to Improving Agent Productivity by 40%
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  • How Salesforce Uses Marketing Cloud: Social Media Marketing and Management Recorded: Apr 13 2016 28 mins
    Asma Stephan, Manager, Social Media Marketing, Salesforce | Tom Hasselman, Senior Manager, Product Adoption, Salesforce
    Take an inside look at Salesforce's social media strategy and practical, hands-on tactics. This webinar will show you how Salesforce listens to over 130K mentions a month and coordinates a social editorial calendar across 100 different social channels.

    How Salesforce Uses Marketing Cloud Series
    Salesforce is using the power of Marketing Cloud across all areas of our business. We're creating journeys for our customers, prospects, employees, and beyond. Learn how the power of Marketing Cloud transcends all departments and how we're creating 1-to-1 journeys at Salesforce.
  • 4 Secrets of Top Performing Service Teams Recorded: Mar 17 2016 49 mins
    Daniel Padgett, User Experience, Walgreens | Vala Afshar, Chief Evangelist, Salesforce | Peter Gaylord, Salesforce Research
    Salesforce researched over 1,900 global customer service leaders and discovered what sets high-performers apart.

    High Performers:
    - Provide seamless service with Omni-Channel
    - Empower agents by arming them with Easy Access to Information
    - Anticipate customer needs with Proactive Support
    - Help customers help themselves with Self-Service

    Why Should You Attend?
    - Vala Afshar, Chief Evangelist at Salesforce and former Chief Customer Officer, moderates a dynamic discussion to help you transform Customer Service.
    - Peter Gaylord, Salesforce Research, walks through the top 4 secrets of top performing service teams.
    - Daniel Padgett, User Experience at Walgreens, shares best practices around customer success.
  • Moving Legacy CRM to the Cloud? Two Approaches that Work Recorded: Feb 11 2016 54 mins
    Mike Milburn, GM & SVP, Service Cloud, Salesforce | David Schmaier, CEO & Founder, Vlocity
    It's a new year, and time for a change. Are you on the right technology? Legacy CRM systems inevitably hit limitations and you need a path to modernize your technology to stay ahead in this omni-channel and fast-paced world.

    Join Mike Milburn, GM & SVP, Service Cloud, Salesforce and David Schmaier, CEO & Founder, Vlocity for an insider’s guide on making the move from legacy on-premise CRM applications to industry-specific cloud solutions using two transformation approaches.

    This webinar will dive into how your business can successfully:

    - Adopt one of two best-practices in your transition from on-premise to industry cloud
    - Focus on industry innovation with 63% faster deployment time
    - Increase customer satisfaction by 45%
    - Reduce costs by 52% and ensure the stability of back-end systems
  • ShotSpotter Delivers Winning Support for Law Enforcement with Service Cloud Recorded: Jul 23 2015 38 mins
    Jeff Jaeger, Operations, ShotSpotter | Mike Will, Technical Support & Customer Service, Shotspotter | Kate Mirkin, Salesforce
    When it comes to providing solutions to law enforcement for gunfire alert and analysis, it's important to delivery the right type of support at the right time. Learn how ShotSpotter transformed their support operations with Service Cloud through automated case escalation and improved agent productivity. Enhanced visibility enabled ShotSpotter to have better collaboration between support, sales, and account management while driving improvement throughout the organization with reporting insights.
  • 10 Steps for Siebel Retirement Success Featuring Intuit Recorded: Jun 30 2015 59 mins
    Julian Lau, Salesforce Services| Vamsi Vasireddy, Intuit | Partha Ghosh, Intuit
    You need a customer service solution that’s built for agility and speed. Join Salesforce to hear how Intuit is managing their transition from Siebel to Salesforce.
    What you will learn from this webinar:
    - Trends in customer service, and what you need to innovate faster
    - Best practices to retire your Siebel
    - 10-step retirement roadmap for a successful transition
    - How to drive results and ROI with the right customer service platform
    - Inuit’s story: the journey from Siebel to Service Cloud

    Julian Lau, Salesforce Services
    Vamsi Vasireddy, Intuit
    Partha Ghosh, Intuit
  • Self Service & Customer Collaboration: Navis Wins with the Salesforce Platform Recorded: May 28 2015 45 mins
    Erik Ward, Sr. Director of Support, Navis | Jennifer Grinold, MKTG and Communication Manager, Navis | Amanda West, Salesforce
    Join us as we hear from from Navis, a shipping terminal software company. Navis has combined the power of the Community Cloud and the Service Cloud to provide users a place to share information and expertise, get help, and collaborate. Hear how Navis has transformed their business through creating an unprecedented, unified experience for their customers.
  • How Salesforce Helped Plus Relocation Put Customers at the Center of Every Move Recorded: May 14 2015 49 mins
    Susan Schneider, President, Plus Relocation | Dave Walsh, Associate Director, 7Summits
    Plus Relocation, Salesforce's relocation company of choice, designs and implements customized mobility solutions that are perfectly aligned to the needs of the transferee. Plus recognized the need for a collaborative environment to give transferees a 360-degree view of their move and connect them with supplier partners, all the information related to their move, and other relocating employees.
    During this webinar, you will see firsthand how Plus uses Community Cloud to put the transferee at the center of the moving experience and is paving the way for a new level of service within the industry.

    What you’ll learn:

    - How Plus is using the Community Cloud to improve the customer experience by providing a single place for them to:
    - Connect with everyone working on their move, including their Plus Relocation counselor and all suppliers
    - Access a calendar detailing every task and event related to their move
    - Track their budget and submit expenses for payment
  • Mastering Omni-Channel Customer Service: ALDO and Frost & Sullivan Share Recorded: May 13 2015 56 mins
    Jonathan Campoli, ALDO Ashwin Iyer, Frost & Sullivan
    Customers are increasingly engaging with businesses via digital channels - Web, mobile apps, messaging platforms, social media, and video. However, most companies are still delivering "fractured" customer experiences when customers move between channels.

    Join Frost & Sullivan and ALDO Group in this webinar to learn how to deliver seamless and effortless customer experiences – within and between channels.

    What you will learn from this Webinar:
    - Why Omni-Channel customer experience has emerged as a top strategic priority for businesses
    - Top initiatives and avenues to drive Omni-Channel customer experience capabilities
    - Featured retail customer success story by ALDO Group
  • Manulife Enables Global HR Service Delivery & Employee Self-Service Recorded: Apr 28 2015 46 mins
    Nik Pismarov - AVP, Global HR Business Solutions | Karthik Chakkarapani - Director, Service Cloud Practice, salesfofrce.com
    HR organizations are looking to transform employee engagement & support as a strategic approach to driving both employee productivity and retention. Not only do today’s employees expect instant, personalized, and effortless service from their employer, but employers themselves are looking to streamline their HR service delivery process on a global scale. Join Salesforce and their customer, Manulife, to learn about:

    - Key technology trends in employee engagement & HR service delivery
    - How Salesforce is helping leading companies overcome challenges with employee self-service, fragmented HR processes and systems, and limited reporting capabilities
    - Manulife’s journey scaling HR service delivery globally with Salesforce
  • Learn how Salesforce helped Pono rock social e-commerce Recorded: Apr 22 2015 37 mins
    Randy Leasure, VP of Business Development and Content Marketing at Pono | Stephen Hsu, Director of Communities, salesforce
    We’ll show you how rock legend Neil Young, and thousands of music lovers worldwide, kickstarted a high-resolution revolution using Salesforce Community Cloud. You’ll learn:

    - Who Pono is, and how Community Cloud helped them launch with one of the most successful kickstarter campaigns in history
    - How Pono built their community, and why community isn’t just supporting e-commerce, it’s driving it.
    - What keeps fans coming back, and how Pono created a customized solution that allows music lovers to connect on a personal level.

    Hear from our featured speaker Randy Leasure, Vice president of Business Development and Content Marketing at Pono, talk about Salesforce Community Cloud is helping Pono change the way people connect with music — and e-commerce.
  • The Seamless Retail Customer Experience on Every Channel Recorded: Apr 21 2015 47 mins
    Igor Bekker , Director of eCommerce, Alex&Ani | Brian Weinberger and Jonathan Robledo, Salesforce.com
    Learn how Retailers can create Loyalty and Happy Customers through one technology platform. Hear directly from one of our successful customers.
  • Sonus Networks Delivers Faster Support with a 360 Degree Customer View Recorded: Apr 14 2015 54 mins
    Bill Parks, Senior Director of Enterprise Applications, Sonus Networks
    Hear from Bill Parks, Director of IT, how Salesforce has allowed Sonus Networks to unlock and leverage siloed information to deliver faster support.
  • Janssen of Johnson & Johnson Puts the Customer Back into Customer Service Recorded: Mar 26 2015 50 mins
    Suk Kwan Lau, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Johnson & Johnson | Rob Rose, Deloitte Consulting | Todd Pierce, Salesforce
    Janssen Pharmaceuticals, a member of the Johnson & Johnson family of companies, transformed their medical information contact centers to deliver a faster, more seamless customer experience. Join this webinar to learn how using the Salesforce Service Cloud and Knowledge allows Janssen to:

    -Successfully manage a medical information solution across the pharmaceutical and medical device sectors of Johnson & Johnson
    -Increase agent productivity by automating 99% of processes for the medical device center
    -Improve agility and innovate on top of the Salesforce platform
    -Respond to customers 25% faster on their medical information requests
  • 4 Self-Service Insights to Reduce Costs & Customer Effort Recorded: Mar 19 2015 57 mins
    Lara Ponomareff, CEB Practice Manager
    CEB sees that nearly 80% of customers go to a support web page first when they need help, yet companies underestimate this increased preference for web-based service. Many still spend a lot of time and money improving the live phone experience. The reality is that customers value web self-service, and will only call the company when they have to. Companies need to shift focus to this important channel and create low-effort customer experiences. Join CEB to learn about:
    - The increasing value customers place on support websites and self-service
    - How to guide customers in online service interactions
    - Low-cost web fixes that have big impacts on self-service utilization
  • Next Generation Customer Engagement & Service Recorded: Feb 26 2015 62 mins
    Gloria Gutierrez, Pearson | Karthik Chakkarapani, Salesforce
    In the age of the customer, companies don’t decide how customer-centric their organizations need to be, customers decide on that. Providing great customer engagement and experience is a win-win for customers and companies and will drive customer loyalty and satisfaction. In order to become leaders in this connected and digital world companies need to leverage the right technologies and solutions, connect and engage with their customers, partners and employees in new ways. This will help them to become customer-centric organizations.

    Join us to learn about the next generation customer service and engagement trends and how you can leverage Salesforce to drive business value, achieve great success and become customer-centric organizations. Salesforce customer Pearson will also share their next generation customer service & engagement success story and on how they leveraged Community Cloud to meet their goals and objectives.
  • Expert Hour: The Secret Sauce to Improving Agent Productivity by 40% Recorded: Feb 25 2015 38 mins
    Michael Ramsey, Vice President of Product, Salesforce, Faisal Hafeez, Service Solution Engineer, Salesforce
    Have you figured out the secret sauce to great customer service? In this webinar, Michael Ramsey, Vice President of Salesforce Service Cloud, and Faisal Hafeez, Service Solution Engineer will share the insider’s guide to how companies around the world have differentiated their brand using Customer Service. This webinar will cover:

    - How companies have improved both agent productivity and customer satisfaction by an average of 40%
    - Case studies of successful companies using Service Cloud
    What it means to deliver smarter, faster, and more personalized service with Service Cloud
    - Live Q&A with Service Cloud executive leader and product expert
  • How AOL Deployed Knowledge to Boost Agent Productivity Recorded: Jan 22 2015 51 mins
    Michelle Manbeck, Program Director, Training and Knowledge Management, AOL
    How can customer service organizations empower agents to work smarter? In this webinar, Michelle Manbeck, Program Director, Training and Knowledge Management at AOL, will share how her team deployed Knowledge to 1,500 agents around the world. Learn how an effective knowledge strategy can reduce costs and improve agent productivity.
    Join this webinar to gain insight into:

    - Why AOL invested in Knowledge, and challenges they overcame
    - What mattered most to AOL when evaluating and implementing a Knowledge solution
    - How AOL manages Knowledge: Authoring articles, surfacing answers, gathering feedback, measuring results
    - AOL’s Knowledge roadmap and aspirations
  • Beyond the Portal: MedAssets Drives Self-Service Support with Communities Recorded: Dec 9 2014 45 mins
    Peter White, Sr. Service Cloud Product Manager, Dustin Johnson, Sr. Director Business Solutions at MedAssets
    Providing an online community to service and collect feedback from your customers has become essential in today's social world. However, customers are looking for coherent self-service and community experiences, providing a single source of truth regardless of their entry into the system.

    Join us to hear how MedAssets uses Salesforce Communities to increase customer satisfaction and maximize web issue resolution with integrated self-service communities.
  • Using the Internet of Things to Deliver Effortless Customer Service Recorded: Sep 10 2014 49 mins
    Charlie Isaacs, CTO of Customer Connection, salesforce.com | Chuck Malone, Senior Director, Etherios
    Today’s customers expect effortless customer service every time they engage with your organization. How will your organization adapt and keep up these customer expectations? What types of technology are required to meet and exceed these expectations? The Internet of Things (IoT) has created a connected world, where companies are connecting their products with people, processes, and technology. But the IoT is much more than just technology; it’s about integrating and managing a new channel for your business. It’s about transforming the service delivery model with a customer engagement platform; and it’s about creating effortless customer experiences that drive customer loyalty, additional revenue, and optimized efficiencies. In this webinar, you’ll learn about:

    The Internet of Things (IoT) revolution - What is it and why should you care?
    The 3 key technology components for creating connected solutions
    How a connected solution drives value for you and your customer
    A customer case study that highlights the business impact of connected solutions
  • The War for Talent - Transforming HR for Your Employees w/author Jason Averbook Recorded: Aug 21 2014 54 mins
    Jason Averbook
    Serve Your Employees As Well or Better Than Your Customers – Why HR Must Care About the Future of Consumerization and Service! Moving Beyond The Transaction

    In today’s world, where for the first time ever, employees and managers have better technology in their pockets than their workforce has provided them to work with, expectations have never been higher for HR and other business functions to provide workforce facing “experiences” that capture the hearts and minds of workers. While the experience is one thing, the value of that experience must deliver efficiency to the HR function as well as effectiveness to the workforce which is why today, more than ever in the past, we must go beyond the transaction and focus on the overall workforce experience.

    We have a short 5 years to prepare and become Workplace 2020 compliant, the readiness measure for organizations combining preparation for new generations of workers, the emergence of new technologies such as mobile and social as well as an overall renewed focus on how service is delivered to employees, managers, contractors, applicants and any other “human” that makes up an organization's most important asset, their people.

    In this interactive webinar, Jason Averbook, one of the premier thought leaders in the world around HR, business technology and consumerization will lead you through an exercise discussing:

    Workforce Experience-Defined
    a) Why now is not only an optimal time but a mandatory time to reinvent how services are delivered to the workforce
    b) Why the “transaction” alone will never drive the optimal workforce experience and how surrounding it with knowledge, content and support is required
    c) Why deploying processes not modules is important and required thinking for today's HR and business professional
    d) How to create a business case for new technologies supporting the workforce experience
    e) What will happen if we do nothing and ignore becoming Workplace 2020 compliant
The #1 customer service application
Transform your customer experience and build great customer connections with Service Cloud. From the contact center to self-service communities, social media and beyond, Service Cloud is changing the game in customer service.

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  • Title: Expert Hour: The Secret Sauce to Improving Agent Productivity by 40%
  • Live at: Feb 25 2015 5:00 pm
  • Presented by: Michael Ramsey, Vice President of Product, Salesforce, Faisal Hafeez, Service Solution Engineer, Salesforce
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