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Federated Access Management

Learn how Next Gen Identity Management unlocks Business in the Cloud
Recorded Sep 23 2014 56 mins
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Presented by
David Gorton & Scott Tomlinson
Presentation preview: Federated Access Management

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  • GoodBye 2FA. Hello Modern Authentication. Recorded: Jan 31 2019 52 mins
    Matt Klassen - Director of Product Marketing, Ping Identity
    Any usage of multi-factor authentication (MFA) is better than securing the enterprise with passwords alone, but adaptive and risk-based MFA delivers more secure, usable and cost-effective authentication. Adaptive authentication leverages contextual mechanisms, such as geolocation, time of day, IP address and device identifiers, to determine whether a user should be given access or asked for additional factors.

    While adaptive authentication is the most secure way to protect the enterprise, most solutions are much too rigid for administrators to manage and also create a painful user experience for partners, customers and employees alike. Ping Identity's MFA solution gives users a seamless experience which improving enterprise security.

    In this webinar, Ping Identity’s Director of Product Marketing, Matt Klassen, will cover:
    - Why 2FA still isn’t enough
    - How adaptive MFA increases security and enhances the user experience
    - Demonstration of the PingID solution
  • MFA Everywhere: Requirements For Rapid Adoption Recorded: Jan 23 2019 43 mins
    Andrew Goodman, Ping Identity
    “First, identify the applications which handle your most sensitive data.”

    In 2019, this bad yet often repeated advice for implementing multi-factor authentication (MFA) should no longer apply in the enterprise, where compromised credentials continue to represent the #1 attack vector.

    You need MFA everywhere - on every app, API, VPN and even when logging into corporate devices. But implementing MFA everywhere isn’t easy, and surprising roadblocks can appear along the way.

    Join Andrew Goodman, Ping Marketing Manager, to learn the requirements for rapid adoption and implementation of MFA everywhere.
  • Securing Your APIs like the Pros: A Panel Discussion Recorded: Dec 19 2018 64 mins
    Bernard Harguindeguy, Kin Lane, and James Higginbotham
    APIs are presenting new opportunities for hackers to reach into data and systems, and predefined rules, policies and attack signatures can’t keep up with this evolving threat landscape.

    Join us for a panel discussion surrounding today’s API threat landscape, and how enterprises are combining access control with advanced API cybersecurity for comprehensive API protection.

    The panel will feature discussion from nationally recognized thought leaders in the API space listed below, as well as open dialog and Q&A.

    - Bernard Harguindeguy, VP of Intelligence, Ping Identity
    - Kin Lane, The API Evangelist
    - James Higginbotham, API Consultant, LaunchAny
  • Why IAM Built on Open-Standards is the Key to Open Banking Recorded: Jun 13 2018 60 mins
    Rob Otto, EMEA Field CTO, Ping Identity; Barry O'Donohoe, Senior Partner, RaiDiAM
    Security, Compliance and User Experience - Why Identity Access Management Built on Open-Standards is the Key to Open Banking

    Learn how identity & access management (IAM) solutions, built on open standards, can help meet the technical requirements of PSD2 and Open Banking, including secure XS2A (access to accounts), Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), Dynamic Linking, and Consent Management, all while providing a seamless user experience and distinct competitive advantage.
  • Digital Identity Authorities - The Key to Enterprise Cloud Transformation Recorded: May 24 2018 49 mins
    Loren Russon, VP of Product Management, Ping Identity
    Managing digital identities and access control for users, applications and things remains one of the greatest challenges facing cloud computing today. This has led to a new cloud security service paradigm that requires your organization to reevaluate the criteria for designing and implementing identity and access management (IAM) services across data centers, and private and public cloud infrastructure. This new criteria addresses the continued transformation to the cloud, mobile and internet of things (IoT), and the increased demand for open business balanced by user data security found in initiatives such as GDPR, Open Banking and PSD2.

    In this webinar, you will learn about key requirements and design principles required for modern IAM systems, and how to effectively drive digital transformation, address user data security regulations and ensure you successfully manage your company’s transformation to the cloud.
  • You Can't Spell Enterprise Security Without MFA Recorded: Mar 1 2016 47 mins
    Paul Madsen, CTO Office, Ping Identity
    Sure, you can spell enterprise security without the letters M-F-A, but the modern digital enterprise isn't as cyber secure without a strong multi-factor authentication (MFA) strategy.

    Enterprises are under attack, and credentials are a primary target. According to the 2015 Verizon DBIR, 95% of all web app hacks involve credentials that were harvested from customer devices. Many leading enterprises are enhancing their security and control with MFA, allowing them to move away from a high-risk, password based security approach and to give their employees, partners, and customers a better user experience.

    Join Paul Madsen from the CTO office of Ping Identity as he covers:

    - Authentication 101

    - Choosing the right authentication mechanisms for your environment

    - Applying a risk based model to step-up MFA

    - Best practices in step-up MFA including: risk analysis, self-service, native applications, multiple touch points/channels, and more
  • Going Mobile? The Shifting Native SSO Landscape Recorded: Aug 12 2015 42 mins
    Paul Madsen, Principal Technical Architect, Ping Identity
    Delivering a Single SignOn (SSO) experience to users of native applications is becoming more and more critical as the number of such applications grows. We'll cover the best practice for native applications authenticating to restful APIs, the different models for enabling SSO across such applications, and how recent enhancements to the mobile OSs promise to offer to a nice balance between usability, security, and deployment ease.
  • Securing Identity in the Cloud Recorded: May 12 2015 46 mins
    Hans Zandbelt, Senior Technical Architect, Ping Identity
    - How to extend your IAM infrastructure to support Cloud based apps
    - The check list you need to get started
    - How to provide web single sign-on and API security for customers, partners, and employees
  • After Passwords, What's Next? Securing Identities in the Cloud & Mobile Era Recorded: Nov 4 2014 42 mins
    Hans Zandbelt, Senior Technical Architect, Ping Identity
    Join this thought provoking webinar for a discussion of the security and scalability challenges that cloud & mobile era brings along. Specifically, we will cover:

    - A description of how token-based systems and multi-factor authentication can replace password based systems and the associated benefits of that
    - A description of next generation identity protocols OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect and how they fit the bill
    - An overview of a scalable and next-generation identity infrastructure that will secure the cloud and mobile
  • Federated Access Management Recorded: Sep 23 2014 56 mins
    David Gorton & Scott Tomlinson
    Learn how Next Gen Identity Management unlocks Business in the Cloud
  • Simplifier – Faciliter – Sécuriser l’accès aux applications dans le cloud Recorded: Jun 26 2014 45 mins
    Philippe Dubuc, Regional Solutions Architect, Ping Identity France
    30 mn pour découvrir comment les solutions de Single Sign-On fédérées de Ping Identity soutiennent votre stratégie Cloud
  • Semplificare l'accesso ad applicazioni cloud - le soluzioni di Ping Identity Recorded: Jun 25 2014 47 mins
    Federico Carbone, Regional Soution Architect, Ping Identity
    Con la crescente adozione di applicazioni cloud (Software As a Service) le aziende si trovano a fronteggiare il problema di garantire l'accesso dei propri dipendenti a tali applicazioni. Durante il Webinar verrà discusso come gli attuali standard di federazione indirizzano tale tematica e come le soluzioni di Ping Identity aiutino le aziende a garantire che gli accessi alle applicazioni cloud avvengano in modo sicuro e allo stesso con una buona "user experience"
  • Heartbleed and Covert Redirect: How IAM has your back! Recorded: Jun 17 2014 45 mins
    Hans Zandbelt, CTO - Senior Architect, Ping Identity
    Tune into this insightful webinar with Ping Identity CTO Hans Zandbelt on how best practice Identity & Access Management has your back!
  • Welcome to the Identiverse! The Internet of Things and Cloud Identity Recorded: May 13 2014 42 mins
    Hans Zandbelt, CTO - Senior Architect, Ping Identity
    Travel through the Identiverse and discover the importance of identity security in a connected world.

    Benefits of attending:
    • Gain an understanding of the issues of identity security in the Cloud
    • Get a clear picture of the standards that will enable deliver identity security in the real world
    • Be informed about the latest trends affecting managing identities of people and things in the Cloud
  • Securing Access and Identity for APIs Recorded: Nov 12 2013 40 mins
    David Gorton,WW Product Manager, Ping Identity
    Join David Gorton as he goes over securing access to multiple applications, as well as the architect identity frameworks for all your applications.

    David Gorton is a Product Manager with Ping Identity. He has more than 15 years of designing, developing, testing, and maintaining highly performant enterprise software systems. He spent six years building and maintaining BEA Weblogic Workshop for webservice and J2EE development. Now David focuses his time on creating next generation identity and access management products that will solve hard enterprise problems.
  • BYOD Demands IdM Recorded: Jul 16 2013 45 mins
    Hans Zandbelt, Technical Architect, Office of the CTO, Ping Identity
    Employees are bringing their own tablets, smartphones, personal computing devices – and their expectations of how they want to perform their jobs, to work. But, whether the employee or enterprise bought the phone, with shared-use devices the fundamental requirements are the same – keep business data secure, and personal data private.

    This webinar will present an application architecture for mobile that’s built around the identity of the employee. The architecture will consider the employee’s role and authorization rights to access business apps and data, while also ensuring personal data is not accessible by the enterprise. Questions covered include:

    Why is BYOD an identity problem?
    What BYOD factors must be balanced?
    What identity standards can help address BYOD?
  • Cloud Identity – Security and Convenience – You Can Have Your Cake and Eat it! Recorded: May 15 2013 44 mins
    Andrew Hindle, Director – WW Technical Marketing, Ping Identity
    Why identity and security is key to the Cloud and how we can make it work. In this session Andrew will explore how Cloud single sign-on, implemented the right way using well-established standards, is helping to solve both the security and the convenience problem; and will look at how these standards are evolving to include broader trends of mobile and API access.

    About the speaker:
    Andrew's expertise in digital business and identity is built on 6 years of worldwide experience at Ping Identity across a broad range of private and public sector identity projects. Before joining Ping, Andrew held a variety of technical architecture and product management positions with leading software companies including Allaire, Macromedia and Adobe. He is currently Director of World Wide Technical Marketing at Ping Identity.
Securing Identities in a Connected World
Explore Cloud Identity Security with Ping Identity.
Experience Single Sign-on for Cloud and Mobile
Find out how our identity and access management platform gives enterprise customers and employees one-click access to any application from any device.

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