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How to Become a Data-Driven Business Without Compromising Security

Companies of all sizes are challenged to keep up with emerging technologies that deliver a competitive advantage. Big data holds the key to a greater customer insight and stronger customer relationships. But risk of sensitive data exposure — and compliance violations— keep many organisations from pursuing big data initiatives and reaping the rewards of business-driven analytics. Join this webinar and find out:

· How can our technology help you pseudonymise sensitive data

· Share your data freely internally & externally without breaching compliance regulations

· Make an informed decision and leverage big data to gain competitive advantage
Recorded Sep 15 2016 31 mins
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Presented by
Olivier Renault, NEMEA SE Manager, Hortonworks & Ron Miles, VP International Sales, Dataguise
Presentation preview: How to Become a Data-Driven Business Without Compromising Security

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  • How to run HDP on Microsoft Azure, an Interactive Demo May 25 2017 9:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Dave Russell , Solutions Engineering, Hortonworks and Rafael Achaerandio, Open Source Sales & Marketing Director, Microsoft
    The emergence of Big Data has driven the need for a new data platform within the enterprise. Apache Hadoop has emerged as the core of that platform and is driving transformative outcomes across every industry. Join this webinar for an overview of the technology, how it fits within the enterprise, and gain insight into some of the key initial use cases that are driving these transformations.
  • The Age of the Digital Insurance Customer and Importance of the Analytical 360 May 4 2017 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Karen Pauli, Strategy Meets Action, Bill Whittemore - Kevin Claybon at Clarity Insights, Cindy Maike, Hortonworks
    Every insurance company regardless of line of business is focused on enabling the digital customer experience with the goal of enhanced profitability, lowering costs and creating stronger customer loyalty. However, many are struggling to achieve this goal challenged a history policy and/or product based business models. Additionally, many continue to use a traditional MDM based approach to solve the customer data. During this roundtable-based webinar we will discuss how to look at your customer operational data, big data and third-party customer data differently. The panel will discuss the differences between an analytical approach vs. an operational approach; how best to account for the differences in dynamic vs. static customer data; and what approaches have been most successful in the insurance industry.


    Karen Pauli, Principal at Strategy Meets Action
    Bill Whittemore, Associate Partner – Insurance and Financial Services at Clarity Insights
    Kevin Claybon Principal Consultant at Clarity Insights
    Cindy Maike, GM of Insurance Solutions at Hortonworks.
  • Accelerate Business Outcomes With A Connected Data Strategy May 3 2017 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Noel Yuhanna, Forrester, Piet Loubser and Wei Wang, Hortonworks
    Join experts from Forrester and Hortonworks to learn how a next-gen connected data architecture can help accelerate time to value for your big data initiatives.
  • Combating Phishing Attacks: How Big Data Helps Detect Impersonators Apr 27 2017 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    James Siorta, Apache Metron committer and Director of Security Solutions at Hortonworks and Simon Elliston Ball, Cybersecurit
    Join us to learn how big data and data science teams can help information security teams improve threat detection with machine learning and real-time streaming analytics.
  • How Customers are Optimizing their EDW for Fast, Secure, and Effective Insights Apr 26 2017 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Paige Roberts, Big Data Product Manager, Syncsort Wei Wang, Senior Director, Product Marketing, Hortonworks
    Hortonwork’s Hadoop Powered EDW (Enterprise Data Warehouse) Optimization Solution with Syncsort DMX-h enables organizations to liberate data from across the enterprise, quickly create and populate the data lake, and deliver actionable insights.

    Customer case studies across a variety of industries will bring to life how organizations are using this solution to gain bigger insights from their enterprise data – securely and cost-effectively – with faster time to time value.

    Join our webcast to learn how:

    - Lower cost storage for EDW Data
    - Lower cost processing of non-critical loads
    - Fast BI of full data set
  • Do Insurers Spend Too Much Time Understanding Data vs. Finding Value In It? Apr 25 2017 1:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Cindy Maike, Hortonworks, Monique Hesseling, SynerScope, Pieter Stolk, SynerScope
    During this webinar you will learn how to:

    *Spend little or no time on data hygiene and data transformation
    *Make data accessible across the enterprise through data usage and collaboration
    *Quickly identify what new open data or existing data is most valuable for your risk assessments
    *Leverage deep learning on the underwriting and claims processes for a positive impact to your combined ratio
  • Analytics Modernization: Configuring SAS® Grid Manager for Hadoop Recorded: Apr 21 2017 39 mins
    Mark Lochbihler, Channels Partner Engineering, Hortonworks
    Improve the efficiency and accelerate job execution by moving traditional SAS workloads into Hadoop to modernize and optimize SAS analytics. How can we run traditional SAS® jobs, including SAS® Workspace Servers, on Hadoop worker nodes? The answer is SAS® Grid Manager for Hadoop, which is integrated with the Hadoop ecosystem to provide resource management, high availability and enterprise scheduling for SAS customers. By moving SAS workloads inside the Hadoop cluster, efficiency is improved and job execution is accelerated. We will also cover the role of Hadoop YARN, Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) storage, and Hadoop client services. We review SAS metadata definitions for SAS Grid Manager, SAS® Object Spawner, and SAS® Workspace Servers. By attending this webinar, registrants will receive the accompanying whitepaper that covers this in more detail as presented at SAS Global Forum April 2017.
  • Enabling a Global Data Lake for International Banking Recorded: Apr 20 2017 57 mins
    Alex Pain-Andrejin, Scotiabank, Sanjay Vyas, Diyotta, Wei Wang, Hortonworks
    In this webinar, Scotiabank shares their challenges and journey to create the framework that spans international borders to achieve their strategic goals of a data-driven organization.
  • Democratizing Big Data with Microsoft Azure HDInsight Recorded: Apr 18 2017 62 mins
    Saptak Sen, Hortonworks and Nishant Thacker, Microsoft
    Learn how you can use Microsoft Azure HDInsight to discover insight from new data sources such as machine logs, sensors, social media, weather and geospatial data.
  • How to Optimize your Data Architecture with Hadoop on Azure Recorded: Apr 5 2017 50 mins
    Ned Shawa, Hortonworks & Ben Sadeghi, Microsoft
    : You may be up all night wondering how enterprise organizations deal with large data volumes and data varieties without significantly increasing costs. And perhaps your existing data architectures are not equipped to handle today’s data? Join this webinar to learn how to optimize your data architecture and gain significant insights into cost savings with Hadoop on Azure.

    We will cover:
    – Big data challenges and how cloud architecture can help you address them
    – Advantages of HDP on Azure (storage, ETL, refining of new data types)
  • Do You Have a Winning Cloud Strategy For Your Hadoop Environment? Recorded: Mar 29 2017 56 mins
    Ned Shawa, Hortonworks & Ben Sadeghi, Microsoft
    Microsoft HDInsight has been chosen by Forrester to be the leader in their Hadoop Cloud Wave report.

    Join Microsoft and Hortonworks on 29 of March, 2017 at 10:00 AM SGT to discuss how Hortonworks powers the Microsoft HDInsight platform and examples of how world leading corporations choose Microsoft HDInsight to run a variety of mission critical work loads.
  • Creating the Real-Time Analytical Enterprise Recorded: Mar 22 2017 46 mins
    Jordan Martz, Director of Technology Solutions, Attunity, Michael Ger, General Manager, Hortonworks
    Combining IOT, Customer Experience and Real-Time Enterprise Data within Hadoop. What if you could derive real-time insights using ALL of your data? Join us for this webinar and learn how companies are combining “new” real-time data sources (i.e. IOT, Social, Web Logs) with continuously updated enterprise data from SAP and other enterprise transactional systems, providing deep and up-to-the-second analytical insights. This presentation will include a demonstration of how this can be achieved quickly, easily and affordably by utilizing a joint solution from Attunity and Hortonworks.
  • Creating an Omnichannel Customer Journey in Retail Recorded: Mar 16 2017 62 mins
    Dan Mitchell, Director of Global Retail and CPG Practice at SAS, Eric Thorsen, VP Retail at Hortonworks
    Only 23% of businesses can integrate customer insights in real-time. Learn how to change that. Join us to hear from industry experts on how to transform your organization’s data into the best omnichannel customer experience. Through this webinar, participants will hear how one retailer, with over 5 million customers and 750 brands, developed precise customer lifetime models using trusted data and delivered personalized promotions at scale. Through a single customer view and customer analytics, the retailer was able to quickly learn what changes needed to be made to improve the customer buying journey, and make those changes rapidly and effectively.
  • Faster Time-to-Insights by 10 – 100x with Fuzzy Logix & Hortonworks Recorded: Mar 16 2017 59 mins
    Sean Roberts, Hortonworks; Munir Bondre and Aashu Virmani, Fuzzy Logix
    The all-time golden rule in business is “time is money". The results of the Annual Big Data Executive Survey conducted by NewVantage Partners confirmed that reducing the ‘time-to-insight’ is the most specific driver for the major companies to invest in Big Data projects.
    Traditional approaches to analytics forced you to move data from where it was stored to separate analytics servers. This resulted in huge penalties like: 
    High cost of expensive hardware
    Slow turnaround time as 80% of the time was spent on moving the data 
    Outdated and inaccurate analysis due to the memory constraint of the analytics servers as models could only be run on a sample of the data and not the entire data set
    During this webinar we will share with you how: 
    Fuzzy Logix’s flagship In-Hadoop analytics product can help you to eliminate the middle layer of the analytics servers and increase your time-to-insights by 10x to 100x
    A real-world use case based on the example of one of our customers who was able to decrease the time spent on analytics from 30 hours to 17 minutes by implementing our solution 
    Success stories across Finance, Retail, Healthcare, Insurance & IoT resulting in millions of dollars in savings due to faster time to insights
  • Why Cybersecurity Needs Big Data Recorded: Mar 14 2017 49 mins
    Michael Schiebel and James Sirota, Hortonworks
    Learn how big data and data science teams can help information security teams improve threat detection with machine learning and real-time streaming analytics
  • Using Hortonworks SmartSense to Double Your Hardware Performance Recorded: Mar 2 2017 48 mins
    Anna Yong, Paul Codding; Hortonworks
    Hortonworks SmartSense provides proactive recommendations that improve cluster performance, security and operations. And since 30% of issues are configuration related, Hortonworks SmartSense makes an immediate impact on Hadoop system performance and availability, in some cases boosting hardware performance by two times.

    There will be a SmartSense demo.
  • 3 Ways to Renovate your EDW with Hadoop Recorded: Mar 2 2017 45 mins
    Dave Russell, Solutions Engineer, Hortonworks
    Today's data-driven organizations are challenged by typical EDWs which include the added costs of proprietary technologies and the labor-intensive inflexibility of the EDW model. To summarize, EDW is expensive, rigid and inefficient. Smarter organizations are now turning to modern solutions to renovate their EDW.

    Join this webinar as we share the top 3 ways to optimize your EDW with Hadoop. We will cover, archiving, onboarding and the enrichment of data enabling you to kick start your journey to move data and processing to Hadoop.
  • Double Your Hadoop Hardware Performance - Learn How Recorded: Feb 28 2017 50 mins
    Paul Codding, Hortonworks
    Hortonworks SmartSense provides proactive recommendations that improve cluster performance, security and operations. And since 30% of issues are configuration related, Hortonworks SmartSense makes an immediate impact on Hadoop system performance and availability, in some cases boosting hardware performance by two times.

    There will be a SmartSense demo.
  • Dynamic Column Masking & Row-Level Filtering in Hortonworks Data Platform Recorded: Feb 23 2017 61 mins
    Srikanth Venkat and Syed Mahmood, Hortonworks
    As enterprises around the world bring more of their sensitive data into Hadoop data lakes, balancing the need for democratization of access to data without sacrificing strong security principles becomes paramount. In this webinar, Srikanth Venkat, director of product management for security & governance will demonstrate two new data protection capabilities in Apache Ranger – dynamic column masking and row level filtering of data stored in Apache Hive. These features have been introduced as part of HDP 2.5 platform release.
  • Bring your Enterprise Data including SAP to Hortonworks Connected Data Platform Recorded: Feb 23 2017 60 mins
    Ana Gillan, Hortonworks; Ted Orme, Attunity
    The world’s largest enterprises run their infrastructure on Oracle, DB2 and SQL and their critical business operations on SAP applications. Organizations need this data to be available in real-time to conduct the necessary analytics. However, delivering this heterogeneous data at the speed it’s required can be a huge challenge because of the complex underlying data models and structures and legacy manual processes which are prone to errors and delays.

    Unlock these silos of data and enable the new advanced analytics with Hortonworks Connected Data Platforms that allow you to capture perishable insights from data-in-motion while ensuring rich, historical insights from data-at-rest.

    Join our webinar with Ted Orme, Attunity and Ana Gillan, Hortonworks to find out how to overcome such challenges. You will learn:

    How to overcome common challenges faced by enterprises trying to access their SAP data
    How to integrate SAP data in real-time with change data capture (CDC) technology
    How organizations are using Attunity Replicate for SAP to stream SAP data in to Kafka
Powering the future of data
Founded in 2011 by 24 engineers from the original Yahoo! Hadoop team, Hortonworks has amassed more Hadoop experience under one roof than any other organization in the world. Our team works every day to enhance the Hadoop core, creating new code to improve the open product we have stewarded since its inception. Simply put, we are your best choice to support you in your Hadoop journey.

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  • Title: How to Become a Data-Driven Business Without Compromising Security
  • Live at: Sep 15 2016 9:00 am
  • Presented by: Olivier Renault, NEMEA SE Manager, Hortonworks & Ron Miles, VP International Sales, Dataguise
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