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Protecting Online Shopping & Payment with PCI DSS Best Practices

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are behind us, but if you are still working on your holiday shopping then you may be thinking about the risks associated with online payment options. Just in time for the 2016 shopping season, the PCI Security Standards Council recently announced changes to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

While usually associated with retail and financial services, PCI DSS compliance is in fact a challenge that crosses industries since online transactions are essential for any digital business. Join this webinar to learn how leaders from different industries are running network security policy orchestration to ensure continuous compliance with PCI DSS requirements.
Recorded Dec 13 2016 47 mins
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Presented by
Maya Malevich - Director, Product Marketing Tufin
Presentation preview: Protecting Online Shopping & Payment with PCI DSS Best Practices
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  • Webinar: Are you doing cloud security wrong? Apr 24 2019 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Colby Dyess, Director Cloud Marketing, Tufin, Ethan Smart, Sales Engineer & Dan Rheault, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Tufin
    Cloud security isn’t new, but some of the approaches are. Whether your approach is lift and shift or cloud-native security, we now know more about the strengths and deficiencies of each approach through publicly disclosed breaches.

    Join Tufin’s security experts Colby Dyess, Ethan Smart and Dan Rheault on April 24th for a deep dive into how organizations are approaching security, how security-mature organizations are applying improvements, and an overview of key lessons learned from the frontlines.

    Register for this webinar today.
  • The End of Server Clone Wars and Additional Enhancements in R19-1 GA Recorded: Apr 17 2019 47 mins
    Maya Malevich Director of Product Marketing, Tufin & Roi Alon, Product manager, Tufin
    Server policy cloning becomes a bottleneck when deploying or migrating applications.

    Join us on April 17th as we review how this and other important enhancements in Tufin Orchestration Suite R19-1 will benefit your organization by allowing you to:
    - Save time and eliminate errors with an automated process for cloning server policy
    - Tighten security and initiate segmentation with an automated zone mapping for your private network
    - Accelerate connectivity troubleshooting with saved topology path queries

    Register now for the Tufin Orchestration Suite R19-1 GA webinar.
  • Webinar: Un plan aplicable para segmentar su red Recorded: Mar 28 2019 21 mins
    Alberto Maestre, Pre-Sales Engineer SEEMEA
    Una red segmentada hace que las políticas de seguridad sean eficientes, permite un estado de cumplimiento continuo con el mínimo esfuerzo y ofrece opciones de mitigación para los ataques cibernéticos. ¡Pero la segmentación de la red no es una tarea fácil!

    Únase a los expertos de Tufin el 4.00pm, 28 de marzo mientras comparte consejos útiles para la segmentación de la red, que incluyen:

    - Los errores que deben evitarse al crear una estrategia de segmentación
    - Framework para la segmentación.
    - Directrices para la aplicación y mantenimiento de una red segmentada.
  • Webinar: Das Reifegradmodell für die Verwaltung von Sicherheitsrichtlinien Recorded: Mar 26 2019 38 mins
    Marco Miska, Technical Account Manager EMEA
    Ihre Teams haben Schwierigkeiten, mit der Häufigkeit von Netzwerksicherheitsanfragen Schritt zu halten, während sie gleichzeitig versuchen die Agilitätsinitiativen Ihres Unternehmens zu unterstützen und die Sicherheit zu wahren.

    Sie kennen die Vorteile der Automatisierung, fragen sich aber wahrscheinlich: "Wo fangen wir an?"

    Besuchen Sie die Experten von Tufin am 26. März um 10.00 Uhr, um nützliche Tipps für den Einstieg in die Zero-Touch-Automatisierung zu erhalten:

    • Warum aktuelle Ansätze nicht funktionieren
    • Wie können begrenzte Ressourcenherausforderungen überwunden werden?
    • Die Schritte, die Sie unternehmen müssen, um das ultimative Ziel zu erreichen: Zero-Touch-Automatisierung
  • Expert Q&A 5 Steps to Implementing Security Automation Recorded: Mar 20 2019 46 mins
    Joe Schreiber, Technical Director, Business Development, Tufin & Karen Crowley, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Tufin
    Join automation expert Joe Schreiber on March 20th as he shares his experiences automating himself out of a job (in a good way), and discusses where to start and how to avoid risk.

    Joe will present his five steps and answer questions from the audience on how to:

    Collaborate with the rest of your team on automation
    Organize your multi-vendor toolbox and use APIs to ensure success
    Empower your teams to write reusable, value-driven code
    Leverage modern applications in containers, microservices, and serverless environments
    Got questions? Send them to Joe ahead of time to be included in the discussion.
  • Webinar: Un Piano Applicabile Per Segmentare la Tua Rete Recorded: Mar 20 2019 28 mins
    Flavio Di Cosmo, Pre-Sales Engineer SEEMEA
    Una rete segmentata rende operativa le policy di sicurezza, consente uno stato di compliance continua con il minimo sforzo e offre opzioni di mitigazione per gli attacchi informatici. Ma la segmentazione della rete non è un compito facile!

    Unisciti agli esperti di Tufin il 20 Marzo 14:30 mentre condividono consigli utili per la segmentazione della rete, tra cui:

    •Insidie da evitare durante la creazione di una strategia di
    •Framework per la segmentazione
    •Linee guida per l'applicazione e il mantenimento di una rete
  • Séminaire en ligne: Plan d'action pour la segmentation de votre réseau Recorded: Mar 20 2019 49 mins
    Nicolas Liard, Pre Sales Engineer France, Benelux
    Un réseau segmenté opérationnalise votre politique de sécurité, permet un état de conformité continue avec un minimum d'effort et fournit des options d'atténuation des cyberattaques. Mais la segmentation du réseau n’est pas une tâche facile !

    Rejoignez les experts de Tufin pour partager des conseils pratiques sur la segmentation du réseau, notamment:

    • Les pièges à éviter lors de la création d’une stratégie de segmentation
    • Cadre de segmentation
    • Lignes directrices pour appliquer et maintenir un réseau segmenté
  • Are your DevOps and Security teams friends or foes? Recorded: Feb 27 2019 53 mins
    Reuven Harrison Co-founder and CTO, Tufin & Colby Dyess, Director Cloud Marketing, Tufin
    The growing adoption of DevOps practices and the speed of change that accompanies it leaves security teams in the dark. DevOps is, in fact, interested in security; however, they don’t want to slow down to meet the pace of traditional security practices.

    Are you struggling to gain visibility and ensure that all applications adhere to security policies?

    Join our webinar: DevOps and Security, Friends or Foes? on February 27th where we’ll discuss:

    Why traditional security practices need to change in native cloud environments
    How to develop collaboration among DevOps and security teams
    How to bake security practices into DevOps without slowing down the business

    We promise to deliver an eye-opening educational experience.
  • 5 Signs You Need to Automate Your Security Operations Recorded: Feb 27 2019 41 mins
    Karen Crowley, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Tufin
    Why automate? Why Now? Automation is critical to your digital transformation, essential for reducing your attack surface and mandatory to ensure you have continuous compliance.

    Join us for the “5 Clear Signs You Need Automation” Webinar to hear use-cases and learn:
    -How to securely speed up the network change process
    -Best practices to getting started with automation
    -Guidelines to meet the goal of zero touch automation
    This webinar will review how you can begin automating network security operations and explain why it’s mandatory to focus on policy-based change automation.

    Register Now!
  • CISO Expert Advice on How to Make Security an Enabler for Digital Transformation Recorded: Feb 6 2019 57 mins
    Ed Tucker, co-founder, Human Firewall and Dan Rheault Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Tufin
    Can security become an enabler for your business?

    As a security leader tasked with digital transformation, you face real challenges to increase operational efficiency while protecting yourself from cyber threats.

    Join our Webinar with Ed Tucker, Europe’s 2017 CISO and Security Leader of the Year, to hear him share his insights on:

    - How security can become an enabler of your organization’s future
    - Security and compliance in the age of digital transformation
    - Cloud adoption and data center migration for the large enterprise

    Register now for this expert session you won’t want to miss!
  • Réduire le temps d’implémentation de vos changements. Recorded: Feb 6 2019 48 mins
    Nicolas Liard, Pre Sales Engineer France, Benelux
    Avez-vous déjà eu l'impression que les changements à effectuer sur vos firewalls étaient trop longs ?

    Si vous gérez un réseau vaste et complexe, il est probable que vous passiez un temps précieux et des efforts considérables pour vous assurer que les modifications sur vos Firewalls sont bien mises en œuvre et en accord avec les bonnes pratiques sécurité de votre organisation.

    L’utilisation de processus manuel peut prendre plusieurs jours afin d’appliquer la globalité des changements attendus. Afin de répondre aux exigences de votre organisation (SLA) tout en restant agile, il est nécessaire d’automatiser ces processus dès les phases d’analyse, de conception et de mise en œuvre de vos modifications.

    Dans ce webinar, nous démontrerons comment vous pouvez réduire le temps nécessaire à la mise en œuvre des modifications de vos Firewalls tout en assurant un processus sécurisé, tracé et audité.
    Vous apprendrez comment l’automatisation basée sur des règles vous aide à :

    • Implémenter les modifications en quelques minutes au lieu de plusieurs jours
    • Réaliser des gains de temps et d’efforts consacrés aux tâches manuelles
    • Réduire les risques de sécurité et éliminer les erreurs de configuration manuelle
    • Assurer la conformité de façon unifiée et continue dans un processus complet et documenté

    Inscrivez-vous dès maintenant pour connaitre les bénéfices de l’automatisation au sein de votre environnement.
  • Reducir el tiempo de implementación de cambios Recorded: Feb 6 2019 32 mins
    Alberto Maestre, Pre-Sales Engineer SEEMEA
    ¿Has tenido alguna vez la sensación de que los cambios en los firewalls tardan demasiado?

    Si estás gestionando una red extensa y compleja, lo más probable es que gastes un tiempo y un esfuerzo valioso en garantizar que los cambios en los firewalls se aplican de forma segura y sin errores. Depender de procesos manuales puede hacer que los cambios lleven varios días. Para poder cumplir con los SLAs y los requerimientos de agilidad en el negocio, es necesario automatizar el análisis, el diseño y la implementación de los cambios.

    En este webinar demostraremos cómo se puede reducir el tiempo de implementación de cambios en los firewalls, manteniendo un procedimiento seguro y totalmente auditable. Aprenderás cómo la automatización basada en políticas te ayuda a:

    •Implementar cambios en minutos en lugar de días
    •Ahorrar valioso tiempo y esfuerzo en tareas manuales
    •Reducir riesgos de seguridad y eliminar fallos de configuración
    •Asegurar un cumplimiento continuo con un procedimiento
    documentado y auditable

    ¡Regístrate ahora para comenzar a automatizar cambios en los firewalls y adelantarte al negocio!
  • Die Change Zeit verkürzen! Recorded: Feb 6 2019 27 mins
    Christoph Graf, Presales Engineer DACH / SME Automation
    Wenn Sie ein grosses und komplexes Netzwerk unterhalten, sind die Chancen gross, dass Sie viel Zeit und Anstrengung aufbringen müssen, um sicherzustellen, dass Firewall Änderungen sicher und akkurat implementiert werden. Bei manuellen Prozessen kann eine Änderung Tage oder Wochen bedeuten.

    Um die SLA’s und die Anforderungen an die Agilität zu erfüllen, müssen sie die Änderungsanalysen, das Design und die Implementierung automatisieren.

    In diesem Webinar zeigen wir Ihnen, wie Sie die Zeitdauer für Firewall Änderungen reduzieren können. Unter Beibehaltung eines sicheren und nachvollziehbaren Prozesses.

    Sie werden sehen, wie Policy-Based Automation Sie bei folgenden Punkten unterstützt:

    Implementierung von Änderungen in Minuten statt in Tagen
    Einsparung von Zeit und Ressourcen, verursacht durch manuelle Tasks
    Reduktion von Sicherheitsrisiken und Minimierung von Fehlkonfiguration
    Sicherstellung von kontinuierlicher Compliance mit einem auditierbaren, dokumentieren Prozess

    Registrieren Sie sich jetzt für das Wbinar über Firewalländerungen!
  • Enhanced Enterprise Readiness for Automation and Reporting Recorded: Jan 16 2019 52 mins
    Roi Alon, Product Manager, Tufin & Dan Rheault Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Tufin
    Ready for full automation for next generation firewalls (NGFWs)? Eager to achieve a greater understanding of your risk?

    Join the Tufin product team on January 16 to learn how customers using Tufin Orchestration Suite R18-3 GA will master their Network Security Policy Management through increased automation and additional risk reporting.

    Tufin Orchestration Suite R18-3 GA delivers:

    - New workflow support for Cisco and Palo Alto Networks NGFWs
    - Policy-based routing automation for Cisco network devices
    - New reporting options
    - Methods to identify risk for non-zone included IPs for risk flows

    Register now to learn how automation increases your organization’s efficiency and improves risk management processes.
  • Top 2018 Cyberattacks and How to Avoid Them in 2019 Recorded: Dec 18 2018 49 mins
    Ethan Smart, Senior Solutions Engineer, Tufin
    Breached. Hacked. Cyberattack. These are all words that dominated headlines in 2018.

    While many of the attacks that prompted these headlines may have been avoided in hindsight, enforcing security policy across the legacy physical network is challenging. Furthermore, “cloud first” strategies and the increased adoption of containers introduce new risks to organizations and raise new security concerns that need to be anticipated.

    Join us on December 18 for a webinar with Ethan Smart, Senior Solutions Engineer, to learn from the mistakes of others in 2018 and how to avoid making them – and the headlines – in 2019.

    Key topics include how to:

    - Develop and deploy an enforceable security policy
    - Clear time for proactive security initiatives
    - Mitigate the inherent risk of DevOps’ CI/CD agility
    - Contain malware outbreaks
    - Anticipate security risks of containers
  • From DevOps to DevSecOps: Cloud and Security in 2019 and Beyond Recorded: Nov 28 2018 48 mins
    Tim Sandage (AWS), Reuven Harrison (Tufin) Brian Johnson (DivvyCloud) and Constancio Fernandes (Symantec)
    Join this live panel discussion with experts at AWS re:Invent 2018 for an in-depth look at the future of cloud, application security, and transitioning from DevOps to DevSecOps.

    Tune into this interactive Q&A session with world renowned Cloud, DevOps, and Security leaders while they discuss the following:

    - The challenges organizations are facing on how they can culturally come together
    - How security can be an integral part of the DevOps practice to solve these challenges
    - DevOps growth from mid-market to enterprise
    - Challenges with using traditional security tools/processes and collaboration through automation
    - Fostering shared responsibility among Security and DevOps

    This live panel will be streamed directly from AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas! Join us for live Q&A from the comfort of your desk.

    Tim Sandage, Sr. Security Partner Strategist, AWS
    Reuven Harrison, CTO & Co-Founder, Tufin
    Brian Johnson, CEO, DivvyCloud
    Constancio Fernandes, Senior Director Development, Symantec
  • Ask the Expert: How DevOps Improves Business Agility Recorded: Nov 28 2018 23 mins
    Lindi Horton, Director Cloud Security Products and Services, Secureworks and Reuven Harrison, CTO & Co-Founder, Tufin
    Join this one-on-one interview with Reuven Harrison, CTO and Co-Founder of Tufin, for an in-depth discussion on DevOps and DevSecOps in 2019.

    Reuven will be answering questions live and discussing the following:

    - What is your definition of DevOps and why is it different for different organizations?
    - What is the rate at which DevOps is being adopted?
    - Is DevSecOps just DevOps with Security sprinkled in, or is there more to it than that?
    - How can your organization respond to DevSecOps needs?
    - What are some of the most common issues when shifting to DevSecOps?

    This on-camera interview will be recorded directly from AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas! Tune in from the comfort of your desk and get all of your DevOps questions answered.
  • Webinar: Netzwerksegmentierung – Methoden und Vorteile Recorded: Nov 15 2018 33 mins
    Christian Giebner, Presales Engineer, Tufin & Christian Giebner, Presales Engineer, Tufin
    ist Ihre Netzwerktopologie flacher als die Schleswig-Holsteinische-Gebirgslandschaft?

    Wir können Sie dabei unterstützen Ihr Netzwerk in effektive Sicherheitszonen aufzuteilen und haben eine Lösung, welche die Einschränkungen der Kommunikation zwischen den Zonen, Hersteller- und Plattformunabhängig, sicherstellt.

    Besuchen Sie das Webinar am 15. November um 9:00 Uhr, vom Presales Engineer Christian Giebner, erfahren Sie die Methoden und Vorteile einer praktikablen Netzwerksegmentierung und lernen Sie:
    •Warum eine einheitliche Segmentierungsrichtlinie essentiell für die Sicherheitsrichtlinienverwaltung ist
    •Wie Sie Sicherheitszonen definieren und die Interzonenkommunikation gestalten
    •Wie Sie effektiv Ihre Segmentierungsrichtlinie pflegen und durchsetzen

    Registrieren Sie sich jetzt!
  • Webinar: From Risk to Action: Security Automation and Orchestration Recorded: Oct 24 2018 40 mins
    Idan Moyal, CTO and Co-Founder, Reposify, Jay Spann, SOAR Evangelist, Swimlane & Vikram Venkatasubramanian Director, BD
    How do you protect your network?

    It’s getting more and more difficult to identify, analyze, and mitigate vulnerabilities and threats.

    Join security experts from Tufin, Reposify and Swimlane on October 24 as we discuss ways to tighten your security posture by leveraging a policy-centric approach, including:

    Mitigating vulnerabilities from known and unknown assets at the network edge and beyond the firewall
    Automating incident response playbooks based on rich topology and policy data
    Updating the security policy baseline in response to specific threats
    Register today for a better understanding of how to enforce security policy throughout all your security operations.
  • Firewall Regelwerke ausmisten mit Tufin Recorded: Sep 27 2018 27 mins
    Joachim Nossek , Presales Engineer, Tufin & Thorsten Geissel Senior Systems Engineer DACH,Tufin
    Ist Ihr Firewall Regelwerk schwerer zu lesen als die Assembler Code?

    Tufin kann Ihnen helfen ein bestehendes Firewall Regelwerk aufzuräumen und von nicht mehr benötigten Regeln und Objekten zu befreien.

    Wir zeigen Ihnen exklusiv welche Werkzeuge Ihnen helfen Transparenz und Compliance sicherzustellen.

    Treffen Sie unseren Systems Engineer Thorsten Geissel in einer Online-Sitzung um mehr über die Best Practices bezüglich der Bereinigung von Firewall Regelwerken zu erfahren:

    •Automatische Entfernung von doppelten oder verdeckten Regeln
    •Effektives Entfernen von Servern, die nicht mehr im Einsatz sind

    Melden Sie sich heute noch an und tragen den Termin in Ihren Kalender ein!
Security Policy Orchestration Solutions
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