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Sustainability Quarterly

Sarah Bratton hosts the Sustainable Investment team as they kick off the New Year with several timely topics including the relevance of ESG factors in managing both trade wars risk and the proliferation of artificial intelligence (AI) in the global economy. They will also touch on divestment practices and trends among several ‘sin sectors’.
Recorded Jan 17 2019 38 mins
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Schroders' Sustainable Investment team
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  • LDI 2020: Iceberg risk or Iceberg lettuce? Recorded: Sep 17 2020 55 mins
    Seth Finkelstein, CFA, and Ed Studd, FIA, CERA
    Without being too dramatic, we believe LDI portfolios may be THE iceberg risk hiding in corporate pension plans and going forward their impact on plan success will rival that of plans’ growth portfolios. Ten years of a benign credit environment have masked underlying weaknesses and concentrated risks that make portfolios ill-suited to the challenges of managing to a liability in an uncertain credit and economic environment.

    In this webinar our Solutions team will share extensive research on issues in multi-manager LDI portfolios and introduce a proprietary framework we developed to help clients and consultants understand the true risks in a LDI portfolio and determine whether it's properly configured to deliver sufficient alpha and “true” diversification in the next 10 years.
  • UK Senior Housing: A multi-family segment poised for growth Recorded: Sep 15 2020 59 mins
    Patrick Bone, Mark Callender, Schroders Real Estate Team, and Kevin Beirne, Head of Retirement for Octopus Real Estate.
    Demographic shifts in the UK’s aging population means retirees are living healthier for longer and retirement communities are seeking to address these changing preferences. Our session will explore the drivers behind the growth of this burgeoning segment of the multi-family residential real estate market, why the senior housing opportunity in the UK may be an attractive option for US investors, and why we believe the COVID pandemic will likely be a catalyst for growth.

    Please join us for a discussion between Patrick Bone, Fund Manager, and Mark Callender, Head of Research for Schroders as well as Kevin Beirne, Head of Retirement for Octopus Real Estate. Moderated by David Sullivan and Lydia merry
  • Sustainability Quarterly: Stepping back and focusing on the long term Recorded: Aug 13 2020 54 mins
    Andrew Howard, Sarah Bratton, and Keith Wade
    Please join us as Andy Howard, Keith Wade and Sarah Bratton look at all things Climate and Covid: the status of the global economic re-opening, companies & sectors which may be facing a variety of long-term headwinds (and tailwinds), and we update our long-term capital market assumptions amid the relentless climate-change challenges we face.
  • Schroders' Emerging Market Equity quarterly review and outlook Recorded: Jul 22 2020 40 mins
    Tom Wilson, Head of Emerging Market Equities, Schroders
    A detailed look at the mid-year outlook for the GEMS universe after the peak impact of the pandemic, trade war rhetoric, global policy intervention, and the re-opening of the global economies.
  • Securitized Quarterly, with Michelle Russell-Dowe Recorded: Jul 15 2020 34 mins
    Michelle Russell-Dowe, Head of Securitized Credit, Schroders
    As we approach the 100-day anniversary of lockdown, inherent uncertainty around Covid-onomics and the trends that face all investors going forward remain exceptionally elevated. In this dynamic and uncertain market, navigating the opportunity set requires a number considerations and a broad toolkit. In this webinar, Head of Securitized Credit Michelle Russell-Dowe will discuss the Team’s latest research on the economic outlook, the market's recent reaction to TALF, as well as where we are seeing opportunities for the patient and opportunistic investor.
  • International Value – From playing defense to playing offense Recorded: May 28 2020 52 mins
    Michael O'Brien and Marina Severinovsky, Schroders QEP team
    Will the COVID-19 crisis prove to be the catalyst to a long-overdue inflection point in markets, in terms of reversion in geographic leadership and sector leadership between defensive growth and cyclicals? Join us as QEP Senior Analyst & Portfolio Manager Michael O’Brien and Marina Severinovsky, Investment Director, look back at the volatile first part of 2020 to isolate the themes that mattered most to performance, from focusing on business quality and financial strength to avoiding dividend cutters. They will also look ahead (with the aid of data going back as far as the Great Depression) to examine how historical patterns could be repeated, and where they believe extremes in valuations and market concentration are creating both vulnerabilities -- and opportunities.
  • Sustainability Quarterly: Life (and investing) after Covid-19 Recorded: May 14 2020 36 mins
    Katherine Davidson, Joanna Wald, and Sarah Bratton
    Schroders continues to extend our gratitude to all of the essential service providers out there. For all of you, clients and neighbors alike, managing through these difficult times, we stand with you as we navigate these uncertain times.

    In this edition of our latest ESG-based webinar series, we invite Katherine Davidson, Global Sustainable Growth Portfolio Manager, and Joanna Wald, Head of Research US Small and SMID Equities, to examine how the role of the stakeholder relations -- companies, consumers, supply chains, and communities -- have been, and will continue to be, transformed by the greatest global pandemic and acute market disruption witnessed in generations. Moderated by Sarah Bratton, Head of Sustainability, North America.
  • Schroders' Emerging Market Equity quarterly review and outlook Recorded: Apr 22 2020 50 mins
    Nicholas Field, Emerging Market Equities Strategist and Fund Manager
    As we all continue to manage through these challenging times, Schroders extends our heartfelt regards to everyone. We stand by you as global citizens, and as capital market partners.

    The global EME markets have been for the most part at the epicenter of the Covid-19 outbreak. In this webinar Schroders EME Portfolio Manager Nick Field examines the current state of the GEMS universe, the recent volatility and where the longer-term opportunities within the GEMS universe may present.
  • Securitized Quarterly, with Michelle Russell-Dowe Recorded: Apr 15 2020 58 mins
    Michelle Russell-Dowe, Head of Securitized Credit, Schroders
    As we all continue to manage through these challenging times, Schroders extends our heartfelt regards to everyone. We stand by you as global citizens, and as capital market partners.

    In this edition of our Quarterly series, Michelle examines the impact that recent Central Bank and government actions continue to have on the fixed income market, as well as where she and the team are seeing dislocations, as well as potential opportunities.
  • Inflections in volatility: Balancing opportunities and risks in Int'l Equities Recorded: Mar 31 2020 49 mins
    James Gautrey, Portfolio Manager, Global & International Equities, Schroders
    Please join us for a webinar with Schroders International Equities Portfolio Manager James Gautrey to discuss the current market landscape, managing the challenges businesses are facing and how investors can position themselves for an eventual recovery while managing downside risk.

    Moderated by John Chisholm, Investment Director, Global/International Equities.
  • Managing unprecedented volatility - Solutions insights ripped from the headlines Recorded: Mar 24 2020 52 mins
    Seth Finkelstein, CFA, Head of US Portfolio Solutions
    We invite you to a new webinar series -- Schroders Solutions Series -- in which you, our client base, inspire the variety of topics and research that the Portfolio Solutions team is working on. With growing concern about COVID-19, the re-emergence of volatility and equity drawdowns, evaporating yields in Treasuries and oil wars, we take a look at how investors can efficiently and reliably help to protect their portfolios using risk-managed investment techniques. Specifically, we will look to highlight equity options-based and Treasury-based techniques given the current environment.

    The previously scheduled session -- Autopilot is not the right LDI strategy for the 2020's – will be presented in the coming months. That webinar will showcase Liability-Driven strategies. Typically the ‘sleep at night’ part of any Corporate DB plan, our research shows that complacency at this late stage of the cycle will likely surprise the CIO of even the highest funded plans. We’ll look at ways that plans across the funding status range can better insulate their liabilities, as well as find growth from unexpected sources.
  • When China sneezes....Schroders global economic outlook Recorded: Mar 11 2020 28 mins
    Azad Zangana, Senior European Economist & Strategist
    With markets desperate for guidance, Schroders Economics team deciphers the current Covid-19 epidemic and other key questions investors have about the capital markets and future global economic growth. Recorded March 11, 2020.
  • Schroders Market Update Recorded: Mar 10 2020 14 mins
    Hosted by CNBC commentator Ron Insana, with Lisa Hornby, Bob Kaynor and Angus Sippe.
    With markets reacting exuberantly, we offer our latest audio flash report on the recent volatility. CNBC commentator and Senior Advisor to Schroders Ron Insana goes around the horn with Lisa Hornby on Fixed Income, Bob Kaynor on US Equities, and Angus Sippe from a Multi-Asset and holistic portfolio perspective.
  • ESG integration in action: more than just a press release Recorded: Mar 10 2020 39 mins
    Bob Kaynor, Head of US Small & Mid Cap Equities, & David Knutson, Head of Credit Research, Americas
    ESG in and of itself is no longer an investment differentiator. But how one conducts their ESG research, the proprietary tools they utilize, and how they express it through cutting-edge fundamental analysis, that’s groundbreaking! In this session we look at how fundamental research integrates with an ESG research framework within the credit markets, as well as in an area few think of when they think ESG – US Small Cap.

    Bob Kaynor, Head of US Small & Mid Cap Equities, and David Knutson, Head of Credit Research, Americas discuss their respective platform.
  • Sustainability Quarterly: Climate change – it’s getting hot in here… Recorded: Feb 11 2020 37 mins
    Jessica Ground, Global Head of Stewardship, Schroders
    Moderated by Global Head of Stewardship Jessica Ground, this quarter we discuss our current research on a variety of climate-related issues. Andy Howard will provide an update on our latest Climate Progress Dashboard, which pointed to a higher long run temperature than the quarter before. The results reinforce the need for more urgency from politicians, and corporate execs alike. Also, Isabella Hervey-Bathurst, a Global Sector Specialist on our International Equity team will examine several thematic trends and opportunities within our Climate Change strategy.
  • Securitized Quarterly, with Michelle Russell-Dowe Recorded: Jan 22 2020 32 mins
    Michelle Russell-Dowe, Head of Securitized Credit, Schroders
    Join us as Head of Securitized Credit Michelle Russell-Dowe presents on the research her team is doing on the credit markets by and large, and trends they’re seeing within CLOs, global ABS, and more.
  • Schroders' Emerging Market Equity quarterly review and outlook Recorded: Jan 16 2020 43 mins
    Tom Wilson, Head of Emerging Market Equities, Schroders
    Please join us for the first Schroders webinar of 2020 as we feature one of our flagship capabilities -- Emerging Market Equity -- and what investors can expect in the near term across the global EME universe.
  • US small caps: will the consumer reign supreme in 2020? Recorded: Dec 17 2019 17 mins
    Bob Kaynor, CFA, Head of US Small and Midcap Equities, Schroders
    US equities in general were stand-outs in 2019, driven by a number of factors including strong consumer-led growth. Will this and other trends continue into 2020? Join us as Bob Kaynor looks at the state of the US consumer, and where investors may want to focus their US equity exposure as we enter the later stages of a 11+ year bull market market environment.
  • The Canadian economy: navigating the global slowdown Recorded: Dec 11 2019 25 mins
    Irene Lauro, Economist, Canada and Australia, Schroders
    Join Schroders' Economist Irene Lauro as she presents on the state of the Canadian economy as global trade, Canadian rates, US earnings and other factors continue to impact the local economy. Moderated by Michelle Skelly, Head of Canada, Distribution
  • You call that a knife? What Crocodile Dundee can tell us about today’s markets Recorded: Dec 5 2019 23 mins
    Angus Sippe, Portfolio Manager, Schroders Multi-Asset team, & Adam Farstrup, Head of Multi-Asset Product, Americas, Schroders
    Please join us as Angus Sippe, Portfolio Manager on Schroders’ Multi-Asset team (and a Sydney expat) looks at ways asset allocators can wrestle today’s crocodiles of distorted markets, geopolitics and other forces impacting the global capital markets. However, unlike the main character, our view is a ‘bigger’ knife may not always be a better thing – although, staying focused and being nimble will be the key to global asset allocation in 2020.
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