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What Is The Mocana Atlas User Experience?

Imagine if users could work the way they live. Effortlessly moving from app to app, task to task. Always with fresh data. Always secure. Always connected.
Recorded Jun 25 2014 34 mins
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Presented by
Alan Panezic, VP of Products, Mocana
Presentation preview: What Is The Mocana Atlas User Experience?

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  • Using Mocana Atlas To Improve Security Intelligence Recorded: Jul 23 2014 31 mins
    Ranjeet Vidwans, VP of Marketing, and Ken Wante, Atlas Development
    The Mocana Atlas gives enterprises greater insight into their extended enterprise mobile ecosystem.
  • What Is The Mocana Atlas User Experience? Recorded: Jun 25 2014 34 mins
    Alan Panezic, VP of Products, Mocana
    Imagine if users could work the way they live. Effortlessly moving from app to app, task to task. Always with fresh data. Always secure. Always connected.
  • Mocana Atlas: The IT Practitioner's Perspective Recorded: Jun 11 2014 44 mins
    Adam Jacobs, Sr. Director of IT, Mocana Corporation
    Mocana Atlas provides always-on VPN connections to hundreds of thousands of simultaneous per app VPN connections per single appliance. It is a purpose-built mobile security appliance that is easy to deploy. How easy? Our Senior Director of IT, Adam Jacobs, a practioner's view of what it is like to install Mocana Atlas in your IT environment.
  • Mocana Atlas Certificate Enrollment Recorded: Apr 23 2014 24 mins
    Rob Singh
    Join us to hear from product expert Rob Singh to learn more about Mocana Atlas Certificate Enrollment
  • Introducing Mocana Atlas - Your Extended Enterprise Engine Recorded: Apr 2 2014 50 mins
    Alan Panezic, VP of Products, Mocana
    Mocana Atlas is a single, unified platform that empowers organizations to establish secure authentication, identity and trust relationships with applications on virtually any mobile device—a platform that makes these connections much simpler to provision and much less expensive to maintain.
  • Mobilize Your Enterprise -- In Minutes! Recorded: Nov 6 2013 50 mins
    Tushar M. Patel, Sr. Director, Product Management
    Isn't it time you said "yes" to your users? Mobilizing your enterprise means you provide access to your corporate resources, but that does not mean you have to compromise your IP. In this webinar, attendees will learn how to mobilize their existing corporate data within minutes, while still protecting it from data loss and leakage -- even for devices that are not in their control or management. Freely enabling your users to have access to the data they need to be productive does not result in compromising your security standards or their user experience. Learn how Mocana can help you meet your enterprise mobility needs.
  • BYOD: It's All About Protecting The Data, not the Device! Recorded: Jul 17 2013 40 mins
    Tushar Patel, Director of Product Marketing, Mocana Corp.
    BYOD has several implications on protecting your corporate data, whether the device is managed, unmanaged, owned, controlled, or trusted. Many have been conditioned to believe that you cannot protect data on devices that you do not control, manage or own. Learn about the common misconceptions about BYOD security and what you can do to regain control over your corporate data on ANY mobile device, even without managing it.
  • Mobile Risk Management: Threat Mitigation for Enterprise Apps Recorded: Jul 11 2013 34 mins
    Robert Vamosi, Senior Analyst, Mocana Corporation
    While information security risk management is a relatively mature discipline; its tenets are almost never applied to the deployment of devices or apps in the enterprise.The technology is simply moving too fast for a formally considered “identification, assessment, and prioritization of risks, followed by a coordinated and economical application of resources.”

    Even in the absence of a formal ISO 31000 risk management program,however, there’s a lot we can do to minimize app security problems and mobile risk to the enterprise. In this webinar we’ll discuss technologies that can eliminate the need to penetration test, audit, and certify individual apps for security and safety. Instead we propose a method by which enterprises can certify a single app security approach—expediting industry compliance and audit requirements, such as HIPAA and PCI.
  • Vulnerable Where You Least Expect It: How Hackers Target Devices Recorded: Jun 12 2013 41 mins
    Robert Vamosi, Senior Analyst, Mocana Corporation
    The IT community is used to network-based attacks from PCs, but how prepared are you against attacks from mobile devices brought in by our employees and networked equipment out in the field? This talk will present some recent examples of such threats and offer some possible solutions.
  • Enabling Enterprise Apps for Mobility: From Zero to Secure in Seconds Recorded: Mar 21 2013 40 mins
    Tushar Patel, Director of Product Marketing, Mocana
    We have all heard the hype about Enterprise Mobility, but how do you actually enable the deployment of Enterprise Apps? In this webinar, attendees will learn about: Mocana's Mobile App Protection (MAP); The challenges of Enterprise App deployments; How Enterprises, ISVs, LoB, and App Developers can add security to individual apps – without any coding or development.
  • Why BYOD is Driving the Next Wave of Mobile Security Recorded: Feb 20 2013 58 mins
    Robert Vamosi, Senior Analyst, Mocana Corporation
    Concerned about BYOD in your enterprise? Of course, you are. The real question is what will your enterprise do about it?

    Join a conversation between Chris Hazelton, Research Director, Mobile & Wireless, for the 451 Group, and Horacio Zambrano, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Mocana, as they explore the various options available to enterprises today. They will discuss how BYOD is truly driving the next wave of mobile security.

    In this webinar you will learn about: Containerization of mobile data vs apps; Securing mobile data at rest as well as mobile data in motion; How securing the app as the new endpoint is a win/win for employees and employers in terms of policy enforcement on personal devices.
  • Securing Industrial and Smart Grid Devices in a Connected World Recorded: Oct 30 2012 47 mins
    Tushar Patel, Director of Product Marketing, Mocana
    Smart Grid and Industrial OEMs have several challenges when it comes to securing devices.

    Learn about the latest compliance standards, security trends, best practices, and key challenges in these vertical segments.

    This short presentation will also cover common use cases, security applications, and potential solutions that can help streamline your security requirements.
  • Securing uC/TCP-IP with Mocana's NanoSSL Recorded: Oct 12 2012 40 mins
    Tushar Patel, Director of Product Marketing, Mocana
    This Webinar will offer an introduction to a technology that is rapidly becoming a necessity in a wide array of embedded systems designs: Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

    In addition to covering fundamental SSL concepts, the Webinar will explain the relevance of these concepts to embedded designs. It will present a recently released SSL-based security solution from Micrium and Mocana as an easy means by which developers can fortify their own designs against security threats.
  • Adding Value Through Security Recorded: Oct 4 2012 43 mins
    Tushar Patel, Director of Product Marketing, Mocana
    In our experience, executives like you are looking for three main things when it comes to securing their connected devices:

    *A security partner who provides access to security technology and expertise that you need—software, training, support, & on-site development support

    *Standardization across multiple products, operating systems and processer environments to reduce your time-to-market

    *Efficiency, affordability and value—all for less than the cost of one fully-burdened engineer

    Find out why 200+ customers trust Mocana as their security partner and why Trident Capital, Intel / McAfee, and Symantec have invested over $25M into Mocana.
  • Top Tips for Securing Smart Devices Webinar Recorded: Apr 6 2012 51 mins
    Mike Siegel, VP of Products, Mocana
    We are starting to see that non-PC networked devices, like cells phones, routers, printers, and even automobiles or energy meters represent a rich opportunity for hackers to apply their collected learnings toward launching attacks on these comparatively wide-open platforms. So, what can be done about it? Mocana’s Device Security Framework is an extensible software framework that secures all aspects of device integrity, for any connected device, in order to get ahead of security issues.

    This on-demand webinar will discuss:

    *Maximizing design for easy integration, platform independence and portability.

    *Advantages of asynchronous architecture.

    *Cryptographic enhancements for government regulations.
  • Security for the Internet of Things Recorded: Jul 27 2011 14 mins
    Robert Vamosi, Senior Analyst, Mocana Corporation
    Security for the Internet of Things
  • Securing Android, iPhone and the "Internet of Things": New Technologies for Viru Recorded: Nov 20 2008 21 mins
    James Blaisdell, Chief Technology Officer, Mocana; Kurt Stammberger, CISSP, VP Marketing, Mocana
    In just 30 minutes, this free webinar will:

    bring you up-to-speed on the newest Internet hazards to devices,
    help you identify the soft device endpoints that threaten your network, and
    describe easy, inexpensive new solutions you can deploy to address the problem.

    James Blaisdell, Chief Technology Officer, Mocana
    Kurt Stammberger, CISSP, VP Marketing, Mocana
Unlock Your Mobile Enterprise - Simply, Securely
Mocana unlocks the extended mobile enterprise and simplifies wide-scale deployments by securing apps automatically, in seconds. The company's Mobile Application Protection (MAP™) app-shielding solution - distributed globally by SAP - mitigates the complexities of mobile management, while freeing developers from tedious and expensive security coding projects. Launched in 2004 and recognized by the World Economic Forum as a 2012 Technology Pioneer, Mocana is the app security expert, with deep expertise born from a decade of experience securing mission- and life-critical embedded devices across the Internet of Things; from mobile handsets to medical devices to aerospace and defense, from datacom to retail POS to smart grid and industrial automation.

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  • Title: What Is The Mocana Atlas User Experience?
  • Live at: Jun 25 2014 5:00 pm
  • Presented by: Alan Panezic, VP of Products, Mocana
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