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StoppOx, a novel and natural antioxidant blend for product protection

Existing natural antioxidants do not perform similar to synthetic alternatives like BHT. This novel natural blend StoppOx provides even better performance in product protection than BHT. Especially the prevention of formation of possible fragrance allergens by oxidation and obstruction of irritants from lipid and fragrance.
Recorded Apr 26 2017 34 mins
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Presented by
Dr. David Hauck - All Organic Treasures
Presentation preview: StoppOx, a novel and natural antioxidant blend for product protection
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  • Diving into your skin's microbiome to unlock anti-ageing properties Apr 23 2020 8:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Dr. Elaine Ferreira, R&D Project Manager, LipoTrue
    An underwater cave was discovered with the particularity that it had been sealed for more than 3M years. From this expedition a unique active has surfaced revealing a new approach to skin's microbiome to unlock anti-aging properties.
    •New approach to skin's microbiome to unlock anti-aging properties
    •Bacillus ferment extract from a microorganism with a unique origin
    •Underwater cave which had been preserved and protected from the outside world for more than 3 million years
  • A plant-based retinol and retinoic acid alternative for day and night treatments Mar 3 2020 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Dr. Elaine Ferreira, R&D Project Manager, LipoTrue
    Reneseed™(Plant-TGFB2) is a retinol and retinoic acid alternative for day and night treatments as it activates the SMAD pathway to stimulate the synthesis of collagen I. Reneseed™ helps skin to recover its youthful appearance thanks to its broad-spectrum anti-ageing properties and pore minimizing efficacy.
    •Retinol & retinoic acid plant-based alternative for day and night treatments as it has no phototoxicity
    •Broad spectrum antiaging properties
    •Epidermal lipid filler and pore size minimizer efficacy
  • A new dimension in natural mild cleansing Recorded: May 7 2019 46 mins
    Fabio Caravieri, Head of Marketing Personal Care, Clariant
    Discover how our innovative Glucotain range helps you develop cleansing and shampoo formulations while minimizing cost-performance drawbacks and improving the naturality of your formulations.

    •Capture insights from the latest trends in the personal care industry: Natural, Customization, Aging population, Urbanization
    •Envision how some of these trends are driving new expectations in mildness cleansing, sustainable bio-surfactants and cost performance
    •Glucotain range: a new dimension in natural high performing cleansers designed
  • Meiview™ a window to eye beauty™ Recorded: Apr 25 2019 42 mins
    Dr. Elaine Ferreira, R&D Project Manager, LipoTrue
    Meiview™ is the first active ingredient in the market with a 360º activity covering dark circles, eye-bags, wrinkles, and also provides an eyelid lifting effect. The efficacy has been proved in both men & women, following the non-gender disruptive trend.
    •Bacillus ferment extract obtained from an extremophile microorganism that prettifies the eye contour area.
    •Meiview™ decreases wrinkles, eye bags, dark circles & it has a tensor effect on eyelid-sagging.
    •Its 360º activity covers the men and women needs and their skin eye concerns.
  • #chooseyourexpression, beyond traditional anti-expression wrinkle ingredients Recorded: Mar 12 2019 41 mins
    Dr. Patricia Carulla, R&D Laboratory Manager, LipoTrue
    Munapsys™ is a botulinum toxin-like peptide that acts both in the pre- and post-synaptic pathways modulating muscle contraction and thus reducing expression lines and lifting sad smiles. Munapsys™ has been awarded with the Bronze Best Ingredient at in cosmetics North America.

    •First ingredient to act both in the pre- and post-synaptic pathways and in a new protein (munc-18)

    •In vivo, 3% Munapsys™ was tested against a placebo and 5% combination of benchmarks showing better results at all times

    •Munapsys™ showed an up to 16.7% lifting of lips’ commissures for a happier smile
  • “Lights Out” Formulation is Possible! Recorded: Nov 8 2018 33 mins
    Peter Huefner, General Manager, Midwest US, Chemspeed Technologies Inc.
    Automation Solutions for Formulation Development with Chemspeed Technologies

    Formulation labs face an increasing demand for high throughput experimentation due to a number of challenges such as: a lack of reproducibility and traceability in manual procedures, the need to bring products to market faster and regulatory bans on raw materials and additives.

    Join this webinar to learn how you can increase your lab’s capacity and extend your workday! You will hear about:

    •Automated solutions for unattended, parallel formulation, characterization of personal care and home care products and investigation of raw materials

    •Overhead gravimetric solid dispensing of virtually any solid directly into formulation vessels WHILE processing

    •Increasing productivity, reproducibility, traceability and process safety without increasing staff

    Highlighting Chemspeed’s FLEX FORMAX workstation, the latest technology in automated formulation developed in collaboration with L’Oréal!
  • B-Circadin™: The circadian rhythm resynchronizer inspired by Nobel Prize Recorded: Jun 12 2018 25 mins
    Julie Droux, Senior Technical Marketing Specialist, Clariant Active Ingredients
    Stress and exposure to blue light can disrupt the skin’s 24-hour clock – or “circadian rhythm”, leading skin to be more prone to aggressions. Inspired by Nobel Prize, B-Circadin™ resynchronizes the skin’s well-being clock altered by stressful lifestyles.
    •After only 4 days, fatigue signs of people looking at electronic screens are reduced
    •After one and four weeks, skin radiance of volunteers having deregulated lifestyle is improved
    •Lespedeza capitata extract from South Korea, traditionally used for medicinal properties, targeting cell’s circadian rhythm
  • Latest developments in cosmetic preservation Recorded: Jun 6 2018 52 mins
    Dr. Matthias Kunze, Technical Marketing Personal Care, LANXESS Distribution GmbH
    This presentation will show the latest solutions in the field of protection of cosmetic formulations against fungi and bacteria. A specific focus is put on preservative free protection and on preservation at high pH values.
    • Overview of current challenges regarding cosmetic preservation
    • Demonstration of combination of synergistic solvents with preservatives including problem solvers for hard to preserve formulations
    • Efficacy of renewable and certified natural blends
  • Genadvance™ - Advanced Hair Care Recorded: May 29 2018 49 mins
    Dr. Katarzyna Kita-Tokarczyk, Application Development Manager, Clariant
    Because not all dry and damaged hair is the same – Clariant presents the Genadvance™ range of 3 innovative ingredients that beat conventional quats in conditioning performance and target individual needs. Additionally, experience novel formulation formats.
    •New Genadvance™ conditioners respond to dull, extremely damaged and naturally dry hair
    •For each type, specialized solutions to inspire formulators to create new hair conditioning products
    •Benefiting of new technologies, mode of action and proof of performance related to hair revitalizing, repair and moisturization
  • Reposition your skin scalpel-free Recorded: Apr 10 2018 36 mins
    Silvia Pastor, PhD
    LipoTrue presents one of its 2018 launches, a biomimetic peptide of Versican.

    Versillin™ anchors and fastens skin ligaments, repositioning these beauty columns to enhance skin firmness, reinforce skin viscoelasticity and ultimately to reposition your skin.

    • Skin ligaments anchoring and repositioning
    • Firming effect and viscoelasticity enhancement
    • Secret retouch scalpel-free
  • Synthentic isoparaffins as silicone replacements Recorded: May 17 2017 44 mins
    Dr. Matthias Kunze - Lanxess
    More and more developers are trying to formulate silicone-free. Synthetic isoparaffins are an ideal replacement. In contrast to standard paraffins, they are highly branched, which results in a very benefitial skin like feel.
  • Understanding the Impacts of Data Deficiencies During New Product Introductions Recorded: May 11 2017 56 mins
    Ken Bubeck - Ithos Global
    This webinar addresses the causes for information deficiencies that create product launch delays, reformulations, unexpected expenses and business risks from launching a product that is not 100% compliant, why the deficiencies exist, and how to solve them.
  • Eosidin™: an exclusive natural active as the answer to indoor pollution damage Recorded: May 9 2017 26 mins
    Julie Droux - Clariant
    Your home is surrounded by indoor pollution which triggers irritation process and leads to atopic-prone skin conditions. Eosidin™ - an extract of citrus unshiu, is able to highly decrease skin effects such as skin barrier disruption and visible reactivity.
  • StoppOx, a novel and natural antioxidant blend for product protection Recorded: Apr 26 2017 34 mins
    Dr. David Hauck - All Organic Treasures
    Existing natural antioxidants do not perform similar to synthetic alternatives like BHT. This novel natural blend StoppOx provides even better performance in product protection than BHT. Especially the prevention of formation of possible fragrance allergens by oxidation and obstruction of irritants from lipid and fragrance.
  • Sustainable innovation in 2017 in skin and hair care with Solvay Recorded: Mar 13 2017 38 mins
    Stéphanie Neplaz, Jonathan Sy, Denis Bendejacq
    After deep diving into the Personal Care Market trends, Solvay is releasing eco-conscious formulated solutions and innovation designed to meet consumer needs, and accelerate formulators’ time-to-market:

    - New formulation concepts: tear-free, sulfate- & PEG-free, silicone alternatives, cleansing conditioners, emulsifier-free creams

    - Innovative natural-based hair active for durable sealing of split ends from shampoos and treatments: up to 80% repair at first use!

    - Innovative rheology polymer for clear low pH formulations
  • Online Conference: Spotlight on Suncare Recorded: Jun 16 2016 47 mins
    Jamie Mills and Maria Fernandez from Canadean
    Attend this Online Conference, sponsored by AMA Laboratories, to discover the latest trends and opportunities in the global Suncare industry directly from the experts.


    14:00 – 14:05 Welcome & Introduction

    14:05 – 14:35 Consumer trends, key innovations and packaging in Suncare
    The global suncare category continues to evolve in line with consumer concerns over health and appearance. This presentation will explore the global consumer attitudes shaping the suncare category and highlight key trends and opportunities for future innovation.

    14:35 – 14:50 Innovation Case Study
    This section will focus on case studies of some of the most innovative products we’ve seen within the suncare space, providing insights and analysis into how they have effectively met consumer needs such as through marketing and product formulation.

    14:50 – 15:00 Q&A Session
    Don't miss out on the unique opportunity to ask any questions you may have directly to Canadean in a live Q&A session after the presentation.

    Followed by wrap up and close of conference
  • Plantasens Olive Active HP, an all-natural AGE-fighter by Clariant Recorded: May 19 2016 37 mins
    Christelle Graizeau, Technical Marketing Manager, Clariant; Josue C. Silen, Global Marketing Manager, Clariant & Isabelle Mi
    Plantasens® Olive Active HP offers a powerful and 100% natural response to our ever-increasing desire to preserve the skin’s natural beauty for longer. The olive-derived active ingredient helps to counteract two important physiological processes, glycation and lipid peroxidation. These contribute to many of the signs associated with skin aging, such as wrinkle formation, skin thinning, and loss of suppleness and hydration. Let’s discover how Plantasens® Olive Active HP can protect skin from the age-induced damages.

    This Webinar is presented by:

    Christelle Graizeau, Technical Marketing Manager, Clariant

    Josue C. Silen, Global Marketing Manager, Clariant

    Isabelle Minoggio, Global R&D and Regulatory Affairs Manager, CRM International
  • The Unique Benefits of 10 Multi-Functional Chinese Herbs: Spec-Chem Recorded: Mar 24 2016 62 mins
    Prof. Hua-Jie Zhu, R&D Director, Spec-Chem Industry Incorporated
    Spec-Chem Industry Incorporated are hosting an exclusive Online Innovation Seminar. Learn about the unique benefits of 10 multi-functional Chinese herbs.

    These ingredients help to smooth skin lines and wrinkles, boosting collagen levels to improve skin elasticity and firmness, resulting in bright, smooth skin. Each ingredient has around six functions, creating an intensely powerful cosmetic formula. Find out more by tuning in.
  • Online Conference: Spotlight on Skincare Recorded: Mar 17 2016 89 mins
    AMA Laboratories; Mibelle Biochemistry, Information & Inspiration
    The Spotlight on Skincare Online Conference brings together renowned research organisations, personal care ingredient manufacturers, testing companies, regulatory experts and finished product manufacturers & brands to discuss topics crucial to their businesses.

    15:00 – 15:05 Welcome & Introduction

    15:05 – 15:35 Keynote presentation and Q&A from Florence Bernardin, Managing Director, Information & Inspiration

    What’s hot from Asian cosmetics:
    An overview of the latest product launching versus the main consumer’s mega trends. New format, new usages, new textures … what’s hot in Asia and might influence international markets
    Some of the most interesting products spotted in Japan, Korean and China
    Anti-aging, anti-pollution, masks, cleansers, natural ingredients… what are the market answers to new consumer’s needs

    15:35 – 16:05 AMA Laboratories presentation and Q&A from
    Speaker: Brian Ecclefield, International Sales Manager, AMA Laboratories, Inc.

    An overview of some of the current methods for substantiating cosmetic and skincare related claims and a comparison of some of the market nuances around the globe.

    16:05 – 16:35 Mibelle Biochemistry Presentation and Q&A
    Speakers: Dr. Daniel Schmid and Dr. Franziska, Mibelle Biochemistry

    Allergic reactions are on the rise in the developed, clean world. The reason is an unbalanced immune system with a prevalence for the IgE-mediated reaction, also called the Th2 arm. Typical signs on the skin are eczema which is very dry, irritated and inflamed skin. Magnesium Carboxymethyl Beta-Glucan, a derivative of a baker’s yeast polysaccharide, was found to correct the inbalanced immune reaction. This kind of archaic molecule helps us to react to allergens with an adequate, harmless Th1 response. Different reconstructed skin models were used to demonstrate the mechanism of action of the Magnesium Carboxymethyl Beta-Glucan.
  • Online Conference: Spotlight on Haircare Recorded: Feb 11 2016 58 mins
    Euromonitor International, Mibelle Biochemistry
    This Online Conference focuses on current issues within the Haircare industry. Keynote presenter Oru Mohiuddin (Senior Analyst, Beauty and Personal Care) from Euromonitor International will begin the conference with a discussion of the global outlook of the haircare market, trends in haircare and regional differences, and consumer behaviour in terms of product preferences.

    This session will be followed by presentations on hair loss solutions by Dr. Fred Zülli (Managing Director) and Dr. Daniel Schmid (Head of Research) from Mibelle Biochemistry. As Mibelle Biochemistry have identified, hair loss problems affect both women and men and is based on different causes. One important factor is an increased sensitivity of hair follicles to the androgenic hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT). The enzyme 5-alpha reductase promotes the conversation of testosterone to DHT. Therefore inhibitors of 5-alpha reductase have a long history in anti-hair loss products. Hair loss, however, can also be the effect of an imbalance of the hair growth cycle leading to an extended telogen (resting) phase and a shortened growing phase (anagen). Stimulating Noggin expression is a new target to initiate a new hair growth cycle. In our studies we could show that natural extracts can influence all these mechanisms and decrease hair loss in volunteers.
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