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Diving into your skin's microbiome to unlock anti-aging properties

Æonome™ is a bacterial ferment obtained from an ancient underwater cave located in Mallorca’s Island. A unique microbial community has remained preserved & protected in this cave, unveiling Æonome™ as an agebiotic, a new approach to skin’s microbiome. Æonome™, a prebiotic metabolized by the commensal cutaneous microbiota enhancing the production and release of antioxidant metabolites and protecting the skin cells from oxidative stress and signs of aging. Æonome™ increases the ability of keratinocytes to produce ageless proteins involved in skin integrity. Æonome™ efficacy reinforces the antioxidant protection of the microbiota of the skin cells’ ageless force, improving rugosity, wrinkles and hydration.
Recorded Apr 2 2020 16 mins
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Presented by
Dr. Silvia Pastor, Head of Scientific Research & Business Development, LipoTrue S.L.
Presentation preview: Diving into your skin's microbiome to unlock anti-aging properties
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  • Enhance your differentiation with PURESIL elastomer gels Aug 19 2020 6:30 am UTC 60 mins
    Edwin Koh Business Development Mgr, HPC, APAC & Cassie Zhou Technical Service Mgr, HPC, APAC region
    PURESIL™, a new brand created following the acquisition of South Korean Basel Chemie, demonstrates Elkem Silicones’s commitment to strengthening its position as a specialty silicone supplier to the personal care market.
    PURESIL™ Elastomer Gels Series offers a wide range of sensory and performance-enhancing ingredients designed for skin, hair, sun care and color cosmetics applications.
    Our team of experts is pleased to invite you to our upcoming webinar. The topic will be “Enhance Your Differentiation With Puresil™ Elastomer Gel Series”, to be held on August 19th at 1:30pm (UTC+7).
  • PURESIL™ Elastomer Gel 시리즈 Aug 18 2020 6:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Clara Kim, R&D Manager & Ryan Lee, Sales Manager, Elkem Silicones Korea
    PURESIL™ Elastomer Gels 시리즈는 피부, 헤어, 선 케어 및 색조화장품에 맞게 설계된 다양한 Sensory 및 기능성 원료들을 제공합니다.
    8월 18일 3시에 열리는 본 웨비나에서는 고객님께서 궁금해 하시는 다음의 포인트를 다룰 예정입니다:
    • Personal Care에서 엘켐 실리콘즈의 기능 알아보기
    • PURESIL™ Elastomer Gels 제품들의 장점
    • 기능성 및 환경 친화적 제품과 같은 흥미로운 제품
    • PURESIL™ Elastomer Gels가 고객에게 혜택을 제공하는 방법
    한국의 바젤 케미 인수에 이어 새롭게 탄생한 브랜드 PURESIL™은 Personal Care 시장에서Specialty Silicone 공급 업체로서 입지를 강화 하겠다는 의지를 보여주며 저희 팀은 이번 Webinar에 여러분들을 초대하게 영광으로 생각합니다.
  • Post-Pandemic Era: A glimpse into Color Cosmetics trends & insights Recorded: Aug 6 2020 31 mins
    Rishabh Desai, Global Sales & Marketing Director; Jay Mehta & Harshil Desai, Sales & Marketing Manager (Int. Business)
    Pandemics, recessions & emergencies have historically always exemplified us with tough lessons & provided a perspective to hustle solutions when challenges cast their shadows. Covid-19 has struck the world hard & has made the colour cosmetics industry run into frenzy, with some hot selling products like lipsticks going down & newer trends coming into limelight.
    Koel Innovation Center, an initiative by Koel Colours India, via its extensive research, brings into perspectives emerging trends in colour cosmetics & unique formulation ideas stemming out from these trends.
    This webinar aims at the formulators to get them a snapshot of what will be the upcoming colour cosmetics trends & provide a fresh perspective to cash in those trends.
  • Next Generation Ceramides Recorded: Aug 6 2020 25 mins
    Chang Seo Park Ph.D., CTO, LCS Biotech
    LCS Biotech is a R&D oriented company and recognized having unique expertise in sphingolipids. We committed ourselves to support eco-friendly process and scientifically proven efficacy. LCS Biotech recently has launched a series of EcoCeramides, next generation ceramides, which strengthen skin barrier in a way to mimic what is happening in human epidermis. in addition, LCS Biotech proudly announces a probable world first; that it has made available a novel class natural EcoCeramide ENP. It is a 1-O-acylceramide and a novel ceramide that could stabilize barrier lipid lamellar organization through a proposed bidirectional anchor volt-like action. Both innovative products are produced by 100% chemical free green processes and the EcoCeramide has acquired COSMOS attestation.
  • Innovative material from Japan Recorded: Aug 6 2020 29 mins
    Yumeko Mizuno, Sales & Marketing, Kowa Company
    We will introduce innovative and unique raw materials from Japan. For example, high transparency oil thickener and smooth natural beads, which may become best solutions for customerss problems. Kowa Company Ltd is a well-known pharmaceutical manufacturer in Japan,so we also can advise a good materials for hand sanitizer and its formulation
  • Rebalancing the Skin Microbiome:An Oat-Derived guide to Pre-, Pro-& Postbiotics Recorded: Aug 6 2020 33 mins
    Angus Robertson, Head of Sales, Oat Cosmetics
    The skin plays host to a diverse array of bacteria, fungi and other micro-organisms. New research shows us that these microbes, as part of the cutaneous microbiome, play an important role in skin health – something for which pre-, pro- and postbiotics hold the key. Join us for an insight into the skin microbiome as we explore this growing trend, its technicalities, and our solution: aurafirm, a unique range of fermented oat actives supported by cutting-edge in-vivo data.
  • Cranberry 360°- An Upcycling Collection Recorded: Aug 6 2020 34 mins
    Justine Thuleau (Global product manager Botanicals) & Christophe de Jouvancourt (Global product manager Botanicals), Symrise
    Cranberry 360° promotes BY-PRODUCTS from the food & nutraceutic industries turned into VALUABLE COSMETIC INGREDIENTS with PROVEN EFFICACY
  • Enhanced Sun Protection with Natural-based BENTONE(R) Clay Technologies Recorded: Aug 6 2020 34 mins
    Kim Burch, Global Technical Applications Director, Elementis
    BENTONE(R) natural clay-based products help formulators meet the challenges for consumer sun and light protection by delivering viscosity control, suspension and stability yielding elegant aesthetics and improved functionality. Protect skin while protecting the environment with natural and naturally derived BENTONE clay technologies.
  • The science behind scalp cosmetics Recorded: Aug 6 2020 33 mins
    Dr. Fred Zülli, MD/ Head of Business Unit Biochemistry & Franziska Wandrey, Research & Study Manager, Mibelle AG Biochemistry
    A healthy scalp is the foundation for healthy hair. Understanding the biology and the mechanisms behind an unbalanced scalp are essential in choosing the right ingredients for its treatment. This webinar gives an overview on scalp biology, focusing on the newest scientific findings in the fields of balancing the scalps reaction to various stressors and hair root biology.
  • Effective hair growth ingredients from natural “FMRE & FMRE C” Recorded: Aug 6 2020 28 mins
    Shigeyuki Mori, Sales Manager, Fuji Sangyo
    FMRE is formulated in hair growth tonics of Japanese cosmetics companies. This ingredient has been used in the market since1995 in Japan. We did human clinical test on 68 people by FMRE, and we found it has promoting VEGF expression and hair follicle cell proliferation.
  • Natural and effective solutions for anti-aging products Recorded: Aug 6 2020 26 mins
    Jessica Qu, Marketing Director, Personal care ingredients & solutions, Bloomage Biotechnology Corp., Ltd.
    Bloomage Biotechnology has 30 years’ experience in fermentation technology, it is the first company in China to start the fermentation production of HA and one of the global leaders in HA industry. Also, Bloomage has developed many active ingredients such as L-Ergothioneine (EGT), Ectoine, Aminobutyric acid, Sodium Polyglutamate (PGA), etc. In this presentation, a novel natural, scientific and effective solution for anti-aging products will be introduced.
  • 化粧品開発の効率をアップ、海外規制情報の確認および書類作成を同時並行で Recorded: Aug 5 2020 46 mins
    クール ジョナサン(Mr. Jonathan Coeur), APAC(アジア太平洋地域) マネージングディレクター & キム ジンヒョン, コプティステクニカルセールス
    Miguel Aso, In Vitro Lab Manager & Dr. Blanca Martínez, Research & innovation Manager, Provital
    Ever increasingly savvier consumers have a renewed appreciation for scientifically innovative and proven products, as the artificial division line between natural and technological is beginning to blur. At Provital, we are pioneers in developing and applying computational screening tools, unique skin models, omic platforms and neurosciences to back the efficacy of our natural and biotechnological ingredients.
    Today, digital imaging, big data and artificial intelligence have permeated to every single aspect of our society. Since the dermo-cosmetic science is replete with digital images and with genetic databases, this field could specially benefit from a data-driven approach to image analysis and genomics. We are therefore proud to present “Provital’s Bioimage and Bioinformatic Platform”, where Provital develops algorithms for image quantification, computational genomics and machine learning. Moreover, Provital has built a network of collaborations to access Next-Generation Sequencers, high-throughput and super-resolution confocal microscopes. Together, “Provital’s Bioimage and Bioinformatic Platform” provides an advanced approach which promises to unveil new efficacies for cosmetic ingredients.
  • Find Personal Care ingredients & services quickly & easily Recorded: Jul 8 2020 60 mins
    Anthony Rodrick, Head of Sales & Operation, and Susanna Groth, Product & Marketing, Chemberry
    2020 is proving how important easy-to-use digital solutions are. Chemberry is a platform for personal care development by connecting industry parties on one open platform. We will give insights about how industry behavior is evolving and how we speed up innovation & product development.

    •Get insights on how much market behavior is impacted by COVID-19
    •Understand digital marketing potential
    •Search and find ingredients, formulations & services
  • Breaking Beauty - Why every brand needs an Amazon strategy in 2020 Recorded: Jun 23 2020 31 mins
    Ryan Mulvany, Quiverr Collectiv
    What is the current state of Beauty on Amazon, and how has the platform evolved over the years.

    Join Ryan to get dive into the specific programs which came built with the category, understand where they are now, and be prepared for where things are most likely to go.

    In this session, you will take away the insights you need to create an effective Amazon strategy.
  • Argireline® Amplified: A green chemistry-based, holistic peptide Recorded: Jun 19 2020 25 mins
    Bianca McCarthy, Market Development Manager, Active Ingredients, Lubrizol
    Lipotec innovatively develop a brand-new peptide as an evolution of the Argireline® peptide to achieve improved efficacy in expression wrinkles, plus global anti-aging effects, by targeting senescence in all the layers of the skin. It is set to boost skin beauty without compromising the naturalness of facial expressions, while targeting the mechanisms of aging that cause the loss of function in the different layers i.e. epidermis, dermis, adipose tissue, muscle tissue. Moreover, It has a very high natural origin content and is produced sustainably through green chemistry, making it adequate for all skin types and concerns even in natural formulations.
  • Consumer Behaviour Impact: The Pursuit of Health in Self-Isolation Recorded: Jun 19 2020 30 mins
    Sumit Chopra, Director Research Analysis, Globaldata
    Consumers acknowledge that the notion of wellbeing is a multifaceted one, incorporating not only individual physical health but also mental, social, occupational and environmental health. The relative importance of these factors has shifted since the COVID-19 outbreak. Diet and exercise have been overshadowed by hygiene as well as mental and emotional wellbeing.
  • Taking care of melatonin release for a healthier skin Recorded: Jun 19 2020 28 mins
    BonWook Koo, Senior Account Manager Korea, Givaudan
    Sleeping is one of the most important beauty secrets. Overnight, our skin is regenerating thanks to the action of melatonin, well-known to preserve skin youth from oxidative reactions and enabling rejuvenation processes. However, its release may be impaired by excessive digital stress exposure, causing premature skin ageing. We developed a botanical complex able to avoid perturbation in the melatonin production rhythm, even when skin is exposed to digital devices. Indeed, at a clinical level we demonstrated that our phytoactive can reverse signs of ageing, fight against deleterious effects of digital stress and improve the sleep quality of volunteers versus placebo.
  • C.L.E.A.N Beauty Recorded: Jun 19 2020 19 mins
    James Seguerra, Vice Director, International Sales, Nikko Chemicals Co., Ltd.
    The definition of Clean Beauty continues to involve as it adapts to changing consumer preferences & market context. With this, we have defined Clean Beauty using a holistic 5-point criteria:
    • C means Clear of reportedly toxic materials or controversial materials.
    • L means a ‘Less is more’ approach in formulation design.
    • E means an Educated & Environmentally conscious approach in choosing products.
    • A means Animal-friendly- No animal-derived products or ingredients that are animal-tested.
    • N means Naturality.
    This presentation will showcase market insights, commercial examples and our version of skincare + color formulas that satisfy this C.L.E.A.N definition.
  • Diving into the skin's microbiome to unlock anti-ageing properties- APAC Edition Recorded: Jun 18 2020 28 mins
    Mikel Gorostiaga, Sales & Marketing Director, LipoTrue
    An underwater cave was recently discovered by the scientific community with the particularity that it had been preserved and protected from the outside for more than 3 million of years. The conditions inside the underwater cave have given its microbiota unique properties. From this expedition a unique active ingredient has surfaced revealing a new approach to skin’s microbiome to unlock anti-aging properties, a secret hidden for 3 M years.
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  • Title: Diving into your skin's microbiome to unlock anti-aging properties
  • Live at: Apr 2 2020 10:45 am
  • Presented by: Dr. Silvia Pastor, Head of Scientific Research & Business Development, LipoTrue S.L.
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