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Post-Pandemic Era: A glimpse into Color Cosmetics trends & insights

Pandemics, recessions & emergencies have historically always exemplified us with tough lessons & provided a perspective to hustle solutions when challenges cast their shadows. Covid-19 has struck the world hard & has made the colour cosmetics industry run into frenzy, with some hot selling products like lipsticks going down & newer trends coming into limelight.
Koel Innovation Center, an initiative by Koel Colours India, via its extensive research, brings into perspectives emerging trends in colour cosmetics & unique formulation ideas stemming out from these trends.
This webinar aims at the formulators to get them a snapshot of what will be the upcoming colour cosmetics trends & provide a fresh perspective to cash in those trends.
Recorded Aug 6 2020 31 mins
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Presented by
Rishabh Desai, Global Sales & Marketing Director; Jay Mehta & Harshil Desai, Sales & Marketing Manager (Int. Business)
Presentation preview: Post-Pandemic Era: A glimpse into Color Cosmetics trends & insights
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  • Pollution-proof your skin & hair Dec 3 2020 9:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Sébastien Hameury, Marketing Director, Greentech
    Exposome has become a new paradigm for research. Pollution (outdoor & indoor), which is part
    of exposome, is recognized as a major health issue. In cosmetics, the effects of pollution on skin
    are well known, but it's not the case of hair. Discover the natural and innovative GREENTECH
    solutions to preserve skin & hair health & radiance, to pollution-proof them.
  • Save time with NEW all-in-one plant-based O/W emulsifier & texturizer Dec 2 2020 11:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Geraldine Louvet, R&D Application Manager & Ophélie Bourgon, Marketing Manager - Cosmetic business, Roquette
    Be amazed by our innovative Beauté by Roquette® DS 421 to create emulsions in the blink of an eye.
    Key benefits of attending:
    o Speed your emulsion process & time-to-market
    o Increase the naturality of your cosmetics formulations
    o Learn how to create a wide range of textures with quick break features
  • Formula development and regulatory compliance using performance software tools. Nov 10 2020 1:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Estelle Chevreton, Business Development Manager Europe, Coptis
    Integrate all of your R&D data in one centralized system and save 30% laboratory staff time. The right tools improve search capabilities, detect regulatory and market non-conformance and instantaneously generate reports (ingredients list, EU dossier/PIF etc.…). Attend this Coptis session and learn how your company can benefit from Coptis’ innovative solutions designed specifically for cosmetic R&D.
  • Using formulations data for successful product development Recorded: Oct 28 2020 50 mins
    Anne Jones, PhD Snr Customer Success Specialist & Jonathan Agbenyega, PhD, MRSC, BD Manager, UK and Ireland, CAS
    Searching for information on cosmetics formulations can be a daunting task. Formulators can turn to CAS to help address this challenge by accessing the world’s largest collection of formulations data.
    Key benefits of attending:
    o Find formulations based on purpose, ingredient function, physical form or the exclusion of an undesirable component.
    o Understand labelling and packaging regulations of cosmetics and personal care products.
    o Source ingredients and find global suppliers.
  • Greentech Present - Pollution-proof your hair & skin Recorded: Oct 28 2020 23 mins
    Sebastien Hameury, Marketing Director, GreenTech
    Exposome has emerged as a new paradigm research in skin care unlike hair care. After defining this concept and the effects on biological cellular pathways in skin and hair, innovative natural solutions will be proposed for skin and hair protection.

    Key benefits of attending:
    o Deepen your understanding of exposome
    o Innovative systemic natural solutions
    o Anti-pollution protection
  • Micro Powder Present - 100% bio-based fine powders and exfoliants Recorded: Oct 28 2020 31 mins
    Diana Smith, Director of Global Sales, Micro Powders.
    Micro Powders offers a variety of highly functional fine powders and exfoliants from both natural and synthetic wax sources. With the ever-growing global demand for natural and naturally-derived materials, along with all the current COVID-19 challenges facing the industry, Micro Powders has introduced new natural-based materials to meet these changing needs.
    This presentation will review the natural ingredients used to make MPI’s naturally-based cosmetic powders, their sourcing, and how we have utilized these bio-based feedstocks to provide the most efficacious and multi-functional additives. We have sourced a variety of natural waxes to make our natural products, including Carnauba (Copernicia cerifera), Green Tea (Camilla sinensis), Cellulose, Hydrogenated Castor (Ricinus communis), Rice (Oryza sativa), Jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis), Cocoa Butter (Theobroma cacao), and Olive Oil (Olea europaea). We also have highly sustainable and renewable bio-ferments from vegetable sugars including corn, cassava and sugar cane.

    We have been able to further expand our natural products’ performance by adjusting composition, particle size and shape. The wide range of attributes achieved include oil/sebum absorption, lubricity, improved dry binding, long-wear, oil binding, texture and aesthetics, structure, mattifying, quick/rapid absorption on skin, transfer resistance for the micronized powders, as well as various levels of exfoliation for the larger particles.
    By finding natural wax sources that have inherent coloration, we now offer exfoliants that are “Colored By Nature” without any additional synthetic pigments. Since the color of the exfoliant is attributed to the wax from which it is derived, the color stability is vastly improved, with mitigated color leaching and migration while providing a dramatic visual cue.
  • Cargill Present - StarDesign™ Power: the versatile, nature-derived emulsifier Recorded: Oct 28 2020 28 mins
    Jean-Noel Ollagnier, Personal Care Applications Manager EMEA, Cargill
    Discover StarDesign™ Power, a versatile and nature-derived emulsifier for formulations with a high oil content. Innovated from Cargill’s expertise in food technology, this powerful emulsifier is derived from waxy corn and can emulsify with a variety of oils.

    StarDesign™ Power is a unique combination of a sustainable alternative and a competitive cost-in-use solution for your formulation challenges - from fluid lotions to thick creams that deliver nourishing, soft skin after-feel.
  • Schülke & Mayr Present - Natural product protection with a plus Recorded: Oct 28 2020 25 mins
    Matthias Hentz, Senior Head of Marketing, Schülke & Mayr.
    Today's trends in the cosmetic industry are driven by consumers' desire for a healthy life. This includes the increasing demand for natural cosmetics. But with that, personal care formulations contain raw materials that are more likely to introduce microbial contamination.

    Challenging than is to find a suitable protection strategy since preferred antimicrobials are often of natural origin, too. What is needed are alternative concepts and ideas: Many molecules possess the ability of adding to the overall product stability. We found a way to make use of that and created a novel antimicrobial blend suitable at high pH and even effective in rinse-off formulations. With a little extra aside.
  • Roelmi HPC Present - Go beyond microplastics … No more excuses Recorded: Oct 28 2020 30 mins
    Andrea Maltagliati, Market Manager – Personal Care, Roelmi HPC
    How to anticipate future regulatory decisions and break through innovation?

    With an easy-to-use innovation: technological sensorial spheres for sustainable cosmetics. Texturizers with proved performances (unique softness, smoothness & absorption rate) against standard plasticizing powders and peculiar environmental-friendly impact on the Environment (readily biodegradable according to OECD 301 method).
    Efficient solution to formulate eco-sustainably, maintaining or improving, all the technical cosmetic performances but replacing standard powders like Nylon, PMMA, Polyurethane and PE. This is the ethical choice to avoid marine litter and face legislative restriction on cosmetics.
  • Provital Present - Growing health-consciousness boosts the need for self-care Recorded: Oct 28 2020 32 mins
    Dr. Blanca Martinez, Research & innovation Manager, Provital.
    Covid-19 has reinforced the importance of health care. Indeed 30% of facial skincare users have used more moisturiser since the start of the outbreak, which demonstrates the increased importance of protection and self-care in the cosmetic consumer’s purchase patterns. On the other hand, in today’s modern landscape, sustainability is at the forefront of consumers’ minds.

    By creating high-quality natural ingredients with an unconditional commitment to the planet and to sustainable science, Provital is always adapting to the newest trends and customer concerns. In that direction, Hydromanil™ widens its target scope by adding a new tested efficacy to its recognized 3D Matrix Technology: Besides providing an optimal level of moisture to the skin, it also induces an anti-biofilm activity that maintains a balanced microbiome, so as to achieve a healthier and naturally protected skin.
  • Infinitec Activos Present - Meet the game-changer in skin-mitochondria therapy Recorded: Oct 28 2020 29 mins
    Natascia Grimaldi, R&D Director, Infinitec Activos.
    We hereby present a revolutionary technology, which changes the game in skin-therapy. Infinitec will present how CoQ10 can be encapsulated in a double-targeted particles (Targeted Q10), which are able to surgically and effectively deliver CoQ10 to fibroblast mitochondria.

    We then discovered how by the effective delivery of Q10 in correspondence of the mitochondria, Q10 unexploited features can be unlocked: Q10 participation to the mitochondria respiration, i.e. energy production, and mROS neutralization. We will finally prove how by mastering these two actions of Q10, a Q10-based treatment can achieve unexpected anti-wrinkles effect in a short time and at a very low dose of Q10. In fact, Targeted Q10 will make fibroblast mitochondria thrive again, correcting the multiple signs of aging and revealing a rejuvenated skin, with increased elasticity and firmness.
  • Perfectus Biomed Present - Biofilms in personal care: Skin microbiome modelling Recorded: Oct 28 2020 33 mins
    Dr. Louise Suleman, Senior Commercial Scientist, Perfectus Biomed
    The skin microbiome is a rapidly growing area of research and as more companies begin to invest in skin microbiome-targeted personal care products, Perfectus Biomed identified the need for robust, reproducible test models to understand the effects of these products and validate associated claims.

    We have significant experience in biofilm testing, introducing both UKAS-accredited and customised biofilm models appropriate to a wide range of products in a variety of sectors. These models are based on a microbial community developed on abiotic surfaces such as plastics and metals.
    Whilst the assessment of product efficacy on colonised hard surface models provide much needed preliminary data these models don’t fully mimic the biological impact of host cells on bacterial colonisation, in other words, live human skin.

    Building on our existing abiotic model and expertise in cell biology this presentation demonstrates how we have addressed three key challenges: Assessing bacterial interaction with live cells, assessing bacterial colonisation in 3D skin and assessment of bacterial colonisation in wounded skin. This resulted in us determining microbial attachment and colony formation on these models.
  • Chemspeed Present - Find out what will make-up the future of cosmetics R&D Recorded: Oct 28 2020 33 mins
    Carine Marcos,VP BU Consumer Goods and Performance Materials, Chemspeed
    The cosmetics industry is experiencing a historic disruption. This requires timely adaptation in R&D and QC due to harsher regulations, new market realities and fast changing formulations.
    R&D and QC are key areas where Chemspeed’s automated solutions could enhance your efficiency.

    Standardize & accelerate single to multiple workflow steps:
    • Formulation of low to high viscous products
    •Automate physical testing
    • Fulfil cosmetics guidelines like e.g. ISO 22716 – Cosmetic GMP
    • Combine all different R&D and QC data in one digital environment
    • Accelerate R&D and batch release testing.
  • Molinos Present - 100% Vegetable and Organic Texturizing Agent Alternative Recorded: Oct 27 2020 24 mins
    Herbert Telge Peschiera, Commercial Manager Molinos Asociados SAC.
    In this presentation Herbert will discuss a100% vegetable texturizing agent alternative for the traditional and natural cosmetic markets called Peruvian Tara Seed gum.
  • Exsymol Present - Fighting zombie cells for decreasing inflamm’aging Recorded: Oct 27 2020 23 mins
    Emmanuel Coste, PhD., Scientific Marketing Manager, Exsymol.
    Senescence is a cellular response characterized by morphological changes, a stable growth arrest (in order to prevent tumoral proliferation) and a change in the cell’s secretome. Indeed, senescent cells, called Zombie cells, produce a large amount of senescence-associated secretory phenotype (SASP) which is responsible for a pro-inflammatory response, for collagen degradation, for free radical production, and for the transmission of the senescent state (1). As a result, senescent cells tend to accumulate with age and 20 to 60% of the skin cells are actually senescent (2).

    The senescence process may be induced by several causes. Aging is the most common phenomenon (after a certain number of division, a cell may go into senescence), but another frequent cause is a stress, especially oxidative stress that induces inflammation. The combination of aging and moderated inflammation caused by stress is called inflamm’aging, also known as “secret killer”. This progressive and insidious phenomenon has visible effects in the long term and prevents the skin from aging well.
    We focused on a strategy consisting in slowing the entry of cells into senescence during aging and also decrease the ability of senescent cells to affect nearby healthy cells and to cause a chronic low-grade inflammation leading to skin premature aging. For this, we designed a specific active ingredient made from the dried roots of the Scutellaria baicalensis, using a patented extraction method.
  • Aprinnova Present - Go Circular! The new plant-based silica for color cosmetics Recorded: Oct 27 2020 26 mins
    Ashlee Nunes, Technical Sales and Product Manager, Aprinnova & Diva Chan, Technical Service Manager, Amyris
    Silica is used widely in personal care and cosmetics but is traditionally sourced from non-renewable sand dredging which requires significant energy consumption and emits large amounts of C02. In addition, formulators need a high performance alternative to microplastics.

    During this special presentation, you’ll learn about a new sustainable and renewable alternative derived from discarded sugarcane ashes that has similar or better performance characteristics compared to industry benchmarks. This session will discuss how this innovative ingredient is made and present the latest expert sensory and consumer studies demonstrating the performance of plant-based silica to support your next color cosmetics or skincare launch.
  • Lipotrue Present - Biohacking chronic bad sleep Recorded: Oct 27 2020 34 mins
    Dr. Silvia Pastor, Head of Scientific Research & Business Development, LipoTrue
    Several factors, such as lifestyles or worries, affect our sleep quality. When we are not able to solve them, we sleep fewer hours, wake up during the night and our sleep quality is not good enough.

    The Covid-19 pandemic has only worsened our sleep quality even after the lockdown.
    Insufficient sleep visually translates in a tired and unhealthy look with hanging eyelids, swollen eyes and dark circles. Internally, there is a decompensation of circadian hormones like melatonin, a chronic low inflammation and an increase of glycemia, that lead to protein glycation, lipid peroxidation, vessels permeability, lymphatic system impairment, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and a weakening of the immune response.
    iPeptide™ modulates the exaggerated inflammatory response of the alarmin IL-33, acts as a melatonin-like, and protects skin’s proteins from glycation due to hyperglycemia because of a bad quality of sleep.
  • Grant Industries Present -100% naturally derived GRANSENSE elastomers Recorded: Oct 27 2020 33 mins
    Tania Viana, Global Technical Director, Grant Industries.
    A next generation elastomer technology designed for new formulating possibilities. GRANSENSE elastomers were engineered to give formulators new options to meet natural based project requirements.
    They offer unique performance benefits including enhanced compatibility with polar materials such as natural oils and organic sunscreens.
    These patent pending materials haven proven biodegradability to meet various marketing trends. GRANSENSE elastomers can be formulated into all cosmetic applications including anhydrous systems, sunscreens, O/W and W/O emulsions and even powders.
  • Jojoba Present - Innovative sustainable practices for formulating natural oils Recorded: Oct 27 2020 32 mins
    Dr. Anna Aharoni, R&D Manager & Merav Hadary, QA & Environmental Director, Jojoba Desert.
    We have responsibility for our planet, our resources and our consumption. Our latest research and development provide thought-provoking information on challenging sustainable practices and using natural oil-based products for more natural, clean beauty.

    Hosted by Ms. Merav Hadary, QA & Environmental Director and Dr. Anna Aharoni, R&D Manager at Jojoba Desert, who will challenge the way you think about natural, clean and green beauty.
  • Sharon Laboratories Present - Preservation for facial care & sensitive skin Recorded: Oct 27 2020 24 mins
    Naama Eylon, VP – Personal Care, Sharon Laboratories
    Sensitive skin is among the top concerns of consumers and formulators when it comes to facial applications.
    Clean beauty is all about ingredients safety and impact on consumers health and wellness. Facial products pose a high challenge, considering the sensitive nature of the skin, as well as lips and eye area.

    The presentation will address Sharon Laboratories approach to preservation for facial applications like creams, cleansers, and color cosmetics, highlighting key aspects such as level of use, ingredient choice for clean label claims, clinical dermatological studies and safety, through a line of innovative, green and natural preservative systems.
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  • Title: Post-Pandemic Era: A glimpse into Color Cosmetics trends & insights
  • Live at: Aug 6 2020 3:30 pm
  • Presented by: Rishabh Desai, Global Sales & Marketing Director; Jay Mehta & Harshil Desai, Sales & Marketing Manager (Int. Business)
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