Hairn and Antiagin - Hair Restoration and Anti-aging

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Peter Jung, CEO, Equipforskin Co Ltd.

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Peptides have been widely used as cosmetic ingredients for various kinds of cosmetic indications. However, most of the existing peptides are polypeptides having higher molecular weights. So these polypeptides are not able to penetrate the skin well by themselves when applied topically. However, tripeptides having 3 connected amino acids can easily penetrate the skin and even into the subcutaneous layers with less than 500 Dalton molecular weights (500 Da. Rule) as pharmaceutical ingredients can do so. In the in vitro and in vivo cell and skin penetration, skin sensitization tests, it proved that when topically applied our tripeptides can be permeated well into the skin, very safe with no side effects and very stable with no property change. Also it was proved that tripeptides have no functional differences from the polypeptides. Our patented tripeptides were invented into a variety of functional ones, like Synepin (EGF tripeptide), Syndermin (FGF tripeptide), Binterin (CD-99 anti-inflammatory and soothing tripeptide), Adiponin (Adiponectin tripeptide), Enfibin (NFkB tripeptide), Winhibin (Wnt-inhibitive tripeptide), Tenefrin (TNFa inhibitive), Harin (Androgen receptor inhibitive tripeptide), Antiagin (Antiaging tripeptide) and etc. Also each singular tripeptides or the combined tripeptide complexes can cover a whole range of cosmetic ingredients. Typically our tripeptides and the combined complexes like Binterin, Adiponin, Harin and Antiagin are the really promising cosmetic ingredients for soothing, skin-barrier formation, androgenic alopecia and anti-aging. This webinar is one in a series of eight 30-minute product showcases as part of the Korea Innovation Day, hosted by Kotra (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency) to bring personal care manufacturers from across the world the latest innovations from South Korean niche ingredient suppliers.
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