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The next generation of endpoint protection

Are you looking for the next generation of endpoint protection that addresses all threats to desktops, mobile, servers and datacenters? Join this webinar to learn more about how McAfee delivers leading endpoint protection solutions for all of the devices in your network. In this webinar, we will discuss the following:
• How McAfee Complete Endpoint Protection suites add defense in depth against the full threat spectrum from zero-day exploits to web attacks, protecting Windows, Mac and Linux systems, as well as mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphones and tablets.
• How McAfee Data Center Server Security Suites lets you Discover all workloads, Protect virtual and physical servers, and securely Expand into the cloud.
• And, how you can act today to strengthen your server protection with a special offer.
Recorded Oct 30 2013 38 mins
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Presented by
Joakim Lialias, Dan Wolff
Presentation preview: The next generation of endpoint protection

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  • Wat betekent Security Connected voor u? Recorded: Jan 22 2015 35 mins
    Anthony Van Breda, Geert Baudewijns
    Tijdens dit Nederlandstalig webinar leggen Intel Security en partner Secutec uit hoe het Security Connected model u helpt om, door middel van een effectief communicerende omgeving, kosten te besparen op uw IT-budget en daarbovenop een optimale beveiliging te verzekeren.
  • Unleash the power and flexibility of hybrid web protection Recorded: Dec 10 2014 52 mins
    Robert Craig
    McAfee is unique among secure web gateway solution providers with its hybrid delivery model, which provides customers with the flexibility to deploy a web gateway in one of three ways: all on-premises, all in the cloud, or a combination of on-premises and cloud-based. This unique capability enables you to match your Web Gateway configuration with your unique business needs and adapt to changing business circumstances.

    In this session, McAfee will discuss the hybrid web protection deployment model in detail and the various elements that comprise it, along with provide guidance on to choose the deployment scenario that best addresses your organization’s specific security challenges.
  • Advanced Evasion Techniques and Advanced Pervasive Threats Recorded: Dec 3 2014 42 mins
    Anne Aarness, Steve Smith
    Join this webcast to learn more about Advanced Evasion Techniques.
  • How to protect Microsoft Server 2003 Systems beyond July 2015 Recorded: Nov 26 2014 36 mins
    Jason Brown, Solution Engineer
    Microsoft Windows Server 2003 is scheduled for an official End of Support (EOS) in July 2015. In a recent survey*, 52% of Fortune 1000 IT Professionals still have 100 or more systems running Windows Server 2003 and only a quarter of respondents have a plan to upgrade. The consequence for customers is that Microsoft will not only discontinue technical support but also security patches.

    Join us for this webcast to learn how can McAfee help you protect your investment into Microsoft Server 2003 beyond end of support in July 2015.
  • How to justify the cost of your Firewall upgrade Recorded: Nov 19 2014 49 mins
    Ulla Huopaniemi, Product Marketing Manager at Intel Security
    Enterprises are challenged by the demand for business growth, which in turn calls for new applications, IT systems and services. As the business environment is getting more complex it poses a risk for security. Is your network security solution capable of securing your business today and in the future? Have you considered how big role the firewall solution plays in your business and IT staff productivity, risk mitigation and infrastructure costs.

    Join Ulla Huopaniemi, Product Marketing Manager at Intel Security, and learn how a proper firewall solution may boost your business, lower recurring costs making a good justification for your firewall upgrade.
  • Introducing Industry’s Most Expansive Next Generation Firewall Threat Ecosystem Recorded: Nov 12 2014 47 mins
    Steve Smith, Senior Technical Manager
    McAfee Next Generation Firewall protects enterprise networks with high-performance “intelligence aware” security supported by real-time updates from McAfee’s Security Connected ecosystem. This enables McAfee to deliver the industry’s best defense against, zero day malware, advanced malware, advanced evasions and along with complete next generation firewall protections “when and where you need it” - remote sites, branch offices, data centers and the network edge.

    Please join Steve Smith as he discusses McAfee Next Generation Firewall’s expanded threat ecosystem accelerates discovery and remediation of advanced threats across large networks, integrating intelligence aware security controls that leverage information across distributed security solutions including endpoint protection, SIEM, threat sandboxes, and global threat intelligence networks.
  • New McAfee Endpoint Protection for SMB Recorded: Nov 10 2014 31 mins
    Paresh Joshi
    For more than 25 years, McAfee has provided small and medium-sized businesses with the best protection to secure desktops, laptops, servers, email, and web traffic.

    McAfee Endpoint Protection for SMB combines McAfee’s award-winning threat protection technologies with web and messaging security and data protection—all to secure your internal IT infrastructure – plus rigorous mobile security and mobile device management that provides controlled access to their corporate network.

    Protecting devices, data and networks from modern threats does not have to be complex and costly. Trust McAfee to help you deliver simple, powerful endpoint protection exclusively for your small to medium-size business.

    Register now to learn more about this topic.
  • Why You Need Advanced Security for Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online Recorded: Nov 5 2014 32 mins
    Catherine Hwang, Senior Manager, McAfee
    As organizations consider moving email infrastructure to Office 365, is there a need to complement built-in security with additional solutions?

    Join this session to learn how advanced threats are being delivered, and how McAfee uniquely extends critical protection to organizations using Office 365 for email. A free offer to run an assessment of your organization’s ability to detect phishing will also be provided.
  • Achieve High Availability and Scalability through Always-On Connectivity Recorded: Oct 29 2014 32 mins
    Steve Smith, Senior Technical Manager
    Everyone knows computer downtime is unacceptable. The world runs on data and it needs it fast. But securing that growing data network is time-consuming, expensive and often inefficient. Security professionals are looking for answers that can provide high availability and scale as the business changes. And they want solutions that are both highly secure and not a drain on computing and bandwidth resources.

    Join Steve Smith, Senior Marketing Manager at McAfee for an in-depth discussion of how the next generation of firewall technology delivers scale and zero downtime performance. And learn how active-active clustering, dynamic server load balancing, management application redundancy and unique, augmented VPN capability is bringing resiliency to mission critical data networks.
  • Using SIEM to unmask stealthy threats Recorded: Oct 24 2014 61 mins
    Anton Chuvakin, Research Vice President, Gartner; Michael Leland, SIEM Evangelist, McAfee
    Threats have gone stealthy hiding behind normal enterprise activity and under mountains of log data. Join McAfee and Gartner’s SIEM veteran and research Vice President Anton Chuvakin as he uncovers details on using SIEM to unmask, understand and respond to threats.

    Learn from industry experts insights on proven approaches to get real time visibility on enterprise risks and minimize the impact of a security breach.

    Webinar topics :

    •SIEM detection methods to reveal hidden threats.
    •Prioritize alerts by leveraging contextual information.
    •Reduce the impact of detected incidents.
  • Next Generation SIEM Usecases Recorded: Oct 22 2014 51 mins
    Michael Leland, Enterprise Solutions Architect
    SIEM solutions have been the go-to technology for compliance and event/log visibility but rarely provide the deep forensics necessary to actually improve the security posture of the enterprise. In a time when we are asked to do more with less (diminishing IT/security budgets, fewer FTE resources, reduced training), the Next-Generation SIEM needs to help bridge that gap, provide deeper analytics that elevates the discussion from Find (identifying security issues) to Fix (remediating threats).

    Join the webinar to hear how the McAfee SIEM solutions help the enterprise:
    • Address the growing challenge of ‘Security Information Overload’
    • Provides the necessary Situational Awareness to quickly determine risk
    • Quickly operationalize an effective SIEM deployment
    • Easily and cost effectively maintain and operate a successful security management solution
    • Utilize relevant threat information to identify and prioritize threats
    • Leverage active integration with security technologies to perform triage and remediation
  • Security Connected door Intel Security Recorded: Oct 22 2014 41 mins
    Anthony Van Breda, Nico van Buitenen, en meer
    Tijdens dit Nederlandstalig webinar leggen Intel Security en partner Infradata uit hoe het Security Connected model u helpt om, door middel van een effectief communicerende omgeving, kosten te besparen op uw IT-budget en daarbovenop een optimale beveiliging te verzekeren.
  • Take IPS Beyond The Signature Recorded: Oct 15 2014 51 mins
    Steve Grossenbacher, Sr. Product Marketing Manager
    With malware and crafty intrusion behaviors on the rise, we must change our thinking and realize that traditional approaches to security are falling short. In this webinar we’ll hear how to advances in intrusion inspection can drive your security organizations in new and exciting ways.

    Join this webinar to:
    •Hear about the latest advancements in McAfee’s Network Security Platform
    •See how McAfee’s Advanced Malware workflow can speed incident investigation
    •Learn how McAfee delivered industry best blocking with signature-less inspection.
  • Best Practices for Implementing Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Recorded: Oct 8 2014 61 mins
    Michael Avdeev, Enterprise Solution Architect, Intel Security
    Vast amounts of your organization's sensitive data are accessible, stored, and used by authorized employees and partners on a host of devices and servers. Protecting that data where ever it is stored or travels is a top priority.

    Join the webinar and learn from an DLP expert from Intel Security on best practices on implementing DLP in stages, including:
    •Understand what data is leaving your organization
    •Build and manage policies
    •Simplify workflow
    •How to automate remediation
  • How many firewalls does it take to protect an enterprise? Recorded: Oct 1 2014 52 mins
    Klaus Majewski, Director of Technology
    Easy answer is the number of Firewalls required to protect your perimeter. The right answer is the number of firewalls required for all entry points – perimeter and internal. Why? Internal threats are often more dangerous than external. Now you must protect multiple segments of your enterprise network. The perimeter is just the start. Multiple internal locations may need protection in addition to branches, cloud services and data centers. And what about mobile devices, home offices and temporary office workers like auditors and consultants?

    Join us for an informative review of where to put your firewall, IPS, VPN and other associated network security equipment.

    Learn how next generation firewall technology can help you manage multiple security appliances across your enterprise.
  • Detect and Eliminate Advanced Malware in Email Traffic Recorded: Sep 24 2014 27 mins
    Dan Flaherty, Product Marketing Specialist; Catherine Hwang, Senior Product Marketing Manager
    The vast majority of cyber-attacks on business begin with a phishing email, tailored to deceive an unsuspecting employee into clicking on a link or attachment containing malware. Do you have a strategy to defend against these attacks? Does it involve stopping malware before it enters your network? In this webcast, we’ll discuss how advanced malware detection technologies can detect and eliminate advanced malware in-line with traffic, before it has a chance to deliver its payload and attempt to steal your sensitive information.

    In this webinar:
    • You will learn about the multiple infiltration mechanisms used by cybercriminals in phishing attacks
    • You will see how advanced malware detection engines can detect these attacks
    • You will walk away with an understanding of how advanced malware detection technologies fit into a connected security infrastructure

    Don’t miss this webcast if you are responsible for the security of your organization’s sensitive information. We will cover the latest in advanced malware detection for a critical element of your security practice – email traffic – and how this technology fits into the larger picture of defence against malware.
  • Next Generation Firewall Management System: The New Status Quo Recorded: Sep 19 2014 58 mins
    Anthony Idowu, Sales System Engineer
    McAfee Security Management Center is the status quo of what a network security management platform should look like.
    It is a tool that will facilitate your business survival through a cyber-attack.

    This webinar will cover some core features of this platform like:

    •Threat and perimeter visibility
    - Advanced Evasion detection
    •Advance Security features
    - Rich-Context security policies
    •Situational and application awareness
    - Data visualization and built in log investigation tools
    •Resource optimization
    - Workflow efficiency and cost savings features
  • Securing Servers in the Hybrid Data Center with McAfee’s latest Server Security Recorded: Sep 17 2014 24 mins
    Loretta Nierat, Group Product Marketing Manager
    Today’s flexible, scalable data center requires security that will not hinder the choices or options for growth. Providing security management, visibility and optimized protection across physical, virtual and cloud environments is a fundamental concern. McAfee provides two server security suites that fit the bill.

    Learn about McAfee’s latest Server Security Suite, the version 3.5 release, which provides key improvements by delivering advancements in the following three key areas:
    •Simplification of security management
    •Greater visibility into security status for server workloads in the public cloud
    •Improved protection and performance exhibited by the availability of the McAfee Agentless Firewall.
  • Security Connected door Intel Security Recorded: Sep 12 2014 55 mins
    Anthony Van Breda, Nicky Baert, Jasper Van Hyfte, en meer
    Tijdens dit Nederlandstalig webinar leggen Intel Security en partner Secutec uit hoe het Security Connected model u helpt om, door middel van een effectief communicerende omgeving, kosten te besparen op uw IT-budget en daarbovenop een optimale beveiliging te verzekeren.
  • A well connected sandbox: Why it matters Recorded: Sep 10 2014 38 mins
    Anne Aarness, Sr. Product Marketing Manager
    Advanced malware analysis solutions are gaining traction as viable options for enhancing current security defenses. The effectiveness of these solutions is determined not only by examination technologies and features but by the level of integration between existing security sensors – from network to endpoint - and the sandbox or analysis solution.

    Join us and learn
    •How McAfee Advanced Threat Defense provides accurate reputation classification with innovative malware deconstruction capabilities
    •The benefits of tight integration between all security components in the environment – from endpoint to network
    •How McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange and McAfee Advanced Threat Defense work collaboratively to deliver automated, adaptive protection from emerging threats
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