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Nobody Agrees on Anything to do with Big Data - Except That It’s a Big Deal

What is Big Data? Nobody agrees on the definition, but everybody agrees that it’s a big new part of the business technology landscape. This session will touch on why there are so many different definitions, talk about some of the big trends in analytics, and look at some examples of companies using “big data” today.
Recorded Oct 15 2013 57 mins
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Presented by
Timo Elliott
Presentation preview: Nobody Agrees on Anything to do with Big Data - Except That It’s a Big Deal

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  • SAP HANA usage scenarios in the real-world Recorded: Nov 25 2014 62 mins
    Tamas Szirtes, Intenzz Group, SAP HANA Distinguished Engineer; Martin Hoost, Intenzz Group
    SAP HANA usage scenarios in the real-world – SAP Business Warehouse Powered by SAP HANA, SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA, Native applications on SAP HANA, SAP HANA in the cloud
  • Preventing fraudulent transactions with SAP Fraud Management powered by HANA Recorded: Nov 12 2014 59 mins
    Franz Bauer and Andre Jacubczik, BSH Bosch and Siemens
    Learn how Bosch Siemens Home Appliances Group automated and optimized the screening of high-risk monetary transactions with SAP Fraud Management powered by HANA.

    Our guest speakers, Franz Bauer, Head of Asset and Invoice Management and Andre Jacubczik, Specialist Corporate Accounting of BSH Bosch and Siemens Home Appliances Group, will share a compelling case study on how they were able to achieve full coverage of payment transactions.

    Find out how SAP Fraud Management can help fight fraud more effectively and efficiently with faster detection, more accurate investigations and better prevention capabilities in high volume /high risk transactions environments.
  • Delivering Real-time Business Decisions with SAP Business Warehouse on SAP HANA Recorded: May 28 2014 61 mins
    Steve Bickerton - Data and Analytics Program Director, SAP, Jinesh Jain - Senior Managing Director, Cognilytics
    To stay competitive in a digital, highly mobile, and increasingly collaborative business world, business teams must be able to make the most of the information at hand.

    This means being able to access, process, and interpret “Big Data” in the moment, generating real-time insights. Learn how you can supercharge your SAP Business Warehouse (BW) data warehouse performance with SAP HANA, an in-memory application, which will radically change how your business accesses important data.
    Join us on May 28, 2014, where SAP and Cognilytics will discuss in depth about how SAP BW on HANA has fundamentally changed how businesses access information,

    In this webinar, you will learn:
    - How other companies have leveraged HANA with SAP BW
    - New business opportunities and insight that SAP BW on HANA
    - Technical impact of BW on HANA
    - SAP BW on HANA minimizes any technical re-work providing innovation with disruption
    - How you can receive a personalized report on how HANA will impact your BW system
    - Cloud and on premise deployment options

    Register now to learn how SAP Business Warehouse application on the SAP HANA platform delivers real-time business decisions while simplifying your IT landscape.
  • Real Time Analytics Health Care Platform -- Native HANA Application Demo Recorded: Feb 27 2014 61 mins
    Sam Bhat, Rohit Patwardhan, Rahul Joglekar from United Software Associates, Jordan Cao From SAP
    With SAP HANA, you can do more things that you might not think before. Based on Twitter data, we might be able to find more. Let’s go through this flu prediction example and demonstrate how you can quickly build this type of application on SAP HANA. It will show you the capability of SAP HANA to process the social media data.

    In this webinar, we invited Sam Bhat, President and CEO, Rohit Patwardhan, GM & VP of Technology, Rahul Joglekar, Chief Architect from United Software Associates to share their experience of how they built an applications on HANA, they will also share how to build similar applicaiton using HANA platform. From this example, we will explain how SAP Idea Incubator can support you for application development on SAP HANA.

    Key points of this webinar:
    • Analyze & Predict Health Related Data in real-time using SAP HANA
    • Build similar application using SAP HANA as a development platform
    • Find solutions to real world problems using the power of SAP HANA

    For more information about customer expectations, please visit SAP Idea Incubator website at incubator.saphana.com.
  • Understand Customer Needs related to SAP HANA Advanced Analytics Recorded: Feb 13 2014 48 mins
    Jordan Cao, Director of Product Marketing, SAP HANA. Ashish Sahu, Director of Product Marketing, SAP HANA Advanced Analytics
    Learn about your opportunities for finding more business ideas with SAP Idea Incubator, a unique crowdsourcing community for SAP HANA customers and innovators.

    Do you have strong data mining background or experience? Do you know there are SAP HANA customer are looking for an application or feature but aren't sure how to accomplish it? Do you know SAP HANA integrates with advanced data mining tools to support comprehensive modeling? You can implement these ideas on SAP HANA by leveraging you data mining knowledge. Customers will review your submission and there might be potential opportunities to complete the idea. You can also build up your profile that lists all successful prototypes you built.

    Are you are a great inventor of algorithms and approaches for big data, analytics, data mining, machine learning, etc, and are looking for real business problems to solve? Please join in SAP Idea Incubator. In this webinar, we'll introduce you to the features of SAP Idea Incubator, discuss what kind of projects are right for crowd sourcing, the process, and will explore the advanced analytic choices on top of SAP HANA. We cover important considerations such as non-disclosure agreements, handling intellectual property, and sharing of data sets.

    This webinar is geared towards innovators to help you understand SAP HANA advanced analytics and the perspectives of how to participate into SAP Idea Incubator.
  • Achieve Data Accuracy with SAP Master Data Governance Recorded: Feb 12 2014 59 mins
    David Quirk, Solutions Management Director, SAP
    Leading edge businesses need complete and trustworthy data to support operational, analytical, and data compliance initiatives. SAP’s Master Data Governance (MDG) solution improves processes, decision- making, and governance with a single, accurate version of the truth.

    SAP Master Data Governance is focused on centralized authoring and governance in SAP applications, and data distribution to diverse client systems. Offering ready-to-run governance applications with pre-built validation against SAP business logic, master data domains include financial data, material data, supplier data, and customer master data. SAP MDG can be used to govern the specified master data domains or custom built content to deliver consistent data across associated systems.

    In this webinar, learn how to support your organization's data governance initiatives with a proven packaged solution, find out how to get started, and discover best practices from SAP.
    •Improve effectiveness and efficiency across the enterprise
    •Increase IT efficiency and reduce maintenance costs
    •Make strategic, accurate, and timely decisions with reliable information
    •Publish and distribute data to partners, subsidiaries or divisions

    With SAP MDG you can deliver trusted information to maximize business efficiency, make smarter decisions, and reduce risk to meet compliance requirements.
  • Gain Data Quality Insights with SAP Information Steward Recorded: Jan 29 2014 60 mins
    Paul Medaille, Director, SAP Ina Felsheim, Director, SAP
    Many companies have invested heavily in mission-critical business software initiatives. Yet too often these worthy but expensive initiatives fail to deliver anticipated benefits because of poor data. What’s needed is an integrated software solution that improves collaboration between data analysts and data stewards with the tools for understanding and analyzing the trustworthiness of enterprise information.

    SAP Information Steward software provides continuous insight into the quality of your data, giving you the power to improve the effectiveness of your operational, analytical, and governance initiatives.

    In this webinar, learn how SAP Information Steward can help your organization:
    •Analyze, monitor and report on the quality of your data
    •Adopt one solution for data stewardship
    •Create a collaborative environment for your IT and business users
    •Turn data quality into a competitive advantage

    Register for this webinar today to improve the accuracy and trustworthiness of your organization’s enterprise information.
  • Navigating Big Data with SAP Data Services Recorded: Jan 15 2014 60 mins
    Paul Medaille, Director, SAP Ina Felsheim, Director, SAP
    Trustworthy, accurate, and complete data is the driving force of your business’s engine. Yet in the era of “Big Data,” it can be challenging for workers to harness and make sense of all the information at their disposal. With the right data management solutions, you can gain insight across your business where and when you need it and support critical business and decision-making processes.

    SAP Data Services software helps move, improve, and govern your data, letting you deliver trusted information to all critical business functions. This enterprise-class software enables data integration, data quality, and text data processing in a single integrated solution.

    Join us for an informative Webinar on Wednesday, January 15, 2014, at 1:00 p.m. EST to learn how SAP Data Services can help your organization:

    ■Boost productivity and cut costs with a single solution for data integration, data quality, and text data processing
    ■Deliver clean, rich, trusted data to business and analytic applications to reduce risk and lower total cost of ownership
    ■Provide up-to-the-minute information for real-time analytics
    ■Establish a solid foundation for information governance initiatives
    Ensure applications work as needed, business processes are uninterrupted, and workers are empowered to make the best decisions.
  • SAP Idea Incubator - Crowd Sourcing Innovative Solutions Based on SAP HANA Recorded: Dec 18 2013 30 mins
    Greg Chase, Sr. Director, Marketing - SAP HANA, SAP Mentor
    Learn about your opportunities for finding more innovation and business value with SAP Idea Incubator, a unique crowd sourcing community for SAP SANA customers and experts.

    Do you have an idea for an application or feature you want to build on SAP HANA, but aren't sure how to accomplish it? Or, are you are a great inventor of algorithms and approaches for big data, analytics, data mining, machine learning, etc, and are looking for real business problems to solve?

    In this quick webinar, we'll introduce you to the features of SAP Idea Incubator, discuss what kind of projects are right for crowd sourcing, and how to submit a project. We cover important considerations such as non disclosure agreements, handling intellectual property, and sharing of data sets.

    While this webinar is geared towards customers submitting projects, it is valuable for inventors and experts to participate as well so they can understand the perspectives of those who submit projects.
  • Session Three: Integrating Data Streams into your Big Data Architecture Recorded: Dec 12 2013 42 mins
    Jeff Wootton, Senior Director, Product Management, SAP
    This is the third session in our series "Implementing data management strategies for a Big Data-enabled Enterprise Data Warehouse."

    In this session we will discuss how increasingly, data sources are able to deliver data in real-time. Yet, how do you collect data that is arriving continuously at very high speeds, and in a way that it is most useful? Even more importantly, how can you extract insight from that data and respond as things happen, rather than only being able to respond much later, once you’ve had a chance to analyze the historical data? See how event stream processing adds critical capabilities to your big data architecture.
  • Big Data - Strategies for Impl. your Big Data using an Architecture Approach Recorded: Nov 20 2013 58 mins
    Laurie Barker, TIP Marketing Database and Technology, SAP & David Dichmann, Product Manager for PowerDesigner, SAP
    Dealing with Big Data? Gaining an understanding of your current architecture will allow you to strategize, plan and implement Big Data into your infrastructure. Prepare for business transformation by understanding current state and modeling future state. During this webcast, SAP PowerDesigner Product Manager will demonstrate how using an architectural approach to Big Data will allow you to plan and integrate with existing systems to make the most of this leading technology. SAP PowerDesigner, a leader in Gartner’s 2013 Enterprise Architecture Magic Quadrant is helping SAP customers worldwide with transformative technologies like in-memory database, real-time data movement and Big Data.
  • Big Data - Avoiding Big Data Chaos For Customers And Developers Recorded: Nov 18 2013 57 mins
    Vijay Vijayasankar, SAP Labs
    Big data means many different things depending on who you ask. The collection of technologies that power big data is also evolving at a rapid pace.This makes it hard for customers and developers to figure out how to get value out of big data and avoid chaos. In this session Vijay will cover the common causes for chaos and confusion of big data, and some principles for effectively building big data applications.

    Vijay Vijayasankar is a global VP in SAP labs and leads the engineering for big data applications. Prior to joining SAP, Vijay was the global head of SAP forward engineering at IBM. Vijay is an SAP mentor alumnus, and an active blogger at http://andvijaysays.com. Follow him on twitter @vijayasankarv.
  • Big Data - Building Big Data Apps for Retail Recorded: Nov 13 2013 54 mins
    John Appleby, Bluefin Solutions
    How to build Big Data applications for retail analysis using SAP HANA. Demonstration of the architecture and setup of Big Data Apps with SAP HANA, and how to get amazing performance with billions of rows of data. Live demo of two applications, for retail analysis and climate change.
  • Session Two: Integrating Hadoop with SAP HANA and SAP Sybase IQ Recorded: Nov 12 2013 33 mins
    Courtney Claussen, Director Product Management
    This is the second session in our series "Implementing data management strategies for a Big Data-enabled Enterprise Data Warehouse"

    In this session we will discuss how SAP recognizes that not all data in your enterprise will exist in your SAP data warehouse, and that there are also different processing environments for handling big data that the SAP data-management platform needs to interact with. In this session learn how to utilize Big Data for interesting insights into your business, using the SAP data platform and Hadoop. We will show how these solutions have been engineered to work together through data federation and data integration methods for a Big Data-enabled enterprise data warehouse.
  • Big Data - Gaming Apps on SAP HANA Recorded: Nov 12 2013 55 mins
    Dr. Jan Teichmann, SAP HANA Product & Strategy, SAP AG
    This webinar focuses first of all on the concepts and architecture of a wide range of applications that need automated real-time decision making and are based on the SAP HANA Platform. The solution approach incorporates real-time streaming and filtering of a massive amount of unstructured data and shows the value that can be created. The main example used is Precision Gaming.
    Secondly, we will do a demo of development of a small-scale Android Gaming app which will be created online. It will be shown how this can grow into a big data application. This can be a starting point for any developer who would like to add some analytics and real-time capabilities to his / her game.
  • Big Data - BI in a Big Data World Recorded: Oct 17 2013 47 mins
    Mimi Spier, Senior Director, Marketing, Big Data & Analytics
    BI in a Big Data world transitions from Business Analysts using simple Business Performance reporting to being supported by data science experts using predictive analysis to uncover new signals and build prescriptive models to transform business processes. The session will provide powerful use cases highlighting the use of variety of information sources (external, unstructured, machine generated) that are driving the next level of consumer engagement.
  • Session One: Enabling a Big Data-enabled EDW with SAP’s Data Management Software Recorded: Oct 15 2013 33 mins
    Tom Traubitz, Director of Product Marketing
    This is the first session in our EDW series: Implementing data management strategies for a Big Data-enabled EDW

    SAP understands the importance of Big Data but we also understand that you can’t take of advantage of it without a data-management platform to help find relevancies within your data to turn them into business processes - essentially turning your big data into a key enterprise asset. See how by tying together your organization’s data assets – from operational data to external feeds and Big Data – SAP dramatically simplifies data management landscapes for both current and next-generation business applications, delivering information at unprecedented speeds and empowering a Big Data-enabled Enterprise Data Warehouse.
  • Nobody Agrees on Anything to do with Big Data - Except That It’s a Big Deal Recorded: Oct 15 2013 57 mins
    Timo Elliott
    What is Big Data? Nobody agrees on the definition, but everybody agrees that it’s a big new part of the business technology landscape. This session will touch on why there are so many different definitions, talk about some of the big trends in analytics, and look at some examples of companies using “big data” today.
  • Big Data – Big Data Maturity Model Recorded: Sep 17 2013 54 mins
    Imran Siddiqi
    Let’s face it, the promise of Big Data has not yet lived up to the expectations most of us have had of it. For some, this topic is seen as a series of challenges or problems to be overcome, rather than a set of opportunities to take advantage of. A lot of that is because most BI practitioners have been inundated with tools and technologies. While understanding the technology aspects of big data is important, most organizations cannot pinpoint where they are on their Big Data journey, or where they can go next for the most value. Yet there are many organizations that are finding tremendous ROI already. What can we learn from them? This session will teach a Maturity Model and Architecture framework for pinpointing where you currently are, and how you can progress to get Big Value from Big Data.
  • Big Data – Text Analytics Recorded: Aug 13 2013 52 mins
    Marie Goodell
    Today almost 80% of Big Data growth is from unstructured data. The key is being able to find nuggets of information – that combined with structured data – can make create competitive advantage. Imagine what could happen if you could…
    •Analyze customer sentiment about products to adjust retail inventory daily?
    •Extract relevant insight from financial news in real-time before you traded your stock?
    •Respond to your customer tweets in their own language to improve travel?
    The technology exists. And you can take advantage of it. Attend this session to discover how you can uncover key insights with full-text search and find meaning in unstructured content with text analysis. Text analytics from SAP is transforming what is possible for people who get it. People like you. Discover new possibilities with Big Data.
Expand Your Knowledge Base with Topics on SAP Database & Technology
Central location to learn, discuss and demo all things related to SAP database technology. Topics will be interactive and cover SAP HANA, Sybase, Big Data, Analytics and more. Guests will include high level executives and experts from the SAP community and beyond.

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