4 tips to better email engagement

Erin Haselkorn, Marketing Specialist
Email is the most important marketing communication channel for 2013. However, many organizations poorly engage with consumers through this channel because of bad email lists and poor customization. Attend this webinar to learn the current state of email engagement and 4 tips to better connect with subscribers.
Aug 22 2013
57 mins
4 tips to better email engagement
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  • Mater Data Management (MDM) is a key foundation for trusted data and more efficient business processes, touching almost every important activity in a company. Using this data strategically can differentiate you from your competitors.

    To succeed when planning and designing an MDM program, you need to understand where things can go wrong. Join us for this webinar to learn more about the concepts around MDM, including the wider consideration of implementing a data quality framework and pervasive data governance. We will also outline the top worst practices to avoid and discuss how to ensure your MDM initiative is a success.
  • Connecting buyer and supplier in B2B has always been a challenge. The need for speed and information quality as increased over time.

    B2B supply of product catalogs large customers is the core of the sales business of distributors and manufacturers. Feeding the procurement system of large enterprises quicker can bost revenue and build customer relationships.

    On the other side purchasing teams are focussing minimizing manual efforts when sourcing product catalogs from b2b suppliers. The quality of product catalogs from suppliers is still not on the level of quality procurement specialists dream of.

    In this webinar procurement specialists and B2B suppliers will listen and learn:

    Informatica Procurement at a glance

    - Catalog Stream, the B2B Commerce Machine: PIM-2-Procurement B2B integration, for better data quality from suppliers to reduce data management efforts

    - Simple order and approval process in the catalog interface with enhanced ERP integration & eMail

    - Always Auto Content: Auto content synchronization for always valid content and search on classification view with user-based views and new catalog content

    - Catalog Information Everywhere: Integration with surrounding applications based on the Service API (ready for data fueled mobile apps)

    - Demo & more
  • A short video introducing how LityxIQ can be used for Health Care through demonstration of a hospital use case.
  • Hadoop is transforming today's Healthcare industry. In this webinar, Charles Boicey covers the various new use cases made possible as the Hadoop ecosystem matures.​

    In 2010 the Clinical Informatics Team at the University of California in Irvine, led by Charles Boicey, looked outside of the conventional Healthcare data ecosystem for new data management solutions - their existing Electronic Health Record and Enterprise Data Warehouse environments no longer met the organization’s needs. They researched "Big Data" technologies in organizations such as Yahoo, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook and concluded that Hadoop could supplement their current ecosystem to solve existing use cases and act as a platform to develop new applications for future solutions and insights.
  • YARN has fundamentally transformed the Hadoop landscape. It has opened Hadoop from a single workload system to one that can now support a multitude of “fit for purpose” processing. In this workshop we will provide an overview of Apache Slider that enables custom applications to run natively in the cluster as a YARN Ready Application. The workshop will include working examples and provide an overview of work being pursued in the community around YARN Docker integration.
  • Effective data governance requires the effective application of people, process, policy and technology to ensure consistent delivery of trusted, connected, and secure data across an enterprise.

    Organizations across all industries are investing in data governance to gain business value from their data to meet industry regulations, reduce the cost of doing business, and grow revenue and profits.

    In this webinar dedicated to data governance, Michael Wodzinski, Director of Information Architecture team, Lisa Bemis, Director of Master Data, and Fabian Torres, Director, Project Management at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH), global leader in publishing, will share their experiences in implementing a data governance program within HMH. Our guest speakers from HMH will discuss some of the unique data management challenges within HMH, how the data governance program has helped address those issues and open up new opportunities for the company. While walking you through their data governance journey, our guest speakers will offer their insights on how to establish a viable data governance practice in a complex enterprise environment, share their best practices and lessons learned. David Lyle, VP of Produce Strategy, from Informatica will share his observations in the data governance space, discuss Informatica’s data governance solutions and our thought leadership behind those offerings.
  • Attack Intelligence to Power Tomorrow’s Cyber Response.

    Preparing to combat every threat and vulnerability is a war that no cybersecurity professional can win today. Speed, accuracy and visibility of threats and active attacks is critical to defending against APTs and other sophisticated attacks responsible for today’s headline-grabbing data breaches. The next generation of advanced threat prevention solutions will require a significant shift in how we incorporate threat and attack visibility into everyday security operations, enabling incident responders to identify and stop campaigns as they happen.

    Join us as IDC’s Research Vice President for Security Products Services Charles Kolodgy shares his view of the threat landscape, including how threats are evolving, how cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated and what new solutions are necessary to combat APTs.
  • Growing installs is the number one mission for any mobile app developer, and any user acquisition strategy generally consists of a mix of organic installs and paid campaigns. But many see these as separate and distinct. Not true. To get the most out of each — especially for smaller developers — it’s critical to understand how paid installs impact organic installs, and vice versa.

    In this webinar, Ian Sefferman of TUNE will share the eye-opening results of a study investigating the correlation between paid campaigns and organic installs (yes, it’s positive), and how this varies depending on the app category and operating system. Christian Calderon of DOTS will dive into the strategies and tactics that increase both paid and organic installs, and how they work together.

    What you’ll learn:
    For every paid install, how many organic installs an app can expect to see
    How the multiplier effect impacts app categories differently
    How organic installs and engaged users affect your paid strategy and spend
    Best-practice examples on what really works to maximize both organic installs and paid campaigns for highest yield


    Ian Sefferman, GM, App Store Analytics
    Christian Calderon, Head of Marketing, DOTS
  • Based on recent research by analyst Bob Larrivee of AIIM, this webinar will address how organizations can leverage technology to identify, evaluate and optimize business processes to increase operational efficiency.

    Join us as we explore:
    - Drivers for problem-solving, tracking KPIs, process failures and workflow management
    - How technology can reduce errors and exceptions that lead to lost business and non-compliance
    - Increasing visibility to optimize processes, reduce costs and deliver a superior customer experience
  • Scaling multiple databases with a single legacy storage system works well from a cost perspective, but workload conflicts and hardware contention make these solutions an unattractive choice for anything but low-performance applications.

    Attend the webinar to learn about:
    - How SolidFire’s all-flash storage system provides high performance at massive scale for mixed workload processing while simultaneously controlling costs and guaranteeing performance
    - How to deploy four or more database copies using SolidFire’s Oracle Validated Configuration, at a price point at or below the cost of traditional storage systems
    - SolidFire’s Quality of Service (QoS) guarantee; every copy receives dedicated all-flash performance, so IT admins can deliver solutions with confidence and maximize business efficiency
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  • Uncovering data as a strategic asset Recorded: Feb 19 2015 45 mins
    The uses of data continue to increase as we look to better understand our customers and business success. However, the quality of that data is of paramount importance and many organizations are investing in new data quality solutions. This is simply because without good quality data, organizations are unable to gain the desired level of insight.

    To better understand how organizations are using and managing data, Experian Data Quality conducted a global survey to understand market trends.

    Join this upcoming webinar to hear information from a recent global research study on data quality and tips for how you can improve your data management in 2015.

    Register for this webinar to hear:
    •Global trends on turning data into insight
    •Current data management practices
    •Four tips to improve your data quality in 2015
  • Loyalty Matters: How better insight can drive more loyal customers & revenue Recorded: Jan 27 2015 54 mins
    In the era of the consumer review, an increasing number of digital channels and a 24/7 shopping cycle, customers are more empowered than ever before and are driving major changes within businesses. Since the cost to acquire a new customer is so high, many businesses are looking to increase the lifetime value of customers they already have and are implementing loyalty programs. With loyalty programs comes data. Organizations have an opportunity to utilize this data to better understand their customers and drive actionable insights, but only if the data captured is accurate and consolidated.

    Join us with Loyalty360 to discuss:

    •The prevalence of loyalty programs and data collection
    •Strategic initiatives around loyalty
    •Consumer insights available through data
    •Three ways to improve loyalty insight
  • Solving the mystery: Tips for measuring ROI on your data quality tools Recorded: Nov 18 2014 29 mins
    An increasing number of companies are investing in data quality solutions, but not all are demonstrating return on investment. This leaves organizations at risk for budget reductions to those solutions or ineffective technology.

    Join this upcoming webinar to hear the current state of data quality investment and the top three tips for measuring ROI.

    Register for this webinar to hear:
    •The expansion of data quality tools and the level of investment
    •The number of companies calculating ROI
    •Three tips for measuring the effectiveness of data quality tools
  • Become an acquisition magician Recorded: Oct 2 2014 32 mins
    Become and email acquisition magician! Craig Swerdloff and Jordan Cohen will cover 10 helpful tricks for acquiring email addresses, maintaining those emails with best-practices, and keeping those customers loyal to your brand. It will also focus on tactics for utilizing a variety of channels to collect emails. In this one-hour session, you’ll learn:
    - How to leverage your web presence to capture as many emails as possible without interrupting the user experience
    - Ways to incentivize registrations on your website, brick and mortar locations, and other channels
    - Best-practices in email marketing, and leveraging those tactics to optimize your ROI

    Craig Swerdloff, SVP/GM, LeadSpend, a part of Experian (@swerd, @ExperianDQ)

    Jordan Cohen, CMO, Fluent (@JCohen808, @FluentInc)
  • Driving consumer insight through data collection and linkage Recorded: Sep 18 2014 29 mins
    Consumers expect to interact with companies how they want, whenever they want. How can companies create a customized, coordinated customer experience? By leveraging accurate and complete consumer data to better understand buyers, companies can drive retention and revenue. But, the process is not easy.

    Challenges in data collection and linkage are hurting insight for key business initiatives. Join this webinar to hear:
    -The value in analyzing data
    -The top challenges in linking data across channels
    -Three ways to improve consumer insight
  • 5 ways to drive marketing ROI Recorded: Sep 5 2014 54 mins
    Are your email marketing efforts driving the revenue numbers your business needs? Don’t let common oversights lead to poor email performance and shrinking ROI.

    Experian Data Quality has partnered with Chief Marketer, to bring together three world renowned experts in email marketing. Join our panel and learn how to avoid major email marketing challenges, unlock the full potential of your strategy, and ultimately deliver better business results.

    Watch this webinar to hear:

    Ways to leverage email validation and deliverability techniques
    Factors that influence your sender reputation and steps you can take to improve it
    Real-world examples of marketers that have dramatically boosted ROI by advancing their email strategy
  • The missing piece of your marketing puzzle Recorded: Aug 20 2014 44 mins
    Data-driven marketing is everywhere and many of us are looking to gain new insight from the wealth of information available, opening up new possibilities around customization and consumer experience.

    However, 81% of companies are encountering problems when trying to utilize their data in a strategic way for business intelligence. While marketers have a large volume of information available, many struggle to find meaningful insights from that data.

    Register for the webinar to hear:
    • The growing need for data insights
    • Market research on analytics and marketing intelligence
    • Tips for improving data quality and accessibility
  • Leveraging personalization to improve engagement Recorded: Jul 16 2014 30 mins
    To engage consumers and drive revenue, marketers are turning to personalization. But with a large number of companies facing challenges when it comes to personalization, marketers need to clean-up data to execute on desired initiatives.
  • Navigating business performance and intelligence efforts Recorded: Jun 26 2014 38 mins
    Customer data is the foundation of any business, no matter the company size or industry. Accurate data is necessary for customer interaction, analytics, operations and marketing. However, a recent Experian Data Quality research study found that the size of an organization may correlate to how they wish to benefit from customer data.

    Join our presentation to find out how priorities shift as businesses grow. Get benchmarks regarding data priorities and sophistication levels for organizations as they grow from a small business to an enterprise organization.

    This webinar will cover:
    •How data plays a role within business performance and intelligence efforts
    •Guide for navigating data quality obstacles
    •Ways to enhance data quality strategies as business priorities evolve
  • The state of data quality Recorded: Feb 12 2014 50 mins
    Data quality is the foundation for business intelligence, consumer engagement and marketing efforts. With organizations utilizing data in more ways than ever before, the state of data quality is changing. Experian Data Quality conducted a survey to gain insight into data usage, management methods and accuracy levels. Attend the upcoming webinar to hear the survey results and variances in data management across the globe and different industries.
  • 5 resolutions to improve results in the New Year Recorded: Dec 12 2013 45 mins
    Customer centricity is now an essential component of any business’ growth or retention plan, from marketing and loyalty efforts to customer satisfaction and engagement rates. However, adapting business practices across all customer facing departments is easier said than done.
  • Experian Data Quality Electronic updates – Frequently Asked Questions Recorded: Oct 16 2013 6 mins
    Learn the benefits of utilizing Experian QAS Electronic Updates, a free service that enables the automatic download and installation of reference data. Electronic update ensure data updates are applied and the functionality of Experian QAS will work seamlessly.

    Experian QAS product managers Devin Shane and Robert Plant will review how this free service will lower the total cost of ownership for your Experian QAS products.
  • Creating actionable insights through data Recorded: Oct 9 2013 55 mins
    With the significant amount information available to understand consumers and business operations, organizations need to be certain they generate actionable insights from data. Without a clear outline of business objectives, knowledge of data elements and the reliability of those details, organizations may be wasting their time reaching for a ‘big data’ goal that will not provide value to the business.
  • Building a data hygiene toolkit Recorded: Sep 18 2013 42 mins
    Loyalty and marketing initiatives, application upgrades and data migrations require clean and accurate data. Vaughan Phillips, Experian QAS’ Principal Consultant, will explain why it’s important to build a data hygiene strategy and what tools are available to ensure comprehensive contact data quality. In this session we’ll review customer case studies about how Experian QAS has helped improve ROI, operational efficiency and reduce costs.

    Attend this webinar to learn:
    •Best practices for developing a data hygiene strategy
    •Tips on how to standardize data and identify duplicates
    •Tips for incremental improvements for better data quality
  • 4 tips to better email engagement Recorded: Aug 22 2013 57 mins
    Email is the most important marketing communication channel for 2013. However, many organizations poorly engage with consumers through this channel because of bad email lists and poor customization. Attend this webinar to learn the current state of email engagement and 4 tips to better connect with subscribers.
  • Experian Data Quality Customer Webinar: Best practices and advice Recorded: Aug 14 2013 27 mins
    Please join us for a Q&A webinar featuring best practices and advice from the Experian QAS superhero support team. We’ll discuss how our support superheros help customers fight outdated data and battle dirty data. We’ll answer frequently asked questions from our customers and provide tips on how to make the most of your existing investment.

    Register now to hear:
    Frequently asked questions from Experian QAS customers
    How to make the most of your Experian QAS investment
    New tools and functionality available to better fight dirty data
  • How the CO. Dept. of Labor and Employment Improved Claimant Processes Recorded: Aug 7 2013 21 mins
    Please join us for a Q&A webinar featuring Jay Johnson, Business Analyst, from the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment. Jay will discuss how the CO. Dept of Labor and Employment worked with Experian QAS to improve the claimant process while reducing returned mail and increasing operational efficiencies.
  • Leverage data enrichment for individualized consumer insight Recorded: Aug 6 2013 33 mins
    Viewers will learn why businesses need to capitalize on consumer interest quickly and effectively. Customer impressions solidify quickly and purchases happen within a small window. To best capitalize on that small window of opportunity, organizations need to truly know their customers and provide relevant offers that keep each individual interested.
  • Ensuring data quality in your big data initiative Recorded: Aug 5 2013 40 mins
    Today you will learn what big data actually means. Then we will review how the big data initiative relates to data quality.
    We will go through some of the barriers to having accurate data and back that up with some primary research that we performed. We will provide tips for how to improve data quality and the effectiveness of big data projects.
    Lastly we’ll take questions from the audience.
On demand and live webinars
Access the latest information on data quality, including results from contact data quality studies, impacts that incorrect and inaccurate data have on a business, and how organizations use more accurate and complete customer data to make better business decisions.

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