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Responsive design - helping email marketers overcome modern marketing challenges

Responsive design was the buzz word for email marketers in 2013. It is an increasingly important way of creating emails, enabling any interface from website to email to adapt to fit multiple screen resolutions.

With more mobile and tablet devices on the market than ever, email marketers are finding it difficult to optimise their content for each platform.

Responsive design can help overcome this challenge.

Pure360’s Senior Creative Developer, Kavan Webb, is our in house expert in responsive design. During this new webinar Kavan will focus on:

- What exactly is responsive design?
- How has it evolved?
- It’s all about the recipients
- Responsive design techniques
- The future of responsive design
Recorded Mar 20 2014 43 mins
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Presented by
Kavan Webb
Presentation preview: Responsive design - helping email marketers overcome modern marketing challenges

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    Mobile has become the most convenient channel for interaction between brands and customers, for communicating both transactional information and marketing messages.

    Join Craig Fenner, Account Manager at Pure360 who will explore why SMS is key to an effective multi channel strategy and can be used throughout the customer's life-cycle to maximise ROI.
  • Top 6 Examples of Behavioural Targeting Recorded: May 17 2016 32 mins
    Stella Sampani, Account Manager, Pure360
    A few months ago we hosted a detailed webinar on how to increase your online sales and provide a more personalised customer journey. This is the follow up - a short, snappy refresher session on the types of campaigns you should be implementing as a retail or travel and leisure company. ​

    ​​Jam packed with examples, Stella Sampani (Account Manager at Pure360), will provide you with some great inspiration for campaigns to send throughout a customer's journey on your website, which ultimately makes you more money!
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  • Create engaging customer journeys in 4 simple steps​ Recorded: Apr 27 2016 34 mins
    Ashley Joyce and Kizzy Burton
    Imagine if you could visually drag and drop segments of customers into useful groups such as unengaged, high spenders and loyal customers, then automate the most targeted and relevant message to each group? You can!

    Join Ashley Joyce and Kizzy Burton (Account Managers at Pure360) to:

    - Discover how you can easily collate multiple data sources into a central hub

    - Learn how to explore your data and build engaging customer journeys

    - See how we enabled numerous customers send highly targeted, automated campaigns

    Pure360 Customer Intelligence is a data intelligence and lifecycle automation solution that enables marketers to better understand their customers and then action behaviour across multiple channels. Attend the webinar to learn how you could benefit!
  • How automation can improve your email performance Recorded: Apr 20 2016 38 mins
    Lee Davies, Online Marketing Manager, Pure360
    Join this webinar to learn how triggered messaging can improve your campaign performance, and how to provide timely updates and messages to your customers and subscriber base.

    Pure360's Online Marketing Manager Lee Davies will be presenting this webinar, where he will explain and detail how you can use email automation to provide your customers and subscriber base with relevant messaging at the right time.

    This webinar will be focused around our new Advanced Email Series: Automation guide, grab it ahead of the webinar on 20th April here:

    - http://www.pure360.com/advanced-email-series-automation/
  • Boosting email engagement with Personalisation Recorded: Mar 23 2016 31 mins
    Kristian Tucker, Customer Experience Manager
    In this webinar you'll learn how using personalisation can boost engagement and improve your email marketing campaign results.

    Pure360's Customer Experience Manager, Kristian Tucker, will be discussing the various approaches and options available to you, and how to use them efficiently and effectively.

    Using our industry-leading best practice framework, The Email Maturity Model, Kristian will be offering advice and suggestions across the entire email marketing scope, detailing how SMEs up to large corporations can benefit from the introduction of personalisation in their email campaigns.

    Get a head start, and download the Email Maturity Guide here: http://www.pure360.com/email-maturity-model/
  • Using Segmentation to Improve your Email Marketing Recorded: Feb 24 2016 26 mins
    Boyana Staneva, Product Specialist, Pure360
    Pure360's Product Specialist, Boyana Staneva, will be showing you how using segmentation can lead to improved results and outcomes from your email marketing campaigns, no matter what stage of email maturity you are currently at.

    Boyana will be referring to our new Advanced Email Series guide on segmentation for this webinar and offering actionable insights and takeaways. The guide also references our popular, industry-leading Email Maturity Model framework, and how you can shape your journey through the stages of email security.

    In this webinar you will learn:

    - How segmentation can benefit your digital strategy
    - The potential challenges you could face with segmentation
    - Quick tips on how to use segmentation to its full benefit

    Download the accompanying guide here: http://www.pure360.com/advanced-email-series-segmentation/

    Find out more about the Email Maturity Model and download the Pure360 Guide to the Email Maturity Model here: http://www.pure360.com/email-maturity-model/
  • 6 steps to increase online sales & provide a more personalised customer journey Recorded: Feb 23 2016 60 mins
    Ashley Joyce, Account Manager at Pure360
    The internet is a crowded place. A person receives anywhere from 3,000 to 20,000 marketing messages a day, yet today’s average attention span is a mere 5 seconds. Never has relevance in digital marketing been so important. Understanding consumer behaviour, interests and preference is now integral to communicating the right message to the right customer at the right time.

    Translating visitor behaviour into data which marketers can utilise within their campaigns is the foundation of our Behavioural Targeting solution.

    Attend this webinar and learn:
    - 6 steps you can take to increase online sales by up to 36%
    - the types of re-engagement campaigns you can implement to recoup lost revenue
    - which brands have successfully implemented these types of campaigns and how you can achieve similar results
  • Email Marketing for Travel & Leisure Recorded: Feb 10 2016 33 mins
    Katie Hurley, Account Director, Pure360
    Join Pure360 Account Director Katie Hurley to learn how you can stay ahead with your email marketing in a rapidly evolving sector with our Email Marketing for Travel & Leisure webinar.

    Katie will show you how to use both the Email Maturity Model and the Five Pillars to Digital Marketing Success to benchmark and help transform your digital marketing results. The five pillars are:

    - Strategy
    - Audience
    - Message
    - Channel
    - Insight

    Includes email examples from:

    - Thomas Cook
    - Travel Republic
    - Expedia
    - EasyJet
    - Trip Advisor
    - Booking.com

    Download the Travel & Leisure guide here: http://www.pure360.com/sector-series-travel-leisure/

    Download the Maturity Model here: pure360.com/email-maturity-model/
  • Why mobile should form part of your multi-channel strategy Recorded: Jan 19 2016 54 mins
    Stella Sampani & David Bruce, Email & SMS experts at Pure360
    More and more companies are adopting a 'mobile-first' strategy after understanding the importance of getting in front of the customer via mobile – the most current and viewed channel.

    Mobile has become the most convenient channel for interaction between brands and customers, for communicating both transactional information and marketing messages.

    Join Stella Sampani and David Bruce, email and SMS experts at Pure360 in this webinar to:

    - Learn key facts and figures on mobile usage and why including SMS as part of your marketing mix can help you achieve exceptional results

    - Understand how companies have used SMS to engage customers and increase ROI at all stages of the customer life cycle - from acquisition to retention

    - Get insight into the tracking and reporting tools available to you as a Pure360 customer
  • Email Marketing Data Capture in 15 Minutes Recorded: Jan 14 2016 15 mins
    Adrian Brandish, Sales Data Manager, Pure360
    Learn how to overcome the challenges marketers face with data capture, and how to benefit more from the data you do capture.
  • Email Marketing for Retailers Recorded: Dec 17 2015 39 mins
    Lee Davies, Online Marketing Manager at Pure360
    Learn how to stand out in the most competitive sector with the new Pure360 Email Marketing for Retailers webinar and accompanying guide.
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