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Identity & KYC Webinar Series

Millennials in Banking: Millennials speak out on their global view of banking
Recorded Oct 19 2016 33 mins
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Presented by
Robert Prigge
Presentation preview: Identity & KYC Webinar Series

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  • Social in financial services: opportunity to engage or regulatory nightmare? May 3 2017 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Patrick Barnert, Qumram, Joy Macknight, The Banker, David Bruno, UBS, Courtney McQuade
    There is no doubt that social media is a valuable engagement platform for any business. So why have financial services firms been so slow to engage with customers via this channel?

    In this webinar we will discuss:
    * What is the truth about social media in financial services: do customers really want it, and if so, what for?

    * How are banks and other financial institutions reacting?

    * Is the use of social media for two-way communication in financial services a reality today?

    * What are the compliance and risk challenges associated with social media usage; how can they be mitigated?

    * Which financial institutions are leading the way?

    * Should banks build their own social platforms to avoid compliance and control issues?
  • Navigating the Seismic Shift in Buy Side Compliance Recorded: Mar 15 2017 64 mins
    Jodie Paula Cohen, Event Creation Network
    ECN is pleased to be hosting a webinar with experts from PWC, Aite and NICE Actimize on March, 15.

    Join us to hear how buy side firms are addressing the challenges of the expanding global regulations, and how your own evolving business model could be a significant compliance issue.

    During this webinar participants will discuss:

    • What is behind the shift in compliance regulations, and what to expect in the future
    • How hedge funds and asset managers are reacting
    • How are hedge funds and asset managers, like you, reacting
    • Why you should embrace the change
    • Lessons learned from peers
    • Choosing the right technology

    Stephen Anikewich, Head of Compliance, NICE Actimize
    Danielle Tierney, Senior Analyst, Aite
    Harshad Pitkar, Partner, Financial Services – Risk and Compliance, PWC
    Jodie Paula Cohen, Event Creation Network
  • Industry Leader Interview - Top Five Regulatory Risk in Asia Recorded: Mar 3 2017 23 mins
    Kelly Ann McHugh
    ECN is pleased to be hosting an interview with Kelly Ann McHugh, Head of Regulatory Intelligence, Proposition – Asia Pacific and Japan for Thomson Reuters on the 3rd March at 9.am GMT to discuss the current state of financial regulation in Asia, the key risk areas that need to be considered and to explore the future of financial regulation and how new technologies could impact the way financial institutions manage risk and remain compliant particularly in the areas of KYC and AML.
  • KYC in the online age Recorded: Feb 16 2017 47 mins
    Panel Discussion featuring: UK Cabinet Office, CurrencyFair, IOX & Mitek
    Financial institutions from all over the world are facing increasingly strict regulations regarding the verification and authentication of their customers’ identity. The imminent enforcement of the 4AMLD and the publication of the 5AMLD will nothing but add pressure on the financial services industry.

    To keep a competitive edge and still be compliant with the latest Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations, banks, prepaid card operators, digital currency processors, exchanges, and wallets are being compelled to embrace the digitalisation of traditionally cumbersome processes such as customer due diligence and ongoing authentication.

    Aiming to simplify KYC in this ever-changing regulatory environment, and optimizing the digital channels for further security and convenience, financial institutions need to successfully achieve this change within their policies, procedures, business models, and technology infrastructures.

    During this webinar, our panel of experts will provide answers to the following questions:

    •Are the technologies to underpin digital identity verification reliable and robust enough for financial institutions to rely on them?

    •Are customers prepared to go down the digital route?

    •Can financial institutions strike the right balance between rock-solid compliance, and smooth, easy, digital customer experience?

    •How are financial institutions coping with the challenges posed by the latest regulatory updates?

    Join us for this panel discussion with our expert speakers:

    Don Thibeau, Chairman & President, The Open Identity Exchange (OIX)
    Fintan Byrne, Head of Risk & Chief Compliance Officer, CurrencyFair
    Sarah Clarke, General Manager - Identity, Mitek
    David Rennie, Identity Assurance Programme, UK Cabinet Office
  • The Internet of Things in Retail: Getting Beyond the Hype.... Recorded: Jan 25 2017 16 mins
    Brian Kilcourse, RSR, interviewed by Carl Goodman, Head of Content, ECN's Retail Edge
    Join us for an interview with Brian Kilcourse of RSR Research to discuss his key thoughts emerging from RSR's recent research report on The Internet of Things.
  • Identity & KYC Webinar Series Recorded: Dec 6 2016 29 mins
    Michelle Schofield, Ervinna Lim
    Ensure KYC, Reduce Fraud, Provide a Great Customer Experience -- How digital currency is Winning on 3 Fronts

    From traditional banks to, money transfer and now the growing Bitcoin market, meeting KYC requirements is critical. Come learn how Coinbase, the leader in digital currency, is using Jumio to ensure regulatory compliance, reduce fraud, and ensure a frictionless customer experience.
  • Identity & KYC Webinar Series Recorded: Nov 4 2016 34 mins
    Husayn Kassa
    How Machine Learning is improving the User Experience
  • Identity & KYC Webinar Series Recorded: Oct 19 2016 33 mins
    Robert Prigge
    Millennials in Banking: Millennials speak out on their global view of banking
  • Identity & KYC Webinar Series Recorded: Oct 18 2016 33 mins
    Robert Prigge
    Millenials in Banking: Millenials speak out on their global view of banking
  • DTiWAM Webinar Series Recorded: Sep 30 2016 23 mins
    Juan Pablo Luchetti
    Digital Transformation in Wealth & Asset Management
  • RegTech Webinar Series Recorded: Aug 31 2016 17 mins
    Shane Brett
    Regulatory compliance is one of the biggest immediate challenges affecting the financial services industry today. Many market participants are unsure how to meet constantly evolving reporting requirements or how to move to an open API framework in a secure and compliant way.
  • Identity & KYC Webinar Series Recorded: Aug 4 2016 32 mins
    Jonathan Hardinges, Dominic Mac
    Rethinking the way we verify identity and how this feeds through to improved KYC, client onboarding and AML
  • Identity & KYC Webinar Series Recorded: Jul 18 2016 36 mins
    Sue Dawes, Sarah Munro, Steve Pannifer, Don Thibeau
    Advances in identity verification and management: How new technologies can reduce oversharing of personally identifying information, fraud and identity theft
  • Innovation in Identity & KYC: A Thought Leader Interview Recorded: Mar 24 2016 21 mins
    Jodie Paula Cohen of ECN interviews Rob Laurence, Director of Innovate Identity
    Traditional methods of identity verification are contributing to lengthy and expensive KYC and onboarding processes. Technological advances, regulatory requirements and business necessity are leading organisations to a point where they have to rethink the way identity works.

    With so many financial services institutions embracing digital, the big challenge is bringing together information about each client, from multiple systems, to create one accurate client identity. Achieving this, while demonstrating robust and compliant KYC capabilities, is causing costs to spiral.

    In this exclusive webinar Jodie Paula Cohen, producer of the acclaimed Identity & KYC conference, catches up with leading Identity expert Rob Laurence, Director of Innovate Identity, to gain some practical insights into how these challenges can be tackled.

    Questions will include:

    1) How close are we to being able to access digital information about identity in a consumable and trusted way, across industries?

    2) Which technologies should organisations be looking into, to support their identity and KYC processes?

    3) Is the blockchain a complete solution for improved identity verification, or just part of a wider solution?

    4) How can institutions ensure a user-friendly and compliant KYC and onboarding process?

    5) What are the challenges and benefits of putting in place a ‘financial services passport’?
  • Disrupting Wealth & Asset Management: An interview with Amin Rajan Recorded: Feb 26 2016 27 mins
    Jodie Paula Cohen of ECN interviews Amin Rajan, CEO of CREATE-Research
    Digital technology has already disrupted many industries, and today it is the wealth and asset management space that stands on the cusp of a digital revolution. Consumer demand, increasing competition from new market entrants and regulatory pressures are driving the speed at which technology is being adopted within these sectors.
    Capacity constraints, cultural barriers and concerns over data insecurity have hampered the adoption of digital technology so far; but the tide is now turning....

    Jodie Paula Cohen, producer of the acclaimed Digital Technology in Wealth & Asset Management conference, catches up with leading researcher and analyst Amin Rajan to gain some insights into how the industry may evolve and where advantages will be gained:

    Questions will include:

    - What do you perceive as the most important drivers of digitisation in the wealth and asset management space today?

    - How do you see these drivers playing out over the next 12 months?
    Which activities in the value chain are most susceptible to digitisation, and which areas should managers focus on?

    - What are the key challenges that firms need to overcome when putting in place a digital strategy?

    - How are new market entrants shaping the evolution of the sector?

    - How are clients responding to digital technology? What are their main concerns and demands?
  • Blockchain or bust? The tech you need to get your head around now... Recorded: Oct 20 2015 29 mins
    Sian Jones, COINsult & Marie Walker, Blockchain-Events.com
    Blockchain technology is set to have a big impact on many sectors as it securely and quickly enables peer to peer transactions, records and confirms identity and much more.

    You may be an advocate, or a cautious observer. But quite possibly you may not have really heard of it at all.

    In this webinar Blockchain-Events.com interviews Sian Jones of COINsult. We explore why it is important for all senior executives to understand the emergence of Blockchain technology; and highlight some of the key considerations you need to form an opinion on in advance of the industry and internal discussions you will soon face.
  • Everything You Wanted To Know About Cryptocurrencies (But Were Afraid to Ask) Recorded: Dec 11 2014 64 mins
    Robert Courtneidge, Global Head of Cards & Payments, Lock Lord
    A free to view live debate on 11th December 2015, 12pm GMT

    With the massive take up of cryptocurrencies around the world, we present a live discussion and debate on the current state of the nation for cryptocurrencies around the world.

    An update from our previous webinar earlier this year, the live debate will take place between three of the most respected and engaging experts in cryptocurrencies:

    Robert Courtneidge, Global Head of Cards and Payments, Lock Lord

    Ben Regnard-Weinrabe, Partner, Paul Hastings LLP

    Ashley Winton, Partner, Paul Hastings LLP

    Join the debate! We encourage you to field your own questions to the presenters during the webinar and challenge them on their assumptions!

    Remember here you can ask those questions you were afraid to ask!
  • Why do big banks and regulators want crypto-currencies to fail? Recorded: Jul 15 2014 68 mins
    Robert Courtneidge, Locke Lord LLP; Ashley Winton, White & Case
    With the massive take up of crypto-currencies around the world we review what they are and how the Banks and Regulators are looking at this new brand of money on a country by country basis.

    Which countries have chosen to regulate it, which have denounced it, which have stopped short of regulating it but have imposed taxes, which countries are ‘on the fence’ and which countries simply refuse to regulate.

    What are the regulators trying to do and why?

    Do the Card Schemes want crypto currencies and if not why not?

    What is the ‘Block Chain’, how does it work and how can do we draft commercial agreements around it?

    What would happen if the technologies behind the crypto currencies were taken up by fiat currencies? Would we still need payment systems at all??

    These are just a few of the key questions we will be answering in this high speed race through the exciting world of crypto currencies!
  • Mobile Payments – Really!! What Do You Mean? A Regulators Worst Nightmare Recorded: May 6 2014 34 mins
    Robert Courtneidge, Global Head of Cards and Payments, Locke Lord LLP
    Mobile payments is a wide term which can refer to a multitude of different activities based around a mobile phone (smart phone). These activities can include acquiring (MPOS, QRCodes, NFC and other contactless means of payment), mobile banking, peer-to-peer payment innovations, premium SMS and other pay by phone options and payment/loyalty apps.

    The regulation that covers the above is equally wide ranging from the regulation of payment services and electronic money to the use of personal data and telco regulation.

    The European Commission in its wisdom drafted a very good green paper back in January 2012 entitled "Toward an integrated European market for card, internet and mobile payments" which recognised that mobile was simply a device/medium and not a payment method in itself. The aim of the paper was to increase competition, provide more choice and transparency for consumers, grow innovation and promote payment security and consumer trust. As recently as November 2013, the European Central Bank published its "recommendations for the security of mobile payments" and these have been endorsed by the national banks of the European Union. In the draft Second Payment Services Directive we see a continued push into this space of creating a secure and regulated platform for mobile issuing and acquiring in payments.
  • Prepaid Market Trends: A Global Overview - Part 2 Recorded: Feb 24 2014 62 mins
    Peter Sidenius, Director, Edgar, Dunn & Company & Member of the PIF Board of Directors
    Join us for this 60 minute webinar covering prepaid market trends in key regions across the world.

    Presented by Peter Sidenius, a Director with Edgar, Dunn & Company and member of the PIF Board of Directors, this webinar is the second in a two part series providing in-depth insights to the global prepaid landscape.

    This webinar will compare and contrast key growth areas, dominant segments and market opportunity estimates for selected markets in North America, Asia Pacific and Africa with references to:

    •The key drivers of consumer, government and corporate prepaid programmes
    •The impact of the regulatory environment on prepaid market growth

    A live Q&A session will take place during the broadcast.

    About PIF

    Prepaid International Forum (PIF) is a not-for-profit trade association established in 2007 to represent the interests of all parties participating in the prepaid economy on a commercial basis. PIF is dedicated to the progression of the prepaid industry and acts as a principal point of liaison between the prepaid economy and government agencies, regulators and the media.

    PIF members include issuers of prepaid products and services, Card Schemes, processors and suppliers of services to the industry.

    In 2013 PIF announced plans to expand its international presence with the launch of a regional Chapter for the Middle East under the Patronage of TSYS. Learn more
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