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  • „Bester NIC - bester Preis! Garantiert kein Aprilscherz“ Erfahren sie, wie Emulex 10Gb Ethernet Server-Konnektivität performanter und lukrativer macht! Langsam, aber sicher wird 10Gb Ethernet (10GbE) der Standard für Server-Netzwerk-Konnektivität. Wir möchten Ihnen in diesem Webcast zeigen, dass die Basisfunktionen eines NICs in vielen Fällen nicht mehr ausreichen. Emulex bietet Ihnen jetzt 10GbE-Netzwerkadapter mit umfangreichsten Funktionen und sehr hoher Flexibilität, zum günstigsten Preis! Aktuell erhalten Sie sogar einen Adapter kostenfrei, beim Kauf von 5 Emulex 10GbE-Netzwerkadaptern. Wir werden im Webcast unter anderem auf Themen wie Low Latency über Ethernet, Small Packet Performance oder Overlay Networking für Hybrid Cloud-Umgebungen eingehen. Überzeugen Sie sich selbst anhand von Testergebnissen, wie Emulex 10GbE Netzwerkadapter im Vergleich zu NICs anderer Hersteller, wie z.B. Intel, abschneiden.
    Warum viel Geld ausgeben für wenig Funktionalität? Es geht auch anders.
  • 7:40 - 8:35 a.m.
    Richard Pittman
    My Smartphone Went to Medical School – Medical Mobile Resources to Augment Inpatient Practice

    8:45 - 9:40 a.m.
    Jamie Newman
    History of Medicine

    9:50 - 10:45 a.m.
    Alpesh Amin
    The Conundrum with Healthcare Reform: Are We Shooting Ourselves in the Foot, Challenges and Opportunities

    10:55 - 11:50 a.m.
    Leonard Feldman
    Non-Evidence-Based Medicine: Things We Do for No Reason
  • Preparing your organization for the inevitable cyber attack could be the difference between serious business disruption and minor inconvenience. This webinar will focus on what organizations need to consider in advance of an attack to ensure that risks are mitigated. Dow Jones’ own Head of Cyber Content and Data, Rob Sloan, will be joined by two specialists who will share their experience and expertise.
  • As MBR launches its new 5-year outlook for the global large-diameter linepipe market, the Tube & Pipe team will present some of their findings in this free live webinar.

    Providing a global outlook with specific focus on North America, the CIS, Europe and the Middle East MBR’s Kim Leppold, Roman Filimonov and James Ley will share their views on how this market is performing during the challenging global market conditions of volatile oil prices coupled with increased political tensions in several regions.

    Join the team as they discuss:
    • How has the global large-diameter market recovered from the low demand point seen in 2013?
    • How do volatile oil prices impact on large-diameter linepipe demand?
    • What trends are we seeing in the market in 2015? Is HSAW continuing to take market share from LSAW?
  • With more than 100 applications in production, a leading bank needed to reduce the time required to deploy and update its apps. By implementing an automation solution from HP, the bank reduced the application time-to-deploy by nearly 8X. Now the bank follows a seamless and standardized approach for deployment.
  • Pick up your smartphone, tap a button, and get a lift to wherever you need to go. That’s the idea behind Lyft, the San Francisco-based company whose service is now available in five major metropolitan areas.

    “We wouldn’t be able to operate at this capacity without a product like RingCentral,” says Adam Fishman, Director of Growth and Operations. “We needed something that was fast, scalable, and had all the features we were missing.”

    With RingCentral, Lyft has realized an exponential growth in productivity, including:

    -An increase in call-back rates from 5% to nearly 50%
    -More than 100% improvement in outbound call volume

    Watch the video to understand the role cloud communications plays in turning a good idea into something revolutionary.
  • Learn how Arcserve the Unified Data Protection portfolio delivers comprehensive Assured Recovery™ for virtual and physical environments with a next generation unified architecture and unmatched ease of use.

    This feature-rich solution allows users to seamlessly scale their data protection needs, and allows them to achieve their recovery point and recovery time objectives. Overly complex traditional backup policies are replaced by modern, task-based data protection plans. Deep integration with industry-leading hypervisors enables the automation of complex, repetitive tasks.

    The Arcserve UDP portfolio also includes the UDP7000 Series appliance offering. This unique set and forget solution provides all the power of UDP in an appliance form factor, and is easy to deploy and manage.

    The Arcserve Unified Data Protection portfolio eliminates the need to have multiple data protection vendors.

    It supports heterogeneous environments including:
    •Physical and Virtual Platforms
    •Platform or application or database type
    •On-Premise to Off-Premise (DR site or in the cloud)

    Come join this informative session to learn how to achieve all of this in a simple, unified management console!
  • Troubleshooting performance problems in today’s networks and data centers is only getting more complex:

    •Growth of 10G links
    •Cloud computing - all bring their own analysis challenges.

    Last thing you need are hard-to-use tools that are complex in themselves or require extensive training before you can effectively use them.

    Please join us for a free webinar where Tony Fortunato will talk about these issues and present a live demo of the OptiView® XG Network Analysis Tablet.

    XG expedites network and application problem solving by automating root cause analysis and providing guided troubleshooting to address problem areas - anywhere on the network.
  • To protect yourself, your network and your business, you need to think of the larger picture of securing your website for the long term. Please join us for a webcast to help you prepare for the upcoming changes in the security industry.

    Don't miss this important webcast on how you can minimize negative impact of Google's SHA-1 deprecation plan on your business, in addition to other important security news.

    Join our webcast to learn about other topics including:
    1) Google's SHA-1 deprecation plan for December 2015
    2) CA/B Forum Baseline Requirements, Non-FQDN & gTLD changes
    3) Security threats that you should be on the lookout for
  • Mobile is changing the way we work in the enterprise. Today’s workforce is demanding the ability to access and share business files from any device. In this webinar learn why Fortune 5000 companies select Syncplicity to achieve the promise of mobile productivity and solve the “Dropbox” problem.
  • Blink and you'll miss another important development in the world of Facebook advertising. Experts Kim Le Sueur of 3Q Digital and Matt Kramer of AdRoll will catch you up on Facebook's place in the digital landscape, including performance data and trends, and break down all the significant new ad types and targeting developments over the last six months.

    Kim and Matt will cover topics like:

    - Facebook's growing piece of the digital marketing pie
    - Facebook advertising performance trends
    - tips and best practices on Website Custom Audiences, multi-product ads
    - and much more, including a look at AdRoll's newest releases

    Join us!
  • As organizations recognize that compliance is a challenge that is no longer optional, they are also having to closely monitor relevant laws & regulation changes.
    Compliance requirements differ depending on where you operate and so multi-nationals have to consider US, EU and APJ legislation which is complex and often misaligned.
    With the various cloud computing offerings it is important to address security and privacy as part of good governance, risk management and due diligence. Failure to adequately handle these requirements can place the organization at significant risk for not meeting compliance obligations and exposing sensitive data to possible data breaches. This session provides an introduction to data privacy definitions and issues as well as identifying key legislation across APJ.
  • Le débat sur l’explosion – voire la prolifération des données – est un sujet pour toutes les entreprises, quelle que soit leur taille. C’est aussi une problématique qui semble sans fin pour tous les services informatiques : quelles solutions apporter à l’augmentation exponentielle de l’information ?
    Il faut mesurer le risque induit par une mauvaise protection pouvant occasionner des violations de données : risque financier bien sûr, impact sur la réputation, mais aussi et surtout, risque juridique. Les entreprises ont en effet soumises à des temps et des termes de conservation de données. Découvrez comment Symantec peut vous aider à mettre en place une bonne gouvernance de l’information dans votre entreprise. Au programme :
    -Qu’est-ce que la gouvernance de l’information?
    -Mettre en place une politique adaptée à votre entreprise
    -Cas concrets : comment répondre aux problématiques business relatifs à la conservation et la gestion des données
  • With the European Central Bank (ECB) having just raised its forecasts for eurozone growth and inflation for the next three years, the outlook for regional equities is bright. European companies are expected to grow their earnings further this year, and the ECB’s government bond purchase programme should support the eurozone recovery and boost confidence among corporates and households. Risks remain, however, including the ongoing Greek debt crisis and the uncertainty brought about by the May general election in the UK.

    In this context, Stephen Macklow-Smith, Europe Strategist Behavioural Finance and Jon Ingram, manager of the JPMorgan Europe Dynamic (ex-UK) Fund, share their views on the outlook for European equity investors, as well as the benefits of an unconstrained approach to investing in attractively valued, high quality European companies that are underpinned by good momentum.

    For listen only access please dial the following number:
    +44 (0) 20 3003 2666 - Standard International Access
    0808 109 0700 - UK Toll Free
    Password: 39218
    Please note slides are not available on listen only mode.
  • L’objectif du webinar sera d’expliquer comment le déploiement continu des applications facilite la transformation digitale. La discussion sera agrémentée d’exemples concrets de clients qui ont commencé cette transformation dans divers secteurs d’activité : bancaire, distribution.

    Application continuous deployment allows digital transformation
    The objective of the webinar will be to explain how continuous application deployment facilitates digital transformation. The discussion will provide examples of clients who have started this transformation in various domains of activities such as banking and distribution.
  • Het Roelof van Echten College in Hoogeveen is ontstaan na een fusie in 2001 van verschillende Christelijke scholen. Momenteel zitten er 2.100 leerlingen op de 5 locaties van het college.

    Na de fusie werd de vernieuwing van de IT-infrastructuur ingezet, omdat er een mengelmoes van technologie was ontstaan. Ook werd een eerste stap gezet naar de digitalisering van de lesomgeving door het verstrekken van iPad’s aan docenten.

    In eerste instantie konden bestanden alleen lokaal worden geopend, maar na de virtualisatie van de servers besloot men dat bestanden tevens via meerdere apparaten beschikbaar moesten zijn. Er werden meerdere oplossingen bekeken, maar het was moeilijk om een softwareleverancier te vinden die de juiste functionaliteiten kon bieden. Daarom werd ICT-Partners gevraagd een advies uit te brengen.

    Tijdens dit technische webinar vertelt Corne van Ginkel van ICT-Partners u alles over de keuze die het Roelof van Echten College uiteindelijk heeft gemaakt. Bas Bremmer van AppSense laat u door middel van een demo de werking van de oplossing zien.

    Na het volgen van dit webinar weet u hoe alle docenten bij deze school in ieder lokaal, maar ook thuis, toegang hebben tot de bestanden die ze nodig hebben.
  • So many companies drown in spreadsheets and duplicate diagrams when trying to document IT infrastructure, but there are better ways. This webinar will cover simple methods and techniques to reduce effort and improve quality of network, data centre and systems documentation. The aim is to achieve a baseline of complex environments which is updated and maintained by change processes.
  • AnubisNetworks Adds Powerful New Features to Cyberfeed Security Intelligence Service.
    New Cyberfeed release delivers more visibility into cyber threat vectors and improved enrichment and correlation, providing actionable threat intelligence, as recently attested by Europol in major Ramnit takedown