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  • Join us for a 30-minute live session every Friday, where we’ll tour the RingCentral interface, discuss the latest innovations and features available on the RingCentral platform, and share best practices on leveraging cloud communications for your business. This session features a live demo of RingCentral Office and an open Q&A session led by a Sales Engineer.

    This week tune in and learn about how RingCentral integrates with Google Gmail, Calendar, Docs and more.
  • 2014 North American eClinical Solutions Entrepreneurial Company of the Year Award
  • Through a combination of in-depth research, collation of existing data, reference to case studies and analysis of regulatory pronouncements, the FCA’s own report published in December 2014 could not find any consumer benefit in RDR but still it continues to roll towards the removal of trail commission in 2016.

    Amazing but is it true?

    Panacea Adviser has teamed up with ‘ThoughtLeadership Live’ and Garry Heath to produce a FREE ‘Bento for One’ webcast to support and educate advisers on the results of the latest Heath Report.

    The Heath Report and Panacea Adviser ran a survey at the end of 2014 and beginning of 2015, to understand many of the unintended consequences of RDR and to both inform regarding ongoing regulatory developments and identify what improvements can be made to regulator accountability.

    The adviser’s first job is to challenge the client to start protecting and investing. The price of RDR’s commission free world is the removal of that challenge from the common man and with it any independence from the state when in need.

    This is RDR’s true dichotomy.
    As the Hendrix song goes: "There must be some kind of way out of here, said the joker to the thief”.

    But where?

    This webcast looks at lessons to be learnt from RDR and will be presented by Derek Bradley, CEO, Panacea Adviser and Garry Heath of The Heath Report who will run through the survey findings looking at unintended consumer detriment, destruction of adviser business values, adviser losses, which firms are likely to be affected and see if there ACTUALLY is a way out of here?
  • Join Tom Kellerman, Chief Cyber Security Officer for Trend Micro, in an informative webinar specifically tailored for corporate executives and directors who need to develop and implement a comprehensive cyber security strategy. Tom will highlight critical information including 2015 cyber threat trends and how risk management strategies have changed.

    During this live webinar, you’ll learn:
    • How to identify, classify, and protect your valuable data assets
    • How to assess your organization’s vulnerability to attack
    • How to measure and mitigate cyber risks cost-effectively
    • And more...
  • Reactive development is fueling a new wave of business application. Typesafe is dedicated to helping developers build Reactive applications on the JVM. With the Typesafe Reactive Platform, you can create modern, message-driven applications that scale on multicore and cloud computing architectures. Typesafe Activator, a browser-based tool with reusable templates, makes it easy to get started with Play Framework,
  • Business computing is changing before our eyes. Physical PCs and servers cannot keep pace with the mobile workforces of today or tomorrow. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is no longer a “nice to have”, it is a “must have”. The problem most companies face is providing secure and controllable access – anytime, anywhere – to the data, applications, tools and resources required to maintain an enterprise network. DaaS is quickly becoming the leading solution for companies to adopt a comprehensive BYOD policy while actually increasing security and ubiquitous access. Join Nuvestack, the leader in DaaS technology, for an informative and insightful look at what it really takes to implement and manage DaaS as a BYOD strategy.
  • A new category of threat is emerging – a threat designed to evade traditional signature-based technologies such as Anti-Virus and Intrusion Detection. Attempting to meet the challenge is a new class of technology, “Advanced Malware Protection” or “AMP,” which is an industry term for technology designed to continuously monitor for, offload and detonate files in a sandbox - safely away from the main environment - to observe and detect malicious objects.

    If a security device produces an alert in the forest, who’s there to hear it?

    The challenge is these next generation advanced malware detection solutions produce so much detail about the suspicious activity that most organizations do not have the resources to thoroughly investigate/analyze. The best technology means nothing if you don’t have the right expertise to react to the alert, quickly decipher complex reports, investigate the threat, and determine the right response. And meanwhile, the threat actors aren’t standing still – they’re developing measures to circumvent controls in some traditional sandbox environments.

    You will learn:
    1.How the threat is evolving and how actors are employing evasive practices to overcome traditional and even some more sophisticated security defenses
    2.Why next generation sandboxing and full-system emulation are the keys to combatting evasive malware threats
    3.The expertise needed to accurately identify and diagnose the threat once the alert is received
    4.How to ensure your organization has the ability to respond effectively to the incident and close all the backdoors a threat actor may have opened
  • An AANPM solution should focus on the real-time performance of end users. Instead of making use of 100% synthetic tests into an application environment, real end-user traffic can be used to find slow application response times, changes in network latency, and poorly written application code.

    Attention can be focused on the true root cause of the performance problem, rather than engaging in guesswork network troubleshooting. An AANPM solution aids IT organizations in quickly identifying the component of the network or application that is inducing the delay, enabling engineers to resolve the problem.

    In this third of four webinars we will look at how an AANPM solution is implemented and how it benefits engineers and technicians.
  • New projects drive revenue. Every project is different, has different deadlines, and has different data management requirements. Delivering an IT infrastructure that can deal with the erratic workloads and constantly changing data needs is nearly impossible, let alone being confident that Finance will be able to run reports fast enough to close the books at the end of the month with no complaints. Join Chris McCall, SVP Marketing from NexGen Storage to discuss new value-driven data management capabilities designed to deliver a superior end user experience for project-oriented architecture and engineering firms.
  • Every year, businesses are making the decision to adopt a Unified Communications platform. Why? The reason is simple – Unified Communications capabilities save companies time and money, and increases productivity.

    Today’s mobile and resource-challenged workers require more freedom and flexibility in how they communicate with their colleagues, teams, partners and customers. Instant Messaging, Presence, Voice and Video Calling, SMS Texting, and Screen Sharing features enable employees to easily connect with their colleagues, partners and customers. Each of these tools have an associated cost, which can add up quickly per user. By removing the a la carte price tags and contracts and rolling all of the tools into one unified platform, both the business and its employees reap the benefits.

    In this webinar, we will cover the following:

    - Typical per-user spend on Screen Share, Video Conferencing, Presence, and IM tools

    - Why businesses are moving to Unified Communications

    - Features of a Unified Communications system
  • The bring-your-own-device (BYOD) movement has been a huge boon for businesses that put a premium on productivity. File sync and share solutions have emerged to help employees work from anywhere, at any time, on any device. In this BrightTALK exclusive, eFolder explores the top seven features that business should consider when adopting a file sync and share solution. Learn what is required for a file sync and share solution to improve collaboration, maximize productivity, and ensure security.
  • Join us for a webcast briefing by Richard Woolnough and Stefan Isaacs, fund managers in the M&G Fixed Income team. Richard and Stefan are responsible for a combined €51bn in fixed income assets invested across global fixed income markets. Richard and Stefan will provide an update of their views on fixed income markets and on how M&G’s corporate bond funds are positioned. There will also be an opportunity for you to put your questions to them. The call will start at 11:00 CET.
  • The fund's objective is to achieve long-term capital growth by investing in any or all European markets (excl. UK), and any or all econonomic sectors. Join Steve Cordell, AA-rated fund manager*, for an update.

    *Citywire, as at 31 January 2015
  • Investors make portfolio allocation decisions for a wide array of reasons. For example, a pension plan may choose to implement a strategic asset allocation change as a result of an asset-liability study. Whatever the reason for the change in investment allocation, delay in implementation will invariably impact returns. Empirical evidence from State Street’s transition team shows that the delay between client investment decision and selection of a transition manager can run into several months and in extreme cases over a year. Current calculations of investment risk will tend to consider investment exposure relative to a benchmark once the portfolio restructuring is complete. Event Shortfall considers that investment risk starts at the point of decision. Measuring risk in this way implies that asset owners are running unrewarded and un-mandated risks for considerable periods of time and are often paying explicit fund management fees for the delivery.

    Our webinar explains the background to Event Shortfall, considers some of the practical implications of measuring and managing these risks, and reflects on the viewpoint of industry figures.
  • Increasingly, enterprises are opening their data and applications to partners, developers, mobile apps and cloud services. In fact, 79% of global organizations enable access to APIs for customers, partners or suppliers.* However, organizations need a better way to address the full breadth of enterprise API management challenges. A way to accelerate application and service release cycles by providing application developers with better API discovery and development tools, constraint free development environments, and faster creation of virtual services with greater fidelity between production and development.

    Discover how solutions from CA Technologies can accelerate application delivery by providing solutions across the Plan, Build and Run phases of the application and service lifecycle to enable easy API management and development.

    *Vanson Bourne Study Commissioned by CA Technologies:
  • Visualization of protein-protein interactions at endogenous levels of expression is a powerful advancement in Life Science. Duolink® is a versatile tool for detection, quantification and localization of cytoplasmic signaling events. PLA® provides the ability to see and quantitate protein posttranslational modifications, define complex interactions, illuminate complex protein clusters or amplify low abundant single events.
  • An overview of aircraft operator obligations and a guide to the reporting of emissions and surrender of allowances for those aircraft operators using 'Simplified reporting procedures'.
  • Paul Hodder from Bitesize Learning will take you through some of the essential skills required to win business in an extremely competitive landscape.
  • In the past, women had many challenges that are not there today or have been transformed to something else. An example is that, in the past, a woman with children might have lesser chances of getting a competitive or managerial position. Today, she is able to go out for a job of her choice but might struggle to find a balance between home issues and the expectation to continuously exceed at the job. What women and in general all professionals need today is a mentor to guide them through personal and career aspirations. A good mentor is usually aware of corporate intricacies and latest developments to advise potential mentees in meeting their personal and career objectives.

    In this webcast we will look at the importance of mentoring, about how to become and be a great mentor and how to seek one out. Also, what should you provide as a mentor, and what should your colleague expect from you?

    We will be joined by Emili Evripidou and Vicki Gavin from the Women In Security group, as well as information security professional Sandip Wadje to talk about his experience of coaching and mentoring to graduates, junior professionals and expats moving to the UK. We will be live at 2pm GMT on the 10th March.
  • Part 1. Lead the Enterprise Collaboration Revolution: How to Inspire, Transform and Drive Sustainable Adoption

    The enterprise social revolution is brewing in the enterprise today. Mobile technologies, business velocity, collaborative engagement, advanced analytics, and unified communications are converging to deliver the promise of enterprise collaboration success.

    Organizations that miss this paradigm shift from transactional systems to engagement systems will face dire consequences. How can you ensure that enterprise social technologies will be embraced and adoption will be sustainable?

    Join industry thought leader Dux Raymond Sy in this interactive session as he shares how you can positively transform your organization and lead the enterprise social revolution. You’ll learn how to apply practical steps to drive culture change and effective techniques to promote sustainable adoption with enterprise collaboration technologies

    Part 2. 3 Ways AvePoint Takes the Pain Out of Migration to SharePoint
    Now that you have decided to opt for SharePoint, how do you get there? In this webcast, we’ll discuss the potential obstacles you’ll face during a migration project. Then we’ll show you three ways AvePoint can expedite your path to SharePoint, including:

    •Optimizing migration resources by automating remediation of stale

    •Minimizing business disruption over the course of migration projects
    with customizable scheduling

    •Maintaining all relevant content, permissions, and metadata
  • Reacting to threats and remediating breaches can’t wait. Your compliance plan may be in place – but can you execute fast?

    Join BMC Software and Qualys to see how to get complete IT compliance and reduce the risk and cost in your organization. Hear how to reduce the window of exposure to vulnerabilities and be more proactive in preventing aggressive threats. In this webinar, you will learn to:

    ·Break down the SecOps gap and internal silo’s
    ·Easily detect security issues with new automated, online technology
    ·Quickly analyze operational dependencies and the potential impact of proposed fixes
    ·Enforce governance policies and change approval requirements
    ·Execute validated remediation actions rapidly
    ·Document actions and results in real time

    Plus, learn how to improve communications between security and operations to ensure a speedy resolution to compliance issues.
  • Do Your Workers Meet in the Cloud?

    Enterprises are only realizing 43% of technology's business potential according to Gartner. At the same time, most CEOs see IT’s role evolving over the next several years to become more involved in business strategy. Do you have a plan to drive innovation with new technologies such as cloud voice and video conferencing?

    Sign up for this live eSeminar to hear Clint Edwards, Polycom VP Global Cloud & Service, describe why 2014 is the Year of the Cloud. As a leader in cloud-based collaboration, Polycom understands the dramatic ways that mature cloud communications are disrupting old models by enabling mobile and distributed workforces. Vi Chau, Director, Product Management at RingCentral will also give a glimpse of how cloud technologies uniquely integrate mobile workers into the core business. Finally, RingCentral customer Paul Clowser, Director of IT, Coldwell Banker Mid-America Group will describe the tangible benefits his company has gained from cloud collaboration.

    Join this eSeminar and discover how:

    •VoIP cloud has evolved and the mobile and collaboration capabilities you can leverage today

    •Better phone system integration can eliminate lost deals through delays in communication

    •To achieve economic benefits from integrating mobile and remote workers through voice and video conferencing
  • Please join Bill Eigen, portfolio manager for the J.P. Morgan Income Opportunity Strategy for a review of the strategy over the prior month, current positioning and his outlook for the months ahead.

    The JPMorgan Investment Funds - Income Opportunity Fund is an absolute return fixed income Fund, focusing on delivering the traditional characteristics of fixed income: Capital preservation, low correlation, and a reasonable risk adjusted return. It employs nontraditional techniques and instruments and draws on a variety of uncorrelated sources across the fixed income spectrum to aim for these characteristics even when the broad fixed income markets may struggle.

    Don't miss this opportunity to hear from Bill and put forward your questions.

    Featured Fund: JPMorgan Investment Funds - Income Opportunity Fund

    If you prefer to listen over the telephone please use the appropriate dial in details from the numbers below.

    Password: 38589
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    Austria: +43 (0) 2 68220 56552
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    Switzerland: +41 (0) 22 592 7103
    Standard International dial: +44 (0) 20 3003 2666
  • Rackspace Private Cloud powered by OpenStack includes an industry leading 99.99% uptime guarantee, supports in-place upgrades and provides the ability to independently scale each service using Linux containers. Join us for an interactive session where we will discuss the latest release of Rackspace Private Cloud. From the architecture to our new solution templates, we’ll cover the most recent updates and the value they offer you.