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Webinars and videos

  • Join us for a 30-minute live session every Friday, where we’ll tour the RingCentral interface, discuss the latest innovations and features available on the RingCentral platform, and share best practices on leveraging cloud communications for your business. This session features a live demo of RingCentral Office and an open Q&A session led by a Sales Engineer. This week tune in and learn how your employees can hold multi-point HD video meetings around the world, anytime and anywhere with RingCentral Meetings.
  • The Fidelity China Consumer Fund has outperformed the MSCI China Index by a significant margin since its launch in the third quarter of 2011 (32.0% vs. 10.5% as of 31 March 2014). In this webcast, Portfolio Manager Raymond Ma will discuss what has contributed to the fund’s consistent outperformance and why he believes “New China” consumer-related sectors should continue to deliver superior earnings growth going forward. He will also share the latest portfolio positioning in this webcast.
  • Every application, email, web page and Internet connection relies on information encapsulated into a data packet that can be easily distributed across networks. These packets include information about the sender and receiver, as well as the actual contents, or payload. By manipulating pieces of the packet data, criminals can infiltrate networks, applications, data centers, and individual computers.
    How do you defend your network against advanced threats that manipulate data at the packet level? Join McAfee for a revealing presentation on the current state of threat prevention. Find out why you should be using deep packet inspection (DPI) for protocol identification, normalization, and data stream-based inspection to detect and block threats, in both clear-text and encrypted connections. And stop Advanced Persistent Threats (ATP) that rely on packet manipulation to thwart most common firewall and IPS defenses.
  • Building a business today is less about creating demand than it is about leading a journey for your customer. What differentiates your brand is the customer experience, requiring Marketing, Sales and Customer Service to work together to delight your customer. Join John Jantsch, author and owner of Duct Tape Marketing, to learn the 7 behaviors every customer wants to experience.
  • Are your application deployment teams constantly battling application release traffic jams with no alternate routes available? Is the grid-lock bringing your IT departments to a standstill and the business as well?

    In order to meet the challenge of rapid agile development and deployment of complex multi-tier applications, a more systematic application release processes is required. Release Automation empowers IT Organizations to meet these challenges head-on by eliminating onerous and expensive methods across their application delivery chain. It is also a foundational capability and enabler as part of a broader DevOps strategy and approach.

    Join Pat Shueh, Principal Consultant for Application Delivery, CA Technologies to learn how you can build a new Application Release Freeway that automates complex, multi-tier release deployments through orchestration and promotion of applications from development through to production. In this session, Greg will cover how to:
    • Speed up application release cycles, and improve business and operational agility.
    • Reduce errors, and achieve higher quality releases by simplifying and standardizing application release processes.
    • Reduce costs of application deployments, and promote collaboration and alignment between Development and Operations.
  • Immer mehr mobile Mitarbeiter möchten heute von ihren privaten Smartphones, Tablets und Laptops auf geschäftskritische Daten und Anwendungen zugreifen. Dieser Trend birgt erhebliche Risiken: Werden geschäftliche und private Daten und Anwendungen auf dem gleichen mobilen Gerät genutzt, droht der Verlust von Unternehmensdaten und die Infizierung mit Malware. Doch wo genau liegen die Risiken? Und welche Technologien können Unternehmen einsetzen, um die Produktivität zu gewährleisten und gleichzeitig diese Bedrohungen abzuwehren?

    • Erfahren Sie, welche Gefahren lauern, wenn private und geschäftliche Daten und Anwendungen auf demselben mobilen Gerät genutzt werden.
    • Erfahren Sie, mit welchen Technologien und Trends Sie diesen Risiken entgegenwirken können.

    Wir sagen Ihnen, welche Gefahren bestehen, wenn private und geschäftliche Daten und Anwendungen auf demselben mobilen Gerät genutzt werden, und mit welchen Technologien sich Unternehmensdaten schützen lassen.
  • Next generation endpoint security. Security and Management beneath the operating system.
  • Deploy your own cloud based business fully supported by the industry leaders - Dell, OnApp and Peer1
  • Nos puissantes solutions de gestion des événements et des informations de sécurité (SIEM) associent des données sur les événements, les menaces et les risques pour offrir une connaissance approfondie de l'état de la sécurité, une réponse rapide aux incidents, une gestion transparente des journaux ainsi qu'une fonction de génération de rapports de conformité extensible. Produit phare de notre offre SIEM, McAfee Enterprise Security Manager assure la consolidation, la corrélation, l'évaluation et la hiérarchisation des événements de sécurité pour les solutions McAfee et d'autres éditeurs. Composant essentiel de notre cadre d'implémentation Security Connected, McAfee Enterprise Security Manager s'intègre en toute transparence avec le logiciel McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (McAfee ePO), McAfee Risk Advisor et Global Threat Intelligence afin de fournir le contexte nécessaire à une gestion des risques de sécurité autonome et adaptatif.
  • De plus en plus, les utilisateurs mobiles ont besoin d’avoir accès à des données et applications stratégiques depuis leurs smartphones, tablettes et ordinateurs portables personnels. Toutefois, la cohabitation de données et applications personnelles et professionnelles sur des appareils mobiles risque d’entraîner une perte de données pour l’entreprise ainsi que l’apparition de programmes malveillants.
    Quels sont les risques et quelles technologies les entreprises peuvent-elles déployer pour garantir la productivité tout en se protégeant de telles menaces ?

    •Découvrez les risques liés à la cohabitation de données et applications personnelles et professionnelles sur des appareils mobiles.
    •Découvrez les technologies existantes et à venir permettant de faire face à ces risques.

    Grâce à Dell, apprenez à connaître les risques liés à la cohabitation de données personnelles et professionnelles sur des appareils mobiles et découvrez les technologies permettant de protéger les données de l’entreprise.
  • This webcast provides the latest quarterly update to the DTZ Fair Value Index™, the first ever forward looking global commercial property value index.

    This update, based on our Q1 2014 forecast figures, shows which markets have become hotter, colder or stayed the same and will focus on the European and UK property markets.
  • This webinar will discuss Monitor and NHS England's options for 2015/16 national prices.

    We're hosting this webinar to support the publication of our discussion paper that comes out later this month. The discussion paper focuses on potential changes from the 2014/15 tariff, including: potential changes to currencies, the approach to calculating national prices, and cost adjustments.

    The discussion paper and webinar both provide the health sector with an opportunity to influence our thinking and highlight key issues as we develop our proposals.
  • On Tuesday 29 April at 15:00 CET, Fund Manager Ollie Beckett provides his quarterly update on the Henderson Gartmore Pan European Smaller Companies Fund.

    The stockmarket volatility we saw in January and recent happenings in the Crimea have served as a reminder that there is scope for events to slow down the nascent European recovery. Nonetheless, Ollie Beckett believes that underlying valuations for European smaller companies are still favourable relative to any other asset class and this, coupled with a generally improving economic backdrop, should help to underpin the market.

    During the presentation Ollie will cover:

    • Market returns: Europe vs the world
    • Do valuations stack up?
    • The state of the European economy
    • Fund positioning and performance
    • Risks and rewards – the outlook for European equities
  • Simon Thorp will give us an update on the fund and an outlook of the market.

    The structure is 30 mins presenting, followed by 10 mins of Q&A.
  • As additional details on the Target breach - and other retail attacks - leak out, we see that Point of Sale (POS) malware continues to be a significant threat. There are several attack methodologies at play and many forms of new malware, including Dexter, Project Hook, Alina, BlackPoS/Kartoxa, JackPoS, VSkimmer and others. All continue to compromise organizations large and small. In this webinar, Curt Wilson, Senior Research Analyst for Arbor's Security Engineering and Response Team (ASERT) will explore a newly discovered POS attacker’s toolkit, as well as the structure and behavior of typical POS malware and key indicators of compromise.

    Additionally, this talk will review a survey of observed POS infrastructure vulnerabilities that include well-known and lesser- known POS threats that continue to evolve. Attendees should leave with an expanded sense of the threat surface that retailers – including ecommerce organizations – must face. The session will wrap up with an overview of best practices for protecting, detecting, and addressing these evolving threats.

    Attend this webinar to learn about:

    • The various types of POS malware threats and the implications of experiencing an attack

    • The tools and processes that retail IT infrastructure teams need to have in place to protect their organizations from attacks

    • Best practices for dealing with a POS attack; actionable “now what” steps for organizations who have been compromised by POS malware
  • Empowered customers and employees are driving the adoption of newer applications, processes and technologies. The resulting increased infrastructure complexity is causing IT operational teams to re-think their monitoring approaches. No longer can they afford to settle for IT monitoring tools that are not integrated, difficult to use, complex to customize and limited in both scope and scale

    Join us for this webcast to discover how you can leverage a single, modern IT monitoring platform to measure and report on the metrics that matter the most to your business, as well as adopt and manage new customer-centric applications and technologies faster than you ever thought possible. In this webcast you will learn

    • Why unified IT monitoring is a “must” right now?
    • What is the business value of adopting a unified IT monitoring solution?
    • What benefits organizations such as yours have achieved by adopting a unified IT monitoring solution?
  • Why you should attend:
    • Understand the future direction of urban movement of Mega City corridors and networked, integrated and smart cities, and evaluate opportunities/threats arising out of the same
    • Gain insight into future demographic trends and implications of demographic dividends
    • Explore the future of retail as it merges online and physical forms of retailing, creating new bricks-and-clicks models, such as virtual stores and mobile stores
    • Identify opportunities arising from the expected 80 billion connected devices in 2020 and the $730 billion connected living market comprising of connected homes, work, and cities
    • Explore the opportunities in emerging economies Beyond BRICS, the next game-changers driving global growth
    • Identify the top 10 mature and emerging industries of the future, including online retail, cyber security, and 3D printing
    • Spot the new business models such as Value for Many and Sharing Economy with implications on markets and business strategies
    •Understand the inter-linkages of these Mega Trends and implications on the world, industries and cities on a micro level
    • Identify the inherent potential market and business opportunities created by these trends in leading industries in every segment of the value chain