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BrightTALK webinars and videos

  • Beluister het Webinar SAM & IT security en binnen 1 uur weet u hoe SAM op vijf manieren bijdraagt aan een veiligere IT omgeving.

    Gartner schat dat er jaarlijks € 6.2 biljoen euro wordt uitgegeven aan IT security technologie. Organisaties vinden een veilige IT omgeving belangrijk. Software Asset Management (SAM) levert een grote bijdrage aan een veilige IT omgeving.

    Wilt u ook een veilige IT omgeving voor uw organisatie?
  • HP ALM offers a great tool for managing and executing tests, and can form the cornerstone of a solid DevOps framework. However, DevOps involves far more than just tooling.

    This webinar will demonstrate how to import BPM models to CA Agile Requirements Designer and further convert them into an active flowchart. Optimized tests can thereby be derived directly from the BPMs, bringing the business and IT into close alignment and eliminating manual effort. If the BPM changes, difference and dependency analysis and can be used to identify its impact on the system, automatically updating test assets.

    Featuring Philip Howard of Bloor Research, this webinar will show you how the right tooling, processes and culture can fully automate testing, and how testing can be embedded within a success DevOps pipeline, driven by the design phase.

    By attending this demo, you will understand:

    - Why traditional testing techniques might not be suited to DevOps, with manual test design and maintenance creating delays and allowing an unacceptable number of defects

    - How a requirements driven approach can eliminate many of the testing bottlenecks within a DevOps framework, while avoiding the “information hops” which degrade quality

    - How to automate test case design, data provisioning and maintenance, building a re-usable library of test components to accommodate rigorous testing within a DevOps framework
  • This month’s threat webinar will discuss how 0-days are used, who uses them, and what the good vulnerability researchers do to ensure people and organizations are protected.
  • Please join us to hear an update on the Old Mutual US Dividend Fund at the end of Q1 from portfolio manager, Matt Egenes.
  • Improving the ITSM experience will improve customer satisfaction. In this session, we will take a user-centric approach to discuss methods for ensuring the customer experience is engaging, consistent, and memorable leading to higher customer satisfaction
  • If your HR department isn't using video as a method of Talent Management, you are behind the curve. With a generation of millennials entering the work force, you need to explore new ways to keep them interested, engaged and excited about your company.

    In this live roundtable discussion, you'll hear from a group of people who are experienced with not only recruiting but producing and directing these types of videos. They share their first hand experience with leveraging video content within HR departments, both clients' and BrightTALK's.

    Learn from these experts on how to tell your company's story, expand the reach of that story through social media and appeal to a younger work force with polished pieces of content that take your company's appearance to a new level.
  • As a response to the never-ending bandwidth demand, CSPs are constantly enhancing their networks. Fiber brings superior transport capacity and quality compared to the other broadband media and has therefore become commonplace for CSPs.

    This is the first in a series of ‘Winning with Fibre’ webinars. Get a comprehensive outlook on the fibre market and learn how it builds a perfect business opportunity for CSPs. You will gain multiple viewpoints of and hands-on experiences on the topic in the course of the series.

    In this joint webinar with Comptel, Analysys Mason and GE Energy Connections, we will discuss the following topics:
    -Dean Ramsay, Senior Analyst from Analysys Mason, outlines the fiber market and services as well as how it opens great business avenues for CPS
    -James Wheatley, Product Line Manager from GE Energy Connections, shares experiences and lessons learnt from the global CSP market relating to the management of the physical fibre network across the entire plan, design, build, operate and maintain lifecycle
    -Simon Osborne, CTO of Comptel Service Orchestration, explains the key principles in the service delivery processes with which CSPs can run healthy business both today and in the future

    Sign up now to get a broad view on broadband!
  • Los datos no estructurados de la empresa son cada vez más un activo imprescindible para los servicios y procesos de negocio. Sin embargo, su crecimiento exponencial hace que las tecnologías tradicionales de protección de este tipo de datos sean no solo ineficientes sino incapaces de responder a las necesidades de disponibilidad en entornos empresariales.

    En este webinar veremos tres áreas de innovación de Commvault que permiten responder a las necesidades de protección de datos no estructurados:

    -En la primera parte, expondremos las novedades en la tecnología IntelliSnap, que permite la integración con nuevos fabricantes y la gestión de réplicas de volúmenes; asimismo hablaremos de la nueva tecnología de captura de bloques que extiende el concepto de protección continua y consistente a cualquier tipo de sistema de ficheros y base de datos, para disponer de un número ilimitado de puntos de recuperación de acceso nativo.

    -En la segunda, revisaremos cómo la nueva versión del software de Commvault expande sus capacidades a entornos de Big Data. De acuerdo con Gartner, más de tres cuartas partes de las empresas tienen iniciativas de Big Data, y por lo tanto la necesidad de gestionar la disponibilidad de estos datos es un reto que debe resolverse a corto plazo.

    -Por último, repasaremos cómo las soluciones NAS hiperescalables exigen de tecnologías innovadoras para poder garantizar la protección y acceso a los datos que almacenan.

    Únase a nosotros para conocer cómo la Plataforma de Gestión de Datos de Commvault le permite cumplir sus SLA de disponibilidad de datos no estructurados, independientemente de la tecnología que elige para almacenar y gestionar estos activos de su negocio.
  • In this webinar we will introduce you to the concept of Tribes, a new way to segment your customers that considers their past behaviour, their needs and their demographic characteristics. It will help you resolve the paradox that traditional segmentation techniques often present where knowing what a customer looks like tells you nothing about what they are truly interested in or need, or the alternative behavioural only segmentation that tells you what a customer is likely to do, but provides you with no context of how to converse with them.

    We’ll cover the philosophy behind Tribes, take a look at the strategic drivers and the problems it solves, investigate the tools and techniques you can use to implement it at your organisation and feature a case study from the RNLI where this technique helped them raise donation levels by over 50%.
  • Panacea Adviser is delighted to have once again teamed up with Glassagh Consulting for the latest in our series of free ‘Better Business’ webcasts to support and educate advisers.

    If you have clients who use your business on a regular basis find out how retainers can establish real and lasting value for your business and create customer loyalty.

    Whilst retainers are commonplace in many service professions their adoption has been slow in financial services.

    Panacea and Glassagh Consulting will explore with you:

    - What a retainer programme could look like for your business
    - The power of retainers in establishing long term client loyalty
    - Why retainers makes you attractive as a strategic alliance for other professionals
    - Why retainers can be your Trail of the future

    A powerful tool to help you establish your retainer model now
  • Join our upcoming webinar with Didier Saint-Georges, who will present our investment views and provide a summary of our current global investment strategy. You may post your questions throughout the conference, they will be addressed after the presentation.
  • The emergence of Big Data has driven the need for a new data platform within the enterprise. Apache Hadoop has emerged as the core of that platform and is driving transformative outcomes across every industry. Join this webinar for an overview of the technology, how it fits within the enterprise, and gain insight into some of the key initial use cases that are driving these transformations.
  • Die Anforderungen an die IT sind klar definiert: Anwendungen sollen schneller, qualitativ hochwertiger und fehlerfrei entwickelt und zur Verfügung gestellt werden. Diese Anforderungen können nur durch eine effektive Integration der IT-Werkzeuge erfüllt werden – auch im Netzwerk.

    Ist die heterogene Netzwerkinfrastruktur aufgebaut, muss diese sicher und stabil betrieben werden. Neben dem Fehler- und Verfügbarkeitsmanagement sind auch die Disziplinen Performance- und Traffic-Management, sowie das Konfigurationsmanagement in Kombination mit dem Compliance-Management zur Einhaltung von fremden und eigenen Richtlinien notwendig.

    Um die beschriebenen Netzwerkmanagement-Anforderungen abzudecken, gibt es viele unterschiedliche Werkzeuge. Typischerweise sind diese oft nicht – oder nur mangelhaft – integriert. Dies hat zur Folge, dass die reibungslose Netzwerküberwachung im laufenden Betrieb scheitert, da die Pflege der isolierten bzw. nicht integrierten Systeme sehr arbeitsintensiv ist. Eine oft verfolgte Best-of-Breed-Strategie ist hier also nicht zielführend.

    Die Netzwerkmanagement-Lösung von Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), bestehend aus dem Network Node Manager i (NNMi) und dem Network Automation (NA), ist eine vollständig integrierte Softwarelösung, um die heutigen Netzwerkmanagement-Anforderungen abzudecken und die Arbeitsaufwände zu reduzieren.

    Erfahren Sie in unserem kostenfreien Live-Webinar mehr über die Lösung von HPE anhand von konkreten Anwendungsfällen unserer Kunden.

    Das Webinar findet in deutscher Sprache statt.
  • Największym wydarzeniem kwietnia w EMC jest pojawienie się wirtualnej wersji Data Domain.
    Zapraszamy na krótką 30 minutową sesję w której opowiemy o:
    •Dostępnych wersjach Data Domain Virtual Edition
    •A także cenach nowego Data Domain Virtual Edition
  • The topic in focus will be ‘flotation cell froth crowding and launder design,’ and its’ influence on overall performance of a flotation cell. Companies often overlook the importance of crowding and launder design; however, both play a critical role in good metallurgical performance of an individual cell, and therefore the overall performance of the plant. Flotation cells with different duties and in different positions will require different cone and launder configurations; Outotec will explore these options with participants and demonstrate how to identify the correct arrangement in a plant. Duration of the presentation is approximately 45 minutes with 15 minutes Q&A at the end.
  • Data Protection Suite for VMware offers end-to-end data protection for VMware-based environments, including backup and recovery, replication, monitoring and analysis, and search capabilities, as well as tight integration with VMware. During this webinar you will learn how this new offering can help you to address challenges across your virtualized environments
  • During our short webinar, Solaris' Damien Keune (Head of Dealing) and Gus Roberts (Dealer) will discuss stocks, sectors and style with the recent Australian equity volatility as a back drop.

    Specifically discussing:
    What styles are working (or not)?
    Where are the best value and growth opportunities in the market?
    International or Domestic?
    When is the time to look at Resources?

    The webinar will be followed by a live Q&A session.
  • The Briefing Room with Dez Blanchfield and HPE Big Data

    When you know better, you do better. That's a perfect mantra for the data-driven enterprise. Understanding what's happening anywhere in your company's purview opens doors to innovation, excellence and profit. Today, a confluence of next-generation technologies enables this kind of synergy. Analytics can be done anywhere, with data sets that are increasingly accessible and valuable.

    Register for this episode of The Briefing Room to hear Data Scientist Dez Blanchfield explain the sea change taking place now in the world of enterprise analytics. He'll demonstrate how open-source technologies like Apache Kafka can be combined with proven analytical databases to create a new world of possibilities. He'll briefed by Ben Vandiver of HPE Big Data, who will showcase his company's time-tested Vertica platform for deep analytics.
  • Optimize. Connect. Analyze. We’ve all heard the social media buzz words, but how can we move beyond lingo and actualize an effective social media strategy that doesn’t bore the already short-attention-spanned customer?

    Given that the average person receives roughly 200 emails per week, how can we get them to care about our bikinis and personalized soaps (aside from using Kim Kardashian as a model)? This in-depth interactive executive learning session can help you fuel a high powered fast and effective social media strategy that does more than buzz and ping.

    In this webinar you’ll learn how to create a social media strategy that is unique to your corner of the universe, including how to:

    * Differentiate between social media and social messaging
    * Utilize analytics to optimize your results
    * Empower rather than manage your social media by becoming more effective with the tools at your disposal
    * Optimize social media spending to gain the attention of new audiences
    * Engage social influencers by using the right tools and approaches
    * Craft and deliver the right content and promote it -- beyond finding and sending


    * Itamar Benedy, VP of marketing, Yoga.com
    * Stefania Pomponi, Chief Evangelist, Clever Girls Collective
    * Andrew Grill, Global managing partner, IBM Social
    * Stewart Rogers, director of marketing technology, VentureBeat
    * Wendy Schuchart, moderator, VentureBeat

    Register today!
  • Application Defender can provide consistent and centralized logging of application use and abuse to SOCs or others tasked with Security Monitoring. Learn about the Application Logging categories and use cases that will enable you to gain visibility into application activity across the whole enterprise without changing source or parsing logs.
  • Today, the 70/30 rule (run the business / innovate the business) is substantially unchanged. Surveys confirm that DC costs have stubbornly remained at around 28% of total IT budgets, and are forecast to remain steady as volumes offset unit cost declines.
    Is it possible to manage that down to a negligible level? Yes, by automating DCs (like the auto industry used robotics) and brokering suppliers (orchestrating among private and hybrid). This can already be done with storage, and it is achievable with MIPS and bandwidth.
    So what could your business do if your budget was inverted to 30/70 and DC services were virtually instantaneous and infinite?

    In this session, Jim will illustrate how DCA tools can help invert IT budgets, and how organizations can use that abundant/inexpensive utility to transform their core operations or adopt new business models.
  • Join Lex Machina on April 28 for the release of our new 2015 ANDA Litigation Report.
    Register here for a live webcast, where Jeff Gargano, Partner McDermott, Mark Rachlin, Senior Patent Counsel GSK, and Owen Byrd, CG Lex Machina will discuss our latest report on ANDA litigation and how you can leverage Legal Analytics to make data-driven decisions about Hatch-Waxman case strategy and tactics.