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  • Die einfache Verwaltung einer Hybridumgebung mit Duo Security
    Die einfache Verwaltung einer Hybridumgebung mit Duo Security
    Natalie Williams, Duo and Athena Brown, Duo Live 41 mins
    In diesem Webinar lernen Sie:

    Was wichtig ist bei der Planung von Zugriffsrichtlinien
    Eine schnelle Top-Down-Ansicht Ihrer Umgebung und wie man die wichtigsten Daten vergrößert
    Wie das Duo Insight-Tool Ihre Nutzer vor Phishing-Angriffen aufklären und schützen kann

    Was ist der nächste Schritt, um den Zugriff auf Ihre kritischen Ressourcen zu sichern, nachdem Sie Ihre zentralen Authentifizierungsanforderungen erfüllt haben? Ihre Benutzer sind validiert, stellen jedoch weiterhin eine Verbindung über ein Netzwerk von potenziell anfälligen Computern und Mobilgeräten her.

    Wie können Sie feststellen, welche dieser Geräte gefährdete Endpunkte sind?

    In einer SANS-Umfrage unter IT-Fachleuten gaben 79% an dass die Suche nach gefährdeten Endpunkten „schwierig oder unmöglich“ ist. Das richtige Gleichgewicht zwischen Sicherheit und Benutzerkomfort zu finden ist entmutigend, insbesondere wenn BYOD und gehostete Anwendungen zum Mix hinzugefügt werden. Die gute Nachricht ist, dass es Möglichkeiten gibt dies zu vereinfachen und dieses Webinar zeigt Ihnen wie.

    Presenter Info:

    Natalie Williams, Virtual & Cloud Security SME, Duo Security


    Natalie Williams, eine Newcomerin in der Welt der Cloud Security Sprecher, ist eine Expertin für Lösungen von Duo (MFA, Access & Beyond). Natalie unterstützt Cisco jetzt als Fachexpertin (SME), leitet Unternehmen zu die Einführung von Cloud-Diensten und Zero Trust.

    Athena Brown, DACH Field Marketing Manager, Duo Security


    Athena Brown, unterstützt Duo Security in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz (DACH). Athena war zuvor im Bereich Compliance im Finanzdienstleistungen in London tätig und arbeitet jetzt eng mit Cisco Secure X zusammen, um die Einführung von Zero Trust und die Schulung von Duo-Produkten durch Veranstaltungen, Networking und Zusammenarbeit zu steuern.
  • Towards recovery: unpacking Cape Town’s tourism bounce back plan
    Towards recovery: unpacking Cape Town’s tourism bounce back plan
    Alderman James Vos, Enver Duminy Recorded: Aug 3 2020 50 mins
    Ensuring that Cape Town remains not only a highly desirable destination, but also a safe destination for all.
  • EP 91: 2019 Nuveen Survey Shows Dramatic Increase in Responsible Investing
    EP 91: 2019 Nuveen Survey Shows Dramatic Increase in Responsible Investing
    Megan Fielding, Senior Director, Responsible Investing at Nuveen & Head of Strategic Partnerships Recorded: Aug 2 2020 27 mins
    Here are just a few striking data points Fielding talks about: (1) US investors poured $20.6B into ESG focused funds in 2019. (2) 70% of advisors cite superior risk management and better performance as the top reasons why their high network clients invest in responsible investing, as opposed to 39% in 2018. (3) For the first time a majority of investors, 53%, cited performance as their main motivation for investing in responsible investments.
  • Beyond The Perimeter Podcast, Episode 03: Life as a White Hat Hacker
    Beyond The Perimeter Podcast, Episode 03: Life as a White Hat Hacker
    Zev Brodsky - Content Marketing Manager at Perimeter & Len Noe - White Hat Hacker and Cyber Security Specialist Recorded: Aug 2 2020 28 mins
    In this edition of the Beyond the Perimeter Podcast, we discussed the Twitter hack which saw many famous celebrity accounts being hijacked which resulted in spreading a cryptocurrency scam. We also interviewed Len Noe who is a white hat hacker and cyber security specialist.
  • New Reality, New Rules: Marketers & Consumers
    New Reality, New Rules: Marketers & Consumers
    John Koetsier, Rebecca Nackson, Jana Jacobs, Hermione Way, Sunil Thomas Recorded: Aug 1 2020 58 mins
    During this time of the Evolving Normal, brands are navigating their businesses and consumer behavior differently… because they must. The rules and methodologies marketers have followed for decades are gone for one simple reason: they don’t apply to these times of uncertainty.
  • Leveraging Big Data and Collaborative Investigations for Fraud Prevention
    Leveraging Big Data and Collaborative Investigations for Fraud Prevention
    Brendan Brothers, Verafin Recorded: Jul 31 2020 56 mins
    (ACAMS Webinar Rebroadcast)

    In this insightful session, Brendan Brothers, Co-Founder of Verafin and Anti-Financial Crime Specialist, will discuss the evolution of financial crime and how financial institutions can embrace innovative approaches to proactively prevent fraud and combat crime ring activity.

    Brendan will outline how financial institutions can leverage big data, machine learning technology and 314(b) information sharing for effective fraud prevention, including proactive trend identification, reduction in false positive results, and collaborative investigations of multi-institutional crime ring activity.

    Learning Objectives
    - Understand the limitations and challenges of conventional fraud prevention approaches
    - Leveraging big data, machine learning technology, and 314(b) information sharing to mitigate losses and prevent fraud
    - Enhancing detection, strengthening investigations, and improving reporting to law enforcement
  • How the Workforce Learns
    How the Workforce Learns
    Dan Tesnjak, Director @ Degreed Recorded: Jul 31 2020 54 mins
    Many L&D teams say they put workers at the center of their learning strategies, but what does that actually look like? According to our latest study done with Harvard Business Publishing Corporate Learning, workers invest 3x more time developing skills on their own as they do through company-provided resources. They’re also 67% more likely to go to their professional network rather than their companies’ learning systems to build skills.
  • Microsoft Teams powered by Tata Communications: Ideal Collaboration Platform
    Microsoft Teams powered by Tata Communications: Ideal Collaboration Platform
    Paul McMillan, Head of Business Collaboration, Tata Communications; Kevin Martins, Voice Architect, Microsoft Recorded: Jul 31 2020 44 mins
    Today’s digital companies must provide all their employees – working remote or not – with a means of collaboration using a tool that can provide every feature needed. Selecting a collaboration partner is more than a one-time decision – for true ROI and guaranteed worker productivity, enterprises must build a business strategy for collaboration.
    Listen to Paul McMillan of Tata Communications and Kevin Martins of Microsoft explore these and other topics, including what Teams powered by Tata Communications is, what makes it the enterprise collaboration platform of choice, what are the latest features and capabilities, and more.
  • CCPA Compliance from Ground Zero: Start to Finish with TrustArc Solutions
    CCPA Compliance from Ground Zero: Start to Finish with TrustArc Solutions
    K Royal, Beth Sipula | TrustArc Recorded: Jul 31 2020 60 mins
    CCPA is in full effect and - as of July 1, 2020 - is being fully enforced. The “wait and see” game is officially over and organizations must be fully compliant in order to avoid regulatory fines and negative publicity. There are many requirements set forth by the CCPA, and building a strong compliance plan can be daunting. Not only does the compliance plan need to be set-up for future growth and changes, but it also needs the flexibility to produce on-demand, customized reports to provide to stakeholders.

    TrustArc has helped organizations of all sizes and maturity with CCPA compliance from simple assessments to full automation. Investing time upfront to perform the proper analysis and planning is key to feeling confident that your CCPA compliance program will efficiently and effectively mitigate risk while meeting business objectives.

    Listen to the on-demand recording to see how TrustArc CCPA solutions help organizations of all sizes and maturity achieve and maintain compliance.
  • Kubernetes from cloud to edge: a workshop for the US
    Kubernetes from cloud to edge: a workshop for the US
    M. Iatrou - Director F.Eng. (US); T. van Steenburgh, Engineering Manager (Kubernetes); A. Chalkias, Product Manager Recorded: Jul 31 2020 118 mins
    For all the benefits it offers around container orchestration, Kubernetes remains a significantly complex platform to deploy and operate. As developers and enterprises alike turn to Kubernetes for more and more types of use cases, available Kubernetes solutions often fail to meet their exact needs. Canonical’s extensive Kubernetes portfolio is centered around Charmed Kubernetes and MicroK8s, designed to provide full flexibility from cloud to edge in order to facilitate efficient innovation and scaling.

    In this virtual event, Canonical’s panel of experts will discuss tools and strategies for:
    - Optimising economics from cloud to edge
    - Streamlining deployment and operation of Kubernetes clusters
    - Lowering barriers to entry for Kubernetes in resource-limited environments

    Join them as they incorporate your questions and topics of interest in their discussion live, delve into practical examples they’ve experienced through their work with hundreds of customers, and provide free resources for further support.
  • The New P&L speaks to founder & CEO of VATI Sweden, Eva Vati
    The New P&L speaks to founder & CEO of VATI Sweden, Eva Vati
    Paul Spiers, Founder, The New P&L - Principles & Leadership in Business Podcast series Recorded: Jul 31 2020 46 mins
    The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are both ambitious and necessary, and the global business community has both the power and the responsibility to drive cohesive commitment and action on these goals.
    This week, The New P&L speaks to Founder and CEO of VATI of Sweden, Eva Vati. As one of the first consultancies in the world to offer businesses a certified methodology for integrating sustainability and the UN’s SDGs, VATI of Sweden helps executives and entrepreneurs align their commercial strategies with the UN’s SDGs, helping to future-proof their companies in the process. We discuss with Eva the critical role and responsibility businesses have in ensuring the SDGs are met, as well as the kind of leadership that is required to ensure the implementation of SDGs in a business has a positive commercial impact and sets it up for a future full of opportunity.
  • The New P&L speaks to Criminologist & Founder of Urban AI, Renée Cummings
    The New P&L speaks to Criminologist & Founder of Urban AI, Renée Cummings
    Paul Spiers, Founder, The New P&L - Principles & Leadership in Business Podcast series Recorded: Jul 31 2020 43 mins
    The impact of AI on all aspects of our life is far-reaching. AI has incredible potential, and when and designed and developed with ethical principles underpinning it, AI can have a transformational effect on communities and businesses in many ways. But AI is not without bias – it can often carry with it the subjective assumptions and judgements of those developing it or built on data that reinforces some of the structural inequalities that exist in our businesses and our societies.

    This week, The New P&L speaks to eminent criminologist, criminal psychologist, AI ethicist and data activist, Renée Cummings. Renée specialises in diverse, equitable and inclusive AI design, development and deployment; principled, responsible and trustworthy AI strategy and ethical AI policy development and governance, as well as AI risk management and crisis communications. We discuss with Renée the challenges around bias in AI and how these can be overcome, as well as regulation of this sector; what a more ethical future for AI looks like and what type of leaders we need in business to get us there.
  • Completing the Triad, The Case For Leading With NDR
    Completing the Triad, The Case For Leading With NDR
    John Smith // Principal Sales Engineer Recorded: Jul 31 2020 39 mins
    The information security industry has experienced a number of innovations around SIEM and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solutions over the past few years. These solutions have included leveraging Machine Learning and Cyber Threat Intelligence into their platforms for higher fidelity as well as better response to emerging and acute threats our industries and agencies face. Even with these advancements we have seen several devastating breaches that do more than damage a company’s brand. Unlike real-asset destruction or theft, when intellectual property is stolen or compromised, the owner is never made whole and its value cannot be recouped. The challenge with EDR and SIEM is that they must be configured or installed and any solution that must be configured or installed can be un-configured and un-installed. Many breaches have involved the evasion of properly installed and configured SIEM and EDR solutions. The covert nature of today’s malware and spyware requires a covert response, one where our adversaries are not aware of its presence. In this session, we will discuss and demo the merits of leading with Network Detection and Response (NDR) and how the use of NDR provides coverage against evasion techniques used by attackers against our existing SIEM/EDR investments. Adding the third pillar of NDR to your security triad will provide the needed stability that has been lacking from the traditional two pronged approach to security and visibility.
    In this session, we will discuss the ways in which NDR compliments and in many cases improves the efficacy of your existing investments in SIEM and EDR. We will also discuss the differences in signal intelligence between what is on the wire vs what is in a log. And finally, we will discuss reasons to take a “NDR-first” approach to visibility at scale, high fidelity detections and digital surveillance.
  • Rethinking your digital game plan: ECM modernization in the new workplace normal
    Rethinking your digital game plan: ECM modernization in the new workplace normal
    Marci Maddox, Research Director, IDC Recorded: Jul 31 2020 60 mins
    For many businesses, work-from-home proved once and for all that remote working can be cost efficient and productive. It also caused many IT leader’s ‘Digital Game Plans’ to double down on secure, resilient, collaborative workspaces for highly distributed workers.

    On our upcoming webinar, guest speaker Marci Maddox, Research Director at IDC, will share a 10-point checklist for ECM modernization in this new workplace normal including:

    - Deploying in the cloud for easier access to content and enhanced business continuity.
    - Embracing rapid development to increase agility and knowledge worker productivity.
    - Connecting systems (and ecosystems) to improve collaboration and decision making.

    Register for the webinar to learn more
  • Policy and regulation: Key developments in the European ETF industry
    Policy and regulation: Key developments in the European ETF industry
    Tom Eckett, Deputy Editor, ETF Stream Recorded: Jul 31 2020 55 mins
    Trying to keep pace with one of the fastest growing industries in finance is no easy task however this is the challenge regulators face.

    Wide-sweeping directives such as MiFID II and CSDR have looked to improve the whole European ecosystem however how successful have they been?

    This live discussion will explore the areas European regulators are currently monitoring while looking at how they are responding to the growth of ETFs.
  • Norplex-Micarta Profile and Capabilities
    Norplex-Micarta Profile and Capabilities
    Dustin Davis Recorded: Jul 31 2020 15 mins
    Join this short webcast to learn more about Norplex-Micarta's work in the composite material industry with a brief history, current capabilities, and product overview.
  • Event Streaming in the Telco Industry with Apache Kafka and Confluent
    Event Streaming in the Telco Industry with Apache Kafka and Confluent
    Kai Waehner Recorded: Jul 31 2020 60 mins
    Real-time data streaming is a hot topic in the Telecommunications Industry. As telecommunications companies strive to offer high speed, integrated networks with reduced connection times, connect countless devices at reduced latency, and transform the digital experience worldwide, more and more companies are turning to Apache Kafka’s data stream processing solutions to deliver a scalable, real-time infrastructure for OSS and BSS scenarios. Enabling a combination of on-premise data centers, edge processing, and multi-cloud architectures is becoming the new normal in the Telco Industry. This combination is enabling accelerated growth from value-added services delivered over mobile networks.

    Join Kai Waehner, Technology Evangelist at Confluent, for this session which explores various telecommunications use cases, including data integration, infrastructure monitoring, data distribution, data processing and business applications. Different architectures and components from the Kafka ecosystem are also discussed.

    Join this online talk to learn how to:
    - Overcome challenges for building a modern hybrid telco infrastructure
    - Build a real time infrastructure to correlate relevant events
    - Connect thousands of devices, networks, infrastructures, and people
    - Work together with different companies, organisations and business models
    - Leverage open source and fully managed solutions from the Apache Kafka ecosystem, Confluent Platform and Confluent Cloud
  • Protecting Your Customers' PII from Magecart
    Protecting Your Customers' PII from Magecart
    Richard Meeus, Security Technology and Strategy Director, and Mike Kane, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Akamai Recorded: Jul 31 2020 44 mins
    Many modern web pages rely heavily on JavaScript to interact with users for popular functions such as account SEO, social media, logins, and payments.

    This has created a new attack surface for hacker groups such as Magecart that put your users’ personal data at risk and expose your business to regulatory punishments.

    Unfortunately, most current protections offer limited help for this sophisticated attack method.

    In this webinar, we will explore the elements of Magecart attacks, and compare specific pluses and minuses of different approaches that security teams can employ to combat this new threat.

    You will learn more about:
    • Why Magecart attacks arose now and why they are not going away
    • Why Magecart attacks are so much harder to defeat than other types of script attacks
    • What options are in the market today to use against Magecart and how they will work for you
    • What you can do now to get control of JavaScript security and develop the right approach to beating Magecart
  • CSR & Sustainability: Shaping a 'New Normal'
    CSR & Sustainability: Shaping a 'New Normal'
    Dr Veronica Broomes, CSR and Sustainability Consultant Recorded: Jul 31 2020 37 mins
    Join Dr Veronica Broomes, a consultant and researcher on Sustainability and CSR to discover how boards must take the lead and expand the scope of their CSR practices.

    In this informative presentation, Veronica will explore how CSR and sustainability are understood and interpreted; how to move CSR beyond philanthropy; and why non-executives and trustees should make the business case for CSR.

    Veronica will also explore how to embed CSR and sustainability into your core operations and how to report the effectiveness and performance of these strategies.

    Veronica is active in working groups of the Sheffield Sustainability Network, has served as a Trustee of Age UK East London and is a strong advocate of integrating sustainability and CSR into core business operations.
  • Moving beyond passwords to delight and secure users
    Moving beyond passwords to delight and secure users
    Okta Recorded: Jul 31 2020 29 mins
    Passwords have been a constant throughout the internet era. As we’ve moved from desktops to smartphones, from on-premises infrastructure to cloud services, we’ve all relied on passwords to access and safeguard our data and resources across the applications we use on a daily basis.

    But in this new digital age where data breaches are rampant, passwords are no longer good enough. Not only are they insecure, they are expensive and offer a poor user experience. Fortunately, there’s a better way to protect your applications and stop account takeover incidents.

    In this session, we’ll discuss the benefits of passwordless authentication and explain how eliminating the password can help improve user experience, admin visibility and control, and scalability. We’ll also walk through key considerations and first steps as you embark on your passwordless journey.
  • Bitesize CPD webinar: Influencing and negotiating
    Bitesize CPD webinar: Influencing and negotiating
    Brian Stables, Independent Consultant Recorded: Jul 31 2020 59 mins
    During this webinar independent consultant Brian Stables will discuss ways of making yourself heard with some useful tools and techniques for helping others to hear your message. He will cover some key techniques for influencing including active listening and appreciative inquiry. Leading on from influencing he will explore similarities between the techniques for effective influencing and those for a successful negotiation and use an example to highlight some pitfalls along with tips for a successful and effective outcome that is acceptable to all.
  • How to Fight Online Fraud with AI Identity Verification
    How to Fight Online Fraud with AI Identity Verification
    Ricky Lee, CEO/Founder at Sync and Guillaume Rodenas, AM at Jumio Recorded: Jul 31 2020 47 mins
    Discover the latest strategies to combat online fraud with Sync Money and Jumio.

    In today’s digital world, verifying your customer’s real-world identity against their digital one is critical to keeping fraudsters out.

    As cybercriminals become more and more savvy, mitigating fraud risk is essential to your bottom line.

    In this webinar, Sync Money and Jumio will discuss new strategies on how to:

    - Strike the right balance between strong fraud detection and a positive user experience
    - Stop fraudulent activity during customer onboarding
    - Secure money transfer and payment transactions
  • Get the most from your Google Cloud Platform environment.
    Get the most from your Google Cloud Platform environment.
    Thomas Bottrill and Luke Carter Recorded: Jul 31 2020 106 mins
    It’s vital you get the most from your Google Cloud Platform environment from cost efficiency to scale effectiveness. That’s why we designed the Enhanced Architecture Review Service for GCP. This session is suitable for anyone looking to understand more about the ‘ways of working’ of GCP or for anyone already utilising GCP and would like to benchmark their workload to understand potential improvements that can be implemented.

    Join our highly experienced and extensively qualified Reliability Engineering & Architecture team for this 2 hour virtual workshop that will introduce you to cloud architecture assessment. Using sample applications, we will provide you with an overview of the best practice ways of designing and deploying your application to GCP, focusing on the 6 core pillars of

    Organisation Setup
    Identity & Access Management
    Network & Security
    Logging & Monitoring
    Billing Management.

    Following on from this enablement / Google Cloud Deployment session, we will provide guidance on how you can sign up for a bespoke 121 engagement to review your GCP workloads. This 121 assessment will be conducted with you and your engineering/applications/product team and the output will be a detailed report to supercharge your Google Cloud environment.

    Why Rackspace? Did you know that Rackspace has been a Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader in Managing Public Cloud environments for the last 3 years and were chosen by Google to be the FIRST Managed Services Provider for GCP? We’re also a Partner of the Year, winning the 2018 Migration award and our customers are support by a team of global experts who hold of over 300 certifications. Building and scaling clouds is what we do, now we want to empower you to do the same.

    Thomas Bottrill, Rackspace Cloud Engineer for Google Cloud
    Luke Carter, Rackspace Lead Solutions Architecture for Google Cloud
  • VMware & Pure Storage: Built for the {Private/Public/Hybrid/Multi} Cloud
    VMware & Pure Storage: Built for the {Private/Public/Hybrid/Multi} Cloud
    Cody Hosterman, Director - VMware Solutions Engineering Recorded: Jul 31 2020 34 mins
    Join Pure's Director VMware Solutions Engineering for this session from a recent VMUG event.
  • Data-Centric Security, Governance and Encryption for Apache Kafka at Scale
    Data-Centric Security, Governance and Encryption for Apache Kafka at Scale
    Ala Al-sharif, Sales Engineer, Confluent Aug 3 2020 10:00 am UTC 46 mins
    As businesses unite around Apache Kafka® as the single source of truth and Confluent Platform as the organisation's central nervous system, enabling data-centric security and governance features becomes crucial. Don’t miss ‘Data Security, Governance & Encryption at Scale’, an online talk in which speakers from Confluent, SecuPi and Marionete will discuss the things you must absolutely get right for data protection and privacy when using Apache Kafka and Confluent KSQL.

    Join us on Tuesday June 2nd at 2.00 pm London time to learn more about:

    1. Must-have data-centric security and GDPR/CCPA privacy requirements of streaming large scale near real time (NRT) data
    2. How to classify, monitor, audit and encrypt (with Hold Your Own Key - HYOK)/mask/filter sensitive data flows for Kafka and Confluent KSQL using SecuPi Data-Centric Platform
    3. How Confluent Platform and SecuPi integrate with Marionete expert services for end to end data protection and privacy compliance capabilities for Kafka implementations
  • Interview with Liam Healy, SVP & Managing Director at Diligent
    Interview with Liam Healy, SVP & Managing Director at Diligent
    Liam Healy Aug 3 2020 10:00 am UTC 22 mins
    What is the difference between business continuity and organizational resilience and more..
    We discuss the ways Diligent is adding value to directors, risk and compliance managers.
  • Building a Secure, Seamless, Customer Experience with Customer IAM
    Building a Secure, Seamless, Customer Experience with Customer IAM
    Okta Aug 3 2020 12:00 pm UTC 57 mins
    Consumers today are demanding rich experiences on their own terms, on their own schedules, just in time, and on mobile. Medical appointments can be scheduled with a few taps for later in the day, photos can be uploaded from your iPhone and printed at your local pharmacy, and last minute hotel rooms can be booked for a bargain with the swipe of a thumb.

    As companies race to build these omnichannel experiences, identity management challenges such as fragmented user experiences, incomplete user profile and activity information, and security at risk can slow down development efforts.

    Join guest speaker Merritt Maxim, Principal Analyst at Forrester, and Jiong Liu, Product Marketing Manager at Okta to:

    Learn how to use Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) as a foundational technology
    Address critical development requirements
    Accelerate time-to-market of new customer-facing experiences
  • Investing Healthily for NHS Trusts and Charities
    Investing Healthily for NHS Trusts and Charities
    Ketan Patel Aug 3 2020 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Investing Healthily for NHS Trusts and Charities hosted by Ketan Patel
  • Forget About It! - Making Sense of GDPR's Most Notorious Pro
    Forget About It! - Making Sense of GDPR's Most Notorious Pro
    Gabe Gumbs (Spirion) & Nathan Wenzler, (Tenable) Aug 3 2020 3:30 pm UTC 30 mins
    The right to be forgotten—part of the GDPR that allows people to have negative private information removed from Internet searches and directories—is seen by many as a victory for data privacy. To others, it’s burdensome and unworkable. After all, how can you be sure you’ve “forgotten” someone without retaining any information about the person you’ve forgotten?

    Join this exclusive virtual interview with Gabe Gumbs, Chief Innovation Officer of Spirion during Black Hat to make sense of GDPR’s most notorious provision and learn more about:

    - The paradox of the right to be forgotten
    - Data Subject/Consumer Rights under GDPR and CCPA
    - What are data inventories and how to leverage them to fulfill compliance requirements
    - Why you need great data discovery and identification in order to have data privacy
    - How businesses are handling increasing privacy and security concerns in the COVID19 / remote working era
    - Recommendations for improving data privacy and security

    Gabe Gumbs, Chief Innovation Officer, Spirion
    Nathan Wenzler, Chief Security Strategist, Tenable
  • Securing Data & Access for Your Growing Remote Workforce
    Securing Data & Access for Your Growing Remote Workforce
    Nathan Chessin & Tim Choi (Proofpoint) Aug 3 2020 4:30 pm UTC 30 mins
    The 2020 cyber threat landscape has changed drastically just over the last few months as some employees are mandated to work from home, and others are starting to go back in to the office. But throughout the changes, how you can ensure business continuity while keeping your end users protected?

    Join Proofpoint's experts Tim Choi, VP of Product Marketing, and Nathan Chessin, VP of Americas Technical Sales Engineering, as they discuss how you can keep users connected to the data and systems they need to do their job, without compromising how you protect your organization's most valuable assets.

    Nathan Chessin, VP of Americas Technical Sales Engineering, Proofpoint
    Tim Choi, VP of Product Marketing at Proofpoint
  • Leading During Change
    Leading During Change
    Degreed’s CEO, Chris McCarthy and CLO, Kelly Palmer Aug 3 2020 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Join Degreed’s CEO, Chris McCarthy and CLO, Kelly Palmer as they discuss current market challenges, featuring community best practices and real client strategies that can help us solve challenges together.
  • Strategies for Multi-Cloud Security in 2020
    Strategies for Multi-Cloud Security in 2020
    Terence Jackson (Thycotic), Tim Bach (AppOmni), Michelle McLean (StackRox) & Thomas Hatch (SaltStack) Aug 3 2020 5:30 pm UTC 60 mins
    Organizations continue to grapple with security challenges associated with running applications in the cloud and on-premise. In today's multi-cloud world, applications are deployed on not just one cloud provider, but across multiple cloud providers. This brings extra complexity, especially in the context of avoiding cloud configuration mistakes, controlling access and authentication, as well as scanning for vulnerabilities.

    Join industry cloud leaders and security experts for a Q&A roundtable discussion on strategies for improved cloud security and to learn more about:
    - Biggest challenges for cloud security
    - Cloud misconfiguration and how to avoid common mistakes
    - Cloud vulnerability scanning
    - Digital identity, authentication and cloud access
    - How to continue offering your customers and users the agility they have come to expect employing data protection measures
    - Recommendations for CISO for improving cloud security in 2020 and beyond

    Terence Jackson, Chief Information Security Officer, Thycotic
    Tim Bach, Vice President of Engineering, AppOmni
    Michelle McLean, Vice President of Marketing, StackRox
    Thomas Hatch, Founder and CTO, SaltStack
  • Digital Transformation is a team sport
    Digital Transformation is a team sport
    Andrew Clay Shafer, Red Hat Aug 3 2020 6:00 pm UTC 33 mins
    “Transformation” can be an intimidating and confusing word. While everyone can agree that transformation means change, rarely does everyone agree what should change or how to change it. As a consequence, many organizations have already endured multiple transformations with mostly disappointing results. During this keynote, Andrew Clay Shafer, Vice President of Transformation at Red Hat, will outline why organizations struggle to align on transformation outcomes, look at common pitfalls, and provide strategies to accelerate progress while increasing the impact of the effort.
  • Insider Threats and Hunting the Enemy Within
    Insider Threats and Hunting the Enemy Within
    Shawn Fleury (Crypsis Group), Gabe Gumbs (Spirion), Sai Chavali (Proofpoint), Lisa Plaggemier (MediaPRO) Aug 3 2020 8:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Insider threats - whether they are current or former employees, contractors or partners with access to company systems or data who use that access maliciously or unintentionally - account for 60 percent of cyber attacks. 
    Insider threats are difficult to detect, and in many cases they can go unnoticed for months or years. In fact, detecting an internal threat is one of most difficult and ungrateful tasks for security teams in the organization. 

    Join this panel of security experts as they discuss insider threat hunting techniques and recommendations for safeguarding the enterprise against internal and external threats.

    - Why are insider threats so dangerous
    - Technical and human factor challenges 
    - How to detect and prevent malicious insider activity
    - How to keep the biggest threats to your organization at bay

    Shawn Fleury, Director of Risk Management, The Crypsis Group
    Gabe Gumbs, Chief Innovation Officer, Spirion
    Sai Chavali, Sr Product Marketing Manager, Proofpoint Insider Threat Management
    Lisa Plaggemier, Chief Strategy Officer, MediaPRO
  • Key Signs Your Network is at Risk of a Cyber Attack
    Key Signs Your Network is at Risk of a Cyber Attack
    Diana Kelley (Microsoft), Brandon Hoffman (Netenrich), Jack Mannino (nVisium) & Mike Weber (Coalfire) Aug 3 2020 9:30 pm UTC 60 mins
    Cybercrime is on the rise and organizations of all sizes are vulnerable to attacks. With the proliferation of network-connected devices, applications, and ever-evolving complex network architectures, managing your organization's networks is becoming increasingly more difficult.

    Join this panel of network security experts and industry leaders to learn more about:
    -Trends in cyber attacks and common attack vectors
    - How to identify security gaps in your network
    - How to close these gaps: best practices and solutions
    - Recommendations for managing and securing complex enterprise networks

    Diana Kelley, Cybersecurity Field CTO, Microsoft
    Brandon Hoffman, CISO, Head of Security Strategy, Netenrich
    Jack Mannino, CEO at nVisium
    Mike Weber, Vice President Innovation, Coalfire
  • The Scope of Data Science in the Sports World
    The Scope of Data Science in the Sports World
    Paul Sabin (ESPN), Ruchir Pandya (NBA) Aug 3 2020 11:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Tentative Schedule: (EST)

    7:00pm: Intro
    7:05pm: The Scope of Data Science in the Sports World
    7:45pm: Q&A

    Talk Abstract:

    Sports analytics is generally defined as using data related to any sports or game and has only recently come into the limelight . Despite the sports industry being so rich in data, adoption of analytics in sports has been rather bumpy and ambiguous and there remains plenty of room for penetration. In this fireside chat, we’ll be discussing how impactful advanced analysis and predictive modeling can outperform regular custom/legacy analysis in the sports world. We’ll also dive into conversation surrounding how state of art models outperform old analysts methods and the resulting consequences that have reshaped sports business.
  • Global Cloud Proxy: Cloud-based Proxy for SD-WAN and Network Transformation
    Global Cloud Proxy: Cloud-based Proxy for SD-WAN and Network Transformation
    James Locus, Sr. Product Marketing Manager - Menlo Security Aug 4 2020 2:00 am UTC 12 mins
    The Menlo Security Global Cloud Proxy provides fast, secure web access to applications like Office 365 and enables IT departments to scale security services for large organizations while reducing operational costs.
  • Introduction to Symantec’s New Premier Partner Program
    Introduction to Symantec’s New Premier Partner Program
    Symantec Asia Pacific and Japan Channels Team Aug 4 2020 3:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Symantec recently launched a new program for our Premier Partners, where membership is now by invitation only. The program is designed to build stronger relationships with our most valued partners and to enable our partners to grow their businesses through simplified engagement, better margins and richer benefits while driving superior value with our joint customers.

    As we look forward to you continuing your partnership with Symantec, we would be delighted if you could join our Asia Pacific and Japan Channel team on Wednesday, 4 August 2020 at 1pm AEST/11am SGT to learn more about the benefits you will enjoy under this new program and answer your questions.
  • Mehr Clouds, mehr Probleme?
    Mehr Clouds, mehr Probleme?
    Ralf Walkenhorst, Senior ITOA Specialist Aug 4 2020 8:00 am UTC 68 mins
    Zwischen 2017 und 2019 stieg die Zahl der Anwendungs- und Service-Ausfälle von 25 % auf 34 %. Alarmierend ist, dass 80 % dieser Ausfälle verhindert hätten werden können. Sie waren nämlich vor allem auf menschliches Versagen, Stromausfälle sowie Netzwerk- und Konfigurationsprobleme zurückzuführen. Mangelnde Transparenz bei der IT-Infrastruktur kann nicht nur zu Team- und Datensilos führen, sondern auch für eine verlangsamte Erkennung, Untersuchung und Behebung von Problemen verantwortlich sein.

    Laut der neuesten Umfrage des Uptime Institute wird die Hälfte aller Workloads noch in privaten Rechenzentren ausgeführt. 25 % der befragten IT-Experten gaben jedoch an, dass sie Workloads mit höherer Wahrscheinlichkeit in eine öffentliche Cloud verlagern würden – aber nur, wenn die Transparenz besser wäre. Heutige IT-Infrastrukturen sind komplexer denn je. Und durch die zunehmende Zahl an verteilten Komponenten, die den Technologie-Stack laufend verändern, entstehen immer neue Möglichkeiten für Ausfälle bei lokalen Systemen und in der bzw. den Cloud(s).

    Registrieren Sie sich für dieses Webinar und lernen Sie:

    - Warum Infrastruktur-Monitoring verteilter Umgebungen heute komplexer denn je ist
    - Wie Ihr Unternehmen seine Monitoring-Verfahren modernisieren und auf die Cloud-Nutzung vorbereiten kann
    - Wie Sie Ausfälle bei lokalen Systemen und in der bzw. den Cloud(s) vorhersagen und vermeiden
    - Warum es in hybriden Architekturen wichtig ist, Uptime, Performance und Antwortzeiten zu messen
  • What’s Your Streaming Data Strategy?
    What’s Your Streaming Data Strategy?
    Noah Schneider, Senior Consultant, Advanced Services Group (ASG), Hitachi Vantara Aug 4 2020 8:00 am UTC 57 mins
    Are you ready to harvest the massive real-time data that your organization generates? Mastering streaming data is critical to gain an edge in business, in every industry. But most businesses still rely on batch and incremental processing. If that’s you, don’t despair. Join this session to understand key concepts, common technologies and best practices you need to succeed with streaming data. You will also learn about the Hitachi Vantara streaming data stack and how we can help you meet your goals. The session is led by an expert in the field, who has implemented IoT solutions and streaming data integration pipelines for organizations across North America.
  • Getting the Most Out of Micro Focus Operations Bridge - Session 4
    Getting the Most Out of Micro Focus Operations Bridge - Session 4
    Yuval Raiz Aug 4 2020 8:00 am UTC 45 mins
    2020 Webinar Series

    As more services are delivered through more channels, monitoring and resolving issues becomes exponentially more difficult. Micro Focus Operations Bridge cuts through the complexity—helping you monitor applications, detect anomalies, and fix problems with speed and insight.

    In this live webinar series, we explore how AIOps-powered Operations Bridge brings clarity to problems and resolutions with:
    •End-to-end monitoring
    •AI-based analytics
    •Rapid remediation
    •Actionable insights

    The series starts on 14 July with a high-level discussion of how Operations Bridge delivers business value in the digital enterprise. In subsequent sessions, we dive deeper into its technical capabilities and show how you can get the most from them. Please join us:

    •14 July: A high-level view of Operations Bridge. Relevant for customers and those searching for an AIOps-driven solution. Register now - https://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/17092/423661

    •21 July: Agentless monitoring with Operations Bridge. In this session, we cover integrating SiteScope and Operations Bridge. Register now – https://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/17092/423668

    •28 July: The performance perspective. How to maximize the value of your Operations Bridge dashboard with relevant, consumable data. Register now - https://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/17092/423669

    •4 August: The health of your IT estate. Operations Bridge, ETI, HI, KPI, and the relationship between them. Register now - https://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/17092/423670
  • Protecting Organizations Against DDoS Attacks
    Protecting Organizations Against DDoS Attacks
    Eden Amitai, Product Marketing Manager, Radware & Ezer Goshen, VP BD & Check Point Global Business, Radware Aug 4 2020 8:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Due to increasing traffic volumes and the recent rise of remote workers globally, securing your infrastructure and critical business applications has never been more critical.

    In an age where it is essential to be agile and connected anytime and anywhere, an intelligent DDoS Mitigation solution is needed.

    Join the webinar on August 4th to learn how the Check Point DDoS Protector enables organizations with:

    •The ability to mitigate network and application-specific DDoS attacks
    •Visibility into malicious and legitimate traffic
    •Extensive protection from attacks targeting web applications

    Can’t join this session? Please join us for another session on August 4th at 9 am PT | 12 pm ET: https://bit.ly/30UpNz4
  • Forcepoint and Microsoft AIP - Automating Data Protection for Cloud Transition.
    Forcepoint and Microsoft AIP - Automating Data Protection for Cloud Transition.
    Ankur Chadda, Sr. Solutions Manager, Forcepoint & Kartik Kanakasabesan, Principal PM Manager, Microsoft Aug 4 2020 8:00 am UTC 37 mins
    Learn how Forcepoint and Microsoft are working together to help organizations protect sensitive data in their hybrid environments. In this webinar, we will discuss:
    - How digital transformation is driving workloads to the cloud
    - Forcepoint and Microsoft integration compatibilities
    - How to automate the identification, classification, and protection of critical business data
  • An Intelligence Driven Approach to Security Validation
    An Intelligence Driven Approach to Security Validation
    Shashwath Hegde, Solutions Architect, APAC Aug 4 2020 9:00 am UTC 56 mins
    A recent SANS study showed that while organizations used threat intelligence to hypothesize where attackers may be found, they lack the investigative skills to conduct searches. This continues to be a growing problem in the cyber security industry as organizations struggle to justify the high-cost of their defences.
    We make significant investments to justify our methods of stopping evil. However, we rarely spend time in measuring our methods or investments. Instead, we rely on assumptions to guide our decisions and justify our judgements. In this session, we will explore real world data and dive deep into the performance of cybersecurity controls across enterprise networks; from email, endpoint, network to cloud-based controls and examine some alarming results. As organizations continue to struggle to justify the high-cost of their defences, Security Validation provides a solution to validate, consolidate, recoup and maximize the value from existing investments.