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  • Enterprise service management transforms employee productivity
    Enterprise service management transforms employee productivity
    Troy DuMoulin, Bruce Randall Live 59 mins
    Organizations are recognizing that adopting a service-oriented operating model, underpinned by system-based automation, can address many of the core challenges of competing in a digital economy. At the same time, defining value-based outcomes in the form of products and services, and optimizing shared processes with automation, have been proven to increase productivity, foster collaboration, lower costs and improve speed, no matter the business department or function. The sum of these capabilities and outcomes are often referred to as Enterprise Service Management.

    Join Troy DuMoulin from Pink Elephant and Bruce Randall from ServiceNow as they provide an overview of the many dimensions of Enterprise Service Management.

    In this webinar you’ll learn:

    How to increase employee productivity and creativity with ESM
    How to focus on service management capabilities like service definition, publishing, and knowledge management
    How to transform workflow automation related to incident and request fulfillment
  • Gain deep visibility into APIs and integrations with Anypoint Monitoring
    Gain deep visibility into APIs and integrations with Anypoint Monitoring
    Andrew Bragdon, Principal Product Manager, MuleSoft and Sanjna Verma, Product Marketing Manager, MuleSoft Live 50 mins
    On average, a business supporting digital transactions now crosses 35 backend systems — and legacy tools haven’t been able to keep up. This session will cover how MuleSoft’s new monitoring and diagnostic solutions provide end-to-end actionable visibility to APIs and integrations to help customers identify and resolve issues quickly.

    Key Takeaways:

    - Measure application performance across APIs and integrations in production
    - How to query and retrieve log data across your network
    - End-to-end walkthrough of priority issue identification and resolution
    - Exciting new capabilities of Anypoint Monitoring
  • Positioning Yourself for Career Advancement: The Power of Small to Achieve BIG
    Positioning Yourself for Career Advancement: The Power of Small to Achieve BIG
    Francine Parham, Founder and CEO, FrancineParham & Co. Live 60 mins
    As a professional woman in the workplace, positioning yourself for career advancement means more than understanding the clear-cut obvious skills required for your success. What is really critical for your advancement is that you master the small but powerful skills that are often unwritten and unspoken - e.g. how to successfully manage the key players in your professional network and inner circle. If understood, practiced and ultimately mastered, these types of skills can help prepare and position you for career advancement and on-going success.

    Join this webinar to:
    1. Learn about the “unwritten and unspoken skills” you need for your professional advancement;
    2. Receive tips on how to navigate everyday toward your career goal and;
    3. How you can create your own blueprint to engage others within your organization to support your career.

    Francine Parham is the Founder and CEO of FrancineParham & Co. Her work focuses on the advancement of women in the workplace. Having spent two decades in the corporate sector advancing to the position of a global vice-president in two Fortune 500 companies, she understands the importance of having the right skills (unwritten and unspoken) to achieve professional success. She shares the actions and approaches that you can take to prepare and position yourself for career advancement through her public speaking, writing, curated and micro-networking events and specialized skill-building workshops. She is also the co-author of the book, “The Ultimate Career Pocket Guide”. Francine has written for various online platforms and has been cited or recognized as a career expert in various published books. Visit FrancineParham.com for more information about her and her work.
  • Enterprise Software-Defined Storage on HPE Gen10 Servers
    Enterprise Software-Defined Storage on HPE Gen10 Servers
    Chris Tinker, Chief Technologist, HPE and Hal Woods, CTO, Datera Live 75 mins
    Chris Tinker, Chief Technologist at Hewlett Packard Enterprise joins Hal Woods, CTO at Datera to discuss some of the leading technologies in the Software Defined Revolution, and how HPE and Datera help cultivate the vast ecosystem of solutions.

    Data is at the center of the Software Defined Data Center, where Datera reimagined enterprise storage and partnered with HPE to deliver a complete solution.

    What you will learn from this webinar:

    • Architecting your data center for high-performance
    • Ease of deployment and management
    • Advanced automation and future-ready choice to orchestrate data for VMs
  • Get Four Top Cybersecurity Certifications for a $100K+ Job + CISSP Exam Voucher
    Get Four Top Cybersecurity Certifications for a $100K+ Job + CISSP Exam Voucher
    Dr. Victor Berlin Live 60 mins
    At this webinar, learn how you can earn four top cyber certifications (CISSP CEH, CAP and CCRMP) in one program so you can get your $100K+ cyber job---and qualify for a CISSP Exam Voucher.

    To get a $100K+ cybersecurity job, you need valuable cyber project experience and top cyber certifications. Learn how to get this combination of cyber credentials and experience in one program. Join our webinar now!

    Sign up for this webinar to learn:

    •Which four certifications you need and why
    •How you can get all four certifications in one program
    •How to get valuable cyber project experience
    •Best practices to prepare for certification exams
    •How to take the exams and pass them the first time
    •How to maintain your certifications
    •How you can qualify for a CISSP Exam Voucher
  • IT Risk Management for 2020 and Beyond
    IT Risk Management for 2020 and Beyond
    Sam Abadir, Lockpath Live 60 mins
    IT risk is always evolving, and in 2020 you need to be prepared what it may look like. New technologies and expanding trends such as cloud, digital transformation, and IT risk-related tasks being taken on directly by the business means IT risk will increase and potentially have greater impacts on the business without proper collaboration and management. Prepare for IT risk in 2020 and beyond by attending this live webinar led by Lockpath’s Sam Abadir. Topics to be discussed include:

    · Evolution of IT landscapes and what it means to IT risk management

    · IT risk management skillsets and disciplines

    · Collaboration across departments and building consensus

    · How organizational maturity impacts managing IT risk

    · How to sustain growth in 2020 and beyond

    Find out what you need to know to manage IT risk in 2020 and beyond by attending this educational webinar. Register now!
  • Data Science and Machine Learning Ask Me Anything
    Data Science and Machine Learning Ask Me Anything
    Michael O’Connell, David Sweenor, Angela Waner, Steven Hillion, Ritika Sehgal, Louis Bajuk-Yorgan Live 60 mins
    Join our team of data scientists and data science industry experts for an Ask Me Anything session exploring Data Science and Machine Learning. This is an hour-long session during which you can ask as many questions as possible. You also have the opportunity to ask questions ahead of time by tweeting @TIBCO using the hashtag #TIBCOAMA or posting on the TIBCO data science community. Register Now for this informative session!

    Michael O’Connell, Chief Analytics Officer, TIBCO Software,
    David Sweenor, Global Marketing Leader - Analytics, TIBCO Software,
    Angela Waner, Senior Product Manager - Data Science, TIBCO Software,
    Steven Hillion, Sr. Director - Data Science, TIBCO Software,
    Ritika Sehgal, Pre-sales Director Analytics, TIBCO Software,
    Louis Bajuk-Yorgan, Sr. Director Product Management - Data Science and Streaming, TIBCO Spotfire
  • Technology Asset Discovery tools aren’t working. Find out why & fix it.
    Technology Asset Discovery tools aren’t working. Find out why & fix it.
    Mark Gaydos, CMO, at Nlyte Live 60 mins
    Join this webinar where Mark Gaydos, CMO of Nlyte Software, will present the Next Generation of Asset Discovery.

    Nlyte Asset Explorer uses agentless technology to scan your network from desktop to data center to cloud to inventory your hardware, software and networking assets. It supports all major protocols, integrates with your CMDB and creates a single source of knowledge of 100’s of data points.

    You will learn:

    - Security Officers report more than 10% of assets on network are undetected
    - Only 10% of IT Operations managers believe that all assets are detectable and monitored
    - 6% of Financial Officers feel they have no risk from a vendor software audit
    - IT Managers report more than 69% of assets not current with software and patches
    - 87% of Organizations believe 10% of assets or more are not in their CMDB
  • The Impact and ROI of VR/AR in New Millennium Education
    The Impact and ROI of VR/AR in New Millennium Education
    Carlos J. Ochoa, Eyal Abra, Leland Hedges, Eric Klopfer, Julie Smithson Live 90 mins
    The VR/AR Association Education Committee will present the latest use cases and best practices on how VR/AR is applied in Education in schools
  • Migrating VMs through Red Hat CloudForms
    Migrating VMs through Red Hat CloudForms
    Red Hat Consulting Recorded: Feb 21 2019 3 mins
    Red Hat® CloudForms® 4.6 provides a new way to migrate virtual machines (VMs) to Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) environments like Red Hat Virtualization and Red Hat OpenStack® Platform in a simple, optimized, and efficient way. Watch this Red Hat Consulting whiteboarding video to see how this powerful tool works.
  • Self-care and Wellbeing for Entrepreneurs
    Self-care and Wellbeing for Entrepreneurs
    Mira Rutter, Work-Life Balance Coach and Strategist Recorded: Feb 21 2019 64 mins
    Managing your time is futile unless you have the necessary energy to use your efforts effectively whether you’re ploughing your way through client work or you are out and about by yourself or with your family and friends.

    Downing countless cups of teas or coffee or even cans of your favourite ‘energy’ drink isn’t a sustainable long-term answer to your vitality. But what else can you do when you often feel like you’re far too exhausted to do anything once you’ve wrapped up for the day and all you can do is collapse on the sofa or in bed? Sometimes, you may even be having trouble concentrating on your work. Or maybe you find it hard to switch off even when you’re trying to have some downtime.

    If you’re experiencing any of these and you’ve had enough of trying ineffective short-term fixes and are ready to stop trying to pour out of an empty cup, it’s time to look at how you manage your energy levels not just your time.

    Mira Rutter, a Work-Life Balance Coach and Strategist, will dive into the importance of self-care and how to prioritise your health and wellbeing as an entrepreneur, so that you can enjoy more of what matters to you most.

    By attending this webinar, you will discover:

    The two essential strategies for managing your energy levels
    Highly effective stamina boosting tips to help you be at your best throughout the day that you can apply right away
    How to preserve your power by learning how to cope with energy sappers

    Join this webinar if you want to reap the benefits of feeling full of energy every day.
  • Future IoT Growth Opportunities in Colombia
    Future IoT Growth Opportunities in Colombia
    Gina Sánchez, Senior Consultant, Latin America, Digital Transformation, Frost & Sullivan Recorded: Feb 21 2019 48 mins
    IoT is at the beginning stages of its growth. Because it offers the ability to capture and leverage data across virtually every aspect of the human experience, its potential is enormous. Organizations that do not yet have IoT on the drawing board must figure out what the IoT looks like, where it fits, and its real-world issues and benefits as they weigh their decisions about deployment.

    Frost & Sullivan invites you to join Gina Sánchez, Senior Consultant, to gain insights on the current status and future growth potential of the Industrial IoT market in Colombia, the factors that drive and restrict the market, success stories, and projected growth rates until 2022.

    Key Takeaways:

    · What are the key verticals in this market?
    · How will the revenue shares of the hardware, software, services, and connectivity segments change?
    · What are the top three drivers for IoT investments?
  • Protect While You Promote: How to Balance Social Media Engagement and Security
    Protect While You Promote: How to Balance Social Media Engagement and Security
    Evan Blair, Co-Founder, Global VP Channel, ZeroFOX & Jeremy Wood, Vice President, Product Marketing, Hootsuite Recorded: Feb 21 2019 60 mins
    In our connected world, most people engage with brands online prior to making a purchasing decision. With social media marketing on the rise, risks to your brand and reputation are also increasing, from account hacking to impersonating profiles and more. How can you increase engagement while protecting brand integrity from digital risks?

    Key Takeaways

    • Knowledge about social media security risks related to brand
    • Tips for safe sharing on social media
    • Step-by-step guide for protecting your brand
  • Deep Dive into COUNTER Code of Practice Release 5
    Deep Dive into COUNTER Code of Practice Release 5
    Lorraine Estelle, COUNTER Project Director; Elena Zapryanova-Hadjinikolova, COUNTER Executive Committee Recorded: Feb 21 2019 56 mins
    In this instructional webinar, you’ll learn more about the COUNTER Code of Practice Release 5 (COP5), which goes into effect in January 2019. Lorraine Estelle, COUNTER Project Director, will highlight key points in the development of the new release, touching on metric types and new reports. Then Elena Zapryanova-Hadjinikolova, COUNTER Executive Committee and Director Analytics, Elsevier, will take you step-by-step through the new reports and familiarize you with their use cases. If you cannot attend the live webinar, be sure to register so that you will have access to the recorded webinar to view at your convenience and share with your colleagues.


    •Introduction to COUNTER COP5
    •How COUNTER COP5 will address future needs and stay relevant
    •New metric types and how they work
    •New reports and common use cases
    •Step-by-step instructions on each of the new reports


    Lorraine Estelle, COUNTER Project Director
    Elena Zapryanova-Hadjinikolova, COUNTER Executive Committee
  • The Best Way to Assess Incident Response Preparedness
    The Best Way to Assess Incident Response Preparedness
    Jeff Laskowski, Security Consulting Director, FireEye Mandiant Recorded: Feb 21 2019 56 mins
    Many breached organizations—of all sizes—believed they had effective security programs and incident response plans. Reality proved otherwise.
    Now, executive leaders are far more concerned with incident preparedness. When the Board asks, ‘How ready are we, really?’ your security team must have a defensible response.

    In this webinar, Jeff Laskowski, Security Consulting Director of FireEye Mandiant, explains how to achieve effective preparation:

    • Test your team’s detection and response capabilities to protect key assets against real-world targeted attacks—without the consequences of a real incident
    • Assess your organization’s crisis management capabilities through the lens of an executive team
    • Improve your team’s detection and response capabilities in accordance with the latest attacker tactics, techniques, and motivations

    Join this webinar today to learn what it takes for your team to know how they would perform under a real threat, before they actually have to.
  • The Download: Tech Talks by the HPCC Systems Community, Episode 21
    The Download: Tech Talks by the HPCC Systems Community, Episode 21
    HPCC Systems Recorded: Feb 21 2019 135 mins
    Join us as we continue this series of webinars specifically designed for the community by the community with the goal to share knowledge, spark innovation, and further build and link the relationships within our HPCC Systems community.

    Featured speakers include:

    Adwait Joshi, CEO DataSeers - HPCC Systems - An IoT use case for Payments
    Traditionally we all have used Thor for data processing and ROXIE indexes for data pulls. Think about using ROXIE for a data ingest and Thor directly pulling data into the back end repository. This talk will explain about how DataSeers has designed a realtime transaction monitoring system using HPCC Systems, Kafka, ElasticSearch and MySQL pushing the envelope for a typical use case. Learn the roadblocks we encountered, how we worked around them, and how we hardened the system to be truly disaster resistant with all open source technologies.

    Yanrui Ma, Software Architect, LexisNexis Risk Solutions - Dynamic ESDL Has Become More Dynamic In 7.0
    In this talk, Yanrui will talk about some of the major changes with Dynamic ESDL in 7.0, with a focus on the mechanisms and enhancements that have made it even more dynamic. He’ll give a demo of creating a DESDL service with the improved “esdl” command line to show you how easy and quick it can be. He’ll also go over DESDL related ECL Watch changes in 7.0, and some of the upcoming DESDL features.

    Bob Foreman, Senior Software Engineer, HPCC Systems, LexisNexis Risk Solutions - ECL Tip: All About the ECL SET
    This month’s ECL Tip spotlights the ECL SET definition, value type, and other supported functions that use it. Several code examples and best practices will be demonstrated.
  • The Securities Class Action Landscape:A Look Back at 2018 & What’s Ahead in 2019
    The Securities Class Action Landscape:A Look Back at 2018 & What’s Ahead in 2019
    Jeff Lubitz, Stefan Boettrich Recorded: Feb 21 2019 49 mins
    2018 was a watershed year in the securities litigation marketplace. In addition to the record number of newly-filed cases, there was significant growth in the dollar value of settlements, both in the U.S. and across the world. During calendar year 2018, 441 new cases were filed in U.S. federal courts, plus dozens more in state courts and in countries such as Australia, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. The value of settlements included significant sums in the U.S., including Petrobras ($3 billion) and Wells Fargo ($480 million), plus more than a dozen non-U.S. settlements led by Ageas (f/k/a Fortis - €1.3 billion).

    As we enter the new year, 2019 will likely see similarly robust activity. Already, dozens of newly filed cases are in the court system and the amount of pending litigation is substantial, with a total of more than $1 trillion in Investor Losses (NERA’s measure of case size). Additionally, a few noteworthy settlements were finalized in early 2019, including Wal-Mart ($160 million) and Cobalt International ($146 million).

    This webinar will be valuable to all financial and legal professionals practicing in this area. Attendees will benefit from ISS and NERA's timely insights into the complex and rapidly-growing securities litigation environment.

    Hosting the event will be ISS Securities Class Action Services and NERA Economic Consulting. Speakers will include Jeff Lubitz, Executive Director at ISS, and Stefan Boettrich, Senior Consultant at NERA. Attendees will gain additional insight as Mr. Lubitz will discuss ISS Securities Class Action Services’ latest report, “The Top 100 U.S. Class Action Settlements of All-Time,” while Mr. Boettrich will highlight data from NERA’s “Recent Trends in Securities Class Action Litigation: 2018 Full-Year Review.”
  • La 4ta Revolución Industrial.
    La 4ta Revolución Industrial.
    Oriol Raméntol | Eduardo Javier Espinosa Recorded: Feb 21 2019 45 mins
    La cuarta revolución industrial está centrada en el cliente. Sabemos lo importante que es fidelizarlo. Salesforce nos permite generar un mayor acercamiento manteniendo el compromiso que se tiene con el cliente.
    Salesforce es la plataforma de éxito que ayuda a potencializar a los usuarios de servicio, executivos de cuenta y marketing. Everis en conjunto con Salesforce, buscamos las mejores soluciones para tu negocio con más de 10 años de experiencia y 100+ consultores certificados, everis garantiza el éxito de proyecto.
  • Scaling Collective Code Ownership & Code Reviews at LinkedIn - Nikolai Avteniev
    Scaling Collective Code Ownership & Code Reviews at LinkedIn - Nikolai Avteniev
    Nikolai Avteniev - Software Engineer, LinkedIn Recorded: Feb 21 2019 56 mins
    The contemporary code review practice has been adopted by many organizations and open source projects as a quality assurance measure. This process typically involves software tools such as Review Board and the time of one or more peer reviewers.

    However, there is a growing body of empirical research about this broadly‐adopted practice that can help us learn more about the effects of code reviews on software quality. Available research shows that in fact, peer code reviews are better suited for knowledge sharing and code improvements, rather than for eliminating code defects or reducing error rates. The effectiveness of the process seems to depend on the experience of the reviewer with the code, the size of the change set, and the rate at which the review is conducted.

    In this talk, Nikolai will share how the LinkedIn Flagship Product Engineering team leverages the code review process to spread organizational knowledge and uplevel individual contributors. I will also discuss the tools we’ve built to support this practice across a team which spans three offices, four development stacks, dozens of teams, and hundreds of individual contributors.
  • Transforming production and broadcast with 5G
    Transforming production and broadcast with 5G
    IBC365 | IRT Germany | BT Sport Recorded: Feb 21 2019 75 mins
    Join this webinar on Thursday 21 February to learn how 5G will transform the way content is created, produced and distributed.

    More than just a faster mobile data connection, 5G reinvents connectivity. The technology enables new types of remote productions, and coverage of more live events, news and sports in higher 4K/HDR quality, and will revolutionise the way consumers receive content, combining broadcast, OTT and data to create a seamless experience regardless of network or device.

    That's the theory - but how is 5G being deployed in practice? What are the early adopters doing, and what results are they achieving?

    This webinar will explore a series of exciting use cases for 5G with hands-on case studies, including:
    - Enriching production and storytelling
    - Revitalising newsgathering and live event coverage
    - Blending broadcast and live data for mobile audiences in the European 5G-Xcast project

    - Dr Jordi Gimenez, 5G research engineer & project manager, IRT Germany
    - Matt Stagg, Director of mobile strategy, BT Sport
    - Marios Nicolaou, 5G and digital transformation senior strategy advisor
  • Securing your containers with Kata
    Securing your containers with Kata
    Eric Adams, Technical Marketing Engineer, Intel Corporation Recorded: Feb 21 2019 48 mins
    We are pleased to offer a new Webinar, “Securing your containers with Kata,” focusing on financial and other highly-sensitive use cases. Kata Containers offer hardware-rooted isolation between containers, providing an additional layer of security for sensitive applications. The webinar will include a discussion of the motivations behind the Kata Containers project, how it fits into the broader container ecosystem with Kubernetes and Docker interoperability, and the advantages of its small footprint and stronger security. For familiar users, we’ll also review how the project has evolved from version 1.0 to the recent 1.5 release. We will also provide demonstrations of how to get started with Kata Containers and how Kata Containers can mitigate against an existing security exploit. Join us on February 21, 2019, for an informative hour on Kata Containers.
  • SDL Machine Translation 2019: What’s New, What’s Ahead
    SDL Machine Translation 2019: What’s New, What’s Ahead
    Arnaud Simon, Product Manager, SDL ETS, Quinn Lam, Sr Product Manager, SDL MT Recorded: Feb 21 2019 35 mins
    See what’s new and what’s ahead for SDL Machine Translation both on-premises (SDL Enterprise Translation Server) and on-cloud (SDL BeGlobal).

    Join our webinar for a lively discussion and to learn more about:

    • Lowering TCO through Hardware Optimization
    • Deployment flexibility with Edge-Cloud
    • New adaptability features for upcoming release
  • Adopt Modern SSL so You Don’t Get Left Behind
    Adopt Modern SSL so You Don’t Get Left Behind
    Nathan McMahon Feb 21 2019 6:00 pm UTC 48 mins
    Radical changes in security have dramatic impact on load balancing. SSL/TLS is changing so rapidly that enterprises are forced to do a forklift upgrade of their hardware load balancers. However, with Avi's software load balancer, it’s as simple as a version update.

    In this webinar, we will catch you up the latest SSL facts.

    - SSL termination can be done with only software. And it has better security, scalability, and lower cost. That’s how Facebook and Google do it. Let’s see how.
    - RSA and Elliptic-curve cryptography (ECC) have different implications for perfect forward secrecy (PFS), HTTP/2 and TLS 1.3 support. Let’s compare.
    - SSL health score allows you to manage expiring certificates, automated certificate renewals, and notification alerts from a centralized control plane.
  • Modernizing VMware with Kubernetes
    Modernizing VMware with Kubernetes
    Kamesh Pemmaraju, Head of Product Marketing at Platform9 Feb 21 2019 6:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Kubernetes has become the de facto standard today for building and running container workloads. Many organizations would like to leverage their existing investments in VMware to take advantage of the Kubernetes revolution.

    Unfortunately, VMware was never designed to run containerized workloads. Furthermore, Kubernetes is complex and notoriously difficult to deploy and operate at scale for production workloads. The lack of Kubernetes skills adds to the challenge.

    Join us in this Webinar to learn how you can get a production ready, easy to use Kubernetes solution with a 24x7x365 SLA on your very own VMware infrastructure with the following benefits:

    1.Get up and running with Kubernetes in an hour
    2.Eliminate the management overhead
    3.Enable self-service for your developers to deploy Kubernetes applications with a single click
    4.Improve collaboration between your developers and VMware admins
    5.And much more!

    Join us at 1 PM EST/10 AM PST on February 21, 2019 to learn more.
  • CISO Panel on Intelligence Fusion: A New Era of Cybersecurity
    CISO Panel on Intelligence Fusion: A New Era of Cybersecurity
    Paul Kurtz, Co-Founder and CEO of TruSTAR Feb 21 2019 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Join TruSTAR Co-Founder and CEO Paul Kurtz as he hosts a panel with Jerry Archer, CISO of Sallie Mae, and Gary Warzala, Former CISO of PNC, VISA and Fifth Third Bank.

    In the past twenty years, companies have deployed more technology, processes, and people to defend its applications and systems than ever before… but when pressed, many CISOs will admit they still don’t have a firm grip on the security-related data inside their own four walls.

    Enter Intelligence Fusion.

    Intelligence Fusion can be defined as the convergence of cyber threat intelligence with other security data sources, including fraud and physical security data. When implemented correctly, Intelligence Fusion can speed threat investigations and lead to a more proactive security stance.

    In the panel you will learn:
    -- How to blueprint an Intelligence Fusion program within your security organization
    -- Real-life anecdotes from CISO panelists about the challenges and opportunities of Intelligence Fusion
    -- How to measure the ROI of fusion programs
  • 3 Steps to Unleash the Power of ServiceNow with OneLogin and Clear Skye
    3 Steps to Unleash the Power of ServiceNow with OneLogin and Clear Skye
    James Herbert, Solutions Engineer, OneLogin, TJ Gryziec, Chief Product Officer, Clear Skye Feb 21 2019 6:00 pm UTC 54 mins
    Are you looking to strengthen identity governance and risk management for compliance initiatives like GDPR? Or to automate enterprise access management?

    Today’s enterprises handle a growing volume of unique identities and applications and the process is only getting more complex. The combination of complex web of identities and manual workflows for application provisioning, compliance reporting, and access fulfillment, leads to massive inefficiencies and potential risk.

    With Clear Skye and OneLogin, ServiceNow customers achieve a single system of record for all enterprise identities and access management. Additionally, the joint solution integrates seamlessly with ServiceNow GRC and provides evidence for auditing and IT compliance.

    Join us on Wednesday, Aug 29th at 10 am PST to hear from security experts from OneLogin and Clear Skye on how to automate identity orchestration for enhanced security and compliance on ServiceNow.

    In this webinar, you will learn how to:

    - Simplify identity management on ServiceNow including real time user provisioning and deprovisioning
    - Build automation processes to reduce risk and extend service management
    - Fast track your GDPR or other compliance initiatives
  • Monitoring Modern Cloud-Native Workloads
    Monitoring Modern Cloud-Native Workloads
    Eric Carter, Director of Product Marketing, Sysdig & Shadi Albouyeh, Offering Manager, Developer Services - IBM Cloud Feb 21 2019 6:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    If you’re involved with developing applications, chances are you’re being tasked with adapting to cloud-native infrastructure and being able to support cloud-native workloads with solutions like containers and Kubernetes. Join this discussion with Sysdig and IBM Cloud, who have recently built a partnership focused on improving monitoring and troubleshooting for your modern DevOps services. Together, IBM and Sysdig have launched a new offering that provides end-to-end monitoring capabilities in the IBM Cloud. You’ll come away with a better understanding of key visibility challenges and solutions that will help you successfully deliver the apps that drive your business.
  • Is multi-cloud a cost-cutter or complexity adder?
    Is multi-cloud a cost-cutter or complexity adder?
    Petri Kallberg, CTO at Nordcloud Finland & Markku Rossi CTO at SSH.COM Feb 21 2019 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    The cloud promises to bring savings, agility and scalability. All of this is attainable provided that you know which services to choose for which purpose and how to set up your environment properly. Join multi-cloud experts from Nordcloud and SSH.COM for this exclusive webinar hosted by Cloud Security Alliance where we will discuss the following topics:

    •Why vendor-lock might not be your best option in the cloud
    •Why ensuring the best possible privileged access experience for developers and administrators is vital for your business
    •How to make daily access routines operationally efficient with automation
    •How to choose best-of-breed services for the cloud based on your business needs
    •Why existing cloud vendor or legacy solutions might sometimes add increase costs
  • Two-Factor Authentication - You are not as protected as you think
    Two-Factor Authentication - You are not as protected as you think
    Damon Tepe & Jeff Hickman Feb 21 2019 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Breaches continue to litter headlines, increasing in volume and severity. To protect critical systems and assets from attack many organizations rely on two-factor authentication (2FA). But that may be resulting in a false sense of security.

    Join SecureAuth as we explore how evolved attackers are working around popular 2FA methods. And we will demonstrate how behind-the-scenes adaptive risk checks of device, location, IP address, account type, and behavior can elevate identity trust and stop attackers cold! Even if they have stolen credentials and can bypass 2FA.

    Better breach protection starts with better identity trust!

    During this session you’ll learn how:
    • Attackers are getting around two-factor authentication
    • Risk and context checks can raise trust in identities and identify attackers
    • Adaptive authentication delivers better access security without slowing down your business

    Damon Tepe - Director, Product Marketing, SecureAuth
    Jeff Hickman - Director of Sales Engineering, SecureAuth
  • Why AI? A Case Study With ADP
    Why AI? A Case Study With ADP
    Seth Earley, CEO, Earley Information Science & Enid Martinez, Senior Director of Engineering and Automation, ADP Feb 21 2019 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    ADP shares their successes in harnessing AI to drive engagement and information sharing with customers.

    The age of customer-driven, Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered enterprises is here, and B2B/B2C companies are beginning to harness its value. Yet, while many companies are considering AI initiatives, few are provided with a clear roadmap and best practices to evaluate, develop, implement, and measure the impact of their efforts.

    Join Seth Earley, Founder and CEO, Earley Information Science and special guest Enid Martinez, Senior Director of Engineering and Automation, ADP, for "Why AI? A Case Study with ADP."

    Topics they will cover include:

    **The business drivers considered when evaluating AI for ADP
    **Best practices in building the initial project plan
    **Tips to overcome roadblocks and pitfalls to avoid
    **Lessons learned when implementing a large-scale AI initiative
  • Developing Serverless Applications on Kubernetes with Knative
    Developing Serverless Applications on Kubernetes with Knative
    Bryan Friedman, Director of Product Marketing, Pivotal and Brian McClain, Principal Product Marketing Manager, Pivotal Feb 21 2019 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Serverless computing has become a hot topic in developer communities. The use of ephemeral containers eliminates the need for always-on infrastructure. But the real payoff for serverless is greater code simplicity and developer efficiency. Sounds great! Except the open-source serverless framework space is crowded and complex. Each unique offering approaches functions differently, with varying methods for triggering, scaling, and event formatting. How is that efficient?

    One thing that most everybody can agree on is to build on top of Kubernetes. With that as the only common ground though, there is still too much fragmentation for developers to wade through when deciding on the right open source serverless solution.

    That's where Knative comes in. An open-source project from Google, Pivotal, and other industry leaders, Knative provides a set of common tooling on top of Kubernetes to help developers build serverless applications. It extends Kubernetes by combining Istio with Custom Resource Definitions to enable a higher-level of abstraction for developers. This brings support for source-to-container builds, autoscaling, routing, and event sourcing. Join this session with Brian McClain and Bryan Friedman to see a complete working demo of Knative and learn:

    ● What are the components of Knative and how do they work together
    ● What are the different ways to deploy serverless applications and functions on Knative
    ● How and when to use Knative’s build features, such as Buildpacks
    ● What is Knative’s eventing model and how are event sources used to trigger functions
    ● How Project riff compliments development on top of Knative
  • Deception Though the Eyes of a Forensic Researcher
    Deception Though the Eyes of a Forensic Researcher
    Dr. Peter Stephenson and Carolyn Crandall Feb 21 2019 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Dr. Peter Stephenson has 55 years of experience consulting and teaching in the cybersecurity space. He now spends his time researching and writing about cyber criminology, cyber jurisprudence, and cyber threat/intelligence analysis on large-scale computer networks. Join this webinar to learn more about his forensic research and why deception technology has proven to be instrumental within the security tool set he uses for forensic analysis and faster remediation to threats.

    This Q&A style webcast will be moderated by Carolyn Crandall, Chief Deception Officer at Attivo Networks and will dive deeper into advanced deception strategies for root cause analysis and faster response to threats. Don’t miss your chance to register now to find out why deception is not just about early detection but also arms the defender with automated attack analysis, endpoint forensics, and substantiated alerts for accelerated incident response.
  • Enterprise-Wide Kubernetes, Ep 6: Ingress and Load Balancing
    Enterprise-Wide Kubernetes, Ep 6: Ingress and Load Balancing
    Komal Bhardwaj & Ritesh Patel Feb 21 2019 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    When applications that are deployed in Kubernetes need to be accessed from outside the cluster, an Ingress needs to be created. In Kubernetes, Services can also be exposed via a Load Balancer. There are several options available to make your application accessible and the right choice may depend on your requirements.

    In this webinar, we will discuss how Ingress and Load Balancing works in Kubernetes. We will also show a demo of how Citrix ADC serves as an Ingress device on a Nirmata managed Kubernetes distribution.

    Ritesh Patel - VP Products at Nirmata
    Komal Bhardwaj - Principal Product Manager at Citrix
  • A Deep Dive of Data Lakes with Vertica for SQL on Hadoop
    A Deep Dive of Data Lakes with Vertica for SQL on Hadoop
    James Clampffer and Anatoli Shein, Vertica Feb 21 2019 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    If you use Vertica, you already know that it’s a high-performance MPP analytical database. But, did you know that Vertica is also a highly performant query engine?

    Join us for this Webcast to learn how Vertica for SQL on Hadoop offers the fastest and most enterprise-ready way to perform SQL queries on your Hadoop data. We’ve leveraged our years of experience in Big Data analytics and opened up our platform to use the full power of the Hadoop cluster.

    In this webcast, you’ll learn to take advantage of our open source contributions to the Apache community, ORC and Parquet file readers/writers, and various connectors and features to accelerate the exploration of your growing data lakes.
  • Top Container Security Lessons from Deploying Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift
    Top Container Security Lessons from Deploying Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift
    Matt Smith, Chief Architect, Red Hat & Christopher Liljenstolpe, CTO, Solutions, Tigera Feb 21 2019 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Join Red Hat Chief Architect, Matt Smith, along with Tigera CTO, Solutions, Christopher Liljenstolpe, as they share their experience and knowledge helping leading enterprises achieve their key business transformation initiatives around moving to secure cloud-based, containerized microservice applications. In this 60 minute webinar, they will cover their top lessons learned on network security and Red Hat OpenShift.
  • The Tease That Is Software Automation & DevOps
    The Tease That Is Software Automation & DevOps
    Michael Hamilton, Director, Morpheus Asset Management Feb 21 2019 6:00 pm UTC 33 mins
    The global pace of change is only increasing. Consumers demand efficient self service technology based products and services 24/7. This webinar will focus on the why, strategic and infrastructure decisions behind implementing an automated or DevOps software delivery model. Topics such as workforce culture, people, processes & infrastructure themes will be covered to support those seeking knowledge and guidance around this challenging global subject.

    What you’ll learn:

    - Why developing an automated or DevOps software delivery model is critical today
    - Why infrastructure decisions need to be made before new tooling is brought in
    - How to leverage new software delivery models to deliver products faster and more efficiently
  • Emerging Application and Data Protection for Cloud
    Emerging Application and Data Protection for Cloud
    Ulf Mattsson, Head of Innovation, TokenEx Feb 21 2019 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    With sensitive data residing everywhere, organizations becoming more mobile, and the breach epidemic growing, the need for advanced identity and data protection solutions has become even more critical.

    Learn about Data Protection solutions for enterprise.

    Learn about the new trends in Data Masking, Tokenization and Encryption.

    Learn about new Standards for masking from ISO and NIST.

    Learn about the new API Economy and how to control access to sensitive data — both on-premises, and in public and private clouds.
  • How Leading Organizations Classify and Protect Cloud Data
    How Leading Organizations Classify and Protect Cloud Data
    Jason Price, Solutions Engineer at Spirion & Jacob Serpa: Product Marketing Manager at Bitglass Feb 21 2019 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Data is one of an organization's most valuable assets. Unfortunately, in today's dynamic, cloud-first world, protecting sensitive information without the right tools is incredibly difficult. However, through solutions like data discovery, data classification, and cloud access security brokers, the enterprise can rest assured that its data is secure. In this webinar, you will:

    - Understand the benefits of data discovery and classification
    - Learn about cloud access security brokers (CASBs)
    - Discover how the two work together to protect the cloud-first enterprise from data leakage
  • The Ambassador Factor: Create Client Loyalty to Drive Sales Success
    The Ambassador Factor: Create Client Loyalty to Drive Sales Success
    Amy Franko, The Strategic Sales Expert Feb 21 2019 6:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    The new sales economy has made the standard definition of “satisfaction” obsolete. To attract and grow the best customers today, we need to cultivate loyalty. This requires sellers and sales leaders who are ambassadors. Loyal clients are 3X more likely to continue buying from you; you can expand your reach at higher margins. Amy’s session reveals strategies to improve overall client loyalty and boost your sales success.

    You will learn:

    1. What it means to sell like an ambassador
    2.Key value elements that are most important to our prospects and customers
    3.The differences between tables stakes (satisfaction) and differentiators (loyalty)
    4.Loyalty strategies you can apply with prospects and existing clients
  • Improving Incident Response Outcomes
    Improving Incident Response Outcomes
    Matthew Webster, Senior Security Researcher, Secureworks Counter Threat Unit Feb 21 2019 7:00 pm UTC 61 mins
    All too often companies are learning the hard way — during an incident — how they could have been better prepared to stop the threat or reduce the damage. Join us for a one hour webcast, hosted by SC Magazine, featuring the key findings of Secureworks newly-released Incident Response Insights Report 2018: Risks, Remedies, and Best Practices for Defending Against Cyber Threats.

    Webcast takeaways will include:
    - Threat and attack trends identified by responders in 2017.
    - Lessons learned by organizations in a wide variety of incident response (IR) scenarios.
    - Key recommendations for IR planning, practices and capabilities that improve security defenses and mitigate business risk.
    - Live Q&A with experts from our Counter Threat Unit™ (CTU) and Incident Response team.

    In 2017, Secureworks’ team of incident responders helped hundreds of organizations navigate through complex and high-risk security incidents. Now the top insights from those collective engagements will be shared by speakers from the Secureworks Counter Threat Unit and Incident Response practice.

    This program offers the support you need to prepare better for emerging threats, understand how you might be vulnerable, and respond more effectively when an incident does occur. Program content is appropriate for cybersecurity leaders, incident responders, CIOs, CTOs, and executives with responsibility for enterprise risk management.
  • Overcoming The Cybersecurity Skills Shortage in Law Firms
    Overcoming The Cybersecurity Skills Shortage in Law Firms
    Todd Thiemann, Director Product Marketing - Arctic Wolf Networks Feb 21 2019 7:00 pm UTC 39 mins
    The evidence is clear: law firms of all sizes need to securely handle sensitive information associated with their clients, investigators, and witnesses. According to the American Bar Association’s 2017 Legal Technology Survey Report, 22 percent of respondents suffered a security breach at their law firms.*

    Compromised client information can destroy reputations and lead to decreased billables and lost business. While the need for improved security is evident, IT and security teams struggle to locate, retain and train talent needed to maintain and improve their security posture. So, what are optimal approaches for law firms to manage staffing needed to monitor and defend their valuable data and infrastructure?

    In this Arctic Wolf webinar, you will:

    - Discover why cybersecurity is top of mind in the legal community
    - Recognize the IT and Cybersecurity skills shortage and its impact on security
    - Understand how SOC-as-a-Service approaches enable law firms to rapidly improve their security posture and provide evidence to satisfy technology audits

    Save your seat today to learn more!

  • Microservices - A jornada para transformação do mainframe ao digital
    Microservices - A jornada para transformação do mainframe ao digital
    Volmar Pereira | Diretor de Arquitetura Digital na everis Brasil Feb 21 2019 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Os sistemas mainframe existentes construídos ao longo dos anos encapsularam enormes lógicas e dados de negócios fundamentais para a transformação digital. No entanto, apresentam características que podem dificultar as iniciativas digitais. Neste webinar, vamos discutir a descomposição desses sistemas em uma arquitetura de microsserviços como uma abordagem de melhores práticas.
  • AWS Backup and Disaster Recovery: The Ultimate Checklist (AMS)
    AWS Backup and Disaster Recovery: The Ultimate Checklist (AMS)
    Sebastian Straub - Systems Engineer at N2WS; Jessica Eisenberg - Customer Success Manager at N2WS Feb 21 2019 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    The promise of the cloud has been a more agile, cost-effective and disaster-proof way to scale. However, this promise comes with some fine print - AWS and other public cloud providers guarantee the safety of your infrastructure but not your data.

    Join our LIVE session to find out more about:

    •Why you need to protect your AWS environments and why native backup is just not enough
    •How to perfect rapid, granular disaster recovery
    •How you can reach application consistency for 100% uptime
    …and more!
  • Enabling Self-Service Analytics with Logical Data Warehouse
    Enabling Self-Service Analytics with Logical Data Warehouse
    Paul Moxon, VP of Data Architectures and Chief Evangelist Feb 21 2019 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    What makes data scientists happy? Of course data. They want it fast and flexible, and they want to do it themselves. But most classic data warehouses (DW) and data lakes are not easy to deal with for agile data access. A more practical solution is the logical data warehouse (LDW), which has shown to be a more agile foundation for delivering and transforming data and makes it easy to quickly plug in new data sources.

    Attend this webinar to learn:

    * How easily new data sources can be made available for analytics and data science
    * How your organization can successfully migrate to a flexible LDW architecture in a step-by-step fashion
    * How LDWs help integrate self-service analytics with classic forms of business intelligence
  • Cloud Success Series: Control Cost and Mitigate Risk in the Cloud, Session 1
    Cloud Success Series: Control Cost and Mitigate Risk in the Cloud, Session 1
    John Masci, Principal Technologist - Cloud Solutions Feb 21 2019 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Today, 77 percent of enterprises have at least one application on the cloud (IDG State of the Enterprise Cloud, 2018). If you are part of that 77 percent, then cloud is now a critical element of your competitiveness. Heading into 2019, the growing pains of cloud will be cost and security: you’ll face the difficult balance between empowering your teams with the newest cloud technologies and ensuring those teams stay within budgets and comply with organization-wide policies.

    As you take on this challenge, you need a cloud management platform that provides proactive ways to control and minimize costs, while enforcing governance and security.

    In partnership with LiftOff IT, HyperGrid invites you to attend this webinar and demo, highlighting the capabilities we offer to help you optimally manage and benefit from your cloud strategy.

    This webinar focuses on the following critical topics:

    • How your cost, security & governance challenges will change at different stages of cloud adoption
    • Key methods to manage costs including instance optimization, budget tracking, bill analysis and chargebacks
    • Mitigating security risks using risk-based policies, and automated threat detection
    • Maintaining compliance against internal and external standards corporate when operating in the public cloud
    • How the HyperCloud™ platform can simplify all the above

    Receive a complimentary copy of Gartner’s 2019 Magic Quadrant for Cloud Management Platform Report
    As a webinar participant, you’ll receive a courtesy copy of Gartner’s new landmark overview of the CMP marketplace. Learn why Gartner singled out HyperGrid as the only “visionary” in this category in its Magic Quadrant for Cloud Management Platforms.
  • Indexing Explained: The Impact of Rebalancing
    Indexing Explained: The Impact of Rebalancing
    Rolf Agather (FTSE Russell), Michael Curtis (DWS), Sam Wright (DWS) Feb 21 2019 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    *** Please note that this webinar is addressed exclusively to professional investors in the US. ***

    "How can I efficiently capture and maintain exposure to factors" is a common question heard by index providers and ETF issuers alike. Of equal importance, though, is how the index methodology works to maintain exposure to chosen factors over time.

    Join Rolf Agather, Managing Director, Research and Innovation, FTSE Russell
    Michael Curtis, Product Development, DWS and
    Sam Wright, Capital Markets, DWS for the latest semi-annual update on:

    - Efficiently capturing multi-factor exposure
    - The changing factor exposures within indexes over time
    - The impact of latest rebalancing on embedded factor exposures
    - Top security and sector weight changes in FTSE Comprehensive Factor Indexes
  • Ask the Experts—Securing Data and Email in Office 365
    Ask the Experts—Securing Data and Email in Office 365
    Mark Bowker, Senior Analyst, ESG / Richard Diver,Cloud Security Architect. Insight/ Jereme Lee, System Engineer, Symantec Feb 21 2019 7:00 pm UTC 62 mins
    Its your job to secure email, sensitive data and apps in Office 365. Now What?

    Moving to cloud applications provides the opportunity to get your security right. This is the time to set up optimum data loss prevention, malware and phishing prevention, and access controls on your systems. No matter if you are still planning, have just started, are in the midst, or are fully migrated to Office 365, there are security policies and procedures to implement and optimize.

    Join ESG industry analyst Mark Bowker, Insight’s Cloud Security Architect, Richard Diver, and Symantec’s System Engineering Manager, Jereme Lee to learn how to:

    - Get the most out of your Office 365 instance by enhancing the security

    - Understand what Microsoft offers and how Symantec compliments their security offering

    - Enhance your email, app and data security in Microsoft Office 365 which can be used across all your cloud apps

    Register Today