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BrightTALK webinars and videos

  • Next Generation SOC: The Micro Focus Point of View
    Next Generation SOC: The Micro Focus Point of View
    Nurettin Erginoz, Director of Field Services, ATAR Labs and AdarshChandra Rai, Micro Focus Recorded: Jan 22 2020 50 mins
    In the face of more data, increasing threats, and a fragmented security ecosystem, the next-gen SOC must be tech-driven and people-enhanced in order to stay ahead of attacks from inside and outside of the organization. Equipped with critical capabilities such as real-time correlation, user and entity behavioral analytics (UEBA), and security orchestration and automation (SOAR), the next-gen SOC fosters a proactive security posture that enables it to detect, investigate, and respond to known and unknown threats—at speed and at scale.

    Instead of relying on disparate security point tools, the next-gen SOC leverages a natively integrated solution that offers fast and comprehensive threat detection, automates manual processes such as event analysis, and enables faster response. This creates a human/machine team where threat leads can be prioritized via human/machine driven analysis and security analysts/threat hunters can investigate leads with a unique contextual understanding.

    This session is planned to demonstrate an End-to-End Integration of the ArcSight Family with Interset and Partner solution ATAR Labs – one of our SOAR integration partners.
  • Data Warehouse Testing—The Next Opportunity for QA Leaders
    Data Warehouse Testing—The Next Opportunity for QA Leaders
    Raj Kanuparthi, Founder, Narwal, Inc; Wayne Yaddow, Testing Consultant, Coach & Mentor Recorded: Jan 22 2020 63 mins
    Your testing expertise is great preparation for data warehouse and big data testing—which is fast-becoming a new opportunity for testers. If your organization isn’t already recruiting traditional testers to safeguard data quality, they probably will soon. Are you up for the challenge?

    If so, watch two data warehouse testing leaders for the webinar Data Warehouse Testing—The Next Opportunity for QA Leaders. Wayne Yaddow is a data warehouse testing consultant who literally wrote the book on data warehouse. Raj Kanuparthi is a senior quality leader who drove the big data testing initiative at one the world’s leading financial service companies. Tricentis has gotten them together to give you a realistic look at why quality leaders are making data testing an integral part of their quality process, and the role that Tricentis Tosca experts are playing in these transformations.

    We’ll cover:

    - Why data testing is important
    - How it compares to “traditional” software testing
    - Where data warehouse testing fits into the broader quality strategy
    - How leading enterprises got started with data warehouse testing
    - The top challenges they faced
    - The importance of automation—and how Tricentis helps
  • The ultimate guide to feedback, for company culture
    The ultimate guide to feedback, for company culture
    Fiona Scullion, Lead People Scientist, Culture Amp Recorded: Jan 22 2020 40 mins
    More and more people want real-time, easily accessible data on the health of their company culture. They want to empower executives by giving them access to people analytics and empower employees to gather feedback to inform learning and development.

    Join this webinar and hear how a thriving organisation has embraced a culture of feedback for 2020 and beyond. You will also hear expert tips from a Culture Amp People Scientist before live Q&A. 
  • [Earn CPE] Critical Steps to Manage CCPA Compliance and Risk in 2020
    [Earn CPE] Critical Steps to Manage CCPA Compliance and Risk in 2020
    Panelists: K Royal, TrustArc; Ilia Sotnikov, Netwrix, Dr. Else van der Berg, Datawallet; and Harold Byun, Baffle. Recorded: Jan 22 2020 77 mins
    The California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA) is arguably the most expansive privacy law in U.S. history and will become enforceable in just a matter of months. The CCPA introduces new privacy rights for consumers and will force companies that conduct business in the State of California to implement structural changes to their privacy programs.

    The new rights given to California consumers are similar to the rights provided in the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The CCPA also subjects non-compliant businesses to expensive fines, class-action lawsuits, and injunctions.

    On this webinar, we will examine the impact of the CCPA, answer your burning questions, uncover the CCPA’s nuances, and address its ambiguities and challenges. We will also include strategies for creating compliance programs in the midst of the unknowns, and a strategic action plan for businesses to become compliant.

    Learning objectives are to gain insights on:

    - Understanding the nuances, ambiguities and challenges of the CCPA;
    - Creating compliance programs in the midst of the unknowns;
    - Developing a strategic action plan to become CCPA compliant;
    - How to avoid expensive fines, class-action lawsuits, and injunctions;
    - Getting ahead of the curve and enabling your business with alternate data sharing and privacy preserving techniques.
  • The Next Generation Lossless Network in the Data Center
    The Next Generation Lossless Network in the Data Center
    Paul Congdon, PhD, CTO of Tallac Networks Recorded: Jan 21 2020 57 mins
    Modern data centers are tasked with delivering intelligent multi-media responses to real-time human interactions. Massive amounts of data are being churned and sifted by highly parallel applications, such as Online Data Intensive Services (OLDI) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), which historically required specialized High-Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructure.

    New advancements in high-speed distributed solid-state storage, coupled with remote direct memory access (RDMA) and new networking technologies to better manage congestion, are allowing these parallel environments to run atop more generalized next generation Cloud infrastructure. Generalized cloud infrastructure is also being deployed in the telecommunication operator’s central office.

    The key to advancing cloud infrastructure to the next level is the elimination of loss in the network; not just packet loss, but throughput loss and latency loss.

    There simply should be no loss in the data center network. Congestion is the primary source of loss and in the network, congestion leads to dramatic performance degradation. This presentation summaries work from the IEEE 802 Network Enhancements for the Next Decade Industry Connections Activity (Nendica).

    The Nendica report describes the need for new technologies to combat loss in the data center network and introduces promising potential solutions.
  • What to expect in 2020: Regulatory Compliance in Privacy & Cybersecurity
    What to expect in 2020: Regulatory Compliance in Privacy & Cybersecurity
    Kevin Kim, CIPP/C, CIPT, CIPM, FIP former Chief Privacy Officer, Canadian Western Bank Financial Group Recorded: Jan 21 2020 47 mins
    The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been making far more influence on the privacy landscape online than expected since its enactment by the European Union (EU) on May 25th, 2018.

    Google and Facebook, two of the most powerful digital platforms, were heavily scrutinized and penalized with hefty fines for their non-compliance in the European market. GDPR has also driven many countries, such as Japan, Brazil, and South Korea, to follow suit by strengthening their privacy laws. All 50 states in the United States have also joined the camp by amending their privacy laws - albeit to varying degrees - to make privacy breach reporting mandatory.

    Most notably, the State of California developed its own GDPR-style privacy law called “California Consumer Protection Act” (CCPA) and will enact in January 2020. Moreover, two federal privacy bills were recently submitted to the Congress aiming to be the very first federal-level, comprehensive privacy law in the U.S. Canada is no exception in this privacy-aware trend. The ruling liberal party made clear that modernizing privacy legislation to protect citizens online will be one of the party’s priorities.

    This presentation will talk about current trends in privacy field in terms of regulatory requirements in the U.S., Canada, and Europe, discuss what to expect in 2020, and what to do to make sure that all the organizations and institutions are compliant with applicable laws and regulations in their jurisdiction.
  • Identity Verification for CCPA Compliance: Trial & Error
    Identity Verification for CCPA Compliance: Trial & Error
    Nathan Rowe, Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder, Evident Recorded: Jan 21 2020 44 mins
    The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), which went into effect on January 1, 2020, gives consumers the right to access, delete, or opt out their personal data. Under CCPA, companies are not only obligated to furnish, delete, or opt consumers out of the sale of their data, they’re also required to verify every requestor’s identity to avoid inadvertently sharing sensitive data with fraudsters.

    After a giant GDPR loophole was exposed, it quickly became understood how easily cybercriminals were fraudulently submitting data subject requests in order to gain access to personal data that isn’t theirs. While this is certainly one reason to incorporate adequate identity verification into the consumer rights request workflow, cybercriminals aren’t the only threats that businesses need to worry about.

    Opportunistic data protection and privacy lawyers will be proactively scrutinizing processes to see if companies will make mistakes and accidentally furnish data to the wrong person so they can sue on behalf of their consumers. Additionally, CCPA consumer rights requests will likely shine a light on companies’ data protection practices, as the 2019 Carlton Fields Class Action Survey indicated that the next wave of class action suits will result from data breaches.

    In this webinar, we’ll discuss potential DSR threats from three different groups: cybercriminals, privacy lawyers, and data subjects, and how to avoid attacks with proper identity verification that offers an appropriate level of assurance that’s compatible with business’ specific needs.

    Key Takeaways:
    The importance of getting an automated DSR fulfillment workflow in place to handle a high volume of requests securely, consistently, and compliantly
    The role identity verification plays in avoiding DSR denial of service attacks
    Discuss how to implement “reasonable” verification that is frictionless for consumers and lawyers, but that keeps the bad guys out
  • SkyStem: Seducing the Auditors with Internal Controls
    SkyStem: Seducing the Auditors with Internal Controls
    Nancy Wu, Sales and Customer Support, SkyStem Recorded: Jan 21 2020 57 mins
    With the auditors approaching (or maybe they just never left), the accounting team needs to put its best foot (and documentation) forward in order to avoid a long and drawn out affair with the auditors. Join us in this webinar, where we share the best ways to build and maintain your internal controls infrastructure to impress your auditors and make the year-end audit as quick and painless as can be.

    Please note: CPE credit not available for this playback.
  • Introducing Jamf Protect: Purpose-built Mac Security Solution
    Introducing Jamf Protect: Purpose-built Mac Security Solution
    Matt Woodruff Recorded: Jan 21 2020 25 mins
    An organization’s security posture is paramount to its enterprise success. As employees continue to demand Mac for their work computer, it’s time to get serious about Mac endpoint protection. Instead of leveraging a Windows security solution in an attempt to protect Mac, you need a security solution that's purpose-built by Mac users for Mac users.

    In our webinar, Introducing Jamf Protect: Purpose-Built Mac Security Solution, we walk you through the capabilities of our new solution and demonstrate how you can:
    - Audit against the Center for Internet Security (CIS) benchmarks
    - Garner unprecedented visibility into native macOS tools
    - Leverage on-device activity analysis and real-time alerts to proactively block, isolate or remediate threats
  • Aligning Application Security & Compliance
    Aligning Application Security & Compliance
    Ed Adams, President and CEO, Security Innovation Recorded: Jan 21 2020 49 mins
    Regulatory compliance mandates have historically focused on IT & endpoint security as the primary means to protect data. However, as our digital economy has increasingly become software dependent, standards bodies have dutifully added requirements as they relate to development and deployment practices. Enterprise applications and cloud-based services constantly store and transmit data; yet, they are often difficult to understand and assess for compliance.

    This webcast will present a practical approach towards mapping application security practices to common compliance frameworks. It will discuss how to define and enact a secure, repeatable software development lifecycle (SDLC) and highlight activities that can be leveraged across multiple compliance controls. Topics include:

    * Consolidating security and compliance controls
    * Creating application security standards for development and operations teams
    * Identifying and remediating gaps between current practices and industry accepted "best practices”
  • Object Storage for Advanced Users
    Object Storage for Advanced Users
    Ryan Meek, Principal Solution Architect & Eric Dey, Director of Product Recorded: Jan 21 2020 57 mins
    From data analysis to metadata search and content streaming, there are many ways to use an object-based storage solution. Go beyond the basics and take a deep dive into object storage with Caringo Principal Solution Architect Ryan Meek & Director of Product Eric Dey. Learn about:

    --Object storage design and usage patterns
    --High-performance metadata
    --Configurations that maximize performance
  • Hybrid and Multi Cloud Infrastructure for DevOps
    Hybrid and Multi Cloud Infrastructure for DevOps
    Stephane Lefrere and Øystein Bedin Recorded: Jan 21 2020 42 mins
    Container platforms help enterprises become more nimble and increase responsiveness. As a result, containers are becoming a key component of digital transformation. In fact, large IT organizations are increasingly looking to develop innovative software applications using containers in their hybrid and multi cloud architectures. However, building these cloud-native applications using a DevOps methodology requires an agile and open infrastructure, one that is flexible, secure, and cost efficient.

    An end-to-end, deployment ready solution is needed to allow organizations to more easily build cloud-native applications, deploy them, and manage workloads across hybrid or multiple clouds, helping businesses modernize IT infrastructure without sacrificing investments. During this webinar, we’ll discuss the architecture needed to build a hybrid cloud for DevOps using OpenShift on OpenStack in conjunction with public cloud.

    Stephane Lefrere, Director, Cloud Infrastructure Practice, Red Hat
    Øystein Bedin, Principal Architect, Red Hat Open Innovation Labs, Red Hat
  • Top Five Privacy Predictions for 2020
    Top Five Privacy Predictions for 2020
    Daniel Barber, CEO and Co-founder, DataGrail and Anthony Stark, General Counsel, ZoomInfo Recorded: Jan 21 2020 39 mins
    Join this webinar to hear from DataGrail's CEO and Co-founder Daniel Barber and ZoomInfo General Counsel Anthony Stark to learn more about the compliance landscape for 2020 and the trends we predict for the year ahead that will impact privacy and legal professionals.

    As the systems have become more complex and the lines around ownership more blurred, the explosion in data collection - not just the volume but also the variety and velocity of data - has led to some major security and privacy concerns.

    While we’ve made headway with the data privacy regulations that exist today, we shouldn’t be surprised if consumers demand more. As we head into a new decade, 2020 will be the year that data privacy regulation finally takes off and the government begins to put stakes in the ground for a national privacy framework.
  • The Next Wave of Digital Automation
    The Next Wave of Digital Automation
    Jesse McHargue and Stowe Boyd Recorded: Jan 21 2020 59 mins
    Between paper-based processes, manual approvals over emails, and excel sheets being passed around things get lost, missed or bottlenecks are created. Automating these processes eliminates that. It’s time to adopt a modern framework of digital processes and forms.

    Join GigaOm Research and expert in digital transformation analyst Stowe Boyd and special guest from Nintex, Jesse McHargue.

    Learn a step-by-step approach to transitioning through process mapping and information capture, to process automation, data management and process intelligence.

    Watch the webinar to learn:
    - The six pitfalls of paper
    - Six degrees of digital transformation
    - Best practices for digital processes and forms
  • AIOps best practices: Start with service-aware event management
    AIOps best practices: Start with service-aware event management
    John Shores, Director, IT Operations at H&R Block, and Usman Sindhu, Product Marketing Manager at ServiceNow Recorded: Jan 21 2020 56 mins
    Digital business services need to run on modern infrastructure. For your IT Operations, it’s crucial to keep these services performing as well as have the ability to resolve disruptions quickly and efficiently. A necessary phase of your AIOps journey incorporates service-aware event management that extracts data from your infrastructure in order to understand business service performance.

    Join this webinar as H&R Block shares insights into the four critical steps of this first phase:

    - Step 1: Organize data from your event monitoring sources to understand service degradation
    - Step 2: Utilize event management to reduce event noise
    - Step 3: Reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR)
    - Step 4: Drive remediation from the same place you take alert action

    Leveraging AIOps best practices to achieve high-performance business services is key to your IT Operations
  • How to Get More Out of Customer Data with Machine Learning
    How to Get More Out of Customer Data with Machine Learning
    Matthew Parisi, Sr Product Marketing Manager, Tealium & Dave Lucas, Sr Director of Product,Tealium Recorded: Jan 21 2020 48 mins
    The promise of machine learning (ML) is huge. We’ve all benefited from machine learning technology, whether it’s something as simple as a song recommendation or something as complex as a self-driving car. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Yet, while the vast majority of companies have started ML projects, very few report much success. Why? Hint: it’s all about the data.

    Join us as we explore the challenges companies must solve to unlock the promise of ML and how companies can use it to deliver more effective customer experiences. We’ll also show off our newest ML-powered feature, Tealium Predict, adding machine learning insights to Tealium’s Customer Data Platform.

    The webinar will cover:

    - What challenges must companies solve to conquer the machine learning conundrum

    - What capabilities are key to get real value from ML projects

    - How a data supply chain approach supercharges ML results

    - Learnings from developing ML-powered products

    - Walkthrough of Tealium Predict, Tealium’s newly released ML-powered customer insights tool for our Customer Data Platform

    Get practical tips, proven approaches and the inside scoop on Tealium’s latest product release. Sign up today to reserve your spot!
  • Playbook for a Modern Architecture
    Playbook for a Modern Architecture
    Matt Trevathan VP of Product, Quantum Recorded: Jan 21 2020 37 mins
    In his session, Matt Trevathan calms the fears and anxieties that many developers and app architecture professionals have over modernizing legacy apps and processes. Often, such legacy modernization projects require custom coding and complex integrations.  The Quantum platform eliminates such time-consuming tasks using a combination of (1) drag-and-drop tooling, (2) reusable components, (3) API-driven integrations and more.  The result: Speed and simplicity for updating existing apps for use on their own – as well as updating them to work with new-gen projects. 
  • The Sinclair Customer Spotlight
    The Sinclair Customer Spotlight
    Lucian Fogoros Co-Founder, IIoT-World will host a live discussion with Farukh Aslam, CEO and president, Sinclair Holdings LLC Recorded: Jan 21 2020 39 mins
    On Jan. 21 at 10:15 am PST Intel will host a live discussion and Q&A with Farukh Aslam, CEO, and President of Sinclair Holdings LLC, which owns The Sinclair, Autograph Collection is the first all-digital hotel. The Sinclair uses Intel internet of things (IoT) functionality to transform hotel operations and deliver an innovative, personalized experience for guests.

    This is the latest in Intel’s Spotlight series, featuring innovative Intel customers transforming their businesses across artificial intelligence, the internet of things and other data-centric technologies.

    During the event, Lucian Fogoros (Co-Founder, IIoT-World) will host a live discussion with Farukh Aslam (CEO and president, Sinclair Holdings LLC) to talk about his vision for the hotel of the future. The hotel will be the first of its kind, connecting everything from building operations to in-room environments through innovative technologies.
    The conversation will focus on The Sinclair’s story of innovation and leadership in the use of Intel IoT functionality, such as digital smart buildings, building/in-room sensors, IoT gateways, dashboards, and IoT-based restaurant sinks and appliances.

    Additionally, there will be a discussion on the future of hotels at a time when cities are racing to become “smart” by adopting new technologies that allow for more sustainable, efficient operations.

    What: Intel Customer Spotlight Series: The Sinclair Hotel

    When: 10:15 a.m. PST, Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2020

    Format: A 25-minute discussion with CEO and president of Sinclair Holdings, LLC., Farukh Aslam followed by a 15-minute Q&A session for press and analysts.
  • Enhanced Log Analytics with Application Insight: Splunk and Avi Networks
    Enhanced Log Analytics with Application Insight: Splunk and Avi Networks
    Matt Karnowski, Solutions Architect, VMware Recorded: Jan 21 2020 48 mins
    Analytics and data are at the root of better decision-making and automation. Today's agile application environments require IT to troubleshoot issues fast and automate common application delivery tasks. Splunk helps enterprises all over the world make better decisions with their machine data. Avi Networks delivers an analytics-driven platform for highly-automatable application networking services.

    Learn how to:
    •Analyze and troubleshoot networking issues in real time
    •Record and replay traffic events to identify latency issues
    •Generate rich application insights through Avi's integration with Splunk
    •Try out Avi Networks on the Splunk Marketplace
  • Supercharge Your Data Landscape with Artificial Intelligence & Data Intelligence
    Supercharge Your Data Landscape with Artificial Intelligence & Data Intelligence
    Jonathan Kaufman, Head of AI Products and Services, 4th-IR Recorded: Jan 21 2020 39 mins
    Join ASG and 4th-IR to learn how the combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Data Intelligence (DI) can enrich your data landscape and improve your understanding of your organization's data.

    In this webinar, we’ll discuss:
    • How AI supports data quality and drives better data insights
    • Customer use cases in banking and healthcare
    • Where AI improves data lineage
    • Different ways in which ASG Data Intelligence can be used to curate data to improve the performance of AI algorithms

    Register now to learn how to kickstart and accelerate your own AI and DI projects.
  • Using Deception Technology To Close Your Detection Gaps
    Using Deception Technology To Close Your Detection Gaps
    Joseph Salazar, Technical Deception Engineer at Attivo Networks Recorded: Jan 21 2020 38 mins
    Independent law firms and legal departments all need to protect their intellectual property from theft and to know if critical files are accessed without authorization. In this session, we will share insights into why deception technology has become a legal sector preferred security control for the early detection and identification of in-network threats that have bypassed prevention security controls and for its reliable alerting on insider security policy violations. Discussion topics include deception use cases for IP and case file protection, insight into adversary intelligence gathering and examples of how automation is used to accelerate incident response. This session is for legal organizations of all sizes and maturity, which are seeking to enhance their detection capabilities, gain attack path visibility and enrich insider threat programs.
  • Balancing Data Privacy & Security in 2020
    Balancing Data Privacy & Security in 2020
    Dr. Christopher Pierson | Shahrokh Shahidzadeh | Michelle Drolet | George Wrenn Recorded: Jan 21 2020 58 mins
    How has the compliance landscape changed in 2020? Is your organization aware of the main differences in data regulations around the world?

    Join this panel of industry leaders for an interactive Q&A roundtable to get a comprehensive look into the different data privacy and security requirements. The panel will also discuss what to expect in 2020 and beyond.

    Viewers will learn more about:
    - CCPA is now in effect and what this means for you
    - The main differences between GDPR and CCPA
    - Best tools, practices, required policies and cultural game changers for commercial and government environments
    - Other data regulations on the horizon
    - Recommendations for 2020

    - Dr. Christopher Pierson, CEO & Founder, BLACKCLOAK
    - Shahrokh Shahidzadeh, CEO, Acceptto
    - Michelle Drolet, CEO, Towerwall
    - George Wrenn, CEO & Founder, CyberSaint Security

    This Q&A panel is part of Privacy Month.
  • Data Privacy in 2020: Data Management for a Multi-Regulation Environment
    Data Privacy in 2020: Data Management for a Multi-Regulation Environment
    Jill Reber, CEO & Chair | Kina Ratanjee, Delivery Director, Primitive Logic Recorded: Jan 21 2020 37 mins
    When GDPR first arrived, some companies addressed it by implementing data privacy measures solely for their EU data subjects — only to have to go through the same exercise for California residents when CCPA came along. With major data privacy laws now in effect on both sides of the Atlantic and more on the way (possibly including U.S. federal legislation), organizations must adopt a holistic approach to managing personal data in an ethical, compliant manner.

    Join the data privacy experts from Primitive Logic to explore data management strategies for achieving and maintaining readiness for CCPA, GDPR, and other current and future privacy regulations.

    You will learn:

    - Why traditional master data management (MDM) can lay the groundwork for multi-regulation readiness, but won’t make you compliant on its own
    - How to address common threads in data privacy legislation while maintaining flexibility to adapt to future requirements
    - How to build a single source of truth for personal data as a cornerstone of your data privacy strategy
    - Governance strategies for adapting to “triggers” in maintaining data privacy readiness
  • Keeping Pace: How Identity Fraud Will Change in 2020
    Keeping Pace: How Identity Fraud Will Change in 2020
    Julie Conroy, Research Director at Aite and Kevin King, Director of Marketing Recorded: Jan 21 2020 60 mins
    Identity fraud is a pervasive problem that is constantly evolving to keep institutions guessing. Identity criminals today vary channels, techniques and even the type of identity fraud they utilize to fraudulently open accounts, altering their approach to circumvent new authentication technologies and identify weaknesses in defenses. Because identity fraud is so dynamic, risk managers must keep pace with the latest fraud trends and tactics in order to better protect their business while safeguarding the customer experience.

    In this webinar, Julie Conroy, Research Director for Aite Group, and Kevin King, Head of Marketing for ID Analytics, will cover all things related to identity fraud, including:
    1.2020 fraud trends at account opening
    2.Shifts in fraudster techniques and behaviors
    3.The impact of new regulation on fraud defenses
    4.Best practices for keeping pace with identity fraudsters
  • Optimizing Combined Security & SD-WAN with Cisco Meraki
    Optimizing Combined Security & SD-WAN with Cisco Meraki
    David Van-Schravendijk, Product Marketing Cisco Meraki Jan 22 2020 10:00 am UTC 55 mins
    Join Cisco Meraki for a tour of their new class of cloud-managed security appliance that integrates SD-WAN with a next-generation firewall, internet gateway services, site to site VPN, and application traffic shaping, all with the power and simplicity of web-based centralized management.
  • MetLife Claims Review of 2019
    MetLife Claims Review of 2019
    Andy Paterson Jan 22 2020 10:00 am UTC 41 mins
    30 minute webinar detailing the claims paid in 2019.
  • Zoom sur Scopus - aperçu général
    Zoom sur Scopus - aperçu général
    Axelle Ahanhanzo Jan 22 2020 10:00 am UTC 30 mins
    Faites-vous vos premiers pas sur Scopus ou avez-vous besoin de rafraîchir vos connaisances quant à l'outil de recherche Scopus? Cet aperçu général est ce qu'il vous faut.
  • Protecting your AWS and Azure deployments
    Protecting your AWS and Azure deployments
    Mark Olding, Presales Manager, Kaspersky Jan 22 2020 10:00 am UTC 45 mins
    According to SANS Institute*, the top 4 concerns for organisations using public cloud for business apps are all security-related, and with approximately 1/3 of companies now using public cloud the need for adaptive security that evolves with your environment is paramount.

    This webinar will provide insights into:

    - Reasons why you need security for public clouds
    - The threats to Public Cloud workloads
    - How you benefit through BYOL (bring your own license) for AWS and Azure workloads
    - What AWS and Azure don't secure - what is the user's responsibility
    - Overview of Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security

    Protecting your rapidly evolving hybrid cloud requires an integrated, adaptive workload security solution that seamlessly secures your entire on-premise, public and private cloud infrastructure. Find out how you can achieve this by joining this webinar.

    *SANS Institute 2019 Cloud Security Survey
  • How to build a profitable MSP Business Model for Backup and Storage-as-a-Service
    How to build a profitable MSP Business Model for Backup and Storage-as-a-Service
    Jon Brooks - Director of EMEA MSP Sales Jan 22 2020 10:00 am UTC 31 mins
    Learn more about how Cloudian Object Storage for vCloud Director enables VMware cloud providers to deploy and manage an S3-compliant storage environment that is fully interoperable with the broad industry ecosystem of S3- compatible applications.
  • TB Saracen UK Income Fund: Light At The End Of The Tunnel
    TB Saracen UK Income Fund: Light At The End Of The Tunnel
    Scott McKenzie & David Clark Jan 22 2020 10:30 am UTC 45 mins
    The UK Equity Income sector has been the foundation of many UK investor portfolios for many years and has hosted a number of our most celebrated fund managers.

    However, the traditional approach to generating income from a UK equity portfolio has increasingly come under threat with a number of the large income-generating sectors becoming ex-growth.

    Too often UK income investors find themselves reliant on a small number of high yielding businesses whose best days are behind them and where dividend payments look fragile.

    All of this has come during a time when investors have prized growth over value and UK equities have been shunned in the light of the Brexit chaos.

    Post the recent election the political outlook has become more stable and the path to Brexit should become clearer. Is there now light at the end of the tunnel ?

    When we launched the TB Saracen UK Income fund in April 2015 we were determined to take a different approach in the light of these challenges.

    We strongly believe that valuations matter and that equity income funds should provide investors with a high and growing income.

    In this webcast we review the performance of the TB Saracen UK Income fund and outline why we feel the Fund is well positioned to meet the needs of income investors.

    Some of the key themes we will address include:

    - Why value strategies are still relevant in a changing world
    - The importance of a focussed, ‘multicap’ approach
    - The risks to UK dividends going forward

    Presented by :
    Scott McKenzie, Co-Manager , TB Saracen UK Income Fund
    David Clark, Co-Manager , TB Saracen UK Income Fund
    Ellie Sluys , Communications Manager, Saracen Fund Managers
  • Proposed changes to RPI
    Proposed changes to RPI
    Jos Vermeulen, Head of Solution Design, Insight Investment Jan 22 2020 10:30 am UTC 30 mins
    •The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sajid Javid, announced on 4 September 2019 that there will be consultation to align the retail price index (RPI) with CPIH (consumer price inflation including owner-occupied housing). The consultation will open on 11 March 2020.
    •Replacing RPI with CPIH without compensation would cut pensioners’ future income and could cost holders of index-linked gilts and other RPI-linked assets in excess of £100bn.
    •Jos Vermeulen, Head of Solution Design, will discuss the impact of such a move and highlight the action stakeholders can take ahead of the UK government’s consultation.
  • Live Video - Asian Fixed Income: a Vibrant and Diverse Opportunity
    Live Video - Asian Fixed Income: a Vibrant and Diverse Opportunity
    Neal Capecci, Portfolio Manager, Fixed Income, Pan-Asia Bonds – Manulife Investment Management Jan 22 2020 11:00 am UTC 24 mins
    Over the past decade, the Asian fixed income universe has benefited from significantly improved
    economic fundamentals and has grown to become one of the largest regional bond markets in the
    world, supported by institutional, regulatory and infrastructure reforms.

    Neal Capecci, Portfolio Manager, Fixed Income, Pan-Asia Bonds, shares his views on how these
    developments, alongside the manifold sources of growth and the region’s increasingly accommodative
    monetary policy, have created a quality, liquid, standalone market, which offers attractive real yields
    and diverse investment opportunities.

    Finally as the year draws to a close, Neal will look ahead to 2020 and consider the prospects and
    challenges the new year may bring.
  • Emerging markets review and outlook
    Emerging markets review and outlook
    Colm McDonagh, Head of Emerging Market Fixed Income Jan 22 2020 11:00 am UTC 30 mins
    Join Head of Emerging Market Fixed Income, Colm McDonagh as he reviews recent developments within emerging market debt and offers an outlook for the asset class.
  • Customer Journey for Retail Banking Video
    Customer Journey for Retail Banking Video
    TIBCO Software Jan 22 2020 11:00 am UTC 9 mins
    TIBCO’s Connected Intelligence Platform offers enterprise connectivity through API-led and Event-driven integrations to provide a connected, real-time foundation to build differentiated customer experience. This short video demonstrates how TIBCO provides real-time ways to connect apps and data, understand events, and to act in real-time, all in a cloud-native manner
  • EMEA cybersecurity predictions 2020
    EMEA cybersecurity predictions 2020
    Haider Pasha Jan 22 2020 11:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Wondering what 2020 will bring to the cybersecurity world?

    Join us for our Cybersecurity Predictions Webinar, where you’ll hear from Palo Alto Networks experts. This is an opportunity to learn about what awaits us in the upcoming year, from both an EMEA and Benelux standpoint.

    Join our chief security officer for:

    -Predicted trends for 2020
    -Global and local cybersecurity developments
    -A brief recap of the Ignite Europe conference and announcements

    Register today to get fully prepared for the new year.
  • Q4 2019 Managed Solutions update
    Q4 2019 Managed Solutions update
    Danny Knight, Paul Craig, Helen Bradshaw Jan 22 2020 11:30 am UTC 60 mins
    In the Q4 2019 Managed Solutions webcast Paul Craig, Cirilium portfolio manager and Helen Bradshaw, Monthly Income portfolio manager, will join me to discuss what happened in markets and their portfolios during Q4, and how they are positioning their portfolios to navigate the uncertain geopolitical and macro-economic environment we find ourselves in today.
  • Women in Cybersecurity: 2020 technology trends in Intelligent cybersecurity
    Women in Cybersecurity: 2020 technology trends in Intelligent cybersecurity
    Tessa Kyd (moderator); Jaclyn Miller; Deidre Smith Jan 22 2020 12:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Disruptive cybersecurity technologies in 2020 - how digital twins, intelligence-driven cybersecurity, SOAR and more. NTT’s leading women in cybersecurity discuss how these will impact you.

    Tessa Kyd (moderator), Cybersecurity Global Alliances, NTT
    Jaclyn Miller, CISO and Privacy Officer, Secure24
    Deidre Smith, Senior Vice President, Delivery Transformation, NTT
  • Beyond DAUs and MAUs: 3 Key Levers to Understanding User Engagement
    Beyond DAUs and MAUs: 3 Key Levers to Understanding User Engagement
    Andy Carvell, Ketan Pandit Jan 22 2020 1:00 pm UTC 35 mins
    This is where the Acknowledgment – Interest – Conversion (AIC) Customer Engagement and Retention framework comes into play and helps marketers.
  • Scaling-up Sustainable Finance: The Role of Pension Trustees
    Scaling-up Sustainable Finance: The Role of Pension Trustees
    Dana Hanby | Rebecca McKay | Micheal Lewis | Alison Bostock | John Reynolds Jan 22 2020 1:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    The Synthesis Report presented to G20 last December by Sustainable Finance Study Group has highlighted the role of regulatory oversight in Scaling up Sustainable Finance. Surveys carried out in the Financial Sector indicate that regulation is one of the key factors that motivates Financial Institutions to integrate Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues to their financial portfolios. Yet, with over 1500 separate pieces of recommendations and policies on the Climate Change alone, the speed of the implementation varies across the Sector and it’s not unusual to hear controversies.
    Considering the level of the collective assets under management of Pension Funds any changes to Pension Trustees Duties are in a great deal of focus ….or are they?
    Introduced on 1st October 2019 changes oblige Pension Trustees to consider financially material ESG issues while assessing risk-adjusted returns. Further changes are expected in 2020 and 2021.

    But are Trustees prepared to comply with this these changes to the regulations? How about Asset Managers? What might be the potential impact of the changes on the Sector? Is there a ’symmetry’ in the requirements for Pension Trustees and Asset Managers? What about pension schemes that are run by FCA regulated entities? What steps has the FCA taken in this space? Will the changes have any impact on the strategies of Asset Managers and indeed the wider investment industry?

    We will be debating these and other questions with our esteemed panel of speakers:

    Rebecca McKay - Partner – Trowers & Hamilns
    John Reynolds – Member-elected Trustee Director – FCA Pension Plan Trustee and Pension Technical Specialist –Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
    Alison Bostock – Director – PTL- Independent Trustees
    Micheal Lewis - Managing Director, Head of Thematic Research – DWS (formerly known as Deutsche Asset Management)
    Moderated by Dana Hanby – MD, ESG Nexus
  • Evolving a global smaller companies strategy for 2020
    Evolving a global smaller companies strategy for 2020
    Peter Ewins, Lead Manager Jan 22 2020 2:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    In spite of a slowdown in global economic growth, 2019 ended strongly for smaller company equities with valuations in most markets seeing a re-rating. Peter discusses the BMO Global Smaller Companies trust’s performance last year, how the portfolio is positioned heading into 2020 and thoughts on the potential evolution of strategy in the coming period.
  • How to Choose the Right Proxy Architecture for Microservices-Based App Delivery
    How to Choose the Right Proxy Architecture for Microservices-Based App Delivery
    Pankaj Gupta Senior Director – Cloud Native Application Delivery @Citrix Jan 22 2020 2:00 pm UTC 55 mins
    In this webinar, you will learn how to choose the right proxy architecture for your microservices- and Kubernetes-based application delivery to strike a balance between ease of implementation and the greatest benefits. You’ll get the most comprehensive and rigorous comparison of four proxy architectures that you will find nowhere else.

    We’ll go in depth on the pros and cons of four architecture choices for microservices-based application delivery:
    ●2-tier ingress
    ●Unified ingress
    ●Service mesh lite
    ●Service mesh

    Key metrics for the architecture evaluation will include simplicity, efficiency, security, scalability, observability, integration with CNCF tools, impact on CI/CD strategy, advanced traffic engineering options, ease of deployment, required skill sets, team structure, and more.

    Cloud native novices and experts alike: If you are ready to build your decision tree to select the right proxy architecture, this is the webinar for you.
  • How liwwa introduced a new and beloved Performance Management process
    How liwwa introduced a new and beloved Performance Management process
    Kamel Abu-Eisheh, Director of People & Culture, liwwa Matt Timmins, Customer Success EMEA Lead, Culture Amp Jan 22 2020 2:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    By now, most startups or rapidly scaling companies realize that culture is one of their few sustainable business advantages. Investing in people and performance – are a means to financial success. Whether you’re training managers on how to have performance review conversations, working with employees to set goals, or tying individual performance to company level metrics, performance management is key to success as an organisation.

    As we continue the Architect Series into 2020, join us for an interactive webinar with Kamel Abu-Eisheh - Director of People & Culture at liwwa and Culture Amp Customer Success Coach, Matt Timmins as they discuss the best processes (and what to avoid) when getting started with performance reviews.

    You’ll come away learning:
    -Tips for getting started with Performance Management
    -What common pitfalls to avoid
    -How to separate compensation and development conversations with employees
    -How to brand and increase engagement in the review process among managers and employees
  • Heptagon Listed Private Assets Fund Q4 2019 Webcast
    Heptagon Listed Private Assets Fund Q4 2019 Webcast
    Arnaud Gandon Jan 22 2020 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Join us for our quarter-end strategy update webcast. Engage with portfolio manager, Arnaud Gandon, to learn about what drove fourth-quarter performance, the portfolio manager's outlook, and current portfolio positioning.
  • How to build a rock-solid hybrid cloud infrastructure
    How to build a rock-solid hybrid cloud infrastructure
    Joseph Offenberg, US Technical Director Jan 22 2020 2:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    Whether you like it or not, you will probably be asked about using a cloud and a microservices based architecture sooner or later.

    If it's viable for you, this transition has to be smooth, bullet-proof and rock-solid. And as a tech leader, you'll be looking for ways to make this transition as stable, robust and trouble-free as possible. 

    And, part of a cloud infrastructure strategy that's often missed is how to manage the configuration data in a cloud environment. 

    That's why we've created this unique webcast to discuss cloud infrastructure and config data management.

    In this webinar we'll cover: 

    - The role of config data in a microservices architecture 
    - The gotchas and challenges that often get overlooked
    - The blue-print for managing config in a cloud environment 
    - How all of this creates a rock-solid cloud infrastructure 
  • GDPR Article 27 EU Representation: Are you ready?
    GDPR Article 27 EU Representation: Are you ready?
    Flor McCarthy Jan 22 2020 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    An often overlooked aspect of the GDPR:
    •Its worldwide territorial effect.
    •The mandatory requirement to appoint a GDPR representative in the EU if you are a non-EU business holding data on people in the EU.
    •How from 1st February 2020, this will also apply to UK businesses post Brexit.
    Flor McCarthy CIPP/E is one of Ireland’s leading solicitors. He is a recognized expert and experienced practitioner on data protection law and the GDPR
  • 4 Keys to a Successful Access Security Strategy
    4 Keys to a Successful Access Security Strategy
    Akhilesh Dhawan – Director PMM Secure Digital Perimeter Jan 22 2020 2:00 pm UTC 48 mins
    In this webinar, we will cover Citrix Access Control service that helps consolidate VPN, single sign-on and granular security controls for SaaS, web and virtual applications, as well as web filtering and web isolation controls for the Internet.

    Point products are expensive to maintain and result in poor end user experience. Moreover with the shortage of security skill sets, these technologies are not being used to their full potential and with best practices, leading to gaps in security and increased risk.

    Using Citrix Access Control you can:

    1. Reduce TCO of your security products
    2. Improve retention of your security talent
    3. Provide granular and consistent security policies across all access use cases
    4. Improve the end user experience and increase employee productivity
  • Modernize your data center using an efficient Lifecycle Management System
    Modernize your data center using an efficient Lifecycle Management System
    Mukund Rajamony, Certified ScrumMaster® NX Development Manager, Administrateur du développement logiciel NX Jan 22 2020 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Real Time data processing takes key focus in enabling creation of a Digital Twin to conduct what-if studies. An efficient Data Center Lifecycle Management System helps with areas like Alarm Management, Asset Management, Rack Capacity, Rack Cooling Index, Service Level Agreements in order to constantly help modernize the Data Center.
    This webinar delves into the modernizing the operations side of Data Center using efficient DCLCM systems.
    Key Takeaways: Life Cycle Management, Asset Management, Digital Twin, What if scenarios, Alarms, Rack Cooling Index, Insight to incremental modernization.
  • Avoiding fines and lost licenses in the iGaming industry: why identity proofing
    Avoiding fines and lost licenses in the iGaming industry: why identity proofing
    Peter-Paul de Goeij (Dutch online trade association) | James Baston-Pitt (Onfido) | Trent Wyatt (GeoComply) Jan 22 2020 3:00 pm UTC 59 mins
    Harm minimisation might be the biggest challenge facing the gambling sector, especially as iGaming reaches an ever-increasing volume of players. With increasing scrutiny coming from politicians and the media, there is an urgent need for a wide-reaching industry response. But how does the industry tackle such a complex issue quickly enough to avoid fines or lost licenses?

    This panel, moderated by Peter Murray (Director, Alexem Services) and comprised of Peter-Paul de Goeij (Managing Director, Dutch online trade association), James Baston-Pitt (UK accounts lead, Onfido) and Trent Wyatt (Consultant, GeoComply) will be discussing how operators can effectively understand the behaviours of their customers, what an at risk player looks like, and how identity verification can help them better know their customers and introduce effective harm minimisation initiatives.

    Key Learnings:

    - How to better identify at risk players and their behaviour
    - The importance of data integrity in assessing your player base
    - How identity proofing at onboarding can help
    - How to implement reliable identity KYC practices without increasing friction
  • Emerging Markets Webinar 2020
    Emerging Markets Webinar 2020
    RBC Global Asset Management and BlueBay Asset Management Jan 22 2020 3:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    We invite you to join RBC Global Asset Management and
    BlueBay Asset Management for a live webinar on January 22
    at 10:00am ET. Investment professionals will provide a view into
    the 3 ideas shaping their outlook into Emerging Markets in 2020.

    Will global growth finally bottom out?
    Does a maturing credit cycle lead to increased price dislocations?
    Are persistent trade frictions the new normal?
    How is ESG evolving in Emerging Markets?