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BrightTALK webinars and videos

  • Global uncertainty creating significant opportunities in Global Emerging Markets
    Global uncertainty creating significant opportunities in Global Emerging Markets Feroz Basa Recorded: Jun 22 2018 31 mins
    Feroz Basa will look at the current market conditions, the opportunities available in the global emerging markets that is being created within these market conditions and finally the opportunities available in his portfolio.
  • What are the next funding shorts to drive returns in the Australian market
    What are the next funding shorts to drive returns in the Australian market Gus Roberts & Damien Keune Recorded: Jun 22 2018 27 mins
    Sean Martin, Chief Investment Officer, and Damien Keune, Head of Dealing, from Solaris will be hosting a luncheon to discuss the Solaris Australian Equity Long Short Fund and what are the next funding shorts to drive returns in the Australian market.

    Discussion points:

    - Does AMP short have further to go?
    - Telstra - dividend trap or value?
    - Outlining high conviction sector pairs trades that will win in both up and down markets
    - What are Solaris best long ideas?
  • The Need For Automated Asset Management in ICS
    The Need For Automated Asset Management in ICS IndegyTV Recorded: Jun 22 2018 3 mins
    Why is automated asset management and discovery needed in industrial networks
    CRYPTO-TRADING 101 : ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW GET STARTED Decentrl and BIGA Recorded: Jun 21 2018 30 mins
    Individuals and businesses en masse are realizing the potential of blockchain, and are eager to invest in the vast and growing number of products and solutions this revolutionary technology has produced. There are huge gains and losses to be made from investing in crypto; getting an understanding of blockchain technology is pretty essential for everyone in looking to enter.

    Though, even with an investment background, things can get complicated fairly quick. With so much advice out there, it’s difficult, if not seemingly impossible, to find the signal amongst the noise.

    Decentrl has partnered with BIGA to cut through the noise. We are a boutique consultancy that advises fellow blockchain startups, enterprises, and governments on crypto-economics, investor relations, business development, and community building, and have collectively raised over $600M.

    Together, our team of analysts, community leaders, and investors bring you an insightful webinar so you and your network can be given a straightforward introduction to the complex and sensational world of crypto.

    We’ll teach you everything you need to know to get started, including:

    • How to set up your first wallet
    • Using altcoin exchanges
    • How to start trading
    • The risks

    We will follow-up our talk with our Macro Trading Report, which will be of interest to more seasoned traders, but also very insightful to beginners, which will include:

    • An overview of the current market state (including Bitcoin & Ethereum)
    • Upcoming major news events for the top 100 ranked cryptocurrencies
    • Projects to watch
    • Updates from major conferences & events

    There will also be a chance to have your questions answered during our live Q&A.

    To join us for the webinar, simply make a free account on BrightTALK.

    Surprise guest appearances will also be featured live from our office in Los Angeles!
  • Improve Customer Experience through Multi-Arm Bandit
    Improve Customer Experience through Multi-Arm Bandit Jeremy Gu, Sr. Data Scientist, Uber Recorded: Jun 21 2018 59 mins
    In order to accelerate innovation and learning, the data science team at Uber is looking to optimize Driver, Rider, Eater, Restaurant and Courier experience through reinforcement learning methods.

    The team has implemented bandits methods of optimization which learn iteratively and rapidly from a continuous evaluation of related metric performance. Recently, we completed an AI-powered experiment using bandits techniques for content optimization to improve the customer engagement. The technique helped improve customer experience compared to any classic hypothesis testing methods.

    In this session, we will explain various use cases at Uber that this technique has proven its value and how bandits have helped optimize and improve customer experience and engagement at Uber.
  • Maximizing the impact of Internet of Things (IoTs) in Oil and Gas Industry
    Maximizing the impact of Internet of Things (IoTs) in Oil and Gas Industry Dr. Satyam Priyadarshy Technology Fellow & Chief Data Scientist HALLIBURTON Recorded: Jun 21 2018 37 mins
    Internet of Things (IoTs) and its industrial application – Industrial Internet of Things (IIoTs) are a topic of interest in all industrial sectors. Oil and gas industry remains one of those industries that can benefit significantly from the use of IIoTs, due to the complexity of operations, high-risk profile, highly regulated environment, and dynamic global environmental challenges. In this talk, I will discuss the three C’s –Current state of maturity of oil and gas industry in terms of leveraging benefits of IIoTs, the Challenges in implementation and insights generation from IIoTs, and Conduit of the framework needed to maximize the impact of IIoTs. The framework incorporates the Big Data analytics, Platform and Transformation culture to maximize the value of IIoTs. Cybersecurity becomes and the invariable topic of concern, rightly so, and is addressed in the framework. Voice of the OilfieldTM incorporates many of these concepts and applications to create value during the production phase of the oil well life cycle.
  • The Cyber Threat Landscape in K-12 Schools from the FBI’s Perspective
    The Cyber Threat Landscape in K-12 Schools from the FBI’s Perspective Special Agent Michael Morgan, FBI Recorded: Jun 21 2018 61 mins
    While cyber threats are exponentially increasing in volume, diversity and sophistication, they are rapidly outstripping our ability to safeguard critical data, applications and systems. Join this webinar to hear SA Morgan explain how the FBI addresses the cyber threat, discuss the cyber threat landscape in K-12, and provide prevention and mitigation techniques that you can implement on your campus.
  • Using Energy Harvesting to Create Self Sustaining IoT Devices
    Using Energy Harvesting to Create Self Sustaining IoT Devices Sam Jones, R&D Engineer, PowerFilm Solar Recorded: Jun 21 2018 61 mins
    Today’s ultra low-power sensors and wireless modules not only allow batteries to last longer but also make completely self-sustaining IoT devices possible. This webinar will overview energy harvesting methods including photovoltaic, piezoelectric, thermoelectric, and RF with a focus on indoor ambient light collection.

    Practical applications and how to integrate solar energy harvesters into electronics will also be discussed. An indoor solar-powered Bluetooth sensor will be analyzed as a use case example.
  • Engaging and Motivating Adult English Learners
    Engaging and Motivating Adult English Learners Amber Goodall, ESOL Coordinator, & Jerry Perkins, Lead ESOL Instructor, at South Piedmont Community College Recorded: Jun 21 2018 58 mins
    Adult English Learners (EL) make up 40 percent of the U.S. adult education population, and this group is projected to keep growing. These learners—many with limited English proficiency—must speak with confidence at work and beyond. Accelerating English learning for adults boosts their chances of securing better jobs, integrating into their communities, and improving their lives.

    Targeted courses and job-training programs show promising results in preparing adult ELs for the workforce. But there may not be enough of these programs to support the expanding need. Technology may be the best solution for reaching more learners, improving retention rates, and increasing success.

    Join us for the webinar, “Engaging and Motivating Adult English Learners,” on June 21, 2018, at 3 p.m. EST. During this one-hour session, Amber Goodall, ESOL Coordinator, and Jerry Perkins, Lead ESOL Instructor, from South Piedmont Community College in North Carolina, will share how the school’s adult education program increased engagement, motivation, and access outside of the classroom. They will alsol offer tips for supporting adult EL needs and measuring the impact and value of adult education programs.

    Join us on June 21, 2018, at 3 p.m. EST and learn:
    • Why it’s important to provide language learning opportunities for adults
    • How to create an ideal adult learning environment
    • How to keep adult learners engaged and motivated

    Register today!
  • Assessing IT Risk in a Healthcare Environment
    Assessing IT Risk in a Healthcare Environment Scott Breece - Community Health Systems, Sam Abadir - Lockpath Recorded: Jun 21 2018 59 mins
    In this webinar, Lockpath’s Sam Abadir and Community Health System’s Scott Breece will discuss the unique IT landscape of the healthcare industry and the challenges this presents for IT risk management.

    Abadir and Breece will discuss common strategies for identifying and managing IT risks including risk assessment methodologies, best practices for assessing business associates and third parties, incident response plans, and available toolsets to support these activities.
  • What to expect when Ansible meets your organization - what we wish we'd known
    What to expect when Ansible meets your organization - what we wish we'd known Ryan Bontreger, associate platform consultant, Red Hat Scott Knauss, architect, Red Hat Recorded: Jun 21 2018 62 mins
    Thinking about automation in your massive enterprise environment? Ansible® is the wave of the future, but is it right for what you need it to do?

    Join this webinar to hear:
    > About the ins and outs of planning for Ansible in your organization.
    > How to integrate Ansible within your workflow.
    > What not to do with Ansible.
  • Self-Service Analytics with Guard Rails
    Self-Service Analytics with Guard Rails Saptarshi Sengupta and Ed Robbins Recorded: Jun 21 2018 61 mins
    Self-Service BI promises to remove the bottleneck that exists between IT and business users. The truth is, if data is handed over to a wide range of data consumers without proper guardrails in place, it can result in data anarchy.

    Attend this session to learn why data virtualization:

    * Is a must for implementing the right self-service BI
    * Makes self-service BI useful for every business user
    * Accelerates any self-service BI initiative
  • Technical Overview: FIDO2 WebAuthn Data Flows, Attestation, and Passwordless
    Technical Overview: FIDO2 WebAuthn Data Flows, Attestation, and Passwordless Emil Lundberg, Luke Walker Recorded: Jun 21 2018 32 mins
    Watch this webinar for a technical overview of WebAuthn for web applications. This session is led by Emil Lundberg, a key contributor and one of the nine editors of the W3C WebAuthn specification.

    Join us for a deep dive into the core concepts required to integrate WebAuthn into your web application, including what happens behind the scenes during registration and authentication.

    Key topics include:
    - FIDO Authentication, CTAP, and WebAuthn
    - Registration Walkthrough
    - What is Attestation?
    - Resident Keys
    - Second-Factor Authentication
    - Password-less Authentication

    This webinar is intended for software engineers, developers, software architects, and product managers, though it is open to anyone interested on the topic.
  • What's new with H2O Driverless AI?
    What's new with H2O Driverless AI? Arno Candel Recorded: Jun 21 2018 48 mins
    Abstract: H2O Driverless AI empowers data scientists or data analysts to work on projects faster and more efficiently by using automation and state-of-the-art computing power to accomplish tasks that can take humans months in just minutes or hours by delivering automatic feature engineering, model validation, model tuning, model selection and deployment, machine learning interpretability, time-series, automatic report generation and automatic pipeline generation for model scoring.

    Speaker's Bio:
    Arno Candel is the Chief Technology Officer at H2O.ai. He is the main committer of H2O-3 and Driverless AI and has been designing and implementing high-performance machine-learning algorithms since 2012. Previously, he spent a decade in supercomputing at ETH and SLAC and collaborated with CERN on next-generation particle accelerators.

    Arno holds a PhD and Masters summa cum laude in Physics from ETH Zurich, Switzerland. He was named “2014 Big Data All-Star” by Fortune Magazine and featured by ETH GLOBE in 2015. Follow him on Twitter: @ArnoCandel.
  • IoT & A.I. For Good
    IoT & A.I. For Good Wael Elrifai, Vice President of Solution Engineering, Big Data, IoT & A.I, Hitachi Vantara Recorded: Jun 21 2018 41 mins
    Wael Elrifai shares his experience working in the IoT and AI space; covering complexities, pitfalls, and opportunities to explain why innovation isn’t just good for business—it’s a societal imperative.
  • Network considerations for hybrid cloud
    Network considerations for hybrid cloud Robin Manke-Cassidy, Dir. Product Marketing, Citrix; Valerie DiMartino, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Citrix Recorded: Jun 21 2018 46 mins
    Moving to a hybrid-cloud strategy offers many benefits like flexibility and agility but can also bring challenges to securing your network and infrastructure as the traditional data center perimeter dissolves. Users are working from anywhere and the applications and data they’re accessing have moved to the cloud. Remove barriers to hybrid-cloud migration with a new secure networking and infrastructure approach that delivers investment protection. Learn how you can protect your users and deliver your applications and data to stay in control with centralized management, performance, visibility and analytics.

    Learn how Citrix networking solutions for hybrid cloud can deliver:

    •Contextual and secure access to applications
    •Website and application protection from internal and external threats
    •Application and network visibility and intelligent analytics
    •Flexibility and performance
  • How to think digital and embrace working with Digital Transformation
    How to think digital and embrace working with Digital Transformation Rajesh Thukral, Director, Digital Transformation Services, Professional Services Recorded: Jun 21 2018 34 mins
    Fact: only a quarter of organizations are focusing on a digital transformation strategy even though more than 85% of CEOs believe technology will transform their business more than any other global trend.

    Join Rajesh Thukral, Director of Digital Business Transformation for our latest webinar as he explores the digital imperative – why every business needs to think “digital” and embrace new ways of working with their customers and employees – or risk being disrupted.
    Digital technologies are defining and disrupting how we think and do business.

    Come away with industry insights and tools that will let you assess your company’s digital mindset and help chart your own transformation journey.
  • Cybercrime Doesn't Discriminate! 7 Questions to Secure Your Business
    Cybercrime Doesn't Discriminate! 7 Questions to Secure Your Business Oriah Longanecker, SkOUT Secure Intelligence Recorded: Jun 21 2018 61 mins
    Our presenter, Oriah Longanecker, has over 20 years of experience as an intelligence and cyber warfare officer in the U.S. Air Force! He's lead a variety of intelligence and cyber warfare units for the National Security Agency and other Intelligence Community organizations, as well as U.S. Cyber Command, and currently leads the cybersecurity and threat intelligence efforts for our partner SkOUT Secure Intelligence in the western U.S.

    Data breaches have gained attention with the increasing use of digital files and companies and users large reliance on digital data and electronic record keeping.
  • Battling the Cryptojacking Epidemic & Malware Mutations
    Battling the Cryptojacking Epidemic & Malware Mutations Jack Chan, Network and Security Strategist, FortiGuard Labs Recorded: Jun 21 2018 32 mins
    These and other trending vulnerabilities from our Quarterly Threat Report. Cyber threats are as unpredictable as the weather, which can make preparing and planning for them daunting and full of uncertainty.

    Join our fourth installment of in-depth threat research where our security strategy expert walks you through the top trends, such as IoT botnets targeting System-on-Chip (SoC) devices, fileless malware and -cha-ching! - the mining of digital currency.
  • FCoE vs. iSCSI vs. iSER
    FCoE vs. iSCSI vs. iSER J Metz, Cisco; Saqib Jang, Chelsio; Rob Davis, Mellanox; Tim Lustig, Mellanox Recorded: Jun 21 2018 62 mins
    The “Great Storage Debates” webcast series continues, this time on FCoE vs. iSCSI vs. iSER. Like past “Great Storage Debates,” the goal of this presentation is not to have a winner emerge, but rather provide vendor-neutral education on the capabilities and use cases of these technologies so that attendees can become more informed and make educated decisions.

    One of the features of modern data centers is the ubiquitous use of Ethernet. Although many data centers run multiple separate networks (Ethernet and Fibre Channel (FC)), these parallel infrastructures require separate switches, network adapters, management utilities and staff, which may not be cost effective.

    Multiple options for Ethernet-based SANs enable network convergence, including FCoE (Fibre Channel over Ethernet) which allows FC protocols over Ethernet and Internet Small Computer System Interface (iSCSI) for transport of SCSI commands over TCP/IP-Ethernet networks. There are also new Ethernet technologies that reduce the amount of CPU overhead in transferring data from server to client by using Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA), which is leveraged by iSER (iSCSI Extensions for RDMA) to avoid unnecessary data copying.

    That leads to several questions about FCoE, iSCSI and iSER:

    •If we can run various network storage protocols over Ethernet, what
    differentiates them?
    •What are the advantages and disadvantages of FCoE, iSCSI and iSER?
    •How are they structured?
    •What software and hardware do they require?
    •How are they implemented, configured and managed?
    •Do they perform differently?
    •What do you need to do to take advantage of them in the data center?
    •What are the best use cases for each?

    Join our SNIA experts as they answer all these questions and more on the next Great Storage Debate.
  • How to Enable Trust, Interoperability, & Shared Credentials
    How to Enable Trust, Interoperability, & Shared Credentials Ora Niknamfard, Product Marketing Manager Security at CA Technologies Recorded: Jun 21 2018 40 mins
    The promise of digital identity is to remove silos; minimize redundancies; facilitate better collaboration; and shape a foundation for regulatory compliance.
    The challenge with digital identity is that it requires shared credentials that force you to deliberately assess:

    • Managing physical access
    • Protecting PII
    • Delivering cross-agency services
    • Revising digital consumer interaction

    In this session, Ora Niknamfard, Product Marketing Manager Security at CA Technologies will share industry best practices to help ensure credentials are, in fact, interoperable. Plus, you’ll have a unique opportunity to explore the architectural measures that can manage identity assurance levels and identity verification for both logical and physical access.

    Implementing a digital identity strategy can be complicated. Let CA help.
  • Webinarreihe Lean Agile Enterprise: 2 - Agile Softwareentwicklung als Basis
    Webinarreihe Lean Agile Enterprise: 2 - Agile Softwareentwicklung als Basis Katja Gibbels. Presales Technical Consultant, Micro Focus Jun 22 2018 8:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Lean Agile Enterprise - erfolgreiche Umsetzung mit dem Scaled Agile Framework SAFe®

    Um die digitale Transformation erfolgreich zu meistern, müssen Organisationen die Fähigkeit haben, den schnellen Wandel und die Veränderungen des Marktes zu antizipieren und für sich zu nutzen. Immer mehr Unternehmen setzen dabei auf agile Vorgehensweise und führen deshalb die weltweit führende Skalierungsmethode zur Agilität, Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®), ein.
    Erfahren Sie in dieser kostenfreien Webinarreihe, mit welchen Lösungen und Tools wir Sie dabei unterstützen, SAFe® in Ihrem Unternehmen umzusetzen, um damit dauerhaft wettbewerbsfähig und erfolgreich im Markt bestehen zu bleiben.

    Webinar 2: Agile Softwareentwicklung als Basis für Lean Agile Enterprise
    22. Juni 2018 I 10:00 - 11:00 Uhr

    Erfahren Sie in diesem Webinar, wie Sie Lean Agile Enterprise und die agilen Prinzipien in der Softwareentwicklung umsetzen können. Das Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) nutzt dabei SCRUM- und Kanban Methoden, die bereits von vielen Entwicklungsteams angewendet werden, als Basis und ermöglicht somit, die Entwicklung zu Lean Agile Enterprise zu optimieren. Das zweite Webinar dieser Reihe wird Ihnen eine tiefere Sicht darauf geben und stellt vor, wie ALM Octane einen Lean Agile Entwicklungsprozess unterstützen kann.
  • How to successfully consume cloud at scale for multiple projects
    How to successfully consume cloud at scale for multiple projects Neil Sutton and David Simpkins from BT, together with Alex Hilton from the Cloud Industry Forum. Jun 22 2018 8:30 am UTC 60 mins
    Using the right technology to connect your sites and users across the globe and give them right experience, while keeping yourself secure needs a completely different approach.

    Cloud is integral to any digital transformation and offers many different benefits. But when legacy IT systems needs to be integrated, coupled with managing multiple public cloud services, it can be a real challenge for your network and security teams.

    Join Neil Sutton, VP strategic alliances and David Simpkins, general manager, managed services and public cloud from BT and Alex Hilton, Chief Executive from the Cloud Industry Forum to find out more about:

    • how customers are using the cloud for new and innovative projects
    • the challenges that a multi-cloud environment presents
    • how to successfully manage end-to-end multi-cloud projects, using one of our customers as an example.

    We’ve helped customers handle huge, multi-cloud projects, manage seamless migration from their legacy systems, and work more efficiently around the globe. This event is a great opportunity to get tips and examples from our experts on how to rollout and manage multi-cloud projects.
  • Securely manage multiple cloud providers and platforms
    Securely manage multiple cloud providers and platforms Paul Crichard, Security CTO, BT and Richard Baker, Futures Security Architect, BT Jun 22 2018 10:00 am UTC 45 mins
    77% of CISOs working with BT are actively moving to the cloud or planning to adopt cloud services. Of these, 71% said they have some policies, but 30% stated they don't understand what they are in reality.

    If you’re thinking about cloud or multi-cloud environments you will need to take a deeper look at your security. Yes, it’s quicker, and agile model and therefore cheaper but it does come with an extra level of risk that previous data centre options mitigated. You’ll need to validate your cloud vendor to make sure your company’s data is separated from other data, that you are getting the context rich information back and that the right people and devices are accessing it. The big thing is to put the necessary and sufficient security and compliance controls in place, and to keep checking that they’re appropriate, effective, and moving forward while you take up the cloud (and beyond).

    Join our live discussion with BT’s Security CTO to find out what’s required to identify, manage and control threats across your hybrid estate and multiple clouds. We’ll look at how to discover where your data is, who can see it or access it or process it, and how to avoid data sovereignty violations. The webinar will also cover how vital it is to know what we are all responsible for and how can you mitigate for the risks and new threats in order to stay secure..
  • The Art of Success – a guide for women embarking on careers in the City
    The Art of Success – a guide for women embarking on careers in the City April French, PR Manager at Reed Smith and Vanessa Vallely, Managing Director at WeAreTheCity Jun 22 2018 12:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    What does it take to survive and thrive as a female leader in the City of London? Reed Smith and WeAreTheCity launched an open call to senior women in the City to find the answers to those questions you might never normally ask: from considering which ‘persona’ to adopt in the workplace; to making decisions on working part-time or taking a career break and weighing up what impact it might have on your career progression; to looking ahead and wondering, what is life at the top actually like?

    The Art of Success is the result of that appeal. More than 100 women shared their experiences to help create a roadmap for those following in their footsteps. In this webinar we’ll take you through those findings and share some of the inspirational advice and words of wisdom.
  • Informatica MDM: Provisioning Tool – A Closer Look
    Informatica MDM: Provisioning Tool – A Closer Look Hazik Afzal, Product Manager, MDM, Informatica, Prash Chandramohan, Director of Product Marketing, MDM, Informatica Jun 22 2018 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Join us for this webinar as we take an in-depth look Business Entity, Business Entity View, and Layout configuration options available in Informatica MDM Provisioning Tool.

    During this webinar, Informatica MDM product experts will cover following topics:

    - Discuss Business Entity concept and review configuration options.
    - Understand Business Entity View and how to create transformations.
    - A walkthrough of the layout design and create data view layouts.
  • Building Your Application Security Toolkit: A Holistic Approach
    Building Your Application Security Toolkit: A Holistic Approach Stephen Giguere, Solution Engineer, Synopsys Jun 22 2018 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Open source management is a key part of any application security toolkit. But with so many different tools and techniques on the market, how can you decide what other tools you need to fully address the security risks of your applications? In this webinar, you’ll learn the benefits and limitations of several application security tools, including SAST, SCA, DAST, IAST, and fuzzing, as well as how they differ, so you can make informed decisions as you build your AppSec toolkit.
  • ACAMS Midyear Review: 2018 Compliance Developments and Challenges
    ACAMS Midyear Review: 2018 Compliance Developments and Challenges Moderator: Kieran Beer | Speakers: Colby Adams, Dan Bethencourt, John Byrne, Jim Candelmo, Megan Hodge and Valentina Pasquali Jun 22 2018 4:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Join us for this popular review of the important issues anti-financial crime, sanctions and anti-terror finance compliance professionals faced during the first half of 2018 and a look ahead at what should preoccupy their efforts in the latter half of the year.
  • Sepa cómo reducir sus costos de Mainframe y mejorar sus SLA´s
    Sepa cómo reducir sus costos de Mainframe y mejorar sus SLA´s Flavio Yano Jun 22 2018 5:00 pm UTC 90 mins
    Participe en nuestro Webinar y vea cómo mejorar la gestión de los SLAs, automatizar la optimización continua para las cargas de trabajo prioritarias, controlar y moderar los gastos en software.
  • The Power of Discovery for Increasing Win Rates
    The Power of Discovery for Increasing Win Rates Mike Kunkle, VP, Sales Transformation Services Jun 22 2018 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    What’s the single best thing to improve your win-rates? The answer is better discovery.

    In this webinar, Mike Kunkle shares a framework that will enable your sales force to understand your customers better than ever before, to build a compelling case for change and deliver what our buyers value.
  • Identifiez et stoppez les logiciels malveillants rapidement et efficacement
    Identifiez et stoppez les logiciels malveillants rapidement et efficacement Sylvain Stahl Jun 25 2018 9:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Rejoignez les experts en sécurité de SonicWall à l’occasion d’un webinaire exclusif, « Identifiez et stoppez les logiciels malveillants rapidement et efficacement ».
    Découvrez comment la technologie RTDMI™ (Real-Time Deep Memory Inspection) de SonicWall permet à la solution SonicWall Capture Advanced Threat Protection de :
    •capturer davantage de logiciels malveillants plus rapidement que les stratégies de sandboxing reposant sur les comportements, avec un nombre limité de fausses alertes
    •bloquer des attaques très élaborées en étudiant le code empaqueté dans la mémoire au sein d’un environnement sécurisé de sandbox
    •stopper rapidement les menaces embarquées dans les documents Microsoft Office et les fichiers PDF Adobe
  • Investing in disruption
    Investing in disruption Graeme Clark Jun 25 2018 1:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    The world around us is being reshaped by technology as innovative companies disrupt traditional business models and transform the way that individuals lead their lives. Join Graeme Clark, portfolio manager in the Global Technology Team, for an update on the strategy covering among others market review, fund performance and the team’s outlook for the sector.
  • Enterprise Artificial Intelligence
    Enterprise Artificial Intelligence Rajkumar Vaidyanathan,Senior Director & Principal Data Scientist at Noodle.ai Jun 25 2018 1:30 pm UTC 45 mins
    Enterprises are a complex ecosystem where multiple business entities interact in highly non-linear and iterative fashion often resulting in operational chaos. Human stakeholders tend to make decisions based on intuition and limited perspective. AI and machine learning algorithms can augment these decision-making processes by removing guess-work to a large extent. This enables reduction of cognitive bias that may exist. Enterprise AI is a convergence of business context, design & human factors, technology and data science. The talk will give an insight into what type of challenges exist in an enterprise and how a data-driven AI solution can help augment the theory-based models to improve the overall operational efficiency.
  • The 13 Steps From Employee to Entrepreneur
    The 13 Steps From Employee to Entrepreneur Kathy Ennis, Founder, LittlePiggy Associates Ltd Jun 25 2018 2:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Many people dream of leaving their job to start a business and become their own bss. But it’s not easy leaving the (relative) security of a regular income to follow your dream. Being your own boss can be an attractive pull to the (perceived) greener grass the other side of the P45.

    To many employees who are fed-up with their job or their employer it may seem that there are only two steps to becoming your own boss: leave your job and start your own business.

    While it is entirely possible to transition from employee to entrepreneur, it’s a bit more complicated than that. And, as anyone who runs a small or micro business will tell you, the grass isn’t always greener on the self-employed side.

    So, how do you ensure that running your own business is the right thing for you; and what steps should you take to create a smooth transition from employee to entrepreneur?

    Join Business Mentor and Trainer, Kathy Ennis, to explore the 13-steps you will need to take on your road to becoming your own boss.
  • GDPR is here – What’s next for organisations?
    GDPR is here – What’s next for organisations? Brian Tuemmler, Information Governance Program Architect & Jack McMillian, Technical Project Manager Jun 25 2018 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    After months, and years, of talking about it, the 25th May 2018 has come and gone meaning the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is now in force. But what does that mean for organisations around the world? They are now faced with having to adjust their business practices to ensure compliance to the legislation given to data subjects – yet in seems that no one is ready or many have underestimated the extent of the organisational changes that lies ahead. We have already seen many news websites be taken offline for European audiences under the GDPR rules and the big player of Facebook and Google already accused of breaching the framework. It is only a matter of time before EU data subjects begin to fully exercise their rights, such as Subject Access Requests (SAR). How could you cope with the pressure of responding to these requests?
    There Is a silver lining. In this webinar, we review some practical steps that your business can take to address GDPR concerns, specifically when dealing with data subject requests.

    Key takeaways:
    •Explore practical steps that businesses can take to address their GDPR data requirements.
    •Discuss the ability to act post-GDPR, where it is never too late to begin building your infrastructure
    •Outline ways to improve costs and man power to address business GDPR issues, such as responding and producing subject access requests.
  • The Mindset of Risky Business in the World of Finance
    The Mindset of Risky Business in the World of Finance Hersh F. Shefrin, Ph.D., Economist and Pioneer of Behavioral Finance Jun 25 2018 6:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Nobody likes to talk about it. It makes people feel…uncomfortable. I’m talking about the human side of risk.

    The way we think, act on and communicate about risk, plays a major part on how we would manage a cyber breach for instance. Consider Facebook, Equifax, Target, Uber and so on. And no one is better positioned to influence the outcomes on security and risk management than you.

    We’re not talking about making a sweeping cultural change enterprise-wide. You can make a slight change in your thinking about risk that just might help you avoid your next data breach or better communicate a phishing scam.

    Our first in a webinar series tackles the mindset that all of us inherently possess around risk and its impact on information security issues. The workshop kicks off on June 25 at 2pm EDT featuring Hersh Shefrin, one of the pioneers of behavioral finance. Shefrin holds the Mario L. Belotti Chair in the Department of Finance at the Leavey School of Business at Santa Clara University and has published scholarly articles in the Journal of Finance, Journal of Financial Economics and Review of Financial Studies.

    Don’t worry…you don’t have to slip into your Birkenstock’s for this. Just sign up and listen.
  • Engagement MAGIC-Five Keys to Unlock the Power of Employee Engagement
    Engagement MAGIC-Five Keys to Unlock the Power of Employee Engagement Charles Rogel and Tim Hicks Jun 26 2018 12:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Employee engagement is recognized as a critical driver of business performance yet most people and companies struggle to understand the concept and improve. Most of us want to spend our time doing a job that we love. We want to feel energized and passionate about how we contribute to the organization. We want to have a great day at work where we feel like we accomplished something and grew from the experience. All of these feelings are part of the concept of employee engagement. Yet most of us find it difficult to achieve this level of engagement on a regular basis. How do we make it happen?

    Learn about the five simple keys to unlock the power of employee engagement in yourself and others.
    How engaged are you in your work right now? Do you know what’s missing?

    Employees and leaders intuitively know that when we find a place where we can throw our hearts, spirits, minds, and hearts into our work, we are happier, healthier, and produce better results. Yet, most struggle to understand exactly why we engage in some environments, and don't in others. Magic introduces the five MAGIC keys of employee engagement--Meaning, Autonomy, Growth, Impact, and Connection--and shows how leaders can help employees achieve higher levels of engagement, as well as how employees can be more successful by taking ownership for their own MAGIC.
  • What's the True ROI of SD-WAN vs MPLS?
    What's the True ROI of SD-WAN vs MPLS? Shamus McGillicuddy, EMA; Randy Taylor, GHD; Joshua Dobies, Riverbed Jun 26 2018 8:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Tired of all the SD-WAN hype? Ready to see real data on ROI, payback, and operational savings? In a new ROI study, Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) quantifies the business benefits of deploying Riverbed SD-WAN. It’s the data you need to build your business case for next-generation cloud networking.

    Join EMA, customer GHD, and Riverbed to learn:

    Key ROI contributors, including connectivity costs, CAPEX savings, and employee productivity gains
    TCO of SD-WAN vs traditional dual MPLS
    Actual ROI achieved at GHD
  • Identifizieren und stoppen Sie Malware so schnell und präzise wie möglich
    Identifizieren und stoppen Sie Malware so schnell und präzise wie möglich Sven Janssen Jun 26 2018 8:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Nehmen Sie an unserem exklusiven Webinar „Identifizieren und stoppen Sie Malware so schnell und präzise wie möglich“ teil.
    Erfahren Sie von unseren Sicherheitsexperten, wie SonicWall Capture Advanced Threat Protection mit SonicWall Real-Time Deep Memory Inspection(RTDMI™)-Technologie:
    •mehr Malware erfasst als verhaltensbasierte Sandboxing-Methoden und dabei schneller ist und eine geringere Falsch-Positiv-Rate erzielt.
    •raffinierte Angriffe blockiert, indem im Speicher komprimierter Code in einer sicheren Sandbox-Umgebung entpackt wird.
    •in Microsoft Office- und Adobe PDF-Dateien eingebettete Bedrohungen schnell stoppt.
  • Gibt es eine Infrastruktur für alle Anforderungen?
    Gibt es eine Infrastruktur für alle Anforderungen? Peter Teuschitz Cisco, Christof Schippany Commvault Jun 26 2018 8:30 am UTC 45 mins
    Kosteneinsparungen bei der Administration, schnellere Wiederherstellung von VMs oder das Beschleunigen von Applikationen, alle diese Anforderungen haben mit der richtigen Infrastruktur zu tun.
    Die richtige Plattform bietet Scale-Out Flexibilität, Agilität sowie eine kompromiss-lose Datenverwaltung und einheitlichen Schutz.
    Commvault und Cisco diskutieren über die Vorteile einer All-in-One Lösung, bei der alle Funktionen in einer einzigen benutzerfreundlichen Konsole bereitgestellt werden und dadurch die Notwenigkeit mehrerer teurer Produkte und zusätzlicher Kosten entfallen.
  • Top 10 Ways to Fail at DevOps
    Top 10 Ways to Fail at DevOps Ron Gidron - ARA Evangelist and Product Marketing Manager at CA Technologies Jun 26 2018 9:00 am UTC 60 mins
    In this webinar, Ron Gidron discusses the Top 10 Ways to Fail at DevOps as learned from organizations around the globe.

    This recording was made prior to the acquisition of Automic by CA Technologies; therefore, some old terminology and branding may be in place. Because the Automic Software portfolio has been retained in its entirety by CA Technologies, the content is still accurate and useful.
  • Unlock the Power of Data Capital to Accelerate Digital Transformation
    Unlock the Power of Data Capital to Accelerate Digital Transformation Ritu Jyoti, Research Director, IDC and Varun Chhabra, Sr. Director - Product Marketing, Dell EMC Jun 26 2018 9:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Every industry is undergoing change as we transition to a digital economy. IDC estimates by 2021, at least 50% of global GDP will be digitized.